Star Trek - Enterprise: Lusty Secrets - Part 2

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Star Trek - Enterprise: Lusty Secrets Part 2 (MF,F-mast,voy,grope,cons,oral)
by Sara Violet (saraviolet9g(at)

"I don't know, Malcolm," Hoshi said. "I like her, but I don't think it's
right to do those things to her."

"Oh, come on Hoshi -- it's fun!" Malcolm said, trying to convince her that
voyeuring T'Pol is a good thing and is acceptable. "Tell you what. Just try
one small thing, and if you don't like it, I'll agree that this way of life
isn't for you."

"That depends what it is," Hoshi stated.

"Well, see this little insect here?" Malcolm asked, taking out a dead-looking
bug from his pocket. "It's actually synthetic, but looks real enough. We'll
walk past T'Pol, and as you cross her -- smack her bum as hard as you want
right in the center of her cheeks. When she'll naturally stop, you tell her
that there was an insect on her bum, and I'll pretend to notice it on the
ground and 'pick it up', showing the synthetic bug in my hand. I'll say
something about hoping there's no infestation, and then there should be no
problems with getting away with what you did to her."

"Malcolm..." Hoshi was going to warn him he was going too far.

"This is a golden opportunity. It can only be done once, ever, by only one
individual, and get away with it without any problems. Trust me Hoshi, you'll
love it. It'll be a real treat."

"Okay," she agreed, deciding it couldn't be too bad.

* * *

Malcolm and Hoshi were walking down a hall when suddenly T'Pol was walking
towards them from the other end. The plan went into action. As they walked
past each other, Malcolm flashed a video recorder out in his hand to catch
the action, all in perfect timing to catch Hoshi bringing her arm back and
then letting it come down, firmly smacking right onto T'Pol's sexy ass dab
in the center. The camera recorded T'Pol's butt cheeks jiggling slightly
from the impact. Hoshi also grabbed T'Pol's ass with her hand when it came
in contact, getting a second-long feel before removing her hand. Hoshi might
have more explaining to do than initially planned.

T'Pol stopped immediately and turned around with a stern look on her face.
Malcolm had already stashed the camera back into his pocket before anyone

"Explain yourself," T'Pol demanded.

Hoshi said, "Sorry, T'Pol -- there was an insect on your rear end. I think I
got it."

"Well would you look at that," Malcolm said, and crouched to the floor, with
the synthetic insect palmed in his hand as he reached out and "picked it up"
from the floor. He stood up, let the bug drop back into his palm and held it
up for them to see. "I hope Enterprise hasn't been infested."

T'Pol was a little relieved. She was familiar with the human nature of how
females are somewhat allowed to disregard normal social restrictions of
intimacy when it involves another woman, and has a non-sexual application.
But that didn't explain Hoshi's amazing eye-sight of how she noticed the
insect, or why she looked at her ass to begin with.

"I see," T'Pol said. She had a hunch Hoshi had a likeness for her rear end.
T'Pol's stern look faded and returned to normal. "Perhaps you wouldn't mind
joining me later in my quarters, for some, small talk?"

The way T'Pol said "small talk" sent a tingle into Hoshi's loins. She got the
feeling T'Pol was interested in more than that.

"Of course -- I'd love to," Hoshi said, trying not to let on how excited she
was at the prospect of being alone with T'Pol in her quarters.

T'Pol said, "Good. Meet me in my quarters at 2100 (9 o'clock.)" T'Pol turned
and walked away.

Resuming their own walking, Malcolm and Hoshi put some distance between T'Pol
before talking about what they had done. Hoshi burst into smile.

"That was great," Hoshi said. "Better than I ever imagined. You were
absolutely right Malcolm. I'm so excited!"

Malcolm said, "You bet your pants you are. Just wait until we get to sickbay,
with all of those sexy videos of T'Pol you'll get to see." Malcolm had
decided to let Hoshi have all of the videos at once for free, since she was
the first woman in the club, and she was special on top of that.

"I can't wait!"

* * *

Malcolm and Hoshi arrived in sickbay. There were animal cages all over with
little beasts inside. Several male crew members were inside frantically
feeding the creatures, that seemed to be overwhelming in numbers.

"Come on people!" Phlox yelled at them. "It's mating season! The gerganduans
aren't going to feed themselves!"

"What's going on Doctor?" Hoshi asked.

Phlox spun around and smiled upon seeing her. "Good to see you Hoshi! I
have some help to breed these little gerganduan creatures. There's a certain
protein in them that accelerates healing rate by more than forty percent. I
want to get as much as possible, of course. It'll be of use healing the
wounds of patients."

"That's good to hear," she said.

After scanning the area with his eyes to make sure no non-members were
inside, Malcolm said "Guess what, Doctor? Hoshi has decided to be part of
our club! I'm going to get her started on getting videos right now."

"That's certainly spectacular, Hoshi!" Phlox exclaimed. "It's an honor to
welcome you to the club."

Hoshi said "Thank you."

Malcolm put all of the videos on disk, and uploaded his video of Hoshi
smacking T'Pol's ass to the database.

* * *

The two of them ended up in Malcolm's quarters, watching the videos together
and masturbating. As sexy moments of T'Pol displayed on the monitor in front
of them, Malcolm and Hoshi were sitting on the bed together, both of them
naked, with Malcolm stroking his eight inch cock, and Hoshi diddling her wet
cunt. They had been at it for a few minutes.

"What a big, gorgeous bum!" Malcolm cried out in ecstasy, commenting T'Pol
out loud.

"Yeah! Oh yeah!" Hoshi agreed, currently in her own throws of sexual
pleasure. She fingered her vagina and rubbed her clitoris vigorously.

Some pre-cum oozed from the slit of Malcolm's cock head. While he was busy
tracing every curve of T'Pol's seductive body with his eyes, Hoshi glanced
over at him and noticed the pre-cum on the tip of his dick. She leaned over,
using one arm to support her weight as she continued pleasuring her cunt
with the other hand, and lowered her mouth onto Malcolm's thick cock meat.
She could immediately taste the sweaty meat and the creamy seed she put in
her mouth.

Malcolm moaned loudly. "That's it Hoshi. Suck my cock, suck it well." He
placed his hands on the back of her head and lowered her down further while
raising his hips, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Hoshi's
lips were generously stretched around the thick meat. The cock head slid
slowly across her tongue further in, like a giant slug, spitting thick milky
sperm-juice all over her taste buds along the way. She wiped her tongue all
over it inside her mouth, licking and tasting it all, cleaning off all of the
residue that was ever built up on his cock, enjoying the residue's transfer
to her tongue and mouth.

"Good girl. Eat my cock. Clean it. You're such a grade-A cock-cleaner!"
Malcolm encouraged her. He allowed her to use her own movement to take his
length now, easing up on the pressure he applied "Show me just how good
of cock-suckers Japanese girls are. Prove to me Japan breeds the best
cock-cleaning girls, Hoshi. Do it for Japan."

Hoshi pulled back, Malcolm's hold letting her do so, and she let the cock
plop out of her mouth. Strands of saliva and pre-cum drooled from her mouth.
There were even strands that stayed connected with one end sticking to her
lips and the other end sticking to his cock.

She said, "Alright, you English bastard. You want me to show you the pride
of Japan? I'll suck your cock so well, having simultaneous blowjobs from
three of the most beautiful women of Risa will never be as good. And that's
an understatement." Hoshi's pride was at stake now. She had to give him the
best blowjob she possibly could. It was exactly what Malcolm was hoping for.

The Asian goddess, Hoshi, was easily as good-looking as Risa's most beautiful
women. She had everything alluring in her appearance. Her face was pretty,
with full proper lips, a gorgeous smile, and dark brown eyes. Her skin was
flawless, smooth and soft. She had small, pert breasts. A sexy ass, with
full, round butt cheeks. With all of that, her thin frame, dark hair, and
thick outer labia lips, she had all of the traits of an extremely beautiful
woman. And all of her beauty was wrapped up in a layer of innocence, making
her like a rose perfect for picking.

Hoshi got off the bed and knelt before Malcolm, who had his legs over the
side of the bed and his crotch close to the edge. She opened her mouth as
if in a small gasp, tantalizing Malcolm with the magnetism of her mouth,
the idea of his cock being so close and not being inside such a perfect cock
receptacle. She looked up at him, directly into his eyes without closing her
mouth, as she used both hands to grasp her breasts, and after leaning forward
so her chest was up to his dick and was pressed between her breasts, she
pressed her tits together, squeezing them right over his cock. She moved up
and down a few times, stroking his meat between her tits, getting some of the
pre-cum and saliva on the cock wiped off onto her chest inbetween her tits
and on the sides of them. She stopped stroking, with the base of the cock
wedged between her tits and the rest of the pole sticking up out of them. The
cock head was sticking up close to her face, which she gobbled up into her
mouth, sucking on it vigorously and lapping on it with her tongue from in her
mouth. All of the pre-cum and saliva was being sucked off, and she made sure
to suck it back so it formed globs far in the back of her mouth, laying on
her tongue, far away from the cock head. As she slowly pulled her mouth off,
sucking hard with her cheeks hollowing from the pressure, her wet lips
dragged across the engorged crown. When her lips finally came off, they did
so with an audible pop, as if it was a deep sucking kiss with all of the
suction finally released. Opening her mouth wide so Malcolm could see the
pre-cum pooled in her mouth, she let him get a good look before she closed
her mouth and swallowed it.

"Good girl -- swallowing the sperm from my testes. I'll give you plenty more
where that came from." Malcolm had a look of almost sadistic pleasure on his
face as he said that.

"Thank you, sir," Hoshi said, appreciating the idea of receiving more of a
creamy gift from Malcolm. She wasn't doing all of this hard work for nothing.
The taste, smell and feel of the cock in her mouth, and the warm creamy sperm
was something she thoroughly enjoyed. She let the cock go from her breasts
and wrapped her nimble fingers around the thick shaft. She lowered her face
down to it and aligned the cock head to be directly under her nose. Letting
it sit there for a moment between her upper lip and nose, she breathed in
the smell gently, before taking in a big audible whiff straight from her
nostrils. She moaned. "Mmm. Smells so good."

"Oh, you like the smell, huh?" Malcolm asked, not wanting her to respond.
"I'll be sure to rub my cock all over your pillow tomorrow night before you
go to bed, so you can sleep with your nose near it, basking in the smell all

Hoshi just smiled at him, then lowered her mouth to his balls, taking in both
of the hefty testicles at the same time. Her mouth was absolutely full of the
scrotum and balls. It was one of her most beautiful moments. She licked his
balls inside her mouth and sucked on them gently, helping to churn the sperm
inside the testicles rather well.

Malcolm reached over to one of the pillows on his bed and took out a camera
that had been hidden underneath. "Keep sucking, Hoshi, don't worry." He
snapped a picture of her sucking on his balls. "I'll only download them into
a new Hoshi database in our club -- free for all members." He snapped another
picture: this one capturing her lips extending around the base of the scrotum
to form a smile.

"Mmm!" she moaned deeply and loud around his balls, not stopping from licking
his scrotum for a second. Finally, she pulled her mouth off of the testicles,
and looked up at Malcolm, giving him a big smile while she held his cock in
her hands. Malcolm snapped another picture. "That's so sweet, Malcolm. Thank
you." He snapped another. She lowered her head back down, this time to his
cock, and extended her tongue out from her mouth, making sure her tongue was
relaxed and full instead of becoming pointed from straining the muscles
inside. Without actually moving her tongue, she moved her head around, wiping
it across Malcolm's entire cock length, licking off all of the microscopic
loose particles of cock flesh. Malcolm's camera fun didn't stop. He took
picture after picture. Hoshi gave Malcom's scrotum a good long lick between
the testicles, then brought her mouth up to the top of the cock and engulfed
it into her mouth. With just the cock head in her mouth so far, she
immediately began sucking on it, and prodding the slit of the head with her
tongue, pushing the tip of her tongue into it as slightly as it would go
inside. A spurt of pre-cum rocketed out, bursting on top of her tongue and
splattering around. It was the most defined strand of sperm she had tasted so
far. Even though it was pre-cum, it had all of the qualities of a normal
strand of cum.

Hoshi didn't know, but when they were at sickbay, Malcolm had gotten the
doctor to slip him some pills containing all of the nutritional supplements
he'd need to produce the best quality load in his balls as possible. Malcolm
took the pills without Hoshi noticing, and since then, all of the sexual
excitement had been building an extremely abundant and generous load of cum
in his balls. He was going to reward Hoshi greatly for her kind
administrations, with a nice, big load of seed. But so far he was still
building up an ejaculation. Hoshi was doing an extremely good job churning
the seed in his balls and pleasuring him.

She began pushing her face down, taking the cock deep into her mouth until
it neared the entrance to her throat, the bottom of the cock shaft sliding
across her tongue. The skin of the bottom of the shaft was being pulled as
it ran across the top of her tongue, giving his cock head a tight pull with
the stroke into her mouth. She started pulling her head back, letting the
cock slide back out until just the cock head remained inside. Then she
pushed her face down again, taking it back in. She continued this, pushing
her face down and pulling it back repeatedly, stroking his cock inside her
mouth. Slowly at first, gradually building speed with every stroke, until
she found a steady pace where the cock had no moment where it wasn't being
tugged or pulled on within her mouth. She wiggled her tongue and pressed it
tightly onto the cock, wiping it around the bottom and sides without pausing
to bob her head up and down.

"Oh yeah!" Malcolm cried. "Oh yeah! You're so good, Hoshi! Your mouth is
better than a cunt!" He realized he wanted to give her full control, so she
could administrate her skills freely, but he couldn't help himself anymore.
He grabbed the back of her head with both of his hands, stood up from bed,
and started plowing his cock into her mouth hard and fast. His dick buried
itself into her throat several inches with each stroke. He held her head
firmly in place, leaving her no chance to pull away even if she wanted to.
His continuous forward movement pushed Hoshi backwards until she ended up
being on her back on the floor, and Malcolm was over, holding her head and
shoving his cock brutally in and out. There was no concern for her comfort
in his heart. She had done such good cock-sucking and it made him so
lust-filled, that he was completely out of control. The only thing in the
world to him now was Hoshi's cock receptacle of a mouth and the pleasure
his cock was receiving from it. His cock buried itself into her throat over
and over again. Hoshi gagged and coughed around his meat, having trouble
breathing and taking what Malcolm was giving her. If it weren't for all of
her practice deep-throating phallic dildos, she would have never been able
to take it as well as she was.

"Mmm!" Hoshi cried, this time not in a moan of pleasure. This time she was
moaning, pleading-like for him to release her. But even though he was doing
that to her, she still continued her effort to be the best cocksucker she
could. She kept wiping her tongue across his meat as it packed its inches
into her mouth and throat. She was having a hard time breathing, but was
able to get breaths of air sometimes when his cock drew back out of her
throat, before shoving back in.

Malcolm was watching her pleading face, her wide open eyes, and the tear
that streamed down from one. He watched his cock gag her and pummel into her
mouth, her throat expanding with muscle contractions each time she gagged.
He saw her lips stretched tightly around his meat, wiping over the shaft of
his dick with every thrust. He could tell this was testing all of her
cock-sucking skills to the max. None of this made him want to stop thrusting
his meat into her mouth the way he was. Instead it made him want to do it
more, and harder. His cock actually grew past its normal length another inch,
reaching nine inches in total. With each stroke of his cock into her mouth,
he could feel his cock straining to bend properly into the confines of her
throat. It was actually discomforting. It was something he was going to
correct right away.

"Come on, you can take it mouth-cunt. You're such a cock-sucking goddess.
I'm doing you a favor, feeding you my meat." Malcolm talked dirty to her as
he turned himself around without taking his cock out of her mouth, so that
he was facing the direction of her feet. His cock was now more properly
aligned to enter her throat, since the curve of the cock would push down her
mouth and then into her throat in the proper direction of the curve of his
dick. He pushed and pushed, burying his cock meat deep into her mouth over
and over again, raising up and then shoving down countless times. Hoshi could
see Malcolm's big balls go up and down with his humping. Each time he buried
his cock to the hilt, his balls came down to rest on top of her nose.

"Eat your meal, Hoshi," Malcolm said, feeding her his cock. He was speaking
metaphorically of course. She knew better than to start chewing. But from all
of the thrusting into her throat, she couldn't help but involuntarily swallow
a lot of the time. Even when his cock pushed into her throat sometimes, he
could feel her throat muscles swallowing, as if trying to take his cock down
to her stomach. It was an enjoyable sensation for Malcolm to feel that. A few
more tears had streamed down from Hoshi's eyes, but she was starting to get
used to the force-feeding. His cock had so far spurted several strands of
pre-cum into her mouth, on her tongue, and down her throat. Her mouth was
full of a gloppy mix of pre-cum and saliva, which was drooling from her lips,
down her chin and the sides of her mouth. Malcolm felt his orgasm coming

He was determined to make this even more special for Hoshi, so he pushed his
cock down to the hilt. "Open up as wide as you can," he instructed. Hoshi
did as she was told. She opened her mouth even wider, as far as she possibly
could. Her jaw ached, but she was determined. Her mouth opened to the point
where her lips weren't pressed on his cock anymore, and there was a small
space between. Malcolm used his hands to carefully feed his balls into her
mouth, putting the testicles in until they were beyond and trapped behind
her teeth. His entire manhood was now stuffed into her mouth. There was no
more long strokes into her mouth and throat. With his scrotum trapped behind
her teeth, he couldn't stroke very far anymore, so he rocked as best as he
could, with subtle strokes. His cock was stuck down her throat. She was
having real difficulty breathing. Malcolm pumped as much as he possibly could
with the limitations he had. Hoshi began squirming. She used her hands to
push gently on his thighs, trying to hint to him that she was desperate for
air. Malcolm was kind of tired of not being able to stroke very far anyway,
so he carefully pulled his balls out of her mouth, which were totally slick
with saliva. He pulled back to start pumping in vigorously again, which
allowed her to once more breath through her nose. His wet balls flapped onto
her nose each time he sunk into her mouth all the way. Hoshi was relieved
that the most challenging part (apparently) was over, and that she was now
adjusted to the pumping in her throat. Now she could actually enjoy it, so
she reached down with her hands and started to diddle her clitoris and finger
her cunt and ass at the same time. With her right hand, she pushed her index
finger into her vagina and her middle finger into her rectum. With her left,
she used fingers to play with her outer and inner labia lips and stimulate
her clitoris. Malcolm watched her fingers work on her vaginal and anal
orifice as he began pumping his cock into her mouth with greater earnest.

As she watched his balls go up and down from his humping, and bump onto her
nose each time, she wondered what kind of load was being churned up in his
testicles. The load she was going to get would be what she helped create.
Every sperm cell was being created to give her, and soon it was going to
spill out and she was going to get it all. Thinking about it as she watched
the scrotum was a great sexual thrill to her. She moaned around his cock in
great satisfaction. Now she wanted everything Malcolm gave her, including
the forceful thrusts into her throat.

Malcolm was just about to ejaculate and he knew it. "I just want you to
know Hoshi: you deserve all of this." His scrotum tightened, pulling his
testicles firmly to his groin. He pumped harder than ever before, really
packing it in hard. His cock started jerking and spasming uncontrollably.
He began ejaculating. The first strand was a massive glob of cum. It was
so long and thick that he felt like he was pissing an ejaculation. His
cock head was wedged down her throat when the first strand flew out. It
went into her oesophagus, splattering on and lacing across the sides,
drooling down to her stomach. Malcolm started pulling out. His strands
were so long that there was almost no pause between them. His first wad
of cum subsided when his cock head was in the entrance to her throat,
spilling seed all over her throat there. The second glob of cum sprayed
out all over her tongue, absolutely covering her tongue in a continuous
stream of thick warm seed. Her tongue was washed thoroughly by the stream
of cum washing over and bathing her taste buds. Malcolm pulled out of her
mouth just in time for the third strand to spit out. The third strand of
cum was strangely enough, larger, thicker and longer than the first one
was. It was pumped out all over onto her lips, covering her pretty pink
lips with lots of sticky churning cum. A lot of the cum from the third
blast jetted into her still wide-open mouth. Cum that didn't go into her
mouth, coated her lips and ran down her chin and the sides of her cheeks.
Malcolm turned around, holding his dick to keep it aimed on her face as he
did so. The movement caused cum to lace her neck. And as the fourth strand
spat out, it flew across her left cheek, lacing it all the way up into her
hair. Strand after strand after strand spat out of his cock and landed onto
her face and in her hair. Strands of thick warm gloppy semen landed all
over her face, coating her cheeks, nose, forehead, and even her eyes and
eyebrows. She kept her eyelids closed as a pool of cum formed over each eye.
Gloppy seed churned in her hair around her forehead and the sides of her
head. Her face was more cum-covered than not. When the last strand of cum
from his pissing-like orgasm pumped out, he made sure it pooled just below
her nose. Some of it went into her right nostril, but not too far in.

"Like I said. You deserve it all." Malcolm confirmed.

Hoshi had been properly drenched with cum from Malcolm. His load had been
extremely generous. She never felt more proud of herself, knowing she had
done such a wonderful thing and earned such a great reward.

"Oh, Malcolm." She was going to say more, but a wad of cum in her throat
made her need to clear that instead. When she cleared it from her throat,
she managed to hold back the cum in her mouth from going down into her
throat long enough to say, "Thank you so much." The cum ran over her
tongue and pooled back into her throat. Her mouth was open and Malcolm
could see it clearly. He took his camera back into his hands and snapped
dozens of pictures of Hoshi's face. He focused the camera on her mouth
and snapped several pictures of inside. Hoshi smiled. She felt like an
empress, having been given a gift grand enough to be fit for one. Malcolm
snapped pictures of her smile, covered with all of his thick white seed.
He rushed over to a drawer and took out a video camera, then returned and
recorded her with it. Hoshi swirled the cum in her mouth around her tongue,
and swished it through her teeth. The millions of sperm inside swirled
over her taste buds, around her tongue, teeth, and the rest of inside.

"Swallow the cum in your mouth, Hoshi," Malcolm told her, with the video
camera fixed on her face and throat. She swallowed greedily, sending most
of it down to her stomach in one gulp. Her neck could be seen making the
swallowing process when she did it.

"I'd ask you to clean my dick like a good little cock-cleaner, but your
mouth won't do right now." Malcolm wanted a non-soiled orifice to clean is
cock. "Go ahead and sit up."

Hoshi sat up. Lots of the cum started to move down her face and drool from
her chin. Malcolm went behind her, her head leveled well with the height of
his groin, and he took her pony tail in his left hand, holding his cock with
his right, and wiped his sex-finished cock all over her pony tail. He pressed
his softening penis all over the back of her head and over her pony tail,
where there was no cum until now. With all of the cum off his dick, Malcolm
was satisfied.

"I'm going to go," Malcolm said. "Feel free to finish up." Malcolm didn't
care to stick around now that his arousal was diminished. It was back to work
for him. He took a quick shower, dressed into his uniform, and headed out,
leaving Hoshi there alone.

"What a jerk!" Hoshi exclaimed out loud in the empty room, not realizing
Malcolm's quarters were full of hidden recorders he'd be viewing later. He
left without even offering to help her reach her own orgasm. She didn't mind
too much, though. At least now she'd be able to focus on the videos again,
which was a great source of excitement in itself.

Out of the blue, a whispered phrase came through the room. "Drink the cum,"
was that phrase, heard in a soft eerie male voice.

Hoshi spun around. "What the Hell? Is anyone there?" She couldn't even see
because her eyes were still glued shut from the semen.

There was no reply. Hoshi sat and listened for a few seconds, trying to hear
if anything was there. All she heard was nothing, so she moved to start
wiping the semen from her eyes. She used both hands, wiping the semen down
and to her mouth, where she licked it up from her lips and hands. When she
first started clearing the semen from her eyes, she did so rather fast-paced,
worried someone could be there. But as more time passed, she started to calm
down a little and rationalized it was probably just her imagination, so she
slowed down to enjoy the act of feasting on more sperm. She rubbed seed from
all over her face down to her mouth, swallowing much of it. The rest of the
cum on her face, she rubbed into her skin. After a few minutes, when at last
there was no more visible strands of seed churning on her face, she opened
her eyes. She saw no one around in the room watching her, as she expected.
It really was her imagination... or so she thought.

Hoshi sat back onto the bed facing the monitor. "Computer, play 'T'pol's Ass
in the Jeffries Tube.'" When it came on the screen, T'Pol crawling through
a jeffries tube with a camera focused on her ass, Hoshi's eyes fixed
immediately on the round globes of ass emphasized by T'Pol's tight outfit.
Hoshi's hands traveled down faster than warp speed to her vulva, and she
resumed pleasuring herself to T'Pol's immense beauty.

After going through several videos over a period of almost twenty minutes,
Hoshi was on the brink of orgasm. She pushed and pumped fingers in her ass
and vagina, frigged her clitoris, and squeezed her labia lips. Her two hands
were very busy indeed. When 'Toilet Bowl Cam of T'Pol on Toilet #1' came on,
that threw Hoshi over the edge. It was extremely exhilarating seeing how
T'Pol's privacy was so violated in such an intimate moment. Hoshi's vagina
and anus spasmed around her fingers in orgasm. She cried out in pleasure. Her
whole body shook in climax. She ended laying on the bed, her skin glistening
with sweat, her orgasm finished. She sat there with her eyes fixed on the
monitor as it displayed video after video on the playlist. She spent an hour
admiring T'Pol's beauty, having another orgasm from more masturbation, before
realizing she had to get ready for her visit to T'Pol at 2100.



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