Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
"Sleeping Dogs."

Our story continues with T'Pol and Hoshi still in Alien hands after being
taken captive by the Klingons who found them on one of their ships that was
derelict and sinking slowly into a Gas Giants Atmosphere.

T'Pol had been sold into slavery to the Orion Pirate Queen Laytha, who being
pleased with her acquisition, has taken her to her ship to be her Vulcan Love

Meanwhile, Hoshi, and a fellow slave Na'a Solev, an Andorian girl of noble
birth, were rescued by Caitian mercenaries who were hired by the girl's
respective governments. Yet, before their escape could come to fruition,
they were attacked by Ferengi Pirates and forced down to be maroon on the
dangerous untamed world of Regal VII. Only Hoshi, Na'a and one of the
Caitians, the leader of the group of mercenaries named S'loorr, escaped the
crash and now the threesome are on a trek through the wilds of this jungle
world in hopes to find some sort of civilization and a way to get home.

Star Trek - Enterprise: The Nasty Logs Part 8 - Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright
by Blue Shadow ([email protected]) (FF,MF,F-best,cons,ncon)

On the Orion Pirate vessel Maelstrom, T'Pol and her Mistress, Laytha were
getting to know each other a little better.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!" panted T'Pol, all her Vulcan unemotional mystic striped
away as she lay on the pirate's dinner table, her legs spread wide enjoying
Laytha's tongue in her pussy, presenting herself before the pirate as if she
was at a feast to be devoured.

T'Pol, overcome with passion, mashed the green skinned Orion woman's head
further into her crotch, allowing her to grind her midsection against her
mistress sucking mouth, drawing her closer to yet another orgasm. Just as
she was about to release, T'Pol suddenly felt something hard thrust up her
ass. "Ohhhhhhh!!!" squealed the Vulcan bouncing on the table.

The Pirate Queen had shoved two fingers deep inside T'Pol's ass in an
attempt to delay her orgasm and to merely taunt her yet further. She pushed
her ass back, spreading her buttocks and allowing the green woman to further
probe her with her fingers. A long slow moan issued as she does. She closes
her eyes and flops back hard on the table arching her back as another orgasm
ripples through her voluptuous body. She could no longer hold it off, her
body responding to this luscious violation. The power of this orgasm
overcoming her she forcefully pushes Laytha's head deep into her crotch and
released her sexual energy into her mouth. She pumps her wet hips and pussy
against the pirate's head, panting and screaming as she does. "Oh yes! Oh
yes! Oh yesssssss!!!!

Laytha's face became awash with cum as T'Pol squirted wildly into the air.
Her thick milky girl-cum flashing over and around Laytha's head, soaking her
hair as well as making a mess of the chair and floor.

As T'Pol calms down, she leans back up on her elbows and looks down at her
Mistress. Laytha's damp green hair clung to Vulcan's sweaty thighs as she
nuzzled them, trying to catch her breath after swallowing so much cum. T'Pol
felt her fingers slowly withdraws out of her ass as Laytha pushed back in her
chair to admire her conquest.

"You cum like a demon girl." Laytha said as she stood up to walk over to a
wash basin. She looked into the silver mirror and laughed at the state that
she fines herself in. Then, looking over at T'Pol who continued to sit on
the table afraid to move without being commanded, she points for her to stand
at her side. "Well, what are you waiting for?!" Laytha scolded, "You caused
this mess, clean me!" T'Pol jumped back at the loud rebuke and scrabbles off
the table, her head bowed with terrified respect.

Her hand began to work the heavy brass buttons of her tunic loose. The heavy
fabric came off the tall pirates shoulders revealing her absolutely massive
breasts. The white silk shift she wore under it was wet and stained through.
The shear volume of T'Pol's cum had even gone through the tunic. T'Pol
marvelled at her mistress's breasts that were easy to see through the nearly
transparent fabric which was stretched taut across her expansive bosom placed
high and round, capped by big plump dark green nipples that hardened under
T'Pol's shameless gaze.

T'Pol hesitated only a moment, then undid the silk scarf at Laytha's throat
and slipped open the tiny button that ran down to her curvy belly allowing
the garment to flow open. She looked up in he mistresses eyes waiting for
more instructions. The Orion smiled and reached out to caress T'Pol's cheek.

"Your not done little one." She said with a chuckle. T'Pol looked down, her
hands moving to sensuously touch the large black leather belt, eyeing the
dagger dangling in its bejewelled sheath. Suddenly, T'Pol reached out and
grabbed the weapon holding in on Laytha.

The woman looked at the dagger and laughed hardly, turned her back on T'Pol
and went over to the bed to sit down. "Help me off with these boots." Was her
only response while holding up on long magnificently shaped leg to her.

"I'm getting out of here." T'Pol said while backing away.

"Oh, I see... and where will you go?" Laytha said arrogantly. "There are a
hundred of my men beyond those doors. You wouldn't get 10 meters down the
corridor before they shoot you down. And that body is too pretty to be
mutilated by a disruptor. Now get over here and take of these boots!"

Tearfully, T'Pol looked down to the dagger and let I drop to deck. Then she
slowly walked over and knelt before her mistress. Laytha leaned over and
roughly took her by the hair causing T'Pol to scream.

"Never try that again or I'll give you to the men to play with." T'Pol
whimpered that she understood causing the Pirate to let go and lean back on
her elbows once more presenting her leg to T'Pol.

The beautiful Vulcan removed the pirate's boots, belt and panties, leaving
her nude lying on the bed. Laytha then stood up before the girl and ordered
her to fetch water. She walked slowly across the room to get water, towels
and scented soaps as Laytha settled down in a chair by the bed to await her
bath. T'Pol moved behind her owner, soaping her to cleaning her own
secretions, water droplets travelled down from her luxuriant hair, between
her large breasts, rolled down her taut, flat stomach and into her thick
green pubic hair. Next T'Pol knelt down next to her mistress, soaking a wash
cloth and moved it to Laytha's breasts. The warm water seemed to sooth the
still agitated Orion. Her hands caressed her enormous breasts, gently
stroking her nipples moving down as Laytha opened her legs for her. T'Pol
lathered the soap around her pussy as she moved forward in the chair urging
her fingers to stray all over her pussy... rubbing the lips, teasing the
Orion's labia and exploring the depths of her now moist haven. With the
lather it was an easy for T'Pol to enter Laytha. Two fingers probing. Her
hips began to gyrate to a rhythm their own, keeping pace with the Vulcan's

Suddenly Laytha grabbed T'Pol's hand and pulled her fingers away. She stood,
knocking T'Pol back on her lovely ass. Laytha looked down, and laughed
offering her hand to helping her to her feet. The pirate stepped forward and
enfolded T'Pol in her arms again and bent her head to kiss the Vulcan woman.
This time her lips found T'Pol's soft and yielding and her tongue slipped
easily into the sweet cavern of her captive's mouth. T'Pol's arms twined
around the large woman's neck as she was unsure of what to do, but her tongue
seemed to know and the kiss quickly became passionate.

When this kiss broke Laytha stooped and picked her up, her far superior
strength very apparent, and then fell on the bed with her, her body on top
of T'Pol's. The pirate began to kiss and lick her neck and she felt herself
getting excited again. Her hands moved up her flanks to her stomach and then
to the swells of her breasts. With passionate fury, the Orion ripped open
T'Pol's shift. She groaned when Laytha took a tit in each hand and began to
massage them, bringing one to her mouth trailed down to engulf one of her
nipples. T'Pol cried out in pleasure. The Pirate's mouth was warm and soft
and as her tongue began to flick over T'Pol's nipple she moaned with
unabashed release. Laytha was urged once more to engulfed her open mouth
with her own, their two tongues intertwining and playing, T'Pol's full,
perfect lips locked in a speechless embrace, with Laytha' green, pouty lips
against hers. The Orion once more broke the kiss and moved down to suck
gently on T'Pol's luscious tits, slowly sucking the, willing her big nipples
to come to their full erectness. The sensations were sending T'Pol over the
edge, and she absolutely loved every moment of Laytha's hungry sucking.

"Uuuuunnnnnnnaaaaaaaa!!! OOOOohhh Mistress!!!! AAAAAAHH!!!!!!! ...M-m-more!!"

Laytha then stopped her suckling, to tease her a bit more, continuing down to
lick patterns across T'Pol's flat belly, towards her neatly trimmed bush. She
spread T'Pol's legs roughly causing her to squeak out a startled protest then
continued down licking slowly against her inner thighs, towards her pussy.

"Aauuhh!!!!! ...That's so good!" T'Pol moaned, her resistance all but gone
as Laytha moved in to lick and nuzzle against her sensitive clit that grew
hard before her mistresses eyes, peaking out wickedly from its fleshy hood.
"OHHHHHHH!!!!" T'Pol screamed her sweet juices flowed from her cunt,
dribbling out, covering her owner's face.

"Ummmmm, you cum fast woman, now it's time to make me cum!" She said while
she roughly pushed T'Pol up and flipped over on herself wrapping her legs
around T'Pol's tiny waste. She held T'Pol by the face and leaned her in to
take a long passionate kiss, letting T'Pol taste herself on her Mistress's

The Vulcan woman gently kissed and licked down with Laytha's urging, gently
down over her large supple breasts, taking it upon herself to cup one of the
firm greenish coloured tits in one hand while spending extra attention to
bring her nipple full attention; rock hard, pulling the aureole tight into
concentric ridges raising almost a full inch above the succulent flesh.
"AAAAaaaaaahhhh... yesssss little one, Mmmmmm. Just like that!" Laytha moaned
"Keep going slave... make me cum!!!" Laytha opened her legs, forcing T'Pol's
head down. She quickly gave in and slid down her body, playfully tracing her
tongue in circles over the Orion's firm inner thighs, moving slowly towards
her wet pussy.

"Ummmm... use your tongue womanş get in there!!!" Laytha grabbed T'Pol's hair
as mashed her face into her slopping cunt. She reached down with her fingers,
traveled down to pry her sticky lips apart for T'Pol, which were a very
bright yellow, contrasting against her green skin. The whole area was covered
in the glistening sheen of her juices. Her green pubic hair soaked and

"Come on girl, just stick your tongue out and lick!!!" T'Pol moved in until
her nose was touching her pubic hair and stuck out her tongue, licking
tentively. The pirate's skin was velvety soft, and glided beneath her tongue
easily. T'Pol became aware of a strange flavour; one she had never tasted
anything like before. It was sweet, almost like honey. Then it hit her. Her
body exploded with uncontrolled desire. She drove inş devouring the Orion's
cunt ravenously. Laytha laughed uproariously, pinning one leg around T'Pol's
head. "Now you know the secret of Orion women... why men desire us. Our juice
makes them come alive!"

T'Pol moaned in response while she continued to lap uncontrollably at the
Orion's slit, causing the pirates body stiffened and quake. "Hmmmmm, yess...
There... Oh! Oh whore-mongering gods, yes... Like that!!!" Laytha grabbed
T'Pol's hair and began to grind her cunt into the Vulcan's now soaked face.
T'Pol felt like she would drown as her nose and lips were covered in the
pirate's generous flow. She coughed and sputtered, but the Pirate kept
driving her face into her.

With that, T'Pol found herself far beyond the bounds of her Vulcan
discipline, she had to have this woman, she who was holding her against her
will, yet with her system full of Orion aphrodisiac, this woman was all that
she wanted, even though she was being treated so horribly; Enterprise, Hoshi
and all the ones she left behind, was nothing to her at this moment.

She stuck out her tongue and drove it into her cunt hard. Laytha's pussy was
dripping wet, her juices flowing over her tongue in her mouth, all over her
face. She began to slide up and down the cleft between her lips, making her
moan lustfully.

With one hand still on T'Pol's head, Laytha let her hand wandered deeper,
placing two fingers on her burning clit, down parting the swollen lips to
give her better access for her tongue.

T'Pol reached in to rub Laytha's swollen clit, taking Laytha's lead then
moved down gently experimenting by pushing a finger into her mistress's
yielding pussy. "UUUUHHHHH!!! AAAAHhhhhh... oooohhhh!!!!!" Laytha gasped,
"More, more!" she growled, more fingers!!!!" T"Pol took her whole hand
making all her fingertips touch she slowly pushed at the entrance to her
pussy. The feeling of being stretched to her limits caused Laytha to spasm.
With one quick motion she bucked T'Pol's hand inside of her.

Moaning like a banshee, she continued over and over to buck her hips while
T'Pol moved in rhythm with her engulfed hand inside. The effect was
cataclysmic. Wave upon wave of pleasure wracked her now screaming body and
mind. No longer able to control her body it started shaking unbelievably,
screaming almost at the top of her lungs cumming, squirting hard, splashing
all over T'Pol's face.

* * *

Meanwhile somewhere across the Quadrant, Hoshi finds herself marooned on the
world of Regal VII, separated from her fellow survivors and held captive by
a Kalar, a neanderthaloid, native of this primitive world.

"Damn, you! Ohhhh fuck!" Hoshi moaned. "Fucking cum already!" She swore at
the creature that was making a soft moaning noise, while thrusting his hips
upwards, driving his cock deeper into the tiny woman.

Hoshi had been captured by this primitive beast-man while away from her
companions, Na'a Solev, an Andorian girl who had also been captured by the
Orions and held for auction as a slave along with Hoshi. The girls had been
sold to S'loorr, a Caitians mercenary, posing as a slaver and sent to boost
them from captivity by Starfleet and the Andorian Government. However, in
the process of doing so, they were forced to crash on Regal VII after they
were attacked by Ferengi Privateers who were wanted the women for themselves.
Now, Hoshi was the "captive mate" of this native brut.

Her body quivers. "GOD, I am Cummmming Again!!!" she screamed once more as
creature's large cock pulsated wildly inside of her shooting it's cum. It
felt as if the thing was pissing, so much cum was pumped from his balls the
size of Hoshi's clenched fist. "God, it's so hot," she moans as she climaxes
again. The creature bucks its hips wildly as its cock releases the rest of
it's hot sticky cum into the girl's pussy. He collapses on top of her, her
pussy still holding his cock firmly."

She rolls her eyes and says panting; "It's about fucking time!"

He lay on top of her for some time, pinning her with is weight. Then finally
he withdrew his shaft. It was still hard and erect crawled up and grabbed
Hoshi by the hair, dragging her face down to his cock. She kept her mouth
closed tight as she didn't want the filthy thing between her lips. But he
roughly turned her head just as the huge head touched her lips causing her
the cry out. "You fucking bastard I'm goannaş ummfff!!!" Hoshi's mouth was
suddenly filled with cock. The Kalar had grabbed her by the sides of the
head and turned her on her back to face the massive cock.

"You fucker!" Hoshi screamed as she forced her mouth off of him before being
thrust back on his cock. She could feel the swollen veins on her tongue as
his dick was running in and out of her mouth as her head still caught in the
vice of the hands holding it tightly. His heavy balls were hanging below his
blood-filled cock banging off of her chin.

Hoshi knew that the only chance of escape was to cooperate now, and to get
out of this mess the first chance she had. She had to only to hold on and

She relaxed her mouth as best she could. Her heart was pounding in her chest,
partly in fear, but also, as she came to realize, part of it was the intrigue
of doing something she knew was so wrong. It was all so strange to her.
Getting face fucked by a alien. She had sucked cock only a few times before,
preferring women to men. But as the engorged cock rammed into her mouth, a
shiver of excitement ran up and down her spine. There was something about the
largeness of it that turned her on, but frightened by at the same time.
Keeling over he lowered his tool into her mouth, inch by inch, choking it
down her throat until his balls rested on her chin. She couldn't believe it
was all the way in, maybe the position of her head helped, she didn't know.
All she knew was that she could feel it continue harden and grow in her mouth
pushing against the top of her mouth and the back of her throat.

The creature started to thrust in and out of her mouth, spreading it wide to
let him in. She found herself wanting to reach up with her hands, taking the
cock, clutching it tight. She wrapped her fist around the big piece of meat,
jerked him off while he continued the relentless pounding in and out of her
mouth. He let go of her hair allowing little girl to move freely up and down
the length of the penetrating cock. She could feel his balls start to tighten
as he drove his long, fat cock in and out her mouth faster and faster. His
cock was pulsating in her mouth now, was so large that she couldn't breathe
around it. She tried to pull t away, but his hands once more came down
holding her so tightly that she couldn't pull away, even to get a gasp of
air. He was fucking her mouth so hard she began to see stars.

Then he reached down grabbing Hoshi's hands and knocked them away from his
dick. She opened her eyes to see his hand pumping his cock as he continued to
force feed it into her now waiting mouth. With his other hand he grabbed the
back of her head slamming it against his body as he erupted in her mouth.
She could feel the first shot of cum hit against the back of her throat. Her
mouth was stretched trying to milk his cock by contracting the back of her
throat and pushing up hard with her tongue trapping his exploding cock
against the roof of her mouth. All of a sudden he jerked her by the hair
pulling her head back. As the head of the massive cock withdrew from her
mouth it shuddered and a huge, gooey glob of cum poured into her open lips.
Hoshi could once more breathe. She turned her head up to letting his cum
spill from her mouth, covering her chin in thick rivulets over her breasts.
Shot after shot of cum continued to spurt from the beastman's dick into her
drooling mouth, quickly filling it again and again, before spilling over
her chest. He released her, letting her turn over coughing and gasping for
breath. A few last jets of cum showered her hip and ass before the Kalar's
orgasm subsided to the point where he groaned and fell on his back next to

* * *

A few kilometres away, Na'a Solev had run afoul of another denizen of Regal
VII, a Regulan anthropoid, the primitive ancestor of the Kalar that was
abusing Hoshi. Na'a had been found by the creature while bathing in a pond
near the group's camp site. Being the creatures mating season, he decided
to do... what was natural.

Na'a cried out as the big hairy beast thrust in sharply, and his cock pushed
in even deeper, hitting something way up inside her, and going through, his
cock growing even longer and thicker within her. He drove his cock in to the
balls and pumped mercilessly. She could feel his ball, the size of oranges,
slapping against her clit as they swung about on every thrust.

The beast's thrusts now began to become less frenzied. He drew his cock up
a bit, and then dropped down, thrusting it back into her. She groaned and
suddenly discovered that the pain was lessening. She grew accustomed to the
girth and now was lubricating along with him. Her sniffles and sobs grew
into panting moans, which he ignored, while beginning to fuck in a rhythmic
progression, using short strokes, her tight pussy involuntarily squeezed his
hard prong, milking it was she moan wildly. This only caused him to again
working up speed until he was fucking her with long, deep, violent strokes.

She was now squealing in delight as his ass rose and fell remorselessly,
thrusting down into the whimpering Andorian. Suddenly from the bushes, the
mercenary Caitian, S'loorr, rushed at the monster with his plasma rifle
blazing. Several blasts struck the beast in the back, causing him to
dislodge from her and turn on the Feline-like alien.

He took several clumsy swipes at S'loorr, before he zeroed in on the beasts
head, taking the top of it off. The big creature crashed to the ground, in a
roar of pain before dying in a gurgling sigh. S'loorr rushed over to Na'a to
check her condition only to find her writhing on the ground her hands all
over her six breasts and plunging in and out of her cunt.

S'loorr knew what was happening, Na'a was a "Neuter" Andorian female; girl
that was not fully sexually mature, where her body was in such a state of
flux that they needed sex. The creature had set her off in a nymphomania
induced trance. She had to cum now for become lost in madness.

S'loorr tore off his cloths, and stands over her Na'a looks at the big
cat-like being, her eyes wide with lust, and watches as his cock begins to
slide from a sheath between his legs. It looked very much like any other
humanoids cock, but was as large as horses. The cock kept growing as the
creature sniffs the air, the scent of her fleshly fucked pussy driving him
on. The Caitian walks over to her, his massive erection bobbing obscenely,
and straddles her body. Na'a bravely reaches over and strokes the thing's
heavy muscular legs. He make no movement as her inquisitive hand slides up
his long hairy leg, and rests next to the 12 inch red cock. Her hand touched
the red throbbing organ. The being make a low purring sound as she gently
takes the cock into her soft fist, her fingers only reaching half way around
the shaft.

Na'a sits up begins to slide her hand up and down the creatures large cock,
a massive amount of pre cum oozes from the tip, dropping on her waiting tits.
It feels warm and thick. She brings her other hand up and runs it long the
oozing head then back to her mouth. It tasted to her just like any man's cum.
That consoled her somewhat. So she rises to her knees, and stares directly at
the creature's large cock. It is only inches from her face. She leans her
head forward and lightly licks the massive red head with her wet tongue. It
purrs lightly as Na'a slides the head of his large cock into her mouth. She
spread her legs widely, and begins to slide her finger up and down her wet
pussy slit.

"Mmmm, yes" Na'a moans as she furiously rubs her swollen clit. She pushes her
mouth deeper on to the pulsating cock. Her mouth is already full by the time
the cock head disappeared behind her lips. The creature gently thrust against
her, pushing more of his long thick cock into her mouth. Na'a almost gags as
the large head hit the back of her throat. She relaxes that she was taking
about 7or 8 inches into her mouth now with a several more to go before the
ending at the knot.

The precum oozes in great quantity as she moves her mouth up and down on
the thick swollen shaft that was now getting even thicker. Soon her jaw was
stretched to its limit. She has to pull off, licking the massive cock head
with her tongue swirling her tongue it in circular motions across the hole.
She can feel the precum as it seeps into her mouth. She was now finger
fucking herself wildly with 3 fingers buried deep inside her pussy. Her
other hand was jacking off the creature with the same feverish delight.
Na'a groans loudly, as her first light orgasm hits her, her body quivering

She feels S'loorr's huge cock begin to pulsate and throb wildly in her mouth.
He suddenly twitches and hot cum erupt into her mouth. The creature shoots a
large amount of cum in the first blast, with much more cum erupted from the
monstrous head. Na'a can't swallow it all, large globs of the creature cum
drips from the corners of her mouth, some of it landing on her big, soft
breasts. She rapidly rubs the hot sticky cum across her swollen nipples,
causing another orgasm to rip through her,

S'loorr continues to shoot his jism against the back of her throat. Hungrily,
Na'a tries to swallow it all but has to withdrawn the large cock from her
mouth, and let the rest cover her face.

She screams for him to fuck her now. That she must cum more. So with his
cock still as hard as ever; as he gently takes Na'a has her get on all fours
before him. He moves behind her and begins to rub her wet pussy against his
great cock. She softly moans as the monstrous head slowly started slid into
her pussy.

"Oh you Gods," she yells, "I want this so bad!" She thrusts backward, causing
the things large cock slid deeply inside of her. She grunted as all 10 inches
disappears between the folds of her pretty blue pussy. The thing pumps in and
out, ever letting himself get deeper and deeper. Then Na'a screams. "Oh fuck,
yes, I'm commming!!!" Her tight pussy clamps around the catman's large cock
as she climaxes wildly, gripped the creature's arms as her entire body shakes
uncontrollably. Her juices poured from her spasming pussy. "Ohhhhhh Fuck!
Dear Gods!" she yelled.

She bucks her hips frantically, as she cums again. S'loorr cock feels so hot
inside of her, swelling. "Damn, you! Ohhhh fuck!" Na'a moaned. The Caitian
makes a soft moaning noise, and thrusts his hips upwards, driving his cock
all the way into Na'a. Her body quivers. "GODS, I am Cummmming Again!!!" she
screams. She feels the creature's large cock pulsate wildly inside of her as
it shoots it's cum. "God, it's so hot," she moans as she climaxes again. The
creature bucks its hips wildly as its cock releases the rest of its hot
sticky cum into the girl's pussy. He collapses on top of her, her pussy still
holding his cock firmly.

To be Continued...


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