Star Trek - The Next generation: A Slippery Situation (MFF)
by Michael Peters

Ensign Jason Patterson headed down the spacious halls of the Enterprise, a casual smile on his face. However, his heart was beating fast with excitement and anticipation. It had only been a few days after his encounter with Counselor Deanna Troi and Doctor Beverly Crusher on the holodeck, and he still could not believe that it had happened. However, the message on his computer when he had gotten off his shift said that it had not been his imagination. Now, he headed toward Troi's personal quarters, giddy at his good fortune, and also secretly hoping that he didn't run into Commander Riker or worse, Worf. He hated to know what kind of away-team missions he would be picked for if Riker found out what his Imzadi was doing.

Jason arrived outside Troi's quarters, and hastily looked around before touching the chime. "Come in," Deanna answered, and the doors whisked open.

Although Ensign Patterson had been to Deanna's quarters before, it was the first time that she was wearing a dark, see-through teddy. His eyes traced up her smooth legs, and noticed her thatch of pubic hair just barely visible under the fabric, her ample breasts, and her beautiful face, with its classical proportions. The room was dimly lit with a pair of candles on her table, and Jason noticed that the Counselor was holding a small bowl over one of the flames. She smiled at him and said, "Jason. I'm glad you got my message. Make yourself comfortable," she purred as she gestured to the couch. "Beverly will be ready very soon."

Jason sat down, his cock already stiffening in anticipation, but when Deanna bent over, giving him a perfect view of her ass cheeks, he didn't think the evening was going to get any better. He was wrong. A slight cough drew his attention away from Troi and toward the sight of Beverly entirely naked, except for a small black ribbon around her neck, and hanging from it a tear-drop shaped pearl. His eyes immediately locked on to her breasts, with her perfectly shaped nipples. At that point, he resolved to make that appointment they had agreed to before.

Beverly padded over to him, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad Deanna contacted you, Jason. We've never had another man here, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Get your clothes off while I get some things ready." Jason obliged the doctor as she went over to the food replicator and ordered. When she returned, Jason saw that she was carrying two bowls, one filled with whipped cream, and the other containing two cherries and a sizable quantity of cherry juice. She gave him a wink and a smile, and said, "I told you I liked whipped cream. Deanna isn't the only one on this ship with a food fetish." After placing the bowls on the bedstand, she returned to Deanna, and gently held her hand as she guided her to the bed. Deanna promptly shed the teddy, leaving nothing more to the imagination. She got on the bed on her back, looking at Crusher expectantly and slowly running her tongue around her ruby-red lips. Both Crusher and Patterson got on the bed on either side of Deanna.

Beverly began by taking the bowl filled with whipped cream, and scooped out a sizable portion with her hand, then placed it on the top of Deanna's breast, covering the nipple. She did the same again, then repeated the process for Deanna's other breast. Jason already knew what Beverly had in mind, but she was going at her own pace, so he didn't rush her. Beverly licked off some of the whipped cream on her hand, and Jason eagerly watched her tongue slide across her fingers. She then extended her hand to Jason, and he licked off the remaining whipped cream, reveling in the doctor's smooth hands. Beverly gave him a sultry smile, then retrieved the other bowl. She carefully dropped a cherry on both of Deanna's breasts, then poured a bit of the cherry juice over her creation. A bit of the juice dribbled down Deanna's right breast, between the ample globes, and Deanna moaned softly in anticipation. Beverly lowered her head, extending her pink tongue, and deftly scooped up the cherry on Deanna's right breast, then began eagerly sucking and licking the whipped cream and cherry juice.

"Don't be shy," Deanna whispered to Jason. He quickly followed Crusher's lead, hungrily licking Deanna's messy left breast. He loved the taste of the juice and cream, and began playing with her erect nipple with his tongue. Deanna's breathing became quicker, and another moan escaped her lips. Beverly was chasing down the dribble from between the Counselor's breasts, then moved back up, her tongue tracing a sticky trail. She wrapped her lips firmly around the top of the breast, then slowly pulled them off. A thin trail of saliva extended from the Doctor's luscious lower lip to Deanna's breast, then broke. Jason watched Beverly's face, partially obscured by her long, red hair, bring her lips to Deanna's face, and engage in a long, passionate kiss. Deanna raised her hand slightly and pinched one of Crusher's nipples, and a quiver and a sharp intake of breath ran throughout Beverly's body. She broke the lock, and began to fondle her own breasts. Jason took the opportunity to kiss Deanna on her full lips, and she eagerly returned his affections. The exotic smell of her perfume filled his senses, and he began to run his hand through her long, black hair. She returned the favor by cupping his balls in her hand, then running the tip of her finger up the length of his shaft, and onto the head, dabbing at the pre-come already there. When they ended their kissing, the Counselor brought her finger up to her mouth, and hungrily licked it.

For a minute, all three of them just sat there, trying to bring their boiling emotions to some kind of control, but all were failing miserably. Finally, Beverly spoke to Deanna, "It's time for our oil massage," and smiled in expectation.

"Who's first?" asked Deanna.

Beverly thought for a moment, then said, "I'll get you ready by myself, then Jason can help you with me."

Both of the women got off the bed, their long legs and swaying breasts keeping Jason's attention. Beverly went to the table and retrieved the bowl that Deanna had been warming before, while Troi went to a wall and assumed a spread-eagle position, the palms of her hands on the wall, her arms fully extended out from the wall, her body tilted at an angle, and her legs spread wide. In this position, Deanna's ass became taut and rounded, and her breasts hung down invitingly. Jason realized that now virtually every portion of Deanna's body could be covered with the warm, slippery oil that Beverly had. He ached to run his hands over Deanna's body, but knew that he would have a chance with Beverly.

Beverly let a small dribble of oil escape the bowl onto Deanna's leg, then began spreading it around her lithesome leg. Her hand moved up and down, taking care to massage the warm oil into every inch of the smooth white, skin. She repeated the same for the other leg, until both had a satisfyingly moist appearance. For Deanna's ass, Beverly dipped both hands briefly in the bowl, then slowly slid them up and down Troi's smooth ass cheeks until they met the slippery portion of her legs. Beverly's hands moved closer and closer together, finally converging on Troi's ass crack, eliciting a moan from Deanna. Beverly briefly touched Deanna's clitoris, and a sharp gasp punctuated the air.

"Hold her hair," Beverly whispered, and Jason held the Counselor's mass of black hair up as Beverly concentrated her attention on Deanna's backside, applying the same firm massaging motions as before. Soon, she was done, and Jason let her hair fall back down, with some of the curls sticking to the oil. Beverly quickly massaged both of Deanna's arms, and Jason knew that she was saving Deanna's chest for last. Even Beverly was getting horny, as her breathing quickened and her nipples stood erect. Finally, Beverly kneeled in the little arch created by Deanna's body, looked up at her robust breasts, and quickly ran her tongue around the enlarged nipples and aerola. She took some more oil and began to massage Deanna's chest below her breasts, working her way down. The Doctor took care to make sure that no region went without oil, even running her hands up Deanna's sides and onto her back. She reached Deanna's pubic region, and rubbed the oil firmly into her black pubic hair, then between her legs and back up her ass, the slight sound of her oily hands slithering along oily flesh accompanying Deanna's moans.

Beverly dipped her hands into the oil again, smiled at Jason, and said, "My favorite part," and turned her attention to Deanna's breasts. She started just below them, and slowly ran her hands upward, until Troi's breasts flopped back down, then up over her nipples, to the very top of her chest, just stopping at the neck. She continued massaging Troi's breasts, rubbing the oil under and between the globes, and even pinched both of Deanna's nipples, eliciting a shriek that Jason thought could even be heard on the bridge. Beverly eventually ended her massage, and Jason looked in pure delight at Troi's slippery, oily body glistening in the candlelight.

Crusher quickly wiped her hands on a nearby towel and assumed the identical position as Deanna. The Counselor eagerly picked up the bowl and said to Patterson, "Top or bottom?"

"Top," her replied. Deanna proferred the bowl to him, and he dipped his hands into the warm oil, then began to rub it over both of Beverly's arms. He looked into Crusher's face, and saw that her eyes were shut tight and her mouth slightly open, as Deanna concentrated on her legs. The feeling of running his slippery hands over Beverly's smooth arms was an incredible feeling, and he hurried up to begin on her breasts. Deanna had taken the same amount of time to finish the legs, and they simultaneously began to work on Beverly's breasts and ass. Crusher moaned as Jason rubbed the oil all over her white breasts, feeling her slick nipples slide under his hand. Jason briefly kissed her on the lips. He looked down to see Deanna's hands coming from either side of Beverly's breasts, then squeezing them firmly, producing a moan of pleasure from the Doctor. To do this, Deanna was pressed directly up against Beverly's legs and ass. She slowly slithered her hands back down, and Jason redoubled the massage. Within minutes Beverly was covered from the neck down in the oil, and Jason was flabbergasted at the sight of the two most beautiful women on the Enterprise covered in the slippery oil.

Beverly quickly slipped around and pulled Deanna up to a standing position then embraced her passionately, her hand rubbing up against the Counselor's oily ass. Their breasts were pressed together, and Deanna slid her hand down to Beverly's ass crack, and fingered her cunt. Beverly bucked, and Deanna withdrew her finger, coated with Beverly's juices. She hungrily licked it, then half-pulled, half-slithered Beverly to the bed.

The two nubile women quickly got into a 69-position, with Beverly on top. Deanna began to lick at Crusher's clit and cunt, eliciting sharp gasps and moans from the Doctor. Deanna's hands were wrapped firmly around Beverly's oily backside, and her breasts hung down unencumbered between Troi's spread legs. Beverly rocked back and forth, the sound of their slippery bodies rubbing together extremely erotic. Then, with a gasp, she came, her juices running down into Deanna's face. Troi eagerly lapped them up, her pink tongue eagerly darting around. After Deanna finished, she released Beverly, and the women slithered apart.

However, Jason wasn't about to let them have all the fun. His cock was straining to be released, and he had the perfect idea. He leaned close to Beverly, and whispered into her ear, "Get on top of Deanna." Beverly promptly obeyed, supporting her weight by extending her arms, causing her breasts to lightly touch Troi's globes. Jason kneeled in front of Beverly and began to softly stroke his cock, only inches away from her face. His hand moved up and down the shaft, and Beverly hungrily watched it. Quicker and quicker he went, until finally he came. The white come flew out and landed on Crusher's face, spattering her hair, cheeks, lips, and chin. Jason milked his cock dry, then watched as his come oozed down Beverly's face. She was licking her lips frantically, trying to taste it, but unable to reach all of his warm juice. Deanna reached up and wiped a hand across Beverly's cheek, scooping up gobs. She raised her slick hand to Beverly, and the Doctor licked it up. Deanna kept wiping Beverly's face until it was airly clean, then Beverly collapsed on top of Troi with a moan, their oily bodies wrapped together.

Jason knew that this was only the beginning of his sexual escapades with the horny Counselor and Doctor, and he couldn't wait to see what the future would bring.


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