Star Trek - The Next Generation: Doctor Brahms Encounter Part 3 (mF,orgy)
by Anonymous

Ms. Lwuxana Troi was streaming down the hall. Coming the other way almost
as fast was Westly Crusher whose bridge duty had recently finished. He had
stopped by his mother's cabin and was on his way to the holodeck when...
BAM! Lwuxana Troi fell to the floor in a daze. Opposite her, the young Mr.
Crusher was shaking his head as he sat up to see what he had run into.
Lwuxana shuffled over to see if he was alright when she slipped on a
magazine. Westly tried to grab it away but it was too late.

A short silence ensued as Lwuxana perused the magazine. It seemed like
eternity to Wesley who was trying to think up excuses. Lwuxana didn't give
him the chance to speak. "Hmmm, over 40, you have very good taste my young
friend." She was now looking at Wesley in a whole new way. Wesley opened his
mouth but before he could say anything, Ms. Troi was on her feet and had
pulled him up as well. "It is obvious, young man," Lwuxana's tone was
authoritative, "that you have a serious problem..." then she whispered into
his ear, "and I intend to help." Before he could ponder her meaning she
yanked his arm jolting his body down the hall like a small boat in tow.

* * *

"aaaaahhhhhHHHHHHHH, UH!" Captain Picard looked at his hand in relief after
he finally managed to free himself from bondage. A few minutes later he was
dressed in his standard uniform and on his way to the bridge, his step was
brisk, his attitude dignified.

The turbolift doors opened. Captain Picard stepped onto an empty bridge. His
brisk steps came to an instant halt as the reality sunk in. His eyes darted
around the room a few times attempting to locate anyone else. He slowly
walked down the ramp to the center of the room.

"Computer," the familiar electronic trickle followed, "current location of
Commander Riker".

The near monotonic response was immediate "Commander Rideher is in Ten

Picard continued the queries, "Current location of Mister Data."

"Mister Data is in Ten Forward."

"Current location of Counselor Troi."

"Counselor Troi is in Ten Forward."

"What the hell...?" the Captain whispered to himself. The pace returned to
his step as he proceeded to the turbolift.

* * *

The guest quarters of Lwuxana Troi were filled with the sounds of animal
passion. Two figures embraced naked on the bed. Wesley was thrusting his
penis into Ms. Troi over and over. His movement was so filled with pent-up
frustration that the bed threatened to detach from the wall. Lwuxana's
hands held on to Wesley's soft boyish, hips as he moved back and forth.
His expressions continually changed, the look of surprise washing over his
face with each re-entry.

Wesley moved his hands onto Lwuxana's well developed, heaving breasts. The
feeling was so good he came immediately. Despite what most would consider a
sexual conclusion, he didn't miss a beat. Ms. Troi was well preserved for a
woman of her age, and Wesley knew it. His eyes swept over her curves, the
signs of age just beginning to set in excited him even more. He tilted his
head down and watched as his red slick cock, fully covered with twat juice,
glided in and out of what had been his ultimate fantasy. The sight of her
vaginal hairs parting for his intruder caused him to whip his head up and
let out a loud moan. He could feel his cum streaming into her again. Lwuxana
too, became excited at the sight of the young, undeveloped boy. But more
enticing was the reactions she was producing from him.

Now, with bodies pressed against each other, the pace had slowed, but the
pleasure intensified. Lwuxanna felt every part of Wesley on her, and in her,
"Ohhh, it feels sooo gooood" she whispered softly. She moved her hands from
his hips to his ass, "God it is so young and tight" she thought to herself.
Her mouth began to kiss his neck. The young Ensign was learning the subtle
touches that produced massive reactions as he came again. All Betazoids had
orgasms each time her partners did, and Ms. Troi was no exception. She was
being drained with each excretion, but she was loving every minute of it...

* * *

The hallway was quiet except for the scuffing sound of Captain Picard's shoes
against the rug. The large doors of Ten-Forward slid open as the Captain
prepared to discover the attraction of this part of his ship. Jean-Luc
stopped dead in his tracks as a naked couple fell out onto the floor, the
support of the doors now gone.

Jean-Luc's eyes glided over the couple into the room. The dark lighting made
it difficult to make out detail, but it was the sounds emminating from the
bar that gave away the nature of the festivities. A blending of voices, all
moaning in orchestral harmony echoed into the hall.

"Ohhhhhh...Ahhhhhhh..YesssUmmmmmmOhekkkAAAAhuhuhuh,Uh,UH!..." the sounds
streamed on as the Captain finally collected his thoughts. "My God!" was all
he could say at first, but at least in his usual 'Captainly' tone. He was
about to venture into the room when Guinan appeared at the door facing him.
She was completely naked except for her cosmic hat. Her expression was calm
and peaceful as usual. "Damn, why doesn't anything unnerve her?" the Captain
thought to himself.

"Hello, Captain", she said as if everything was normal.

"Guinan," Jean-Luc began with a controlled tone, "Would you explain why my
entire bridge crew is lost in a sea of flesh in Ten-Forward"?

"I think you'd better ask Q about that." was the reply as she gestured into
the room by the corner window. Jean-Luc could see a lone figure lounging by
the window on a table surrounded by two voluptuous women feeding him some
fruit. Instantly he knew the omnipotent menace had returned to reek havoc
on his ship.

While Jean-Luc was pondering the problem of traversing the conglomeration of
bodies to confront the menace, he was transported right next to Q by the
entity. He was about to berate Q when he realized he was nude. His angry face
turned to a wordless look saying 'why did you do that?'. "Q", Jean-Luc's tone
was harsh, "I want you to leave my ship immediately!"

"Oh come now Captain," Q paused a moment to consider the pun he had just
made, "I am providing your crew with a much needed social event. And what
thanks do I get? I mean look out there. Everyone seems to be enjoying
themselves... and enjoying some others as well!"

Jean-Luc was looking out into the center of the room when he turned back to
Q with a puzzled look, "Why is that support beam swaying?"

Q squinted, "That's not a support beam, it's just the Captured Borg showing

Q raised both his hands in the air, "Is everybody happy!?" At that instant
the entire room convulsed into a massive orgasm. Screams of pleasure
shattered the air. Jean-Luc had to duck to avoid the liquid results of the
group event. It seemed like a shoot-out as the Captain watched from the

* * *

"How do you feel?" Riker said cautiously as he and Counsellor Troi strolled
down the hall.

She replied, "Actually quite good. I really didn't mind."

Riker continued, "Yes I agree, but he still shouldn't have done it. I just
hope the Captain understands."

They arrived at Lwuxana Troi's quarters. Before Deanna could touch the bell,
the doors opened. A dazed Wesley was stepping out, when he halted at the
sight of Commander Riker and Counsellor Troi. His hair was slightly messed,
there was lipstick on his cheek, and a smirk on his face. Sensing what had
happened, Deanna's expression turned to angry shock. She darted her eyes
right at her mother who had a larger smirk on her face than Wesley.

"Mother! How could you?!" Deanna shouted.

"Really little one, you should know 'how' by this time. But if you don't we
made a visual record of our escapade."

Riker noticed they each had a visual disk in their hands.

Wesley produced his 'Girls Over 40' magazine and promptly handed it to him,
"Here Sir, I won't be needing this anymore." He then slipped by the pair and
proceeded casually down the hall.

Deanna and Will turned their heads towards each other. Her face still filled
with shock, he simply raised an eyebrow.

* * *

The Captain sat alone in his ready room. Turning to his terminal he began to
speak. "Captain's Log - star date 42207.5. We are 1 hour away from Star Base
69. The crew seems to have suffered no ill effects from the ordeal Q caused
in 10-Forward two days ago. I, myself will be looking forward to..." he never
got to finish the sentence.

Captain Picard re-materialized in Dr. Crusher's quarters. Before he realize
what had happened, Beverly spoke. "Site to site transport Jean-Luc," she
smiled and moved towards him, "We have unfinished business," her smile
widened as she landed the hypo on the Captain's arm.

* * *

The Enterprise moved through space with her usual grace. And although space
inherently had an absence of light, the glow from each of the ships light
sources sliced into the darkness. And even though space inherently had an
absence of sound, a single sound had managed to escape the airtight seals of
the ships space-aged materials, "Oh no, wait, Beverly! aaaaahhhhhHHHHHHH,
OWWWW!" (sound of leather cracking as the ship glides off into the distance).



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