The Characters of William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, etc. and the names Star
Trek, Enterprise, etc. are properties of Paramount Entertainment. They are
used without permission.

This story contains explicit sex, and should not be viewed by anyone under
eighteen. We all know that throughout the series, Will Riker and Deanna Troi
have skirted around the issue of them always ending up together. The two
best selling novels by Peter David, Imzadi and Imzadi II, explored their
relationship from its roots. Then there was that whole disastrous thing
between Worf and Troi, (Whom, I think after losing both K'Ehleyr and Jadzia
would be better off as a bachelor), and finally my favorite scenes of playful
romantic romping from Star Trek: Insurrection. The movie itself
not that great, but those moments were priceless.

Now suppose these two crazy kids finally decided to end up together after
all? What would that be like? This short story takes into account some of
the events of Peter David's Imzadi II, and takes place shortly after Star
Trek: Insurrection. Enjoy.

Star Trek - The Next Generation: The Gift (m/f)
by Tirian

William T. Riker stepped out of the turbo lift, and smiled. He'd been looking
forward to this meeting all day, and now that it was finally in front of him,
he felt a surge of nervous tension pulse through him. He raised his hand to
his face and unconsciously
stroked his chin, still feeling the absence of his beard.

Under his arm, he bore a plain black box. Stepping lively down the hall, he
proceeded to the final door at the end of the corridor. Will took one last
minute to smooth his hair, and once again adopted the tug at his uniform that
the crew had jokingly nicknamed "The Picard Maneuver." He reached for the
key's alarm, and triggered the bell.


A soft and tender voice far on the other side called. Will grinned, and
stepped through the sliding doors, into the room. At the far end of the
living quarters, Deanna Troi sat with a keypad in her hand at the desk. She
smiled radiantly as Will Riker entered.

"Hello Will. I'll be through with these crew reports in a second, and then
we can go to dinner."

Will simply stared in admiration for a moment, as Deanna's eyes dropped back
down to the data pad.

He had always known how truly beautiful Deanna Troi was, but every time he
saw her he realized it completely fresh and new.

He glanced over her shapely body. The curve of her shoulders, the wave of
thick brown hair that descended down her shoulders and cropped at the ends
just over her large and womanly bosoms; the per t, red lips that formed a
slight and delicate Oh at the bottom of her enchanting face; and those soft,
deep brown eyes, the eyes Riker had lost himself in long ago, even at their
first meeting on Betazed that lifetime ago.

Riker knew he loved her, loved her more than anyone he had ever loved before.
He knew she completed him in a way that he could only now appreciate, after
the years of friendship and hardship. What he had felt for her those first
few months on Betazed had been little more than adolescent lust; this was the
deepest, purest form of love known to him.

Up until recently, they had not explored their relationship further, content
on leaving it behind to share a mutual respect as crew mates and compatriots.
But events beyond their control had returned them back to that uneven place
of romance, and Riker found that he wanted it no other way. First her failed
engagement with Worf. Even as much as he admired and respected Worf, that
moment in the Farragut's Ten Forward when Worf had proposed to Deanna sent a
slight spasm of rage through his body. Then having to race off to rescue her
from Romulan terrorists, only to not be able to voice his feelings for her
when the trauma was over. He still continued to kick himself for stumbling
over that moment in the landing bay as she had tried once more to get close
to him, and he had put it off.

Now the Enterprise's most recent mission to the home world of the Ba'ku. The
climate of the planet re-ignited youth and old passions, and Riker and Troi
had found themselves in each other's arms again, the fire of their youths
swinging back into full action. He still could remember the feeling of the
bubble bath they had taken together, and the razor slipping against his cheek
as she lovingly shaved off the burl and bristle that had stayed with him for
nearly eight years.

He loved her, no doubt of it. And tonight, he planned to see how far that
love might extend.

Deanna threw down the pad in her hand, and stood up. Even as she stood, Will
took the time to admire her long and curvy body, not an ounce of blemish or
detriment anywhere on that beautiful form. She smiled at him slyly.

"I believe, Will Riker, "she smirked demurely, "that you are checking me
out." He cocked his tongue into his cheek, a gesture he did when caught in a
mind trap by Deanna, and enjoying every minute of it.

"Counselor, I see that reading all of those fascinating reports on the crew
has not damaged your telepathy."

"On the contrary," she said, bending down slightly, her uniform still
clinging to her body, "My mind is at best good for a five minute collect
call to home. I'm about ready to declare everyone on this ship mentally fit
just to get it over with...even Reg Barclay."

Riker whistled. "You must be desperate then."

Reg Barclay had been on the Enterprise for four years, and was without a
doubt th e most temperamental and high-strung of the crew. Riker still
inwardly chuckled at the mental image of Barclay's Holodeck fantasy of
Deanna; the Goddess of Empathy.

Will raised his arms in Mock offering to Deanna.

"Come, give yourselves over to me...let me heal you as your Goddess..."
Deanna may have been tired, but she was no less quick. In a heartbeat she
was across the room attacking Will with a throw pillow.

"Oh, really, Commander Wise Ass? I seem to recall someone else getting the
Holodeck treatment. Which musketeer were you, Dopey or Grumpy?"

He raised his arm to fend off the attacks, and suddenly pounced back and
grabbed Deanna in his arms. She fell screaming and kicking to the nearest
couch wildy, her mouth trying to stifle her giggles as she pounded him. He
merely wrapped his arms around her until they were staring each other
directly in the face. Deanna began to sober up as she looked into Will's
eyes, the grin fading. Slowly his mouth descended to hers, and their lips
brushed against each others. Her hands reached around to clasp his back as
she pulled him to her, their tongues slipping into each other's mouths, the
kiss filling with passion. Slowly she pulled away from him, sighing deeply.

"Will...Um...Dinner...?" She looked into his eyes longingly, whispering the
words with only half a care to their content. He smiled down at her. "I was
thinking...we could eat in..." he whispered in the same tones.

She returned his smile. "And just what■..did you have in mind, Commander?"
she said rather wryly.

His head nodded towards the dropped box, her eyes following his pointed gaze.

"What's in there?"

His became that of a wolf. "Something very special, Counselor. Something
I've always see you in."

Deanna rolled her eyes. "Will, I told you for the last time, I'm not wearing
an Eskimo outfit for you or anyone. I wouldn't wear a battle suit for
Worf..." She halted her words as she realized what she was saying. Will
dropped his eyes away from her, and slowly rose up from her body into a
sitting position. Her hand reached for his arm. "Will...I'm sorry...I didn't

He smiled. "I know you didn't, Deanna. It's just that seeing the two of you
together those times was■.hard." he finished, not daring to look at her face.

She sat up and wrapped her arms around his, laying her head gently on his
shoulder. "Will...that part of my life is I want to be...
here...with you..." She finished gently, nuzzling slightly against his arm.

He looked down at her, a nd the sadness in his eyes slowly melted away to
joy. Deanna tried a tentative smile, and he returned it, until she had him
chuckling. "You could get me to commit murder with that smile, you know."

She grinned even broader. "I know. I'm holding it in reserve for the next
time Data wants me to analyze his latest feeling." Her eyes drifted back to
the box. "So, can I open it?"

"If you want to."

She gave a slight "hurrah!," and then dove for the box.

Will watched her hesitantly. He wasn't sure how'd she'd take this. Deanna
back was still to him, unwrapping the tissue paper. Then he heard a low
rumble from her body, and saw that her shoulders were shaking with laughter.

"Oh, Will..." she turned around, lifting the dress out of the box.

It was an exact replica of the low cut turquoise dress she had worn
constantly on the Enterprise-D, the one that had made most new crewmen do a
complete double take the first time they saw it. Will still could remember
Deanna, her hair still done up in compete black, the dress clinging to her
large breasts and long shapely legs like a second skin, talking to a new
ensign, and the poor crewmen vainly trying not to look at the V cut of the
dress that showed off her ample cleavage. Deanna pressed the dress to her

"You told me you liked this dress, but I never realized how much." Her smile
was dazzling.

"Well, you and I were not■■where we are now when you were wearing it, and to
tell the truth, I always had this little fantasy in the back of my head..."

Her eyes widened with her smile. "Do tell, Commander. This seems to be good
the rapy for your next appointment."

Will grinned. "So you like it?"

The counselor stared at the thin fabric, sighing. "I just hope I can still
fit into it." He stood up and came to her, taking her in his arms.

"Deanna, you are still as lovely and as beautiful as the day I saw you." She
looked wry again, the ever-present sarcasm just at the service. "If memory
serves, I was naked the first time I saw you."

He shrugged his shoulders. "You always say you can learn from the past."

Deanna shook her head in defeat. "Wait right here."

She disappeared into the bedroom. Will walked to the window and stared at
the st ars excitedly. In his pocket he began to finger the other gift he had
brought for her. He turned as heard her footsteps.

What he saw took his breath away. She stood there, her hands at her sides,
her eyes wide and expectant. The dress still looked magnificent on her. He
found with some amusement that he preferred with her hair this way, a warm
dark brown on her shoulders. His eyes jumped at they noticed her breasts,
once again white and rounded and packed firmly into the top half, still
looking as firm and inviting as ever. As she walked, he noted with startled
satisfaction that before the dress tapered off into the long dangling skirt,
it firmly hugged her round buttocks tightly, showing off her beautiful cheeks
proudly. Hesitantly she came forward into the full light.

"Well?" she asked.

Will's smile said it all to her. He came forward, and grasped her back as
his lips returned to hers, the kiss wrapping into her mouth and around her
tongue as he frenched her passionately, his hand running up her smooth cool
back, his jaw working back and forth over hers. He broke away and she gasped
for air.

"I like it..."

His smile faded. "Deanna...I love it...I loved it from the first time you
wore it...and I wanted you to wear now...for this..."

He smiled softly, and led her back to the couch. She followed him, smiling
with a slight look of puzzlement on her face. He took her hands in his as
they sat.

"Deanna, " he began, and then stopped. He had been practicing this for days,
and now that he was doing it, he found his mouth dry and lacking.

She grinned. "Will Riker tongue tied■.there's a first."

She lay a single slender finger on his lip, and smiled. At that smile, and
the look in her eyes, he found his courage.

"Deanna, " he began again, " Ever since I met you■I knew that you and I were
some thing...well, more than special. More than just friends...more than
just lovers. We were..."


Deanna said the word lovingly, and reached up to stroke his face. Will let
her hands caress his bare cheek, and he took her palm and kissed it deeply.

"And for so long," he continued, "I allowed myself into fooling myself that
we could stay just like this, as friends, but deep down inside, I knew that I
would want more...much more. I want us to be with each other...I want..."

Her eyes widened as she took in his meaning. "Will..."

"Deanna, I've made a lot of mistakes regarding us...the last big one when you
told me how you felt after you broke it off with Worf, and I said we should
wait. I don't want to make any mistakes anymore. I don't want to wait
anymore. Being with you again these past few weeks has taught me I don't
want to waste any more time. Deanna Troi," He reached into his pocket and
fished out the small velvet box, the one his mother had given him on the day
of her death. He clicked the box open, revealing the single band of gold
surrounding a small clear crystal he had found on his last shore leave to
Betazed. He brought the ring up to the light, and as the light hit the gold,
he could see tears in her eyes as her hand went to the heaving chest to
control herself.

"Imzadi, I love you. I love you more than I thought was ever possible.
Imzadi, for all of me, for all that you are to me, will you be my wife?"

Her shoulders wracked with silent sobs, the tears streaming down her face.
For a long time she said nothing, simply staring down into her lap as her
hands reached up to wipe the tears. He reached for her face concerned, but
she raised it again, this time a soft beautiful smile of joy there, even
amidst the tears. "Yes Imzadi, I will be your wife."

He could feel the tears welling up in his own eyes, as he lifted her finger
up. She watched with awe as he slipped the single band down the length of
her, resting it finally at the edge of her lower knuckle. Then she was
kissing him, deeply, warmly, her tongue sliding into his mouth. Her hands
reached down his body, one to grasp his back as she pulled him on top of her,
another to caress down the edge of his pants, rubbing the sudden hardness she
felt there with the back of her hand. His tongue delved deeper into the wet
folds of her mouth, even as his hands moved over her body, one behind her to
cuddle one full rounded buttock between his fingers, massaging the taut skin
through the fabric, another to caress over her magnificent busts, sliding
between the fabric to caress the full white skin between his fingers. She
breathed heavily in his mouth, sighing.

"Make love to me, Will."

He nodded, and the hand on her buttocks, reached up for the small seam at the
back of her neck. He pulled down, and the fabric began to fall away from her
cool white form. She smiled against his lips, whispering.

"Well that didn't last long."

He grinned back and continued to lick at her mouth, even as his hands pulled
the lycra down her chest, freeing her large bouncing breasts, that sprang up
once they were released from their skin tight prison, filling with her lust.
She began to lift herself up into his hand, mashing the full rounded mound
into his fingers, loving the feeling of the pads of his digits against her
soft firm flesh. Lower and lower he pulled the dress, until he had reached
her thighs. His hand ran deep between the tight seal of her pelvis, cupping
the warmth and sudden wetness he found there.

Deanna gasped deeply into his mouth as one finger ran up the side of the slit
he found there, dripping with her own lubrication, finely, teasingly. Her
hands began to fly over his uniform, zipping down the front over shirt, and
then reaching for the second tunic. The counselor's palms made their way
into his undershirt and against the soft hair of his chest. Lovingly she
could feel his own hardened nipple between the fabric, and her fingers
reached lovingly to tweak the small round circle and rub it mercilessly.

Will shivered, and suddenly he was cupping his second hand under her buttock,
and lifting her, his lips never leaving her mouth.

He carried into the bedroom and lay her on her bed, his hand slipping up and
over her breasts, cupping them and squeezing them to greater arousal. She
stared up at him as he undressed, sliding the shirts from his upper body.
Then she rolled to a kneeling position, kissing him deeply and then staring
into his eyes, as her hands made their way into his pants.

Deanna pulled down until they lay at his knees, and suddenly her fist closed
over his rigid erection. She smiled as she pulled up and down the length of
his shaft, and he grinned back, his hands running back and forth over her
naked shoulders. Deanna kissed him again, fully, passionately, and then her
tongue left his mouth. She began to lick her way down his body; over his
chin, and down to his neck, leaving a burning trail of desire as her tongue
passed down his chest, stopping to cup her full red lips over his erect
nipples, teasing them with her tongue, gnawing the hard edge between her
sharp little teeth.

Will moaned and thrust his hands into her hair, fingering her mane over and
over. Her lips continued down to his navel, stopping to dart her tongue in
and out of the small hole, caressing him and filling it with her mouths
juices. Then her trail began again as her lips closed over his penis. He
gasped as her mouth enclosed the crown, licking softly so that the juice
would encase his rigidity, and suddenly she was sucking down, deep and full,
upon his cock. Deanna's lips laced down slowly, easily, letting her tongue
wrap around the length luxuriously. He began to piston his hips slowly
against her face as her mouth began to race up and down the length of his

"Deanna, that's sooooo gooood, Imzaaaaa..."

The word was cut off as he felt her teeth dig into his pike. She began to
nibble his manhood between her teeth, and those extra sensations sent shivers
up his spine. He began to move against her face faster and faster. She
gripped his sack between her fist, running the slightly greased hands over
his balls, yanking them to a further bloated state, until her hand pulled and
yanked steadily on him, and her mouth began a steady rhythm up and down his
shaft, slowly at first, but then picking up speed as she sensed the build up
within him. Faster and faster she raced up and down his cock, until finally
he could hold off no more, and felt the waves of semen rushing up his shaft
in a warm glow.

"Deanna, I'm coming! I'm coming!"

His cock head began to eject it's white fluid, coating the upper part of her
mouth with it creamy goodness, and her throat began to work over his crown as
she used it as a straw, sucking the precious milk from within him, as wave of
orgasms hit his pelvis, and he ground his thighs across her cheeks. She
looked up at him, the look of innocence and beauty still there.

"Will, "she begged, "do me now, Imzadi."

He nodded eagerly. She lay back on the bed, and he knelt down until her
inner thighs stared at him. He parted them with too strong hands, and
reached forward to caress the hairy juicy pocket of flesh he found there.
She moaned deeply as three fingers slowly dived into her muff, and rocked
her hips gently over the feeling of him inside her. The walls of her canal
closed in over his fingers, and began to pump over them, delving a delicious
friction that caused her to gasp and form her lips in a perfect round oh.
She squealed with a mixture of excitement and disappointment as he pulled the
fingers from her hot box, their preparations finished. Then he bent his face
closer to her crotch, taking in the warm and musty aroma that drove him

He could hear her voice in his mind.

'Do it Imzadi, do of me, Imzadi, eat of me.'

His tongue raced along her loins, taking in the bloated lips between his
mouth. She groaned again and thrust her hips against his face impatiently.
Then his tongue slid gently into her wet slit. The taste of her was exquisite
and he began to lap into his delicious elastic meal. She shivered with
excitement as his tongue caressed the walls of her pussy, and her hands went
to her big breasts, kneading them over and over with excitement as he
devoured her. His finger reached under her buttocks and slowly inserted into
her rectum. At that touch she juddered wildly over his grasp and lifted her
thighs even higher, squeezing the sides of his head between them as she
commanded more pleasure from his mouth, that he was only too happy to comply.
His tongue worked over and over her the wet colliding walls, until he could
feel her nearing her climax in his head.

'It's coming, Imzadi, I can feel the inside of me exploding, my love! My

And then she orgasmed over his face, her rich honey spreading deep into his
mouth, coating his tongue and lower lip. He grunted with pleasure as her
taste filled him, and he bit down on her clitoris, sending an extra jolt up
her spine. She shuddered at the extra touch and pulled slightly on his hair,
moaning deeply. Then his tongue began to work it's way back up her body.

He stopped at her navel and she laughed softly as he chomped and licked at
her soft belly, teasing the skin lightly with his tongue. Then her laughs
turned to sighs as he reached her breasts. Softly she cooed as his tongue
worked the juddering mounds, lapping at the huge flesh mountains. He would
tongue one and then the ot her, and she took them in hand and shook them back
and forth over his wild lips, crying with the pleasure of it. Her hands
cupped around the swollen breast and offered the blood red nipple to his

'Kiss my breasts, Imzadi. Suck them hard for me, my love.'

He complied gently and created a vacuum with his jaw as he sucked as much of
her breast flesh into his mouth, tickling the back of his throat with her
rock hard nipple. Then he let the dampened flesh slowly fall from his mouth,
stopping to catch the soaked circle of her aureole in his teeth, grinding and
growling softly. At this extra touch her hand went back down to his cock and
she began to jerk the still soaked shaft with her fingers back to rigidity.
Then his lips were kissing lightly up her chest, stopping to lick her neck,
then her jaw, then her chin, finally reclaiming her mouth. Even as his
tongue reentered her lips, and the aftertaste of her own desire filled her
mouth, he could still hear her voice in his head.

'Now, Imzadi, take me now, I am yours forever, take me...'

He gasped inside her mouth, positioning his cock between her waiting warm
thighs. Her hand gently began to guide him into her deep wet folds. They
both gasped as he entered her, thrusting his hips forward to meet hers as his
cock slid up and up her deep wet pussy, the chamber walls enveloping his
shaft and beginning to grind back and forth over the intrusion. He began to
thrust his hips against her, softly at first, so as to create a delicate
balance of sexual rhythm between them. She smiled against his mouth in
complete happiness, and her hands caressed his sweat covered back, moving up
and down his body. His hands reached for her back, and she lifted into his
arms, sighing as the movement jostled his cock inside her, sending a river of
pleasure down her pelvis and into her knees. He began to pump harder into
her, and her lips bounced back and forth to his with the movement, her tongue
dipping in and over his face, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his chin. His
mouth began to do the same, until they were panting and licking each other
like wild animals, the full pounding of his cock lancing back and forth as
the bed rocked with the heat of their lust. Finally he reached below her,
and, grasp ing her buttocks, proceeded to jut harder and harder into her,
beating his cock in time to the fast and furious thuds of their joined
heartbeats, her soft and supple breasts pounding against his sweat soaked
chest. Finally, before he was about to explode into her, he heard her voice
in his mind one last time...

'Yes, yes, yes, Imzadi! For all of me, for all of everything, yes! I am
coming with you and you are within me, and we are joined! Finish me off,
ride me to the wave, Imzadi! It feels so wonderful!'

Then he could feel his ears pop with the sudden thunder of their shared
orgasm, his white ray of hot cream shooting deep into her, her nectar
shooting over him and and outward, the pleasure of their ecstasy
indescribable, as white waves over took them and they embraced, for hope that
the feeling should never end. And in his mind, he could no longer hear
specific words, just her voice, her sweet and wonderful voice, singing of how
right and true this all was, and of her love for him. Then he collapsed
on top of her, his hands reaching out for hers in a deep lovers clench. She
gaspe d for air, kissing his ear deeply as he slid out of her, and lay to her
side, his hand still in hers. She turned and kissed him long and hard on the

"Thank you Imzadi...thank you for everything that you are, and everything
that you make me..." she smiled radiantly, her face glowing still from her
mixed ecstasy and sweat. He returned her soft gaze.

"And for everything we will be together...forever, Imzadi."

His hand caressed her cheek, as they lay together holding each other like
that, in a lovers embrace, for the longest time. Finally they got up from
the bed, not bothering to redress, as was Betazoid custom. His feet shivered
with the slight cold of the floor, as he walked to replicator. She smiled
knowingly as he looked back at his bride to be questioningly. He nodded in
the silent understanding, and turned back to the lit shelf.

"Two hot chocolates, please."

Two steaming mugs appeared, and he returned one to her hand. She sipped and
sighed happily.

"Hot chocolate, a marriage proposal, and incredible sex."

She grinned wryly at her bed partner.

"No wonder I said yes. Of course," she mused, "I don't know how you could
possibly top this."

He grinned and reached for, caressing one naked breast between his fingers.

"I'm sure I can think of something■■Imzadi."

She giggled as he lay her back down on the couch.

The stars continued to zip past the window in the silence that followed.
They did that for a long, long time.


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