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Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Garden Of Eden Spell Part 1 (no sex,magic)
by Drake Defiant

It was Friday afternoon, and Sabrina was overjoyed, not only did she have two
days without Mr. Kraft, but there was no homework this weekend, and she was
going to be able to just spend two days relaxing.

As she walked through the front door, she heard the familiar sound of magic
being used followed by her aunt Hilda's "Ouch, what was that for." It was
obvious to Sabrina that her aunts Hilda and Zelda were having an argument
over something big.

When she got to her room, she dropped her bag next to her desk, and asked
Salem "What's up with them?"

"I have no idea, they just started fighting an hour ago."

"Well Salem, do you think there almost done?"

"Not a chance, arguments like these can last for days on end."

That was when Zelda walked into Sabrina's room. "The nerve of that woman. All
I said was that she shouldn't get her hopes up about going out with the head
of the witch's council, because he might blow her off again."

It was easy to tell that Zelda was furious, the way she was standing there,
catching her breath, as if she had just run a marathon. "I'm sorry dire, how
was your day?"

Sabrina looked up to answer, and for a second was distracted by her aunt's
appearance. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans which perfectly fit her well
toned legs, and even though her white blouse was buttoned all the way up to
her neck, it still showed off her 32C breasts.


"Oh sorry, lost in my head for a minute, my day was all right."

Just then, Hilda walked into the room. Unlike Zelda, she was wearing a black
skirt, which just reached past her knees, showing off her similar well toned
legs, and a white shirt that was very low cut, showing off some of her
cleavage from her 34D chest. "There you are, we are not finished yet." she
shouted at Zelda.

After that, they both left the room in order to continue their argument.

Later that evening, as Sabrina was getting ready for bed, her aunts were
still arguing. "Hey, Salem."


"Is there any way you can think of to make them stop arguing?"

"Well no..." that's when Salem got an idea in his head that would make
everyone, especially him, very happy. "Actually, there might be a spell that
can do the trick, look under Garden of Eden in the spell book."

Sabrina took the book off of its stand and flipped through until she found
the spell. "Lets see, here we are, Garden of Eden, will bring strong emotions
of love to the surface, can stop any disagreement, may not be appropriate for
shy people, lasts 48 hours. What does it mean not appropriate for shy

"Does it matter, do you really want to ruin your perfect weekend with their
argument Sabrina."

"Well that's true, besides, what's the worst that can happen."

And with that, Sabrina got up, pointed her finger up into the air, and read
the spell. "On the stroke of midnight, end this fight, bring the bliss of
Eden, that is held within."

A few minutes later, Hilda and Zelda each said good night to Sabrina, and
went to their separate rooms.

"Hey Salem, the spell didn't work."

"Don't worry Sabrina, it only takes effect at midnight."

"Oh, okay, goodnight." and with that, Sabrina went to sleep.


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