This is a parody based on characters that I do not own and should not be read
by anyone below the legal age to view pornography in your area. And so on...

Read at your own discretion. Straight into the sex as usual. If you have
feedback of any kind (positive or negative, or just want to let me know you
actually read it) send it [email protected] and I'll be sure to reply
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This is set in an episode I cannot quite remember the name of that I saw the
other day where the crew all lose their memories and Riker and Ro have a...
err...sexual encounter (twice in one episode) of course we don't get to see
it as usual so I took the liberty of writing it.

Star Trek - The Next Generation: Memory Lapse (MF,cons,oral,anal)
by Jade Wrath

Will Riker looked into her eyes; she certainly was attractive. His memory had
been lost, he was not sure exactly how, all he knew is that he was an adult,
but he had no memory of his life before that morning. In his quarters, the
beautiful form of Ensign Ro was lying on his bed smiling. As she approached
him, he weighed out what she had said.

When his memories returned to him, he could end up hating himself for
anything they might do, on the other hand, they may be wedded already. She
seemed to find that as a turn on, while he was not so blatant about it, he
agreed with the ensign.

In the moment of thought he had had, her arms were wrapped around his neck,
her eyes looking deep into his. She smiled lightly as their lips joined
together. He was nervous at first; though he was not sure why, if there was
anything he could tell about his personality, it was that he was meant to be
courageous, especially with women.

He decided to suddenly change to better fit his own character; he responded
to her kiss, pushing her back onto his bed he slowly mounted her. She pulled
off the commander's uniform quickly, in between passionate kisses. Soon
enough, he was naked and pulling free her uniform.

Her body was no less than stunning. Her ample breasts freed by his busy hands
her pants soon joined suit. She lay only in her underwear, smiling at him
sensually. He smiled back, he could not refuse such an offer.

He mounted her body once more, he tugged off her bra and began to lick her
breasts beneath. Her nipples became erect at the mere touch of his tongue,
her head held in a look of pure ecstasy; already. The Commander could not
help wondering what she would be like later if she was in this much pleasure
now. She slowly slipped her own hand into her underpants and began to stroke
her pussy, in moments though, Riker pulled free her undergarments and began
to work her pussy himself.

His fingers darted over the surface of her vagina, occasionally the tips
darting inside. He enjoyed her gasps and moans as he continued to pleasure
her. His hands slowly pressed further inside her, three fingers now ramming
into her hard. She was wet, she was very wet and he could feel it, driving
her ever closer to her climax. Her moans now turned screams only encouraging
the commander.

He was taken aback as her hand suddenly grabbed at his cock, stroking his
eight inch member, she pulled it towards her mouth. Her lips opened as she
fitted it in between them. No longer able to work on her breasts, Riker began
to lick her pussy and bite down on her clit. In a 69'er position, Ensign Ro
was about to orgasm. Riker suddenly struck the thought that he may cum before
her, despite the fact he had had five minutes before then to pleasure her.
She was experienced to say the least. He was having to concentrate beyond
imagination just to keep from blowing his load now. Her tongue stroked up and
down the underside of his shaft, darting back to the tip every few seconds.
His balls were swelling as he was about to release wave after wave of sperm.

Suddenly, his cum shot out in massive bursts and the ensign nearly choked
on the salty liquid she was forced to swallow. At the same moment, Riker's
tongue had the Bajoran woman in an explosive climax. As his last wave of
sperm was exhausted, the commander rolled off of her, panting heavily, he
looked up at the ceiling. He had her cum stained across his mouth and chest.

She leaned over to him and slowly licked up her own juices, which had flown
onto him. She smiled at him again, like before. Given a moment for his cock
to become erect again, she pulled him into a passionate embrace, one hand
firmly on his penis, the other rapped around his back. Her pussy was wet and
lubricated with her juices from her previous orgasm.

And she would likely need them as Riker prepared to pierce her with his
massive shaft. He roared in anticipation as she placed his penis between her
lips. Slipping his monster slowly inside, she moaned herself as he suddenly
rammed the whole thing all the way in. He adopted a rapid pace right from the
start and she immediately began to moan and scream.

His rushed efforts would bring his own climax prematurely, his hands grabbed
at her breasts, his thumbs circling around her erect nipples, he rammed
inside her with an unbelievable pace. As he hit into her faster, she lifted
her back up to each thrust, thrusting with him, she wrapped her legs around
his back to give him better access.

She moaned as she approached a second orgasm of the night. His cock pistoned
in and out of her as she prepared to cum again. Her walls convulsed around
him as she came and her juices came running down to engulf his cock. Her
pussy slowly milking his cock, he came to and released another massive load
into her. She moaned a final moan of pleasure as she collapsed.

This time it was him who got her back up again. Dragging her body under the
covers of his bed, he grabbed her wrists, forcing her hands to massage his
cock back to hardness. As soon as he was erect, he prepared to fuck her for
a third time. His cock slowly fitting into her ass this time. She was tight,
her pussy had been loose but he did not imagine she had ever taken it up the
ass before. He went slowly this time.

He did not want to hurt her, but he still needed to please her and look like
a man in the process. He could tell she was hurting, but he could tell she
was enjoying herself as well. She buried her head into a pillow to stop
herself screaming, he continued to ram his monster up her ass. His hands
reached around to massage her breasts again, he could not pull his mind away
from them; how perfect they were.

She gradually began to lift her ass up with each thrust, she was enjoying
herself even more now as his penis was buried in her back side. She found
herself cumming yet again, her ass suddenly tightened and they prepared for
a third, passionate, mutual orgasm. Riker, moaned, his eyes closed and face
formed in a look of pure pleasure, as his sperm ejaculated, he was barely
conscious on top of her.

Suddenly over come with fatigue, he collapsed. She ran her fingers through
his short hair as he collapsed on top of her, leaning down, she licked the
last drops off spunk from his cock and rolled him onto his back, lying on
top of him. They were not finished yet, but still, she would have to give
him some time to rest and recharge his massive cock.


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