Star Trek - The Next Generation: Holosex - One's Company (mF,Mm,ncon,surreal)
by Anonymous

Wesley Crusher pressed his back firmly into the cool bulkhead of the corridor
as he craned his neck around the corner and peered at the small control
panel. No one was around--this was the least frequented holodeck on the
ship--but he couldn't keep his heart from pattering or the butterflies from
dancing in his stomach.

All the clever reprogramming, each bit of illicit but untraceable hacking had
been done on remote terminals. This was the first taste of the fruits of his
labors... and his first chance to be caught if he had done something wrong.
He wasn't worried about the basics, of course--disabling the protocol that
would ordinarily prevent a sixteen-year-old from running erotic software had
been a piece of cake--but tricking the main computer into erasing logs of his
activities and jamming the door in case someone tried a command override had
been tricky. Wes fidgeted a bit and swung his head around with a sudden,
incorrect sense that he was being watched. Maybe he should try again later...

His boner swelled its disapproval of the suggestion. The boy took a deep
breath and again squinted at the tiny panel adjacent too him. It was totally
black: the room was empty.

A rush of blood swept through his upper body; he seized the front of his
pants and jerked himself violently a few times in anticipation. Then, finally
collecting himself, he strode across the hall, touched the panel, and calmly
walked between the parting doors and into the familiar yellow-on-black grid.
The doors shut.

That was his cue. Tearing the clothes from his slim body, he bent towards
the arch and keyed in the code that would implement all of his clandestine
measures. When he saw that the routine took perfectly, he pulled down his
underpants and kicked them away with his right foot, causing his erect cock
to bob into the air with only the slightest, fading remnant of a downward

Compromising the replicator failsafes and making himself the tricyclic
testosterone compound had been significantly harder than his holodeck
project, especially because he had had less knowledge a year ago, but it had
paid off beyond his wildest dreams. He was three inches longer and a good
deal thicker than he had been then, and now he craved to sink all that
swollen young meat into some breathtaking holodeck nymph. He grabbed himself
with both hands and jacked as he instructed the computer verbally to choose
a random program from the ones he had been creating the last few week during
his free time.

Suddenly, he was surrounded by a hoard of people in the midst of every
conceivable sexual act. Ahead of him was an ancient looking fountain and
from the small amount of clothing visible--all togas--he quickly remembered
the program and smiled. He beat himself harder until, a moment later, two
gorgeous Roman orgy-goers enveloped him. He was not in the mood for foreplay,
though. He grabbed the one best situated and stabbed his huge, throbbing
member into her virginal pussy. Wesley moaned as his real-life virginity
vanished into manhood. Completely taken by his artificially heightened primal
urges, he fell with her into the pulsating sex-throng and pumped over and
over into her tight cunt. It was the hardest, fastest sex imaginable: the
girl hadn't time to do more than run her fingers once through the boy's
neatly-combed brown hair before he filled her with his load. He then lay
there on top of her, jostled constantly by the lustful mob, for a few minutes
while he softened.

Finally, his mind cleared and he remembered the next step in his plan. He got
up and made his way through the now-maxing orgy to where he had entered. He
found his orange sweater. It was covered with wads of holocum, but he managed
to reach into the pocket and get out the vial. He popped it open and downed
its contents in a gulp. He looked back at the crescendo of orgasm and felt
the drug beginning to take effect: his dick popped up and solidified there
between his legs like a lead pipe. His whole body felt the almost painful
pressure of raging erection as it enlarged even beyond its normal eight and
a quarter inches, and he knew that it would stay that way for a good half an
hour, no matter what.

Completely unable to control himself, Crusher darted around the artificial
construct stabbing his cock into random orifices. He allowed about fifteen
rapid strokes per hole--after that the recipient seemed to be somewhat
stretched to accommodate his massive woodie. Wesley wanted--needed, not
coincidentally like a drug addict--every bit of sensation he could get. The
young man dwelled a moment longer than usual in the pussy of a beautiful
Athenian maiden, and was rewarded richly. The obscure reference he had found
buried in the exopharmacology text had made no mention of the effect of the
Aurelian aphrodisiac on male orgasm, so he found himself completely
unprepared for what was cumming.

The warming in his balls was the first sign that he was close. He hesitated
for a split second, wondering why it was happening and how he could maintain
a boner for a half hour if he could cum. But thinking was no use. His thighs
began bouncing even faster atop the girl's snatch as the warmth intensified
and spread, shooting impulses of ecstasy throughout his nervous system. The
girl was also being pushed to the limit by his youthful energy; she had been
moaning and gasping in synchronization with his crazed thrusts. Now that
Wesley was in the heat of his enhanced load-blowing, though, she couldn't
contain herself. She wrestled him across the crowded floor (which now had an
unbroken layer of holojizz on it) and stuck one finger and then another into
his incredibly tight asshole. They traveled across the floor, over dozens of
uncaring bodies, in a rapidly throbbing heap until they were blown apart from
one another by Wesley's ejaculation.

The girl lay fairly still, just dazed, as the half-pint of thick white goo
drained from her hole. She watched Crusher convulsing next to her as his rod
shot cream geysers in all directions; and tried desperately to get a hand on
him. It was no use, much as she wanted him back in her, as he had gotten onto
his feet and run full-tilt into an amused-looking centurion. As Wes's
spurting abated and he regained his sense of the outside world, the first
thing he felt was the pleasure from his drug-erection and the second was the
huge hand wrapped around his left wrist. He looked up into the face of a
handsome, clean-shaven, but somehow very menacing-looking soldier wearing a
gold helmet with a red crest. The boy also noticed two others standing a
little further off; all were beginning to extricate themselves from their
uniforms. Wesley was a sharp kid: he knew the Roman attitude toward
homosexuality which had been integrated into the program, he knew the
failsafes he had overwritten, and he knew that an emergency override would
turn up on every security panel on the ship, including Tactical. So he knew
he was in trouble.

"Whadarya gonna do to me?" Crusher gulped between half-hearted struggles
against the brawny centurion's grip. The three men smiled at him. They had
all gotten their armor off along with most of their clothing. Hardening cocks
were emerging, all pointed in his general direction.

"That's one hell of a pet you've got down there, kid. Not even mine can do
that," the nearest guard said provocatively. As much as his "posture" told
them otherwise, Wesley did NOT want this. He nonetheless could not put up a
discernible fight against their combined force, so he just clenched his
teeth in fright as the hand on his wrist, reasonably gently, pulled his
upper body down parallel to his legs. One of them got onto his back beneath
his face as he felt another spread apart his cheeks and rubbed his anus
with a wet hand. Crusher turned his head away from the one below his face;
the hands of the centurion beneath came up to his head and gently moved it
back into position. Then, an unspoken message having no doubt been conveyed,
the hand on his tight behind moved to caress his genitals.

Wesley's mouth opened in a gasp as the hands on his head pulled him down to
meet the bottom guard's upraised thighs. After quickly mulling his few
choices, Wesley sucked.

Trying not to think about the largish penis in his mouth, Crusher had no
alternative but to notice a slight pressure on his butthole which he knew
would be flaring into pain at any moment. His mind was almost taken away
from the fact when the buck-naked third centurion somehow managed to pull
the teen's rock-hard dick out of the fray and shove it into his mouth. The
boy looked back as best he could without neglecting the guard beneath him
and saw the hunk's muscles rippling as he jacked himself and took more of
Wesley's eight-plus inches into him. In a moment, he was being deep-throated
for the first time; he moaned his appreciation as best he could through the
genitalia obstructing his own vocal tract.

The well-lubricated but very large cock reamed slowly into Wesley Crusher's
bung hole as he bent his knees and closed his eyes in pain and embarrassment.
He almost bit the dick in his mouth by accident but managed to stop himself.
Unfortunately, the guy he was sucking off, seeing his friend's ten inches
sliding into the kid's butt, grabbed Wesley's head and pulled down hard, his
dick plowing down Wes's throat as he spurted. The boy puked up the jism,
followed by a stomachful of half-digested replicated tuna fish sandwich, all
over his crotch in response.

"Lick it off!" the guard said, incensed by the nausea he felt from the smell
of the puny kid's vomit. "I said clean me of!!!" His whole body being smashed
forward and backward over the first soldier's huge dick, Crusher wiped and
licked the puke from the other's groin with tearful disgust. The other half
of him, of course, still thoroughly enjoyed the excellent blow job afforded
him by the young but experienced officer whose head and throat were now where
Wesley's dick should have been.

He had to stop licking when the guy in his butt came, because the intense
sensation in his ass combined with the guy going at his own dick suddenly
triggered another orgasm. He shot load after load into the well-muscled
guard's lungs, pressing his inflexible dick as deep as he could, until the
centurion and his friends were able to throw the boy off without irreversibly
damaging the unfortunate man's throat. Wesley shot triumphantly in the faces
of the other two and then limped hurriedly away, leaving them to tend their
asphyxiated comrade.

Dripping blood and cum from his overstretched asshole, Wesley called for the
control arch and walked to it bow-legged. He'd think about how to hide his
anal rape from his mother at his next checkup later, for right now he had to
satisfy his dick and then get the hell out of there. It had been almost a
half hour, the effective time period of the Aurelian aphrodisiac, so he'd
choose the fantasy carefully.

"Oh fuck, yes," he murmured as he found the perfect one and keyed it in.

Before the simulation matrix could form, a loud grinding came from the door.
Wesley spun around in dread to see the heavy doors appear and part, revealing
a crowd of shocked personnel staring at his naked, aroused body. Red alert
lights and klaxons filled the holodeck from outside. Riker hit his
communicator in annoyance.

"Bridge, tell Mr. Data that his alien entity in control of Holodeck Seven is
an intensely blushing sixteen-year-old civilian." Riker closed the connection
and eyed the boy solemnly before breaking into a broad smile.

"Riker to crew: as of now, 0400 hours, Wesley Crusher has been awarded field
promotion to admiral. You are to obey ALL of his orders." The commander
wordlessly watched as the boy walked through the simulated holodeck doors and
approached a beaming Troi with his impressive cock in his hand.

"Admiral Crusher has everything under control," he whispered to her. As he
took her voluptuous body in his arms, he didn't notice a large beige door
appear behind him.


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