Star Trek - Enterprise: Part 3 - Submission (MF,MMF,inter,anal,reluc)
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The Vulcan Pon Farr virus had spread quickly through Enterprise infecting
almost the entire crew. The effects were immediate and obvious; those
infected lost all of their sexual inhibitions and the need to reach orgasmic
bliss overpowered the consciousness of the infected individual. The first
infected crewmember, T'Pol, spread the disease through Enterprise including
Doctor Phlox who had synthesized and administered a cure to T'Pol. However,
Phlox would contract the Vulcan virus and the anti-virus now lay abandoned
along with the cum covered T'Pol in sickbay.

* * *

T'Pol awoke several hours later with the oddest taste in her mouth; she could
barely open her eyes because her eyelids seemed to be glued together. Unable
to see very well, and still feeling fairly drowsy, T'Pol made her way to the
sickbay emergency shower where she quickly washed off the crusty and sticky
substance coating her face, body and mouth. T'Pol had remembered being
infected, remembered being given an anti-virus by Phlox, but in all of these
memories she remembered being clothed while she was given the anti-virus and
not covered in Denobulan cum. T'Pol disgusted by what had just happened to
her as well as feeling violated by her Doctor, T'Pol put on a hospital gown
and made her way to the com where she noticed the several hypo-sprays full of
the anti-virus. She quickly made her way to the comm system and opened a
frequency to the Captain's quarters, "Captain, Captain, are you there?"

"Yes T'Pol," answered Captain Jonathan Archer, "I was just getting ready to
go to bed for the night, what can I do for you?"

"Captain, it's urgent," said T'Pol, "May I meet you alone in your quarters in
five minutes, I must speak to you!"

"Sure, why not," said Archer in a bit of a perturbed voice.

T'Pol quickly grabbed the several hypo-sprays and left sickbay in a hurry.
T'Pol looked around every corner before making her way through the ship in
order to avoid the infected crewmembers. She reached the turbo lift and hit
the A-Deck button where Captain Archer's quarters were located. The turbo
lift stopped and T'Pol exited where she made her way to the Captain's door
without seeing any other crewmembers on the way.

Bzzzt... Bzzzt...

"Captain, Captain," shouted T'Pol. Without hesitation T'Pol entered the
Captain's quarters without waiting for an answer. As soon as she opened the
door she saw the Captain with his back turned to her. "Captain," said T'Pol,
"I have the anti-virus to the Vulcan Pon Farr virus with me..."

T'Pol was cut short by the scene in front of her. On her knees with her tiny
Asian mouth around the Captain's cock was the com officer Hoshi Sato.

"Captain? You're infected as well?" T'Pol made to run out the door when three
men blocked her way. Malcolm Reed, Trip, and Ensign Travis Mayweather all had
a sinister look in their eyes.

"You're not going anywhere my pretty little Vulcan whore until we all get a
chance to fuck your pretty little pussy," exclaimed Trip.

Without hesitation T'Pol tried to inject Trip with one of the anti-virus
hypo-sprays. Unfortunately she was too slow and Malcolm and Travis were able
to grab her arms letting the hypo-sprays fall to the ground.

While this struggle went on, Hoshi was hard at work servicing her Captain
when all that could be heard in the room was the Captain grunting with
pleasure as he pasted the little Asian whore's face with his super seed.
Hoshi swallowed as much as she could enjoying the present she was receiving
from her commanding officer.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" sighed the Captain as the last load landed squarely in Hoshi's
open mouth. "Alright, alright, it's time to fuck these two sluts."

And with that all four men disrobed and pulled off their underwear. Travis
and the Captain grabbed T'Pol and placed her on the Captain's bed while Trip
and Malcolm swept off the Captain's desk including the Captain's state of the
art computer which shattered upon hitting the floor.

T'Pol was the only one resisting the entire scene, trying to break the hold
the Captain now had on her shoulders. Travis tore away her small gown, spread
her legs and started to enthusiastically lick the Vulcan's tight pussy. The
Captain who had just blown his load was already rock hard again, he mounted
the Vulcan's chest and shoved his cock between the Vulcan's perfect tits.

The Captain already had good lubrication from the cock sucking he had just
received from his com officer. T'Pol continued to struggle but her reluctance
to get in the mood just turned on her aggressors even further with Travis
sticking three fingers into her now wet pussy while continuing to lick her
pussy. T'Pol was having even less luck on the other end as Captain Archer was
now picking up his pace with the tip of his nine inch cock hitting her chin
with every thrust.

Malcolm and Trip were having an even better time with the very willing Hoshi
Sato whose enthusiasm was turning on the duo as Malcolm was sitting on the
desk shoving his cock down the tiny throat of Hoshi who was gagging
uncontrollably. Trip wasted no time in shoving his cock to the hilt into
Hoshi's pussy. By this point Hoshi had already cum multiple times and was in
pure bliss. Her moaning could be heard even on the lower decks of the ship.

T'Pol's struggle was reaching its end as the inoculation she had received
from Phlox seemed to be loosing its effect as she felt herself cum for the
second time giving Travis a face full of Vulcan pussy juice. T'Pol moaned
out load for a second time and both Travis and the Captain knew she was
ready to take on a bigger challenge. Archer laid on his back on the bed
and with no resistance at all from T'Pol lifted her over his cock and
dropped her ass straight down onto his cock. T'Pol screamed as loud as she
could as Travis took his opportunity to complete the picture by placing his
monster eleven inch black cock in the tiny Vulcan's love box. There was very
little resistance at this point seeing that T'Pol had been fucked multiple
times in the last couple of days. Half of Travis's cock made its way into
T'Pol's pussy and with that Archer and Travis began to rock back and forth
picking up a steady rhythm. T'Pol was screaming in pleasure as she could
feel both cocks piston in and out of her pussy and ass.

Only two meters away Hoshi was in a similar position of pleasure with all
three partners on top of the Captain's desk. Like T'Pol Hoshi was also
getting double pounded but with Hoshi riding Malcolm and Trip on top of
her back with his cock driving in and out of her ass.

The Captain's quarters were full of moaning mixed with screams of pleasure.
T'Pol and Hoshi had both cum at least five times and the strain for release
could be seen in the faces of all four men. Captain Archer was the first to
reach the goal depositing several healthy loads of his super cum into T'Pol's
tiny ass which quickly filled to the brim and leaked out around his pumping
cock. T'Pol sighed with pleasure as Archer's creamy helping soothed the
burning sensation in her ass. Archer pulled out of her ass as soon as he had
shot his final load into T'Pol's bowels. Getting off of his bed, Archer put
on his uniform, and he left his quarters in order to find even more fresh

At the same time Archer was leaving the room both Malcolm and Travis yelled
"I'm cumming" shooting streams of cum into Hoshi and T'Pol who could both
feel their pussies fill to the brim with the super seed of Malcolm and

Travis finished up firing his final load of cum into his Vulcan slut before
falling backwards onto the ground breathing heavily and looking exhausted.
Malcolm, who was still in the throes of orgasm simply remained in Hoshi's
tiny tight pussy after finishing up. Malcolm's excess cum continued to leak
out of Hoshi's pussy as Trip who was still feverishly fucking her tiny ass
pulled out and walked over to the Captain's bed where T'Pol was still on
her back enjoying the feeling of being filled to brim with cum when Trip
unleashed a torrent of cum which plastered the Vulcan's perfect tits, face
and mouth for over thirty seconds.

Believing the huge fuck fest to be over Hoshi pulled herself off of Malcolm's
rapidly deflating cock in order to get dressed and get some rest. However,
Trip spoke up immediately, "Not so fast my little slutty comm officer, first
you have to clean up the mess we made on this Vulcan fuck doll."

Obeying her sex master Hoshi got off the Captain's desk and hurriedly made
her way to T'Pol who was again covered in cum. Hoshi laid on top of T'Pol and
began licking T'Pol's tits. T'Pol moaned in pleasure but was too exhausted to
reciprocate the tongue lashing she was getting from Hoshi.

Unable to resist the perfect opportunity and the beautiful sight he was
beholding, Travis got up from his dazed relaxation and took his opportunity
to insert his already hardened rod into Hoshi's wide open pussy. Hoshi, being
freshly fucked and quite engrossed at the moment licking up a sticky mess,
hardly noticed Travis enter her sopping wet pussy. She did however take
notice when Travis buried his cock to the hilt letting out a scream of

T'Pol, still in an orgasmic daze was not ready for Malcolm who got on to the
bed, got onto his knees over top of T'Pol's face and shoved his rock hard
cock all the way down into her throat. T'Pol gagged as Malcolm's cock blocked
off her air tunnel. This process continued for the better part of ten minutes
until Hoshi had licked up all the cum up to T'Pol's face and instead
continuing onto her face decided to help out Malcolm who was still jamming
his cock down T'Pol's throat. Hoshi began licking Malcolm's shaft as her
pussy was being slammed from behind.
Unable to contain himself any longer from the extreme pleasure he was
receiving from the mouths of the two hottest women aboard Enterprise he
started yelling. "Ohhhhhh Yessssss" yelled Malcolm as he unloaded twelve
spurts of his warm sticky cum down the Vulcan's throat and directly into
T'Pol's stomach which was already bloated with cum.

As Malcolm finished up and pulled his cock out of T'Pol's throat, Travis
started to grunt with excitement. Hoshi who had started licking the cum from
T'Pol's face stopped what she was doing when she felt Travis's cock begin to
spasm, "Yesss, Yesss, cum inside me, fill me up with that chocolate cum

Travis cock started to spurt out long ropes of cum into Hoshi's already
cum-filled pussy. Travis's cum immediately began to spray out of her pussy
as it had no where to go. Travis pulled out and fell unconscious from the
double orgasmic pleasure he had just received after dumping his load into
not one but both T'Pol and Hoshi's pussies.

T'Pol, who had just received another load of cum down her throat was
beginning to feel sick from all the cum she had received in every hole she
had. As Hoshi began to lick the last remnants of cum from T'Pol's face T'Pol
felt something prod her sore pussy. She realized it was Commander Tucker who
had been left out of the last fuck session but was now ready to finally get
some Vulcan pussy. Trip had gotten a blowjob from the Vulcan goddess and blew
his load on her face twice, but had yet had the chance to fuck her silly.

Seeing his opportunity, as Hoshi had shifted her position to lick T'Pol's
face, Trip shoved his entire length into T'Pol's sore pussy. Trip knew that
he wasn't going to last long being primed and ready to cum after seeing the
fucking Hoshi had just received. Trip however wanted to make the best of it
as he pounded T'Pol's exposed pussy as hard and quick as he could eliciting
some rather loud moans from T'Pol. Hoshi was just finishing up her meal when
she saw T'Pol's eyes shoot wide open. Hoshi knew that she had just received
another hot load of cum into her waiting pussy. Hoshi was right as Trip
groaned and shot out another five sticky loads into the already well fucked
pussy of T'Pol.

Exhausted, bloated and sore, T'Pol and Hoshi were ready for a good long nap
and didn't want to move from the bed they were lying on. Unfortunately Trip,
Malcolm and the now conscious Travis had other ideas, and instead of letting
the sluts sleep it off a little, they decided to kick both Hoshi and T'Pol
out of the Captain's quarters as they got dressed. Completely naked, with
cum leaking from their pussies and asses, T'Pol and Hoshi stumbled out of
the Captain's quarters where they collapsed in the hallway. Both Hoshi and
T'Pol were spread eagled on their stomachs completely unconscious with cum
dripping from their pussies onto the corridor floor as the Captain's quarters
opened and Trip, Malcolm, and Travis all stepped over the two sluts on their
way to the bridge for their shift.

* * *

The anti-virus for the Pon Farr disease lay abandoned on the floor in the
quarters of Captain Archer. T'Pol who had been cured was now infected again
with the entire crew now. There were no crewmembers left to administer the
cure to the rest of the crew and it seems that the Enterprise was doomed to
be slaves to their sexual desires for the rest of their lives. The problems
of the Enterprise seemed to be compounding, but the worse was to come as the
Enterprise was flying directly into trouble in the form of an unfriendly
alien ship.

To Be Continued...


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