Star Trek - The Next generation: Counselor Troi Needs Help Part 4 (FF,BDSM)
by Mndom

This is the fourth installment of the series entitled Counselor Troi Needs
Help. If you have not read the previous three, I strongly suggest you read
them, as different elements from those will work their way into the
storyline. As always, please send me all your comments. Now, on with the

Beverly Crusher sat on her bed and relaxed. Her shift as Chief Doctor on the
Federation's flagship had just ended and she was exhausted. She had to treat
over 400 Berelians after their ship crashed into a small asteroid. It was
tough work but her staff had been remarkable quick and all lives were saved.
She looked at her screen and noticed that her son, Wesley, had sent her a
video letter. Beverly missed Wesley more then ever these days. After her
husband, Jack, had died 20 years ago, Wesley was really her only family.
However, for the last 2 years, he had been attending the Academy and still
was not due for leave for several months. Yet, all in all this had been a
near perfect day.

As Beverly lay on her bed, her thoughts moved to Jack. How she had loved
Jack! Jack was always available to please her in every way possible. Jack
had even delved into some of the kinkier fantasies that she had. Her
favorite was when she wore a short white sun dress. Jack would come into
the room and be furious with her. He then ordered her to bend over a table.
He would raiser her dress over her hips and remove her panties. She would
stay there for several minutes while Jack went outside and found a suitable
switch. He carefully removed all leaves and thorns and then reentered the
room. He would then whip her ass over and over until the switch broke. As
Beverly thought about this, her mind turned to Deanna.

Deanna was a Betazoid with an incredible sex drive and a very kinky mind.
Beverly looked in her closet and put on a simple white sub dress and went
to Deanna's room. Beverly rang the bell and Deanna answered soon thereafter.
"Hello, Beverly, what are you doing here?" Deanna asked. Beverly simply said,
"I know we are a little early, but can we look over some of the medical
crew evaluations?" Deanna nodded, and Beverly walked in.

Once inside and the door had closed, Crusher ran to Troi and kissed her on
the mouth. "Well, well, well. Looks like someone has other ideas than medical
crew evaluations", Troi said. Beverly smiled and said, "I really do. I am
very horny, but need something different tonight. I need something that I
think only YOU can provide."

Troi looked at Beverly and smiled. "Of course, my dear Bev. I will do
anything you want me to do. Shall I get the strap on?"

Beverly smiled and shook her head. "No, darling, I have a very intense favor
to ask you, and I will not be upset if you turn me down. I need... I need..."
"Relax sweetheart. What ever do you want?"

Beverly took a deep breath and said, "Deanna will you please whip my ass with
a switch?" Deanna looked at Beverly a moment and repeated, "whip your ass
with a switch?" Beverly nodded. "Jack used to beat me every week and I loved
it. He used to talk dirty to me, make me feel like a slut, humiliate me, and
beat me. Since our last encounter with Q, when he spanked my ass, I have been
thinking about this. I guess this is a repressed memory of sorts returned."

Deanna walked over to the replicator and said, "Black stiletto heels sized 5
and one authentic switch." She suddenly pulled the skirt and top that she had
been wearing and stood in her black bra, panties, and stilettos. Deanna
opened her legs and said, "Ok, Bev, you want to be whipped? You want to be
whipped? You want to feel like a slut? You want to be humiliated? Then get
your fucking ass over here, you cunt, and lick my panties!"

Beverly realized what was happening and ran right over. ~Whack~ A sharp whack
emanated from Crusher's ass. "I did not give you permission to run. Crawl
over here", Deanna barked". Crusher got on all fours and crawled over. She
crawled up to Deanna's pussy and started licking the panty covered mound. She
licked and started to put her fingers on the waist band of Deanna's panties.
She also raised her ass of the ground to get a better angle. A smack from
Deanna's hand knocked her on the ground. "What the fuck do you think you are
doing?!" Deanna yelled. Deanna reached down, pulled up Beverly's dress and
started spanking her ass. "Now lets see if you can behave."

Deanna removed her bra and panties and slumped down so that her ass was
turned up. "Now lick my ass and make me come!" Crusher laped at Deanna's ass
for all she was worth while Troi played with her cunt. "I want deep tounge in
my ass, bitch! Get that tounge inside! Beverly felt completely humiliated and
loved it. As Deanna came,Beverly's head was pulled towards Troi's cunt. "You
will drink every drop or else!" Beverly drank every drop and was proud of
herself. Then Deanna looked at her and said, Open up, I have another
surprise!" A yellow stream of urine flooded Crusher's mouth. She tried to
swallow all of it, but simply was unable. A good amount fell on the floor.
Deanna reached under Crusher's dress and pinched her nipples and then twisted
them" For your continual disrespect, you will have to be punished. Go stand
in that corner."

Crusher crawled into the corner and waited. Deanna arrived a few minutes
later, looking very angry. "Stand up and bend over." Beverly complied feeling
nervous but very, very excited. Deana raised Beverly's dress and pinned it so
that it would not fall. "I will now beat your ass with this switch. I gave
you several chances to behave properly, but you chose not to listen. I will
not stop your beating until the switch has broken."

With that a sharp crack landed on her ass. Crack after crack landed. Deanna
had never used a switch before, so the first few were rather light and did
not cause any emotion. When she got the rhythm down, Crusher started to
scream. Deanna kept it up amid the screams of Beverly.

Deanna stopped, and smacked Crusher in the face. "Why are you crying slut? Is
your ass in pain? Well that's just too fucking bad." Deanna kept assaulting
Crusher's ass with the switch. Crusher's ass turned red and then a deep
purple. Finally after one mighty whack, the switch broke in two. Beverly had
been sobbing and only now did Deanna really look at the state of Beverly's
ass. Deanna dropped the chards and raced to her lover and hugged her. "Oh, I
am so sorry. I got carried away, Please forgive me!"

Beverly looked at her and with tears in her eyes she exclaimed," Thank you so
much! That was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you so much! I KNEW that I could
count on you. Is there any fantasy that I can do for you sometime?"

Deanna breathed a sigh of relief and said," You know, I have always wondered
what it would be like to suck a girl's toes and have a girl suck mine."

Crusher looked at her and smiled. "Anytime, you want to try it, just stop
by!" Troi and Beverly then walked over to the big bed and lay down. Troi
started soothing, kissing, and licking the welt marks on Beverly's ass.
Beverly smiled. She had lived out her fantasy and reconnected with the past.
Her day was now perfect.


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