Star Trek - The Next Generation: Counsellor Troi Undercover (m+/f,f/f,plant)
by Deanna Troi

Part One: Introduction

Deanna woke up with a start. The room was pitch black and for the life of
her, she could not remember where she was. She had been attending the
counselling conference on Starbase 69, and she had gone back to her room
after the reception feeling a little dizzy. This bed she was lying on,
however, felt a lot softer than her starfleet standard bunk in the guest
quarters. "Computer. Lights," commanded Deanna and she looked around the
room. Wherever she was, she was NOT in her quarters on Starbase 69, and she
was pretty sure she was not anywhere on the Starbase.

The first word that came to find when she saw the room was lurid. The bed she
was lying on was huge and round and very very soft. The sheets were yellow,
and made of Denebian silk, very expensive and very soft. On the ceiling over
the bed was a round mirror, the same diameter as the bed. The walls were
covered in murals depicting sex acts. There were humans, vulcans, klingons,
orions, and dozens of other races. There was even one of what seemed to be a
Horta making love to a large breasted human, surely an impossible act? The
floor was covered by a creamy white rug that Deanna found very soft on her
bare feet as she swung them over the edge of the bed. She glanced down at her
own body and found that her only garment was a near transparent nightie that
clung to her in a very embarrassing manner. Suddenly there was a beeping
noise. It was soft and repeat itself every few seconds. Deanna glanced around
and found the noise was coming from a small cube on the night table beside
the bed. She picked it up and is activated by her touch, a holo projector was
activated, forming a figure that stood just in front of the counsellor. It
was a figure she recognised. "Admiral Nachayev," she exclaimed in surprise.

The hologram nodded at her and smiled. "Good evening Counsellor Troi. I am
sorry for the way we had to bring you here, but Starfleet has a vital mission
that we need you to carry out."

"You can count on me to do my best Admiral, but where am I? What am I
supposed to do?"

"You are on Melon 7. To be more precise you are in the capital city of
Arousia, and to be even more precise, you are in what I believe they used to
call on earth, a whore house."

"Oh my God," said Troi as she looked at the admiral in shock. What am I doing

"Two days ago, the research facility on Ganma Hydra 12 was raided by parties
unknown. They killed all the scientists there and stole a top secret weapon
that Starfleet was building as a last resort in our war with the Dominion.
The device is capable of causing a star to go nova. As you can imagine, in
the wrong hands that is a very dangerous weapon."

"I'm not sure there are any right hands for something that powerful,"
commented Troi.

"Perhaps," admitted Nachayev, "About these are desperate times. We only have
one lead to follow and that is where you come in. One of the attackers was
badly wounded and they left him for dead. He didn't live long and he only
told us a bit about the leader of the raiders. We don't even know if it is a
he or a she or an it, but the dying man said the leader was totally addicted
to sex and had a small star shaped tattoo on or near his or her genitals. The
only other thing our informant said before he died, was that they were
supposed to meet a buyer for the weapon here on Melon 7. We placed you here
in the premiere whore house on Melon 7 on the hope that the leader will stop
to entertain himself or herself. If that happens, you are to call us with
this holo communicator. We have security personal standing bye 24 hours a day
to follow and capture the leader and his gang. In the meantime, until he or
she shows up, you are to do everything possible to maintain your cover in the
whore house. Are you clear what I mean when I say everything?"

Deanna gazed back at the admiral and her heart sank. "I understand admiral,
but I don't like it."

"You don't have to like it counsellor. You just have to do your job. The
lives of millions or billions could depend on you maintaining your cover.
Nachayev out." The hologram vanished and left Deanna standing alone in the
room. What now she thought to herself? Did she just wait her for her Aclients
to show up, and what would they expect her to do? Her musings were answered
as the door of her room opened and in walked a fat woman wearing more makeup
and jewellery than anyone Deanna had ever seen.

"Hello dear," bubbled the woman. "I hope you are ready to get to work. I paid
a pretty penny for you and hope you are worth it. I was told you were the
best whore on the sector, and I have a lot of clients who want your

"I'll try not to let you down," said Deanna and in her mind she cursed
Nachayev for putting her in this spot.

"I'm sure you won't dear," said the madam as she walked over to the wall by
the door and pressed a button there. A computer screen and controls folded
down out of the wall. These are the controls for the room dear. "You can
program up any devices or aides that you need for your clients. Do you think
you know how to use the controls? They are very complicated," said the
anxious woman.

Deanna glanced at the controls and smiled. Compared to the helm controls of
a galaxy class starship, these controls were quite simple, and she had
piloted the Enterprise on more than one occasion. "I am sure I can handle
it," said Deanna confidently.

"Oh I am so glad," murmured the woman. "Well then, I will send up your first
clients. Do show them a good time," said the madam as she bustled out of the

Part Two: Ferengi Gang Bang

'Them? What does she mean them.' thought Deanna as she sat on the edge of the
bed feeling nervous. Her questions were answered in a few seconds when four
little Ferengi bustled into the room.

"She's not bad looking for a human slut," said one as he leered at Troi.

"She has clothes on," complained the second. "Take your clothes off whore,"
he ordered.

Deanna smiled and stood up. She had to maintain her cover, and if that meant
exposing herself to these disgusting little trolls then that was what she had
to do. She pulled the nightie over her head and stood there naked in front of
the four Ferengi who gawked hat her body.

"Let's fuck her!" shouted the first Ferengi and he darted towards Troi and
pushed her back onto the bed and climbed up on top of her. His hands rubbed
at her tits, and the other three Ferengi quickly joined him on the bed. The
agile little aliens quickly peeled off their clothes and soon Deanna found
herself being fondled by four naked Ferengi. One of them stuck his semi hard
cock in her face and told her to suck him off. Deanna wanted to scream, but
instead she smiled at him and opened her mouth like the whore she was
supposed to be, and took his prick inside her mouth. The Ferengi sighed in
contentment as Deanna ran her tongue around the head of his cock and it began
to get harder in her mouth. Soon it was very hard and he was thrusting it in
and out of her mouth, fucking her face hard. As her face was being fucked,
Deanna could only note that there was no star shaped tattoo in sight.

The Ferengi did not have much control and after a minute or so of thrusting
his dick in and out of her mouth, Deanna felt a warm flood of liquid fill her
mouth and she was forced to swallow the Ferengi's cum. 'My first blowjob as a
whore.' she thought as she tasted the salty cum. 'I wonder how many more I
will have to give before this assignment is over.' Even as she thought this,
she felt the other Ferengi force her onto her knees on the bed and one of
them got behind her and quickly slid his cock into her pussy from behind.
Deanna gasped as he began to fuck her but she didn't have time to dwell on
her shame as another one of the little creatures shoved his cock into her
mouth and soon she was being fucked rapidly at both ends. Her body was caught
between their pistoning cocks and her tits jiggled up and down as they took
her. They were not nice or polite about it. They just used her like she was
a slab of meat to satisfy their lust. They didn't care about her comfort or
her mind or anything else about her other than the holes she had that they
could fill with their cocks. Roughly they fucked her until they both gave a
cry and emptied their loads into her. She got her second taste of Ferengi cum
even as she felt her pussy being filled with the jizm of the other Ferengi.
They pulled out of her and wiped their dribbling cocks on her naked body.

The fourth Ferengi who had been stroking his cock and impatiently waiting his
turn flipped her onto her back and climbed up on top of her and put his dick
between her tits. Deanna pushed her breasts around his hard member and he
began to tit fuck her boobs. He took a dozen hard strokes between her soft
boobs and then he shot his load all over her face and tits, leaving her
covered in his cum. Then without a word of thanks, the four Ferengi got off
the bed, got dressed and walked out of the room leaving Troi alone on the
bed, body glistening with their cum.

A few seconds later, the madam bounced into the room. She smiled at Troi.
"Those were four very happy Ferengi," she said as she sat down on the edge of
the bed and beamed at Troi. The madam dipped her finger into the cum on
Deanna's tits and licked it off her finger. "They paid up without even their
usual haggling. You must be very good dear. I might just have to sample you
myself." Troi hid her disgust as the madam leaned down and licked some of the
Ferengi cum off her breasts. "Mmmm well I will have to wait my turn. There
are a lot of clients who want to use your services. Now go have a shower and
then I will send up the next one."

Part Three: The Making of a Lesbian

Troi stumbled from the bed into the large bathroom and stepped into the huge
shower. It was obviously made for more than one person and she shuddered as
she let the warm water rinse the Ferengi cum from her body. She stood there
under the water for several minutes, just enjoying the sensation. Suddenly
she felt a pair of hands cup her breasts, and she realised that her next
client had decided to join her in the shower. Deanna opened her eyes and
looked around into the face of a another woman. The blonde woman smiled and
pressed her large breasts against Troi's back and began to rub them up and
down. Deanna was stunned. She had always enjoyed heterosexual encounters and
now she was facing her first ever lesbian experience. Despite wishing
otherwise, she had no choice but to go through with this and she turned
around to face the naked woman. Deanna kissed her hard on the mouth,
savouring her first taste of another woman and fi nding it was not at all
unpleasant as the woman opened her mouth and took Deanna's tongue into her
mouth. Their tits rubbed together as the water cascaded over their bodies
and they kissed for a long time. The woman reached between Deanna's legs and
touched her pussy. Deanna was surprised to realise she was wet, and not just
from the water. The blonde slipped two fingers inside her, and Deanna moaned
softly as the women slid her fingers in and out of her. Then slowly the
blonde kissed her way down Troi's body. She stopped for several long minutes
to lick and suck on Troi's breasts then moved lower until her face was buried
in Deanna's cunt. Her tongue licked in and out, stabbing at Deanna's clit and
then slipping between her pussy lips. Troi was in ecstasy. She had never had
a man eat her out this good before and she clasped the woman's head to her
pussy so she could lick deeper inside her. Deanna began to moan loudly as the
women licked her pussy and as the warm water continued to run over her naked
body, she came to an earthshaking climax.

The blonde smiled up at Troi, her face shiny with Deanna's juices and then
she stood up and kissed Deanna on the lips again. Deanna could taste her own
sweetness enjoying the forbidden taste and revelled in her wantonness. Now
it was her turn she realised and she began to lick the large boobs of the
blonde woman, sucking them until the nipples were hard in her mouth. Now it
was the blonde who moaned and sighed as Troi used her tongue all over her
naked form, kissing and licking lower and lower until Deanna had her mouth
buried in her first ever pussy. No star shaped tattoo she thought as she
began to slip her tongue into the woman's juicy slit. The woman tasted so
good as Deanna probed her with her tongue while using one finger to rub the
woman's clit. The woman's cries of passion grew louder an d louder as Deanna
administered to her pussy with her tongue and fingers. After several minutes
of attention the blonde pulled Troi's face tight against her pussy and came
in a long shuddering orgasm. Then without a word the woman got out of the
shower, dried herself off and left, leaving Troi to relax under the soothing
warm water.

Part Four: Getting Planted

Some time later, still recovering from her first lesbian encounter, Deanna
walked back into the bedroom, padding across the white rug, her drying hair
still wrapped in a towel. By the door was a large plant that someone must
have left while she was making love to the woman in the shower. The thing was
huge, at least eight feet tall and not very pretty. It was a blotchy green
and purple and appeared to consist mainly of large central flower that was
closed, and a number of trailing vines and suckers. It was planted in a broad
shallow pot and as Deanne watched, the central flower began to open. The
flower spread open until it formed a large circular pulsing red cushion,
fully ten feet in diameter. Deanna had been so busy watching the flower open,
however, that she failed to notice the vines crawling across the floor
towards her. Failed to notice them, until suddenly two of them curled around
her ankles and tugged, sending her sprawling onto her ass on the white rug.
He towel flew off her head s ending her damp hair cascading about her
shoulders as the plant began to drag her towards the opened flower.

Panic rose in Deanna as she was relentlessly pulled towards the vibrating
red mass of vegetation. She struggled with all her might, but the vines
around her ankles were like steel cables. All her struggles managed to do
was to undo the cord that bound her robe in front and her breasts spilled
out. Almost instantly two vines with small suckers on the end leaped from
the plant and fastened onto her nipples. In horror, Deanna watched the
tendrils attach to her breasts and begin to suck on them. She reached down
and tried to pull them off, but two more vines wrapped around her hands and
held them away from her body. Then she was lifted in the air and found
herself settled smack in the middle of the flower. In the process, more
vines removed the robe and she found herself naked once more. Looking down
between her spread legs, she saw another vine inching toward her pussy and
she screamed in horror as she realised that the plant intended to fuck her.
Helpless she watched the vine touch her pussy lips and then snake inside. It
was as thick as a man's penis and much more flexible as it continued to probe
deeper into her cunt. The slithering around inside her was now starting to
raise soft moans from her unwilling lips as was the sucking on her tits by
the other two vines. "Ahhhhhhhh" moaned the counsellor as the plant began to
thrust its vine in and out of her then she stiffened as she felt another
vine. This one probing at her ass. Before she knew what was happening a
second phallic vine slide into her ass and began to fuck her. The two vines
moved in unison while the sucking on her boobs continued. Troi was now
screaming with horror and pleasure as the plant took her body. Around her
she saw another dozen of the phallic tipped vines wavering in the air and
then all of them began to spew a sticky white sap onto her body. It was like
a dozen huge cocks cumming an d they coated her body with the sap leaving her
all sticky and shiny even as she felt the two vines insider her also blast
loads of plant cum into her. The cum dripped out her ass and pussy and the
vines rubbed obscenely on her plastered body and then she climaxed herself,
luxuriating in the sensation.

Gently her body was lowered back to the rug and she lay there naked and
covered in plant cum as the plant sprouted legs and left the room. Troi was
stunned, she had never heard of a plant fucking a humanoid before and she
just lay there as the madam waddled in. "AMmmmm you look good enough to eat,"
she commented and dipped a finger into the white goo that covered Deanna. All
the other girls were to afraid to let that plant fuck them, but you sure did
a good job honey. The madam beamed at Troi and began to lick the plant cum
off Deanna's tits with her tongue. AThis stuff tastes real good. Girls come
and try it! To Deanna's utter shame, a half dozen of the other whores came
into the room and gathered around the naked Betazoid, licking the sweet plant
juices off her body. Finally they had licked her clean and left her lying on
the floor naked. Sigh, time for another shower she thought to herself and no
sign of the star shaped tattoo on the plant creature so it looked like she
was going to have to endure her role as a whore for a while yet.

Part Five: Mirror, Mirror

When Deanna returned from her shower, she found her next client waiting for
her. He was a middle aged man, short, bald and pudgy and Deanna thought that
this might be her first "normal" trick. "Hello," she greeted him, a towel
wrapped around her otherwise naked body. "What can I do for you sugar? A blow
job perhaps?" Deanne could hardly believe she had been able to make that
suggestion so bluntly. A day of being a whore had obviously changed her more
than she would have thought possible in such a short time.

"I, er have a special fantasy," stuttered the man and he blushed under
Deanna's enquiring glance. "I want to see you make love to yourself," he
finally got out.

"Ah, you want to see me masturbate," smiled Deanna and she dropped the towel
to the floor.

"Oh no," said the man hurriedly as Deanna’s hands strayed towards her pussy.
"I have always wanted to see a woman making love to her exact twin."

Deanna paused in mid caress and smiled. Then she walked towards the room's
holo controls and quickly programmed in the parameters. There was a flash of
light and then standing in front of her was her exact duplicate. The
duplicate Troi was also naked and without a second’s hesitation walked over
to the real Troi and kissed her creator full and hard on the lips. This is
sick, sick, sick thought the counsellor as she wrapped her arms around the
duplicate and opened her mouth to let the tongue of the other Troi slither
into her mouth. Deanna’s tits pressed perfectly against those of her
duplicate and they held the kiss for several minutes before breaking it off
and moving over to the bed. The duplicate Troi crawled up on top of her
mistress and the two resumed their kiss, rubbing their breasts and their
pussies together. The twins then moved into a 69 and began to lick each
other's pussies which soon had them both moaning with pleasure. Out of the
corner of her eye, Deanna could see the client pulling out his cock and
jerking off as he watched the two identical women making love. He crouched
over their entwined bodies and as Deanna watched his cock spurted out a load
of cum that splattered her face and boobs and the stomach of her twin. No
star shaped tattoo she noted with detachment as she grabbed the spurting
cock in one hand and jerked it to release another wad of sticky cum to splash
her lips. Deanna licked the cum from her lips and popped the cock into her
mouth to give it a good cleaning. After a minute or so of attention, the man
pulled his dick out of her mouth, put his clothes back on and left the room.
She should have ended the program then, but the tongue of her duplicate on
her clit felt so damn good she just lay there on the bed and let herself be
carried to orgasm.

Part Six: Surprise Visitor

That was Deanna’s last client for the night and she slipped off to sleep on
the soft bed. Her dreams were filled with naked bodies of every species and
sex, all with star shaped tattoos. In the morning, the madam told her she
could have the day off to go shopping, but to be back by supper time for the
early customers. Deanna spent the rest of the day wandering the city and
trying to forget she was now a whore, and when evening came she reluctantly
turned her footsteps towards the whore house.

Counsellor Troi was up in her room wearing a slinky black evening dress that
had been requested by her first client when the door opened and in walked Dr.
Beverly Crusher! The two women gaped at one another in shock, the last place
either had expected to see the other had been upstairs in a whore house.

"Beverly, what the hell are you doing here?" exclaimed Deanna.

"I, um, er, I," stuttered Beverly. "What are you doing here?"

Deanna closed the door and leaned her back against it. "You can’t tell
anyone, but I am here working undercover for Admiral Nachayev. It is top
secret. Now what are you doing here?"

"Um, I am here as your contact to see how you are doing," improvised Beverly

"Oh sure you are Beverly," smirked Troi. "You were surprised to see me, so
don't try that story on me.
You came here looking for a whore!"

Beverly blushed bright red, but couldn’t deny the self evident truth of
Deanna's statement.

"I never would have thought you were a lesbian Beverly," smirked Troi as she
watched her best friend squirm.

"I'm not," protested Beverly. "But I just wanted to try it once with another
woman, so I came here."

"Well, we had better get at it then," said Troi as she crossed over to
Beverly and stood inches from her and gazed up into the red headed doctor's

"What, what do you mean?" stammered a flustered Beverly. "I can't, I mean,
not with you!"

"I have to keep my cover," purred Deanna. "So you can't leave here for at
least an hour, and we have to do something to pass the time." Deanne moved
closer so her breast rubbed against the aghast Beverly. A stunned Beverly
did not resist as Deanna began to remove the doctor’s clothes. Before Dr.
Crusher knew what was happening, both women were naked and laying on the bed
kissing. Deanna rammed her tongue into the mouth of her best friend while
her hands played with Beverly’s tits and strayed between her legs. Troi
kissed her way down Beverly's body and started to lick at Beverly’s clit
which caused the doctor to writhe with ecstasy.

Beverly's mind was racing at warp ten as she lay on the bed in the whore
house, her clit being licked by her sexy best friend. She wondered why she
and Deanna had never tried this before as her body was wracked with spasms
of pleasure. When the pleasure let up for a moment, Beverly opened her eyes
and saw Deanna crossing to the console on the wall.

"I think I need something special," whispered Deanna as she manipulated the
controls. Beverly gasped in shock when Deanna turned around and revealed a
twelve inch double ended dildo.

"O no Deanna, you can't be serious about using that. I mean..." protested
Beverly, but she couldn't take her eyes off the very realistic looking toy.

"Oh, but I am serious," husked Troi as she came back to the bed and pushed
Beverly back onto it.

Deanna straddled her friend and spreading her friends' legs, she slid one end
of the massive dildo into Beverly's cunt. Beverly moaned with pleasure, her
eyes wide open in she watched Deanna slide the dildo into her pussy and then
with he tits jiggling settle herself on the other end. Locked together by the
double headed dildo in their pussies the two women began to rock back and
forth. Moaning and panting loudly the two women fucked each other, taking
turns to gyrate their hips and rive the dildo deeper into the other woman.
Finally, screaming loudly the two women both came at the same time and
collapsed back onto the bed enfolded in each other's arms.

"Oh my, that was the best sex I ever had," whispered Beverly.

"I wanted to make sure you got your money's worth," returned Deanna as she
played with Beverly's boobs. "Now you had better get out of here and let me
get back to earning my job."

"Whoring or spying," teased Beverly as she got up and got dressed.

"Both," said Deanna as she shooed her friend out the door.

Part Seven: Checking In

Unknown to Deanna or Beverly or even the madam, there was a small video
camera hidden in both the bedroom and the bathroom. The cameras transmitted
every last sordid detail back to the person at the other end. Admiral
Nachayev removed her fingers from her pussy and sighed in contentment. What
a stupid bitch that Troi was to fall for the old "do whatever it takes to
stay undercover" line. It had been a stroke of genius to think up this whole
scenario and trick the slut into going along with it. Nachayev licked her
juices off her fingers and smirked at the monitor showing the naked Troi once
more cleaning herself up in the shower. The betazoid woman sure was a nice
piece of ass thought Nachayev, and I bet she will happily fuck and suck
anything that comes into the whore house looking for that star shaped tattoo.
A tattoo that never existed on a thief that never existed who stole a weapon
that never existed.

Getting the doctor had been a real bonus, thought Nachayev. Maybe it will be
necessary to send her in undercover to help Troi. Nachayev smiled at that
idea, but for the moment she was content to continue watching and recording
every sex act that the whore performed/ The episode with the plant had been
sold for big bucks to the black market video channels. According to the
ratings, at least three billion beings had watched the bitch get fucked by
that plant. This was going to make her very rich thought Nachayev as she
watched the screen in anticipation of who or what Counselor Troi's next
client would be.

The End?


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