Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
“Sleeping Dogs”.

Again our story continues with T’Pol, Hoshio and Malcolm being enslaved by
the Klingons after being found on one of their ships that was derelict and
sinking slowly into a Gas Giants Atmosphere. The Enterprise has been forced
to abandon their crew when the Klingons surround them and ordered the
Starfleet vessel out of their space. Now our intrepid threesomes are at the
mercy of the Klingons and their sick perversions.

Star Trek - Enterprise: The Nasty Logs Part 4 - Nice Puppy? (F-best,nc-cons)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Hoshi opened her eyes slowly. In the dim smoky light of the Klingon ship, she
sees that she is in the same tiny cell that her captors had thrown her in
some hours earlier, separating her from her companions. She had hope it had
all been a dream, being trapped on that horrible ship and later captured by
those big hairy brutes. But as the grimy curved walls of her cell came into
focus, she knew it was indeed all to real.

Suddenly, the peep-hatch on the door opens and she sees too hideous eyes
appear. She hears voices and laughter. Being a linguist, she makes out a few
words from the guttural gibberish her captors spoke. The word, “fuck,” then
“beast,” and “spatter?” Terrified, she scrambles to hide in a darken corner
as the door opens with a loud metallic screech. Then came a strange, “tap,
tap, tapping,” sound from the corridor. A shadowy form appears in the door
issuing a bizarre whispering sound. A Klingon appears behind it and unclasps
a leash causing the creature to scuttle in the room on six crab-like legs.
The door closes behind it shutting off the laughter.

The thing immediately dives for the shadows on the far side of the room,
leaving Hoshi to pear into the depths seeing only blackness. “Ah... what’s
this all about?” She tries to say in her broken Klingon to whomever was
watching. She touches along the wall to rising to her feet and feels the
familiar vibration of a starship at warp. Then hearing the thing move, the
tapping of its legs coming near her, she screams and turns her face to the
corner leaping up, trying cling to the wall in some feeble attempt to hide,
but to no avail. The thing stopped just behind her, waiting

Urging up all the courage she had, she turns back to look down at the thing.
“What the fuck!” She yells almost laughing. The thing looked almost like a
giant starfish with its crab legs radiating from where it arms should be.
Its odd diminutive head turned from side to side like a dog would trying to
figure out a command. It’s big black eyes blinked curiously up at her. The
thing looked more pathetic, then frightening. The thing approached her a
little closer and nuzzled against her leg as if it wanted to be scratched.
She reaches down, “Ahhhh, nice puppy…” She says not wishing to upset it.
But far from the contrary, the thing seems to take a liking to her at once.
From somewhere underneath it, tentacles emerged, oozing out, twitching and
throbbing on the floor.

Hoshi had seen that look in its eyes before. In that of her pet German
Sheppard “Adolph.” Right before it tried to hump her leg. “Oh shit...” She
moaned looking from side to side hoping to find an escape. But then a
tentacle got shot forward with amazing speed between her spread thighs. It
paused for a moment right at her pussy almost as if it was smell her through
the EVA Suit she still wore. It retracted a bit and moved up. Tiny graspers
on the end of the appendage found the zipper of her suit and started to pull
it down. Hoshi tried to slap it away, but as it made a ghastly growling
whisper, that caused her to yelp in fear. She decided to best let it play.

Without wanting to look down at the thing encroaching her body, Hoshi could
feel the material slowly begin to open, revealing her firm perky breasts.
Her nipples began to react in the cool dampness of the cell, slowly becoming
hard. The two slick black tentacles slithered there way over her breasts,
sliding on the ooze that issued from their heads. She could smell the scent
that the guck gave off smelling just like... cum?!

Each “grasping cock.” Circled her nipples a few times then lightly fastened
themselves on her budding lovelies, gently squeezing, rubbing and releasing.
The slow wet sucking was felt amazing to her. Despite the horror of her
enslavement, she felt pleasure and excitement growing. Then another tentacle
shot out and ran up her thigh to the edge of her panties. It pushed inside
and back out again to the other side. With a small flick of the tentacle her
panties were ripped from her body and sent flying across the room. She was
now totally exposed, her dark patch of pussy hair clearly visible even in
the dim light.

Then, a number of tentacles shot out, and wrapped themselves around her
ankles and wrists, forcing Hoshi slowly off her feet, this all done with a
surprising tenderness. It turned her around, forcing her on all fours. The
two “grasping cocks” continued to suck on her nipples as another squeezed
between them and moved up to caress her nick and cheek before forcing itself
into her mouth. She turned her head away, but two more shot out to hold her
head still. It forced her mouth open easing in and out as it was humping her
mouth. The tentacle began to swell stretching her jaw open giving it access
to Hoshi’s throat. It didn't hesitate to thrust in as deeply as it could, and
began to slowly push in and out. Even as her throat was being violated, she
noticed that the thing tasted very much like a humans penis. This excited her
even more, causing her to begin to suck on it, almost as it was beyond her

The thing moved directly behind her. Several appendages caressed her bum,
hips and thighs. It felt like satin against her naked skin. Then the tip of
a particularly fat “grasping cock” pressed against her tight cunt lips and
began to push inside. Hoshi hadn’t had many loves in her young life, and
surly hadn’t had something so big inside of her. She let out a muffled
squeal as only one inch disappeared in her. It seemed it wouldn't go in any
further so it eased back out and slid back in. Two inches. It repeated the
stroking motion. Three inches. Soon, a good 10 inches inside her hot cunt,
steady stroking in and out of her as others happily sucked on her tits and
humped her mouth. She became resigned to shame and was accepting everything
without resistance. She let herself go and started to enjoy building pleasure
in her cunt.

Then with out warning, she felt another tentacle aimed right at her puckered
virgin ass forcing it open. A glorious pain shot through her body. She tried
to open her mouth to scream but a dripping tentacle pushed even deeper into
her throat. Her body shook in all directions as the thing humped her in every
way. The feeling was amazing and she realized she was moaning and begging for
it threw the tentacle in her mouth. All of it began to cause her to near her
orgasm. She felt the familiar feeling of pleasure building finally she could
contain it no longer and let out a muffled scream, her body spasmed and
twitched, her juices squirting past the tentacle in her cunt, soaking her and

Suddenly, it began to ejaculate into her mouth. She tried to swallow as much
of the jism as possible, but the volume that the tentacle was producing was
far too much it oozed out of her mouth and ran down her chin, the violent
bucking of her body caused it to splatter everywhere.

Now with her mouth free and she began to beg for more. "Fuck me my puppy,
fuck me you damn monster, I want ohhhhh I want more ahhhhh moreeeee!" Some
fourteen inches were now buried in her. It continued to move steadily in and
out of her now stretched cunt lips. She began to plunge her hips back and
forth on the tentacles in her ass and cunt. The tentacle that was in her
mouth reached down and found her clit, sucking and stroke feverishly trying
to bring her to cum even more. "Godddd yes! Take me hard! Makeee me cummm!"
Hoshi groaned through each thrust tentacles. She screamed and gripped at the
ground beneath her as she exploded in orgasm, she began to cum over and over
again. Her body was racked with a series of multiple organisms, her vaginal
juices again squirting everywhere.

The thing convulsed and it’s self came. The first gush of sticky goop came
from the grasping cock at her left breast. It spattered against her chin,
shooting to the sides of her face and in her ears. Wad after tremendous wad.
Then, like in a chain reaction, the rest shot off. Her mouth and face became
a mass of guck. From her pussy and ass a torrent of flashing cum. They
sprayed everywhere as is Hoshi was being soaked by a half dozen garden hoses
all at once.

When the thing stopped its expenditure, it just looked down at the
cum-covered human laying on the floor gasping for breath, the last of her
orgasms still rolling through her. It retracted its tentacles and scuttled
off to the far corner.

When she finally got up the strength to rise. She picked up her torn rags and
then looked with some irritation toward her now skittish puppy.

“Men they’re all alike. Love ’em and leave ‘em.”

To be continued


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