Star Trek - Enterprise: Ton Farr (F-mast)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

It is a fact of female Vulcan biology that every 34 days, the Vulcan female
goes through "Ton Farr." Or, "The Time of Lust. It is told that in the time
of the "Emotional Surrendering;" the Vulcan Gods, being angry that they were
cast out, cursed the Vulcan Female with this struggle. A battle of a single
emotion. The emotion of overwhelming, lust! For a species that only mate
once every seven years, this is a true curse.

It is this struggle that T'Pol finds herself battling soon after coming
aboard the Enterprise. She knew that it was coming. But this time it seemed
almost too much to bare. Maybe it was being in such close contract with
these, far too emotional creatures. These humans, whose scent is so
overwhelming, that she finds that she must take drugs in order to not
become ill from their stench. Yet it is this same stench, their pheromones,
which these beings constantly exude, that had triggered this overwelming

For hours she has battled these feelings. Not wanting the others to know
the state she was in. She feels herself becoming more and more aroused. Her
clitoris, which happens to be exceptionally large in a humanoid species,
becomes engorged. Snaking out past its fleshy hood. With every movement of
her uniform, it sends waves of unrelenting pleasure through her.

When her duty shift ended, T'Pol rushes back to her cabin, to do what she

With the soft light of candles glowing about the room she locks the cabin
doors and strips off her Vulcan duty uniform. There, in the middle of the
room, she stands naked. With her long magnificent legs spread apart, she
slips into a semi-conscience trance. Where, lost in the flood of lust,
her hands roam about her body freely.

Fingers sliding over smooth sensitive skin. Finding nipples aching to be
touched and stimulated. Hard, protruding, almost obscenely from huge firm
breasts. She cycles her nipples with her fingers. Closing in on them.
Grasping them between thumb and forefinger. Stroking along their thick one
half inch length. Girl moans in a very uncharacteristic Vulcan way then
falls to her knees. Unable to support her overstressed body.

There on the floor beneath her snatch, lay a strategically placed object.
Round, glossy black in colour, with a smooth contoured top. She snuggles
her neatly well trimmed pussy in to its soft pliant surface. The heat and
flow of her juices activate the tiny machine, causing a think phallic
shape to begin to enter her folds.

After anchoring it's self to the floor, then drives into her box with
abandon. Filling her with its pumping mass. T'Pol counters the thing's
thrusts with her own jack hammering. Every thrust causing her to wail in
shear bliss. In minutes she feels her fidget form begin to explode. She
screams as her pussy lets go. Her thick orgasmic flood squirting from out
around the contraption's artificial cock . Soaking everything with in a
good meter.

For the next hour she lay next to the device slowly rubbing her pussy to
expel the last of her lust. By morning she will have become the same fidget
Vulcan that she was before Ton Farr. That is, for another 34 days.

The End


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