WARNING: This story is for adults and contains sexual material. If this is
not your thing, then read no further. Nuff said.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: MC TV (Mf, mc)
by Yenoc

There was a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning. The door opened and
Trent stepped out of the linen closet and into the hall. He was in the
upstairs of the house. The girl's bedroo door was directly across from him.
Trent had come to the show Sabrina the Teenage Witch and he was looking for
16 year old Sabrina Spellman. She was to be his latest conquest.

No one was a home when he arrived. He had to be careful on this show, Sabrina
would have to be entranced quickly. He'd have to take over her mind at first
contact. The characters on the show had magical powers and that could pose a
problem for Trent. Luckily, her two aunts were in the Other Realm attending a
witch convention and Sabrina had been left home alone.

He heard the front door open and knew Sabrina was home. Trent sent out a
mental shield to prevent anyone from entering the house. Sabrina climbed the
stairs and went to her room. She had on a tight black shirt with white
stripes on the short sleeves and tight black spandex pants with white stripes
down the sides.

The girl was fit and she had a nice nymphette body. She had long blonde hair
and dazzling blue eyes. She had a curvy figure and a smooth round ass. Her
hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her breasts were medium sized and soft to
the touch.

Sabrina went to her room and opened the door. She found a man standing in her
room looking out the window. He had short brown hair a handsome face. He
was tall and muscular with broad shoulders. She wasn't suprised to see him
though, being a witch she had long ago gotten used to having people pop in
and out of the house.

"Hi there," she said, "can I help you?"

The man turned to face her and politely said, "Hello, my name is Trent. I'm a
friend of your two aunts. I'm supposed to go to the convention with them."

"I'm afraid you missed them. They took off awhile ago." she replied.

"Oh well, I guess I'll just have to amuse myself with you my dear." he
grinned. Sabrina did not like the tone of his voice.

"I'd like to visit with you but I, uh, gotta go." she muttered as she went
for the door. She knew this guy was trouble and she had to get away from him
fast. Sabrina suddenly froze in her tracks and couldn't move.

Trent acted quickly. The girl had to be subjugated at once before she tried
to use her magic on him. He stepped in front of Sabrina and stared deeply
into her blinking eyes. She stared back and lost herself in his cold dark

His eyes glowed red and he gained access to her fragile mind. Her eyes glazed
over and her face went blank. He carefully delved through the layers of her
mind and altered her personality, bending her to his will. He reprogrammed
her brain and implanted his thoughts into the core of her being. Sabrina
would have to obey him without question and do anything he comanded. Trent
shut down her magical powers also. She would only use them when he permitted
her to.

Sabrina stared at him blankly as he traversed through her head. The
alterations were soon complete and the girl was his pawn. Sabrina turned and
walked to her bed. His first order to her was that she would never again wear
bras or panties.

Sabrina stripped off her shirt and white lacy bra. She stood before Trent
topless and he liked her attributes. She only wore her spandex pants now. Her
young supple breasts yearned for his touch. Her brown nipples grew erect and
she licked her lips in anticipation. Trent sat on the bed and fondled her

He was the first man to see and handle her teenage mounds. She cooed as he
massaged her silky mammaries. He gently licked and sucked her hard nipples,
causing her to squirm with need. She was horny and hot for him. Her virgin
pussy became damp from her desire.

Sabrina swooned as her tits were rubbed and kneaded. His hands felt good on
her bosom like they were meant for his hands. Sabrina wanted Trent badly and
she wanted him to throw her on the bed and fuck her like an animal.

Trent had Sabrina shed her remaining clothing and she was soon naked before
her master. He admired her nubile young body. She had a sparse nest of blonde
hair between her legs and she had thin vaginal lips. He placed his hand by
her groin and slipped 2 fingers into the warm depths of her moist cunt flesh.
He probed the folds of her pussy and confirmed that she was indeed a virgin.

He took off his own clothes and laid down on the bed. Sabrina was stunned by
the size of his penis. He had a very big thick cock she thought to herself.
His was the first male organ she'd ever seen. Sabrina crawled on the bed and
straddled his thighs. Her knees were placed on each side of his body. She sat
back on his legs and his stiff cock brushed against her slit, making her
quiver with delight.

Her eyes crossed and her face held an expression of unbridled lust. His cock
throbbed in front of her and pulsed against her stomach. Sabrina jerked as
she felt his organ rub next to her skin. She grabbed his cock in both her
hands and started pumping up and down the shaft. Trent reached up and
massaged her pert upthrust breasts, pinching each nippple delicately in turn.

Sabrina rose and placed his thick slab of meat against her vagina. She
postioned her slit over the head of his cock as she guided him into her honey
pot. The spongy head slipped between her nether lips. She bit her lip as
she lowered herself down on his prick. His cock stretched her virgin hole.
Sabrina gritted her teeth and shoved herself down on Trent's dick. She
swiftly impaled herself on the huge organ and screeched in pain as she was
penetrated for the first time.

Trent's penis ripped through her hymen and Sabrina was a virgin no more. She
cried out in pain as her bleeding cunt was raped with her help. She clamped
down on him and squeezed as she was stuffed with cock.

Sabrina couldn't believe how full and satisfied she felt. She was being
fucked! Why hadn't she done this before? It was graet. Her pain rapidly
vanished and she began moving back and forth along Trent's groin. Her loins
were on fire as she moved her inexperienced body with his. She moaned and
twisted about on his thrusting cock.

She put her hands on his broad chest for support and grinned at him like a
fool. She loved fucking and she couldn't wait to get some of the guys at
school to gangbang her. Sabrina started bouncing up and down on his stiff
meat. She hummed contently as she rode him in bliss. He was fantastic. She
felt him deep inside her body and she wanted him to stay there. This is what
she was created for, to fuck and suck all the men she could get. Her thighs
slapped against his as Trent drilled her pussy relentlessly.

Trent tweaked and pulled her nipples while Sabrina cooed happily. She jerked
up and down like she was riding a pony, only no pony ride had ever felt this
good. She threw back her head and squealed in passion.

Trent turned the girl over and Sabrina ended up on the bottom lying on the
bed. Her hips rose and fell while he plunged into her box with powerful
thrusts. Her body undulated as she matched his movements. Her legs wrapped
around his waist and she clung to him desperately. Sabrina rubbed her tender
tits against his hairy chest and kissed him deeply.

She had never wanted a man so much in her life. Trent had taken her virginity
and she was grateful to him for doing so. She couldn't imagine her life
without him in it now. Sabrina threw her arms around his neck stirred her
lower body in waves. She gasped as he sawed into her twitching channel

Trent plowed her damp furrow with all the force he could muster. Sabrina was
his body and soul. She was his devoted slave and her magical powers were at
his diposal. Sabrina mewed with exhilaration as she bobbed her hips up and
down. Her lower torso lifted off the bed as she bounded frantically in the

They fucked intensely and Sabrina abruptly went rigid. She convulsed on the
bed when she was suddenly knocked delirious by a wild orgasm. She threw back
her head and arched her back sharply. Her head flopped side to side as she
lost control. She wrenched around beneath Trent and humped his cock insanely.
Her cries of elation echoed throughout the room.

"I'm cummmminnnggg!!!!! Cummminnngg!" she bellowed at the top of her lungs.
"Fuck me! Please fuck meee! I need your cock inside of mee! Don't stop!!
Don'ttt Stoppp!!! Fuck meee.. YEssss!!!" Sabrina thrashed about fiercely so
her belching cunt could grab his cock and draw him into her depths.

Trent visciously sucked and mauled her heaving breasts as he bit her stony
nipples. Sabrina yelled madly as her demonic climax fried her nervous system.
Trent grunted and clenched his groin. He exhaled audibly and his cock erupted
into her swampy cunt. Sabrina screamed out her lust.

"YES!! Do it! Cum inside mee!! It's wonderful!! Give me all your cum!! I need
AAAAAAGHH! Do mee!!!!" she shrieked in sweet agony. Trent blew wads of his
thick creamy sperm into Sabrina's hungry pussy. He sent load after load of
spunk into the sobbing young witch. She took all of his jism and begged for

Sabrina came endlessly as she was filled with semen. She adored Trent and
would do anything for him. She arched up violently and finally peaked as she
went over the edge. She continued to twitch and mumble as Trent emptied the
last of his seed into her womb. He pulled out of her messy cunt and made
Sabrina clean his cock with her mouth.

Sabrina slumped on the bed spent. She was tired but happy. She would never go
a day without cock after this. Trent was hard again in mere seconds and ready
for the second round. Sabrina moaned in mock despair.

* * *

Trent made Sabrina rise out of the bed and had her get down on the floor on
her hands and knees. The exhausted teenage witch complied with his orders.
For Trent was now her master and she lived to serve him. He grabbed her by
the waist and forced the girl to spread her trembling legs. His cock was
erect and ready for action as he eyed her silky white buttocks. Sabrina had
a fine ass and he intended to fuck her virgin asshole.

He dropped to his knees between her open legs. Her vaginal slit glistened
from her juice and his cum. He spread apart her ass cheeks and her tender
anus was revealed to his gaze. Sabrina shuddered as she felt him probe her
rectum with his finger. Nobody had ever touched her there. He parted her
smooth cheeks and the girl instantly clenched her ass muscles together.
Surely he wasn't going to fuck her in the butt, she thought to herself. But
that was exactly what he meant to do.

A groan of exasperation escaped her throat as she realized what was
happening. He intended to sodomize her! Her clouded mind cleared for a moment
and she sought to resist his advances but her moment of clarity was doomed to

Trent pushed his index finger into her cinched asshole. The scared girl
jerked forward and cried in terror as his finger sank cruelly into her abused
rear opening. "Oh please, don't do this! Please!" Sabrina pleaded. She tried
to escape but he held her securely in place. He slowly moved his digit in and
out of her butt hole. She wept in grief as he plundered her anus.

"AAAIIEEEEKK!" she screeched as the pain registered in her troubled mind.
Sabrina tried to relax her rectal muscles, it was her only hope. She bawled
like the child she was and let Trent do as he pleased with her backside.

Trent stroked his cock and got ready to take anally. He aimed his cock head
at her winking hole. He extracted his finger and pressed the tip of his organ
against her tiny opening. He lubed his cock with her love nectar pushed into
her tensed rectum. He stuck the head into her cringing anus and Sabrina
squealed like a stuck pig as her anal rape commenced.

Her ass trembled as Trent reamed Sabrina's tormented asshole. "NNOOOOO!" she
sobbed as he sank into her anal depths to the hilt. "Please take it out! Your
cock's too big! Oh God it hurts!! You're tearing me apart!" Trent ignored her
pleas for mercy.

He shoved forward and drove his stiff rod all the way into her destroyed
anus. Sabrina howled in terror as she was force fed his cock. She yowled like
a wounded animal as she was wickedly ass raped. She shook uncontrollably and
then was still as she attempted to ease the pain of her sodomy.

Since his cock was lodged firmly in her asshole, Sabrina knew it was
pointless to struggle any longer. Trent started to fuck in and out of her
tortured rectum. He used long rough strokes, making Sabrina cry in pain. He
was humiliating and degrading her and there was nothing she could do to stop
him. He inhumanly impaled the girl with his raging cock over and over. She
thoroughly enjoyed raping Sabrina's asshole.

"MMMMMNN." Sabrina mewled despite the agony she experienced. His cock was
soon sliding easily in and out of her backside. Sabrina suddenly began
thrusting back at him, countering his movements with her own. She sucked
his dick into her rectum and gripped his organ with her ass muscles.

Sabrina was aghast, she was actually helping Trent rape her. She also noticed
that her pain was gone. Trent reached down and cruelly mangled her swollen
tits and twisted her aching nipples. His cock was buried in her anus and she
was gladly riding his manhood as he assaulted her. Her maulled tits swung
under her like pendulums. She twisted and gyrated her hips in circles as she
was sodomized by Trent.

Trent rammed her ass hard and Sabrina groaned sedately. "UUnngghh!" she
rasped as his massive pole slid in and out of her mangled asshole. Sabrina
crooned and yelped as she came on his cock. Trent grabbed her shoulders as
he pounded her rectum ruthlessly. He had a steady rhythm going as he
plundered her behind. His balls slapped against her shaking ass. Sabrina
met and matched each of his thrusts.

Sabrina whined in defeat as she grinded against his cock. She was losing her
mind and will to him but for some strange reason she didn't care. She gladly
succumbed to the depravity of it all. Her body shivered and she tossed her
blonde hair about in glee. Her loins churned with an insatiable heat as she
was overcome by extasy. "YES! OH YES!" she squeaked through clenched teeth.
"Fuck my asshole master!"

Her wanton lust took control of her completely. She was charged with sexual
energy as she wildly fucked his cock. She loved having Trent's cock in her
asshole. She twisted her backside lewdly to engulf his pistoning rod totally.

Her hips rotated and her aroused body heaved as Sabrina gave in to her primal
needs. "OH FCUK ME!! OH YES! I want your cock in my asshole! RAPE MEEE!" she
screeched like a shameless whore, for that is what she now was. She arched
her back as she came on his lunging cock.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as her shrieks sounded in the house. Trent
fucked her ass with lightning speed. He was going to cum soon as Sabrina
howled in debauchery. She growled as an earth shaking orgasm swept over her
and consumed her soul. She came like a raging river. Her cunt was drenched
and her thighs were covered with love juice. Her asshole spasmed and danced
on his invading manhood.

Sabrina trembled roughly as she climaxed infinite times. She had never cum so
hard in her life. Trent groaned and tensed. He felt his sperm rise up from
his testicles. He fucked Sabrina like a stallion. She was his bitch in heat.
His cock exploded and sent globs of searing cum into her flaming bowels.

"Shit!" she shouted out. "Cum in my asshole! Fill me up with your jism, I
need it! Please let me have your cum! AAAAA! OOOOHHH! GOD YESSSS! CUM IN MY
SLUTTY ASSHOLE!!! PLEAASEEEEEEE!!!!" Sabrina had truly turned into a teenage
tramp. The young witch only cared about being fucked by her master. Trent
kept hammering Sabrina as he filled her anus with his pungent seed.

She heaved and bucked on the floor as he rode her into the ground. They would
have to change the name of the show to Sabrina the Teenage Slut, Trent
chuckled to himself. He sent buckets of cum into her stretched rectum and she
yearned for every drop.

Sabrina came over and over as she engaged in anal intercourse. She climaxed
one last time and collpsed on the floor drained. She nearly fainted as her
sodomizing ceased. Trent fell on top of her breathing heavily. He slid his
cock from her abused asshole and reagained his composure.

He had Sabrina lick his cock clean and she did so willingly. Sabrina now
belonged to Trent and she wouldn't have it any other way. The young witch
only wanted to serve him and satisfy his every need. They dressed and
Sabrina was at his side, clutching his arm. The doorbell rang and Trent
knew it was Sabrina's friend Valerie at the door. He had another young girl
at his disposal. This was going to be interesting he mused.

The End.


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