The Liaisons cycle lasts for six vignettes, well, sketches, really. They
were done in the autumn of 1994. These are the first two.


Liaisons II (With an apology to PG Wodehouse.)

He'd waited for her.

She'd been baking in the mud-a ridiculous way to relax-for two hours.
Alexander had become bored with grown-up talk and taken to squirting mud by
clenching his fist, then his hints at hunger had prompted another round of
indulgences from her mother, leaving them alone.

They chatted with the relatives gone; he'd made a show of hating the
mud, protesting that he'd slid in only to please her mother. When the
warrior stood up in the mud bath he made a noise like a hippopotamus pulling
its leg from a swamp. Chagrined, he turned away, leaving a trail to dry on
the stones and turquoise grass.

He stood in the shower spray watching the water swirl under his feet.
He dressed slowly, dallying. He realized he was dallying.


She started at seeing him, obviously distracted and lulled. The
mud-soak had warmed her to the core, she was sleepy and had planned nothing
more than a quick, hot shower-bath before crawling into bed for a snooze,
despite it being mid-afternoon.

Her eyes widened. She was clothed only in the drying earth to an uneven
line around her shoulders and the steel pins in her hair. She moved her arms
about her trying to decide whether to cover herself or put her hands on her
hips and tell him no. He knelt before an oyster shell basin with a mound
beside him. Water circulated in a small ledge around the stone shell's lip.

Deanna gnawed her lower lip while still deciding where to put her
hands. He leaned forward, not rising, and pulled her by her hands over the
water barrier into the empty bath. She kept her back to him, unsure of what
she wanted to do.

He didn't start at her neck so the water dribbled down and cleared
away the mud faster, but at her heels.

The water was the same temperature as the mud. The scented mild soap
bubbled with his gentle rubbing. He touched her back side only: her calves,
the crooks of her knees and the backs of her thighs. Worf was gently sure
not to force the yielding sponge between her knees. She had her arms bent,
her dirty hands pressed against her lips as though praying. She felt herself
responding despite not being sure what she desired.

Worf soaped her buttocks; now he touched her deliberately for the first
time--with his fingertips, though, not his hand. Standing, he dropped the
sponge into the water supply and unpinned her hair, making her hold it up
with both hands, dirtying it a little, but not as much as it would have been
had it fallen over her mucky back. He'd trapped her into keeping her hands
up. He traced a pin down her spine.

Worf knelt again, reaching around Deanna to wash inside her legs. He
looked at the water turn grey and clear again, bubbling each time he wrung
the sponge. He soaped her hip bone and missed her loins, moving to her ribs.
Once he was up to her arms and shoulders Deanna was covered in bubbles
streaked grey with soft mud, looking like a half-hewn marble figure
dissolving in sea foam. He washed her sweaty face, making her close her eyes
under the soap.

Deanna still kept her grey back to him.

Worf soaped her chest, gliding the sponge as lightly as possible over
her breasts. He lowered himself again and reached around, scrubbing the
insides of her thighs, rising slowly until he stood again.

The Klingon wet the sponge again and lowered it, tracing downwards from
her navel. Worf stroked up and down gently, watching her breath more and more
deeply, rubbing softly, listening to the soap and water drop to the stone.
Deanna slowly tilted her hips to meet the texture, now hidden behind a froth.
Her posture changed, like a violin string she tensed sharply.

And relaxed.

Deanna widened her footing as Worf sponged her back then rinsed the
soap from her, caressing her to a second crest.

He wrapped Deanna in an rough towel, rubbing her pink. Worf twisted
about her, biting her armpit, leaving a reminding yellow bruise in a stain
of welts, massaging the pale beauty until she wet the towel and tensed. He
stepped her into her clothes: her chemise, pants tights, top and wrap skirt.
Worf kissed her shins when putting on her shoes. They left separately, she
before him.


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