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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Crushed Crusher Part 1 (MF,spank)
by The Wiz

The Enterprise had just arrived at Starbase 157, and with the exception of a
few maintenance crew, the Captain and the Chief Medical Officer, the ship was
completely empty. Everyone else had gone for some serious 'shore leave' on
the Starbase.

It had been two weeks since Vash had left with Q on their jaunt around
Infinity. Picard wondered vaguely how the pair of them were getting along.
Then his mind went back to the issue that had been haunting him more and
more just lately, and which was becoming more and more urgent.

Why was he now eating his breakfast alone, and what was he going to do about

* * *

Beverly had joined Picard for breakfast regularly for quite a while. He
looked forward to her smiling mischievous face with the beautiful blue eyes
over their morning croissants and coffee. It was always a lovely start to
their day.

However, ever since Beverly had inadvertently interrupted Vash and Picard
over breakfast a couple of weeks ago she had not joined him again. In fact
she had completely withdrawn herself except where her duties required that
she speak to him, and excellent CMO that she was she wouldn't let her
private feelings interfere with her duties - oh no. She just bottled them
up instead, and wouldn't talk to anyone about it.

At the time the two women had first met there didn't seem to be a problem
between them. The only one who appeared to be at all uncomfortable was Picard
who had on hearing the chime announce Beverly's arrival for breakfast as
usual, become acutely embarrassed.

The two women were frankly intrigued with each other, and seemed to
automatically club together to make Jean-Luc squirm and dangle uncomfortably
between them, and it was an event that as two 'normal' women they positively
relished. What woman wouldn't?

After that Q had intervened in his usual self effacing, mild and modest
little way, and after a brief adventure in which Q had as usual nearly got
Picard and his officers killed, Vash went of to explore and (she fervently
hoped) plunder the universe with him, leaving Jean-Luc Picard, Vash-less
and Crusher-less. Beverly most definitely was *not* talking to *him*!

The more that Beverly thought about it, the angrier she got with Jean-Luc.
Why didn't he mention Vash to anyone? What was he hiding, apart from the fact
that Vash was an amoral, conniving, dissolute, licentious, scheming little
bitch! And Beverly didn't like her either!

What the hell did he see in her? And to think that *he* preferred Vash to
herself, he couldn't have been any more insulting if he had tried. He had
hurt her deeply, crushing her feelings for him without a second thought,
and she wasn't going to let him do it again. From now on Jean-Luc Picard
could go play in a Wormhole!

In two hours Beverly would be leaving the Enterprise and Jean-Luc for good.
She couldn't stand to be around him any more, it hurt far too much. For all
that she was furious with him (to put it mildly), she hurt so much that she
couldn't bear to confront him and let him know just what she thought of him,
she would be likely to take the nearest hard heavy object to his skull.
Instead she had put in for a transfer, and was getting out of there. She
wasn't sure that she was doing the right thing, she knew that running away
wasn't really the right thing to do, but in this case she decided, it was a
tactical retreat.

Both Deanna and Riker had tried to talk her out of going, but she was
adamant. She had half hoped that Jean-Luc would refuse her transfer or at
least try to talk her out of it, but he rubber-stamped the transfer order
without a word. That just about confirmed her idea of his low regard for

Crusher made her way to her office for the last time, taking the turbo lift
instead of walking as she sometimes did. The turbo lift stopped on the floor
directly above her embarkation point and the door opened to Jean-Luc Picard.
He looked taken aback to see her (as was she to see him), as the sight of her
shook him out of some deep thought.

"May I?" He sought permission to join her, stepping on to the lift without
waiting for an answer however.

"Suite yourself, it's your ship *Captain*." Beverly's tone was sharp,

'Oh God, not now Beverly - show no weakness, no weakness!' She was repeating
the litany in her mind in a desperate attempt to control the racing of her
pulse at his nearness.

Picard made up his mind.

"Halt." The lift stopped immediately. "Beverly I want to talk to you."

"Well, I don't want to talk to you. Resume!" The lift moved on again.

"Dammit Beverly!" He took a controlling breathe. "Halt and maintain my
order!" The lift stopped again, and this time it would not move until Picard
gave the word. His temper was rising, but he battled to control it. He knew
that this would not be easy, and she was doing her best to make it downright

"Doctor Crusher." he put on his best command voice. "I was just coming to
tell you that I have rescinded your transfer order. You will not be leaving
the Enterprise today. I have just had orders that shore leave is cancelled,
and that we will be leaving this Starbase at 22:00 hours." He looked at her
shocked face trying to work out what her reaction to the news would be, then
he continued "Your replacement cannot be here for at least another 24 hours
after that. So your leaving is quite out of the question at the moment." He
tugged at his uniform top, and decided that it was time to release the turbo
lift again. "Resume."

Beverly didn't know whether to be relieved or not, she didn't really want to
go, but her famous Howard temper was about to make its presence felt.

"Jean-Luc Picard. If you think that you can keep me on this ship *with you*
for another minute, you are gravely mistaken. I don't care if you Court
Martial me, I'm getting of this ship in ten minutes and that's it!" She
tossed her head and her eyes flashed fire at him.

Picard started. He had hoped that Beverly would see his order for what it
was, an attempt to get her to stay with him, but instead she chose to fight
him. He should have known better of course. Well if she wanted a fight, and
that's what it would take to clear the air between them so be it!

"Doctor, you will unpack your belongings again, and prepare Sick bay for any
medical emergencies we may meet on this mission." He looked at her hard, he
knew exactly what he had to do. He needed to push her over the edge, make her
completely lose control of her temper now. "And that's an order Doctor. You
are not going anywhere until *I* say so!" He stood there with his hands
planted firmly on his hips, daring her to disobey him - and of course she

"My dear Captain Picard," she said it really silkily, making his eyes widen
in surprise. "BULLSHIT!" She poked him in the chest, her fury climbing to a
crescendo "I'm not spending another minute on this ship with you! I'm doing
you a favour Captain, you don't really want me here, you'd prefer some little
trollop like that Vash...! "

Her eyes flew wide open for a second. What a fool, she'd given herself
completely away, allowing her jealousy for Vash to spill into the open, and
in front of him! She was mortified. The turbo lift doors opened and she
stumbled out heading on instinct for the sanctuary of her office. The tears
had started to flow now, and she couldn't bear the thought that he might see
them. However he was following just a couple of steps behind her, and his
presence was making her whole body ache for him.

"Beverly." His voice was gentle, concerned. He wanted to put his arms around
her and apologise for hurting her so much. He knew what he had done and he
was truly sorry for it.

"Don't you Beverly me Jean-Luc. I don't need your pity. I don't need you at
all!" She took an empty cup from her desk and spinning around quickly she
threw it straight at him! He ducked and it missed him completely, bouncing
off the wall to the floor. "Now leave me alone." She was sobbing but she was
still looking for something else to throw at him. Her eyes lit on a vase that
he had given her to hold the flowers that she oft times brightened the
sickbay with. That would do nicely. She lifted it above her head to throw it,
but before she could release it he had gripped her wrist with one hand and
taken the vase with the other. He put it on the desk, then grabbed the back
of her head, holding it forcefully as she tried to pull away from him.

"Enough young lady!" His voice - the three words - sent a frisson through
her, the liquid flame making her shudder and suddenly gasp for breathe. She
stopped, rooted to the spot, fighting the urge to press into him, to melt
against his warm hard body.

The Howard temper however, just beat the Howard passion to the finish line.
She took a deep breath, and stamped down as hard as she could on Picard's
foot. The shock made him release her and she dived for the office door
making for Transporter room 2.

Picard realised exactly where she was going, but he'd started this fight and
he was going to finish it! He snapped out his command,

"Computer. Shut down all transporter functions until my release."


'Good,' he thought 'she can't get out that way. Now to sort this out!'

Beverly was desperately trying to release the transporter controls. It wasn't
working. Just as she turned to leave and make a retreat to her room Picard
walked through the door.

"Doctor." He sounded like he was just about to start a friendly conversation
but that was the furthest thing from his mind. He moved towards her. She
moved back behind the transporter consul. She tried to dodged past him to
the door but he grabbed her elbow pulling her back to him! Suddenly she found
herself dangling over his shoulder!

"Jean-Luc, put me down!" She almost shrieked it at him. He slapped her behind

"Quiet you! Computer release transporter controls." He shrugged his shoulder,
settling her more firmly.


Picard set the transporter to beam them directly to his quarters, then he
carried the still struggling doctor on to the transporter pad.

On arriving in his room, Picard immediately dumped Beverly on the couch, and
just stood there getting his breath back. She was trying to straighten her
hair and compose herself. Her heart was pounding so hard, her blood was
racing so fast. Was he finally going to do it? After all of these years was
he finally going to take control - take her?

She looked up at him, the challenge in her eyes more than evident.

He spoke quietly and gently. "Beverly, I'm truly sorry that I hurt you, I
never meant to do that. I think far too much of you to ever deliberately hurt
you." He knelt down in front of her. "Vash was just one of those things, and
I didn't mean it to happen."

His eyes met hers, reaching for her understanding - almost begging for it.
"And for all that I've always known that there was something between us,
you've always backed away from following through. I thought that I was free
to do what ever I wanted."

She looked at his downcast eyes, knew that he probably wouldn't be able to go
much further without her encouragement, so she spoke.

"Well you were wrong weren't you Jean-Luc?" Her voice was firm, provocative.
"You're not free any more than I am." This was it, make or break time. "But
I'll give you your freedom if that's what you want. Do you want it Jean-Luc?"
He looked stunned, but she continued. "Because I'm still leaving this ship
unless you can change my mind and prove to me that you really want me. You've
got five minutes to make up your mind. I'll be in my quarters if you need

Rising from the couch Beverly made the bravest move she had ever made. She
kissed the reeling Picard on the cheek and went to leave his room.

"Oh no you bloody don't!" Picard was on her in a flash. "You want convincing,
I'll give you convincing!" Taking her wrist he dragged her to his bedroom.
Spinning her around so that her back was to the bed he pushed her.

"Down!" She fell back on to the bed.

Bending over he caught up one of her feet and started to pull the boot away.
She started to fight him, but he caught the other foot and pulled the boot
off of that one too.

Neither of them spoke. They were engaged in a furious battle. He had to prove
his love and desire to her, and she had to make him prove it by fighting him
every step of the way.

He pulled at the fastening to her uniform, slapping her hands away as they
tried to thwart his efforts. Grasping the cuffs of her sleeves, he pulled
until one arm was free, did the same to the next arm, and then dragged the
uniform down off her shoulders. She just continued to fight him, wordlessly
glaring her challenge at him, and the more of her that he revealed the more
he wanted. He brusquely turned her over on to her front, grabbing the uniform
by the waist and then ripping it from the rest of her body. All that she was
left with now were her wispy non-regulation bra and panties. He undid the bra
and almost tore it away from her - he'd show her what he wanted all right.

Beverly couldn't believe what was happening to her. After all these years of
waiting! Well she wanted to join in the fun. She'd show him what *she* wanted

His hands went to her panties, but she twisted away from him, hooked a foot
around his leg and pulled him to the bed as well. She grabbed the hem of his
uniform top and ripped it over his head, the insignia scratching a line
along his cheek, but it didn't stop her. Next her hands went to his trouser
fastening, and she made short work of that. She pulled his boots off now, and
forcefully moved back up his legs to grasp the waist band of this trousers
and underpants. She worked them down his legs slowly and pulling them off -
she then stopped. And waited...

Picard was momentarily stunned by Beverly's rough undressing of him, then he
began to enjoy it, he liked the feeling that she was about to rape him, but
then she stopped. 'I see, that's her game is it.' He laughed.

Jumping up Picard grabbed her by her shoulders again, and pushed her face
down on the bed, his thumb hooking under her panties and slowly pulling them
down. His left hand pressed into the small of her back so that she couldn't
get away from him. As the panties arrived at her knees he stopped. His right
hand went to her buttocks rubbing circles and figure of eights on them. She

"I don't recall giving you permission to undress me young lady." His voice
was low and seductive. "And pushing a superior officer over is a very serious
offence!" He continued caressing her buttocks, his hands getting more and
more intimate. He murmured in to her ear "A very serious offence indeed. What
do you think I should do about it doctor?" His hand slipped between her legs
and she jumped slightly, gripping the quilt as she waited for his next
action. "What would you prescribe Beverly?" He kissed her ear, and then
letting go of her back, he stood her up, sat on the bed himself and turned
her across his knees. She yelped as she landed on his warm lap, more from
surprise than anything. He continued rubbing her behind again.

"Not only have you man-handled a superior officer, but you've been
insubordinate as well." His voice was low, soothing and dripping with
implication. "You've been a very naughty girl Beverly. What do you think I
should do with you?" His hands slipped once more between her legs making her
squirm as his other hand reached under her and teased a nipple. She gasped.

"You must maintain discipline Captain," she gasped again, her hands grabbed
his uniform top lying on the floor, "I think you should smack me first, and
then make very severe love to me." She was so embarrassed saying the words,
but she knew that was what they both needed.

"I think I should as well my good doctor." His voice held a laugh, but he
kept a straight face, and set about the not so onerous task before him.

I'm sure that Starfleet regulations don't have
specific guidelines on how to administer a spanking,
but I'm sure that I can manage to improvise. Smack, Smack!> Somehow.

Picard stopped his punishment of his CMO's now very pink posterior, and
pulled her into his arms. She was crying softly. Not so much from the
spanking, his smacks hadn't been that hard. More from the fact that Picard
had actually admitted to needing her at last.

He wiped a tear from her face, looking at her with all the love he felt for

"Well, naughty girl, are you going to follow orders now?" He kissed her

"Yes sir. I'll be good." She kissed his forehead back, "but only if I get to
maintain *your* discipline too!" She was laughing, all of her worries had
melted away.

"That's a deal Doctor." He grinned back at her, his eyes dancing, so she
pushed him back down on the bed and set about ravishing his beautiful body.

But that's another story....


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