Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
“Sleeping Dogs.”

Star Trek - Enterprise: The Nasty Logs Part 7 - Catnip
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Our story continues with T’Pol and Hoshi are still in Alien hands after being
taken captive by the Klingons who found them on one of their ships that was
derelict and sinking slowly into a Gas Giants Atmosphere.

T’Pol had been sold into slavery to the Orion Pirate Queen Laytha, who being
pleased with her acquisition, has taken her to her ship to be her Vulcan Love
Slave. All the while poor Hoshi still awaits her fate on Rigel VIII.

* * *

The morning came and with it, the beginning of slavery for the ex-Starfleet
Communications Officer Hoshi Sato. As the first rays of the alien Regulan
sun were coming over the buildings of the Orion Capital, their Orion slave
handlers gave the captives water and food. One by one the handlers came to
them, each woman had her gag and shackles removed and then they were given
water to drink and clean themselves. A bowl was then placed in front of each
containing a warm cereal of grains and milk along a piece of fruit to keep
them healthy.

They all ate ravenously except for Hoshi who was too depressed to stomach
anything. All she could think about was her lover T’Pol who had been
separated from her as they entered this horrible place. She had watched
helplessly as T’Pol was sold to a green-skinned woman who had taken her
away at once leaving poor Hoshi to survive all alone on this Alien world.
Yet, even here, in this hell that was the Orion Slave Market, she found

Her name was Na’a Solev, an Andorian woman of noble birth captured by Orion
pirates and taken here to Rigel VIII to be sold as a slave. The two women
were put on the same block, as they were the only two non-Orions left to be
sold that afternoon. This “Alien double bill”, as the Slave Master cast them,
was sold to an unnamed bidder over sub-space radio that would come for them
in the morning. The two women were then cast together to await their pickup.

As the women finished eating, Hoshi and Na’a were told to stand and were
given fresh clothing. They were to strip while the Slave Master, a detestable
Orion named Hogart looked on. Hoshi pealed off her sliver shift with
embarrassment, and picked up her new clothing, which was Gold, the colour of
a sold slave. Then she turned to watch Na’a, who, with her antenna curled
over with humiliation, pulls off her shift revealing her wonderfully large
six breasts. Hoshi gasped at the beauty of the girl, her perfect powder-blue
skin, voluptuous curves, and soft doe-like eyes. The Ensign found herself
enraptured, unable to take her eyes of her until, as the sharp words of
Hogart echoed across the yard, reluctantly turned away.

“You are all slaves now. If you do as you are told you shall eventually find
comfort with your new masters. If not, then you shall find life to be a
tortuous existence.” Hoshi looked over at Na’a who was in near tears. “You
will do what you are told at all times, the slightest hesitation, will bring
punishment. The penalty for trying to escape is death.” That was it, the
well-practiced speech ended with handlers separating Hoshi and Na’a from the
rest of the girls to march them out of the Market Place.

* * *

Hoshi and Na’a moved through the Space Port in a miserable state. Terrified
at the thoughts of where and to whom she was going. What kind of a creature
had she been sold to? What did it intend for her? Would she ever see Earth
again? All these questions haunted her mind along with the worry of where
her T’Pol was. Only the warm hand of Na’a that she held tight, kept her
from going totally mad.

Hoshi was now wearing a long gold dress far more elegant than the peek-a-boo
shift she was first given. It hugged her curvy hips, showed off her shapely
legs, and exposing just enough cleavage or making her look down right sexy.
Na’a was also wearing a matching dress, which struggled to keep her six huge
breasts out of view. Her nipples showed through the fabric, hard in the
cooling air of an approaching storm.

Hoshi could help but stare at them, her mind becoming fixed on a story she
had heard about Andorian girls Na’as age.

Na’s, Hoshi believed was “Neuter” Andorian female. These fully grown yet
still not fully sexually mature beings were all reportedly nymphomaniacs. The
stories told of how in Andorian culture, a neuter may be permitted to “Play”
with its brothers, sisters, other relatives, friends, enemies, strangers and
even livestock; nobody cared, unless the activity results in physical injury,
which is then treated as a simple case of assault. Was Na’a like this? She
was a Neuter, unbred and unbonded, so she had to be. To Hoshi who had only
had sex a handful of occasions, the thought of this was enthralling. She
squeezed Na’a hand even tighter.

They stopped at one terminal, and moved down the breezeway to the open-air
landing pad. There a small alien shuttle sat. At once Na’a seemed to
recognize the ship. Her eyes grew wide, she let out a cry and tried to escape
only to he held by a handler. Hoshi when over to comfort her and to plead
with the handler who was about to beat her, but then from behind her, she
heard a purring growl which stopped her in her tracks.

Three aliens walked down the shuttles gangway with long graceful strides.
Hoshi’s jaw dropped at the sight of them. Cats! They were humanoid cats
standing a good 6’ covered in short golden fur tall, cat eyes, cat-like
noses and even triangular ears near the top of their heads. This
bewildering sight was complete with a long tail that could reach the ground
but flicked the air with annoyance. They were Caitians.

The lead Caitian walked over to the head handler, his cat paw-like bare feet
taping on the pads metal, and spoke to him in Orion. Hoshi, who was a wizard
with languages, could understand a few words, which was more or less a wicket
reprimand for being late. Then he instructed the handlers to load the “cargo”
onboard. Hoshi and the tearful Na’a was herded on to the ship and shackled to
their seats. A short time later, the three Caitians boarded the craft, two
taking the controls but the third taking a seat in front of the girls, which
he turned around to stare at them. Hoshi could hear him purr with

* * *

Meanwhile several light-years away, T’Pol felt the tension was building in
her, causing her to whimper pitifully, her hips rocking of their own accord
in the pirate's lap. T’Pol tried but could not stop them. Her breathing was
ragged and punctuated by small squeaking sounds she had never made before.
She felt two fingers slip into in her pussy.

Laytha started moved them around and in and out, causing a louder moans to
escape her slave’s lips. She picked up a quicker pace. Using her other hand
she zeroed in on her clit. Just grazing it slightly caused T’Pol to spasm.
Then, taking two fingers and placing them on either side of her clit, she
completely exposes the extremely sensitive organ. She started an up and down
motion that against it. Her hips seemed to follow. T’Pol started to moan
constantly now and her hips finding the rhythm of Laytha’s fingering.

The fingers inside of her were moving a lot faster now and her moans were
getting louder. Another finger entered her, this almost always caused an
immediate orgasm but T’Pol purposely held back with all her power, perhaps
to impress her lover. She was moaning like a banshee, bucking her hips, wave
upon wave of pleasure wracked her now screaming body and mind. No longer
able to control her body it started shaking unbelievably. Screaming at the
top of her lungs T’Pol had the biggest orgasm she'd ever had. A torrent of
pussy juice erupted, splashing against Laytha’s leg, splattering her, T’Pol,
the table and much of the food. Then it continued, going into her first ever
multiple orgasms. She didn't stop for almost three minutes; cum flashing
everywhere until Laytha slowly she started withdrawing her fingers.

“My but you’re a horny bitch.” Laytha said picking T’Pol up off of her lap,
turned her around and sat her on the end of the table. She said back down on
the chair, pulled it in closer, pulling the Vulcan’s legs apart so that her
feet rested on the airs of the chair.

Rough hands touch her thighs, gently but firmly, T’Pol spread her legs even
father, opening her thighs, welcomimg Laytha to move in. T’Pol could feel
warm breath in her still wet pussy; she looked down only to see the pirates
dishevelled green hair between her legs. Then at once she felt a tongue enter

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!” panted T’Pol, as she forgot all her Vulcan mystic. She
boldly reached down and pushed Laytha’s head further into her crotch so she
could grind her midsection against Orion’s head. As much as she tried and as
much as she desperately wanted to, T’Pol could not hold off her orgasm. Just
as she was about to release, suddenly felt something hard thrust up her ass.

“Ohhhhh…!!!” squealed the Vulcan bouncing on the table. The Pirate Queen had
shoved two fingers deep inside T’Pol’s ass in an attempt to delay her orgasm
in order to torcher her. She pushed her ass back, spreading her buttocks and
allowing the green woman to further probe her with her fingers. See closed
her eyes and remembered when her lover Hoshi had done the same to her. This
at once triggered the orgasm to drive on once more. She could not hold off
her body’s urges any longer. The power of her this orgasm overcame her. She
forcefully pushed Laytha’s head deep into her crotch and released her sexual
energy. She pumped her wet hips and pussy against the pirate’s head as she
panted and screamed in sexual excitement. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yesssssss!!!!"
Laytha’s face was awash with cum as T’Pol squirted wildly into the air, her
thick milky girlcum flashing over and around Laytha’s head, soaking her hair
as well as making a mess of the chair and floor.

As T’Pol calmed down, she leaned back on her elbows and looked down at her
Mistress. Laytha’s damp green hair clung to Vulcan’s sweaty thighs as she
nuzzled them, to catch her breath after swallowing so much cum. She felt
fingers slowly jerked out of her ass as Laytha pushed back in her chair

* * *

“You can relax now little ones.” The Caitian said to the girls through the
Universal Translator. “We are here to rescue you both.” Hoshi and Na’a looked
at each other in astonishment.

“But... but” Hoshi stammered. “Who sent...?”

“We are what you call mercenaries, hired but Starfleet, the Vulcans and the
Andorians to rescue you.”

“The Andorians?” Na’a sputtered "...but we and you Caitians are enemies?”

“And so are the Andorians and the Vulcans, yet you are so valuable that they
are willing to work together on this to get you back. I am sorry we were too
late to retrieve T’Pol of Vulcan. But we still look for her.”

Suddenly, the small ship rocked violently with what felt like an explosion.
The lead Caitian turned to his companions and demanded to know what was going
on. The pilot growled that they were under attack by a Ferengi Trading Scout,
and that they demanded that the Caitians give up the women to them. At once
Hoshi realized that these Ferengi must have been the ones who had been
bidding against the Caitians at the sale. Now they mean to have them.

The ship rocked twice more as the pilot tried to out fly them while the
second Caitian tried to defend them with the low powered plasma canon the
shuttle had. But it soon became clear they we out matched. The leader
ordered the pilot to head for Regal VII to take cover. The pilot did some
fancy flying and managed to gain some distance. But as the ship began to
enter the atmosphere, a lucky shot by the Ferengi blew off one of the
shuttles control surfaces sending the ship spiralling in.

* * *

When Hoshi first opened her eyes, she though she must have died and was in
paradise. For as far as she could see were thousands of flowers spread above
her. She smiled and turned her head to see Na’a lying next to her. Hoshi
rolled over quickly to see if she was alive only to hear the voice of the
Caitian tell her that she was all right and that was sleeping. She flipped
around causing her head to start pounding at once. She looking up painfully
she saw the lead Caitian digging graves for his companions. Hoshi sat up and
held her head.

“How do you feel?” The cat man asked.

“OK I guess my heads a little worst for wear, but not too bad.”

“Zark droppings woman!” He profaned, “There’s a med kit over there. I assume
Starfleeters know how you use one?” he continued, pointing his shovel toward
a pile of gear he pulled out of the shuttle wreckage, which lay some distance
off. “There’s a survival suit for each of you and your companion.” He said
before continuing his digging.

Hoshi, pulled herself up on her rubbery legs and when over to the kit to find
some medication.” Have we got any food or water?” Hoshi said as she took the
kit over the Na’a who too was starting to come around.

“Some.” The Caitian said as he dragged one of the bodies into its grave. “Not
enough... I need to hunt for some.”

Hoshi bent down and hugged her friend gently whispering that it would be ok.
The Andorian girl moaned for her mother distracting the Caitian who looked
over at her sorrowfully then continued with his work.

After a short time, both Hoshi and Na’a were on their feet. They took stock
of what they had while the Caitian, whom they learned was named S’loorr, tied
once more to get the sub-space radio working, but it was all in vain, their
seemed to be something in the environment that prevented the broadcast, so
they gathering what they could in some makeshift rucksacks and started

S’loorr explained that he had seen some sort of large construction some
distance off before they crashed. There they might find help from Regulan V
colonists, one of the few friendly races of this large star system, who come
to this planet to mine lithium. Yet in the next breath he also told them
that the constructions may be that of the belligerent native race of
Neanderthaloid creatures called the Kalar. If they were the ones who were
there, then they would have no chance. All the same they have no choice.

After they had been walking through the hot, humid, overgrown jungle for
several hours and the two girls told their feline protector that they were
exhausted and couldn’t go on. S’loorr had fared far better coming from a
home world was as hot, but all that same he agreed to stop, as the sun was
beginning to set. He decided that it was best to make camp in a small
clearing by a pool of water fed by a spring. Na’a volunteered to make a
fire while Hoshi and S’loorr each decided to go off on their own to find
fresh food and to get some bearing of where they were. Hoshi took a plasma
pistol and started to scout around the area while S’loorr took the plasma
rifle and headed head long into the bush.

After Na’a had the fire going she decided to head for the nearby pool to wash
the days sweat from her body. Upon reaching the pool she stripped off the
survival suit and went in standing knee deep in the large pool of water. She
was completely naked, her curvaceous body glistening with water in the ample
light of the three moons overhead. She slowing poured water over herself and
then gently rubbing herself clean, her hands grinding all over her naked blue

Gently, she reached down touching the hairless cleft between her legs, her
hand moved down, becoming moist from the dampness seeping through. She began
to make soft cooing sounds, as she opened her legs wider to rub faster,
causing her clit to swell and peek out from his tiny blue hood. Her other
hand went to her breasts; her nipples were already swollen hard from the
excitement that was coursing through her body. She reached down and gently
pinched her upper left upper nipple, causing her to moan, sigh and then
laughed playfully. She cupped her breast, pulled it up to lick it. The speed
of her rubbing hand increased while she moaned loudly, “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Suddenly at the tree line, she heard a snapping of branches. She stopped
masturbating and looked into the darkness, but saw nothing. Then in a blink
of an eye, something picked her up and tossed her onto the grassy bank. She
looked up only saw a massive hulk bearing down on her. She tried to scramble
away but it took her by her long hair and dragged across the ground into the
thickets. The pain and confusion stunned her, causing her to forget how to
scream. All she could see were branches flying past her vision, wiping at her
face and body, scratching her painfully. Then it stopped as suddenly as it
began. She rolled over and over coming to lying on her back. Her eyes
focussed to see a huge primitive anthropoid covered in thick shaggy brown
fur, sporting a pair of curved tusks jutting from a mouth full of sharp
jagged teeth.

Here first thought was that this was a Kalar, but then reason told her that
this brut could not have built any sort of structure... that this must be a
primitive relative. What the Kalar evolved from or at least, in concert with.
Then as he advanced on her all thought or reason fled, leaving her mind
wracked with terror. She tired to roll over and get up to run. The anthropoid
grabbed her again, this time by the arms, pulling her back towards him. She
struggled to get away, but he wouldn’t let go, wrapping one big arm around
her waist. He pulled her body hard against his furry chest then picking her
up slightly off the ground then down where he could position her ass to rub
against him.

Na’a knew at once what he wanted. He must have smelled her pheromones being
released while she played with herself. Andorian pheromones were particularly
strong compared to other humanoids and obviously very attractive to Regulan

It pushing into her back against his growing erection, Na’a struggled to get
away, but the creature held her tighter, sliding her body along his now hard
cock. The anthropoid had to be eight feet tall. Its arms were bigger a men’s
leg, and had a penis equal to its bulk.

It began pushing at her harder and harder. She could now feel its huge organ
sliding around against her back and between the cracks of her firm blue ass;
his prodigious flow of pre-cum aiding the process. It was making low moaning
sounds as he used her like a blow up fuckdoll. But then, all at once, it
grabbed her hips and tossed her on her hands and knees. It held her tight to
the ground pulled her down hard. Its huge slimy cock slapped down on her
back, sliding back and forth. The suddenly, it lunged back and impaled her!
She screamed as it was like she was spilt in two.

Her little cunt lips were spread wide apart, close to splitting, as the
massive head pushed it's way into her. She felt as though her pussy couldn't
open any more, yet she opens for it. Letting it slip in. He shoved harder
while Na’a screamed and writhed on the ground. She gasped in pain each time
he thrust forward, each time he forced his cock another inch into her deeper,
lunging forward, slamming his in, and ripping her cunt open as he fell
forward atop her slender body. He crushed her into the ground as he rammed
his meat down into her slit, grunting like a hog as he thrusted his hips
against her.

She sobbed and moaned and panted for breath as his cock was slowly forced all
the way up her cunt to the very end. Wet sticky drops of drool spattered down
on her back and neck as opened his mouth to grunt.

She cried out as he thrust in sharply, and his cock pushed in even deeper,
hitting something way up inside her, and going through, his cock growing even
longer and thicker within her. He drove his cock in to the balls and pumped
mercilessly. She could feel his ball, the size of oranges, slapping against
her clit as they swung about on every thrust.

The beast’s thrusts now began to become less frenzied. He drew his cock up
a bit, and then dropped down, thrusting it back into her. She groaned and
suddenly discovered that the pain was lessening. She grew accustomed to the
girth and now was lubricating along with him. Her sniffles and sobs grew
into panting moans, which he ignored, while beginning to fuck in a rhythmic
progression, using short strokes, her tight pussy involuntarily squeezed his
hard prong, milking it was she moan wildly. This only caused him to again
working up speed until he was fucking her with long, deep, violent strokes.

She was now squealing in delight as his ass rose and fell remorselessly,
thrusting down into the whimpering Andorian.

* * *

Artrex was an outcast, doomed to wonder the jungles alone after the chieftain
had caught him fucking with one of his wives, a grievous wrong punishable by
order of combat. But Artrex’s Lord feared the warrior, thus had him simply
banished to the jungles without a woman or clan.

He was a tall, powerful Neanderthaloid with a sloping forehead on a thick
skull that was covered with matted reddish hair and beard. His canines where
now fully developed, jutting out past his upper lip the sign of full maturity
in a Kalar male. His body cryed out with lust, after having been denied the
woman and ecstasy of combat, all at the same time. He needed release and was
about to go mad when he caught something on the wind.

Hoshi was having no luck. She was too clumsy in the woods to sneak up on
anything she decides to call it a night and head back to camp.

He smelled the woman long before she was aware of him. He approached
cautiously, staying down wind. It had been over a month since he had fucked
any woman, and though this one smelled different, he needed her. His manhood
hardened and thickened, as the woman's smell grew stronger. He grasped his
war club and moved in.

Hoshi back tracked along a trail totally unaware of the being approach within
a meters yards of her position. He out flanked her to hide in some thick
bushes along the path. She moved closer and closer until he jumped out
seizing her about the waist and threw her to the ground, her gun flying out
of her hand and into the overgrowth. She had not time to cry out before he
struck her hard with his open palm. The blows disoriented her and her head
rang and all went black. Artrex picked up the small-framed girl with easy and
flung her on his back to be carried back to his makeshift shelter a short
distance off.

Upon reaching the lean-to, he tossed her still incapacitated body on his bed
of ferns and when to the fire pit to get a fire going. They needed fire on
this hostile world, for animals far bigger than he, roamed the night. As the
fire came to life, he quickly went over to the woman to look at what he

At fist he was puzzled by the woman’s appearance, her smooth high forehead,
and lack of sharp teeth. Yet as he manhandled the clasps on her suit he found
a pair of very lovely perky breasts hidden within, he knew that she who do
very nicely. Pulling the rest of her gear off, he opened up her legs and slid
between them to knead and suck on her tits. Biting on her nipples, Hoshi woke
up and screamed, he looked up and bared his teeth at her. She got the message
and just stared down at him in horror.

With that he moved down her body, sniffing as he when. With one hand still on
her left breast his other moved to the cunt impaling her roughly. She yelped
and tried to pull away but his hand held her firm. He found her clitoris with
is long tongue and began to manoeuvre it past its hood. Hoshi slumped on her
back as unbelievable waves of pleasure rocketed though her. She couldn’t help
but start to pant and moan. Her civilized brain to her that this was rape,
that she was being raped by a hideous alien, but she was to far gone to

The Neanderthaloid spread her legs and pushed her thighs up till her knees
were almost by her head. She whimpered and attempted to twist away, but this
sparked an enraged grunt from the being. He struck her head again with his
open palm and this time she tasted blood in her mouth. She moaned in pain
then suddenly cried out as she felt the tip of his cock penetrate her.

“Ohhhhh...Nooo. NNOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuUUUhhh!!” Hoshi screamed as the
primitive alien rammed several inches if his massive cock into her tight
pussy. The thing had to be at least ten inches long and as thick as her
wrist. She tried to relax as she might but it was just too big. She cried
out, sobbing and begging him to stop. But Artrex couldn’t understand her
English and would care if he did. He had a woman, that’s all that mattered.
The noises she made drove him on and he began to piston her savagely.

Her cry of protest turned into a hard exhalation of breath as the full length
slid into her, further and further until she was almost out of breath. She
had never been stuffed so fully and so forcefully. It was both frightening
and incredibly erotic at that same time.

“Oh, Please... Nooo. Ohhmygod. hhhhhhhh. Ohnooo... hhhhAYYH!” Came more cries
from the tiny Earth girl as his long, member slid slowly almost all the way
out and all the way back in, over and over. Pounding in her every time until
something electric shot through her. An intense wave of erotic pleasure
surged through her pussy and up her spine, connecting with her breasts and
shooting back down. The unfamiliar alien cock had found her G-spot causing
her body to respond disspite of the horror of the rape.

“Ahhhhhhh! Haaaa! Ahhhh!” She yelped as the cock teased and poked at the
spot, and stroked shallowly on and off it. “Yessss.. Ahhhh! No..Uhhh! Ohgod!
Ohhhhh!" The cock quickly dove all the way into her then came back to tease
her magic spot again. It was incredible. Hoshi was almost overloaded with raw
pleasure, and realized with terrible wonder she was rapidly climbing again
towards orgasm. He juices were already splirting past the aliens cock as the
pulled out and drove in.

Artrex continued to tickle her in this way, sometimes sliding all the way in,
filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and
sparking her again. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath.
Her body was frozen, open and lewdly thrust back, unable or unwilling to

Suddenly lightning struck inside her and she screamed, stiffening her legs
and arching her back as her pussy clamped down on the cock pushing one more
time all the way in.

“Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! AHHHHHHHH!” She couldn't stop. "Oh fuck, yes, I'm
commming!!!" Her tight pussy clamps around the Alien’s large cock as she
climaxes wildly, gripped the creature’s arms as her entire body shakes
uncontrollably, her juices squirting uncontrollably from her spasming
pussy. "Ohhhhhh Fuck! Dear God!" she yelled Her whole body shook, lasted
almost forever. It almost stole her consciousness and her sanity, but in
the end left both barely intact. Her mind and body buzzed in the aftermath,
still quaking and spasming erratically every few seconds then lets go with
repeated orgasms over and over.

She bucks her hips frantically, as she cums for what seemed to be a dozen
times in a row. The Neanderthaloid’s cock felt so good inside of her,
swelling. “Damn, you! Ohhhh fuck!” Hoshi moaned. “Fucking cum already!” The
creature made a soft moaning noise, and thrusts his hips upwards, driving
his cock deeper than he had ever did. Her body quivers. “GOD, I am Cummmming
Again!!!” she screams as she in turn feels the creature's large cock pulsate
wildly inside of her as it begain shoots it's cum. It felt as if the thing
was pissing, as it's cum sprayed from its large cock. "God, it's so hot," she
moans as she climaxes again. The creature bucks its hips wildly as its cock
releases the rest of it's hot sticky cum into the girl's pussy. He collapses
on top of her, her pussy still holding his cock firmly.

Rolling her eyes and says panting, “It’s about fucking time!”

To be continued...


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