Dick Shaft Part 2: Saved By The Bell
by Wonder Mike

Roland had to get Dick out of Creekside. There was no telling what those kids
would do when they regained their senses. He cast a spell to get them out of
dodge, he didn't care where or when they went.

When they materialized they found themselves in a locker room, high school
Roland guessed, he hoped he wouldn't run in to Sabrina, she was probably
fuming and worried about what he was doing, "Naw, she's probably thinking
about Farm boy, of course I doubt if she wants to have sex with him."

Dick was really getting restless, Roland remembered he didn't lose his load
and was ready to go, "I feel sorry for the next girl he runs in to."

Roland heard girls laughing, "Oh great" he thought, I 'm in the female locker
room, well I guess there are worst places to be. Maybe I can get me some.

"I'll be right back, Jesse." Kelly said has she left her best friend alone in
the locker room, I am going to find Lisa so we can get out of here."

"It is getting late and I am not walking home alone."

"Ok, I am going to dry off and I should be ready to go in about 15."

Roland then realized he was in the lockerroom with a naked girl, and a horny
raging bull,

"This is going to get very interesting."

He walked around the locker room and confronted the girl, "Jesse" he asked.

"What the fuck are you doing here" she yelled, at the same time she kicked
him square in the nuts, and down he went.

Jesse was a tall girl with reddish brown hair, she had the look of a model.
She stood defiantly over the fallen dwarf and started to call for her
friends, but just then Dick emerged from behind the lockers, the sight of
this seven foot tall hulk startled her, she quickly recover and landed a kick
squarely in his groin but the giant didn't flinch.

She looked down and saw the giants trench coat standing straight out at his

"Oh my God, he has a baseball bat under his coat and he is going to kill me."

It was at this minute the mystical spell that surrounds Dick hit the girl.

Jesse's cunt immediately started to drip. That sent Dick over the edge, since
he was so frustrated his huge member was even larger than before, a full
three inches across at the tip maxing out at 8 inches at the base, a full two
and half feet long.

Dick torn off his trench coat, (there was no way he could wear pants) and
stood there in his full glory.

Jesse Spano started to swoon, she would have hit the floor But Dick was
behind her in a flash, "How could anything that big move so fast?"

Dick slammed his member into the teenager from behind, both of them still on
their feet. The force of his thrust lifted Jesse off of her feet, she was
hang in the air two feet off the ground impaled on the monster,

His member was so swollen that even his mighty thrust did not get his cock
buried all the way to the base, he would take care of that though.

He grabbed the young girl by the waist and yanked back, it was surprising
gentle for him but it got the job done. He was now sliding her up and down on
his giant member, Jesse was completely horizontal facing the ground having
the time of her life.

she came with a mighty scream, and passed out, she couldn't take anymore.

The blood curdling brought Kelly running back to the locker room. She turned
the corner and saw her unconscious best friend being slid up and down by this
huge man, she had no idea what was going on but she was going to help.

She grabbed Jesse and pulled her off the monster, saw what her friend was
riding and she too started to swoon, Dick grabbed her lifted her up, and
Kelly put her arms around his neck for support, Dick slammed her down on his
member, there was nothing gentle about this, Kelly was all the way to the
base on the first thrust, she was also in tears.

Dick was in his favorite position, he was able to lift her all the way up
until his cock was almost out of her, and slam her back down to the base,
using all the inhuman strength he had in his arms to pull down and all the
strength in his legs to push forward, she had been a virgin and blood was
building up around his cock giving extra lubrication, of course there was no
room for it to come trickling out.

He was slamming her like a jackhammer, she looked like a doll compared to
Dick, she was barely 5 feet tall.

She was a blur going up and down on the monster member Lisa, who had come in
a couple of second after Kelly couldn't even recognize her friend she was
moving so fast. Dick began to spin Kelly around on his cock and that was all
it took. Kelly was out cold. Of course Dick didn't care, he started to spin
her around faster and faster, she reached a top speed of about 25 rpm, he
than caught a scent of Lisa, she had already cum just watching.

Dick was trying to get Kelly of his cock, (she was stuck pretty good), when
Lisa charged him. She didn't care about helping her friend, she wanted to be

The force of her blow knocked the of balanced Dick over unto his back and
freed the unconscious Kelly.

Lisa wasted no time in bouncing on the monster cock facing away from Dick
she immediate got about half way down, (it was now ten inches across at the
base) she was on her way back up when Dick grabbed her around the waist and
slammed her all the way down her ass was resting against his waist and Dick
uncharacteristically let her get adjusted to the size, for one second then
lifted her up to the tip and slammed her back down, he was lifting the young
black teenager up and down on his member.

Roland who had been watching and enjoying him self completely conjured up
Dick's Trampoline and he started to bounce up and down along with Lisa.

Roland had been stroking his cock and unloaded all over Jesse's face, "She
would never know who did it."

Lisa was out like a light being slammed, she looked like an oil derrick going
up two feet in the air and being slammed back to the ground.

"What's going on in there"? Came the cry from the hall.

"Jesus the cops" we're out of here. He pried the limp Lisa off of Dick and
they disappeared.

To Be Continued...


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