WARNING: This story contains the following things explicitly expressed:
- bondage
- psychic and physical torture
- violence

If the story is continued, there will be also non-consensual sex included.

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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Cardassian Captive Part 1 (grope,bond,tort,shave,ncon)
by Anonymous

- Prologue -

She slowly awoke, opened her eyes and looked around. Where was she? And even more important, WHO was she? She could not remember anything. But she knew that she didn't want to be in here and thus started to look around. She was in a small room without any furniture. There were no windows and no lamps, but it was bright nonetheless. She couldn't see from where the light was coming. She could not even see any door or just any opening in the walls - it seemed as if she was inside a metal box. Shivering, she started to knock on the walls - maybe there was somewhere a thin part. Nothing. All of the walls, including ceiling and floor, sounded quite massive. She could have been inside this steel cell kilometers below the planet surface - who knows? Realizing this, she sat on the floor, and had to fight the panic back. She not just felt alone, as you would normally feel alone, but in a very intensive way.

* * *

"Any signs from the Captain or from Deanna yet?"

"Negative, Sir. There are too many interferences in the stratosphere of the planet", Data said as unemotionally as only a robot could be in a situation like this one. Riker was nervous. What had happened to the Captain? Where was Deanna? He could not stand his being so helpless - the only thing they could do was scanning the whole planet. But with all those magnetic interferences they could never gain certainty about their whereabouts. They did not even know whether they were still alive. "Will the interferences reduce in the next days?"

"I do not know, Commander. These interferences are very strange. They are very irregular, so it is not likely that they are artificial. But they are extraordinarily intensive. I have never encountered something like this before, Sir."

"And so we aren't able to send a team to the surface?"

"Exactly, Sir. Beaming right now would not be dangerous. It would be certain

"But we have to do something. Data, tell me at once when it is possible to beam down, even if it's not very safe!"

"Aye, Sir."

* * *

How long had she been inside here? She had slept again, and when she woke up, it was as bright as before. Her feeling of time was completely gone, but she thought that it must have been about 24 hours or more, as she was now feeling really hungry. When the hunger started becoming painful, suddenly a light glew up in one corner of the cell. Slowly, a little box materialized.

She carefully opened it. It contained some undefinable grey substance, which had no smell at all. Anyway, hungry as she was, she started to eat the substance, noticing absolutely no taste or smell. At least her hunger was now gone. When she put the box back, it again started to glow and disappeared. Instead, a glass of water materialized, which she emptied at once. It also disappeared afterwards. Now she knew that whoever had brought her here would at least not let her starve to death.

* * *

Riker again tried to let the scenes pass his inner eye. They had beamed down to the surface to explore the planet. With him were Data, Geordi LaForge, Deanna Troi and two other science officers. Back then, the interferences had been much weaker, but still strong enough to falsify the data the scanners produced. After two hours or so, they had encountered a Cardassian team of scientists. This was strange, as they had not seen any Cardassian ship in the system. The Cardassians claimed that they were a team from a science outpost on the planet, and had no hostile intentions. There was no reason to doubt that, as this planet was uninhabited and the system did not belong to anyone. It was declared as neutral and anyone could explore it. When the Federation team had finished their tests, they had beamed back to the Enterprise. And here was the point Riker did not understand. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Counselor Deanna Troi did not arrive on the Enterprise. There had been no sign of disturbance found during beaming and nothing before or after. They had disappeared from where they had been, but did not arrive. Since then they started to scan the whole planet over and over again, but the interferences grew stronger and stronger.

* * *

She still did not know who and where she was. So she began to inspect herself. She was female and was physically in a good condition, looking quite good. She wore some kind of uniform, but could not recognize it. Attached to the uniform was a small piece of metal, which gave a beep when she touched it. It was something important, she thought, but could not imagine what it was. Suddenly, like before, one side of the cell began to illuminate. A tall, grey-skinned humanoid appeared. He wore a dark, metallic-looking uniform. His face was humanoid, but not human. She didn't know why, but she suddenly felt endangered.

"I hope you felt comfortable inside here, Counselor. For most people their first stay inside here is absolutely terrifying. - Oh, you do not understand? That's normal, our new transport-disruptor sometimes causes temporary amnesia. Would you please come with me, we can help you regain your memory."

He grabbed her arm, but did not hurt her. Then, it seemed as the whole cell began to glow, and suddenly they were inside a bigger room, which was filled with things she could not recognize. The feeling of danger inside her grew stronger. While she still looked around, she suddenly felt her wrists being pulled behind her and locked together. "Hey! What are you doing? Let me mmmmppfff.." was all she could shout before the humanoid stuffed something inside her mouth, securing it with a strap around her head.

Cardassian Captive - Chapter One -

"It must have been the Cardassians! Inform the Federation Headquarters at once! They must deliver a note to the Cardassian Empire asking for our officers!"

"I will now give you an injection. It will most likely hurt a bit, but this will not last for long. It will help you remember everything."

The grey-skinned humanoid had attached her wrists to a post in the middle of the room and now approached her with an injector. Shhhhhh - and the serum was already in her neck, quickly dissolving in her body. She felt a growing pain where it had been injected, but it was bearable. Slowly, her memory returned. She was Deanna Troi, Counselor on the on the Federation ship Enterprise. One thing after another, all events on the planet returned to her mind. She was shocked when she recognized the humanoid as a Cardassian.

"You will probably ask yourself how you got here. Well, that is quite simple. We have developed a new system that is capable to deflect a transporter beam with no one recognizing it. So, you came here instead to the Enterprise. Your crew will be missing you and your Captain, but they have no clue about what really happened."

So they also had the Captain, Deanna realized, shocked by the events.

"Look here, please."

On one side of the room, a screen illuminated and showed some Cardassian soldiers and Captain Picard. He was tied to a wall and the soldiers targeted their phasers on him. A shout was heard and the phasers flashed. Picard jerked and then hung limply in his bonds.

"He wasn't worth any efforts. Don't be afraid, we will not kill least not at once."

Deanna was still stunned from what she hhad seen. Picard was dead! How could they dare that?

"No, the Federation won't do anything against us. They have no evidence at all that you are here, and they will certainly not start a war only because of two missing officers, of whom they don't even know where they are", the Cardassian said, as if he had read her thoughts.

* * *

"Sir, the Cardassians claim that they have not noticed anything strange when we beamed up. Of course they do not say that they have captured the Captain and Counselor Troi."

"Damn it! I'm sure it was them! If only I could prove it..."

"Instead, we will prepare a nice audio-visual documentation of all this, edit it a bit and send it to the Federation. On this documentation you will be able to see several Klingon warriors kill Picard..." the Cardassian said with a devilish smile on his face.

Troi was sure that this would start a new war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, weakening the Federation so that the Cardassians could attack them.

"But of course, we would like to prepare something with you also, and it will be much worse than what happened to Picard."

He unfastened her wrists, put them in front of her and immediately connected them again. Then he attached a rope to them, which hung down from the ceiling. He pressed a button and her arms were pulled up until she stood erect, but not yet uncomfortable.

"Hmm...I think this uniform is quite hindering for what I have in mind for you...but we have something special for this."

He left the room, leaving her standing alone in the middle of the room.

Suddenly, a side entrance opened, and hundreds of rat-sized, ugly, stinking animals came in and rushed directly towards her. She tried to kick them away, but there were simply too many. She could not even scream with her being gagged. The animals climbed up on her and started biting her. Just when the panic began to rise in her, she noticed that in fact, they were not biting her, but her uniform! They slowly tore away one little piece after another.

After about ten minutes, a very high-pitched sound, that hurt in her ears, sounded. The animals at once streamed back to where they had come from, the door closing at once behind the last of them. Deanna looked down on herself. She now was completely naked! The animals had torn off even the smallest piece of her uniform!

* * *

Riker was now in his room. As he could not do anything to speed things up, he had decided to take a rest. He felt he would need his power later. Where was Deanna? What happened to her? Was she alright?

* * *

A door opened, and the Cardassian came back in. Deanna could feel herself blush as she realized her nudity in front of this alien. What made it even worse was that she could feel his sexual excitement.

"Oh...I see that for a human you are quite beautiful. What disturbs me a little is that bit of hair in your crotch down there. It won't be of any use later on. But that won't be any problem."

He took a collar out of a box which stood in the room. It was made of a shiny, black material and had a ring attached at the front. On both sides there were metallic circles embedded into the collar. He attached it to her neck.

"This is a nice toy I use very often on occasions like this one. You see this little button here on my uniform, similar to your communicator. I just have to touch it and you will immediately be completely paralyzed. But I will show you..."

He pressed the button. Suddenly, Deanna felt her knees weaken and her head drop forward. She now hung naked from her arms, as limp as Picard hung in his bonds. It was a real shocking experience. Being a Half-Betazoid, she felt that the Cardassian did not hate her. On the contrary, she felt that he wanted to experiment with her, like scientists experimented with animals. And he also did not miss the sexual side of the situation. Being naked and paralyzed in front of this Cardassian made her feel helpless like she never felt before.

* * *

"Commander, a message from the Starfleet headquarters."

"On screen, Worf."

The face of Admiral Smith appeared on the screen.

"Commander Riker, I really understand what you and your crew are enduring right now. But we cannot prove anything to the Cardassians, and we cannot simply start a war only because we don't know what happened to two of our officers. It would be a waste of time to stay in this system any longer. Please proceed at once to Starbase 249, you will receive new orders there."

"But Sir..."

"This is a command, Riker", the Admiral said sharply.


"I am really sorry, Commander."

* * *

"Oh, I think I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jakdar."

He unfastened her arms from the rope and quickly caught her when the still paralyzed Deanna fell down. She was fully conscious about what was happening, but she could not even move her head a little. This was maybe the worst thing of all. He carried her to a table which had materialized in the center of the room and lay her down on it. Four poles were about one meter away from each corner of the table. To these were attached massive iron chains, which seemed strangely anachronistic. With iron cuffs, he fastened the chains to Deanna's wrists and ankles. Then he pressed the button again, and she regained control of her body. Immediately, she started struggling against the chains, which were not pulled tight, but locked securely to her wrists and ankles.

Jakdar had walked over to some kind of control board, where he pressed another button. The chains were slowly pulled back to the poles, stretching Deanna's body wider and wider. She moaned behind her gag as the chains pulled mercilessly on her arms and legs. In the end she was stretched so wide that she could not move the smallest bit. Her legs were pulled apart at a 160 degree angle, which not only hurt nearly unbearably, but made her also feel exposed and vulnerable.

"Commander, an urgent message from Starfleet!"

"On screen!"

Admiral Smith again appeared on the main screen. "Riker, we have anonymously received some footage which shows Captain Picard being executed by the Klingons!"

"But..that is impossible! We had established peace between the Empire and the Federation!"

"I know, and I can't believe it myself. All our underground intelligence has been set to search for approval of this."

"Do you have any news about Counselor Troi?"

"I'm sorry, Commander, we haven't got anything about her. Smith End."

Riker was stunned. Picard dead! How was this possible? And no news about Deanna. He wasn't quite sure whether he found this good or not.

* * *

"Don't struggle, it's useless anyway. You will really need your strength later on. But let's start slowly..."

Jakdar produced a device which Deanna at first did not recognize. But when he started to cover her crotch with some kind of foam or soap she suddenly remembered what it was. It was one of those old razor-blades which male humans had used up to the 20th century to shave themselves. She remembered having read about these devices. Shame crept slowly to her mind, having her most private parts touched by such a cruel and ugly stranger.

As if he had read her thoughts, while starting to shave her carefully, Jakdar said, "You think that the Cardassians are cruel, don't you? Most of the other races think so. Maybe you are all right. Umm...well, yes, I think we are really cruel. But that's one thing we have in common with most of the other races including the different peoples of the United Federation of Planets."

Deanna's eyes widened in surprise. Jakdar attached a bit more of the shaving

"Don't you believe me? Well, I can show you that it is true. What I have in mind for you is a very long and painful period of both psychical and physical torture. But, to prove my statement, I will only torture you with methods and devices developed on Earth. That's a fine idea, don't you think so?"

Deanna was shocked. She must have expected something like this subconsciously since she arrived here, but only now realized what really was up to her. Until now he had finished shaving her crotch and now admired his work. Her pubic hair now was completely gone, her pussy was free to be viewed from all sides. Deanna had never felt so ashamed before.

"Umm, you look quite exhausted. I think we'll finish for today - but not without a special treatment before. This salve will help your body regain all of its strength, so that you will feel fresh and young tomorrow."

He took some kind of gel out of a pot Deanna hadn't noticed before. Beginning at her feet, he started to rub her whole body with the salve. His hands slowly made their way upwards from her feet until he nearly touched her pussy. Then he restarted from her head, slowly massaging the slave into her skin.

Deanna felt so humiliated being touched by this stranger, but could not resist the relaxing feelings inside her caused by the gel. A gentle warm feeling turned up inside her, nearly letting her forget her real situation.

When Jakdar had finished with her arms her started to massage her nice firm tits. It was then when Deanna really started to moan, not with pain, but with a strange kind of pleasure. After he had fondled a bit with her nipples, Jakdar's hands went on downwards, ending up in her crotch. He paid special attention to this area, spreading her pussy lips apart and probing into her vagina with some of his fingers. Deanna felt a strange mixture of shame and pleasure, but the pleasure grew stronger with every movement of Jakdar's fingers.

Suddenly, she let out a deep moan, and jerked even against the strong chains. She came as hard as seldom before. Breathing heavily she slowly relaxed. When she saw Jakdar's face smiling devilishly at her, however, she instantly felt more humiliated than ever before. She was here with this stranger, naked, about to be tortured, and felt pleasure with this! She felt like a bitch.

'Oh yes, it really pays preparing well for what you want to do', Jakdar thought. He had only just started torturing this woman, beginning with no real pain, but with something that was nearly worse: psychical torture and humiliation. "I wish you a good night for now. I will be back tomorrow, so that we can really start."

With these words, Jakdar left her alone chained naked onto the table. Before leaving the room, however, he adjusted something on the control board. The chains were loosened a little, so that Deanna could move into a more comfortable position, but not stand up from the table. Now being alone, the fear came slowly to Deanna's mind. But the salve also showed its effects, she could not resist sleep much longer. After only some minutes, she fell to a deep, dreamless sleep.

End of Chapter One

If you like this story, email to me! I have started to write the second chapter already, but whether it will be posted and the story continued farther, depends on the responses I get. If some people tell me that they like the idea of the story, or come up with constructive criticism or some ideas for the next chapters, I will probably continue. Please no flames, just tell me whether you like the story or not and why.


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