Oh, Captain, My Captain! Part 9 (MF,rough,android)
by Christine Faltz

Picard was exhausted, and now that his anger had passed, he was ashamed.
He untied Ztlaf, not looking at her, and stalked away to sit near the door to
his quarters. He had to think. He kept attempting to explain it by blaming
Q -- the three of them in his life right now. They had made him act this
way, to test him for some reason. He would never have said such things, done
such things, without their influence. But he knew that was not it. He
remembered the times when, as he kissed, stroked or made love to Ztlaf, he
felt darker urges. He remembered glancing away from her as images of making
love to others flashed through his mind, and he wondered whether Ztlaf would
be angry if he asked her to change into those people for his erotic
amusement. On the fifth or so time he experienced such desires, she had
gently taken his face in her hands and directed him to look at her.

"If that is what would please you, Jean-Luc, I will be anyone you want me to
be. I won't pretend to take that person's identity, but I will take their
form. So ask yourself what you want: the form or the substance?"

He had blushed and left her, pacing his quarters. She had tried to tell him
there was nothing wrong with him, that he was simply indulging his fantasies.

Ztlaf got up and walked over to him. She placed her hands on his shoulders
and looked into his eyes.

"Jean-Luc, I know some of what happened here today shames, angers and
disturbs you. I'm sorry for that, but I'm not sorry it happened. It was
necessary. There are situations which you will face in your life that
require you to know yourself completely. Ideally, all humans should take
this journey, but you are one of the very few who can survive it and still
respect yourself for who you really are, not just who you want to be."

He ducked his head and shrugged away from her angrily.

"You leave me alone!" he snapped, though his voice was quiet. "In fact,
leave me. Now."

Ztlaf's breath caught; she hadn't expected that. But feeling his pain and
confusion, she had to obey. She slipped into home form and eased herself
through the wall. She felt sick suddenly, disoriented and suffocating. She
realized that she was outside the ship, not in home form but in the human
shape Picard -- used to love. This was impossible; she could not survive
out here in this form. She did not have the abilities. She looked around,
thinking that Amanda must be with her. But she saw no one. Tears fell from
her eyes as she huddled at the side of the Enterprise. She thought perhaps
she had failed. If Picard wanted her gone for good, she could not accomplish
what must be done, and if that was the case, Picard would die. She knew that
she always had the opportunity to change her mind when the future that she
knew of presented itself. But she had determined her course of action long
ago, and she would not change her mind, unless of course, Picard made the
change for her by banishing her from him. She cried fitfully, and tried
desperately to return to home form, panic-stricken at the idea of not being
protected against the star-filled void around her. She glanced up, and saw
that a beautiful collage of lights and shapes was dancing before her. She
had never seen anything like it, and did not know how to explain it. If she
were with Picard, she would have asked him to find out what it was. Picard...
the tears began again, blinding her, keeping the beauty before her from her

"What's wrong with me?" she screamed, "How can I be out here alone, in this
form? Amanda, Amanda, where are you?"

Ztlaf felt the warmth of human arms around her. Startled, she wiped her eyes
on her hands and turned, expecting to see Amanda.

"He'll ask you to come back. This transition, this period of thought is
necessary for him. He will forgive you, as he always forgives me. The truth
bothers humans, but in the end, they cannot deny it -- if, of course, they
are honest and principled, as is our Captain."

Ztlaf sobbed openly now, her relief and aching need for Picard's respect

"Come on now; these tears are useless. They will not stop the hurt, and they
won't make him forgive you any faster. Watch the light show. It's the best
one I've put together in quite a while. I'd like someone else to see it."

Ztlaf laughed and turned to witness the first gift her father had given
her -- the second. He had given her life, after all.

* * *

Geordi strained at the leather cuffs at his wrists and ankles. He had never
done anything like this before. He felt two pairs of hands massaging him. The
massage felt wonderful, and was the only aspect of this scenario so far which
kept him relatively relaxed and calm. He was only half-aroused, his penis
reflecting his fear and uncertainty. Then, a warm, tight mouth closed around
him, and immediately his body welcomed it by extending deeper inside her.
Another mouth grazed his neck with a light, bare touch. It did feel inviting,
but he was still frightened and couldn't rid himself of the need to tell them
to stop. But he didn't. He wanted to be touched and kissed; it had been so
long. At the same time, he recognized that he was not going to look back upon
this night with happy memories.

The holodeck door groaned open, and a sharp, authoritative female voice
snapped, "There you all are! Still performing your slave's occupation, I

"But he is *our* slave, Galoc," one of the masseurs giggled.

Geordi heard quick footsteps. Suddenly, squeals of protest ushered from the
women working on him, and one by one, hands and mouths disappeared. A gruff,
but soft touch, brushed his cheek.

"He doesn't like it, you little fools!" the original voice scoffed.

Then there was a babble of Ferengi.

"He's hard because of fear, not because of lust for you prisoners -- yes,
prisoners. You're still in your little hovels, pleasing men with sex. Here
we are, being granted asylum, and you can find nothing better to do with
your sorry lives."

Galoc untied Geordi and replaced his visor. He didn't even glance at the five
Ferengi women who stood about the room, naked and scowling at Galoc. He heard
one weeping and turned to see Clagara covering her face with her hands.

"Let me take you to your quarters, sir," said Galoc. "Where do you reside?"

"Deck Two," Geordi said quietly. He wasn't sure what he should say to the
other women.

"I'm sorry, ladies," he said quietly, not looking at them. "I am just not --
interested in that."

"They should have *asked*," said Galoc. "No one ever asked them; you would
think they might have learned something."

Geordi followed the angry Ferengi woman to the turbolift. When they arrived
at his quarters, Geordi thanked Galoc and entered his room.

"Sir?" she said meekly.

"Please call me Geordi. What is it?"

"I know why you didn't like it, Geordi," Galoc said. He beckoned her inside,
looking away from her.

"I've just never -- done anything like that. I'm sure if I had, with
someone --"

"With someone you cared about, with someone with whom you shared secrets and
tender moments of a nonphysical kind. Then you might have enjoyed it."

Geordi stared at her. He was a little embarrassed.

"You are not looking for sex, Geordi," said Galoc. "You are looking for
affection, and if sex is part of that affection, you would love that. But
you are not interested in empty ecstasy."

Geordi cleared his throat and looked away again.

"Yes. You're right, Galoc. That's your name, right?"

"Yes. I will leave you now."

"No, no, that's not necessary. Have you had dinner? I'm starving."

"Well," she paused, considering. "I am hungry. But I don't want to impose."

"No imposition at all. I'd -- rather not be alone after --"

"Yes, I understand," she said quietly, smiling thinly.

* * *

The door beeped.

"Come in."

"Mother, you've been spending an awful lot of time in here by yourself,"
Deanna said. "I'm having trouble reading anything from you. You always tell
me you're busy. But I don't see any evidence of a busy schedule. What are
you brooding about?"

Lwaxana laughed genuinely.

"Deanna, darling, trust me. I *am* busy, and not brooding. No, Little One,
I am most *definitely* not brooding."

Her mother's glowing face was infectious.

"Well, then why are you alone all the time? We don't even have meals
together. We're only docked here for three more days. I would have thought
you would want to take me into one of your bizarre holodeck programs."

"Don't have the time, sweetheart. But I will have dinner with you. How
about now? I'm famished."

"Mother, it's nearly 2100. I ate three and a half hours ago."

"Oh, well, I suppose I lost track of the time. Well, have hot chocolate,
dear, and I'll eat dinner."

"Mother, you're undoubtedly very contented; I can see and feel it. But you
are acting somewhat elusive. You usually insist on thought speech with me.
You haven't tried it since you arrived."

"Can't a mother keep some secrets?" Lwaxana teased.

"Mother, you're not exactly a privacy beast."

"I'd rather hear about you than talk about me, Little One. How is your

"I hate it when you speak of lovers as if they are possessions, Mother."

"Oh, don't be so naive, dear. Whether you admit it or not, they possess you
in a fashion and you possess them. That's probably why you won't settle down
with one person. You're afraid of that idea. It can be very stimulating, if
you find the right one, darling."

"Oh, Mother, for goodness sake."

"So, darling, what will it be? Just hot chocolate?"

Deanna looked closely at her mother.

"You're keeping something from me, and it isn't bad news. It's something
having to do with a man. Spill it!"

"Darling, this preoccupation with love and sex is really no good for you."

* * *


Picard was still shaken, but no longer angry. He knew that there was
something much more complex hidden in the words and actions which had been
said and which had transpired earlier. He also knew that he had hurt Ztlaf.
He hoped she wasn't gone forever.

"Ztlaf, please. I would like to talk -- about this. About today."

* * *

"Go to him."

"Why should I? He deserves to wait. I had to wait for him to compose himself.
Why should I be at his beck and call? Let him wait and worry."

"Oh, grow up! This vindictiveness is so human; you'd think you were Terran
and not a shape-shifter. It certainly doesn't become your Q heritage."

"Oh, and I suppose you aren't the least bit vengeful, right?"

"This isn't about me; it's about you."

"What a typical thing for a parent to say to a child who has just made a good

"Oh, go to your Captain, you little brat!"

"Oh, Daddy dear, you flatter me. Only a short while ago, I was your monstrous

"I don't make mistakes, Ztlaf. You're confusing me with your Captain."

"I assure you; that will never happen."

"Not in the sense of your filthy little mind, my dear. But in another sense,
it already has. Think about it."

* * *

Ztlaf appeared suddenly before him.


"There you are. I thought you'd given up on me."

"We're even. I thought you'd given up on yourself."

Picard took her in his arms.

"What are you trying to convey, you and your father and Amanda? Why do you
have to send me into an emotional whirlwind to get your points across? If
the lessons are so important, why not just explain concretely?"

"Because that is too simplistic, Jean-Luc. Concreteness must be exemplified,
in order that the abstraction may be understood. That is the way the human
mind works. Even your mind, superior to most others."

"You're preparing me for something, aren't you?"

"Obviously, Jean-Luc. But enough of that. You have the right to know about
me in more detail. I'm going to fill in the puzzle."

"All right. But can we get more comfortable first?"

"You mean you haven't had enough of me?"

"I've had enough of you to last me a few lifetimes," joked Picard. "But
living life to the fullest is too easy for some. I like a challenge."

"Never fear, Jean-Luc. You will have many challenges."

They undressed and cuddled on his bunk. As she kissed him lightly and then
passionately, she filled him with knowledge of her past. When she had
finished, his mind was spinning. As she watched him through half-closed eyes,
he rose and dressed.

"I'll be back in a few hours," he told her. "I want to fill Will in on what
you've told me, and I want to make a log entry afterwards."

"I'll be here when you get back, Jean-Luc."

* * *

"Geordi, how did your date go?" Wesley whispered as they sipped tea in Ten

"Very disconcerting, Wes. I didn't like it at all."

"I told you not to --"

"Wes, no offense, but you're not exactly the most experienced aboard the

"No offense intended, Geordi, but neither are you."

Geordi scowled, but seeing Wes's teasing smile, he grinned.

"When you're right, you're right. Anyway, I'm back at square one. I want a
relationship, not just hot sex."

"Sometimes, hot sex can make quite a difference," Wes said, thinking of

"Yeah, but I've experienced both, and I am ready for something very steady
and long-term. Maybe even marriage."

Lwaxana Troi and her daughter entered.

"I've gotta go, Geordi," said Wes suddenly, blushing.

"Why, Wes?"

"I just do. Okay?"

Geordi followed Wes as he hurried from the room.

"Wes? What is it?"

"Promise you won't say anything to anyone. Anyone, Geordi!"

"Okay, okay. What's up?"

"I have a crush on -- Mrs. Troi."

"So what? She's attractive -- and from all appearances, quite amenable."

"Are you crazy?"

"No. Why does it embarrass you? She's a nice-looking, sensual woman."

"And she's older than my mom."

"So what?"

"And," Wes added, "she probably knows how I feel. That's why I left. I can't
face her. It really stinks when you have a crush on someone who can read your

"Saves a lot of time, I'll bet," Geordi teased.

* * *

Data stroked Spot behind the ears, and wondered if Spot recognized
differences between Data and others. Did the cat know that he was
"artificial" in its own primitive way? He had noticed the response of
other pets to him -- the pets of civilian families he had encountered.
While they appeared to have no problem with other beings, many attempted
to flee from him or snapped and swiped at him. Data supposed Spot was
familiar with him, and since he had cared for the cat since its
kittenhood, the cat did not care about Data's differences. Interestingly,
Spot was uncomfortable around humans.

Data's door beeped.


Ensign Trinn, a newly-assigned Academy graduate, entered. She was
twenty-five, with curly dark hair and ice-blue eyes. She was tall and
athletic, and Data knew that since her assignment, she had become quite
popular. She had been late on two occasions already when required for duty.
She had what some humans called a "reputation" for sexual exploits. Data
did not understand the types of comments made about her by those with whom
she had had intimate encounters. Some derided her; others complimented her,
and still others seemed inordinately concerned with where she was and with

"Hello, sir," she smiled.

"Hello, Ensign Trinn. May I be of assistance?"

"I'm sure you can, sir," she smiled.

"Please elaborate."

"Sir, I have been told that you are capable of having sex."

"Yes, that is correct. I am fully functional and programmed in many methods
of pleasuring."

"Then I was right," Ensign Trinn said, walking over to stand beside him.
Spot leaped from his lap and scuttled into the furthest corner.

"Do you wish me to demonstrate?" Data asked.

The young woman laughed.

"Most definitely, sir. You are not busy now, are you? I was told by Lisil
Mayarka that when you are off duty, you sometimes 'pleasure' those who
request it. I understand that you cannot always oblige because of your
duties. But I am free now, and if you are, I would love to experience sex
with you."

"I am not required to be anywhere at this time, so I am available."


"Since we will be having what for most constitute intimate relations, you
may call me Data."

"Thank you, sir. Data. And you should call me Laurene."

Data noticed that she was already visibly aroused. Her nipples were erect;
her breathing was shallower than it would be were she relaxed, and her skin
was flushed. Her face was full of anticipation.

"I am curious, Laurene." said Data. "I like to ask those who make this
request why they do so, since although I have had a relationship before,
I could not satisfy the need for spontaneity or the genuine emotional
attachment and dependence many require for a successful relationship."

"Have you been told that the idea of having sex with an android is extremely
arousing, that because of your superhuman strength and mechanical -- nature,
you are no doubt able to provide extremely satisfying sex?"

"Yes. Is that what has brought you to me?"

"Most definitely."

"Let me know now what you like to do and have done, Laurene. I will then be
able to pleasure you without interruption to establish parameters."

Laurene laughed.

"I enjoy many things, Data. I want to be catered to; I want you to try as
many different things as possible, until I cannot take any more. I want
gentle sex and rough sex; I want to make love and to be touched. I want you
to try many things. The first thing I want you to do, Data, is pretend to
take me by force."

"Are you suggesting that I pretend to rape you, Laurene?"

"Yes. I have always wanted to experience that; it's one of my fantasies. But
others usually hate the idea, either because they don't like pretending to be
violent towards another, or because they think it is not normal for me to
want that."

"Why would anyone want that, Laurene? Being raped is accepted as a crime of
power, not a display of sexuality. It is forced invasion of an unwilling
victim. How can I pretend to do something which by its very definition
requires a specific intent and a specific state of mind on your part?"

"Data, no one wants to be raped, in the real sense of the word. I am not
trying to trivialize that crime; it's a terrible thing. I know that you will
not harm me. But I like rough sex. I want to pretend that I do not wish it.
I want you to pretend to rape me. It's like a holodeck program, Data.
Lieutenant Worf often kills enemies on the holodeck. Many people I know have
raped on the holodeck. Where there is no real crime, there is no real

"You are right that I will not harm you, but what you are suggesting makes
me think you want me to harm you -- that is, pretend that my intent is to
harm you."

"Data, please. I can only ask you for this. I didn't come here to be judged
for my fantasies. I came here to feel good, and to feel that my fantasies are
okay. I will not be hurting anyone, and you will not be hurting anyone. If
you do this, it will just add to my pleasure."

"I will try," said Data, still considering.

He walked over to her and took her wrists gently.

"Rougher, Data. Don't worry about me. A few bruises won't hurt. I will have
them fixed in sickbay, and will say it happened during exercise."

Data checked his programming. He did not want to hurt her, but he had had
similar requests, though never using the word "rape" specifically. He
supposed there were no more objections available than those which could be
made to people who desired to be dominated in other ways. He quickly decided
upon a course of action, and grasped Laurene by one arm.

* * *

"Ztlaf tells me there are only thirty shape-shifters left, scattered about
the universe," Picard said. "There used to be a planet of shape-shifters
within the Beta quadrant, an apparently noble, pacifistic race. They had sex
only for purposes of procreation. Then, the Borg were sighted, coming for
them. Word had traveled back to them from shape-shifters clandestinely
exploring the universe. They were highly advanced technologically, Will.
They would travel in starships which were barely visible; they looked like
debris. They were never bothered by anyone, and were a xenophobic race, in
that they wanted to be left alone to live their lives and learn all they
could without entering into treaties or negotiations of any kind.

When they received word of the Borg (this was approximately thirty years ago)
they panicked. They realized that if the Borg assimilated them, it would make
the threat to the universe much worse. Could you imagine Borg as they once
were, with the capability of changing form instantly?"

"I would rather not, Captain."

"Indeed. The Planet's leaders gathered and decided that they should
self-annihilate -- kill themselves, planet-wide suicide -- if the Borg
continued their course and came for them."

"The whole planet was directed to commit suicide?"

"Yes, Number One. At this point, Q arrived -- yes, the Q we know so well. He
had asked the Continuum to assist him in intervention, to get the Borg on a
different course or to move the shape-shifters out of the way."

"This is our Q?"

"Yes, I know. At any rate, the Continuum refused, saying it was too much
interference to intervene on behalf of an entire race. They said that if
suicide was the best they could do, they weren't much use to the universe

"And we thought the Continuum reasonable."

"Q decided to take matters into his own hands. He sought out the
highest-ranking shape-shifter in the council, and convinced her that the
children of the planet's leaders should be spared. He assured her that he
would protect them, and see that they would be placed out of danger. She
agreed, but said that she herself had no children, and wanted to make her
self-induced exit with the knowledge that her name and memory be carried by
offspring. Q coupled with her, resulting in Ztlaf. Q took Ztlaf with him
when she emerged. Subsequent to that, but before the Borg arrived for
assimilation of the race, Ztlaf's mother coupled with her long-time
companion. She decided at the last minute to leave another child. She
called for Q, but the Continuum refused his request to bring her other child
out of danger. By this time, Ztlaf was half-grown and was learning about her
Q abilities. She begged Q to save her little brother, whose birth sack was
still clinging to its mother's body when she committed suicide. The Borg
arrived to find a planet devoid of life, and left. Fifty shape-shifter
children were left behind, in a cloaked tunnel prepared by Q. Only fifteen
survived, including Ztlaf's little brother. Q saw to it that each surviving
shape-shifter was found. Ztlaf's little brother, whom she has never met, is
a security chief on Deep Space 9. He believes he is the only existing shape-

* * *

Data's arms closed around Laurene Trinn. She had instructed him not to take
her struggles seriously. She pushed futilely against him. She was excited,
feeling the hard chest and the strong arms preventing her movements. She
stopped resisting for the moment, as Data roughly ripped her uniform from
her. He laid her somewhat roughly on the floor and placed his right leg
between hers, spreading her legs. In second, he himself was undressed and
on top of her. She felt his penis pressing firmly against her, and she
twisted to the side, surprised that she was able to move from beneath him.
Obviously, he was not trying too hard; she knew her strength did not match
his by any means. He pulled her back down by a handful of hair; she gasped,
but did not appear to be in any pain. He held her wrists in his left hand,
and drove himself in and out furiously. He noticed that she was wet, and
found himself wondering again how a human, particularly a woman, could find
this exciting. He would have to consult Counselor Troi about this, though he
would not reveal who had asked him to do this.

He saw that Laurene was gasping; it was from pleasure; he knew the signs of
arousal. She gripped his shoulders, wrapping her arms around him and pulling
him close. She dug her nails into him and sunk her teeth into his neck. He
realized she would not have done this so hard were he not an android. He
would have to repair himself after this encounter before reporting for duty.

"Data," Laurene panted, "do something else, anything else. I'll tell you if
I don't like it. Just make me feel this way for a good, long time."

Data pulled out of her and began massaging her arms. He watched as her eyes
closed. She turned onto her stomach, and he swept his strong, warm hands over
her neck, her shoulders, her back. He felt her relax under his hands, as
grateful noises erupted from her. When she felt completely relaxed, he turned
her over and massaged her face. She seemed almost asleep, but he knew she

Laurene's eyes were closed. She felt the massage stop, and wondered what
would be next. Suddenly, she felt his hands spreading her legs and his tongue
on her upper thighs. She could not believe how real he felt -- he felt like a
very strong man. But she had a feeling that was about to change.

Data knew that many women enjoyed his tongue between their legs. He supposed
this was no different than using the tongue inside the mouth something known
as "deep kissing". Certainly, since invasion of the vagina and stimulus of
the clitoris caused excitement in most women, it made sense that any means of
stimulus would cause arousal. Data knew that he could move his tongue faster
than any being with whom Laurene had had intimate encounters. He worked his
tongue around her clitoris and inside her, going slowly at first, not wanting
to build to quickly into what he knew would result in utter exhaustion for
her after only a few moments. He began intensifying the speed, and spread her
with his hands, digging inside her as he increased the temperature of his
tongue. He heard the tell-tale gasp, felt the tremors beginning in her legs.
Her hands grasped his head, and she pushed against him, squeezing her legs
against his ears. He began to apply his tongue in a circular, rapid motion
against the vaginal walls, while causing his fingers to vibrate against her
clitoris. She let out a cry, slapping her hands to her mouth. Her entire body
convulsed several times, and Data felt the increase in moisture. He leaped on
top of her and entered her again, and began moving his penis in a circle
inside her. The rest of his body simply pressed against hers, while he moved
himself clockwise, then counter-clockwise inside her, slowly increasing the
speed. She was gaping up at him, sweat beading her face, her breath ragged
and shallow. Data began moving back and forth inside her, while the circular
motion continued.

"I think I could do this forever," Laurene moaned, pressing her lips to
his. Data thought that this was probably just a hyperbole born of sensual
pleasure, and was assured that she did not mean this literally. He opened
his mouth to her, and felt the urgency in her tongue as it met his. He
kissed her deeply while He continued moving his penis inside her, --
circular, up and down, in and out. She writhed beneath him, squeezing her
legs around his lower back, her arms around his shoulders. She came again
and again, and he felt her nearing the limits of her energy. He began
slowing his pace, now rubbing the length of his body against hers, pressing
her to the floor. She moaned, arching her body against him, gripping him
tightly. He worked himself so that it felt as if he was ejaculating. Then
he continued to lay on top of her, keeping his penis hard inside her. Within
a few moments, she was asleep. He removed himself from her and dressed. She
would sleep through the night.


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