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Star Trek - The Next Generation: Beverly Part 1 (MF)
by Dirt Man

Chief Medical Officer's Personal Log:

Stardate; 14013.2258

All's well in sickbay, and I at last have a moment to myself to reflect on
my son Wesley's decision to go off with the Traveler. It's been over six
months since my son put his Starfleet career on hold to join that mystic
misanthrope, and in that time I've only had time to have sex with a stupid
ghost lover of the women in my family, Captain Picard, Will, and Geordie.
Data still refuses my subtle advances so I may have to give him a thorough
diagnostic check up, and tamper with his sexual dynamic program's input.
But I'm still ahead on my secret bet with Counselor Troi, on which of us
can fornicate with the most personnel of the bridge crew staff on the
Enterprise in one year, as she's still stuck with the honorable Klingon,
Worf. She has yet to confront Jean Luc, Geordie, or Data, and I have an ace
in the hole that she's totally unaware of, my son Wesley…

The door swished open to sick bay then letting Starfleet's only living
android in, making Beverly close out her personal log.

"What can I do for you Data?"

"Doctor Crusher," Commander Data said formally, "I am here for a diagnostic
check up at Captain Picard's request."

So the stiff-necked bastard was keeping his word, Beverly thought. Maybe
dressing up in leather as a scolding bitch, and changing messy diapers was
worth the effort after all. But truth be said, Geordie's big black dick up
her ass had been a lot more satisfying by a long shot.

"If you don't mind commander, I'm off duty, and tired. Also, I'd like to do
this in private. What say we meet in my stateroom in an hour? It'll give me
time to freshen up, and get comfortable."

"As you wish, Doctor," Data replied, then just before leaving, he turned
back, and asked, "Is there anything special you require me to bring for this

"Well," Beverly looked thoughtful, "this will be a thorough diagnostic
evaluation. So you'd better bring your sexual libido along with you."


"You know what I'm talking about Data," she continued, "your human
interactive, fully functional, replicator enhanced, male sexual reproductive
organs." And when Data's face scrunched up in that perplexed look of a
computer working over time to process that last statement, "Your cock and
balls silly."

"Yes doctor, I understood that. But which set? I have three sizes. Regular,
that's the basic package, medium, that's about the size of Geordie, and the
terminator, which is better left used on Klingon females, or small earth

"I guess you better bring all three," and it took every ounce of Beverly's
reserve strength not to giggle as Data turned away and left sickbay.

* * *

The Orion Sea Musk might have been a bit much, Beverly reflected, seeing
as how Data could only analyze the scent of her perfume, not enjoy its
aphrodisiacal powers the way a human male would. But it made her feel slut
sexy nonetheless. As did the garter belt, silk seamed stockings, and
demi-bra exposing her nipples that she'd once worn on a Dixon Hill adventure
with Jean Luc in the holo-deck. The opaque beige nitey came from her
grandmother's hope chest, and rounded out her seductive attire rather
nicely, too. Still, it was the old fashioned high heeled pumps that strapped
around her ankles that put the look altogether for her. And after 30 minutes
practice of walking around her stateroom in them she felt extremely wicked
when the chime to her door rang out.

"Enter!" Beverly called out from her bedroom, giving Data time to come in,
and the door to close solidly behind him before she joined him in the main
sitting room.

"I am sorry doctor," Data said, "I thought you wanted to examine me. I didn't
realize that I would be breaking into your sleep cycle."

"My wha…" Beverly started, then quickly understood, "you mean this get up?"

"If you mean by get up, your apparel, then yes."

"No problem Data, this is just something I wear after a sonic shower before
I sit down to read a good spicy romance novel."

"I see doctor. Counselor Troi dresses similarly after doing aerobics
exercises in her stateroom before going to bed."

"And how would you know that, Data? No, never mind, I don't really care. Did
you bring everything I requested?"

For an answer Data picked up an old-fashioned suitcase sitting next to him on
the floor, and after he placed it on the coffee table opened it. The case 10
inches thick, by 1 1/2 foot wide, by 2 1/2 to 3 feet long with padding that
held three sets of golden cocks and matching balls tucked away inside. The
smallest cock at 6 1/2 inches was bigger than Jean Luc's, and the medium
prick, like Geordie's was 11 inches long, though slightly thicker. But the
mule dick, as she thought of it, was definitely for non-humans. It was
contained in a cock and ball harness with a studded ring at the base that
would give her nightmares if she dared to even try thinking of that two feet
of cock with the trumpet like head tearing its way up her pussy. Still, she'd
have given a hundred credits now to obtain the vicarious thrill of watching
that monster being used on that Betazoid slut counselor Deanna Troi.

"Okay Data, go ahead and strip, and put on the basic package while I get
my tricorder, and diagnostic tools. Then we'll get started with your

Once Data was again seated Beverly flipped open the access flap at the top
back of Data's head, and placed the diagnostic probe in the appropriate
portal. Then she flipped open her tricorder, and started reprogramming
Data's sexual matrix for diagnostic input, and feed back.

"Is this correct Data? You have over 8,000 sexually related pleasure programs
specific for Android, and human sexual dynamics?"

"8,375 to be more specific, Doctor Crusher. Though I have only used less than
four percent of them thus far, and those mostly during Dr. Soong's initial
pre-programming of my sexual hardware."

"Hmmmmm, I'm seeing several anomalies here Data. When's the last time you
used the basic set of hardware?"

"I would rather not reveal with whom, doctor, but it was during the first
year after the Enterprise-D was commissioned."

"I see," Beverly said, "and that may be the problem here."

"How so doctor?"

"You need to use it a little more often, Data. Any equipment, even sexual in
nature, left sitting around will go to hell if it isn't taken out and used
every now, and again."

"But my basic programming does not allow for hurting another by action, or
inaction, doctor, and that is not even considering my morality codes which
would shut my systems down if I tried to force sexual contact on a living

"Then I guess you'll just have to start coming to me for that, won't you."

Data's head cocked to the left then slightly as he processed what Beverly
was offering him.

"I am not exactly certain what you are saying, Beverly. Do you mean that you
want to...

"Bump the monkey? Jingle the bells? Sleigh the reindeer?" She chuckled, then
answered her own questions with a simple; "Yes Data, I would."

"But what about ship protocol?"

"I'm the doctor here, and what I say goes as far as the health of this crew
is concerned, and this is health related."

And to make her point Beverly climbed onto Data's lap straddling his groin
before settling her seething cunt down around Data's golden stiff one eye's
basic cock. The tricorder was still in her left hand as she looked at the
readings over the android's right shoulder.

"Ahhhhhhhh, that's much better," Beverly cooed, "now try one of your sexually
related pleasure programs on me, Data."

Suddenly if felt as if Beverly's pussy was expanding, being stretched out,
and she noticed that that golden cock was also much warmer than her own
body's natural temperature. Then out of nowhere something was caressing her
clitty while at the same time a snake like tongue licked deep within her
cunt, against her cervix, then slipped into her womb entirely as Data's
cock began to vibrate.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" Beverly screamed, her hips
beginning to bounce up and down in Data's cupped hands.

"Do you require a kiss doctor?" Data asked, and the middle finger of his
right hand elongated probing right into Beverly's butt hole.

"Uhn! Oh shit! Yes! Kiss me you walking, talking, living dildo! I'm cuming!

Beverly could hardly believe that she was cuming so hard, and so soon, and
then the world turned upside down as Data's prehensile tongue tickled her
tonsils as they kissed. The android's finger in her ass swelling up, and
expanding in her rump the same way his golden cock had moments before made
the Enterprise's chief surgeon feel as if she were fucking two men, and a
woman all at the same time.

Time came to a standstill, as Beverly came again, and again. Her body
undulating, hips rising, and falling sluttishly through 432 of Data's
sexually related pleasure programs. Her flesh shinned in her own
perspiration, pussy syrup dripping constantly on the carpeted floor
beneath her before she at last passed out in sheer comatose bliss in
Data's obscenely powerful arms.

Beverly came to in her bed, and jerked in response to the shadowed form
over top of her. Her mind clearing as she realized that it had to be Data,
and that he had turned the light's down to a more romantic setting before
mounting her missionary fashion, and waiting for her to revive. There was
a cramped feeling in her butt, and her pussy felt like a starship had just
docked in there.

"Ah good," Data said then. "Are you ready to analyze the medium package now,
Doctor Crusher?"

Well that certainly explained the over stuffed feeling in her bottom, Beverly
thought, just like with Geordie, only even more so. It was then that she saw
her tricorder perched on Data's right shoulder, and she grabbed it, and
punched in her next inquiry.

"There doesn't seem to be any problems with your medium sized sexual
equipment Data."

"You did say that," and he mimicked Beverly's voice perfectly then, "You need
to use it a little more often, Data. Any equipment, even sexual in nature,
left sitting around will go to hell if it isn't taken out and used every now,
and again."

"You rogue!" Beverly giggled. Then suddenly she froze as she felt the cock in
her pussy begin to buzz as it probed in through her cervix, expanding her to
eight centimeters as his golden cock actually entered her womb. "Oh! Uhn!
Easy Data, easy! I know babies come out of there, but just remember, they
don't go back in."

"If you feel any pain at any time, just let me know, Beverly."

"None yet, but it feels like a molten gynecologist's hands are trying to
spread open the door to my gizzards."

"I have heard Guinen compare the feeling to little gloved fingers gently
prying open her womb before reshaping into a Photon Torpedo. But she insisted
there was no real pain."

"No, no real pain, just astonished shock is all. This cock has already
stretched out my pussy more than anything I've ever had in there before now.
Oooooooo! You're fucking my womb!"

And indeed, Data's hips were rising, and falling gently, creating just the
right amount of friction without his golden cock even pulling all of the way
out of her womb. And definitely not the same way as the much enlarged buzzing
anal probing finger that Data was sawing in and out of her greased ass felt

"Oh Data! Data! Data!" Beverly crooned, her legs crossing up behind his back.
"Whatever you do, just don't tell me this is foreplay."

"No Beverly, this is fucking, shagging the clam, humping the furburger..."

"Yesssssssssss," she hissed, hoping to silence his mindless tirade in mid
breath. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

And with each downward thrust of Data's hips, Beverly felt her G-spot quiver
like a cat purring when its master pets it just right. Again there was that
snake's tongue, but now it was tasting the walls of her very womb as another
flicked feather light against her swollen clitty.

Having cum so hard and quick with Data's basic sexual equipment, his medium
sized golden cock took her to the next higher plateau, and held her there in
stasis hanging over the abyss for almost an hour before:

"Oh God! Oh God! Pleeeeeeeese, Data! PLEASE! If I pass out... don't... don't
use that mule dick on... on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

"Of course not Doctor Crusher," Data's reply echoed as she slipped over the
edge falling down into the abyss to crash on planet orgasm. "Deanna's mother,
Luaxanna Troi has already reserved that equipment for her own personal use
for the next twenty years."


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