Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek, but the storyline is mine.

Star Trek - The Next Generation: Crushed Crusher Part 3 (MF,F-dom)
by The Wiz

Beverly was fully prepared for Jean-Luc when he arrived. On the sound of the
chime she answered with the "Come" that he usually used. As he walked into
the room he couldn't see her anywhere and correctly assumed that she must be
in her bedroom.

He gave a nervous cough hoping to elicit some instruction on what to do next,
but she said nothing, and he just stood by the door, his hands clenching and
unclenching in his discomfort. Eventually he just sat down, and tried to wait
patiently, but before long the suspense was just to much for him. He had to
say something.

"Uh, you wanted to see me Beverly." 'Oh, pathetic!' he thought. 'That was
hardly an original line.' He knew exactly what she was doing in making him
wait for her. He'd done it himself to junior officers many many times, but
he hadn't been subjected to it personally for quite a few years, and he was
surprised at how disconcerting it could be even when he knew what was going

He needed to make himself relax, or at least appear that way while he waited
for her, so he pushed himself further back into the chair and crossed his
legs. He was consciously trying to make himself look as nonchalant as

He knew that he was looking good. He was wearing loose-legged black
linen-style trousers, cut tight above the hips, a 'Mallard' green baggy satin
shirt with a cross over front that exposed a good amount of his muscular
chest, and black leather sandals that gave him a look of casual elegance
perfectly suited to lounging about in chairs and playing risque flirting
games. And contrary to popular legend he did *like* to flirt on occasion, as
Beverly had often found to her cost. He could when it suited him, use his
sexuality outrageously and with devastating effect on his chosen victim.

He consoled himself with his not inconsiderable abilities while he waited for
Beverly to make her appearance. And then she stepped into the room.....

Picard gasped. He'd never before seen Beverly look like that!

Her glorious auburn hair, apart from a few tresses that were deliberately
allowed to escape, was pinned up in a perfect French Pleat. She was wearing
a tight red and black Basque, that pinched her already narrow waist in,
accentuating her round hips and lifting her creamy white breasts so that
they almost but not quite spilled out of the black lace as she drew breath.
She wore no stockings or shoes, but a delicate gold chain hugged her finely
turned white ankle, drawing Picards attention to her beautifully elegant
feet and her toenails painted deepest red to match the Basque. Topping all
of that was a floaty black see through negligee.

Picard was stunned. He'd always thought her beautiful but now....

The vision spoke.

"Hello Jean-Luc." She played it cool. "I'm glad you could come."

"I wouldn't have missed this for the world. Oh Beverly. You're beautiful,
absolutely beautiful!" His praise was sincere, and it warmed her, but she
knew she had to stay aloof for what she had to do.

"I'm very glad you think so Jean-Luc, but you did almost miss it didn't you?"
She was getting straight down to business.

"Oh Beverly, that was just a scratch, I was in no real danger with Worf
there!" He did his best to shrug it off as unimportant, but it was important,
very important, and soon she would be letting him know that.

"Jean-Luc! Don't you *dare* lie to me. I saw it remember? A few more inches
to the right and you would be dead, your lungs would have been burned away
beyond even my capabilities." She didn't need a warm up, she went straight
into attack mode, and she was going to give it to him good!

"Just how many times have you disappeared off to fix so called 'minor'
injuries behind our backs eh?" Her eyes were flashing as she built herself
up into a fine old paddy.

"AND, I want to know how long you have had that protoplaster!" She carried on
not giving him a chance to answer any of the questions she fired at him, just
getting the whole thing off her chest until she came to the crux of the

"You have to pay for this Jean-Luc, and as I see it you have two choices."
She steeled herself to give him the ultimatum.

"And they are?" He knew roughly what they would be but he had to ask anyway.

"One. Either you accept Starfleet regulations from now on *and* the
punishment that I fully intend to hand out to you, or Two. I tell Will just
what you've been up to and then I leave the Enterprise for good when we get
to Starbase 157 again!" She continued looking him square in the eye. "Either
way you will not be allowed to put yourself at such risk ever again. No more
playing at boy hero's for you Captain Jean-Luc ruddy Picard!"

"I see." He stood up and faced her nose to nose, using his masculinity as a
weapon against her, letting his body talk for him, locking his eyes to hers.

Oh, he smelled so good, but she had to be strong, for his sake. He reached up
for one of the stray locks of hair lying against her neck and shoulder. His
hands brushed against her collarbone, and he nuzzled at her ear. She started
to breathe heavily, but she stood there hands at her sides.

"I don't want you to leave me Beverly, I'm sorry." His voice was low
seductive, penitent. His other hand reached behind her, his thumb tracing a
pattern above the top of the Basque. "I love you, and I'll do anything for
you, you know that." He kissed her throat, trailing small kisses all the way
to her breasts "Anything at all. Just tell me what you want and I'll do it."
He purred the words to her as he carried on seductively kissing her breasts,
one hand going down to cup her buttocks and pull her closer to him, making
her yield to him.

This was easier than he thought it would be, he had taken complete control of
the situation or so he believed, but somehow the thought made him feel uneasy
and guilty about the way he was trying to manipulate her, and then he noticed
that Beverly wasn't responding to him anymore, and that she had gone
absolutely rigid! He stepped back and looked at her, suddenly feeling not
quite so sure of himself.

Beverly had known that he would probably try and seduce his way around
her, she'd steeled herself against the possibility with every iota of her
resolution, but she still very nearly gave way to his manipulative charms.
She had come up against this before with him. If he really wanted something
badly, he would stop at nothing to coax her round to his way of thinking.
He would beg, smile plead, kiss, nag, even sulk, but usually he'd try to
seduce it out of her first. He'd do anything to get his own way, which he
usually did. And the irony of it was that nobody would ever believe that he
was even remotely like that. The great Starfleet Captain was completely
spoiled, and especially by her!

Well not this time. He wasn't getting his own way this time, and she was
going to make sure of it. She went to her door and pressed the lock-out
button. Nobody could disturb them now. Next she went to her entertainment
station and selected a piece of background music to help cover the noises
that they would be making very shortly now.

All this time Jean-Luc stood wide-eyed observing her with growing
trepidation. He'd kidded himself that she couldn't resist him, and now she
was going to make him pay the penalty for his arrogance... and everything

Beverly walked into her bedroom and came out with a pillow in her hand. She
tossed it at him. Then he saw what was in the other hand.

"Oh no, " he groaned. "Not the hairbrush Beverly, please." His eyes pleaded
with her but she was resolute.

"Oh yes Jean-Luc, the hairbrush, and any damned thing else I choose to use.
You are going to get the hiding of your life tonight, and you are going to
lie there and take it. Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am." There was nothing else he could say.

She held her hand out to him, palm up.

"I want your belt please Jean-Luc!" His stomach twisted, churning in a type
of frenzy he had never before known. He had always wondered what it would be
like to submit to a dominant woman, and now he was going to find out. Only
this wasn't a game or sex. This was deadly earnest punishment, and truth be
told he was scared as hell.

He handed her the belt, and followed her as she moved to the couch with as
much determination as he had ever seen her use. Turning to him she said just
the one numbing word...


Oh Merde, this was so humiliating, but he knew that he had it coming, and
considering the alternatives he was getting off lightly. He pushed his
trouser and underpants down to his knees, blushing dreadfully as his manhood
decided to stand up and announce its presence to all and sundry.

Sitting gracefully, she patted her lap.

"Over my knee Jean-Luc, its time to pay up."

He went to put the pillow on her lap but she pushed it to one side, and like
a child he meekly laid his muscular body across her thighs, his upturned
buttocks in the perfect position for punishment. Shifting her position
slightly she made herself more comfortable, and stretched her arm around his
waist, holding his body to hers in a firm grip. She ran her hand gently over
the velvet of his skin, savouring the power as his buttocks quivered in
dreadful anticipation of the stinging smacks to come.

"I suggest you use the pillow to keep the noise down Jean-Luc, because this
is going to hurt a lot, but if you try to get up, or stop me in any way our
deal is off, and I leave at Starbase 157. Do you understand?

He lifted his face from the pillow. He'd been hiding from his shame there,
and all he could say once again was "Yes Ma'am," then he buried his face

Beverly started with a hand spanking. She gave him the first few slaps and
adjusted his position on her lap again. She was deadly calm and efficient
about the whole thing. She wanted maximum effect for minimum effort. Finally
having his bare behind just exactly where she wanted it she really laid into
him. She never spoke, but as she brought her hands down on his naked flesh
she found all the anger she had been feeling flowing to the surface,
impelling her to smack his backside harder, faster. After thirty or so slaps
from her hand he started to buck slightly, trying to move his behind out of
the way, as well as desperately fighting his own impulse to protect his
behind with his hands.

She decided to switch to her hairbrush as her hand was already beginning to
feel sore. Adjusting her grip on his waist, she brought the brush down hard
for the first smack and he nearly leapt out of her lap. She waited patiently
for him to get back into the correct position, taking in the tears already
on his face, but she didn't feel sorry for him. He needed this badly and he
was going to get it, the arrogant Jean-Luc Picard had overstepped the mark
once too often. She brought the brush down on him again, and again, and
again. He was writhing on her lap, but still he stayed where he had been

Beverly at last started to scold him as she laid into his behind with the
stinging brush.

"What if you had been hurt or killed, how could I live
without you Jean-Luc.. You are a selfish arrogant bastard.
You are mine and you have no right to
endanger yourself." A volley of smacks ensued, and Jean-Luc couldn't help
the whimpers that escaped his gritted teeth.

Beverly continued her tirade.

"What about the ship and the crew, you have responsibilities
to every person on board this vessel, and I am going to
make sure that you never ever forget them again." SMACK! SMACK!> At last he couldn't stand any more and he cried out as she
smacked him, wailing and sobbing to his own surprise like a little boy.

Satisfied that she had finally got through properly to him, Beverly put down
the hairbrush in front of him where he could see it, but he continued to sob
for a minute more. He was desperate to hold onto his battered behind and rub
some of the heat away, but Beverly slapped his hands back.

She waited a minute or two until he was just about under his own control
again, and then she spoke to him, telling him just what she expected from his
conduct from now on.

"Jean-Luc I want you to listen to me." She waited until he nodded, and then
she continued.

"From now on there are no more away parties unless Will gives unhesitating
permission. Do you understand?" He nodded again, not quite ready to speak.

"And if you sustain even the slightest scratch from now on you come straight
to me. Is that understood also?" She knew it couldn't really work like that
but she was bending him to her will at this moment and needed him to agree.

"Y-yes Ma'am." His words came out as part of a sob.

"Very well. I think we can say that you've learned your lesson, can't we

"Yes Ma'am. I've learned my lesson really well, and I'm sorry that I upset
you!" The sobbing started again, but eased off after a minute or two, and the
man was back in control of himself again.

Beverly let him up off her lap, then holding his tear streaked face in her
hands she kissed him long and passionately.

"Thank you Jean-Luc. I know how much you really love me now."

"Well," he managed a rueful smile as he rubbed his behind, "Don't expect me
to love you this much all the time!"

Beverly laughed, he really was incorrigible.

"That's enough of your lip young man. I think its time you were in bed, don't

She gently pushed him towards her room, smiling softly at the stiffness in
his walk.

"Beverly?" He turned to look at her, almost afraid to ask "About that

"Oh no Jean-Luc. No protoplaster tonight, no protoplaster ever again. You're
still being punished." She patted his behind, propelling him to the bed as
she slipped off the negligee.

"Now, maybe if you're a good boy I might *use* it on you in the morning, but
only if you're a very very good boy...."

"Yes Ma'am." He reached across and pulled her to him.

"Beverly?" He was exasperating.

"What Jean-Luc?"

"Where did you get that Basque from?"


"Yes Beverly"

"Shut up and Kiss me."

"Yes Ma'am!"


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