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Star Trek - Enterprise:
Universes Collide Part 1 - Welcome To The Sexverse Part 1
by Avatrek ([email protected])

There are many realities, more diverse then just good and evil; there are
different shades of each, all influencing the behavior of every person in
that universe.

"How far out are we Travis?" asked Captain Jonathan Archer, staring intently
at the view screen from his Captain's chair. The Enterprise was investigating
a strange tear in space and time, forming near the border between Vulcan and
the Andorian space. Because both Andoria and Vulcan could not trust one
another, Commander Shran had asked the Enterprise to mediate between the two
races again. It was up to them to investigate the tear and report to both the
Vulcans and Andorians the possible danger the anomaly could present, if left

"We're only one million kilometers away Captain" responded the helmsmen of
the Enterprise; Ensign Travis Mayweather. Travis was hesitant to move any
closer to the tear; it may have been small, but the energy it was putting out
was mind boggling.

"That's close enough Ensign!" replied Archer, realizing that bringing the
Enterprise in any closer, could endanger the entire crew.

"Trip... How are the shuttle pod reinforcements coming?" Archer spoke,
pressing the com button. Archer had asked Commander Charles Tucker to outfit
Shuttle Pod 1 with extra reinforcements, which would allow them to get much
closer to the anomaly, permitting them to get a clearer picture of what they
were dealing with.

"Yes Captain... We just finished putting the last support in... We're ready
when you are!" replied Trip confidently.

"Great work Trip... We're on our way down" replied an anxious Archer. The
opportunity to see the mysterious tear up close was a tantalizing offer. Star
Fleet would have the first opportunity to explore the phenomenon before
either the Andorians or Vulcans.

"Let's go Sub-Commander... We'll meet Commander Tucker at the shuttle pod"
said Archer, as he left his Captain's chair and followed the beautiful Vulcan
T'Pol to the turbo lift. As he made his way across the deck, he couldn't help
but take a long look at T'Pol's sexy tight ass. Archer wasn't the only guilty
one watching the sexy Vulcan walk to the turbo lift; her tight fitting one-
piece uniform left little to the imagination. "Lieutenant Reed... You've got
the com till we get back" said Captain Archer, taking his eyes off T'Pol's
gorgeous ass for a second. The Captain and the rest of the crew had been
having some adverse reactions to the close proximity of the anomaly. It's not
that Archer didn't think T'Pol had a gorgeous body or ass, but ever since
they had been anywhere near the anomaly, he had been feeling a lot of sexual
tension building up. Archer got into the turbo lift behind T'Pol, making sure
he rubbed up against her as the turbo lift sped off in the direction of
shuttle bay. The turbo lift took only a few seconds, but Archer made sure his
hardening cock was touching T'Pol's firm ass the entire trip down to the bay.
T'Pol either didn't notice or simply did not care, as she felt him rub up
against her.

"Ready to make some history Captain!" Trip said to Captain Archer, as he and
T'Pol entered the shuttle bay to find Trip standing in the shuttle pod
doorway, ready to get the mission started. Trip stood in the doorway, letting
Captain Archer pass him, and then purposefully forcing T'Pol to sidle through
the doorway and rub up against his own hardening cock. Trip may not like
T'Pol or Vulcans in general for holding back Starfleet, but Trip couldn't
help but admit that T'Pol had the finest body he'd ever seen. That's why he
made sure that every time he saw her in the hallway, he'd rub up against her
hip, thigh or ass by accident.

Captain Archer took the helm, guiding Shuttle Pod 1 from the Enterprise and
towards the energy emitting anomaly, hoping to get more accurate readings the
closer he got. T'Pol was already diligently looking over the incoming data as
Trip continued to make sure the structural supports were holding. Archer
remained vigilant, making sure that the shuttle pod didn't change course.

"I'm getting some strange readings Captain... It appears that the anomaly is
growing at a steady rate, producing vast quantities of energy" commented
T'Pol wearily, intently focused on the incoming data.

"How are the supports holding Trip" asked Captain Archer, growing concerned
about the rate at which the anomaly was now expanding.

"Everything looks find here Captain" replied Trip.

Just as Archer was about to head back to Enterprise, fearing to be engulfed
by the tear, T'Pol's eyes widened as new data came in.

"Captain! The anomaly is about to grow exponentially... It's going to engulf
the shuttle p--" started T'Pol, as a bright light engulfed Shuttle Pod 1,
temporarily blinding Trip, T'Pol and Captain Archer. Archer didn't need his
eyes to tell him to get out of there as quick as possible. Before the bright
light dissipated, he was already halfway out of the anomaly and on his way
back to the Enterprise.

"Woo! That was a close one Captain!" sighed a relieved Trip, as they left the
anomaly and continued on, back to the Enterprise. As Trip made sure the
shuttle pod was structurally sound, T'Pol continued to review the confusing

"The sensors must be malfunctioning... We seem to be on the other side of the
anomaly now... The Enterprise should be behind us, not in front of us" T'Pol
said, re-evaluating the confusing data results.

"The flash must have affected the sensors... The Enterprise hasn't moved a
centimeter" replied Captain Archer, now a little concerned. They remained
silent the rest of the way back to Enterprise, as T'Pol remained immersed in
her work.

"Enterprise... This is Shuttle Pod 1... We're preparing to dock" Captain
Archer said into the com system, as they approached the vessel.

"We're ready for you Captain" replied Ensign Hoshi Sato. The shuttle pod
docked and T'Pol exited, closely followed by Trip and the Captain, who were
both eyeing T'Pol's sexy backside again.

Everything looked the same as they exited the shuttle bay, until they laid
eyes on a female member of the crew, who was dressed in the most erotic
uniform Trip or the Captain had ever seen. The Ensign wasn't wearing the
usual one-piece Starfleet uniform; she was dressed in a tight fitting, short,
bright blue top that only just covered her breasts, leaving her abdomen
completely naked. The most erotic part of the uniform was the skirt, which
was tight, short, bright blue, and squeezed the attractive Ensign's sexy ass.
Trip and Archer could just make out a glint of a gold thong underneath her
short skirt. She gave the Captain and Trip a sexy wink before walking away,
swaying her hips sexily.

"What the fu--" started Trip, before he looked over at T'Pol who clearly
disapproved of his language.

"I agree Trip... Something's definitely different!" replied Captain Archer,
both confused and a little horny. As Trip, T'Pol and Archer made their way
down the deck, they were astonished to see that every female member of the
crew was in the same slutty uniform. The men were wearing their usual
uniforms, but as Archer started taking a closer look at the them, he was
astonished to see that the badges on the uniforms didn't say Starfleet, they
said Sexfleet.

"Sexfleet?" asked Archer, as he, T'Pol and Trip took the turbo lift to the
bridge in order to discover what was wrong with the crew and their uniforms.
Not that Archer and Trip were complaining, but because T'Pol was with them,
they weren't going to act improperly. The trio entered the bridge and looked
around; everything was the same except for the female officers, who were also
wearing slutty uniforms.

"Captain Archer... what's wrong?" Asked Malcolm Reed, standing up from the
Captain's chair and returning to his tactical station.

"Nothing Malcolm... Nothing at all" replied a weary Archer, making a snap
decision to go along with everything until he could figure things out.
Something was obviously wrong, and he wanted to get a handle on things before
he took any further steps. He motioned for Trip and T'Pol to play along until
he said so. Trip left for engineering, with an obvious smirk on his face, as
T'Pol took her post at the science station.

"Sub-Commander... What are those ridiculous clothes you're wearing" asked a
grinning Hoshi, staring at a confused T'Pol. T'Pol was about to disagree with
Hoshi, but as she looked over at Captain Archer, who was shaking his head,
she decided to agree with her.

"I was just about to change back into my usual uniform Ensign" replied T'Pol,
resigned to wearing the slutty Sexfleet uniform. Archer was secretly
cheering; he was finally going to see T'Pol's tight ass and gorgeous body.
His cock was getting hard just looking at her tight ass walk back to the
turbo lift; he couldn't imagine what it would do when he saw her in that sexy
new uniform.

"Is that for me or T'Pol" said Hoshi, looking back at the Captain's huge hard
on and licking her lips.

"Huh..." started Archer, before Hoshi stood up and walked over to Archer. She
sat on his lap, letting his now fully hard cock lodge itself between her
legs. Hoshi put her arm around Archer's neck and played with his hair
tantalizingly. Archer was befuddled; either something had turned his
Enterprise crew into a bunch of horny officers, or he was no longer in his
universe. He got his answer only seconds later when Malcolm addressed the

"Captain... Our sensors have detected an alternate universe on the other side
of the inter-dimensional rift" Malcolm said to the Captain.

"It looks similar to the other two inter-dimensional rifts sir, and it looks
like they're just as defenseless as the other alternate universes" laughed
one of the Ensigns, who had taken T'Pol's place at the science station.

"Sir... I know our orders are to observe and report back... But we could
destroy the Enterprise on the other side and start our invasion right now!"
replied Lieutenant Reed, clearly unimpressed by the Starfleet Enterprise on
the other side of the rift.

As Reed and the Ensign went back and forth debating the other universe;
Archer realized what had happened when his shuttle pod was engulfed by the
inter-dimensional rift. He, T'Pol and Trip had been transported to this
alternate universe and their counterparts from this universe had evidently
been transported to this universe. Archer considered his options; if he told
them that he had come from the alternate universe; the Sexfleet crew would
probably kill him or lock him up. Their understanding of inter-dimensional
rifts and alternate realities was clearly superior to his own, and the way
they were talking hinted to the possibility of them invading his universe,
like they had done with the other two they had found.

"Sir... What are your orders?" asked Reed, after Archer hadn't replied to his
question. The Captain twitched nervously, trying to think up a way to get out
of this difficult situation.

"We'll report back to Sta--, Sexfleet, before making any further decisions"
replied Archer, nearly saying Starfleet in the process and giving away his
true identity. Reed looked at Archer questioningly for a second before

"Should I make a course back to Earth Captain?" asked Ensign Mayweather, who
was at the helm and ready to take orders.

"Yes... Yes... Very good Ensign... Set a course for home" replied Archer,
just before lifting the sexy Hoshi off his lap and standing up to make his
way to the turbo lift. "Take over Malcolm... I think I'm going to turn in
early tonight" commanded Archer, before stepping into the turbo lift and
heading down to his quarters. Archer had no idea what to do. He knew he
couldn't tell them their true identity, and now that they were leaving the
inter-dimensional rift, he knew getting back was going to be extremely
difficult. He decided it was best to do a little recon before finding a way
back to their own universe and warning his crew and Starfleet of an impending
Sexfleet invasion.

Archer took the turbo lift down to engineering, deciding to tell Trip of
their situation and the plan he had formulated. As he got out of the turbo
lift, he could hear grunting and moaning a few feet away. He looked down one
of the hallways and found a couple of officers fucking. Two Ensigns were
going at it right in the middle of the hallway, completely naked and making a
lot of noise. Archer watched for a second, guessing that this was a normal
thing on this ship. Not wanting to be a peeping tom, Archer left them to
their hot fuck session before going down the other hall towards engineering.
Archer only made it twenty paces down the other hall before he could hear
even louder moaning coming from one of the quarters. In fact, almost every
room was emitting loud fucking noises.

"Trip... Can I have a word?" Archer asked Trip when he entered engineering.
Trip had been staring directly at an Ensign's tight ass when the Captain had
come into engineering. It was clear to Archer that the Ensign had dropped a
tool purposefully, to entice Trip into fucking her. Archer now knew why they
called it Sexfleet, as he too was mesmerized by the Ensign's gorgeous figure.

"Captain... I didn't see you there!" replied an embarrassed Trip before
Archer explained the situation and plan he had come up with. Archer told Trip
to blend in and do whatever was necessary to accomplish that. He also told
Trip to put on another uniform, noting that it said Starfleet on their
uniforms and not Sexfleet. Trip smiled and resumed staring at the Ensign, who
was now wiggling her ass at Trip. Archer smiled at Trip before leaving
engineering, in order to tell T'Pol the same thing. He couldn't wait to see
what T'Pol looked like in her slutty Sexfleet uniform as he got back into the
turbo lift and went up to her deck.

"Buzz" Captain Archer had hit T'Pol's com and prepared himself to enter her

"Enter" replied T'Pol through the intercom.

"Holy Fuck!" moaned Archer, as he got the perfect view of T'Pol's ass in a
tight fitting thong as soon as he entered. T'Pol had evidently bent over in
her uniform to pick something up, giving Archer an amazing view of her tight
Vulcan ass. T'Pol stood up quickly and tried to cover herself up as best she
could, but it was a vain. Her uniform was even tighter then the rest of the
crews'. Her breasts were larger then most of the female crewmembers' were and
her long legs coupled with her short skirt made it possible for Archer to see
her white thong beneath her blue skirt. After Archer regained his composure,
he laid out the situation and plan; telling T'Pol about the aggressive
universe they were in and how they had to fit in at all costs. He emphasized
this part, making sure T'Pol understood that the culture this universe had
adopted was a very sexually charged one. He told her that it was clear that
sex was the norm, and if she was asked, she'd have to give it up to anyone
who wanted it. T'Pol agreed immediately to the plan; it seemed logical to her
to gather as much intelligence as possible and blend in while doing it,
before returning to their own universe. Archer nearly fainted at her
response; just dreaming about how amazing T'Pol would look getting fucked by
a human cock was tantalizing. The strange sexual tension which had begun on
the other side of the rift, was quickly overcoming Archer's common sense. All
he could think about now, was getting a good lay in before hitting the hay.

Archer quickly retreated to his quarters, not wanting to push his luck with
T'Pol and also deciding the best way to conform to this new universe was to
read up on Earth and Sexfleet's history. He got changed into his Sexfleet
uniformed before he began to scan through Earth's history and the history of
its Sexfleet. Apparently, Earth's population was over 20 million in this
universe, even after eight major world wars. The last world war happened
nearly 150 years ago, with a single country overpowering the rest, forcing
every other nation to conform to its culture and rules. Unlike the peaceful
transition that his universe had gone through after Zephron Cochran developed
warp drive, this universe's Earth was dominated by a joint Canada-America
alliance. Its warp drive and Sexfleet had been created after First Contact,
where the Vulcan delegation was brutally raped and their technology stolen.
After that, Sexfleet developed a policy that was based on two values; sex and
war. Transport ships would carry citizens of the overpopulated Earth to
planets Sexfleet warships had cleansed of all life. Warships like Enterprise,
as well as transport ships from Earth populated these new planets with their
numerous young. Enterprise would have to make a stop at one of these planets
every two months, when their ship's nursery became overcrowded. Most species
in this sexually charged universe gave birth to children in a matter of
months; for humans, the process only took two months, and because humans had
so much sex, dropping off these young infants to various planets was
essential. A policy of destroying civilizations and using their worlds to
create new colonies ensued, and after 100 years, Sexfleet had defeated most
of the major powers in their quadrant of space. Even Vulcan had capitulated,
joining Sexfleet as a lesser member and submitting to their harsh rule. This
universe had stumbled onto two other alternate universes a few years back,
invaded them, and used their ever-growing power and numbers to take over the
human worlds in those universes. They would use those bases of power to begin
their domination in these other universes. Now that they had found Archer's
universe, he knew he had to do something to stop the invasion, or they would
turn out like the other two universes, who were now slaves to Sexfleet.

"Buzz" went Archer's door com. Archer jumped at the sound. He had been so
embroiled in this universe's history; he was caught off guard by the sudden

"Enter" groaned a tired Archer, clearly ready to get some sleep. His
dreariness was immediately replaced by horniness, as an Ensign he knew from
his own universe entered his quarters wearing her slutty Sexfleet uniform.
The Ensign's name was Tara Rose, and she had been a sort of attendant to
Archer in his own universe. She would often bring him his breakfast or dinner
if she was on duty, and Archer had always found her nice, polite and very
attractive. She was tanned, with light brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes, and
Archer could already tell that her body was banging underneath her slutty

"Are you ready Captain?" purred Ensign Rose seductively, licking her lips and
staring at the bulge forming in Archer's pants.

"Ready for what?" Archer asked innocently, knowing exactly what was coming.
Normally, he would have never considered having sex with such a young
underling, but because a burning lust was overcoming his common sense and
because there was a certain need to blend in; Archer knew it was integral
that he give this horny Ensign a hard fucking.

"Remember silly... You said you were going to give me a taste of your
delicious cock!" moaned Tara, unzipping her tight top and unclasping her
tight fitting bra. Archer's cock grew another two inches when he saw her
perfect young tits; perfectly sized, firm, with small rosy nipples capping
them off. Archer stood up and walked over to the gorgeous Ensign, pulling off
his own uniform in the process. He pulled off his underwear just as he made
it to her. He gave her a long deep kiss, using his tongue to wrap around
hers, before reaching down and pulling off her mini-skirt. Archer lifted her
up by her waist and let her wrap her long slender legs around him as he
carried her to his bed. He continued to kiss her passionately as he tossed
her onto his bed roughly. Archer slid off her tight yellow thong, before
kneeling before the bed to get a taste of her sweet tasting pussy. She had
shaved her pussy except for a small fuzzy strip. Archer grabbed her thighs as
his tongue delved in and out of her juicy pussy.

"Ohh Yesss! Tongue fuck my pussy Captain!" moaned Tara, clearly enjoying the
tongue lashing she was getting. Tara was moaning as loudly as she could as
the Captain worked his hardest to please the young girl for the next five
minutes, before she finally exploded, drenching his tongue in her sweet pussy

"Unghhh!" screamed Ensign Rose, spilling some of her tasty juices onto the
Captain's hungry tongue. He lapped it up quickly before standing up and
waiting for Tara to pay him back. Tara needed no further encouragement; after
coming down from her orgasm, she slid onto her knees and wrapped her tongue
around the tip of Archer's seven inch shaft. She licked the tip and teased
the Captain for a couple of minutes before engulfing most of it and bobbing
her head back and forth. The Captain was in heaven as he looked down and
watched a blur of light brown hair bob back and forth, sucking on his big

"Ohh fuck... I'm about to cum baby!" shouted Archer, nearing his end after
five minutes of furious sucking. To his dissatisfaction however, Ensign Rose
pulled off his cock seconds before he exploded. Archer was going tell the
bitch to get back to sucking his cock until he saw what she did next.

"Come on Captain... I know you don't want to cum yet... Not when the best
part is yet to cum!" purred Ensign Rose, as she got up and turned around. She
got back up onto the bed and got onto her hands and knees, presenting her
beautiful tight trimmed pussy to the Captain's seven inch cock. She wiggled
her tanned ass, inviting the Captain to impale her on his manhood. Archer
rubbed his cock tip up and down her swollen wet clit, making her moan again.
He slid the tip in with relative ease, making her moan again. Archer bent
overtop of her and wrapped his hands around her upper body, taking hold of
her perfect firm breasts and squeezing them as he forced more and more of his
cock into her until he was completely inside of her. As he bottomed out, he
started grinding his hips into her ass, while he twisted her small nipples.
The Ensign groaned again as Archer pulled out of her, cumming for the second
time in ten minutes.

"Fuck me hard!" screamed the girl, as she came down from her orgasm. She
started slamming her hips back, every time Archer thrust forward. Archer
picked up his speed after ten minutes of slow fucking, until his own orgasm
began to approach. He took his hands off her breasts and took hold of her
sexy hips, using them as leverage to slam his cock into her even harder.
After another three minutes of speed fucking and loud screaming from Tara,
Captain Archer was ready to explode as he began to pant.

"Cum for me baby! Cum inside me! I want your seed deep inside me! Fill me up
Captain... Make me the mother of your child!" screamed Ensign Rose, realizing
the Captain was ready to blow his load.

"Take it all... Unghhhh!" grunted Archer, ejaculating an inhuman amount of
hot sticky cum into the Ensign's fertile womb. Archer came for what seemed
like an entire minute, spilling at least a liter of his potent seed, deep
inside her clutching pussy.

The Ensign groaned in pleasure, enjoying the sensation of her womb filling
and being impregnated by her handsome Captain. As the Captain pumped her full
of his hot cum, and it began leaking out of her pussy; all she could think
about was the baby that would be forming in her womb in only a few short
days. The humans from this universe had children in less than 60 days and
Ensign Rose knew that one would be forming inside her soon, as she felt the
last sticky ropes of the Captain's cum cake her insides.

Archer collapsed onto the bed, as he pulled out of Tara; letting his cum
spill out of her. He laid down with Ensign, letting her fall asleep in his
arms, exhausted from their fun-filled sex session.

As Captain Archer, Trip and T'Pol got accustomed to life as temporary members
of Sexfleet; their counterparts were doing the same in their universe.


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