Oh, Captain, My Captain! Part 7 (MF,mF,oral,herm)
by Christine Faltz

"Jean-Luc, it's 07:00 said Ztlaf, touching his face lightly. "Will Riker will
be here soon, and I want to talk to you about him before he arrives."

Picard's eyes opened slowly. He stretched and reached out for Ztlaf. He
rolled on top of her and slid inside her. Since Ztlaf's arrival, he woke
every morning with the need for a quickie. Ztlaf laughed and wrapped her
arms around him, pressing her lips to his ear, and brushing them lightly
against him, a soft, feathery touch which fueled Picard's desire. He drove
himself deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around his back, pushing him
close. They moved together slowly, caressing each other.

"Jean-Luc," Ztlaf whispered, "when Commander Riker tells you what transpired
last night, do not be angry with him. Though it will sound terribly
irresponsible, what he chose to do was the best thing he could do under the

"Picard did not answer until he had come inside her and rested beside her
for a few moments, holding her and sweeping his fingers through her hair.
Afterwards, they showered and ate breakfast. Finally, he broached the subject
she so clearly wanted to discuss.

"Are you going to give me an idea of what Commander Riker did, or are you
going to make me get it out of him myself?"

"Last night, Will went to talk with the Ferengi, as you asked him to do. The
apparent leader, Galoc, explained to him that there really was not much more
to tell. She said she took sole responsibility for the murders of the two
male Ferengi who piloted the freighter. The other women apparently tried to
stop her, or at least convince her she shouldn't do it. The others are still
products of the only environment they have ever known, thinking the lives
they have led up until now were as fulfilling as was proper and that they got
everything they deserved."


"Galoc became irritated with the others, and left to find something better
to do. Riker tried to leave a short time after, because the Ferengi -- at
least a few of them -- made it plain they wanted to do something for him.
Physically, that is. They were frightened and confused, because he grew so
angry at their story."

"Are you about to tell me that my first officer enjoyed a little
entertainment with the five Ferengi who remained?"

"Jean-Luc, you're getting that stern, puritanical glint in your eye," Ztlaf
half-teased. "Don't do that. Listen to me. Riker will be here in about ten

"I'm listening."

"Riker attempted to leave; some of the women began to cry. They accused him
of being cruel. He recognized, without any selfish motives on his part, that
if he left and ignored their attentions, he would have done them tremendous
emotional damage. He understood that their self-worth is entirely tied up in
their ability to provide pleasure to a man -- that their skills in that
regard was the only yardstick of self-esteem they had."

"So he bestowed upon them the benefit of his brand of --"

"Jean-Luc, you're getting angry. Listen to me. Nothing else would have worked
quite so well. Regardless of what happens to the Ferengi, their government is
still going to be upset that they killed Ferengi males, renegade or not.
Additionally, they are requesting asylum. If Riker hadn't done what he did,
they would clamor to go home, or worse. One is potentially suicidal."

"Ztlaf, while the Ferengi are not a threat to us, we cannot throw the prime
Directive to the winds because we do not like their societal norms."

"But selling their women into sexual servitude is not a societal norm;
keeping them for the men in their society is the norm. While it amounts to
the same thing morally, it's not the same under the Prime Directive. Besides,
Jean-Luc, you were never a stickler for absolutes. Rules can't be stretched
too far, but Starfleet is not perfect, which means its rules and guidelines
are not perfect and therefore not absolutes."

"Even so, Ztlaf, do you know how this will look if Commander Riker's report
is reviewed by Starfleet?"

"It is not likely to come to that, Jean-Luc," said Ztlaf. "I will do my best
to see that it doesn't."

"Ztlaf, you should be careful not to meddle in the circumstances we find
ourselves in. If you do too much, the Continuum may decide --"

"Amanda told me that if I were seriously overstepping boundaries, she would
inform me. This Ferengi situation is a small matter in the proverbial grand
scheme of things, Jean-Luc. Let it alone. It will work out."

There was the electronic beep which indicated a person wishing to enter.
Ztlaf disappeared as Picard called, "Come in, Commander!"

"Good morning, sir," Riker said, his eyes averted. "How did you know I
was --"

"I had a little talk with Ztlaf just now, Commander," Picard interrupted. He
noticed that Riker had circles under his eyes, but that he seemed in very
good spirits, which he was trying with difficulty to conceal.

"Yes?" Riker waited, glancing at Picard and searching his face for clues.

"How did you spend your evening, Commander?"

Riker knew Picard was already aware of just how he had spent the previous
night; he wasn't sure if he knew the why of it. He had no idea whether the
captain was irritated, amused or disappointed. He faced the captain directly
and answered quickly:

"I spent my evening making love to the Ferengi, Captain. All except Galoc.
Before you say anything, sir, I would like the chance to explain."

Picard saw Riker's nervous flush and his eyes, which had never looked so
uncertain in Picard's presence. Riker glanced about the room.

"Ztlaf explained everything and therefore saved you the trouble, Number One."

"With all due respect, sir, and with thanks to Ztlaf, I really think it
was my place, and indeed my duty, to explain my actions. It is my place to
justify myself. If I was unable to convince you that my actions were
calculated and fully thought out, then I had no business doing what I did."

"Commander, you would have had a hard time convincing me. I trust you,
Commander, but this, you must admit, is a highly irregular situation. Ztlaf
felt I wouldn't give you much of a chance to explain. She was probably

"just the same, sir --"

"It's done, Commander. I will schedule a discussion with Starfleet for later
today to ascertain what to do about the request for asylum."

"Galoc says she will stand trial for the murders of the Ferengi."

"I think under the circumstances we might be able to work out an agreement
with the Ferengi government so that that will not be necessary. They will be
sufficiently embarrassed, I think, to allow quite a bit to be swept quietly
under the rug. Have we received any response from them yet?"

"No, sir. It should be soon, however."

"All right, Commander. Dismissed."


"That's it, Number One. Unless you have something else to confess."

Riker was startled to see Picard smiling.

"Nothing more, sir," he said, smiling back.

"Commander, discretion, please."

"Absolutely, sir."

* * *

When Riker returned to his quarters to have breakfast, he found the five
Ferengi waiting patiently for him.

"Good morning, ladies," he smiled, though somewhat startled. He was sure
they'd be sleeping for most of the day. It had been quite a night.

"Hello, Commander Riker," said the young Ferengi, Clagara. "We thought you
might need a morning pick-me-up."

"You have got to be kidding," Riker laughed. "I'm exhausted."

They laughed, clearly taking his statement as a compliment.

"We would like to wait for you in your quarters," said Clagara. "This way,
when you are finished with your duties, we can -- relax you."

"Rest is not what you will do for me. Trust me," Riker said.

"You don't want us any longer?" asked another Ferengi.

"That's not it at all," he said, touching her ear gently. He watched as a
flush spread across her face and neck.

"I can't handle all of you every day. Besides," he added as he beckoned them
to follow him into his quarters, "there are other people on this ship who
would appreciate your abilities."

"But they won't do -- what you did for us," said Clagara shyly.

"Why do you think I'm so special?" Riker asked. "There are many beings, both
female and male, who are used to making sex an equal experience, where each
partner takes pleasure from giving and taking."


"Yes. There are also people who are very new to sex, or who for one reason
or another haven't had much experience, or at least good experiences, with

"So we could *teach* them," said Targala. Riker recalled her mouth around
his penis; she had been particularly exciting. He felt himself grow hard. He
wanted to feel her around him right now.

"Yes, you certainly could," he beamed at her.

"Can you tell us where to find some of these newcomers to sex?" asked

"There is a freshly graduated young man from the Academy, visiting his
mother, the ship's doctor while we are in dock here." said Riker. "His name
is Wesley Crusher. He is quite new to love-making. There is also the ship's
chief engineer, Geordi LaForge. He hasn't been lucky for quite a while. I
think you ladies might be able to make them very happy. But please, I just
ask one favor."

"Do not tell them you sent us," said Targala. "Their male egos will be

"Right you are," said Riker.

"We will do that, Commander Riker," said Targala. She turned to the others.

"I will meet you in Ten Forward in ten minutes for breakfast," she said to
them. "I will ask the commander questions about this Wesley and Geordi so
that we can find them."

"All right," said Clagara. She and the other three left.

"You can just ask Guinan, in Ten Forward," said Riker. "If Wes or Geordi
come in, she will point them out to you."

"I did not really stay to get this information from you, Riker," said
Targala, kneeling before him. "I see you are hard beneath your uniform. You
cannot start your day in such discomfort."

Riker looked at her. He knew he shouldn't do this, but he remembered her
mouth, her quick and able tongue. He remembered how she had given him a
body bath with her tongue after he had made love to all five of them. Then,
her friends had joined her. They massaged him and licked him, swallowed
mouthful after mouthful of his ejaculate. He was surprised he wasn't sore.
He was not disappointed with his ability to get hard even after the night he
had spent.

He removed his uniform, his penis and testicles were hot with anticipation.
He felt the pressure inside; he saw her in his mind's eye from last night,
her head bobbing up and down as she worked her mouth expertly, her fingers
applying just the right pressure on his balls. She took him in her hands now,
encircling him with her fingers. She worked him to a feverish desire with her
caresses, and finally, when he thought he was going to have to beg her to
take him in her mouth, she closed her lips around him. The feel of her warm
tongue and hot breath sent a new rush of desire through his groin. He grabbed
her head and pushed himself deep into her mouth. He was still amazed at the
Ferengi ability to take him to the back of their throats without any
difficulty. He was not huge, but he certainly had a good-sized penis, and the
Ferengi women handled it skillfully. Her tongue pressed against his shaft
with fervent swipes. His thighs trembled with pleasure; he grunted low in his

"Yes, Targala, yes," he said quietly. "You are the best I've ever had. Don't
stop; please, don't stop."

Targala felt a rush of pleasure run through her to her fingertips. Her ears
were hot with excitement. She felt Riker's body temperature rise slightly;
she could smell the change in his scent. She worked her mouth all over him,
manipulating him towards his climax. She remembered the taste of him from
the night before -- a much more pleasant taste than her husband's. She wanted
to take mouthful after mouthful of him inside her. She began to jerk her
mouth up and down vigorously. She began a technique she had taught herself,
which she had never passed along to her friends. She was able to move her
jaw muscles so that she could vibrate her teeth and lips. Riker felt the
vibration, and gasped with pleasure. his knees buckled and Targala eased him
to his knees, and lowered herself as well. She cocked her head a little to
the side, making it easier for her to continue. Riker's hands gripped her
shoulders; he drove himself to the back of her throat.

"I'm coming, Targala."

Targala did not know what "coming" meant, but she guessed its meaning as
Riker's hot desire turned to liquid and filled her mouth, coursing over her
tongue and teeth.

"Take it all, Targala; yes, yes," Riker panted, feeling as if he would
never stop coming. Targala did not let go or stop the motion of her lips and
tongue. She took everything he poured into her, then licked him for another
moment, until she was sure he was spent.

"Targala," he murmured, falling exhausted to the floor and gathering her in
his arms.

"Yes, Riker?" she smiled.

"Call me Will, please. And come back at lunchtime."

* * *

Wesley Crusher studied himself critically. His mother walked in.

"Wesley, you look very handsome," she smiled. "Is there anyone in particular
you're trying to impress?"

"No, Mom."

Wesley, slightly embarrassed, looked closely at his mother.

"Mom, may I ask you a personal question?"

"Of course, Wes. If I don't want to answer it, I won't."

"Have you ever -- um, -- have you ever had an attraction to a woman?"

"Yes, Wes; I have," she smiled, thinking how ironic it was that he should ask
her this now.

"Why, Wes? Have you met a man who interests you?"

"I'm not sure," said Wesley. "I mean, he -- it -- is a hermaphroditic alien.
He's from the Gallos system. They have sex only for pleasure; it's a favorite
pastime. They procreate alone. A group of people who choose to do so live
together and share the responsibility for raising the children of those who
live in their *tachda*. That's the name of their home, their family."

"So, you're not sure that qualifies as being attracted to a male?"

"Right. He sounds like a male, you know, his voice sounds like a human male.
He has the equivalent of a penis and a vagina, though he can change the size
of each."

"How pleasurably convenient," said Beverly.

"Mom!" Wesley said, shocked. He blushed.

"Well, it sounds like it could be fun. Besides, taboos about gender have been
dead for awhile in our species, Wes."

"Yeah, but you remember you told me how uncomfortable you felt when Oden's
host went from being male to female?"

"That was my hang-up, not society's, Wes."

"So, when were you attracted to a woman? Did you have a -- relationship?"

"I'm having a same-sex relationship right now."


"With Counselor Troi."

* * *

Geordi was tired and irritable. He had briefly surveyed the female civilians
as they were transported aboard the night before; he had made it his business
to introduce himself to the ones he found attractive at the welcoming dinner
last night. Not a single one had looked twice. He sipped at his juice,

"Hello," a woman's voice brought him out of his brooding stupor.


This must be one of the Ferengi females who had shown up on the bridge
yesterday. Ensign Trinn had given him a lively account of the previous day's
excitement. Geordi had never seen a Ferengi female. He decided she wasn't
unpleasant to behold.

"My name is Clagara," she said smiling. Geordi noticed that three other
Ferengi women stood a little behind her. Hope leaped inside him.

"Please join me, all of you," he smiled graciously, indicating the chairs
closest to him.

"Thank you. Geordi, right?"

"Yes, that's right. How did you know me?"

"We asked who you were," said Lisaga quickly. She was sitting immediately
across from him.

"You asked about me? Why is that?" he smiled, hoping he was flirting
successfully. At the back of his mind, he found himself wondering at the
confidence with which these women had approached him. He had always assumed
Ferengi women would be quiet and unassuming because of their second-class
status on their worlds.

"So, I bet you haven't seen many Ferengi females on this ship," said Clagara.

"No, not until this morning, as a matter of fact," Geordi said. "I must say
it is a very pleasant sight."

"Thank you, Geordi," she smiled at him. "May I ask you something?"

"Sure. You want to know what the visor is for, right?"

"Yes; is it natural or synthetic?"

"It's a medical miracle," said Geordi. "I was born blind; this visor enables
me to see. Better than all humanoids, I believe. Probably better than most
known aliens."

"Can you see what we look like beneath our clothing?" asked Lisaga, leaning
towards him conspiratorially and placing her hand on his hand.

Geordi swallowed, trying to meet her steady gaze.

"Yes, I can -- if I look."

"Look," she smiled, crossing her arms over her chest to accentuate her small
breasts. They all had the same breast size, it seemed. Their breasts also
appeared to be of equal size, whereas human women had one breast that was a
little larger than the other.

Geordi knew he had been invited to survey his table companions, but he felt
odd doing so in the crowded room.

"Why don't we -- go back to my quarters?" he suggested. Then, with a start,
he said, "I can't. I have to go on duty in twenty minutes."

"We can have you all ready for work in twenty minutes," said Lisaga. "We can
work at your pace."

Geordi willed his erection away. His skin tingled with the idea of four
female bodies working on him.

"I've got a much more pleasant idea," he said, his voice sounding unnatural
to him. "How about meeting me in my quarters -- no, meet me on the holo-deck
at 18:30. I'll notify you which one. Where are your quarters?"

"Have dinner with us first, Geordi," offered Clagara. "18:00. You will need
your energy."

Geordi could do nothing but nod and smile.

On his way to Engineering, Geordi made a quick detour to his quarters to take
care of his aching cock before reporting for duty.

* * *

"Hi, Wes," said Junisto, Wes's Gallosian friend. "What are you planning to do
this morning? Up for some holo-deck games?"

"I was, actually," Wesley began, blushing. "i, uh, talked to my -- I mean,
oh, let me start over, okay?"

"Sure, Wes," Junisto smiled. "What's the matter? You seem really nervous."

Wesley studied Junisto for the hundredth time. He was about six inches taller
than Wes. (Why did he insist on thinking of Junisto as a male?) Junisto's
eyes were a beautiful violet color, like nothing Wes had ever seen before.
Junisto's skin was a chocolate brown, silky to the touch. His nose was small.
His teeth were smooth, not pointed. Gallosians ate food that was always some
form of mush, as far as Wesley was concerned. Junisto had no body hair that
Wes was aware of, but he was aware of the bulge at Junisto's left side, where
his *simka* rested. Junisto had once displayed his ability to lengthen the
*simka* from six to eleven inches. He had shown Wes his *talum*, a cavity
just under his left arm. When Junisto desired a child, all that needed doing
was for the *simka* to be placed inside the *talum* for the night. During
that time, Junisto would be in a type of trance-like state, which could not
be disturbed for the safety of the growing child. It was necessary to be
resting and calm. The Gallosians looked upon sex as play. There were no
unplanned pregnancies; placing one's *simka* into another's *talum* or
allowing the reverse could not result in the development of a child.

"I'm just going to come out and say it, Juni," said Wes, swallowing hard. "I
want to -- make love to you."

"Make love? Oh, yes; you told me about that. As an expression of caring and
affection, humans have sex. I care about you very much, Wes, but please
recall that I do not take the act seriously, though I enjoy it very much. It
has no emotional meaning for Gallosians."

"I understand. I want you, Junisto. I find you -- attractive."

"Why are you so embarrassed, Wes?"

"I don't know. I guess because I haven't -- I'm a virgin. Except for lovers
on the holo-deck. All human. Male and female, but all human."

"Well, we're both virgins in that sense of the word. Neither of us has had
sex with a human before."

"You haven't?" Wes asked, surprised.

"No, Wes. I've had plenty of experience, but only with fellow Gallosians."

Wesley did not want to waste time considering what he was doing. He stripped
and walked over to Junisto and began to undress him -- it.

When they stood naked, Wesley's eyes rested immediately on the Gallosians's
*simka* which had thickened with Junisto's sexual desire. Wesley reached for
it and lifted it and uncurled it gently. He knew that the *simka* was just
as sensitive, if not more so, than the human penis. As Wesley touched it,
Junisto lengthened it to nine inches, giving Wesley the impression of a
lengthening erection. Wes smiled at Junisto's desire to make this as "human"
an experience as possible.

Junisto carried Wesley to his bunk. Wes activated privacy codes for the door;
he had mentioned his intention to invite junisto over this morning, and his
mother said she had plenty to keep her busy in sickbay, and that she would
notify him if she were planning to stop by.

Junisto knew that kissing was a common expression of love and desire among
humans. He had practiced it with humans on the holo-deck and knew what to do.
He kissed Wesley deeply. Wesley was aroused immediately, and returned the
kisses. He explored Junisto's mouth hungrily, pressing his body against
Junisto's, feeling the hard *simka* against his stomach and abdomen. He
wrapped his hand around it and began caressing. Junisto began making noises
which were clearly sounds of pleasure. Wesley panted with excitement, sweat
breaking out all over his body. His erection pressed against Junisto; he felt
the taut excitement in his balls. He knew he should wait, should linger over
these moments, but he couldn't. He thrust himself into Junisto's *talum*
feeling it give readily to his penis. He thrust himself into Junisto, his
heart pounding. He felt a rush of exquisite sensation in his stomach and
drove himself faster inside Junisto.

"Can you tighten yourself around me, Juni?" he asked.

"Yes," said Junisto, and Wesley roared with frustration and delight as he
came inside his friend.

"Don't worry, Wes," said Junisto. "I still haven't been inside you. By the
time I'm done, you'll be all ready to try again."

Junisto pulled himself from beneath Wesley and took Wesley's wet, still-hard
penis in his mouth. The feel of the smooth rounded teeth and the warm,
slightly rough tongue sent a thrill through Wesley. It was unlike anything
on the holo-deck and did not even come close to his fantasies. He moaned and
grabbed Junisto's head firmly. Junisto worked his lips and teeth all over
Wesley's penis. He reached around and slid all of his fingers -- four of
them -- into Wesley's anus. Wesley stiffened briefly.

"Relax; it'll hurt if you do that," Junisto said softly. "Just relax. It'll
feel great; trust me."

Wesley felt his penis grow hot, his skin was prickly with heightened
sensation. Junisto emptied some sort of natural lubricant inside Wesley's
anus, then spread his buttocks with one hand. Wesley's breath came in short
gasps. He was slightly afraid, but wanted this more than he had ever wanted
anything. He had wanted Junisto for so long; they had never done anything
about their mutual attraction at Starfleet. Now, that they had chanced to
run into one another at Starbase 152, Wesley was not going to let first-time
jitters ruin this moment.

"Are you ready, Wes? Remember, stay relaxed."

"Fuck me, Juni," Wesley said. "Please. Now."

Junisto was momentarily confused, decided that "fuck" was an archaic slang
word for the human sex act and drove his *simka* inside Wesley. Wesley
shivered with the feel of Junisto riding him; his senses rang with the idea
of the two of them so close, giving one another such pleasure. He gasped as
Junisto rode him moment after moment; there seemed no end to the incline
toward climax Wesley was experiencing. He felt as though every second were
the last, that he would come too fast again and lose the excitement of this
wonderful act of sharing. He heard Junisto's cries of delight, felt the
alien's smooth teeth digging into his neck.Junisto grabbed Wesley's
shoulders, and threw himself again and again deep inside the trembling,
moaning human.

"I've got a surprise for you, Wesley," Junisto whispered. Wesley felt
Junisto's mouth suddenly close around his penis. Wesley realized suddenly
that he was on his right side, Junisto was still riding him, but somehow,
his body was curled around and down so that his head lay between Wesley's
thighs, stroking Wesley furiously with his mouth. Wesley hadn't known
Gallosians were skilled contortionists, but he didn't mind finding out.
Suddenly, he felt as if his penis were being penetrated by small fangs --
it felt like suction. It was somewhat painful, but as Wesley calmed himself,
he again felt himself hovering on the brink of climax. Apparently, Junisto
had activated something inside his mouth and was using it to manipulate Wes's
penis. Junisto took Wesley's penis all the way into his mouth, including his
testicles, and closed his mouth around all of him, applying the suction,
while sending his tongue all around the shaft. Wesley felt Junisto's tongue
curl around him, covering about half of him; it wrapped around him,
encircling him in its wet, spongy warmth. Junisto sent his tongue into
spasms, squeezing tight around Wesley, then releasing. Wes never knew when
the next squeeze would come. He bit the blanket below him, trying to keep
his loud enjoyment to a level which would not attract attention. Then, he
felt the rush of release as he came inside Junisto's mouth. He came and
came; there seemed no end to his climax. His body shook with pleasure and
relief. Finally, he collapsed, exhausted, onto the mattress, his breath
coming in short, ragged gasps.

"So," said Junisto, still full of energy. "How was that for your first
time, Wes?"

* * *

Geordi had been in pain all day. His head was filled with the four Ferengi
women, their sweet scent in his nostrils. He couldn't wait for dinner --
actually, he wasn't at all hungry; he just wanted to get them all back to
his quarters. Finally, he was going to get some. Given the time he had
waited, he mused, four women at the same time should just about make up
for it.


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