Star Trek - Enterprise: Lusty Secrets - Part 1

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Star Trek - Enterprise: Lusty Secrets Part 1 (M-mast,voy,medic,scat)
by Sara Violet (saraviolet9g(at)

Malcolm was in the mess hall talking with fellow crewmen males at one of the
tables, two soldiers and an ensign. He had been talking with them for a while
about guy stuff, when he brought up T'Pol.

"Have any of you ever gotten a long look at T'Pol's bum? She's got a nice

The crewmen seemed to take no offense to what he said, and actually seemed
eager to each add their two cents to T'Pol's ass in the conversation.

Lieutenant Miller, one of the soldiers, spoke his mind, "You're telling me!
Mmm -- what a fantastic ass. I'd love to put her over my knee and give her
a good, long spanking, groping her butt for several minutes between each

Malcolm said, "Indeed. She's the greatest piece of ass in the entire
universe. Her butt cheeks are so full and round -- I'd even say plump, fat
and succulent -- and her cheeks are so graceful when they sway back and
forth as she walks. I sometimes walk behind her just to get a good look at
her bum while it sways. There's nothing sexier. I take every chance I get
to look at it without her noticing."

"I wonder why they make her wear those tight outfits?" the ensign, Tom
Bringer, asked.

"To show her bum," Malcolm said and chuckled. "Actually, since T'Pol's
assignment on Enterprise was unique from the start, the Vulcans designed the
uniform standards for her. They wanted it tight, sleek across her body. It's
a vulcan thing with efficiency and logic, and that tight-fitting stretchy
fabric has better performance. I think they also must have anticipated the
effect it'd have on the crew, seeing her outlined bum so well: what would
keep us humans in place better than that? It's all about logic to them. They
may not have emotions, but they certainly know what will effect ours and keep
us in check. They're smart buggers. T'Pol has us all under her thrall --
simply irresistible."

The ensign said, "That actually makes sense. Thanks Malcolm."

There was a brief pause and sip of drinks before Malcolm continued with the
subject, "You know, just last week, she was in that sexy blue outfit of hers,
walking in the hall when all of a sudden she comes to a data pad on the
floor. I was behind her a ways. So, she bends over, her big bum raising into
the air as she leans down to pick it up, only slightly bending her knees to
do so, giving me the perfect view of her lovely posterior. She picked up the
data pad and straightened up, then resumed her walking. I was left in utter
astonishment from the beauty I had witnessed from her. If I hadn't been
recording the view of her behind, on zoom, I would have been one unhappy
camper in the long run -- I tell you that. Of course, I was the one who put
the data pad there in the first place."

"Wow, can I get a copy of that recording?" the other soldier, a black man
named Kofmin asked.

"Yeah, me too?" asked the ensign.

"I hope you're willing to share with all of us," Miller said.

Malcolm leaned forward, lowered his voice and said, "Now, don't tell anyone
I told you, but Doctor Phlox has not only the video I just mentioned, but
also over a hundred more of T'Pol in all sorts of compromising positions.
Each time you purchase a video you pay by either trading in a sexy video of
T'Pol, or by feeding Phlox's pets for a few hours. Or if you wish, you can
just sell sexy videos of T'Pol to Phlox for a nice bit of currency on the
next planet we take shore leave in. Each shore leave, he sells all of the
videos to the native porn industries, and gives everyone who sold him a
video that time a percentage of the profit. It's usually enough to live in
luxury the entire shore leave. We're part of a club that covertly does this
to T'Pol to enjoy her sexy body -- especially her bum -- consisting of only
fifteen members of the crew so far. All you have to do to join is
participate. And none of you can tell anyone about it -- especially the
Captain and Commander Tucker. The Captain is too risky, and Tucker failed
to show his support -- I already tested him before. I'm the only one allowed
to find new members and tell people about it -- who better than the chief of
security to take care of our club's security?"

Miller looked flabbergasted and said, "I think I speak for all three of us
when I say 'Count me in!'"

The other two nodded to agree with Miller.

"Good," Malcolm said. "Something I didn't mention, is that as a requirement,
all new members must donate one video of T'Pol's bum before they can be
eligible for getting videos from Phlox. The first step is to go see him,
and he'll get you started. Once you have a few videos of T'Pol, you'll find
enjoying her beauty is a great way to pass the time between shifts."

Malcolm made one final statement before getting up to leave, "And welcome to
the club -- now eighteen strong." He gave a salute and walked out.

* * *

The three men showed up at sickbay to see Phlox, who was currently running
some tests on blood samples. Another male crew member was inside sickbay,
going around the cages feeding the doctor's array of creatures.

Kofmin stepped forward to speak to Phlox for the three of them, with a
lowered voice so the guy feeding the animals couldn't hear -- even though he
was probably a member of the club too paying off a debt. "Uh, Doctor, I heard
you have videos of, uh, T'Pol for sale... and we'd like to become members of
this club. Malcolm told us all about it."

Phlox looked up at his new customers and gave them one of his ear-to-ear
smiles. "Ah then, you'll be happy to know Malcolm was quite correct -- I am
the one you want to talk to." He opened a drawer and took out three large
packages, handing one each to the three of them. "You'll find over a hundred
circular transparent stickers inside your packages, each one with its own
nanoscopic video and audio recorder. The outside surface of the stickers
will mimic the texture of the material it's overlaying, so they're nearly
impossible to detect unless you know they're there. Just put them wherever
you need to to capture videos of T'Pol covertly, then bring the stickers
back to me. That should get you started. As you become more experienced,
perhaps I'll graduate any one of you to higher levels of 'spying grades',
with new tools of the art and such."

He added, "I look forward to getting more help feeding my creatures, by the
way -- my new Gerganduans eat once every few minutes, or every few seconds
to keep them fertile if it's mating season. Mating season is just around the
corner. Oh, and, good hunting! T'Pol -- that is." He gave a brief chuckle.

* * *

After serious debate between each other, the three decided to go their own
ways in getting their footage of T'Pol. Kofmin kept checking the exercise
room until he found T'Pol there running on the treadmill. He walked in,
maneuvering himself on a route behind the treadmill she was on, to place a
sticker camera right behind it on the wall. He got on the treadmill next to
hers and exercised himself to pretend that's what he was there for. His
camera got an excellent view of her ass as it swung back and forth, back and
forth, back and forth from her continuous running, for over thirty minutes
on the treadmill before she finally stopped.

On the other hand, Bringer went into the laundry room, found a washed pair
of T'Pol's pajama pants, and stuck a long row of sticker cameras down the
crease inside the pants, all the way from back to front, making sure it'd
record the entire view of her butt crease, anus, vulva and pelvic area from
inside her pants as she wore them. He kept returning for the next few days
to find her pants back in the wash before they were cleaned, and took all
of the stickers off. His cameras got a perfect view of between her butt
cheeks, anus, vulva and her pelvic region, and discovered that she was
completely hairless there -- due to Vulcan traits. But that's not all his
cameras recorded.

They recorded her pulling the pants up to first put them on, getting a view
of ascending towards her butt and private parts from directly underneath her.
And before going to bed, she had used the bathroom, making the mistake of
only pushing her pants down to her thighs as she sat on the toilet -- the
cameras getting a view of in between her legs as she did her business,
violating her in her most private moments as the cameras taped her from the
front, between her legs, with a slight view down in the toilet beneath her.

The cameras preformed flawlessly, taping everything they could see and hear:
like the sight of the stream of urine flowing down first, then stopping,
before the tip of a pointy firm brown turd could be seen descending down from
beyond the mound of her vulva. Her vulva blocked the view of her anus, but
the turd could clearly be seen coming out. Her face could also be seen by the
bottom row of cameras near the hem of the pants, her face fixed in a look of
noticeable concentration as she worked to push out the turd from her butt. As
more and more came out from her anus and descended towards the toilet bowl,
the tip disappeared out of view from the cameras, but the entire length was
recorded as it came down. It was about ten inches long and two and a quarter
inches thick. Knowing what T'Pol had inside of her bum, what was in her
bowels as she walked around, would certainly be an erotic thing for viewers
later. A turd that large had to be begging to come out, but T'Pol's vulcan
suppression of her emotions could keep it at bay for days as the size built
up, and rested near the exit of her anus waiting for release. Unknowingly to
anyone but herself, that's what she always did -- let it build up to large
proportions before expelling it, to conserve toilet paper more efficiently;
and feeling it within her begging to be released due to its size felt neither
good or bad to T'Pol: it felt proper to her. To her, it was completely
normal. But to the people who would view the tapes of her pooping would
wonder about it.

Bringer's footage of T'Pol on the toilet had the turd falling out, audibly
splashing into the toilet water, and then a poorly visible sequence of her
wiping her butt was recorded. She finished by wiping her vulva with toilet
paper, standing up and flushing the toilet, then pulling her pants back
up -- the sticker cameras resting close to her anus and other private areas
again. Upon waking up in the morning, T'Pol pulled her pants down and
changed -- which was the last the cameras got of her, and the pair of pants
ended up back in laundry for Bringer to collect the cameras from.

Not about to be too badly outdone, Miller got some camera stickers on a
seat T'Pol was using, and as she went back to the seat to sit back down,
the cameras recorded a nice view of her big sexy butt descending onto the

With no apparent signs of voyeurism ever being clued to T'Pol, she was
completely oblivious to ever being recorded or violated. She always assumed
she had privacy, as time and time again members of that club recorded her
private parts and intimate moments for the viewing pleasure of others, not
just for crew members on the ship, but also thousands of aliens buying it
from porn markets on planets Phlox sold it to.

"Ah, yes, yes," Phlox said, as he finished reviewing the work of all three
crewmen, with them there waiting for his reaction. "Excellent work -- truly
beneficial to the club. I'm sure each of you will become quite valued
members. I don't usually do this, but due to the fantastic quality of your
captures, I'm going to reward each of you with two free videos." Phlox
turned on a video screen that displayed a thumbnail sample image for each
of the current videos of T'Pol in the club's database. "Feel free to choose
yourselves. And in case you were wondering, you may share them amongst
those you know are members if you desire. Our club has never been about
profit as much as duty to keep it satisfying."

Miller said, "Alright!" and went closer to the screen with Bringer to look
through them.

Kofmin was curious about one thing first. "I need to ask you a question,
Doctor," he said. "Wouldn't selling the videos to all of these planets
eventually lead to us being busted?"

"Quite the contrary," Phlox answered. "Before selling them to the markets
of planets, the images and videos are edited as much as necessary, but no
more than that. Usually the background is changed, her face is censored and
the outfit she's wearing is replaced with something similar -- but the
details of her private parts and intimate moments are never altered. It's
quite unfortunate they have to be altered at all, but it's a necessary
precaution. You understand."

Kofmin smiled, having no more worries about it. He said, "Sounds great to
me," and went over to the screen to make his selections.

They chose six different videos, planning to take advantage of their
friendship by sharing them between each other. They were quite amazed with
some of the choices there were. Together, they picked: "Medical Examination",
"On the Toilet" (there was more than one), "Pon Far", one where she
accidently sits on a cylindrical tube, one where she's taking a shower, and
the one Malcolm mentioned where she bent over in the hallway. They each took
the two they wanted to enjoy first, then parted ways to disappear into their
quarters for a serious masturbation frenzy.

* * *

Bringer locked his door, dimmed the lights, removed his clothing, sat at a
desk, then loaded the video disk into his video display unit. "Medical
Examination" started. He began stroking his member when T'Pol's face came

"Is this really necessary doctor?" T'Pol asked.

"Of course it is. My initial scan revealed a hint of pelion microbes, and I
need to discern the condition of their migration to your anal and vaginal
cavity." Phlox lied. There were no pelion microbes. "So please remove your
clothing, sub-commander, and bend over the medical bed. This should only take
a couple minutes."

T'Pol hesitated for a few seconds, literally considering her options, then
did as she was instructed. She unzipped her uniform and pulled it down,
revealing that she didn't have any underwear on. T'Pol was nothing short
of a goddess. Her entire body was perfect, with no area being overdone or
flawed. Her abdomen was well-toned. She had lean slender legs, with gorgeous
soft thighs, and absolutely full, tight round butt cheeks. Her breasts were
large, at least a C-cup, with dark reddish-pink nipples. Her anus was also
a dark reddish-pink color. The outer labia lips of her cunt were thick.
Though always sincere and expressionless, she had a very beautiful face,
captivating brown eyes, and full luscious lips. Lastly, she had dark brown
hair in a Vulcan-cut style, short, so it didn't hide her succulent neck.
Now naked and her silky skin and sexy features exposed, she laid face down
bent over the medical bed, her rear end poised upwards giving the doctor
easy access, while keeping her head up by using her arms for support.

Phlox seemed to have cameras everywhere in sickbay, and had compiled
the video using the best angles from all of the footage for all of the
sequences -- making it like a movie that had all of the best shots at
the right moments.

"Good, now just relax," Phlox said. He put on some medical gloves and moved
in over her rear end. Outstretching his arms, he grabbed on to her gorgeous
butt cheeks, getting a good handful in each hand. He pulled her sexy cheeks
apart, pushing them away from each other to get a maximum view of her
anus -- which had a close-up of her anus in the video from the camera zooming
in on it. Phlox made sure he was squeezing her butt cheeks firmly as he held
them spread apart, as if it was necessary to preform the task he was doing.

"Hmm, yes," he said casually, pretending to be interested in the medical
side of the examination. "I'm afraid I'll have to probe. Try to relax as
much as you can, so that your anus will open with less resistance." He
took a prying tool and inserted it slowly into her butt. The video changed
into a split screen showing her face and ass at the same time. She had a
look of discomfort on her face as her anus was slowly pried open with the
tool. Upon having her anus pulled nearly two inches open, the look on her
face was becoming more and more priceless, with her look of discomfort
growing by the second, until finally Phlox locked the device keeping her
anus open at exactly two inches wide.

He took out another tool -- the anal probe. It was an extremely flexible
metallic cord with a camera at the end. He inserted it into her butt, past
her wide-open anus, into her rectum. He kept the pace slow, wanting to make
it last. Without her noticing, he undid his pants and pulled out his cock,
stroking it with his left hand as he moved the anal probe with his right.
The length of his cock grew to an impressive thirteen inches long and two
and a half inches wide. As a denobulan, he had three (human-sized) testicles
in his scrotum working hard to make sperm for T'Pol. The view on the left
side of the split screen changed from showing her butt, to showing the inside
of her rectum from what the anal probe saw. The probe delved deeper, going
past her rectum into her colon. Still, Phlox pushed it deeper, wanting the
viewers of the film to see much of the inside of T'Pol's ass. The probe came
into the bottom of her descending colon, but before it could go much further,
it came to a solid obstacle that blocked the path. It was the tip of one of
her large turds being stored up in her bowels.

"I see some encouraging signs," Phlox said, commenting on the sight of her
turd without her realizing it. He made the probe bump into her turd a few
times, then pulled it out slowly until it was no longer in her ass. He
brought it over to the sink and rinsed it clean and sanitized it. Then he
returned back to T'Pol. "I need to check your vagina now." He examined her
vulva first, pulling her labia lips apart, showing this on the left side of
the split screen in the video. Even her clitoris was seen. He took a q-tip,
squeezed her labia lips together, and swabbed down the center to pretend he
was taking a residue sample. Next, he took another prying tool and used it
to slowly open up her vagina, stretching it apart for all to see, all while
the other prying tool still kept her anus wide open. From the camera angle
on the left split screen, both her wide open anus and vagina zoomed in on
and could be seen at the same time and be peered inside. It was a proper way
to see T'Pol any day of the week. Fifteen members in the club had all already
masturbated and ejaculated countless times to that sight alone, let alone
many others during this video Phlox composed -- which was a fan favorite.
Phlox then inserted the probe into the pink tunnel of T'Pol's vagina. The
split screen changed to show the view from the probe, from within her vagina,
still showing her face too. It was ever-so-slight, but a small hint of
humiliation was now showing on her face -- which was also a popular sight
the members ejaculated to in the throws of masturbation. Phlox pushed the
probe up inside until it reached the pretty sight of her cervix, and he made
the camera on the probe bump into the center of it a few times. Being
satisfied, he removed the probe from her vagina.

"Just as I suspected," he told her. "I'm going to apply a cream which should
clear it up in twenty-four hours." Phlox pumped his cock harder and faster.
He aimed his cock at the opening of her anus, and started firing gobs of cum.
His thick strands of seed flew deep inside and laced the length of her rectum
in several squirts. Since he knew there would be no risk of pregnancy, he
lowered his aim and launched a few more squirts directly into her vagina. He
took a cup and ended by squirting his remaining cum into it, filling it two
inches high. Then he fixed his pants back up, took the prying devices off of
her anus and vagina, and inserted a butt plug into her ass and a vagina plug
into her vagina.

"You can stand up now," he said. T'Pol stood up and the video screen changed
back to just one view, angled at her front side for the moment.

"I need you to drink this for the treatment to be effective." He handed
the cup of cum to her. She took it and lifted it to her mouth, but stopped
short. Something about the smell seemed peculiar to her, but she couldn't
put a finger on what it was. It was probably just a coincidence anyway, she
thought, so she brought it up to her lips, opened her mouth and began
drinking it. The semen slid across her tongue with the descent towards her
throat, and she swallowed it all, properly sending it to her stomach for

"Good, sub-commander. That will do fine." T'Pol handed the empty cup to him
before he continued talking. "You'll have to keep the crude, but effective
medicinal blockage devices inside of your two orifices for twenty-four hours
to keep all of the cream inside. Just return to me once that much time has
passed, and I'll remove them. The infection will be gone and things can
return to normal for you."

T'Pol stood up and got dressed, naturally eager to leave. Once dressed, she
paused briefly to say "Thank you Doctor," and then left sickbay.

Phlox grinned, and the video showed him compose himself to address the
viewers of the film. "My, my, my. I will certainly feel good for a long
time knowing what a wonderful experience I had with T'Pol. She is truly a
beautiful specimen. Tomorrow I will remove the blockage devices and make a
part two to this two-part series. I'm compelled to draw the conclusion to
this enrapturing video by saying, I'll see you next time. Goodnight."

Bringer grabbed his laptop and pulled it down to the level with his cock. He
re-winded to the part where T'Pol's face had a slight sign of humiliation,
and began spraying his cum all over the screen, all over where T'Pol's face
was. When he was finished, T'Pol's face on the screen could barely be seen
underneath all of the gloppy goo.

At different points of time during the night, his two friends reached climax
too, to her other videos, finding great pleasure in T'Pol.

* * *

A few days later, Malcolm and Hoshi were in a room alone together examining
Xindi logs, making small talk as they worked.

"So," Malcolm said. "Do you find anyone on Enterprise attractive?"

"Well..." Hoshi started.

"Me, perhaps?" Malcolm half joked.

"Don't be silly," Hoshi said.

"Maybe you like girls? Do you prefer girls, Hoshi? T'Pol's got a really nice

"Hmm?" Hoshi wondered why Malcolm was a nut case. She thought for a moment
as they worked. "Actually..." Hoshi said, as if it wasn't a crazy suggestion
after all.



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