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Fuck Trek: The Untold Happenings Aboard The New Starship Enterprise
Chapter 1: The Seduction Of Wesley Crusher (holo-M/F,m/F)
by The Scumdog

"Ensign Crusher report to the bridge."

"On my way Captain."

Wesley walked briskly down the corridor, he was always excited when he was
ordered to report to the bridge he jumped into the turbo lift and said
"Bridge." He tried to sound as much like the Captain or Commander Riker as
he could and thought ahead to the days when he would have command of his own
vessel, but he had a few years to go before that could happen including a
few years (if he ever passed those damn entrance exams) at Starfleet Academy.

"Why am I such a geek" he thought to himself. He had dated a few girls of
his own age on the ship, but none seem terribly interested in him.

The doors to the lift opened and he stepped onto the bridge.

"Ah Wesley, sorry to call you here when you were off duty but we have a
mission for you and it could not wait."

"No problem Captain, I was just working on my warp field experiment but it
can wait, You see I have this theory that if we change the oscillations....."

"Not now Wesley, I'd love to here about your experiment but it can wait until

"Sorry Sir."

"Don't worry about it Wesley, I know how excited you get about your work.
But at the moment I have a more pressing job for you we are on route to Xenar
4, They are an interesting world as they hold their young in such high
regard, their entire culture revolves around supporting their children and
raising them to be, forgive the term, The best they can be."

"I see sir, but what does this have to do with me."

"I'll let Data continue I have other business to attend to."

"Ok, see you later sir!"

"Yes, Wesley."

As the Captain hurried of to his ready room Data stood up.

"Wesley let us move this briefing elsewhere is Ten Forward ok with you?"

"Yes, Sir"

Wesley stood in the lift wondering what this job would entail. He tried to
ask Data, But was told to wait until they reached ten forward. When they
arrived at ten forward Deanna Troi was just leaving, "She is so beautiful."
He thought to himself.

Deanna sensed Wesley's interest in her, but she was used to that, it seemed
most of the crew looked at her in the same way. She also knew that Wesley
was having trouble with girls, she decided she would try to increase his
confidence and flashed him her sexiest smile, and said "Hello".

"Hi Deanna." Wesley had seen that glance and felt that familiar bulge in his
uniform. He often wondered why Starfleet uniforms were so tight. He watched
Deanna as she left the lounge.

Data spotted Wesley's arousal by accident not being completely in tune with
human culture he made what if it was possible for him what would have been an
embarrassing statement.

"I see that you find Deanna Sexually attractive Wes."

Wesley was jolted back into reality, and turned red.

"I'd rather not talk about it, Data."

"Yes, I see sometimes humans do find their sexuality rather embarrassing,
Strange, I will not mention it again."

"Thank You Data, And please keep this a secret."

"Understood Wesley unless under direct orders from the Captain I will not
mention it to anyone, and I do believe the chances of the Captain asking me
about your sexual interests are very low."

"Thank you Sir."

"You are welcome Wesley, but we must discuss your mission, please be seated."

Data and Wesley sat down to discuss the details of his mission. Since the
people of Xenar 4 held their youth in such high regard it was pertinent to
show that the Federation too had similar views on youth and what better way
to do so than to send the Starfleet's youngest officer and one of their
brightest most promising young people as an ambassador. Wesley was to study
up on their culture and their taboos and prepare to spend a few weeks there
when they arrived in 24 days.

The excitement was unbearable Wesley ran back to his quarters to start study
up on the people of Xenar four, and to tell his mother of his new mission she
would be so proud. When he met her and told her she Suggested that he talk to
Counselor Troi about meeting new culture.

Deanna Troi was on the holodeck. Being alone for so long she had a need for
sex but could not bring herself to find a human companion, They were not
comfortable with her telapathic abilities, and she was not comfortable
reading them as the ships counselor she was one of the few people who had
holodeck access which allowed the construction of sexual programs. It had
been determined shortly after the perfection of holodeck technology that
programs of that nature were not healthy for normal human sexual development
as people could construct their own sexual ideals, and fulfil fantasys which
no true human lover could compete with thus harming natural relationships.
Romantic interludes not leading to sex and even pornographic scenes were
permitted but for regular crew sexual contact with holodeck creations was
strictly forbidden. Deanna could get around this because she had access
allowing the construction of programs for counselling purposes. Her first
program had caused her to feel terribly perverted but now she had grown to
accept the holodeck as a legitimate sexual release.

Deanna tried to decide who she would make love to today, what fantasy would
she use? She settled on one from her posting on the Cruiser Mayflower she did
not use Enterprise crew or people she had as patients but sometimes she used
people that actually existed Lt. Thomas Dantin was her one of her Ideal
fantasy partners. She approached him in the lounge simulated with every
detail in the holodeck. She sat down beside Thomas and ordered and empty
glass, as holodeck alcohol had flavor but no effect so she brought her own
from the synthesizer in her cabin she rarely drank but on occasion it helped
her loosen up. She began casual small talk with Thomas, sipping at her
drink and slowly she began to run her hand down his thigh marveling at the
musculature and the holodecks ability to create it.

She slowly moved one hand toward his crotch massaging his penis. As it began
to harden she slipped her other hand into the pants of her own uniform
rubbing her finger along her now moist labia. Thomas took the hand that was
on his crotch and slipped it into his pants so she could get a better feel of
his now stiff erection. One thing Deanna loved about the holodeck, was its
ability to simulate humans both physically and in their actions, the other
that she could read no emotions from the simulations. She held him and
slowly rubbed her hand up and down his cock. Now fully erect it felt longer
than average but not huge, she was sure however that it would fulfil its
purpose. If she desired more the computer would provide. Her other hand was
still working on her pussy which kept getting wetter she slipped one then two
fingers inside while working her clit with her thumb. Thomas started to
touch her breast through her uniform but she pushed his hand away and
suggested that they go to her quarters.

As they walked the simulated corridor to her cabin she continued to get
wetter with thoughts of the interlude to come. When they arrived she took
off her clothes admiring her body in the mirror, considering the fact she was
over 30 she was impressed with the shape she was in. Her body was comparable
to that of any 20 year old on the ship. She then began to undress Thomas
admiring his body as she slowly removed his uniform. As she was taking off
his pants he stopped her and told her to lie down.

She lay down and he spread her legs. He moved his hands to her now soaked
pussy and slipped a finger inside her. Deanna moaned and asked him keep going
he started to suck on her left nipple while still fingering her. Slowly he
put another finger into her hole. The pleasure was becoming unbearable and
when he managed to get a third finger inside her she began to tremble not
believing the power of the holodeck.


The computer responded by stopping the action she told the computer to
simulate another person then in ten minutes to allow have him signal then
enter the room she figured that by then the action would be hot enough for
another member.


Thomas moved his head down to lick up the results of her orgasm then, he
moved his erection to her still sopping pussy and slid it in. her back
arched to meet his thrust, the combination of their movements pushed him all
the way in to the hilt and she almost came again right there. She stopped
for a moment then when she was under control she resumed meeting his thrusts.
He responded by increasing his thrusting.

She was stretched until she was at the fine line between pleasure and pain,
she stopped the thrusting for a minute, then when she was used to the
tightness resumed the thrusting with increasing vigor. As she felt her
second orgasm building she grabbed Thomas's buttocks and slammed him into her
with that she came, she felt her thighs being drenched with her own juice.

When Deanna was not in her cabin Wesley asked the computer to locate her so
he could tell her the news.

The computer responded with "Counsellor Troi is in Holodeck five."

Wesley headed off to the holodeck to tell the counsellor.

As her orgasm subsided Deanna heard the door beep she was impressed by the
perfect timing of the next person in her adventure.

"Come," she moaned Thomas's penis still thrusting slowly within her.

Wesley walked into the holodeck and gaped the scene in front of him.


"Oh my god Wesley!"

Her juices were still running out of her sopping sex combined now with the
simulated juices of Thomas who had just come. Wesley stared for a minute
then turned and ran out of the holodeck.

The sight of the Counselor having sex on the holodeck had two effects on Wes
embarrassment and excitement. His erection was back and this time with a
vengeance he ran backed to his cabin pulled out his cock and began to
masturbate. He thought of the scene he had just witnessed and the excitement
built within him he was revolted with himself but he fantasized about his
Deanna. Looking down at his penis he saw that it was at least as big as the
one on the man he saw within his Counsellor Troi.

Deanna cleaned herself off trying to figure out what she would say to Wes.
The look in his eyes was to much for her she was so mad at herself for
letting this happen, but it had and there was no way to change it she would
just have to talk to him. She collected herself and headed for his cabin. She
had to talk to him now.

When she reached the door she stopped for a second then pressed the open
button and walked in not really looking first. Wesley was so wrapped in his
fantasy he did not notice right away he continued masturbating franticly. She
was stunned by the size of his cock it was huge, she was surprised she had
never noticed before. As she watched in awe as he masturbated she felt a
familiar twinge in her pussy and more embarrassment followed. Wesley was

"Deanna, oh yes god Deanna, please more."

Wesley's eyes were closed and his thoughts were on the what he had seen in
the holodeck but instead of Thomas it was him with Deanna.

She walked quitely walked towards him unconsciously slipping her hand into
her pants to feel her cunt already soaking again with excitement. "What am I
doing she thought?" She gently sat on the couch next to him and set her hand
on his thigh. Wesley's eyes popped open and he stared the counsellor in the
face. He quickly shoved his penis back into his pants.

"It's Ok Wes, it's perfectly natural for you to feel this way."

"No, its..."

"It's Ok Wes just listen to me, Its so hard for me to relate to humans. So I
created the holodeck program to fulfil my needs."

She moved her hand up his leg to touch the bulge in his pants. "You've
developed into quite a big man down there It's a wonder I never noticed
before, do you want to see me naked again Wes.

"Yes... I mean no."

Deanna began to remove her uniform top and Wesley stared in awe her breasts
were so nice he'd only gotten a glimpse of them before and since information
on the Enterprise was so carefully monitored the only pictures of naked
females he had seen before were textbook style educational ones.

She took his hand and placed it on her breast; he began to massage her
nipple, he was surprised when it hardened in his fingers. She put her hand
into his pants and began to gently play with his huge cock.

"Do you like my breasts Wesley?"

"Yes" was the whispered response and all he could manage to say.

"Kiss them."

Wesley slowly moved his mouth towards her breast. Hesitantly he placed his
lips on the flesh and kissed.

"Take my nipple in your mouth."

He obeyed and took one of her red nipples into his mouth gently sucking on
it. He slowly moved his tongue around her. She put her hands on the back of
his head and held him to her chest.

Wesley could not believe what was happening all he knew was he liked it. He
sucked on Deanna's nipple as she rubbed his throbbing penis. His pulse
approached what felt like a million he reached his hand up to feel her heart,
it too was beating so fast he thought it would surely explode.

He put his hand into Troi's pants and felt her drenched underwear. He had
heard about women lubricating but had never guessed it was like this. He
rubbed his hand along the outside of her panties feeling her slit. Carefully
he slipped his fingers under the lower edge of her panties and began to rub
his hand along one lip of her pussy. He found the hole and started to put his
finger in.

Deanna moaned and she pulled his hand out of her pants and pulled his down.
She took out his massive penis and stared at it for a minute. Who would have
guessed that Wes would have such a huge dick. There was a drop of come on the
tip of his dick. She slowly licked the come of the tip then moved her tongue
down the shaft then back up again. She slowly tongued his head trying to
figure out how she was going to get in into her mouth. Gradually she took him
into her mouth but she could not even take a quarter of his full length in
her mouth she could barely move her tongue around the head.

Wesley had never felt anything like this before in his life, in fact he had
never even heard of a woman taking a man's thing in her mouth. Suddenly,
involuntarily, he began to buck and he shot a stream of come into her mouth.
His semen dripped from her mouth and when she sat up it ran down her neck
onto her breasts.

"Wes there's something I'd like you to do it might not sound very nice but
it's perfectly normal."

"Ok anything counselor after what you just did for me I will do anything for

Troi removed her pants and underwear and took Wesley's hand and put it on her
slit. Wesley started to put a finger into her but she stopped him.

"Wes take your hand away and kiss me where it was."

"You mean down there?"

"Yes, Wes."

Wes got his first really good look at her pussy as he brought his head
towards it. There was hair on top but unlike the pictures he had seen the
lips were completely bare, and glistening with moisture. He kissed her
soaking pussy lips and he was pleasantly surprised by the taste left on his
lips. He began to hungrily devour the juices running down her slit she moved
his head so that his mouth was positioned at her now swollen clitoris.

"Wes, this is my clit it's like the head of your penis it is where most of
my nerves are, please suck on it."

Wesley was enjoying himself intensely and was happy to oblige her. He sucked
her clit and flicked at it with his tongue. Deanna felt her orgasm coming and
her hips bucked smashing into his face. Juices ran from her cunt into
Wesley's face.

Wesley licked up as much of her juice as he could. His erection was back and
with a vengeance.

"Wes, I want to fuck you now!"


"Back to your cock."

As Deanna reached for his dick Wesley kissed her on the lips and pushed his
tongue into her mouth.

She pushed onto his back then began to lower her self until pussy met his
dick she stopped for a minute trying to imagine what he would look and feel
like sliding into her hole.

Wes watched the nude body above him looking at her breasts then down to her
crotch her labia were spread around the tip of his penis. Slowly Deanna
allowed herself to engulf him.

As the huge dick slipped into her she began to wince. It was truly enourmous
thing that had every been inside her. There was pain but the pleasure was
greater. Just as about half his length was inside her the pain on her face
was evident to Wes.

"Am I hurting you do you want me to pull out?"

"No just hold it a minute its so big."

She slowly moved up and down moaning loudly as she did with each down stroke
she got more of him inside her. After a few minutes she managed to work his
whole cock in. She stopped with her black pubic hair mingling with Wesley's
lighter color sparser hair.

"Ok hold still for a second Wes, I just want to adjust to this."

Wes complied he was almost in pain himself she was so tight. Gradually she
began to move again up and down increasing in speed. She moved her hand to
her clit and began to rub it.

"Let me do that."

Wes slowly massaged Deanna's clit. Her moans became louder and her cunt
began to convulse on his erection. This was to much for Wes and he started
to shoot deep inside Deanna, as Wes shot, Deanna came their combined juice
dripped out of her and down onto Wesley's empty testicles.

She lay onto him.

"Thank you, Wes."

"No Thank You Deanna."

"Lets just lay here for a minute."


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