Oh, Captain, My Captain! Part 6 (MFF,MF+,MF)
by Christine Faltz

Picard stared at Q.

"Now it all makes sense," he said. "You're responsible for Ztlaf's --"

"Death? Not quite yet, Jean-Luc. But her time is, as they say, running out."


"First of all for My sake, get yourself cleaned up."

Q snapped his fingers and Picard felt freshly washed. His uniform felt dry
and clean.

"Now you're at least halfway fit to be in My presence, _mon capitan_."

"But you were *not* invited into my quarters!"

"Neither was Ztlaf. But you let her stay. For a few disgusting personal

"Q, on occasion you have surprised me with your ability to be reasonable.
Could we possibly make this another of those rare occurrences?"

"I'm so sorry, Captain. But Ztlaf knew the rules. I'm afraid she will have
to say goodbye."

Q walked over to the tiny flicker of light, barely visible against the floor
now. Q bent towards Ztlaf and there was a crash which sounded like one
hundred thunderclaps.

"Ztlaf! Thank goodness!"

The spiral of scarlet light was brighter than ever before. Q turned,
momentarily confused.

"What in Our Name are you doing here? I thought I got rid of you two thousand
light-years ago."

"You taught me well," the young woman said. "That's why the Continuum sent me
after you. They knew you would take things to extremes, as usual."

"Amanda," Picard said, smiling.

* * *

"LaForge to Bridge."

"Go ahead, Engineering," said Riker.

"We're getting ready to dock at Starbase 152 down here. But we just picked up
readings of massive radiation from the Ferengi freighter. There appears to be
some source of radiation aboard the ship."

"From the cargo bay?"

"No, sir. On their Bridge. I think it's from weapons' discharge."

* * *

"All right, Deanna," Worf said, his jaw set. "Explain this."

"There's nothing to explain, Worf. Beverly and I discovered we were attracted
to one another, and one thing led to the next. It was very similar to what
happened with us."

"We took our time about it," Worf said, "and I must point out, Deanna, that
we couldn't ever have done what you were apparently doing."

"Well, if you were smiling, i'd think that was funny," said Deanna.

"I'm *not* amused."

"Deanna, I'm going to leave, so you can talk with Worf."

"A good idea," said Worf.

"I disagree," said Deanna smiling. "Beverly, look at me."

Dr. Crusher looked into Deanna's eyes. Deanna smiled, moved her head ever so
slightly in Worf's direction and said "What do you think, Beverly?"

Beverly laughed. "Are you serious?"

"What is going on here?" Worf asked irritably. He noticed, however, that he
was getting an erection.

"Well?" Deanna smiled.

"You only live once," Beverly laughed. The two naked women leapt upon Worf.

* * *

"Hello, Amanda," Picard said. "I can imagine you know how glad I am to see

"Always coming to the rescue. You have a lot of learning yet to do."

"I think I've learned enough from you," Amanda said evenly. "How I've been
able to learn anything good from you is a wonder."

"This shape-shifter was sworn not to hurt anyone, directly or indirectly."

"You're a fine one to judge your daughter so harshly. I don't know what Q
she takes after, but it certainly isn't you."

"You are the one who coupled with Ztlaf's mother? You're her *father* and
you wanted to kill her?" Picard was stunned.

"We don't put too much stock in silly matters of familial connections,
Jean-Luc. This daughter of mine should keep her hands out of things she
doesn't understand properly. She has shown herself to be highly

"What have you shown yourself to be time and time again?" Picard demanded.

"I'm not going to have a debate with you about my morality, Picard. Not that
it wouldn't be great fun, mind you. Right now, my little apprentice needs to
get out of my way."

"Ztlaf did nothing wrong," Amanda said "and if you want to know the truth,
you did lose me. The Continuum sent me guidance, because they knew you'd
take advantage of me. They don't want Ztlaf dead."

"She will wreak havoc all over the galaxy, and you want to save her?"

"You have brought more chaos into the galaxies than she'll ever bring," said

"Thank you, Amanda," said Ztlaf.

"And stop calling her Amanda. She's Q."

"Forgive us if we choose to keep calling her Amanda, if only to remind
ourselves that there is far more than a fine distinction between you."

"Picard, you can be so childish," said Q. "The things you were doing with
my daughter -- absolutely disgusting."

"I refuse to accept that you are my father," said Ztlaf.

"You, my dear, had no choice in the matter," said Q.

"I certainly didn't. I don't have such awful taste."

"Really? Look at what you've been --"

Picard lunged at Q, smashing his right fist into his throat. Q fell over,
clutching his neck.

"You helped him hurt me!" he sputtered.

"You deserved it," said Amanda.

"Riker to Captain Picard."

"Go ahead."

"Sir, you won't believe me if I tell you. Could you come to the Bridge,

"Well, Q, I must go," Picard said. "Please do me the service of getting the
hell off my ship."

"I'll make sure he does no harm, Captain," said Amanda.

* * *

Worf flung his arms up, roughly flinging the women from him.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Worf, really," said Deanna sweetly, standing and brushing herself off. "Is
that any way to treat two naked ladies?"

Deanna took a log laying just to the side of the clearing and hurled it
towards Worf.

"How about some poetry, Worf?" she smiled. Deanna and Beverly pulled the
Klingon to the mossy ground. He tried to fend them off as Deanna swiftly
removed his uniform.

"Well, you certainly don't seem angry to me," Deanna mused, holding his
thick, long penis in her right hand.

"*Deanna*! You've actually; I mean, he... Doesn't that hurt?"

"Not if you prepare properly, Beverly," said Deanna, laughing.

"This is embarrassing, Deanna. What has come over you? You never told me
about you and Dr. Crusher."

"We just had our first -- intimacy this evening, Worf. We were barely aware
of it. But enough talk."

Deanna took Worf's penis in her mouth. She could only hold about half of it;
the rest she wrapped her right hand around and began caressing. Her tongue
moved in ever-widening circles, getting harder and faster as each circle
grew. Beverly began fondling Worf's chest, massaging it, then moving slowly
towards his shoulders. When she got there, she began kissing and licking the
back of his neck. Worf was feeling as if he would explode. He began growling
low in his throat, bending his head and nipping at Deanna's breasts as she
sat next to him, caressing and sometimes taking his penis in her mouth.
Deanna loved the infliction of moderate pain his bites caused her. It didn't
really hurt; it felt invigorating and sensual. He suddenly threw Deanna
backwards, flinging himself on top of her. He lunged inside her, and she let
out a cry as his long, thick, twitching penis hit her cervix. He was careful,
however, to keep himself from going too deep. Meanwhile, Beverly stood over
them, watching, fascinated as Deanna was seemingly nailed to the layer of
moss by Worf's lusty lunges. Worf noticed her again, and beckoned with his
right arm for her to get closer. She stepped towards them tentatively, and
he reached up with one arm and placed her so that she was right above them.
He turned Deanna over, seemingly by just moving his penis in the same
direction he wanted her to face.

"Get down here," he said gruffly to Beverly.

Beverly got down next to them, and Worf placed his head between her legs
while still pumping inside Deanna. He began to taste deep inside Beverly
immediately; his tongue seemed as long and eager as his cock. Beverly
shivered, her body roaring with sensation. She couldn't contain her
excitement; she came, her musky liquid pouring onto Worf's tongue. The
Klingon growled with excitement, reaching up and grabbing roughly at
Beverly's breasts. They were a writhing, noisy threesome.

"Computer," Beverly managed to say. "Activate privacy codes; no interruptions
except for emergencies."

* * *

"Will, what is the meaning of this, Will?"

The first thing Picard saw as he stepped from the turbo-lift onto the Bridge
was the naked forms of six Ferengi females.

"I'll explain, Captain," said one of the Ferengi. "My name is Galoc. We have
been enslaved on a freighter belonging to Ferengi renegades. They wanted to
sell us to the highest bidder."

"*you* are the wares to which they referred earlier?"

Picard was stunned. "I know that Ferengi women are kept unclothed, but sale
of your species for any purpose is against --"

"As I said, Captain," Galoc interrupted. "These were renegades. We are the
wives of Ferengi who couldn't make it as merchants of either quality goods
and services, or pirated merchandise. Our husbands were the jokes of the

"Before we hear further, I think you ladies would be better off clothed,"
said Picard. "ensign Trinn, would you please take these ladies to be measured
and have the replicator provide something suitable?"

"Right away, sir."

"Will, what happened?"

"Galoc tells me that their husbands all agreed that they would get a bundle
selling submissive, naked Ferengi females as sex slaves. Apparently, if they
did well, they were going to start a business and arrange for the sale of
Ferengi women as a new industry."

"How did they get aboard my ship?"

"Only two Ferengi males were on the ship with them, one handling the
communications and navigation, the other in engineering. They didn't
supervise the ladies very well, and Galoc found some weapons they had
gotten in an exchange earlier that day -- not a Ferengi, but some
supposedly valuable beverage with healing qualities from the Andorians."

"So they killed the two Ferengi men?"

"Yes, sir."

"Captain, there is a message coming in from the starbase. We're ready to dock
and to begin having supplies beamed aboard. There are fifty civilians coming
aboard. And one other person," said the ensign.

"Well, who is it, Ensign?"

"Counselor Troi's mother, sir."

"Oh, no. This day keeps getting better and better," Picard murmured.


"Never mind, Ensign. Please notify Counselor Troi that Lwaxana Troi is coming

"yes, sir."

"Commander," the captain said, turning to Riker. "Notify the Ferengi
government of tonight's occurrences, and then go talk to the Ferengi women
to see if you are able to glean any more important information from them."

"Yes, sir."

* * *

Worf, Deanna and Beverly started. "Counselor Troi, please come to the Bridge.
Your mother wishes to speak with you."

Deanna groaned, putting her clothes on quickly. The voice had been that of
Lwaxana Troi.

* * *

"Mother, why didn't you tell me you would be here?"

"Oh, it was a last-minute thing, Little One; you know me. I was within a
reasonable distance; I looked up the Enterprise schedule, and here I am."

"All right, Mother. How are you?"

"Fine, darling. Fine. But my goodness, you look like you've had a run-in with
a Betazed river-beast!"

"We'll talk about this later, mother," said Deanna.

"Sweetheart, you're throwing up mental blocks against me, your own mother.
All right, what are you keeping from me?"

"We'll talk about it later. But I have to go now."

"But I just *got* here, Little one."

"Mother, for the last time -- stop calling me that!"

Picard saw Lwaxana too late; their meeting could not be avoided.

"Oh, Captain Picard," she smiled broadly. "As usual, it is extremely pleasant
to see you."

"Thank you, Mrs. Troi. But I really must attend to a group of
Ferengi that --"

"Nonsense, nonsense. It's dinnertime, and I'll be eating with you."

"I'm afraid that just isn't possible this evening."

"Well, I'll come by later; we can have some tea together and catch up on

"Fine, but right now, I must go."

"Captain," Worf said. "I was not informed of the Ferengi situation until just
now. I was off duty, but I still think I should have been informed. Where
there are Ferengi, there is trouble."

"I don't think these Ferengi are going to be quite as destructive as others
we have had on the ship, Mr. Worf."

"They may be naked and female, Captain, but they are still Ferengi."

"Lieutenant, enough!"

"Where are they now, sir?"

"Commander Riker is speaking with them presently. Ask him for his report when
he's done, but I don't think they will be a security problem."

Although Picard had told Lwaxana Troi that he was going to speak with Riker,
he knew that his first officer would contact him if anything of importance
were gleaned from his discussion with the Ferengi. Picard went to his
quarters instead.

"Ztlaf," he said smiling. She had been sitting in a chair near the door,
talking with Amanda. She got up and went to him, putting her arms around him.
Amanda disappeared.

"Jean-Luc," Ztlaf said, holding him tightly. "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you;
I just thought it best."

"What are the terms of your survival now?" Picard said, half-joking.

"Amanda said she'll watch out for me, and that she feels I am responsible
enough with the power I have to make my own choices. The Continuum -- all
but a few -- agrees."

"Why doesn't the Continuum sanction Q? They've done it before."

"They hate to admit that one of them could behave irresponsibly. Supposedly,
they aren't supposed to interfere with other species and their circumstances.
But those rules are broken all the time."

"Ztlaf, I must ask you a favor. If you can't do it, if it will result in harm
coming to you --"

"If I can do it, Jean-Luc, I will,"

"You've undoubtedly read something about Deanna Troi's mother, Lwaxana in my

"Not much. You don't like to think of her because she flirts with you all
the time and you're not physically attracted to her, though you think she's

"Yes, well, Ztlaf, she is here, on the Enterprise."

"Yes, Jean-Luc. I know."

"She is going to be after me tonight to have tea with her. Could you find
some way of keeping her away from me during her stay on the ship? Not just
tonight, but for however long she stays. I can't stay away from her. She
insinuates herself into my conversations whenever she happens to be where
I am. She throws coquettish banter at me and my crew, making most of them
very uncomfortable."

"I know exactly what to do, Jean-Luc. But I need to talk to you about my

* * *

"Well, ladies, now that you've all dressed and eaten, I'd like to get some
more information about what occurred earlier today."

"There's nothing more to add, Commander Riker. I killed the engineer and
the navigator," Galoc said. "They wanted to sell us as sex servants. Yes,
servants; we would be paid, but guess who would get the money?"

"I notice none of your friends here say much." said Riker. "Why are you
ladies so quiet?"

"Commander, please understand. These women have been told all their lives
that they must do as they are told. Women are rarely allowed to gather
together. The only time they do is to cook for business conventions and to
clean up after the men. We are taught by older women who are no longer
desirable what to do to pleasure our men. This includes learning to make
love to one another for the men; they like to watch. The only time Ferengi
women are able to establish meaningful relationships is during these
classes. Most of the older women are bitter, and don't care if we get
together and share our plights. Of course, most of the women we know think
everything is the way it should be and take their 'duties' seriously."

During this conversation, Riker became more and more angry. How could people
be treated this way by members of their own species?

He returned his attention to Galoc.

"I must accept full responsibility for the deaths of the men, Commander.
These women tried to stop me."

"What do you want us to do?" asked Riker. "While the Ferengi government won't
be happy about the embarrassment this will cause, they don't exactly have
enlightened notions about their women killing their men."

"That's true," said Galoc. "We request asylum, Commander."

"I had a feeling you would," Riker said, frowning worriedly. "I'll have to
talk with the Captain, of course."

One of the Ferengi women came over to Riker, bowed and got to her knees.

"Please, what can I do for you to help assure that Galoc will not be harmed?"
she asked quietly, eyes on the floor.

"First of all, I want you to look me straight in the face while standing!"
Riker said authoritatively. He knew this was the only way to get through to
a person so abused.

"I -- I can't *look* a man in the face, except when he wants to -- well, you
know --"

"Okay, that's it!" Riker pulled over a chair and sat down. "Ladies, I am
telling you right now that nobody is going to sell you, and on this ship,
nobody is going to tell you what to do. You do and say what you like, when
you like, and to whom you like, within reason. You come and go as you please.
You, not someone else, decides what you're wearing, what you're eating, who
you spend your days -- or nights -- with. Is that understood?"

"Oh, he's just like Raag," said one of the Ferengi. "He used to make me
pretend I was a Terran woman. He used to dress me up and treat me -- like
his friends. And then, of course, before we had sex, he would rip my clothes
off and hit me a little. And then we'd have sex. It was great. I really
should go back to him. Who will take care of him?"

"Oh, you stop it!" spat Galoc. "You all are nuts. If you had been able to
stop me, I think I would have had to kill you all to get away at the next

Galoc got to her feet and walked past Riker to the entrance.

"Commander, do you mind if I go to Ten Forward? I heard all about it from the
person at the transporter who beamed us aboard."

"Certainly. Have a good time."

When Galoc had gone, the five remaining Ferengi looked frightened. They
looked after her, then looked at Riker.

The Ferengi who had spoken earlier climbed onto Riker's lap.

"What are you doing?" he asked, pushing her lightly away from him.

"You seem so angry," she said. "But we really weren't treated badly. We had
homes and food and men who took care of us. They brought wonderful trinkets
from other worlds, especially different ways to liven up -- well, you know."

"You were trained in sex and you can't even talk about it," Riker said,
trying once again to get the Ferengi woman off of his lap.

"Why talk?" one asked, coming to stand beside him. "The talk never excites
a man. They're looking for business talk and such from their friends and
colleagues. We aren't supposed to talk. We're supposed to make them feel

"Like this," said the woman who refused to get off of him. She slipped her
hands between his thighs and began rubbing them against him.

Riker got up, nearly knocking the woman over.

"I'll be back later, when Galoc is back. I can only deal with her."

"No, no, don't leave! Don't be angry! We're better than she; she always got
beaten because she wouldn't do what her husband and his friends wanted."

"Her husband and his friends?"

"Yes. Every fourth night, a man brings his most valued colleagues home to
have dinner and his wife."

"That is monstrous!" Riker shouted. "I don't want to hear another word!"

Riker turned to leave. He glanced back when he heard a sound that reminded
him of a whimpering child. To his horror, three of the five women were

"What is it?" he asked, concerned.

"How could you be so cruel?" one of the women who was not crying asked him.
"We are ready to please you, to do whatever you wish. How could you treat us
like this, like little girls who cannot do anything?"

Riker was horrified. He realized that these women had truly been raised to
believe that in order to earn their keep, they must answer to their husbands'
whims on a daily basis. Their self-worth was based on their sexual skill and
their readiness to serve. If he left, it would be the cruelest thing he could
do. He knew that explaining the equality of men and women in his species and
many others would do nothing. This was all they knew; if Galoc hadn't been
able to get through to them -- but he had an idea.

Riker had never much cared for Ferengi women; he had seen pictures of them.
He wasn't particularly excited at the prospect of having sex with five
women -- strange though that sentiment might seem to those who knew him.
These women weren't sexually stimulated by him; they had learned to derive
their pleasure from giving pleasure, and if they failed, they were failures;
that was that. So, he was going to give them what they wanted -- almost.

"All right!" he said, pretending anger. "Get out of your clothes! All of

Five pairs of Ferengi hands swiftly removed their outfits. The clothes were
in a jumbled pile in the back of the room within ten seconds. Riker briefly
scanned their bodies, trying to ascertain whether there were substantial
differences of any kind between them and other species with whom he had had
sex. There didn't appear to be, except he noticed that their breasts were all
small and perky; it looked as though Ferengi women came in one breast size.
He glanced quickly between their legs. They had no pubic hair; none
whatsoever. That would make things rather interesting for them tonight, he

"Lie down," he ordered. Immediately, all five lay on their backs, legs
spread. Each pleaded with him with her eyes to be first; he could see it.
This was horrendous. He could have dragged these women into the nearest
room as soon as they beamed on board and ordered them to strip -- no, he
could have raped them and they would have been proud of themselves when he
came inside them. Well, they were going to get a rather different experience
this evening.

Riker looked them over. In spite of everything, his groin ached for the feel
of a woman's mouth, a woman's hands and vagina. He wanted to feel a tongue
dancing in his mouth, taste the sweat on a hardened nipple and hear the cries
of a woman as she came, again and again under his practiced hands and mouth.
He stripped quickly, wondering how the hell he was going to explain this one
to Captain Picard.

He walked over to the youngest of the five -- at least she looked it. He
knelt by her side and looked into her eyes.

"You're beautiful," he said quietly, touching her ear lightly. She shivered;
he saw that her expression was shocked, and a little wary. But she was

"I want you to tell me what feels good when I touch you," he told her. "If
you don't tell me, I'm going to be very upset, and I'll leave."

"You want to make *me* feel good?" she asked, puzzled. "But I'm supposed to
make you feel good."

"But when I make a woman feel good, it drives me crazy," Riker whispered.
"I feel so good; nothing compares to it. If you have a wonderful time with
me, I'll be happier than I've been in a long time. I hate it when women
don't tell me what they like. I get so angry and upset when they pretend
they're having a good time."

Riker stopped talking, wondering briefly how often women *had* pretended.

"So you tell me. What would make you feel good?"

"I -- I don't know," the young Ferengi said. "I always felt happy when Tonig
took me by force and held me all night afterwards."

Riker tried not to show his distaste.

"No, I don't mean what will make me happy so that you can be happy. What
would you like me to do to you? If you don't tell me," his voice became loud
and angry, "I'll just go to someone else. Maybe you're too young. Maybe you
didn't learn anything about your body! How the hell can you know how to
please me when you don't even know what pleases you?"

"I -- I love being, I mean -- my ears are sensitive. Like a Ferengi man's,"
she stammered. "And I've always hoped that -- well, I like to, when we girls
are together before class starts, I like to have my -- well..."

"Tell me!" Riker roared, leaning very close to her. "Tell me right now!"

"My uh --" She pointed between her legs. For the first time, Riker noticed
how large a Ferengi woman's clitoris was. Unless she was different. He
quickly glanced at the others. No, they all had large ones. Wow, were they
in for one hell of a night.

"I like to get -- licked there," said the woman.

The others tittered.

"Shut up!" Riker said. He rolled onto the young woman and began kissing her.
To his surprise, she actually was a great kisser. Well, at least this wasn't
going to be all charity work. Her breath was sweet and hot; the musky scent
that rose from her was not the stale, sour smell of Ferengi males. He plunged
his tongue into her mouth, grabbing at both of her breasts with his hands. He
caressed them softly as he kissed her, then kissed her eyes, her forehead. He
moved to her right ear, lightly testing the lobe with his tongue. She
squealed with obvious delight, grabbing at him with hands that had sharp
nails. The feel of those nails in his ribs and back brought an immediate
erection. He rubbed his body against her, his penis between her upper thighs,
grazing her crotch with teasing taps. She was shivering; he stole a glance at
her face. She was flushed; a light sheen of perspiration beaded her face and
throat. He licked her ear all around and then began pressing his tongue hard
inside it. She slapped one of her hands over her mouth, howling with ecstasy
behind it. Riker drove his tongue inside her ear again, while he reached over
and placed his fingers on the left ear of the next woman. She shuddered with
pleasure, moving closer to him. He slipped his penis inside the first woman,
riding her slowly and sensually. He looked into her eyes, momentarily leaving
the other woman. She was staring, wide-eyed at him, a look of sheer joy on
her face. Riker pulled out before he came and went down on her, sliding his
tongue inside and out. She tasted as sweet down here as she had everywhere
else. His face buried against her; he nuzzled the smoothness there, and
flicked his tongue teasingly all over her vulva. She was trembling with
pleasure, her head stretched back, exposing her throat. Riker leapt onto her,
sinking his teeth gently into her neck. She came, her liquid pouring onto his
cock, which nestled at her groin. Ferengi women came a lot. Riker moved to
the second woman, whose ear he had fondled earlier. The first woman crawled
over and slid her head under his belly, grasping his penis gently between her
teeth. She licked at him, cleaning off her orgasm. Riker felt her hot, tight
little mouth surround him, and his erection throbbed. He kissed the second
woman briefly, then sought her ear, plunging his tongue inside. As he did so,
he reached to the right and slipped three fingers inside the first woman. She
growled deep in her throat, and he kept slamming his fingers inside and out,
twisting them inside her in circles. The woman whose ear he now nuzzled
suddenly grabbed at his left hand and began sucking his fingers in the most
sensual manner he had ever experienced. His whole arm tingled with
excitement; shivers went up and down his spine. The first woman sucked away
at him, her tongue moving faster and faster. He felt boiling heat in his
balls and thought he would explode inside her any minute.

"Yes," he said to the first woman, "Just like that. You are so beautiful."
He ruffled her hair. Then, he rolled over onto the floor between the second
and third woman. While the first clung to his penis, he sat up and looked at
the three women who waited expectantly, eyeing their friends jealously.

Riker gently tugged the first woman's head away from his cock. He told her
to lay down where she had been. She did, and he proceeded to slide into the
second woman's vagina and order the first and third women to slide close. He
plunged his hands between each woman's thighs, rolling his thumbs around
their clits and sinking his fingers inside them. He thrust wildly inside the
second woman, forgetting all about gentleness, softness and sensuality. He
felt as if he were riding an ever-cresting wave, rising higher and higher
with no end. His fingers tingled; his skin was on fire with pleasure. His
mouth and nose were filled with the smell and taste of sweet, musky Ferengi
women. He came, long and hard, spilling inside the second woman with a grunt.
He clutched an upper thigh of each of the women at his sides.

He moved onto the third woman, burying his face between her legs. He raised
his head and said, "I've never been with such wonderful ladies. You are the
best." He saw the happiness and excitement on their faces, and got back to
work. He would do this as long as he could -- until he was called by the
captain or until Galoc came back. He was glad Galoc seemed the type to stay
out all night. If he had read her correctly, she was going to do anything
and everything a free person with her own destiny was allowed to do on the
Enterprise. For all he knew, she was pleasing a group of men somewhere else
on the ship. He suspected, however, that she was more likely pleasing some
women. Who knew? Maybe both.

* * *

Lwaxana had had a long talk with Deanna, and she was concerned. Deanna had
just started a steamy love affair with Dr. Crusher; that was fine, but
Lwaxana was an old-fashioned woman, and believed her daughter should have
sown her oats by now and found a man with whom to settle down. She didn't
understand Deanna's reluctance to do so. Well, the doctor was a pleasant,
attractive woman; if Deanna wanted her, who was she to interfere? But
Lwaxana knew she would, if this went on for too long.

And then there was Captain Picard. He was so damned repressed, for goodness
sakes. She knew he found her attractive, and yet he avoided her at any cost.
He had lied to her earlier, just to get away from her. That business he had
had to do to get her off the Ferengi ship several years back -- that had done
it. Any hope of having a little harmless fun with him was destroyed.

Lwaxana sighed and undressed for bed. She slept in the nude, as did most
Betazed. Lwaxana would have been comfortable in the nude almost anywhere.

The door notified her that someone was there. Pulling the coverlet up over
her breasts, she called wearily, "Come in."

Lwaxana was barely able to follow the next few events before they had ended.
The door swished open, and before Lwaxana had the chance to tell the computer
to turn up the lights, a naked man was on top of her, brushing the blanket
away. She gasped as he tried to kiss her and she pushed him away while trying
to read who it was.

"Computer! Lights, now! Now!" She felt a penis slipping inside her, and
suddenly she caught the messages flashing through her assailant's mind.

"Jean-Luc!" she screamed. "What on earth are you *doing*?"

"I'm giving you what you want, Lwaxana," he whispered into her ear. "You do
want this, don't you?"

"Well, you certainly took your time about it," she said. "And for goodness
sakes, you could have given me *some* notice! "

Lwaxana tried to read him as he rode her hard and fast. She couldn't believe
this was the same man who had run from her time and time again. She read a
torrent of feelings and thoughts: He had always been attracted to her, but
tried to repress it; he didn't want to have a sexual liaison with the mother
of a crew member; he was afraid she would want more from him than just this.
Lwaxana did not understand why she had never been able to read these
feelings. But she didn't care. It was probably because he resisted her that
she wanted him so much. Well, she decided, it had been worth the wait. He
rolled onto his back and lifted her onto him. She rode him now, expertly,
the way a fine Betazed woman should love a person. She touched his face,
caressing his cheeks, his forehead, his eyelids as his eyes fluttered shut.
When he came inside her, she tensed with his pleasure and excitement, her
whole body convulsing.

* * *

Ztlaf slipped through the entrance to Picard's door as the young woman he
liked best. She walked quickly to his bunk and snuggled in beside him. His
arms opened to her as she kissed his neck.

"I did it, Jean-Luc," she said. "Lwaxana Troi will never bother you again.
She had no idea it wasn't you. I placed the ability to remember every moment
in graphic detail in her mind, any time she thinks of you. She'll experience
it just the way it happened -- the same emotions, the same feelings. She will
even come every time. She will never chase after you again. Once was quite

Picard laughed softly.

"Ztlaf, you don't feel guilty about doing that, do you?"

"No, because you asked me to, even though you originally told me never to
appear as a member of your crew, which I assumed also meant you. I will do
whatever you ask, Jean-Luc, as long as it doesn't hurt you or anyone else."

"There are times when you can't avoid hurting someone," Picard said.

"Yes, I know. But Amanda explained about weighing my decisions, and she told
me she feels I'm mature enough to make the right choices."

"I feel a little guilty, Ztlaf."

"I know, Jean-Luc. But remember: she got what she has wanted for a long
time -- you. You have what you've wanted for a long time -- to be rid of her
attentions. She is happy."

"But she thinks I made love to her. She will treat me accordingly. And she's
likely to tell Deanna."

"I asked her not to -- or rather, you did, Jean-Luc. Don't forget. Although
Deanna can talk telepathically with her mother, Deanna is only superficially
able to read her mother, only slightly more so than she reads others. Lwaxana
promised that she would keep your little fling a secret."

Picard sighed. Though the edge was taken off his guilt by Ztlaf's words, he
still felt uneasy. He was not a deceiver, a person who played with people
like this. He hoped this would not come back to haunt him. Ztlaf stirred
beside him and was gone. He glanced around the room for her light, but could
not find it. Suddenly, he felt her arms lifting him into the air. He asked
the computer for some light, but still he could not see her. He felt her
naked breasts pressing against him. She had made herself invisible.

Ztlaf pressed her lips against Picard's throat. She sank two vampire-like
fangs into his neck. Picard felt it and his senses were instantly in an
uproar. He knew that whatever Ztlaf did, she would not harm him. He relaxed
in her arms, his naked body tingling with desire for her.

The fangs retracted. Picard could not resist; he reached up to touch his
throat. It felt fine; it wasn't even sore. Her lips met his; they were
tangled up in one another -- legs wrapped around each other, hands playing
all over each other's bodies. They were back on his bunk now, rolling around
in a sexual wrestling match. They fell lightly (thanks to Ztlaf) to the
floor and hungrily tasted and touched one another.

Finally, when Picard had made love to Ztlaf for a full hour, he fell asleep
in her arms, exhausted. As he drifted off towards his dreams (all extremely
pleasant these days because of Ztlaf) he wondered why Will Riker hadn't
notified him about the Ferengi women.


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