Jack and Josh are fiction figures created by me as a help to make this story.
The rest is Star Trek caracters.

Star Trek - The Next Generation: The Holoprogram (mmmF,FF)
by CTsotsoras ([email protected])

Wesley was curious. He had heard that Lt. Barkley was in Captain Picard's
office and that he had him really disciplined. He had also ordered him to
visit the ship's conselor, that babe Troi, every week. And all because Lt.
Barkley had used the crew to create some holodeck figures.

Wesley and two off his friends, Jack and Josh, were curious to see what he
had. Lucky for them nobody had thought to delete Barkley's program.

The three youngsters walked to the holodeck.

Wesley: Computer, show Barkley's holo programs.

Josh: Wow! Look at that!

Jack: There are over thirty programs!

Wesley: With every senior crew member. Single or in team.

Josh: Hey, look, Wes! Here is the name of your mother!

Wesley: What? I don't believe that.

Jack: Lets activate it!

Wesley: No, guys! Don't!

Jack: Computer! Start programm "Bad Doctor".

The computer replied. The three boys couldn't believe what they were seeing.
They were in Crusher's quarters and Beverly greeted them. But she was not
dressed with her uniform as usual. She was wearing black lace underwear,
black stockings and black shiny high heels. She walked between them and
stroke their cheeks and shoulders before grabbing their asses. Even Wesley's.

Wesley felt uncomfortable.

Wesley: Guys? I don't like this! Let's find something with Troi, or Yar.

Josh: Why? We know that they are whores. We want to see the good Doctor.

Wesley: She's my mother!

Josh: Yes! She's a hologram.

Jack: A HOT hologram.

The boy who said that just had holo-Bev pressing her palm on his crotch. Wes
looked as his other friend joined them and his holo-mother started to rub her
body to theirs. She started to undress them while they took of her bra and

Soon they were all naked, except for Wes, and Beverly in her stalkings. She
fell to her knees and started to suck their young dicks exactly as she was
programed to by Barkley. Wes watched in panic as his "mother" sucked his two
friends. In panic because it caused him to have a raging hard on, too.

It took him few moments but then he give up. He had tried many times to
create a holo-figure who should look like Troi or Yar, but he failed. Now
he had the chance to fuck a look alike, even if it was his "mother", and
he didn't want to loose it.

The two boys had their eyes closed and enjoyed Bev's sucking capabilities
when they felt somone pushing them apart. It was Wesley! He was also naked
too. He took his "mother's" head in his hands and shoved his cock down her
mouth! He moaned loud and his friends applauded.

The hologram started to suck all three now changing from one to other
frequently. But the boy's found that it was not enough. One walked around
and kneeled behind Holo-Bev. He stroked her ass and fondle them. Holo-Bev
change her potition and got on all fours inviting him practicaly to fuck
her. He shoved his cock in her tight pussy and moaned.

Josh: Guys, you have to try this!

Jack: We will. Fuck the whore!

Wesley: Hey! My mother isn't a whore.

Josh: Yeah, sure.

Jack: She is a pervert whore who gives head to her son! YEAH!

Josh: YEAH!

Wesley: YEAH!

They continued like this for about ten minutes. Then the boy in her pussy was
ready to cum.

Josh: Hey, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!

Jack: Wait! Not inside her!

Wesley: Yeah, cum in my mother's face!

Josh: Ok Wes, I will give her a great facial.

They turned Holo-Bev around and she received his full load in her face and
open mouth. Wesley, who was jerking his cock, was ready to cum ,too.

Wesley: Hey, mom! Come here and take your son's sperm!

The Holo-Bev turn to his side and he shot his load in her face. Streak after
streak covered her face, hair and even more.

The third boy watching his friends cumming over the hologram was too horny.
He shove his cock in her pussy, gave a few thrusts and came. He pulled out
and spuirted his cum on her ass cheeks and her back.

Josh: That was good boys. Wes, your mother rocks!

Wesley: Hey! It's just Barkley's holoprogram. Okay?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. You have always to turn us off.

Josh: Hey, we have this hot hologram here. I am not turned off! Wes?

Wesley: Me either, but we have no time. Its school time.

Josh: Shit! Are we gonna came back later?

Wesley: You can bet on it! I didn't finished with my "mom" and there are
many females we have to try.

Jack: Wes, You're not as bad as I thought.

Wesley: Computer! End program!

The computer ended the program and the familiar holodeck structure appeared.
The boys dressed and left.

Two minutes later.

Beverly: Computer. End programm "Beverly Three". Lock doors.

The structure desappeared again to reveal another structure and two women.
Beverly and Deanna! Beverly was nude and covered with cum. Deanna looked at

Deanna: Beverly, I can believe you sucked off your own son.

Beverly: Me ether Deanna and you know something? I am sad that it was so
brief. I hope they return soon.

Deanna: Me too. I am next in their list.

Beverly: Wanna taste?

Deanna: Yea!

Deanna steped close to Beverly and they kissed. Deanna's tongue started to
lick Beverly's face cleaning it of sperm. They kissed several times sharing
the sperm that Deanna collected in her mouth and when Beverly's face was
clean she turned around and Deanna licked her back slowly going to her knees
licking her friends ass and pussy until Beverly came wildly.

Beverly: Your turn now Deanna!

Deanna started to remove her blue dress when someone called her. She tidied
her badge and asked what was going on. It was Captain Picard. The delegation
they are waiting for had just arrived and she was needed. The two women
looked each other sadly.

Beverly: It's okay Deanna. Come tommorow to the sickbay and I will give you
your "medicine".

Deanna: Thanks Beverly. Greet Wesley for me.

Beverly: Okay.

They kissed again and Deanna left. Beverly dressed and left, too.

Some hours later, after her sift to the sickbay, Beverly returned home.

Wesley was on the livingroom doing homework.

Beverly: Hi Wesley, how was your day?

He looked at her and smiled.

Wesley: Great! It could be better. And yours?

Beverly: Quite easy. Not much work to do.

She sat beside him and looked at his PADD.

Beverly: Astrophysics?

Wesley: Yes, but it's very easy for me.

Beverly: My son the genius.

She give him a kiss in the cheek and his smile froze.

Wesley: Mom?

Beverly: Yes?

Wesley: In your ear, you have something.

Beverly: What?

She toutched her ear and something sticky was there. They looked at each
other for few second. Wesley knew that it was not a hologram and Beverly
knew that her son knew.

Beverly: Wes, let me explain that to you!

Wesley: No! No explainations. Just tell me. Did you like it?

Beverly: ....

Wesley: Did you like it?

Beverly: Yes! Do you hate me now?

The door chimed.

Wesley: Mom, my friends are here to work on a school project.

Beverly: I'll keep my mouth shut. I will not humiliate you. I promise.

Wesley: Mom, if you give me an excuse for school we can continue what we
started today.

Beverly: Oh, Wesley!

The kissed pationately until the door chimed again.

Wesley: Get in your room and undress. I bring them in!

* * *

Guinan watched ass the mood of conselor Troi changed and a big smile appeared
in her face.

Guinnan: Are you okay, conselor?

Deanna: Yes thank's. I just felt someone became very happy.

Guinnan: That is a fine thing.

Deanna: Yes, now if you excuse me.

Two minutes later the door in Crusher's quarters chimed again. Beverly was
sure it was Deanna. She pushed the boys out of her pussy, ass and mouth and
went to open it. It was Deanna. And she had Tasha with her!

* * *

The next morning Picard was surpised from the good mood the three women had
in the daily conference.

And the girls in the school? They were pissed because the boys didn't pay
attention to them anymore.


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