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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Beverly Part 2 (MF,inter,M-dom,bond,voy)
by Dirt Man

Chief Medical Officer’s Med Log:

Stardate; 14014.0837

Footnote* Cancel Captain Picard's tea and crumpets every Thursday, and
reschedule Commander Data for prosthetic's therapy in its place. Also, alert
Commander Geordie Laforge that I may be free for consultation regarding his
visor in my stateroom after 1700 today if he's available...

"INTURDER ALERT!" Cried out Commander William T. Riker's voice over the

"Okay people," Doctor Crusher called out to her crew in sickbay, "Get the
trauma kits out, and go to your...! Wesley! Wesley?"

"Hi Mom!" Wesley answered sheepishly, the upper half of his body sticking out
of the bulkhead next to her perpendicularly. "Hope I didn't catch you at a
bad time?"

"Not at all, but I think you've just set off the Enterprise's Intruder Alert
System." Then pressing the gold badge attached to her doctor's gown; "Bridge,
this is Doctor Crusher in sickbay."

"Is there a problem down there doctor?" Replied Captain Picard.

"I'm not sure, sir. Wesley just... popped in for a visit..."

"And you think that Wesley may have inadvertently set off the alert, doctor?"
Picard finished for her, a certain edge to his voice that while glade to have
Wesley back aboard, he obviously also felt that the young man's intrusion was
still against standard Starfleet protocol. "I'll get back to you if nothing
else shows up on our scans, doctor. Oh, and welcome aboard, Wesley."

"Thank you, sir," Wesley managed to squeak out before the COM went dead.

"And what do we owe the pleasure of your visit to, son?" Beverly inquired
after giving Wesley a big hug, and kiss, then sat back down behind her desk,
and turned off her med log.

"Well," Wesley did a quick check to see if anyone was nearby then, "I had
this feeling that... you know, you might be horny, Mom."

"Translation: Your dick got homesick," Beverly giggled. "What's the matter,
the Traveler unable to set you up with a little bipedal pussy?"

"Awe Mom," Wesley blushed, "you know there's no pussy in the universe like
your pussy... to me."

"Tell ya what motherfucker," Beverly used her pet name for him, "I'm not off
until 1700, and Geordie is supposed to do me then with that big black dick of
his. If you'd like to, you can watch me fuck him from inside of my closet
then lick up the mess afterwards. And if you're a real good boy, I'll even
let you have a piece of ass for your troubles."

Wesley didn't have a chance to reply as Captain Jean Luc Picard, and
Commander William T. Riker entered sickbay at that moment.

"Wesley," Picard took the lead, "we really must find some way for you to
visit without setting off the Intruder Alert every time you come aboard..."

"What if we gave him a special communicator, Captain?" Will butted in. "One
that tells the ship's computer that it's Wesley, and not an intruder whenever
he shows up here."

"Excellent suggestion number one," Picard returned, "just one thing."

"What's that, sir?"

"Better make it so that he can't lose the damn thing."

"His mother could surgically induce it behind his ear just under the skin,
or if it's too big, next to his kidney I suppose."

"I'm sure she'll stick it somewhere where it will do him the most good."
Picard even managed to say that with a straight face. "Let's go see what
Data, and Geordie can come up with then shall we, Mr. Crusher."

Wesley gave his mother that all too familiar shrug of inevitability just
before following Jean Luc, and Will Riker out of sickbay. Beverly had to
smile, it was almost like old times again, though not quite. And she knew
almost of a certainty that Wesley would be busy with his friends for the
rest of the day at least.

* * *

The hard part hadn't been to find a way to contain Wesley in her closet so
that the lad didn't embarrass himself while she was fucking Geordie. That
had been easy. She'd just chained him up in there naked with the manacles
she used on Jean Luc all the time. However the cock and ball harness wasn't
big enough for Wesley since she'd had it custom made for Picard, so Beverly
had to get a new one from the replicator. The butt plug, and dildo gag
though were quite serviceable, as was the spiked dog collar, and attached
chain leash.

No, the hard part had been getting Geordie to take off his visor in the
sitting room before he became wise of Wesley's presence in her stateroom.
Because unlike her white lovers, Geordie always took the dominant role in
their relationship whenever he came to fuck Beverly. In the end she just
used simple logic. Once Geordie was in her stateroom, she whisked the
visor off, and threw it on the couch.

"Oh you'll pay for that, bitch!" Geordie growled, but allowed Beverly to
lead him to her bed just the same.

"I want you naked," Beverly whispered, "Stripped completely, even of your
sight when you take me today, Master."

"Damn, baby! I heard you was a kinky white slut, but this is ridiculous. I
can't even see those big floppy titties this way."

"Then let your hands do all of the seeing my stud muffin," and she brought
his hands to her naked breasts under her diaphanous robe.

* * *

From his vantage point, manacled, plugged, and gagged, naked as a Jurubian
Hurler with his nine inch prick crammed stiff inside of a cock and ball
harness Wesley couldn't even move let alone jerk off as he watched Geordie's
black hands caress his mother's lily white flesh. Worse yet, the cock and
ball harness was actually tickling his testicles, and massaging his prick
somehow. Not enough to ever allow Wesley to cum, but it would keep his cock
raging hard until removed at the very least.

A bright young man, Wesley noticed right off the change in guttural language
coming from Commander Laforge the moment he'd entered Wesley's mother's
stateroom. And the way Geordie took charge of Beverly as well when after
fondling his mother's breast for a few moments those black hands pinched both
of her nipples, and twisted them roughly causing his mother to go down on her

"Now, that's where you belong, slut," and Geordie took a couple of seconds to
get out of his uniform before standing naked over Wesley's mother with close
to 11 throbbing inches of hard black cock in his right hand, and wagging it
in front of his mother's face first, said; "Suck it whore!"

Without hesitation his mother bent forward, and parting her lips let that
massive black photon torpedo enter her cocksucking mouth.

"Ooooooooooo yeah, baby! Like that! You know how I like it, bitch! Swallow

And like some ancient sword swallower his mother gobbled down over half of
that prick before easing back to take a fresh breath of air. Then again only
this time she took the damn thing down her throat to where her lips kissed
Geordie's short kinky black hairs. In no time Wesley's mother had a nice
smooth rhythm going with her head bobbing up and down the full length of that
nasty black plunger with Geordie's fists full of her burnished hair guiding
her with every stroke.

"Oh yeah baby!" Geordie crooned. "Suck that big Nigger dick, Ho!
Oooooooooooooo yeah! You muther fuck'en cock suck'en white sluts are all the
same. Yeah, faster, bitch! I like that! Gonna make you pay with that fine
white ass of yours, for taking off my visor," and he pushed her roughly away,
then turned around, and bent over grabbing onto her bed as he spread his
legs, "now lick my black ass, shit eater!"

Wesley wanted to cum so bad right then that he'd have given his left nut to
be out of that confining cock and ball harness. But he couldn't, even when
the plug up his butt started to caress his prostate gland he couldn't cum.
And he dared not struggled so as to make the manacles clatter, or Geordie
would hear him. All he could do was salivate around the dildo gag in his
mouth. The dildo itself tasted like a real cock in his mouth though nowhere
near as huge as the black one his mother had just sucked on in front of him.

It was like watching one of those Denebian sleazy peepshow holographs
seeing his own mother act like such a whore with the chief engineer of the
Enterprise that way. Her hands spreading that black ass, her beautiful face
pushing in between those musky shadowed buttocks, and slipping her tongue
into Geordie's shitter the way she did. He'd never known her to be so fucking
perverted. Even to the point of giving Wesley such a great peep show as this.
Then again, she had committed incest with him since he'd turned 18. Though as
he remembered that first time, it had happened accidentally, on the holodeck
during one of his fantasy programs with Deanna Troi as the central character.

"That's enough Pig!" Geordie said after several minutes of being rimmed, and
straightened up, turning back to face her once again. "Your turn to bend
over, bitch," and Geordie grabbed at her titties, and squeezed them as he
maneuvered her into position.

Now Wesley's mother was bent over her bed standing spread eagled as Geordie
moved carefully in behind her while at the same time lifting her gossamer
robe out of the way. Once Geordie felt that he was lined up, he guided his
big black cock right up into Wesley's mother's cunt in one smooth stroke.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh yeah! White pussy! I love it! Always wet, always ready for some
big Nigger dick. Gonna knock your silly white ass up good if you ain't on any
birth control, slut. Then everybody will know you fucks Niggers."

"Oh shit! I'm!" His mother cried out suddenly. "Yessssssssssssss!
Knock me up you dirty black bastard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck ME!"

In moments Geordie's big black cock was sawing in and out with long deep
strokes, fucking Wesley's mother at a blinding speed. Those black tennis
sized balls slappity slapping against her mound on every inward gut
wrenching thrust. The contrasts in their skin coloration, Geordie's toned
body, his mothers soft lush flesh making the whole scene so much more
raunchy to observe for Wesley that he was sure his balls had turned from
blue to purple by then as he watched his mother cum over and over again
less than ten feet away. Wesley had never seen his mother act so submissive
in his short time as one of her lovers, and never with him, that's for sure.

Wesley had read about multiple climaxes in women in his Sexual Biology
studies. But he was certain now that his mother was riding a wave of them
as she danced almost immobile, her body undulating, and writhing on that
thick, long, black dong for a good thirty minutes. Her incoherent ramblings
far exceeding her foul language in telling Wesley how much she was enjoying
riding that never ending crest. Her skin oiled in a fine lather of sweat
permeated the bedroom with her pheromones, and was like an aphrodisiac to
both Geordie, and him. And like a fan in a fireplace, stirred up the heat

When Geordie did at last cum, it was like watching a Venusian volcano erupt.
As he slammed the entire length of that black cock up her pussy, holding them
tight together, both rocking, and shaking as if the Enterprise where under
attack by the Borg's entire fleet.

"Yes! Yes! Yesssssssssssss!" Geordie cried out, and Wesley could actually see
the man's black balls quiver and squirm in their scrotal sack as they emptied
their contents into his mother's fertile white womb. "Take that! And that!
And...oh fuck, fuck, fuck THAT!"

By this time the butt plug up Wesley's rear end started vibrating, and he
couldn't help but squirm in his mother's closet as that cock and ball harness
cinched down even tighter around his family jewels. The sight of Geordie's
slimy load oozing out around their connection to plop, plop, plop down onto
the carpeting under his mother's twat forming a sickly grayish white puddle
of slop only made Wesley's mouth water in anticipation. The smell of raw
carnal sex hanging thick in the air now.

"Commander Laforge to the bridge," suddenly rang out from the COM system with
Data's voice a clear and concise dampener on any further expected leisure
time for the Chief Engineer.

* * *

"I'll be right there, Data," Geordie replied, pulling out of Beverly.

It felt like somebody had opened her cunt to the vacuum of space, making her
collapse forward onto her stateroom bed. Her evacuating pussy leaving a trail
of slime on the carpet, then the bedspread in its wake. She barely was aware
of Laforge getting dressed, and leaving her spilled upon her mattress like a
discarded old running shoe after the race. Feeling pleasantly used, she
glowed in the after math like a nova whose light slowly diminishes into

The clattering of chains in her closet reminded Beverly of her audience, and
she reached under her pillow for the remote, then pressed the release button
for Wesley's manacles. Almost instantly she felt her son's tongue licking up
along her wet inner thighs from behind.

"Mmmmmmhmmmmm, good boy! Lick mommy up nice, and clean baby." And when her
son's tongue reached her slit, dipping inside of her pussy, "Ooooooooooooo!
Uhn! You dirty little motherfucker! Uhn! Don't stop! Uhn! Eat mommy's pussy!
Oh, uhn, yeah baby! Like that! Uhn! Lick out all of that fuck juice you
little proxy faggot, you filthy pervert! I love it! You are soooooooooo
gooooooooood to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

And then Beverly switched on the internal monitors of her stateroom so that
she could record another triumph in her bet with Deanna Troi.

"Yes Wesley, lick out another man's cum from your mother's cunt! The very
cunt you came out of. Get me nice and clean so that you can drop your own
load in there next! Maybe you can knock up your mother instead of him.
Wouldn't that be great? Then you really would be a mother fucking son of a


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