Paramount rules the Earth, roaming it in large herds. We lesser creatures are fascinated by the bright shiny objects they have created. We also lust fiercely after their characters and steal them from the nest whenever we can. As usual your comments are welcome and encouraged. Having said that, I must say that this is meant in fun, and obviously never really happened, at least in the "real" universe. So get out your napkins and Bon Appetit!

Star Trek - The Next Generation: A Taste For The Finer Things (MFF)
by Ruth Moore

*They are Up To Something,* Jean-Luc Picard thought as he sat in his Ready Room and looked at the watch schedule that his first officer had routed to him. There was nothing in the regulations that said that senior officers couldn't take a day off here or there, but to have Riker, Troi and Crusher all taking the same day off was suspicious. Particularly because the day they wanted off was the captain's birthday. *If this is a surprise party, I'm going to kill Will. He knows I loathe surprise parties.* There was no real reason for Picard to deny the request and if he did they would have a right to know why. Frowning, he approved the schedule and routed it back to Riker.

In less than a half an hour the chime to the Ready Room door rang. "Come," Picard called out and the doors parted to reveal Will Riker. He looked uncomfortable as he moved to stand in front of Picard's desk. "Yes, Number One?" Picard asked at last, breaking the awkward silence.

"Captain, we, the senior staff that is, would like to invite you to a formal dinner on your birthday."

"A formal dinner? Not a surprise party?"

"Sir I know you hate surprise parties, I would never do that to you. No, this really is a dinner, a real one, no replicators involved."

Picard had a sudden, frightening thought. "Wait a minute, Will. Is Beverly one of your cooks?"

Riker laughed. "She's only going to be chopping things; she warned me about her cooking." He hesitated for a moment before curiosity got the better of him. "Is she really that bad?"

Picard shook his head. "I will not divulge the personal secrets of my CMO to my First Officer," he said with mock seriousness. "And I accept your invitation."

"Will 19:00 hrs on Holodeck Three be satisfactory? Also, we were hoping to make this a non-uniform formal affair."

Picard nodded. "That sounds fine. I'm looking forward to it."

* * *

Will looked around the Holodeck with pleasure. As always the reality of the computer's creation amazed him. He could almost believe that if he stepped outside the kitchen's back door, he would be standing in the alley in North Beach. The kitchen was large but not too large and it was a prefect blend of modern and traditional. There were several stasis units, but no replicators; Christina would have died before a replicator reared its ugly head in *her* kitchen.

Behind him he heard the Holodeck doors open and he turned to see Beverly and Deanna looking around. Both of them were dressed in comfortable looking casual clothes. They had identical sly smiles on their faces and Will looked at them with some concern. "You two look smug." They exchanged a quick glance.

"Oh we're both in good moods this morning," Deanna said offhandedly. Looking around, she continued, "This is fantastic Will. Is this your dream kitchen?"

"One of them. When I was at the Academy, I spent my summers busing tables at a North Beach restaurant called Cianci's. It was this tiny hole in the wall, there were only eight tables, but those tables were always booked way in advance. In this kitchen three women created the most amazing meals." He sighed at the memory, then looking a little embarrassed, said, "Well shall we get to work?"

"Right," Beverly said. " knives," she went on in a creepy little voice, "where are the knives...Beverly want to chop things...chop, chop, chop."

Deanna giggled and looked at Will. "I should warn you, we were silly all through breakfast."

Will rolled his eyes. One of them in a silly mood was bad enough, but both of them? "Come on, we have a lot of work to do."

"Yes sir, Captain sir," Beverly replied. "Can I be your Number One?"

"Only if I can be Worf," Deanna growled in a rather bad imitation of the Klingon's deep voice. She looked at Beverly's legs, which were encased in a pair of skin tight leggings. "Nice legs, for a Human."

Their good humor was infectious; Will looked at both of them with one brow raised. "Enough silliness," he said in his best Picard voice. "There will be no silliness on board my ship."

Deanna saluted Klingon style and Beverly braced to attention. "Permission to speak frankly, Captain?" the doctor asked.


"Your eyes sir, they're as mysterious as the stars."

"Oh bugger off, Number One." Dropping the accent, Will tried one more time. "Can we try to get going here?"

"Oh all right," Deanna said rolling up her sleeves and grabbing an apron off a nearby hook.

Beverly grabbed the other apron and walked up to the counter, muttering loudly enough for the other two to hear her. "Bugger off? When did he ever say that to you?" She began to laugh. "And if he did,
what did you do, drop your pants and bend over the desk?"

"Beverly!" Deanna exclaimed.

"What?! Half the people on this ship would, if given the slightest opportunity." She looked at Will. "OK, what do you want chopped?"

"Onions," Will replied, pointing to a sack of them on one of the counters. "Five of them, chopped coarsely." Realizing what he had just said, he couldn't resist adding, "Since you're in such a coarse mood, it shouldn't present too much of a challenge."

"Ohhh...Deanna, don't you just love it when he's masterful?"

Deanna made a show of rubbing her wrists. "Oh yeah, I sure do," she replied in a little girl voice. Will remembered tying her to a bed once and hoped his face wasn't as red as it felt. This was going to be a long day.

* * *

Three hours later, Will was in a better mood. Things had deteriorated as far as the silliness was concerned, but the work was getting done. Beverly had set the tone for the day and as time passed the jokes had gotten more and more ribald. It reminded him of the way things had been at the real Cianci's, as Christina, Annora, and Vivian cooked and traded innuendoes with equal skill. He had usually been the only man around and thus was frequently the target of their good-natured teasing. By his second summer working for them, he had learned to give as good as he got and they had made him part of the family. He smiled as he began to work on the custard for the strawberry tarts.

The strawberries had been responsible for the whole plan. Will had been scouring the marketplace in Dhubaih, the capitol of the agricultural colony of Markson's world. He had been looking for a birthday present for Picard and had worried that he would never find the right thing. Then he had seen the strawberries in a fruit stall, and remembered that the captain had told him that his mother had made the best strawberry custard tart in the world. The memory had obviously been a good one;
an uncharacteristically dreamy look had crossed Picard's face. When Will saw the strawberries, the idea to make not only a tart but a whole dinner, had sprung full-grown into his mind. He spent the rest of the afternoon buying massive quantities of food. He had then recruited Deanna and Beverly to help him, and he was glad that they had accepted.

"Here," Deanna said. Will jumped slightly as he came back into the present. "What do you think?" She held a bowl of t'sula berry sauce that was supposed to go over the stuffed chicken breasts. She held up the finger that she had dipped into the sauce and he licked it slowly. For some reason, he didn't stop when all the sauce was gone, instead he took the finger into his mouth and began to scrape his teeth along it. Deanna shivered slightly in response, and interestingly enough, did not pull her finger out of his mouth.

"Hey, can I try that?" Beverly asked.

Pulling her finger out of Will's mouth, Deanna transferred the bowl from one hand to the other. She dipped the index finger of the clean hand into the bowl and held it out. Beverly licked along the finger much the same way Will had. Deanna was surprised at her friend's skill as Beverly took the finger into her mouth and began to run her tongue over it. *I wonder what she's like when she's got a man's cock in her mouth?* she thought. She could feel the sexual tension in the room heating up and not all of it was from herself and Will. Taking a chance, she slid her middle finger into Beverly's mouth. Beverly kept right on licking.

Watching the two women made Will feel like an intruder. Part of him wanted to leave and let them explore one another in privacy and another part of him wanted to stay and join in the fun. As he battled his indecision, Deanna looked at him and he heard her voice in his mind. *Don't go Will, both of us want you to stay.* Aloud she added, "Really, it's all right." Not taking her mouth away from Deanna's fingers Beverly nodded. Will gladly gave in to temptation.

Taking the bowl of warm sauce from Deanna, he dipped a spoon into it and began to coat her hand with the purple sauce. Setting the bowl on the counter, he moved to join Beverly in cleaning off Deanna's hand. When their mouths met he was delighted that Beverly returned his kiss eagerly. Deanna moved behind Beverly and began to unfasten her shirt. Once the buttons were undone, she unhooked Beverly's bra, sliding her hands around to pull both garments off. She then grabbed the bowl of sauce and wormed in between Beverly and Will and began to spoon sauce all over Beverly's chest. Will took the hint and moved his mouth downward.

Beverly closed her eyes and grabbed the counter for support. The combination of Will's mouth on her skin and the feel of the warm sauce trickling down her belly was intoxicating. She arched her back as his mouth moved lower, following the sauce and doing his best to clean it off her aroused nipples. Deanna was kneeling and helping Beverly out of her shoes and then began pulling down her leggings and underwear. Will took his mouth away long enough to ease Beverly to the floor and then he sat next to her and took up where he had left off. She began to moan as his tongue moved across her breasts and then lower. Deanna had poured more sauce on her and Beverly could feel it running down into her already wet mound.

Soon Will was lying on the floor, his face buried between Beverly's thighs. The combination of the tart/sweet t'sula berries and her juices was wonderful, and he eagerly licked it up. He felt her fingers gripping his hair as she rocked her pelvis forward to bring more of herself to his attention.

Deanna had rescued the custard and having checked to see that it had cooled enough, she grabbed a handful of strawberries and sat down next to Beverly. She poured a generous dollop of custard on to her friend's chest and then began to drag strawberries through the custard.

Beverly was all ready close to an orgasm and the feeling of the slightly rough berries running over her breasts and nipples was sending her closer. She began to moan as Will's tongue brushed across her
clitoris with increasing pressure. Suddenly, Deanna bent and took one of Beverly's custard covered nipples into her mouth, running her tongue over it. Beverly let out a shriek as she came, her legs closing around Will's head and one hand tangled in Deanna's hair. They both stayed with her as she shuddered through two more orgasms and then she gently pushed Will's head away.

"My God!" she breathed. "Oh thank you, both of you. I really needed that."

Deanna could tell that her friend was feeling a little unsure of what to say or do next. *Will,* the counselor thought at him. *Let me deal with this for a moment.* As Will moved out of the way, Deanna bent over Beverly and kissed her. She deliberately left the pace of the kiss up to the other woman, ready to back off at the least sign of uncertainty. What she felt instead was Beverly's mouth opening eagerly under hers. Deanna returned the kiss with increasing passion, as Beverly's hands moved to the fastenings at the front of Deanna's blouse. Deanna reached down to help her and between the two of them they got the blouse unfastened without breaking their kiss. Will slid the blouse off Deanna's shoulders and then removed her bra. Beverly's hands began to move over Deanna's breasts and she pulled her mouth away from Deanna's.

Sitting up, Beverly looked at her friend. "They're so beautiful," she said softly. She leaned forward and began to move her mouth gently across Deanna's breasts. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she realized that she had wanted to do this for a long time. She avoided Deanna's nipples as her mouth and hands continued to tease her friend. Finally, she moved her mouth up to kiss Deanna again and at the same time ran her thumbs across the other woman's already aroused nipples.

Deanna moaned into Beverly's mouth, shivering as Beverly began to toy with her nipples with increasing firmness. Then there was a very odd sensation; Will was standing right behind her and he was pouring warm Hollandaise sauce over her shoulders and down her breasts. Beverly left off kissing her friend and looked up at Will with that look of hers, the one that made her look like an angel with very naughty thoughts. Deanna had seen that look directed at Picard and had always marveled
at the Captain's self control.

"Oh, go ahead," Beverly said. "Just make this irresistible, why don't you?. I love Hollandaise, and when it's on something this yummy..." she let her voice trail off and leaned toward Deanna. She bent toward Deanna's ear and whispered, "Relax, Deanna, I'm not going to regret this or get weird on you." She nibbled on Deanna's ear.

"Who's the Counselor on this ship?" Deanna replied laughing. As Beverly licked her way down Deanna's shoulders, Deanna looked up at Will. "Think you can help me out of the rest of my clothes? ...aahhh..." she moaned as Beverly's tongue found one of her nipples. Will knelt behind Deanna and helped her remove her skirt and shoes. Then his fingers began to unbraid her long dark hair. As Deanna moaned louder because Beverly was nibbling one of her nipples, Will began to run his fingers
up her spine.

*God this is incredible!* Beverly thought. *She's so responsive.* She thought about the confidences they had shared and smiled around Deanna's nipple. Bringing her hands up, she pushed Deanna's breasts
together, moving both nipples within range of her mouth. Carefully, she began to bite a little. Deanna began to make more noise and Beverly, encouraged, bit harder, running her tongue over the nipples in between bites. She suddenly felt Deanna's hands in her hair.

Deanna was reeling. She could feel Will behind her, his strong hands the only thing that kept her from falling backwards. She vaguely remembered having told Beverly about just how sensitive her nipples were, but that memory was fading as her body strained toward its release. "Oh Goddess..." she cried out. "Harder, Beverly...please..." Then, as Beverly bit harder, Deanna screamed and came. She could feel Beverly's pleasure at being able to bring on the climax, she could feel Will's delight at the way she looked and she opened up her mind and sent her own feelings back to them. Panting, she relaxed against Will's chest, cradling Beverly's head against her breasts.

They stayed like that for a few moments and then Beverly moved her mouth up to kiss Deanna again. Once more, her mouth sought her friend's ear, "Will has way too much clothing and not nearly enough
food on, don't you think?

Deanna giggled and moved to whisper into Beverly's ear. "Let's gang up on him. He's a big boy, he can take it." She suddenly bit Beverly's earlobe, enjoying the way her friend gasped. Deanna put off ganging up on Will for a moment as she began to nibble on Beverly's neck. *Such a gorgeous neck,* Deanna thought, not realizing that she was projecting. Beverly jumped in her arms, pulling back to stare at her.

"Thank you," the doctor said, looking at Deanna with surprise. "Did you just...?"

"It happens," Deanna explained. "We're already close and the physical intimacy is often a catalyst." *Now what were you saying about Will?* Their eyes met and then they both turned quickly and attacked Will.

Will was startled when they rushed him. Not that he would dream of trying to struggle, of course. Within seconds, they had pulled all his clothes off. Deanna sat on his chest and looked at Beverly, who began to laugh. She moved to grab the bowl of Hollandaise sauce and poured a generous helping of it down Deanna's stomach watching as the pale yellow sauce ran into Deanna's dark pubic hair.

"You know," Beverly remarked. "I could really get into this food thing."

"I've always liked it," Will said. He slid his hands over Deanna's hips and pulled her toward his mouth. "Mmmmm..." he murmured as she straddled his face. He began to lick the Hollandaise off of her,
thinking that Beverly had been inspired; Deanna's own salty taste went so well with Hollandaise. He quickly remembered what she liked, caressing her hips as he alternated between nibbles of her labia and hard flicks of his tongue across her clitoris. He could feel her pleasure growing and tried to let her feel his own enjoyment of what he was doing.

Beverly watched for a moment and then had a quick thought. She moved quickly around the kitchen collecting the things she needed out the various stasis units. As soon as she had what she wanted, she moved back to the couple on the floor. Even if she hadn't been able to see or hear what was going on, she would have known. Her link with Deanna was enough to feel her friend's approaching orgasm. She quickly straddled Will's chest behind Deanna and began to run her nails up Deanna's spine. A second later Deanna screamed out and shook with the intensity of her climax. Beverly could feel the waves of pleasure as they moved through Deanna. She moved off Will's chest to the floor and slid her hands between her own legs. All it took was a few practiced flicks of her fingers over her clitoris and she felt her own orgasm roll over her.

Feeling Beverly's climax was enough to send Deanna over the edge again. Will concentrating all his efforts on her clit as she shrieked and closed her thighs around his head. As soon as she was done, he moved her down to his lap and sat up, holding her close and gently kissing her while she recovered. They turned to look at Beverly who still had her hand buried between her thighs. She gave them that naughty look and raised the hand to her mouth. "Mmm..." she murmured around her fingers.
"Will, I think you missed some t'sula berry sauce."

Will and Deanna looked at one another just a little surprised and Deanna distinctly heard Will's thought. *The Captain is an idiot.* She glared at him and he shrugged. *How 'bout we cover her with custard and strawberries and give her to him as a birthday present? It will sure beat Mamman Picard's tarts.*

Beverly looked at them curiously. They were in communication, she could tell that much. Deanna looked at her apologetically. "Will is being rude."

"Good," Beverly said, laughing. "If he weren't, I'd have to haul him off to Sickbay. 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Captain' " she said in her best professional voice. " 'Will's terribly ill. He was with two naked women and he wasn't thinking rude thoughts' " She moved into a flawless imitation of Picard, " 'Good Lord, Doctor, will he recover?' 'Oh yes sir, but it will take a lot of therapy, I may need Counselor Troi's help.' 'Make it so.' " Her laughter finally got the better of her. "I *do* have a sense of humor, you know."

"Oh," Will said sarcastically through his and Deanna's laughter. "Is that what you call it?"

"You're laughing, you twit." She looked at Deanna and it was Will's turn to wonder what was being said. He hoped desperately that Deanna wasn't telling Beverly what he had said. Deanna began to laugh again.

"Oh Beverly, you're terrible!"

"Come on Deanna, tell me he won't love it. Lie back and relax Will, this won't hurt a bit." She gave him a sideways glance and smiled. "Trust us."

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really," Deanna said, pushing onto his back. "You know what they say Will, when food is inevitable, you might as well enjoy it." Beverly tossed her one of their shirts and Deanna draped it over his head. "If you promise not to pull it off, I won't tie it on."

Will thought about it for a moment and then relaxed, stretching his arms out in surrender. "Be gentle." The women laughed and he wondered what he was getting into. He nearly jumped out of his skin as he felt something incredibly cold and wet against his neck. It was an ice cube or something frozen and he yelped as it moved down his neck. The icy trail was followed by a warm tongue and he shivered at the sensation. He realized that he had no idea whose mouth was on him and he decided that he liked the mystery. Then, as he had known it would, the ice cube brushed across one of his nipples.

"Unnhhh..." he groaned. His cock, which had seemed hard enough earlier, got even harder. The mouth then covered his nipple, teeth nibbling gently. Suddenly, the ice cube brushed over his other nipple, followed by the mouth. They (or she) alternated between his nipples and he clenched his fists in an effort not to try to reach out for one of the women. This was their game and he knew that if he was patient, the rewards would be worth the wait.

*That's right, Will. Believe me, she may look like an angel, but she's diabolical. You're going to love this.* Deanna's mental voice was edged with laughter, but it wasn't cruel.

The mouth left his nipple and then there were two ice cubes, one on each nipple. It was just starting to be painful, when they were gone. Then something hot dripped where the ice cubes had been and he could smell garlic. "Ohhh God..." The feeling of the heat after the cold was incredible; he couldn't remember ever feeling anything like it before. Then the heat was dripping down his chest and the mouth was back, following the trail of...garlic butter, that's what it was. Just as he was sure that they were about to drench his aching erection with the stuff, it stopped. He groaned in frustration and someone giggled. A cool finger brushed ever so lightly across his cock and then was gone as was the mouth. He lay there hearing faint whispers as they discussed something. There was another giggle, and then a pair of very warm, very slippery hands began to caress his cock. The hands and the heat were wonderful and he could feel his control beginning to slip away.

Deanna mouthed the word "stop' at Beverly, who immediately pulled her hands away. They looked at one another. Deanna couldn't believe how much fun this was. She had teased Will before but she had never enjoyed as much as she was now. She nodded at Beverly, who had taken the opportunity to cover her hands again with warm garlic butter. Beverly gestured at Will's erection and Deanna "heard" her.

*Nice. And I just love garlic.* She grinned as her hands began to caress him again. She licked her lips and looked at Deanna. *He's pretty close, isn't he?* Deanna nodded and moved back up to Will's
chest. As Beverly lowered her head, Deanna picked up an ice cube.

Will groaned as a pair of knowing lips moved down his erection. He was pretty sure that it wasn't Deanna, but he really didn't care. There was a tongue sliding across the head of his cock and then a warm mouth enveloped him. He groaned again as the mouth began to move and he was moving closer to the pint of no return as Beverly (he was sure it was Beverly) moved her tongue along the underside of his cock while she sucked him. Just then the ice cubes brushed across his nipples. "OH GOD!!" he yelled out as he came, his hips lifting off the floor. He seemed to come for hours and the mouth around him stayed with him until he finally finished. He lay unmoving as both women quickly snuggled up
next to him. As soon as he was able to move again, he pulled both of them close. A hand gently pulled the shirt off of his face and he saw Beverly looking at him. Her lips were shiny and she licked them.

"That was...amazing. Thank you...both of you...that..." he was cut off by the sound of a buzzer. "Oh shit! Computer turn the oven off." He moved to get to his feet, but Deanna shook her head.

"Computer, convert the oven into a stasis unit," Deanna said Beverly started to protest, but the computer cheeped and she and Will stared as the oven shimmered and was replaced with a stasis unit.

"I didn't know it could do that," Beverly said.

"Well now you do." Deanna rose to her feet and went to a wall. "Arch," she said. Will and Beverly sat on the floor and watched as she hurriedly ran her fingers over the console. The whole room shimmered
and suddenly they could no longer see her. They were in a light airy room furnished mostly with cushions and soft mats. The door behind them opened and Deanna strolled through carrying a large box that she put down just inside the door. As the door closed they could hear the sounds of the kitchen and three female voices laughing as pots and pans rattled.

"What the hell?" Beverly asked.

Will began to laugh. "You brought up the three ladies." At Beverly's look of confusion, he explained. "Christina, Annora and Vivian were the cooks at the restaurant. I always called them the three ladies after the women in _The Magic Flute_. Christina always pretended to be annoyed because Mozart, however skilled, was *not * Italian." He looked at Deanna. "You programmed the menu into the Holodeck?" She nodded and pulled a wine bottle out of the box.

"You have garlic butter on your lips," she said to Beverly. "Computer, a corkscrew and three wine glasses." She deftly uncorked the bottle, poured and handed the glasses around. Raising hers she said, "To cooking!"

"Cooking!" echoed Beverly and Will. After sipping the wine, Beverly added, "I think that if I'd learned to cook this way, I might have been better at it." Deanna moved to sit next to her. Dipping a finger in her wine glass, she ran it over one of Beverly's nipples. The doctor shivered and took a quick sip of her wine before putting the glass down. Deanna pushed her gently back on the cushion behind her and began to paint her with wine.

Beverly was aware that Will was rummaging through the box Deanna had brought in, but she decided not to worry about him. Deanna's fingers and tongue were roaming over her neck, shoulder, and breasts,
occasionally brushing her nipples. "Mmmm...that feels wonderful," Beverly said. "Ohhh yeah, right there..." Deanna responded to the prompt, nibbling and sucking on Beverly's neck. With her earlier
urgency gone, Beverly was content to relax and lose herself in the sensations that Deanna was giving her.

Deanna glanced sideways as Will came up next to her. He shook his head and held up a stasis flask. "Let me guess," he said as he loosened the stopper. "Warm chocolate sauce?" Deanna shot him a quick grin and bent to kiss Beverly.

When the kiss had finished, Beverly laughed gently. "I knew the day would not be complete without chocolate." Deanna moved back to her breasts.

"If I'm going to cover you with chocolate sauce, I want to get rid of the wine first." She used that as an excuse to lavishly tongue Beverly's nipples and soon the doctor was gasping as Deanna's tongue
moved faster across. Beverly could feel the heat of the sauce as Will began to drip it on her skin. She felt Deanna's tongue moving slowly down her belly, lapping up the chocolate. Suddenly Deanna stopped and gasped. Beverly looked up to see what was happening. Will was running chocolate coated hands over Deanna's body, and as Beverly's eyes met his he winked. She grinned at him, and reached around to pull Deanna's hips toward her head. Deanna quickly moved her face between Beverly
chocolate covered thighs as she opened her own legs to straddle the other woman's face. Beverly pulled her down, a little worried that she wouldn't know what to do.

"Do what makes *you* feel good", Deanna said, picking up the worry.

"Then I'm going to eat you up. I love chocolate almost as much as you do."

"She tastes great with chocolate," Will said. He sat next to the two entwined women and slid his hands between them, caressing their breasts.

*Will was right,* Beverly thought. *She does taste great.* Deanna's taste was saltier than her own and it contrasted nicely with the rich sweetness of the chocolate. She tentatively ran her tongue into the wet folds, thinking about the things she liked. She quickly located Deanna's clitoris and began to gently run her tongue over it. Deanna responded with a hum of pleasure that vibrated against Beverly's clitoris. Delighted, Beverly continued to tongue the other woman, occasionally stopping to gasp as Deanna's actions took her closer and closer to orgasm. She suddenly pulled her mouth away and started to yell as the orgasms began to roll over her. After three quick shocks, she said, "Deanna....ohh...let me make you come." Deanna laid her head on Beverly's thigh and Beverly began to run her tongue over Deanna's clit again, harder this time. In a very short time, Deanna began to cry
out. Beverly hardly heard her, as Deanna's thighs had tightened around her head. Beverly didn't stop and soon Deanna shrieked again, this time pulling herself away.

After a moment, Deanna twisted around and looked down at her friend. "You're face is covered with chocolate."

"Look who's talking. Come up here and we'll clean each other off." She held her arms open and Deanna slid up her body with a cat-like movement.

They happily licked one another's faces for a time and then Deanna rested her head against Beverly's shoulder. "You amaze me," she said gently. "You're so sensual, are you sure you're not part Betazoid?"

"No, just lucky," Beverly replied. "You's one of *those* months."

"Baby week!" they both said in unison.

"Baby week?" Will asked. They looked at him for a moment and then Beverly grinned. Deanna slid up to rest her friend's head in her lap.

"Sometimes," Beverly said, holding out her arms to Will, "I feel like I could take on the whole ship. It's my little secret."

As he moved into her arms, Will had a vague memory of her explaining this to him at some earlier time. The memory was oddly distant and he realized that it was a flashback from the time he had hosted Beverly's Trill lover Odan. Ever since then he had wondered what it would be like to make love to her as himself. And now he would know. She opened her legs and her hand guided him into her. "I should warn you that it just gets worse." She looked up at him with that look. "I want you to fuck
me, Will. Hard." She slid her hands along his rear and pulled him down. Will looked down at her, bent and kissed her hard as he began to move.

Beverly was aware of what was happening. During months like this, her sexual drive just seemed to increase the more she had sex. She quickly found a rhythm that suited both herself and Will and then just went with it. She could feel his mouth on her neck and Deanna's fingers caressing her face and running through her hair. What she really felt though, was the hard cock moving in and out of her. She tilted her hips until she had just the right angle. She knew that she became terribly selfish at times like these, but none of her lovers had ever complained. Then it started. Small at first, just little ripples, early warning shocks before the earthquake. "Ohhh...God...oh...Will..."

Will looked down at her flushed face. Her eyes were closed and he could tell that she was concentrating on her orgasms. Her inner muscles were tightening around him and the feeling was amazing. He shifted and rested his weight on his hands, trying to hold off his own climax in
order to give her as much time as she needed. His eyes met Deanna's and she smiled at him, obviously delighted at the feelings she could sense radiating from Beverly.

Beverly had lost count of the number of times she had come. Then she felt it, that last one, like a great wave rushing at her. "OHHH!" she screamed. "YEESSS!!!" As the wave rushed over her she dug her nails into Will's back and pounded her heels against his legs. Then the wave ebbing and she fell back, limp and exhausted. She suddenly realized that Will hadn't come and she blinked and tried to move.

"Beverly," Deanna said softly. "It's all right." She bent down and kissed Beverly's flushed face. Sliding out from under Beverly, she moved behind Will. He looked at her. "It's all right," Deanna repeated. He slid carefully out of Beverly, who curled up slightly and watched as Deanna pushed Will on his back.

Watching Beverly and Will had roused Deanna's desire to a fever pitch. She quickly straddled him and slid down over his cock. "Deanna...I'm really...really close..." he gasped.

"So am I...ohhh..." She began to move and it was like it had always been, perfect rhythm, each so familiar to the other, each knowing what the other needed. He fit her perfectly and she felt wonderful around him. They reached their climaxes at the same; her cry echoed by his; each of them feeling what the other felt. She collapsed into his arms and relaxed.

After they recovered somewhat, they turned and pulled Beverly into their arms. The three of them lay close together and wisely, none of them tried to say anything. There were lazy kisses and caresses, but soon all three of them were dozing.

* * *


"Shut the fuck up!" Will yelled. The computer obligingly stopped the alarm. Beverly yawned and Deanna rubbed her eyes. "Come on people," Will said. "up and at 'em."

Beverly stuck her tongue out at him and Deanna bent over and kissed her. "Mmmm..." Beverly said as she broke from the kiss. "What time is it?"

"17:30," Deanna replied. "We have and hour and a half."

"Oh crap," Will said. "I wonder if the dinner is completely ruined. This will not be easy to explain." He looked down at Beverly and felt a little guilty.

"Stop that!" she said. She pulled him down and kissed him soundly. "I know you too well, Will Riker and I won't have you feeling guilty. I don't belong to anyone, and I had far too much fun for *me* to feel guilty. Did you enjoy yourself?" She suddenly giggled. "God, look at you, you're covered in chocolate."

She shot him that look and he realized that she was right both about the guilt and the chocolate. He kissed her again, not knowing what things would be like tomorrow, but somehow not caring. He felt Deanna's mouth against their joined mouths and there was a quick confusing tangle of tongues that left all of them laughing. When they separated, he smiled. The day had ended as it had begun, in laughter.

* * *

"I would like to propose a toast," Riker said, tapping his glass with his dessert fork. Everyone held up their glasses of port. "To Captain Jean-Luc Picard! Happy Birthday, sir and may you have many more!"

Picard was surprisingly touched by the toast and the whole evening. The dinner had been superb, he really couldn't remember a time when he had eaten this well. *Or this much,* he thought. As Will sat down, Picard looked around the table. He then stood, waving everyone back into their chairs as they began to rise. "I should like to propose a toast of my own. To Will, Beverly and Deanna, for one of the finest meals I have enjoyed in my life. The three of you obviously went to great deal of effort in the kitchen today."

"It was our pleasure, sir," Riker replied. It was only later that Will realized that his fork was bent from where he had gripped it, Beverly noticed that the inside of her cheek hurt from having been bitten, and Deanna found that she had marks on her palms from her own nails. However, all three of them managed not to laugh under circumstances that would have tried even their captain.

The End


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