Hi everyone. First the usual. All Star Trek characters are property of
Paramount and this is a parody only. The actors who portray these characters
rarely if ever get fucked in the ass. Enjoy.

Star Trek - The Next Generation: Sick Babe Part 1 (m+/F,mast,ncon,inc,viol)
by Captain Dickhard

Wesley stumbled into sickbay, leaning against the wall to steady himself, his
other hand nursing his groin. Despite his pain he stopped in the doorway and
checked to make sure that sickbay was deserted. Through the window, he could
see Dr. Crusher working in her office. With a final look over his shoulder to
make sure no one was coming, he stepped inside the room and tapped the wall
panel so that the door locked.

He walked slowly and deliberately towards the office, keeping one hand always
nursing his crotch.

"Mom," he called out. "I think I need your help."

Dr. Crusher looked up absently from her console. When see saw the look of
pain on her son's face she leapt out of her seat and rushed to him. Grabbing
his shoulders she asked, "What's the matter, Wesley? Are you okay?"

"I need to sit down. Help me to the bio-bed." Wesley put his free arm over
his mother's shoulder and she helped him over to the bed. Gingerly, he sat up
on it and winced.

"Wesley, what's wrong?" she asked urgently. Dr. Crusher was looking him up
and down for injuries. Her eyes came to rest on his delicate area. "Did you
pull your groin muscle?"

Wesley turned red. "I don't know Mom. Its so embarrassing. It hurts."

"Well what kind of a pain is it?" Wesley, slowly removed his hand as his mom
lifted her medical tricorder towards the area of concern. "Does it sting?"

"No. Its more of a throb. It gets worse and then better." Dr. Crusher waved
the device all around and stared at the results in irritation.

"I can't detect any problem."

Wesley pulled a face and dug both hands into the cushioned surface of the
bed. "Trust me," he said through gritted teeth. "There's a problem."

Dr. Crusher pondered for a moment. Then it was her turn to go red. "I'm not
sure how to ask this?" she hesitated. "Were you doing anything... unusual
with it?"


"I'm sorry honey. But I'm not sure what's wrong. Boys your age." Wesley's
face flushed with anger and embarrassment. Dr. Crusher sighed and put her
hand on his shoulder. She leaned in conspiratorially. "When your father was
assigned to the transporter, he told me he used to take off his pants and
swing it in and out of the matter stream."


"It made him tingle." She couldn't help but laugh as she thought about Jack.
"Oh, Wesley. You are so much like him."

"Not like that! I swear I never dicked the transporter!"

"I believe you." Beverly didn't know what to do. The tricorder wasn't picking
anything up and her son was in obvious distress. On the one hand she wanted -
needed - to help him. On the other, she couldn't stand the thought of
embarrassing him further. In the end her medical instincts just took over.
"Take your pants off," she said matter of factly.


"I'm sorry but it's the only way. Don't be embarrassed. Its nothing I haven't
seen before."

Wesley looked as though he may have refused. But finally the pain got the
better of him and he capitulated. With his mother's help, he slowly pulled
off his pants and his jocks.

"Now spread your legs and lean back."

"Is this really necessary?"

"Yes, now do as you're told." Wesley harrumphed and leaned back. Dr. Crusher
knelt in front of him and leaned in for a good look.

"Oh my God!" she gasped.

"What's wrong?" Wesley was scared.

"Wesley, your... your... your penis and your scrotum are swollen!'

"Swollen?" Wesley looked down. "No they're not."

"Honey trust me. They should not be this big."

"They're always that big."

"Wesley I know boys like to brag. But the most impressive set of reproductive
organs I've ever examined belong to Lieutenant Worf and he's not half this

"Mom, I'm telling you. Its normal." Dr. Crusher took a good hard look. His
balls were enormous and red. His dick must have been ten inches long. And it
wasn't even erect. She realised as she looked at him that she hadn't seen
him naked since he started to mature physically. Maybe it was some sort of
genetic anomaly. God knows he didn't get it from his father. Crusher sighed
again as she realised this was the closest she had been to a dick in years.

"Mom," Wesley's whiny tone snapped her back to reality. She realised she had
been staring and felt embarrassed. But he didn't seem to be complaining of

"Is the pain gone since you took your pants off?"

"Um yeah. Mostly."

"Is it sensitive to touch? More than usual?" She carefully reach out and ran
a finger along his huge hairless scrotum.

"AHHH!" he screamed. Before she knew what was happening his dick had sprang
to life and smacked her in the face. She reeled back. "It hurts. IT HURTS!"
he cried. She started to panic. His breathing was strained and his balls were
turning blue.

"What should I do?"

"I don't know."

Without even thinking she reached out and grasped his member which was now
well over a foot long and wider than she could get her whole hand around.
"How does it feel when I apply pressure." She squeezed his dick as hard as
she could. His breathing started to return to normal. The purple hue was
leaving his sack. She released her grip.

"DON'T LET GO!" he screamed. She grabbed his prick and held it tighter than
before. "That's better," Wesley said and breathed a sigh of relief.

* * *

Ten minutes later Dr. Crusher was still holding her son's knob. She didn't
know what else to do but her hand was getting sore.

Wesley hadn't said anything but the pain was slowly building. Strange
thoughts were beginning to come to him. Thoughts that he denied again and
again. What he was thinking was wrong. But somehow he knew it would take
away the pain. He noticed his mother's grip slackening. "Mom!"

"I'm sorry Wesly but my hand is sore. I have to let go."


"Just for a minute."

"NO!" Wesley went wild as he felt her grip slackening. The pain was
excruciating as his mom slowly let go. "I said no!" he yelled. As she pulled
her hand away he snatched at her wrists and held them tight. As he pulled her
back towards him, she momentarily lost her balance and fell face first onto
his cock. It stabbed her in the cheek. He pushed her head away and forced
both her hands around his dick, holding them in place with his own.

"What are you doing?!" Dr Crusher could not believe what was happening.

"I'm sorry Mom. It's the only way." With his hands clamped tight around hers,
Wesley started drawing his hands up and down along his shaft. If she had been
thinking about it - which she was not - Dr. Crusher might have now estimated
his size as a good fourteen inches. She was too shocked to really think about
it, but it was surprising how vigorously he worked her hands. Whereas before,
the slightest touch seemed to hurt unbearably, it was now a case of the
harder the better. With her hands clasped almost tight enough to break her
fingers, he jerked them up to the tip of his throbbing prick and then slammed
them down again until they virtually disappeared into his enormous ball sack.

This went on for several minutes with Dr. Crusher too stunned to fight him
off. For his part Wesley occasionally groaned or muttered, "Oh yeah," and
insisted on keeping eye contact which was extremely disturbing. She could
begin to comprehend, let alone articulate, how wrong this was. And in his
eyes she saw a glimmer of s omething she had never seen before. Madness.

* * *

He continued working his mother's hands, forcing her to jerk him off, but the
little voice in his head told him that this would not continue to satisfy him
indefinitely. "Oh mom," he said with a wicked grin. "Be a good doctor and
open up your mouth." Dr Crusher looked more horrified than ever.

"No." She tried to pull away as he released his grip on her hands, but he
quickly had her by her long, luxurious red hair and pulled her towards his
cock as she cried in pain and fear. As his tip touched her lips, she realised
what was about to happen and clamped her mouth shut. Wesley's long hard cock
prodded and poked at her lips but could not get through.

In frustration he was pulling her hair harder and harder as he stabbed her
chin and her cheek bones. His dick felt like solid rock. A jab to the nose
made her cry out and in that moment Wesley slipped his prick between his
mother's full sensual lips and began ramming it down her mouth. In
desperation, she sunk her teeth into his meat as hard as she could. She
felt sure she must be drawing blood.

"Oh YEAH!" he screamed. "That's how I likes it. Rough!"

She gave up. He was deranged. She didn't know what was happening to him but
her son Wesley was out of control and going to rape her. As a kind of
hopeless acceptance sunk in, Dr. Crusher slowly went limp only half aware of
what Wesley was doing to her.

Wesley, on the other hand, had never been more animated. He rode his mother's
mouth like a bucking bronco, her hair were his reins as he whooped and
hollered in delight. "Yeah. Take it bitch. Suck it! Come on. Take it. You
love it don't you?" In a state of frenzy, he grabbed Dr. Crusher behind the
head and slowly drew her towards the base of his cock. As it slid down her
soft throat, inch by inch, she broke into a choking sob and the contraction
of her throat only excited him more. Each time he forced her down upon him
he drove her closer and closer to taking his entire manhood down the back of
her throat.

Dr. Crusher's mind was in another place. Her thoughts flittered through a
dozen mundane subjects: the last time she had made love to Jack sprang to
mind. The Starfleet penalty for raping another officer. She could see a
cross section of the human throat from one of her journals and imagined with
horror the damage her son might be doing to her right now. Somewhere among
these thoughts it registered with her that Wesley finally had his entire
fourteen inches down her throat. Having done this, he momentarily released
his grip on her head and she instinctively pulled up. As she worked his cock
out of her throat, he let her get almost to the end before slamming it back
down again. Dr Crusher gagged hard and as Wesley choke-fucked her a veritable
waterfall of saliva began to teem out of her mouth and down her face. It was
sticky and unrelenting. Wesley noticed it as a large stain began to form on
her shirt.

"Oh my God," he laughed out loud. "You actually go for this don't you?" Only
in her wildest dreams could she have had a free mouth to reply. "You're
fucking drooling over it. You can't get enough!" Wesley shook his head in
disbelief. "You fucking whore. Geordi was right. You're a fucking hooch!" Dr.
Crusher didn't even know what that meant! "I guess what he says is right:
Women is nothin' but bitches and hoes. The only thing they got worth having,
is their holes."

This apparent revelation about his mother seemed to enraged Wesley. He choke
fucked her harder and harder until she though she would pass out. A gallon of
saliva stained the front of her uniform right through and Wesley could see
her ample breasts tucked inside her jumpsuit. He made sure he had a real firm
grip on the back of her head and holding her in place, he reached down with
his free hand and unzipped her shirt to the waist, exposing her pointy
breasts within their Starfleet issue brassier. He roughly grapped it and tore
it free, her breasts bounced lightly up and down as they were freed. Roughly
groping a breast he continued face-fucking her. She approximated a cry as his
grip on her chest became tighter and tighter. She could swear her breast was
bruising as he kneaded it in his rough fingers.

* * *

After what seemed to her like hours, Wesley pulled his cock out of her mouth.
As she experimented with opening and closing her aching jaw, he slapped her
across the face with his prick, catching her once in the eye. She winced.
"You love this don't you?" he yelled at her. "You really get off on how much
this is hurting me." He gestured at his dick.

Hurting you? she thought but said nothing. The fear left her eyes to be
replaced by tears as she cried and cried. "At least its over," she whispered
to herself.

Unfortunately for her, Wesley heard. "Oh its not over. Its not over by a long
way. Stand up."

Dr. Crusher was sprawled on the sickbay floor in front of him and felt like a
puppet with her strings cut. "I cant move."

"Really?" Wesley grabbed her by her now tangled hair and began to lift her
up. She screamed and quickly jumped to her feet to avoid more pain. He walked
towards her and reached hungrily for her tits which were now swollen and red.
He pinched them cruelly and squeezed them in his large palms like a couple of
stress balls. Dr. Crusher kept her eyes fixed on the floor but did not move

"Look at me bitch." She quickly looked him straight in the eye, terrified
of what he might do to her. His gaze was piercing and hungry and she could
barely make eye contact for the shame she felt of being raped brutally by
her own son.

"Take off your clothes." Her heart sunk and she got a sick feeling in her
stomach but she pulled down her jumpsuit and stepped out of it without
hesitation. She stood before him, hands on hips, in only her underwear.

"Take off your panties. Come on. I haven't got all day!" She pulled down her
pants and exposed her neatly trimmed auburn triangle of bush. Wesley reach
towards her pussy and ran his hands along her bush like he was patting a dog.
"Oh boy," he said to himself. "I'm going to ruin that."

* * *

Before he knew what was happening, Crusher made a break for it. She dashed
naked to the far wall and slammed her hand down on the panel. She screamed
into the communicator. "Crusher to..." and then before she knew what was
happening she felt her head hit the floor. She was half aware of being
dragged along the ground back to the bio-bed and thrown carelessly upon it.

"Now," Wesley said with a chuckle. "Lie back and spread your legs."

Crusher bit her lip in anticipation as Wesley slowly forced her legs apart.
He poked experimentally at her pussy with his finger. It felt large and
coarse as it wormed its way between her tight dry lips.

"Well. It has been a while, hasn't it?" He held back as if enjoying the fear
and anticipation in his mother's eyes. Then without further hesitation he
took hold of his throbbing tool and stabbed it hard into her pussy. She
screamed as he forced his fat prick into her tiny dry twat. It had been so
long since she had had sex, she felt like a virgin. And he was tearing her
apart. His dick was slightly lubricated with her own spit but even so his
enormous engorged member felt like a railroad spike being thrust into her.
She cried out again and again, but it only seemed to make him more excited
as he pummeled her twat senseless. His giant balls slapped against her
quivering lips and even they were stinging. Wesley was having the time of
his life.

He grabbed his mother's legs, forcing them higher and higher into the air
so that he could go deeper. He knew she was pretty flexibly having formerly
danced and done gymnastics, but honestly he couldn't have cared if he had
broke the things off. Leaning all his weight against her legs now he pushed
them further and further towards Dr Crusher's face as he dicked her
mercilessly. Hoping to stop his roughness and remembering an old gymnastics
tricked, she held her legs and pulled them back until they were neatly
tucked beneath her arm pits. Her ankles were now mere inches from her face
as concentrated on her breathing and tried to ignore the pain.

* * *

Wesley bucked and writhed for several more minutes, all the while telling
her what a dirty slut she was and how much she was clearly enjoying all this.
The boy was delirious. Crusher was sure this was not her son. Something was
controlling his behavior. While she pondered this, she failed to notice that
he had pulled out of her and was standing back. With barely restrained joy
she begged, "Are you done?"

"Done? DONE?! I'm just warming up mommy." He leaned in close and holding her
face drove his tongue down her throat. As he passionately slurped at her face
bile rose up in her throat as she realised that this simple act was the the
most disgusting thing yet. She could feel his throbbing prick poking at her
stomach as he continued tonguing her. Then a beep erupted from the far wall
and Wesley jumped back in fear.

The captain's voice floated through the comm. "Doctor Crusher. Please report
to the bridge."

"Thank God," Crusher said. "If you don't let me go they'll come looking for

"SHIT!" Wesley lunged at her in a murderous rage and slapped her several
times hard across the face. She sobbed but could only roll back and forth as
her legs were still behind her ears. "You're right. We're going to have to
cut this short." She giggled despite herself in relief. "But first," he bent
down to her crotch and spat all over it. "A little something to remember me

He roughly worked his spit all over and she knew with horror it was not her
pussy he was lubricating but her virgin asshole. He jammed a finger into her
hole and she shivered with pain. "Good enough!" His mouth watered as he
looked at her luscious ass and he could not help but slap her thighs a couple
of times just to see the flesh gently wobble. Then suddenly, brutally he held
his cock and thrust the great purple head into her ass. Nothing happened.

"Holy shit! You're so tight I can't get it in." He spat again and worked his
finger into her tiny brown hole. When he had made a little progress he jammed
his dick into her puckered anus and got most of the head in. Dr. Crusher
wailed she never before. The burning and tearing feeling was unbearable.
Wesley laughed. "Now maybe you'll appreciate what I'm going through, you
fuckin' whore slut!"

He jammed another couple of inches up her shitter and satisfied that it was
about as far as he was going to get, began working his shaft in and out of
her incredibly tight butt. The agony just made her clench tighter and after
half a dozen stroked Wesley's balls started to contract and he could feel an
enormous rush of cum making its way up his cock. He quickly pulled out and
held it to his mother's face. "Get ready. Here it comes."

Both Crushers screamed in union as a stream of hot thick snot burst from
Wesley's cock and sprayed Dr. Crusher's tangled hair. The second shot got her
square in the mouth and satisfied with his aim, Wesley shot off a dozen or
so spurts square between his mother's lips. To stunned to swallow or spit it
out, Beverly sat, her mouth forming an `O' as it filled with hot sperm. When
it started to gush down her chin, she swallowed instinctively and regretted
it as her stomach churned. Finally satisfied Wesley rubbed his still hard,
still oozing cock over every inch of her lovely face. The next thing she
knew, he was dressed and gone. Dr. Crusher huddled on the bio-bed in a ball,
a finger gently prodding her asshole to see if it was okay. Despite her
ordeal she seemed to be in one piece. With relief she drifted into merciful

To be continued.


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