Authors Notes: The following takes place around the events of the episode
"Sleeping Dogs" where T'Pol, Hoshi Sato and Malcolm Reed get strained on a
Klingon shipwreak sinking down into the atmosphere of a Gas Giant.

Our story starts after the boarding party; T'Pol, Hoshi and Malcolm find
several unconscious Klingons on the ship. T'Pol realizes the danger and
recommends leaving before they come to. But Reed refuses to leave without

A Klingon woman, who managed to escape unconsciousness, escapes in their
shuttlepod, stranding the three crewmen on the doomed vessel. The Enterprise
sees the shuttlepod leave the planet and upon hailing it they hear a Klingon
voice. The woman, Bu'kaH, is calling her people for warships, declaring that
Enterprise has attacked them. Enterprise captures the shuttlepod with the
grappler and brings it aboard. Bu'kaH puts up a good fight but is taken
prisoner. Dr. Phlox determines there's a neurotoxin in her bloodstream is
what lead to the stricken Klingon crew, he has a cure but the nasty Klingon
bitch refuses to cooperate accusing Archer of raiding her vessel and
poisoning her crew.

On the Klingon Ship, as Malcolm tries to fix the alien technology, Hoshi's
anxiety get the better of her. T'Pol takes her hand and guides her through
an “exercise” that calms her down.

Star Trek - Enterprise:
The Nasty Logs Part 1 - Sleeping Dogs Can Still Bite (FF,MF)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

"You must clam down Ensign." T'Pol tells Hoshi as she starts to freak out
at the horrors of the Klingon galley. Hoshi falls to the floor, a hopeless
wreak. T'Pol kneels down and begins to talk to her in a soothing tone,
“Ensign, I'm going to guide you through an exercise that will give you some

Hoshsi looks into T'Pol's beautiful green eyes and nodes, uncertain that it
will work.

"Close your eyes. Imagine you are in a boat; the water is rough, and the
waves pound upon the sides of the vessel. Picture me there with you. The
water clams until the waves gently caress the boat. You hear my voice, low
and sweet, like honey. You find yourself doing as I say without a second
thought. You feel my hands touching; you begin to relax under my touch. I
spread my fingers and let them move over you, removing your garment.

"Your skin is bare before me; you feel my lips on yours, my fingers caressing
your cheek. I begin to nibble on your shoulder ... my tongue moving in
sensual circles across your skin, my teeth so very gently biting your neck.
You catch your breath as my warm, soft lips move up your neck, my hands and
fingers moving lower... along your lower back... moving out from your spine,
easing the tension.

"You lean into me on your knees; you can feel my firm, full breast against
yours, my nipples teasing you with their hardness. As my hands move lower, I
pull you against me, my hands moving up your body, to feel your breast, your
nipples hardening with my fingers touch.

"My hands move caressingly over your skin. I move and lay you down on the
bottom of the boat; my fingers lightly tracing a path down your body... down
your belly, slowly down your hips letting my nails run over your smooth skin.
I spread your legs with one of my hands, and move between them.

"I lean in and blow soft cool air on your sweet pussy... and you shiver. My
hands move to your inner thighs touching the soft skin and I lean further up,
taking one of your breast into my mouth, causing you to moan ever so lowly...
your nipples getting even more hard in my mouth... my tongue running over
them, my teeth playfully biting them, making you jerk.

"My hands are on your hips now, caressing your lower belly teasing you with
the closeness. One hand moves up and takes your other breast, cupping it
tenderly an moving my fingers around and around... finally taking the hard
nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and rolling it back and forth, as I
suck harder and harder on the breast in my mouth. Spreading your legs even
further, I press against you... feeling your heat and wetness.

"My hips move against you and you meet me, knowing so very well the sweet
rhythm we will soon share between us. I move my mouth to the other breast...
biting it, making you shiver with delight. My hand slides down your side,
stroking your hip, moving inside your thigh as I suck your other breast...
and with slow movements, my fingers move inside your folds.

"So soft, my lips move down your belly as my fingers move inside, teasing
you, playing at your opening, moving just inside feeling you tense, my tongue
licking closer and closer...finally moving to your folds and moving inside. I
find your clit hard and eager for me. As my tongue moves against it, it
circles and up and down. I push my fingers inside you, two and then three...
moving in a slow, steady rhythm, knowing you are already so very excited. I
stroking inside of you. My tongue moves faster over your clit. Juices flowing
from you... you are wet, and getting wetter. I press deeper inside you,
moving with you... your hips pressing against me, deeper and deeper, faster
and faster.

"I lick you up and down, side to side, the touch of my tongue growing ever
harder, just the tip, then all of it. You are starting to squirm, and I
know you are so very close. I stroke you faster... and faster... moving
in circles, in and out, deeper and deeper. Your clit is so very hard ...
finally, as I know you are about to explode, I suck on you hard, your hips
move up, your muscles tense...I can feeling the spasms of pleasure, your
muscles clinching on my fingers as your cry out in your release.

"You have wave upon wave of sensations move over you just as the waves are
lapping against the sides of the boat."

Meanwhile on the Enterprise...

"Bu'kaH what will it take to convince you that we only want to help you. That
we were not the ones who attacked you!" Captain Archer says to the handsome
Klingon woman who lay on the Bio-bed restrained.

"You will not convince me of that human!" The lusty warrior spits back.

"Then...I'll force you!" Archer says, turning to Phlox. "Leave us doctor and
do not enter until I leave."

"But Captain, I..."

"Just do it Doctor!"

The Alien Doctor nodes, looks over at the woman then leaves the sickbay.

"What are you going to do human? Torture me into submission?" the Klingon
says snarling.

"No...fuck you into submission!" he says as he begins to loosen her bonds.
She lets out a lustful laugh.

"You, Impossible!"

"Then lets see."

With her restrains free, she stands before him as he starts to remove his
uniform. She smiles, amused that this small man would dare best her with sex.
As Archer dropped his uniform, he boldly, he stepped forward, not stopping
until he was almost touching her. She sensed that he was bluffing, she smiled
again and reached down and took his manhood in her rough hand.

"You would best me with this!" She said. Archer smiled.

"Give it a second." Then feeling the girth of his cock grow, she looked down
and laughed.

"Ah human, that's almost acceptable." She lied as excitement that surged
through her. He lifted her head met her gaze. His own hand when between her
legs, he felt a warmth flush through the material. He had been a long time
without a woman. His lust soon got the better of him throwing him off guard.
She grabbed his shoulders and spun him around, slamming him against the
bio-bed. He thought at first that she was going to attack him, but then she
started to remove her uniform. Soon she too was naked, her bare shoulders and
arms were sculpted with defined muscles and her breasts curved high and firm,
her legs were long and powerful with firm hips and a tiny waist. She growled
sharply and went to her knees, grabbing is cock firmly.

Bu'kaH licking up and down the length of his cock letting her sharp teeth
drag over the skin. Occasionally she circling the head with her tongue as
one hand fondled his balls. After several minutes, she opened her mouth as
wide as possible and placed it squarely on the head of Archer's cock pushing
downwards. She looked as if was trying to swallow it whole. Archer watched
with amazement as she first took a few inches into her mouth then down into
her throat without gagging. An obvious experienced deep throatier. Her mouth
moved fast up and down, scraping her teeth along the skin at the base of his
cock. When she could hardly breath she pulled off and continued to lick at
the head swallowing the drops of pre-cum that were oozing out of his cock.
Suddenly she growled and pulled away, lifting his up and slamming him down
on the bed.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled him, her knees on either side of his
hips, her hands splayed on his chest. Toying with the hair on his pecks she
smiled devilishly, "Everything on you is so soft, so pretty." She lowered
herself slightly until her moist core brushed his rampant hard on. "Well
almost everything, it's pretty... but not soft at all." Archer thrusted his
hips up, partly entering her. She gasped and growls leaning over biting him
on the cheek. Archer yelled, but as she slammed down on his cock it turned
into a moan.

Bu'kaH moaned too, as she was filled completely. She toyed with the flat
pink nipples and teased them erect, nipping them carefully with sharp teeth.
He drew in a breath between clenched teeth and his hands caught at her head,
tangling in her thick hair. She smiled like a hungry cat and slipped her
hands under him, cupping his buttocks in powerful hands. In one motion she
rolled over and he was on top of her, legs holding him tight.

He fucked her wildly, making her cry out. She bit his shoulder, drawing
blood. He only pounded her harder. Her musk smelled like ginger and her
internal muscles were incredibly strong, clutching at him to the point of
pain. They found a rhythm as they truggled with sensations new to both of
them, with him pulling almost completely out then slamming back in to the
hilt. His fists were full of her hair as he kissed her softly at first
then hungrily as the pressure mounted in them both.

In her desperation to take him deeper she drew back her knees and hooked
her long legs over his shoulders. Now he was drilling down into her until
he made her scream with pleasure as she came in waves of passion.

Archer withdrew his still hard penis and prodded the smaller hole exposed
by her position. Wet as he was he sank halfway in and felt her go still. She
made a hissing sound as he leaned hard and buried himself to the hilt.

"What are you doing?" She screamed as new sensations flooded her.

"Take it bitch!" was his only response.

She howeled loudly as he tore into her ass causing her yet more releases.
Her muscles shivering and weaken. She could not stand it any more.

"Please stop...stop! You have me!"

With that Archer pulled out, "Here I cummm!" he shouted. Pointing his cock at
her face. Stream after stream of cum began to spray out at her. She managed
to catch the first few strands in their mouths and swallow it eagerly but it
continued to spurt in huge globs and streams. Bu'kaH lips, cheeks, and chin
were totally covered in thick, white cream. Strands of cum dripped onto the
women's heaving tits and flowed down onto her stomach.

Suddenly, the intercom broke, "Captain to the bridge! Klingon ship's

End of Part 1


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