Sell This House: Tanya Memme's Ordeal Part 1 (F-zoo,oral,BDSM,tort,horse,ncon,celeb)
by The Referee

Tanya Memme the sexy hostess (34-26-35) of Sell this House answers home owners call for help when houses have been on the market and received no offers. She and her crew visit the house and then proceed to do what is necessary to upgrade and present the house in a better light for sale.

Tanya had received a letter from a Midwest couple seeking her help with selling their home, the letter stated that the house had been on the market for 6 months and had received no offers. Since Tanya had wrapped up shooting earlier in the week near this location, she decided to drive over herself and check out the home before the crew arrived. The house was a couple miles off the main drag and Tanya thought, "No wonder there are no offers on this place no one can find it."

As she pulled into the driveway she suddenly had a strange feeling, but shrugged it off and knocked on the door. This middle-aged couple came to the door and was delighted to see Tanya.

As is the show's custom, Tanya asked the couple to show her around the house. After viewing it, she determined that this house needed a lot of work and wasn't sure they would be able to help. It is at this point that the couple asked her to look at the basement and let them know what she thought of it. "Oh well," she thought, "it can't be any worse than upstairs."

So she went downstairs with the couple close behind. When she reached the bottom, she couldn't believe her eyes. It wasn't just a basement, it was some sort of weird chamber equipped with chains, whips, and other items. As Tanya turned to go upstairs, the husband grabbed her by the arms and said, "Your not going anywhere for a while".

As Tanya struggled with the husband, the wife came up to her and punched her in the stomach causing Tanya to double over and fight to catch her breath. As she was doubled over, they attached cuffs to her wrists and attached them to a bar over head. Tanya was petrified and started screaming, but the wife told her to save her breath, the basement was sound proofed and no one could hear her. Tanya told the couple she had money and would pay them whatever they wanted, but they said they weren't interested in her money. They then attached cuffs to Tanya's ankles and pulled her legs a full 3 feet apart and attached the cuffs to eye bolts in the floor.

"What ever your thinking of doing you won't get away with this!" Tanya pleaded.

The wife told her that her crew would not be coming to her rescue, they informed the show that the house had been sold and their services weren't needed after all. Fear took over and Tanya began weeping and begged them to let her go. "Not till were finished with you", replied the husband.

He went over to a drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors and walked over to her, "Now don't squirm girl cause I don't wanna hurt you yet."

He started cutting the dress at the shoulders and soon, it fell to the floor leaving Tanya wearing only her bra and panties. The next thing to go was the bra, he cut the straps and the bra sagged bearly covering her nipples, with the next cut he cut the bra in the middle and her 36c boobs were suddenly exposed to the cool air causing her nipples to become stiff. Tanya couldn't do anything but hang there and beg once again. Ignoring her plea he cut both sides of the panties and they joined the bra and the dress on the floor. Now Tanya, shaved pussy and all was hanging naked and fearing the worst.

"Now young lady if you do as we ask no harm will come to you, refuse and we will have to convince you".

"I won't do anything and you can go to hell!"

"You haven't heard what it is we want, all you have to do is have sex with Butch."


"Well then I just will have to change your mind."

He went to a drawer and pulled out the nastiest looking bullwhip Tanya had ever seen. Immediately she began to sweat and it made her sexy body all the more beautiful.

The husband took the whip and laid it across Tanya's tits, "Do you like the way it feels?"

Not waiting for an answer, he stepped back and swung the whip. It wrapped around Tanya's back and the tip landed directly on her right tit causing her to scream. Over and over the whip found its mark until she had been beaten with over 75 strokes. By this time, her tits, ass, and back were becoming a bloody mess and Tanya was fighting to remain alert. He approached her and asked her once again if she would have sex with Butch. Tanya could only muster a low guttural no.

The beating continued for another 25 strokes or more, until every inch of her glorious body was bleeding. Finally she agreed to have sex with Butch.

Tanya thought it couldn't be as bad as the beatings, after all she wasn't a virgin. To her astonishment, Butch was brought into the basement, instead of being a guy, it was their horse.

They unhooked Tanya from the bar and the floor shackles. She crashed to the floor and the husband once again began whipping her telling her to get up. She struggled to her feet.

"Now here is what your gonna do. First your gonna give old Butch a blow job and he will fuck that beautiful pussy of yours. Of course if you don't want to do this, we can continue the beating."

Tanya dropped to her knees and worked her way under the horse. She started stroking him with her hand and his dick immediately started to become hard. By the time she finished stroking it, Butch's dick had grown to a full 14". Tanya began sucking this monster hose and the horse started squirming and then all of sudden, he released his sperm in her month. It felt like a gallon of cum was being forced down her throat causing her to gag on it.

As she finished swallowing, it, the horse began bucking and Tanya was instructed to lay on the dirty mattress on the table. Fearing for more of a beating, poor Tanya lay back and the horse was led to her. Sniffing her pussy the horse became aroused once again, and started to position himself with his 14" dick directly in front of her pussy. All at once the horse thrust himself forward and without warning the 14" monster entered Tanya's pussy causing her to scream at the top of her lungs. "Please pull it out he is splitting me two, its too big I can't possibly take this thing."

The couple ignored her and Butch continued to shove his dick in her throbbing pussy. He finally stopped after getting 10 or 11" inches inside her and began pumping her for all he was worth. What seemed like hours was 30 minutes of hell until the horse had dumped his load in her and finally pulled out.

Tanya was carried outside to the barn where they hosed her off. She was screaming as the water brought the pain of the bullwhip back to life.

"You can sleep downstairs tonight, and tomorrow we will continue."


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