Sabrina The Teenaged Witch: Happy Birthday Sabrina! (f-solo)
by Andrea

Sabrina's aunts burst into room carrying presents and a birthday cake. "So,
how's it feel to be 16?" Asked Zelda.

"Fine I guess" she replied.

"They grow up so fast."

The two aunts looked at each other and smiled.

"Anyway here's your presents, we're going to make you a nice breakfast."

Sabrina was surprised, "You're not going to watch me open them?"

"No, its better if you open them alone."

With that the aunts left,closing the door behind them. Sabrina could hear
them whispering but couldn't make it out. She tore open the wrapping paper
eagerly ,revealing a cardboard box which she opened. She then sat eyes wide
at the present her aunts had bought her. A nine-inch vibrator!

She turned it over in her hands. This was the closest thing she'd ever seen
to a real penis and it fascinated her. She began to run her fingers up and
down the length of it feeling the texture between her fingers. She sat up
leaning back on the bedstead in her pink nightie and white cotton knickers.
Still rubbing it she wondered, "Why have my aunts given me this?"

All of a sudden she realised she was stroking herself through her panties,
as if she had done it automatically without even thinking about it. "Do my
aunts want me to use this?"

Looking at the size and girth she began to rub herself faster. A small damp
patch was now clearly visible on her underwear. Still stroking herself she
laid back on the bed and pulled her soaking wet knickers to one side. As she
moved the vibrator onto her clit she noticed herself in the full length

Looking into it and seeing the vibrator touching her hairless pink pussy
turned her on even more. She emitted a small groan as she slid it into her
tight, wet opening. The movements became more rapid as she plunged it in
and out with her right hand, her left stroking her hot clit. "Mmmm... this
is so much better than my fingers," she thought.

The full length of the vibrator was inside her as she naughtily flicked her
fingers over her brown hole. The toy was now sticky with her juice as she
headed towards a sweaty climax. "Oh yeah fuck it hard," she moaned to herself
and then she came, her fluid spilling on to the bed.

She didn't know what it was and she'd never done it before but she sure liked
it! She stored the vibe under her bed, got dressed and went downstairs.


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