Dick Shaft Part 6: Happily Ever After
by Wonder Mike

Roland was a happy but unsatisfied dwarf. Dick was under control but he was
dreaming of his beloved Sabrina. The site of that girl Clarissa, really got
to him. He had to have both of them at the same time. It would Happen.

Dick had a real taste for young girls now, Clarissa had satisfied him and he
would never forget it. He was also developing a vocabulary, well he could
say, yes no and now.

They had landed in Chicago, Rolland stashed Dick in a hotel, he didn't know
if the F B I was after them but he really didn't want to be bothered, He just
wanted to keep Dick happy and in control.

As he was walking the street, he saw their next partner.

She was a tall girl with long reddish brown hair with legs that wouldn't
stop. She had huge tits that couldn't have been real and she had on a short
leather skirt.

Roland could tell she was a virgin, dressed like that with fake boobs, she
had to be the worst type of tease.

Tiffany, was a tease, she thought she was too good for any man and loved to
flaunt her skinny body. She was gorgeous and she knew it. She could have any
man she wanted, and she wanted them all to want her.

Tiffany was walking by Roland's motel when he approached.

"Hey good lookin, what's cookin."

Tiffany couldn't believe it. "What is wrong with you."

"Hey babe" "I just wanted to give you the thrill of a lifetime."

"Get out of my facial," was the reply.

Roland could just not understand why his pick up lines didn't work.

Oh well I am not going to deal with it. I want this girl to pay for being a

Roland transported them into the motel room.

They appeared directly in front of Dick who had been watching from the

"How did I get here."

Tiffany turned to leave and the spell hit her. Her panty's were immediately
soaked. She had to lose her virginity to this monster.

She reached for Dick and Roland stepped in between them.

"Not so fast toots, their is nothing worse than a tease."

Roland wanted her to pay but he was also fantasizing about Sabrina and
Clarissa. This girl would have to do.

It had also been a long time since he had gotten relieve since he had been so
worried about Dick.

"If you want the big guy, you have to go through me first."

That was not going to be a problem, the juices were running down Tiffany's
leg by this time.

Roland dropped his pants and exposed his 12 inch member. He was proud of his
cock, as long as Dick kept his coat closed.

Tiffany grabbed ahold and started to suck. It took her three strokes and she
had him deep throated.

That was it for Roland, He grabbed her by the back of the head and jammed her
against his stomach and shot his load directly down her throat.

Roland thought "I have got to do something about that."

Tiffany had no choice but to swallow every drop. Roland would not let her
head go until he was finished.

Roland released her and she turned to Dick. "Now" was the only thing she
could say.

"Not yet" said Roland, I have to prepare you first.

Roland but her on the bed reached under her skirt and ripped off her panties.

He jammed three fingers into her twat, pumping for all he was worth.

His stubby fingers were to short to break her hymen, so he had to go to plan

He saw the tote umbrella sticking out of her purse, and he rolled over and
grabbed it. It was soft but a good 12 inches.

He rammed it to the handle until he saw the blood start to trickle out. He
plunged the umbrella for all he was worth until she started to squirm.

He then knew it was time. He hit the button which popped the Umbrella open.
Now she was going wild. of course the umbrella couldn't open all the way, but
it gave her a real thrill and now she was prepared for Dick.

Dick was prepared for Tiffany as well.

His member was it's normal 18 inches long 3 inches across.

He bounced on the former virgin and rammed his cock to the hilt on the first
stroke. There was no resistance. Dick was amazed at how easily she accepted
his rod.

He rolled her over and sat her on top of him. He pressed down until she was
sitting directly on his chest, she was completely full.

Dick kept pressing down, know he wished his cock was larger. He felt he could
go deeper into this girl.

Since she was all the down, Dick started to spin her on his Cock. slowly at
first than faster and faster. This was all it took for Tiffany to pass out.

This didn't faze Dick at all he stood straight up holding the unconscious
girl in front of him and started to ram her. She was a blur sliding in and
out on Dick's cock.

"Another girl ruined," thought Roland. Dick started to spin Tiffany has he
rammed her. He gave her a mighty twirl and she spun around his giant cock
like a top.

Dick was about to shoot his load when this tall skinny blonde girl came
bursting into the room.

"Freeze" she shouted.

Roland thought "Not again." This girl had a strange accent, Roland couldn't
quite place it, Australian, maybe. but that was the last of his worries.

To Be Continued...


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