Dick Shaft Part 5: Clarissa Solves His Problem
by Wonder Mike

Clarissa Darling was a sexually frustrated, 15 year old, ever since her
stupid brother, Ferg face violated her, she could not be satisfied.

She tried everything to get off but nothing she could do would remove her

She had just returned home from a garage sale, she found an old man who was
selling a bowling set. She saw the pins and immediately got an idea.

She didn't want the whole set but she didn't no how to ask for just one, so
she brought them all.

Roland's last transportation spell had been designed to find the horniest
girl in the world, he landed just outside of this teenager's window.

He put two binding spells on the raging Dick, and stashed in a nearby motel.

Roland returned to the Darling house just as Clarissa had picked out a
bowling pin.

She laid on her back and slammed the pin into her stretched cunt, the problem
was that the thin neck was so long she could jam it in all the way to the
base to get the fat sweet end. She turned it over to go base first but, it
wasn't tapered and she couldn't get it in.

She ran to her closet and grabbed two Barbie dolls and jammed them into her
cunt. She furiously alternated ramming the dolls but this just wasn't big

She grabbed a third doll, then a fourth, but she couldn't get a grip to
really ram them home.

Clarissa put on a robe and went downstairs, to find something else. She
returned with the old favorite a two liter coke bottle. It was plastic but it
was full so it was solid.

Roland had used this opportunity to climb through her open window and hide in
the closet. He couldn't how much she looked like his beloved Sabrina, This
girl could be her little sister, he wondered if they were related. She
couldn't believe this was the girl who could satisfy Dick. She wasn't even
five feet tall and she couldn't have weighed one hundred pounds.

Clarissa sat the bottle on her bed and sat right down. She started jumping up
and down, it took second before she had the bottle buried to the hilt.

The bottle was buried so far in her cunt that there was nothing to grab on to
of or to bounce on any more, this was her first problem, her second problem
was that she couldn't remove the bottle.

She stood up and started to jump up and down but she couldn't get it out.
There was only one thing to do.

"FERGUSON," she yelled, "I need you."

"What do you want sis"?

"Please come in here."

Clarissa and Ferguson had been getting along much better since he taught her
the lesson. They hardly argued at all anymore.

Ferguson took on look at his sister and he couldn't tell she had 10 inches of
bottle buried inside of her.

Clarissa Laid down and spread her legs, "Look, you have to get it out."

"Not, again sis, I have told you time and time about this."

"I don't need a lecture Ferg face, I need you to get it out."

Ferguson ran downstairs and got a knife. "Hold still."

He plunge the knife into the bottle and let the coke drain out.

"This is why we always have to drink milk."

Ferguson shoved his hand inside of his sister and pulled out the empty

"Ferguson, I need you to help me cum."

Ferguson figured, "Well I don't have anything else to do at the moment."

"I have the one thing that you need." He went to his room and got it.

The highway cone it was 18 inches across at the base 18 inches long.

he sat it on the bed and told her Hop aboard.

Clarissa sat on the cone with all her might she made it half way down. She
was determined to get it buried. She started to jump up and down on the bed.
It was now buried 12 by 12 inside of her. She needed more. More and jumped
harder, she only got one more inch down.

"Help me Ferguson" she cried.

"Hold still for a sec."

Ferguson laid on the bed and squeezed to cone. Clarissa slid another two
inches down. She was now stretched 15 by 15.

Roland decided now was the time. He transported Dick into the room.

Dick ran right over Ferguson knocking him unconscious. He grabbed the base of
the cone and rammed it to the hilt into Clarissa, she was now sitting at the
end of the highway cone.

Dick rammed the cone in and out of the teenager in a lustful rage. He lifted
he up but her on the back of her and rammed down unto Clarissa, Dick realized
he would break her neck so he grabbed the cone and held it over his head. He
pushed up tossing Clarissa into the air and would catch her on the cone.

He had one hand on the base of the cone and the other on her shoulder, then
he gave a mighty squeeze until the cone disappeared into the young lady.

He reached his hand inside of Clarissa and pulled out the cone. He decided he
liked the feel of that. and shoved his arm inside of her. His arm was larger
than the base of the cone and he had it buried to the elbow.

He lifted her up by the cunt and began doing an arm curl. He then started to
twirl his arm and Clarissa started to spin around it.

Dick had enough of this, he opened his robe, it was time to fuck. Dick's
member, was, well a fire hydrant. that was the only way to describe. it

He placed Clarissa on her hand and knee's and plunged his giant cock into the
girl. He jackhammered her and Clarissa immediately collapsed face first on
the bed Dick Hammer her without mercy for 5 minutes like that, then he stood
up for his favorite position.

Standing with Clarissa completely horizontal Dick slammed Her to the hilt on
his cock, which must have been three feet long and 20 inches across. He
slammed her to the base and all the way off, of his member. He then started
to slowly spin her around like a pig on a spit.

Dick then laid on his back and slammed the teenager with slow power strokes
on his member.

He would slowly lift her all the way of his cock then slam her all the way
down to the base. He then slowly began to spin her as he lifted her limp

That was all it took, Dick unleashed a powerful load which actually lifted
Clarissa's limp body a full foot in the air over Dick's spurting cock. It
went of like a fire hydrant.

"It's about time" said Roland.

"Clarissa, what is that racket?"

It was Janet Darling coming to check up on her Daughter.

Roland transported Ferguson back to his room and put the unconscious Clarissa
under the covers.

I have got to come back and get me some of that he thought "I can't believe
how much she looks like my Sabrina" He and Dick disappeared as Janet walked
into the room.

To Be Contined...


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