Dick Shaft Part 3: The Net
by Wonder Mike

Roland had no idea when they were, he was getting tired of running and now
Dick was more animal then man. Roland cast a spell to bind him to the bed in
their hotel room.

Now Roland was going to do his second favorite pass time, he was going to get

The dwarf went into the first bar he saw.

The first thing he noticed was the striking bartender. She was a classic
brunette with long flowing hair.

"Hi toots" "Want to get real lucky."

"Get lost loser."

"Hey once you've had a dwarf, oh never mind."

Roland could never understand why that line never worked. "Oh well", I guess
I go home alone again tonight.

He checked out the name tag on the bartender, Angela Smith,

"That's a nice name he thought".

Angela noticed a strange couple walk into the bar, strange because they
looked way to groomed to be in a dive like this, This doesn't look good.

They were talking to a regular of the bar when Angela decided to get out of
there. She didn't want any trouble she just wanted to be left alone.

"Hey" she called out to Roland "How bout I take you up on your offer."

Roland was discussting, but he had the look of a tourest and that meant a
hotel and that meant a place to lay low, besides he had twelve beers and
would probably pass out as soon as he got home.

Roland couldn't believe his luck, and he wasn't even thinking about himself.
Ok he was thinking about himself and Sabrina but he was also thinking about
Dick putting on a show with this girl, and since they would be in his hotel
room, their would be no interruptions.

They walked around the block to his hotel room, he wondered why Angela kept
looking around, he hoped this girl wasn't trouble but he really didn't care,
he could take care of himself. He could run and hide with the best of them.

They reached his room and Roland grabbed her tight ass.

"Get your stinking hands off of me, you damn dirty ape."

How many times had Roland heard that?

"Look, I just need a place to lay low for tonight, then I am out of here, I
really don't want any trouble."

She was starting to get the itch and Dick started to stir, He had a permanent
hard on now and it had to be released, and soon.

Angela moved to get a better look at the specimen. Dick was on the bed but it
looked like the covers were floating above him.

Angela took one look and the spell hit her full force, she had to have him.

Roland stepped in front of her, he decided he better blind fold her, if she
saw that monster cock she would pass out and he would have to unleash Dick.
Dick was almost all animal now, he might break her in two, this would take

Angela knocked Roland over and rushed for Dick. She almost reached him when
the blind fold appeared over her eyes. She stopped in her tracks and began
tearing at it.

"Give me a second, and you can have what you want."

Roland conjured up a strange device it looked like a small tire that was
supported on two side by two metal rods, one inside the other. directly over
Dick's shaft (no pun Intended).

Roland guided angela over to the device and had her sit on it like she was
sitting on a toilet seat.

He uncovered Dick, ther was no doubt he was getting bigger, it was still two
and a half feet long and about three inches across at the tip, but it was
know at least a foot across at the base, it would be worst than giving birth
if anybody got all the way down to the base, and he was sure Angela would if
Dick broke his binding spell.

Roland disolved the blind fold, and Angela looked down and saw what was in
store for her, she screamed and was feeling faint.

Roland waved and the device lower it brought Angela two thirds of the way
down on the monster and stopped, it then did a 360 degree spin, Roland was
going to enjoy himself if he wasn't going to get fucked.

It lifted Angela again and slowly lowered her two thirds of the way down
again. It spun a little more quickly this time.

Dick was starting to thrash wildly now, he needed hard animal sex.

The device sensing this started to raise Angela faster and faster. The
spinning was a constant turn like a pig on a spit.

Angela was spinning riding up and down having orgasm after orgasm.

This was too much for Dick, he broke the binding spell and stood up, the
spinner still attached. The backlash of having his spell broken knocked
Roland out cold.

Dick gave the spinner a mighty twirl, Angela was spinning at a blur, you
couldn't tell it was a person in there. Dick then grabbed the rods and
slammed Angela all the way to the base, He had her in his favorite postition
and the tire allowed her to spin like nobody else before. He slammed into
her with all his super human might, he had never done that before, he was
going to kill her, and he didn't care.

Angela was horizantal spinning out of control being slammed on the largest
Dick of any thing that walke don two legs. Of course she had passed out long

She was about to be split in half when In his haze, he was hit in the temple,
he came out of his daze and heard the Cry "I 'm telling you for the last
time. Freeze, FBI."

Dick had been shot in the head multiple times.

"Ok Dana, he's down, cuff him."

To Be Continuted...


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