Oh, Captain, My Captain! Part 3 (MF)
by Christine Faltz

Picard lay on his bunk, feeling blissfully exhausted. He asked the computer
for the time, and rose to start a log entry. Distracted, he decided he didn't
want any record of the recent goings-on anywhere except in his mind. He
turned to the replicator and murmured, "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." He sipped at
the steaming cup of tea, put it down and began pacing his quarters. Was there
an actual being invading his dreams? Or was he actually making love to an
alien while he slept? Perhaps his own mind had created her -- it. He tried to
remember each little detail, not so much for pleasure's sake as for figuring
out what the hell was happening. "Computer," he said, "Is there any --
anomaly or presence on the ship which has not been investigated or accounted
for in the last fifteen hours?"

"Negative," answered the computer.

He picked up his comm badge. "Captain to Worf."

"Yes, sir?" the deep, resonant voice, assuring and ready to act, filled the

"Mr. Worf, have you investigated any reports of an alien presence -- a
possible alien presence -- on the ship?"

"No, sir."

"Thank you, Mr. Worf."

"Is there something I should be looking into, Captain?" Worf asked.

"No, Lieutenant. Nothing serious."

Picard retrieved his cup of tea and thought that he should ask Troi to be
here the next time he slept. He knew that she was aware of his feelings
anyway. She would be able to tell him what happened while he slept. Did she
sense anything? Did he move at all? The thought made him blush. But he had
to know; this might eventually be a situation which would affect the whole

* * *

"Counselor, I don't want you to wake me," he said, "No matter what I -- do,
or say."

"Relax, Captain," Troi said quietly, careful not to look at him; he did not
want her to look at him right now. "I will say nothing to you except what you
need to know for the benefit of the ENTERPRISE."

Picard had asked Dr. Crusher for a mild sedative. Even so, he had trouble
falling asleep. Troi read quietly by the door, eyes lowered, seemingly
unaware of him.

Ztlaf appeared above him, the brilliant scarlet form. "Captain, I will not
perform for your ship shrink," she snapped. "She can neither see me nor sense
me right now, and she will only do so if I will it."

"I thought you said your powers were partial," said Picard wordlessly.

"I did, and that is the truth," Ztlaf said. "I cannot take you outside the
ship and keep you alive. I cannot take anyone off this ship, nor can I injure
or harm someone in any way."

"Has it occurred to you that you might be harming me indirectly? By making
me question my sanity, my ability to command this ship? Questioning my own

Ztlaf appeared at the foot of his bed. "Hello, Troi," she said. "Your captain
wishes you to validate my presence."

"Consider yourself validated," said Troi. She studied the young woman. "Is
this your usual form?"

"No, this is," and the intense light came back, this time visible to Troi.
"I have been Carmala for the Captain, and I would be anything he wants me to

"That's uh, enough," he said. "By the way, what are you called?"

Troi looked at him levelly. "This is an interesting time to ask THAT

"Counselor, I thought you were here to observe."

"Yes, and I believe I just observed something about you, Captain."

Picard was preparing to snap at her when he saw her attempt to hide a grin.
Suddenly, Ztlaf changed into Commander Riker. "Leave us," he said, wrapping
his arms around Troi. "The captain and I have business to discuss."

"I want to get something straight right now, -- what is your name, damn it?"

"Ztlaf," the alien said, changing back into the young woman of a few moments

"You are not to appear, to me or to anyone, as a member of my crew. Nor are
you to play tricks on any of the civilians aboard this ship!"

"No problem at all, Jean-Luc. You see, I don't plan on leaving your

"I'll be going," Troi said. "Either both of us are crazy, Captain, or you've
found an apparently able playmate." He heard her laugh softly as she left.

"Why did you appear?" he asked her. "Because you were upset; you wanted to
know if I am real," Ztlaf answered.

"I don't understand what you want from me," he said.

"I thought I'd made that crystal clear, Captain," she smiled. Her green-blue
eyes twinkled. He watched her mouth curl into a delicious smile, and he felt
himself beginning to warm and tingle.

"Is that all you want?" he asked.

"Would you like me to want more, Jean-Luc?" She was clearly teasing him; he
smiled thinly.

"I don't know quite what to make of any of this. Why me?"

"Let's just say that you've proven yourself worthy. There, now, if that
doesn't convince you that I'm part Q, I don't know what will."

Picard smiled broadly now. "You know, I haven't gotten any work done today,"
he said. "It's a good thing nothing pressing needs attending."

"Are you sure about that?" Ztlaf asked, walking toward him, very slowly.
"Ztlaf, you won't interfere if I need to attend to anything? You're not
planning on sabotaging my command, are you?"

"Captain, would I tell you if I were?" She was still about half an arm's
length from him.

"As we speak, Troi is making a log entry about today's encounter. If anything
untoward happens, she'll come to your rescue."

Picard waited for her. For the first time, he looked her straight in the
eyes. They stood like that for several long seconds.

"You actually..." He stopped; he wasn't used to conversation like this. "You
actually WANT me. Really want me. Why?"

"I thought I eluded you with a quick answer before, Jean-Luc," Ztlaf said.
"Let's save that for another day."

The next thing he knew, he was in her arms, floating over his bunk. "I'm not
even asleep," he said.

"You don't have to be asleep, Jean-Luc," she said. "By the way, we did make

He decided this wasn't the time to question how that was possible. Besides,
he was suspended rather comfortably in the air, floating with her. She
smiled, and he saw her teeth turn into scissor-sharp fangs. She slashed his
uniform with a swipe of her head. He flinched. But her teeth were normal

"I'll restore your uniform, later," she said. Picard wasn't even thinking of
the uniform; it could be replicated. He was wondering exactly what else she
had in mind.

Picard made the first move this time. He brushed hair out of her eyes and
began kissing her, slow, deep, gentle kisses. Everything seemed to slow down
and take on a superbly sensual quality. They still floated about the bunk,
locked onto one another. Ztlaf tasted him and wanted more. She wished she
could enter his mind completely, and fill herself with his desire. She wanted
to bury herself in his yearnings and his pleasure. She slipped a hand between
his thighs and found that she did not have anything to do. But that was no
reason not to do something anyway. She left him in the air, and she stood on
the floor, her head a bit below his feet. Picard found himself being lowered
by nothing at all, and his penis was in Ztlaf's mouth. Picard reached down
and grabbed at her shoulders, gripping her. Hanging in the air like this
while she did this, it was too much, it was so terribly, painfully wonderful.
He was aghast at his lack of control. But Ztlaf did not seem to mind; she
swallowed every drop, then licked his cock until it was free of all
ejaculate. She smiled up at him; his eyes were closed.

"Sorry," he said. "It's been a long time since I--"

"Since you got a blow job?" she said, laughing.

He flinched. "Do you have to be so -- indelicate, Ztlaf?"

"Oh, Jean-Luc, you were never afraid to call it what it was when --"

"That was a long time ago." he said.

"So? It still feels just as good, doesn't it?" She grabbed him and pulled him
down to the floor. Picard suddenly felt as if he were confined, paralyzed.
"What are you doing to me?" He tried to move, and could not.

"Relax," she said, kissing his throat. She ran her tongue along his throat,
down and took his right nipple in her mouth. She began sucking, and he felt
his erection coming back. As soon as it was at full mast, Ztlaf slid onto
him, thrusting herself back and forth, his nipple still in her mouth. He
still couldn't move. "Ztlaf, what have you done to me?"

"Nothing irreversible, Jean-Luc," she said. "Relax." She fucked him, fast,
hard. She seemed to be in contact with only his penis and his nipple. Then,
she jumped off and was suddenly naked. It hit him then. For some reason, she
had never looked naked. He stared at her breasts, and her peaches-and-cream
complexion. He tried to reach for her, then remembered he was immobile. "Say
please, and I'll release you, Jean-Luc," she teased. "I don't like this
particularly," he said. "I've been in some situations that, that were not
very pleasant, and I feel very vulnerable like this." She sensed his
discomfort, sharp and painful. She immediately released him.

"You can feel what i'm feeling?" he asked. "Not just in the sense of
information, but feeling?"

"Yes," she whispered. "I'm sorry; I forgot about --"

"Shhh," he said. He touched her face lightly. He saw, to his amazement that
she had tears in her eyes. "Jean-Luc," she said, burying her face in his
neck. "I should have remembered. I'm so, so sorry."

"Stop it, Ztlaf," he said quietly, but firmly. "That's over now. I just
didn't feel like being reminded, in any way, that's all. It's past. Forget

She looked at him. "Perhaps I should let you be alone for a time. Maybe I
shouldn't be here at all. Maybe I will hurt you, unthinkingly, unaware."

"Don't," Picard said. Suddenly, the idea of her leaving was monstrously
wrong. "No; don't do that. You can't come into my life the way you did, and
then just leave because you're afraid of hurting me. How much do you know
about my species? We are most vulnerable when we are most happy."

"Do I make you happy, Jean-Luc?"

"Ztlaf, how can you so easily forget our brief past in favor of one tiny

She smiled. He picked her up and carried her to the bunk. She decided
that there would be no tricks, no theatrics. She was going to let him do
everything tonight.

He held her against him, wiping her tears with his hand. She pressed her
body against him. They lay there, listening to each other's breath. He began
running his hands down her body. He cupped her right breast in his hand,
massaging it gently. She let out what might be classified as a purr, were she
a cat. He slid his other hand down between her thighs. He leaned over her and
began kissing her, deeply and passionately. Her arms went around him. They
made low animal noises as they ground against each other. His fingers found
her and lunged inside. He drove them in and out, and she writhed all over the
mattress. She squeezed her thighs around his arm, thrusting herself onto his
hand, trying to help him deeper inside her. She felt her clitoris aflame with
anticipation. She dove between his legs, hungrily seeking his testicles. He
held her tightly, forcing her down on her back. He grabbed one of her legs
and shoved himself between them. She hungrily enveloped him, licking with
hard, frantic strokes. His mouth sought her hot, enlarged clitoris. She let
out a cry as he found it, and she gripped his buttocks in her hands as she
took his entire penis in her mouth. She sucked him savagely, her tongue
dancing all over him. At the same time, he licked her and drove his fingers
into her. He brought her to the brink of orgasm, then suddenly, he stopped.
She didn't realize this was so for about half a minute. Then, she looked at
him questioningly. "Say, please," he said.

As they both laughed, he grabbed her ass in his hands and shoved her closer.
He looked up at her. She looked right back. He kept his eyes on her face as
he pulled her so that her legs dangled over the side of the bunk. As he went
down on her, he saw the hungry look in her eyes, and felt her tremble with
anticipation. She gasped, on fire with pleasure, as he began to fuck her with
his tongue.


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