Star Trek - The Next Generation: Dr. Beverly's House Call Part 1 (FF)
by Cinnamon Teal

It was a late night aboard the starship Enterprise. Beverly had worked a
double shift, due to her head assistant giving birth to her first child.
Beverly was so very tired and sore, all she could think of was going back
to her quarters and taking a long hot bath. She was just about to leave
when she heard "Ensign Lyndsey to sick-bay, I have a medical emergency."

Beverly groaned, knowing she would have to take this one since everyone
else was busy at the moment. "This is Dr. Crusher, go ahead."

Lyndsey could hear the stress in Beverly's voice when she replyed to the
page, so she was reluctant to say anything. Finally she managed to say in a
quite voice, " feel and I think I broke my ankle...I am so
sorry to bother you...I would have come down but I couldnt walk...and I..."

"I will be right there,Crusher out," a very annoyed Beverly says, thinking
that if she didn't interupt soon that girl would have just gone on talking
forver. Then she realized who it was. She had seen her down at 10-forward a
few times. Her name is Sapphire, Sapphire Lyndesy. She had never spoken with
her before.

The first time she saw her, she was sitting in the captain's ready room
talking with Captin Picard. Sapphire came in to turn in an enginering report.
From that moment on Beverly wanted her. She wanted to feel Sapphires big soft
breasts. She wanted to taste every inch of of her body. And now she thought,
I have my chance...

Beverly grabbed a medical kit and was quickly on her way to Ensign Lyndsey's
quarters. She walked right in and found Sapphire sitting on the floor.
Beverly looked down into her deep hazel eyes and said, "Hi...what can I...
do...for you?"

Sapphire looked up at Beverly and let out a sigh. She had only seen her from
a distance before, and now she truely saw her for all of her beauty. 'I want
you to make love to me, take me Beverly,' Sapphire thought to herself...but
instead all she said was, "Well, I tripped and I hurt my ankle. I think it
may be broke. I am sorry to bother you, I know you were about to log off when
I called...I wo'nt keep you long. If you want you could just give me a hypo
spray to kill the pain and I will go to sickbay to fix..."

Sapphire stopped her rambling and looked up to see Beverly staring at her,
drinking in every detail of her body. She could see Beverly's hard nipples
straining against her uniform, she wanted t free them so badly...then she
thought 'Could it be? Could this beautiful woman really want me just as much
as I want her?'

Just then Beverly broke out of the daze she was in and said, "Oh...sorry...I
was just...Here. Let me check out your ankle." She then scaned over
Sapphire's ankle and said, "Well,great news, it isn't broken, just sprained.
I will have it fixed in a couple of seconds."

Beverly gave her a hypo spray to kill the pain and loosen the muscle. Then
she reach out to touch Sapphires ankle and see if she could move it.

"I can move it fine doctor, thank you very much...let me repay you for your

Beverly started to tell her that there was no need but then she realized what
Sapphire meant. Sapphire leaned forward and kissed Beverly lightly on her
lips. Beverly had wanted her for far to long to wait through Sapphire's slow
kisses. Beverly grabbed a hold of Sapphire's shoulders and pulled her tightly
against her. She kissed Sapphire deeply, probing her mouth with her tongue.
She then picked her up saying, "I don't want you walking on that ankle just

She then carried her into the bedroom where she laid her down nto the bed.
She quickly pulled off her uniform and sat on top of Sapphire. She
practically tore her uniform off for her. She then bent down and firmly
sucked on Sapphire's now exposed nipples. Sapphired moaned out...

"Oh please Bev,take me, take me now!"

Beverly let out a loud moan when she heard those words from Sapphire's lips.
She eagerly sucked on her nipples, rolling her tongue around the areola of
each one before she gently bit down. Sapphire cried out when Bev had bit felt so good to finally be touched by the woman she had wanted for
so long. Beverly could not stay in one place for more than a few seconds at
a time, she wanted to taste everything on Sapphires body. She then moved off
of the now rock hard nipples she had been nursing and licked her way down
Sapphires body.

Just then Sapphire moaned out, "Oh yes Bev yes...I want to feel your tongue
in me... please...lick me...lick my pussy good.."

Upon hearing that Bev wasted no more time and buried her face in Sapphire's
pussy. "Oh you taste wonderful...I could eat you all night!" Bev exclaimed as
she started to lap up the juice that was now pouring from Sapphire's now
steaming hot pussy. She then turned her attention to the swollen clit before
her eyes. She started to lick very slowly around it, bringing moans of
pleasure fromSapphire. She then flicked her tongue hard against the sweet bud
as she slid two fingers deep into her lover.

"Oh YES! That's it bev ooohhh...ram those fingers into me HARD!!" Sapphire
screamed out as she neared orgasum. "Oohh..Bev...I am gonna cum!"

As soon as the words had escaped Sapphire's mouth Bev rammed another finger
into the now soaking wet pussy as she sucked hard on clit, bringing screams
of pure delight from Sapphire's mouth. Now Bev had her hand down on her own
pussy, rubbing her own clit hard. Soon she was also near orgasum. Just then
Sapphire exploded with the most intense orgasm she had ever felt in her life.
Feeling Sapphire's pussy walls squeeze Bev's fingers while she was cumming
sent Bev over the edge. She cried out as her orgasm struck her hard.

Bev and Sapphire lay holding each other, in total bliss after what they have
just shared. Bev looks over at Sapphire and says, "I am so happy right now...
I want this to last forever."

To which Sapphire replies, "Oh,I think it will. Just remember next time I get
to taste you.....!"


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