Star Trek - Enterprise: Part 1 - Contagious (MF,MF,F-mast,oral,preg)
by Avatrek ([email protected])

"Go to warp four Travis as soon as we clear orbit around Vulcan, and make for
our original course."

Captain Archer and the Enterprise crew had just spent the last three days in
orbit around Vulcan in order to facilitate the needs of their only Vulcan
crewmember T'Pol who had to return to Vulcan every seven years for her Pon
Farr, the Vulcan mating ritual. However, T'Pol's stay on Vulcan was not what
she had hoped for; instead of getting fucked for days on end, she was
restricted to a Vulcan quarantine lab due to a recent outbreak on the planet
which had triggered a massive mating cycle, a non stop orgy of ravenous sex.
Because of her relatively young age T'Pol was able to overcome her instincts
with intense medication and meditation.

The Enterprise was ordered to leave the Vulcan star system as soon as T'Pol
had returned via shuttlecraft to Enterprise, the sexual epidemic had reached
global levels and even non-Vulcans on the planet were now susceptible to the
Vulcan sexual virus. Many of the crewmembers of Enterprise, especially the
males and senior staff were saddened to leave the planet, not just because of
the state of the Vulcan civilization, but because they were missing out on an
opportunity to fuck as many Vulcans as they wanted, maybe enough to make up
for the last hundred years of the Vulcan suppression of human space
exploration. However, unbeknownst to the crew of the Enterprise an epidemic
was about to take place on the Enterprise which would satisfy the sexual
desires of the entire crew!

"Please, Sub-Commander, you must go through quarantine like all other crew
members returning from off world missions," instructed Doctor Phlox.

"Forgive my eagerness Doctor, I have been stuck in quarantine for the last
three days," admitted T'Pol.

"True, but the seriousness of the disease warrants extra precautions, we
don't want it to spread to our fellow crewmates, now do we."

"No, of course not Doctor."

"Alright, everything looks good Sub-Commander, you may return to active duty
as soon as you wish, all the scans have come up clean."

T'Pol quickly made her way down the corridor towards her quarters in order to
meditate and rest before her first shift back on the bridge the next morning.
Since she had left the shuttlecraft and come aboard the Enterprise she had
felt strange aftereffects from her unsuccessful Pon Farr. Images of her
people giving into their carnal passions flashed through her mind as she
reached the entrance of her quarters.

As soon as the doors closed she made her way to her bathroom where she
immediately removed her skin tight one piece uniform. She slipped her hands
under the thin and stretchable garment feeling her soft and supple skin. It
took her no time to strip out of her uniform due to the fact that she wore
no underwear at all, only a thin one piece suit. She had always wondered why
the male crewmembers on Enterprise looked at her with such lust, but now it
seemed obvious, she had perfect tits, an incredibly tight ass and it was only
covered by the thinnest of materials.

She turned on the shower and stepped into the steaming hot shower, she ran
her hands from her perfect breasts to her inner thighs. Uncontrollable urges
were now taking her over; all she wanted to do was rub her shaved pussy until
her needs were satisfied.

'Buzz', ... 'Buzz', ... "Is everything alright in there T'Pol," shouted
Commander Charles Tucker.

T'Pol quickly stepped out of the shower and threw on a tiny thin towel, which
only covered her breasts and half of her ass.

"Enter," commanded T'Pol, who was a little perturbed by the sudden

Trip entered and almost fell over in shock and awe at what he saw in front
of him. The sexy Vulcan ice queen was soaking wet with only a thin towel
covering her perfect body. He could see water dripping down her inner thighs.
He was attracted to what he believed to be a small patch of pubic hair
covering her pussy which was just visible if he looked at just the right
angle. He slowly adjusted his gaze to her perfectly sculpted breasts which
were almost completely visible through the thin material. Her small and
perfectly round nipples were completely visible through the material and
Trip could feel his cock tingle with excitement.

"What is it Commander?" said T'Pol professionally. "I'm busy at the mom..."
muttered T'Pol as she saw the growing bulge in Trip's crotch area. All T'Pol
could think of was getting on her knees and servicing the Commander's growing
cock. Her hand slowly made its way down to her own pussy without even knowing
what she was doing. Without even hesitating T'Pol said in her sexiest voice,
"I was wondering if I could help you with anything Commander?" as she stared
directly at his growing bulge.

"Funny," said Trip, "I came here to ask you the same th--".

But before he could finish T'Pol had made her move, pulling off her soaking
wet towel, revealing her tight body as she reached for the zipper on the
Commander's suit. From his neck to the growing bulge in his pants T'Pol
pulled his zipper down until Trip was able to step out of his uniform. As
soon as he stepped out of his uniform he could feel T'Pol's warm hands around
the waistband of his underwear. She pulled them down and got her first look
at a human cock and she liked what she saw.

The horniness that had been building in her had now completely taken her over
and controlled her every action. She placed her hands around the base of
Trip's cock and felt him shutter in anticipation. She started moving her hand
up and down his shaft until she was satisfied with the hardness of eight inch
shaft. She eagerly engulfed the cock in her tiny Vulcan mouth while she moved
her hand up and down the base of his shaft. She was inexperienced but Trip
didn't care, this was a dream come true. Trip knew that T'Pol's actions were
a direct result from the Vulcan Pon Farr disease but at the moment it felt
too good to care and he could feel his own inhibitions leaving him.

T'Pol was now picking up the pace and had a good rhythm. She could feel
Trip's cock getting harder and swelling at the same time, but because of her
inexperience she had no idea what was about to happen. Trip knew exactly what
was about to happen and he was definitely going to surprise her.

"Ahh Fuck Yes, I'm going to cum all over your Vulcan face you dirty Vulcan
whore!" yelled Trip, who at those words exploded unleashing two huge ropes
of cum into the cock hungry Vulcan's mouth and throat. T'Pol immediately
pulled off of his cock but instead of getting out of the way T'Pol received
a face full of cum as Trip fired off four more loads on the to Vulcan's
pretty face.

T'Pol just sat there stunned at the load of cum she had just swallowed and
the even larger load plastered on her face. Trip was enjoying the view until
the com went off and Captain Archer's voice came over the com requesting all
crewmembers to make their way to their posts, the Enterprise had entered a
dangerous region of space called the Enzalin Region which was believed to be
inhabited by a roaming band of pirates made up of several species.

Before T'Pol could even make her way to her bathroom to clean up and get
dressed Trip had gotten dressed and made his way out the door feeling
extremely satisfied with what he had done to that Vulcan slut. However, he
didn't feel completely satisfied and after a couple of minutes, he could
feel a ravenous desire to grab the next piece of ass he saw and give her a
good pounding.

* * *

Trip was in luck again as he walked down the corridor towards main
engineering. He accidentally brushed into Ensign Hoshi Sato, the ship's Comm
Officer who was on her way to the bridge. Trip immediately turned around and
followed Hoshi down the corridor until they reached a turbo lift.

Hoshi felt a strange twinge in her pussy; she placed her hand on her inner
thigh and brushed the outside of her uniform to quench the sudden sensation
in her groin. As soon as she had brushed up against Trip the Vulcan Pon Farr
disease had taken hold of her body. She entered the turbo lift and instantly
noticed the presence of Commander Tucker, "Commander? I thought you were on
your way to Engineering. The Captain told all crewmembers to report to their
stations, didn't he--?"

Just like T'Pol Hoshi was transfixed by the large bulge in Trip's pants.

Trip didn't even say a word; he knew he had her as soon as she had noticed
his cock. He simply pushed the emergency stop button and grabbed the young
Asian Comm Officer's ass and pulled her in where he unzipped her uniform,
groped her small but firm tits and her supple ass. He was in heaven again
and it seemed like Hoshi was feeling as good as he was as she moaned at his
touch. She unzipped his uniform and he pulled it off for the second time in
an hour. He was beginning to think it would be easier just to walk around
naked with all the pussy he was getting today.

Hoshi moved her small hands to the band of his underwear and instead of
pulling them down, she quickly ripped them off. She moved to her knees after
taking off her uniform revealing a small bra and even smaller pink thong.
She grabbed his fully erect cock smelling the scent of the recent sex on his
extremely hard cock. She started stroking it and placed it in her wide open
mouth deep-throating his eight inch cock right away.

Trip could tell that she was a real pro, she definitely had way more
experience then T'Pol. Trip was in heaven again as he watched Hoshi's head
bobbing back and forth. Trip reached over her back and unclasped Hoshi's bra
revealing small but perfectly formed tits which he immediately fondled with
both hands. Trip then moved his hands down her back until he grasped the
young Ensign's pink thong, pulling it aside to satisfy the growing needs of
the Comm Officer.

Trip couldn't take it anymore; he needed to fuck this little Asian slut right
away. As good as it was to have her bobbing back and forth on his cock he
needed to slam it into her young tight pussy. Trip pulled her off his cock,
lying down on his back so Hoshi could straddle him and sit down on his lap.
Hoshi pulled her pink thong aside and straddled his cock. It took a couple
tries but she finally was able to get a couple of inches into her pussy. She
continued bouncing up and down until she could fit the entire eight inches
of Trip's cock into her pussy. At that point she started bouncing up and down
with increasing rapidity trying to reach the ultimate goal of release. Trip
too was near his end he could feel it coming but he wanted to make sure that
Hoshi reached her orgasm first.

Hoshi was the first to reach the goal and screamed out in joy, "Yessssss,
Yessssss, I'm Fucking Cumming!" She could feel the released and it
overpowered all of her other senses.

Trip wasn't far behind especially after he felt Hoshi's warm juices flow down
around his cock, shouting, "Fuck, I'm blowing my load inside your tight Asian
pussy you fucking whore!"

With one last ounce of resolve Trip slammed his cock as deep into Hoshi as
possible and as she screamed 'Yes' he unloaded rope after rope of hot sticky
cum into the young Asian's pussy. He could feel himself pumping load after
load into the young Com Officers womb hopefully impregnating the smoking hot

"Ohh my god," sighed Hoshi, "that was amazing Commander, I was horny as hell
and I needed a good cock!" Hoshi pulled off of Trip's deflating cock and
pulled off her pink thong flinging it in the Commander's face saying,
"There's a souvenir and a thanks for your help Commander." With that Hoshi
put on her bra and zipped up her uniform while she started up the turbo lift
to take Trip back down to Engineering.

Trip stuffed the thong into his pocket and zipped up his own uniform. Before
exiting the lift Trip grabbed Hoshi's ass and gave it a good long squeeze
eliciting a sensual moan from Hoshi.

'Damn,' thought Trip, 'this is going to be a good day.'

* * *

As the Enterprise left the dangerous Enzalin Region, the Enterprise was taken
off of high alert and many of the officers and crewmembers returned to their
quarters. By this point T'Pol could barely take it anymore and needed
something or someone to satisfy the sexual urges she was now feeling. She had
spent the better part of the extended shift with her hand on her pussy
rubbing it whenever she thought no one was watching. Someone was watching
though and could barely hold in his excitement as he watched the expression
on her face every time she rubbed her pussy. He knew he was getting some
Vulcan pussy as soon as the shift was over.

T'Pol basically sprinted down the deck corridor to her quarters where she
immediately ripped off her tight uniform and drove two fingers into her
pussy. T'Pol grabbed her left nipple and started to rub it as well. Seconds
later her quarter's doors flew open Lieutenant Malcolm Reed stood there with
an obvious lust in his eyes for the insatiable Vulcan Sub-Commander. T'Pol
didn't even object to his presence, she welcomed it.

Reed pulled off his uniform, his underwear and got onto his knees spreading
T'Pol's legs licking her pussy ravenously. He stuck his tongue as deep as
possible into her pussy tasting the beautiful Vulcan's pussy juices. At this
point T'Pol was moaning like the dutiful whore she was. Reed was ready to
fuck the Vulcan pussy so he picked her up and threw her onto the edge of her

Without hesitation Malcolm spread her legs and inserted his entire seven inch
cock into her extremely tight Vulcan pussy. T'Pol let out a scream of pain
and pleasure while Reed started to pull out and push back in. In only a
couple of minutes he was plunging in and out of T'Pol's pussy and she was
moaning in pleasure.

"Holy Fuck, I've wanted a piece of this pussy since you first came aboard,"
yelled Reed. "That tight ass, those perfect tits, flaunting it all over the
ship in that skin tight uniform, you've been asking for it and you know it."

"Yessss Mr. Reed, fuck that tight little pussy, I need it soooo bad!" moaned

T'Pol could feel her pussy tingling, and even though she had never had an
orgasm before she knew something wonderful was happening.

As T'Pol hit her peak Malcolm felt her pussy clamp down on his rock hard cock
and her pussy juices flow down his cock and onto the floor. Reed couldn't
take it anymore and instead of pulling out of her tight Vulcan pussy, he
drove his cock even deeper into her. He yelled "Fuck, I'm cumming", and in
response Malcolm heard T'Pol moan "Fill me up, baby."

Knowing that humans and Vulcans couldn't successfully have children Malcolm
felt no remorse as he felt his cock spasm out of control and release
voluminous amounts of cum deep into the awaiting Vulcan pussy.

T'Pol could feel a hot sticky load of cum being shot into her awaiting pussy,
triggering yet another orgasm and release of unbelievable pleasure.

As Malcolm finished up, he pulled out of her clasping pussy and wiped his cum
covered cock off in T'Pol's hair. He then picked up his clothes, put on his
uniform and walked out without saying another word, leaving the Vulcan slut
lying on her bed with her legs wide open and cum trickling down her inner

* * *

Four members of the Enterprise were now infected by the powerful effects of
the Vulcan Pon Farr disease and simple contact with any of these crewmembers
would trigger a need to mate like the need a Vulcan experiences every seven
years. However, the effects never wear off and the crewmembers affected are
doomed to give into their sexual desires forever.

To Be Continued...


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