Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
ďSleeping DogsĒ.

Star Trek - Enterprise: The Nasty Logs Part 3 - Enslavement (MF,ncon)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Again our story continues with TíPol, Hoshi and Malcolm trapped on the
Klingon Raptor-Class Ship sinking slowly into a Gas Giants Atmosphere. The
Enterprise has been forced to abandon them when Klingon ships surround the
Starfleet vessel in order to take the derelict ship for themselves.

High above the planet, a Klingon D3-Class Cruiser locks on a tractor beam
and begins to pull the beleaguered scout ship from its doom. On the bridge
of that tiny ship, TíPol, Hoshi and Malcolm watch helplessly as they are
enveloped by the beam and rise toward the far larger warship. Malcolm tries
in vain the get the Enterprise over the communications set, but is soon
becomes clear that their signal was being jammed. They were at the mercy of
the Klingons.

ďWhy have you taken us?Ē TíPol says to her captor, Captain Kore of the
Cruiser ďVoríok.Ē

ďBecause my commander bids me too.Ē Kore says bending down and scooping his
immense arms around her tiny waist lifting her off the floor and crushing her
to his chest.

"Let me go!" The beautiful woman warned the Alien. ďI am an Officer of the
Vulcan High Command. You will let me...Ē Her protest was cut short by his
maniacal laughter.

ďOh no my pretty one. Itís been along patrol without any nqaíchug (sex). I
like your nqech (cleavage)!" He says while indiscreetly leering down at her
set of plump tits squeezing against his armour. She kicked and punched at
his bulky frame only to be spun around and plunked down roughly on the
Captain's desk still holding her right arm in his gigantic hand. With his
free hand he swept the desk clutter onto the floor while TíPol kicked out
at him. The Klingon slapped her lightly out of annoyance and yelled for her
to be still as he brushed her legs apart and drug her forward so that her
crotch was against him. She looked down at the massive bulge nestled against
her and gasped. Tingles of excitement coursed through her causing her
nipples to pop out through the EVA suit she still wore.

Kore reached out and, taking thin material of the suit in his hand, tugged on
it; her plump breasts shaking as the garment was torn from her. The Klingon
leered at her body. She was small in comparison to Klingon females in size
yet her body was very well proportioned. Pleasing to him. He gave her a low
growl, the first sign of the Klingon wanting to mate. He bared his teeth at
her, inhaling her scent deeply. TíPol knew from the scant database her people
kept on these people that she was witnessing the opening engagement of
Klingon courtship. She found herself fascinated as well as revolted by this
creature and the thoughts of what was about to befall her.

Kore gave another growl, and lifted his hand slipping his fingers thought her
hair. She was surprised at how tender her seemed to be, she almost began to
long for his touch. He tilted her head back as he bent down and began to lick
at her exposed throat. His long tongue slipping over her skin sending shivers
through her body.

The Klingon licked her throat, her neck and face while growling. He was
holding her tightly pressed against him, her big rounded breasts being
squished together against his large chest, his saliva running down into
the valley of cleavage. Her fingernails were cutting deep gashes into his
massive forearms, the pain seemingly adding to his pleasure.

He lapped at her pointed ears and drew his wet tongue over the edge of it.
He had unexpectedly found one of the Vulcanís erogenous zones. She let out a
deep groan and found that she was pressing even more into him. He took the
tip of one ear between his lips and sucked on it enjoying the reaction that
this brought her. Then slipping his tongue across her cheek, he force her
lips apart with it, forcing it deep into her mouth. She had had never felt
anything like it. Vulcans never used their tongues like this. The organ must
have been at least seven inches long and he had all of it deep inside her
mouth, the curled tip jabbing the back of her throat. All these new feeling
was sending this stoic Vulcan close to near emotional collapse. She was all
but ready to surrender to his will.

TíPol felt him lift away slightly as his a big palm enveloped tender flesh
of her breast. She groaned in her emotional agony as the Klingon fondled
her breasts, rubbing them with his huge paws. He squeezed and massaged them
viciously, yanking them back and forth. His fat thumbs slid repeatedly over
her nipples as she moaned loudly unable to withstand the similar flood of
desire that too had overtaken her while she was with Hoshi on the Scout ship.

Suddenly he pushed her down on her back slipped his hands under her knees
and pulled her legs up to take off what remained of the EVA suit. He was
frustrated to a pair of panties still in place. He slammed aside her thighs,
slipped his hand into her briefs and tugged it off her with one pull, the
thin material ripping away like paper.

Scared by this new show of brutality, tried to scamper into a sitting
position, but the huge Klingon slammed her back on her back, her head hanging
over the edge of the desk.

Kore fell to his knees in front of her and pressed his big head between her
thighs. He inhaled more of her scents, his nose roaming the inside of her
thighs and the entrance to her damp pussy. Out sight with her head dangling
over the desk, she waited to see what he was going to do. Then she felt the
curled tip of his tongue push against her folds. TíPol cried out as the
Klingon's fat tongue parted her moist folds and disappeared inside her. It
wormed deeper inside her until his seven-inch tongue was buried inside of

The Vulcan shrieked with pleasure as the alien began to slip his fat tongue
in and out of her. "Aagh! Aagh!" TíPol groaned as the sudden pleasure
overwhelmed her. Klingon was going to make her cum. For a good ten minutes
the Klingon poked and ground his tongue deep inside her as TíPol moaned and
groaned in her emotional abandonment.

The need for release was building pleasure was building. She clutched the
edge of the desk with her hands. It was coming...coming... she arching her
bum high off the edge of the desk and shrieking. A torrent of juices came
gushing out of her causing the Klingon back his head off with surprise.

ďSo much!Ē he moaned before lapping at the sticky goo gushing out of her. A
snarl, he sank his jaw over her entire gash. Nipping at her very hard clit
causing yet another explosion. She squirted over and over into the Klingon's
face that was laughing uproariously.

The Klingon let out a loud growl as he rose to his feet undoing is britches
letting his massive sex organ dangle freely. And the sound of his clothes
falling to the floor, TíPol lifted her head and let out a yelp of surprise
at the sight of the Klingon's penis. It was absolutely massive! Thickly
veined with an oval head as thick as a fist, lined with rough ridges like
his head, all-standing over a foot long. "Oh... no! She moaned as she
exclaimed and tried to roll off the desk. Only to be grabbed her legs and
pulled her back into a sitting position, one leg draped over the side, the
other stretched up on the edge of the desk. He let her go to see if she
would move, but she stayed where she was resigned to her fate.

He stepped into her, lifted his cock with one hand and guided it up, placing
it against her moist folds. TíPol lifted her head to stare into her captor's
eyes gigantic head of the Klingon's penis nudge her pussy. Kore rocked his
huge hips and the massive head of his cock spread her lips part. TíPol cried
out sharply as the fat head parted her folds, stretching her vagina
unimaginably wide. "A-aaagh!" she groaned as the huge Klingon grunted edging
his cock in further. He spread her thighs wide and tried to worm deeper into
her. Another inch of his huge cock slipped into her, the continuous rocking
motion of his hips spreading her folds apart. TíPol stretched wider and wider
as the Klingon prodded her with short jabs, and the alien's head slipped in

"By Kahlessís balls! Agh! Agh!" The Klingon grunted as he slid into her with
one deft thrust, burying about half of his huge cock inside her thrusting in
and out. TíPolís body bounced, tits shaking from side to side as gripped onto
his arms to weather the storm.

He pushed a little harder and another inch or so ground its way deeper into
the female's tight vagina. Now he had about eight inches in her. Kore had
never encountered such a tight pussy. He pushed a little more and her tight
gap widened a little. Now he had nine inches in her. He drew back a bit and
began to hump those nine inches in and out of her with short, powerful jabs;
TíPol howled and shrieked like mad, while the Klingon responded with a deep,
reverberating grunt pulling out of her and slipped his hands around her
slender waist and lifted high off the desk flipping her on her hands and

At once, like the dutiful whore she was becoming, she sank down lifting her
arse high for him. He drew her against him and impaled her on his ridged
penis with one thrust, burying his twelve-inch cock in to the hilt. TíPol
shrieked again, clawing at the desk. Kore clamped his huge hands firmly
around the female's small waist and began to pump the quivering body, fucking
the woman slowly at first then slammed his huge cock in and out of her while
he mashed her plump breasts. He was riding his huge cock in and out of her,
withdrawing almost completely and slamming it in again to the hilt, again and
again and again. She let go, orgasms coming more violent and quicker than the
last until they just came repeatedly, overlapping each other, cumming over
and over, pussy juice squirting from past his cock, spattering everything.

And then the huge Klingon was reaching his climax. With an animal-like howl
he sank his fangs deep into TíPolís shoulder, with drew and flipped her over.
He pointed his cock at her face as it exploded in a shower of hot spray. A
stream of semen fired out of the bulbous head landing squarely between her
eyes. He growled for her to open her mouth as more gobs erupted landing in
her mouth and all over her face It seemed like wouldn't stop until finally
raised his head high and howled, the last gobs of cum coating her tits.

To be continued...


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