Star Trek - Enterprise: Dimension Jump
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Flyspeak, Cross-Country & Sorge

Captain Archer stood next to the warp core. Tucker's fingers tapped on the
control panel. "Captain, I am sure with the changes to the warp drive will
have done. The ship will do Warp six for about one hour before we need to
slow down." Tucker told the Captain.

John kept reviewing the readouts. "Tucker, I am not sure if this will work
as you claim. Look at this sub space pulse that will be sent over the ship.
The pulse will cause problems with the main computer. I want you to add
shielding to the computer core. Then we will try it" Archer patted Tucker
on the back. He knew how hard Tucker work on the upgrade of the warp drive.

The whole crew worked on the upgrade, to Dr Phlox they rushed about like
ants. Each crewmember did a small part of the job. The last week on the ship
was tiring. At the end of the week everyone was waiting for the order from
Captain Archer for warp six.

Captain Archer stood on the bridge looking the main view screen. He sat down
his chair. He ordered a heading of 123 mark 97 warp one. He ordered faster
speeds warp two, three... The ship raced along at warp five for ten minutes
but he ordered warp six. The ship shuttered slightly, then a orange wave of
light waved thought the ship.

As the orange light filled Enterprise, Doctor Phlox in sickbay, Commander
Tucker in engineering and Captain Archer on the bridge all felt a strange
tingling. Looking down at his hand, Archer saw that it seemed to be...

"Captain!" It was Sub Commander T'pol. Archer looked over. The sexy Vulcan
science officer was out of her seat and moving towards him. He reached out
to grab her, but before he could, he vanished.

T'pol stopped. She, and the rest of the bridge crew, were looking at an empty
commander's seat. The same was for the engineering crew as they noticed, Trip
was gone, and for Ensign Hoshi as she looked up from the medical table and
saw no Dr. Phlox.

Hours later, in another dimension, Captain Archer woke up in his bed. He
looked around. Everything seemed, the same, so he decided it was all a dream
about him disappearing.

He stumbled out of bed and got dressed. He then made his way to the
bridge. He stopped dead in his tracks. The female uniforms were drastically
different. They were all wearing skimpy bikinis, and there weren't so many
females before, were there? And none used to be that sexy, Archer thought as
he saw a big breasted African American go by.

He soon reached the bridge, then stopped dead. Rushes of memories were coming
into his head. He collapsed into his chair, clutching his head. A minute
later, it was over, and he looked up into T'pol's concerned face.

"Captain, all you alright?" Archer nodded, his attention focused
elsewhere. T'pol was dressed in a tight, extremely tiny black bikini.
T'Pol straightened, placing her hands on her hips and posing extremely
provocatively. Archer felt a straining in his uniform.

T'Pol smiled. "Captain, it seems who have some unwanted build-up of pressure,
like Lt. Reed over there. I will, relieve it, as Ensign Sato is doing to the
Lieutenant." Archer looked over. The lithe young Japanese translator was
dressed in a yellow bikini, which displayed her new C-cups nicely. She was
minus the yellow thong, as she was on Reed's lap bouncing up and down on his

Looking down, Archer saw T'Pol unzipping his uniform and taking his boxers
off. His cock sprang free, which the big-titted Vulcan immediately placed
between her breasts. She reached over and fully reclined his chair, then
used both hands to press her tits together. She was on her knees, and
started going up and down, sucking on his cocked as it slid between her
boobs. Archer grasped the arms off his chair, as he was overwhelmed with
pleasure. He started thrusting, and soon climaxed all over T'Pol's face and
tits. She immediately zipped him back up and resumed her station, not even
cleaning herself off.

Archer was just relaxing when...

"Sir!" Archer looked up as Mayflower shouted. "I'm detecting a Suliban ship
decloaking off the port bow!"

"On the main screen!" A round ball about three meters by three meters was
materializing in space. It pivoted on unseen motors, turning to face

"Captain, they are powering weapons." T'Pol relayed from her station. The
Suliban quickly fired two shots, one hitting the port warp nacelle, the other
striking just aft of the bridge.

"Return fire, full phaser cannons!" Enterprise returned fire with five shots,
blowing the Suliban ship to smithereens. "Full stop, Ensign Mayweather."

The Enterprise shuddered to a stop. "I want a damage report, stat!" ordered

"Five casualties, Captain, nothing serious," replied T'Pol. "Engineering
reports that the warp core is temporarily offline, as are onboard sensors.
Other then that, only superficial damage to the hull."

Ensign Hoshi got up out of her translator seat and strode over to the
captain's chair in her yellow bikini. "Captain," the petite but full-breasted
Japanese officer said, "I think this encounter may have caused you a lot of
tension. Would you like me to relieve you of it?" She smiled sultrily.

Deciding to not let a good thing go to waste and find out answers later,
Archer nodded and smiled. He stood up and unzipped his jumpsuit. Hoshi
slipped out of her swimsuit-style uniform, standing naked on the bridge
of the Enterprise. She stepped forward, and French kissed the captain. He
cupped her C-cups with his hands, and then ran them over her smooth Asian
back until his hands cupped her tight ass.

He bent down and started licking Hoshi's nipples, and she moaned in intense
pleasure as she grasped his raging hard-on. She slowly started to pump it,
when Archer suddenly grabbed her and spun her around so her back was to him.

The captain stuck the first three fingers of his right hand into Hoshi's
pussy, eliciting a moan from her. He kissed her over her shoulder then
manipulated her breast with his free hand. Then, without warning, he rammed
his cock straight into her ass. She screamed with a mixture of both pain and
pleasure, instantly cumming. Archer started to thrust in and out, still
manipulating her breast and pussy. Hoshi soon was matching her rhythm, and
Archer came.

He pulled out her and sank into his chair. Hoshi got a towel off a nearby
rack, cleaned his cock, zipped him back up and got into her bikini, then back
to work like nothing had happened.

Archer sat in the command chair in a daze. Alien thoughts had been flowing
all throughout his mind but now they were receding. He was able to discern
the strangeness around him. T'Pol was manipulating her screen working over
some readings a few meters away. The captain's gaze was instantly focused
upon the Vulcan's voluptuous rear covered only in the skimpiest of thongs.
The tiny amount of material covered next to nothing leaving her toned and
very smooth looking ass-cheeks visible.


She turned to face him. Slipping her hands behind her back, she said, "Yes,
captain." Jonathan's strange thoughts had earlier prevented him from taking
a close look at his second in command. By the time she'd stepped over to help
him he had thought what she was wearing was normal and that he'd seen her
naked tons of times before. But now those thoughts were gone and he couldn't
help but fully appreciate T'Pol's form. Her tight hourglass figure usually
covered was now openly displayed. The large swell of her breasts was nearly
completely uncovered as the bikini uniform top was ridiculously skimpy. The
tops of her nipples were clearly visible. Her bare stomach was tight and

Archer managed to return his attention to her face, which had a sexy smirk
that was totally out of character for T'Pol. "Um...what are you wearing?"

She lifted one eyebrow (making her expression even sexier) "My uniform,

"That's not your normal uniform."

"I don't understand, sir. This is the same one I always wear." Her thick
voluptuous lips were pursed together uncomfortable reminding Archer of a
couple minutes before when they'd been pursed around the head of his dick.

Before he could say anything Dr. Phlox's voice sounded over the communicator,
"Captain, could you please join me in the sickbay immediately. It's rather

"Ok, Dr. I'll be there soon" Archer stood. "T'Pol, you have the bridge."

She nodded. "Yes, captain."

Jonathan walked over to the turbolift and stepped in. He hit the keypad
directing it to take him to the sickbay's level. Before he got there the
turbolift stopped and the doors opened. Two women stepped in. Both were
wearing the tiny bikini's every other woman on the ship was wearing. He
recognized one as Lt. Kneble although she'd never looked this good before.
She'd always been a small thin woman but now her breasts seemed to be
larger, her visible nipples big and pink. Archer didn't recognize the
other woman but he was amazed as she was a Vulcan. T'Pol was the only one
aboard but this certainly wasn't T'Pol. Her dark brown hair was longer,
down to her shoulders. She was shorter than the commander. She was more
petite than the buxom T'Pol but she still had the full breasts of seemingly
all the women on the ship.

Tearing his gaze away from the women's rear ends, Jonathan left the
turbolift. He walked briskly through the corridor until he entered sickbay.
Dr. Flox, the alien medical doctor, looks up from where he is looking at
some readings.

"Ah, Captain, I was hoping I could have a word with you." The alien smiled.
"You will, no doubt, find this absolutely absurd, but I don't think I am from
this dimension, and-"

"Oh thank God!" Phlox looked surprised. Archer continued. "You see, Doctor,
I am also from another dimension. I think that warp six test had something
to do with our...transportation."

Phlox smiled again. "Well it is good to know that someone at least has
accompanied me here. And you're right; the warp six tests did have something
to do with it. You see, I ran a self-diagnostic that shows a small molecular
transformation. It seems that this universe it centred around, well, sex."

Archer nodded. "I seem to already have established that, Doctor. Now, what we
need is to find a way back. Do you know of any other crewmen that might have
been brought here as well?"

Phlox shook his head. "None have contacted me. And I think that you will need
an engineer to help us get back. I am only a medical doctor, not a mechanic."

Archer looked up. "I also have been experiencing some headaches and bright
flashes of colour. Does this have anything to do with the molecular
transformation?" Phlox picked up a medical scanner. He ran it over the
captain and then placed it back down.

"It seems Captain, that you have been infused with forty years worth of
memories. You brain has built up a sort of armour for protection to prevent
damage. I can stop the defences and download the memories into your brain
without harm. It won't take long."

Archer nodded. "Do it." Phlox picked up two things, a round steel circle
and a hammer like tool. He placed the circular thing on Jonathan's neck and
placed the hammer against his forehead. Archer felt a slight headache, then
reeled back as his brain was filled with more memories. Phlox quickly
retrieved the circular object.

"I think it has worked, Captain. In the meantime, I suggest we try and blend
in with our environment as we seek out any others of our crew. Do whatever is
necessary." Archer nodded, but then the sickbay doors whirred open. In strode
the Vulcan the Captain had seen on the turbolift.

Hearing the comm. system, Archer ran out of sickbay and into the turbolift.
Thankfully (for him, not for us) there were no women in it, so he was
undisrupted. As the turbolift went down, Jonathan wondered if Tucker had also
been transported to this dimension, or if he would have to convince the chief
engineer to help him.

He soon reached the engineering level, where he was grabbed by someone and
thrown into a nearby room. He scrambled to his feet as his assailant shut the
door. "Computer, lights." The room brightened, revealing Commander Tucker
standing there, his uniform unzipped and half off, his face covered in sweat.

"Captain, you gotta help me! We were conducting the warp six test, and all of
a sudden, this orange light, and I was back in my quarters, and then I came
here, and the girls, in bikinis, they, they tried to have sex with me, and,
and, and, uhhh." The chief engineer fainted from the exertion. Archer slapped
his face soon waking him up.

"Travis, get a hold of yourself. We can't afford to appear out of place."
Travis looked confused.

"Wha, what are you talking about, Cap'n?"

Archer explained the whole dimensional travel thing, and how the universe
they were in was centred around sex. "And also, Dr. Phlox is here, and you
need to help us find a way home. But first, you need to repair the ship.
And most important of all: act natural."

Travis nodded. Then he gave a small grin. "Y'know, Cap'n, this actually might
be fun." Archer smiled, then both got off the floor and exited the room.
Outside, they met a young crew-woman, looking only eighteen years old. She
was wearing a light blue bikini, giving her an innocent look. She was petite
like Hoshi, but had even larger breasts, a large DD. Also, she had a ponytail
of red hair that went straight down to her sexy ass and tiny waist, giving
her a slightly hourglass figure.

She smiled. "Why hello, Captain. Would you and Commander Tucker like some,
fun?" She giggled. Archer and Trip looked at each other and nodded. They
unzipped their uniforms, then approached the young Starfleet (or Starfuck,
which Archer remembered) member, who slipped out of her bikini and smiled.
Trip got behind her, and sunk his man meat into her pussy. She moaned then
groped around for Captain Archer. He was right in front of her, and she
lowered her head onto his dick. He placed his hands on the back of her head,
and he and Trip started thrusting in and out.

The girl moaned and grunted sucking and thrusting against the two Starfuck
officers. Back and forth, her big tits swaying in the air, they fucked,
having a generally good ol' time. About fifteen minutes later, Trip and
Archer came, filling the eighteen year old with cum from both sides. She
swallowed, then got off of Travis's dick and put her bikini/uniform back
on. She grinned, and moved on.

The comm. beeped. "Captain, this is Lt. Reed, could you come to the bridge

"I'm on my way, Lieutenant." turning to Tucker he said, "Ok, you get to work
figuring us a way back. Talk to Phlox for the details, I'll try to get back
to help once I've dealt with this. And remember, act natural."

"Aye aye, captain." With a smirk the commander added, "Hey the ice queen's
like this too ain't she?"

Archer just grimaced and headed for the bridge. As he walked he went over
some of the new memories. This dimension was very different indeed. For one
thing the Vulcans were militaristic and expansionist. Their empire was vast.
It was made up of a caste system with the Vulcans on top. Humans were next
in the hierarchy, considered first class citizens. Well, that's certainly a
nice change thought Archer. Apparently Vulcans had a lot of respect for
humans. Mostly because of their sexual prowess which seemed to be the driving
force in the empire.. Second class citizens were-

Archer's thought process was cut off as he had arrived at the bridge. Lt.
Reed spoke, "Captain, we have arrived at T'lerian and Sub Commander T'Pol has
gone down with a detachment of marines to secure the tribute."

Jonathan was confused, apparently even with the doctor's treatment his own
regular memories were getting in the way. Marines? Tribute? What exactly
was going on? Wait, some of it was coming back to him. The T'lerians were
forth-class citizens, very recently conquered and still unruly. They were
required to pay tribute to any Vulcan or first class citizen vessels passing
through their system.

The very sexy African American woman at the com station turned to him,
apparently Hoshi was with T'Pol translating, "Captain, Commander T'Pol is
hailing from the planet."

"Put her on."

The view screen blinked as it went from showing the planet to the ever-so
sexy Vulcan. Starfuck personnel surrounded her. By the large weapons they
were holding and the body armour he guessed they were the marines. They were
all facing out and away from T'Pol, tensed with weapons ready. The brunette
kneeling with her head pressed to the Vulcan's crotch must be Hoshi.

T'Pol was speaking, "Captain, the T'lerian queen has refused to pay her
tribute. I suggest we use Initiative Theta Alpha to convince her of the error
of her ways."

Archer wasn't sure what that Initiative was but he felt he should probably go
along with it. "Alright, proceed with the initiative."

The Lt. Reed responded, "Aye aye, captain. Targeting the T'lerians precious
crystal gardens."

Before Archer realized what he had said it was too late. The phaser cannons
erupted sending the red blasts down to the planet. "No! Cease fire! We don't
want to kill anyone!"

Reed looked at him funny, "Captain? The crystal gardens are usually empty
during the night. But why wouldn't we want to kill anyone? They're just
forth-class, barely even citizens."

Jonathan sighed with relief, "Never mind, Lieutenant. I'm going down to the
planet to take command of the situation."

T'Pol's voice rang out from the screen, "That's a good idea, captain. The
initiative has caused the queen to rethink her actions. She is ready to pay
tribute personally."

Ten minutes later, he was in the shuttle heading down to the planet. Actually
it was called an assault shuttle as it was three times as big as the one from
the other dimension. It was filled to the brim with marines, the Captain's
Guard they were called. Archer rolled his eyes at the sounds of sex coming
from the marine's compartment. He tried to focus on the information on the
screen in front of him but the two female marines making sure he'd be able to
think clearly down in his lap were failing miserably.

He was going over all the data on the T'lerians. They were a humanoid
species. They looked completely human except that in all the places a human
would have hair they had feathers. The feathers came in all colours. Some
T'lerians were completely one colour while others had multi-hued plumage much
like tropical parrots back home.

Any thoughts were pushed away as the blonde marine deep-throated him
expertly. Her lithe tongue circled his shaft pleasurably. The hot little
Vulcan (apparently an assignment on a human ship was much sought after by
Vulcan women owing to the many rumours of human sexual prowess) was licking
his testicles with long slow movements.

Suddenly, the assault shuttle rocked violently, throwing the Vulcan off
Archer's cock. He quickly zipped himself back up, then staggered to the front
of the shuttle. He grabbed the arms of one of the chairs as the ship bounced
from side to side.

"What the hell is going on!?!" he demanded. He looked out of the view screen,
spotting a ship that looked like an ancient A-10 Thunderbolt bomber. It
looped around again, firing a phaser mounted on the nose.

"Captain, we are under attack from a T'lerian defence fighter. I have
polarized the hull plating, but weapons are still powering up." The young
man in the pilot's seat turned the controls violently, barely avoiding
another phaser blast. A second struck the ship, overloading a control
panel. It sparked out, killing the pilot.

"Oh, shit," said Archer as the shuttle keeled over and started to spin
towards the ground. He shoved the dead Starfuck member out of the pilot's
seat and grasped the controls. he pulled up, barely making the shuttle clear
the ground. He spun the ship around, and zoomed off towards the enemy craft.
He flipped the shuttle on its side at the last second, firing thrusters at
the same time. The force of them knocked the T'lerian off course, making him
spin as the Phallus, as the shuttle was called swung around for a clear shot.

"Are those weapons active yet?" Archer asked, and the crewman in the gunners
seat nodded. He fired thrice, two shots hitting the body of the ship, the
other striking an engine. The shuttle crashed to the ground. Archer and his
crew flew on, the marines in the back starting to get edgy from the little
encounter. They gripped their phaser rifles tightly.

They soon reached the outskirts of the capital city, where the Phallus set
down. The marines looked at their captain questionably. "I don't think that
that fighter was working on its own," Archer explained. "They might have
anti-air defences up." The marines nodded, and then disembarked after their
Captain. Approaching the city, the marines spotted two of the T'lerian
Feather Guard. They were brought down with a few phaser blasts. Soon, they
entered the city. The marines, much to Archer's displeasure, started blasting
apart the city's marketplace. He managed to get them to stop with the excuse
that they were running out of time.

They soon arrived at the Palace of Crystal Feathers, were they saw two huge
female T'leri wearing body armour. They managed to bring down five marines
with feather darts, but were soon stunned by full powered phasers. "Quickly,
you four men, distract them! You guys with me!' Archer and his group darted
into the palace, past where the four marines were butt fucking and tit
fucking the T'lerians.

Archer remembered that there were not many armed T'lerians, since they were
a primitive and peaceful culture. So, encountering no opposition, Archer soon
released T'Pol. After a grateful French kiss from her and a blowjob from
Hoshi, T'Pol explained the T'lerians' resistance. "It seems that the Suliban
have been telling them that they should rebel. The Suliban ship that
temporarily disabled our ship was no coincidence. They were an ambassador's

"Then the T'lerians need to be taught a lesson," said Archer, thinking
past his prejudices against this dimension. Soon, they were all back on
Enterprise, where Archer ordered a Class Two bombardment of the planet.
Soon, the T'lerian queen had surrendered, most of the cities and crystal
gardens in ruins.

"So the question is why did the Suliban want the T'lerians to rebel?" asked
Archer as he sat in his command chair.

The distracting form of T'Pol turned to him, "Most likely to weld the
T'lerians into their federation of free planets, captain. Just like they're
trying to do in a dozen other forth and third citizen systems."

Archer's eyes trailed along the Vulcan's voluptuous lips and then to the
rest of her mostly nude body. He tried to find the right memories but Phlox's
download must have been a little buggy or else he was having a problem with
all this visible flesh, he really didn't how anyone think straight. His other
personality, the one from this dimension had a solution: "Commander, of
course I know that's what the Suliban are doing. I was thinking out loud. Now
why don't you put those fat lips of yours to better use, sucking on my dick."

Archer was stunned by what he just said. It had come out so fast and had
seemed so right. But back in the other dimension he would have never said
that to any woman and most certainly not to the emotionless ice-maiden T'Pol.
But as the stone expression on T'Pol's face melted into a sultry smirk he was
reminded of just what kind of dimension he was in. The buxom Vulcan sauntered
sexily over, falling to her knees between his legs.

Looking up at him she said, "Forgive me, captain. Next time I open my lips to
say something so obvious I'll remember to put a big fat human cock between
them instead." T'Pol had opened his pants while she spoke and now her tongue
descended to lavish the head of his cock with pleasure.

Contrary to what he would have thought, once the Vulcan got into a steady
rhythm he was able to concentrate. The memories came to mind easily. Although
the Vulcan Space Empire was much larger than their own territory back home,
there were still vast parts of the quadrant not under their control.

Halting their expansion in one direction were the Suliban. They weren't
actually in contact with Suliban territory. The Suliban supported other
systems with weapons and the money to stay free from the Vulcans while
using their subversion tactics to make trouble for the weaker Vulcan
citizen systems.

The Vulcans and their servants hated the Suliban with a passion. They saw
them as abominations because of the Suliban's obsession with genetically
re-engineering themselves. The main problem was that the Suliban no longer
even had sex. Almost everyone in their society was created either through
artificial-insemination or in laboratories. This was seen as obviously
disgusting since most races in this dimension were sex-fanatics.

The Suliban had an uneasy alliance with the Klingon Empire that was blocking
Vulcan expansion in another direction of space. Now the Klingons were every
bit as sexual as any other race but they had no intention of being ruled by
the Vulcans. And they were just as war-like and expansionist as they'd been
in the old dimension.

Archer chuckled as he remembered a report of a planet about to be conquered
by the Klingons. The ruling counsel of the planet met aboard the Klingon
flagship to beg to be left alone. All the 12 men and women had their brains
fucked out. They were so thoroughly impressed by the Klingon's sexual prowess
they surrendered their entire population as sex-slaves.

Archer's mind was brought back to the present as T'Pol's tempo increased. She
must have grown tired of just lightly pleasuring him and was now going all
out. One of the Vulcan's hands thrust into his pants and squeezed his sack
rhythmically. Her other fist closed around the base of his shaft and made
very small fast movements up and down. Just the awesome feel of T'Pol's hot
hands upon his genitals like this was getting him close. The Vulcan noticed
she had his attention and while looking him straight in the eye, flicked the
tip of her tongue rapidly across his cock head. Next she brought the hand out
of his pants and place a finger on either side of his mushroom head. She
dragged the fingers apart while pressing against the skin, causing his hole
to widen. Then she thrust her limber tongue against it, trying to force the
tip of her tongue down it.

The captain couldn't stop himself from groaning in pleasure before shouting,
"Oh come on you Vulcan-bitch! Drink all my cum! You know you want it!" In
response, T'Pol pressed her lips around the head and moaned herself as it
erupted shooting white hot jizz to the back of her throat. She swallowed
quickly not wanting to miss a drop.

Soon enough T'Pol was sitting back on her heels in front of her captain after
putting his dick away. Archer was still too dazed after that awesome orgasm
to hunt through the memories for his next course of action.

"Okay T'Pol, now that I'm asking for your opinion. What should we do now?"

T'Pol didn't seem annoyed at all that he was now asking her opinion and
before he'd punished her for giving it to him. Although by the quickness of
her breath and her erect nipples he doubted it was much of a punishment.
"Captain, as much as we need to search the rest of the system for Suliban,
we need to fully collect the tribute from the planet. The crew has gone a
month and a half with only each other to fuck, if we go off again with out
giving them a chance to have fun off ship, they'll mutiny. Besides the queen,
the royal family, and her advisors need to personally give their tribute to
you and the ship's officers, it's regulation."

Reaching down to fondle T'Pol's ample breasts, he said, "Okay then commander,
start a rotation of crewman and marines down to the planet. We'll stay two
days. I want a quarter of the crew down for 6 hours then the next and so on.
Once the two days are up, we're out here. Any questions?"

T'Pol couldn't help but throw her head back and let out a low guttural moan
as the captain pressed his lips to her sensitive nipple. "Ohhhhh mmmph yes,
captain. When do you want to go down to suck the.. i mean collect the royal

"In a couple of hours, I need to see Trip about the engines," Archer replied.

T'Pol nodded. "Yes, Captain. i forgot that the Enterprise was disabled by the
Suliban. I will scan the system to see if we can detect anymore Suliban with
the arrays that we received from that future human, the Timefuck officer."

Archer stopped just as he was entering the turbolift. He turned back.
"Timefuck, Commander?"

"Yes, Captain. Don't you remember, he was supposedly shot by the Suliban
commando, but was actually from the future. The Suliban had set us up for
destroying the brothels on Penis VI, and he helped us uncover the truth."
Archer was astounded. So, that Starfleet member from the other dimension
was a Timefuck officer here? Maybe he could help, if only he could be

A few minutes later, Jonathan entered Engineering. He saw that Tucker was,
um, busy with a cute Native American girl in a purple bikini, so he went
over to a nearby computer outlet and downloaded all the information on the
Timefuck officer's visit. A few minutes later, he felt a hand on his back,
and turned to see Lt. Reed, holding a data pad.

"Captain, Commander T'Pol wanted me to give you this," he said in his soft
British accent. "It seems there were two more Suliban ships in the system,
but they jumped to warp when they were detected. We couldn't pursue them as
the warp core was down." Reed handed over the data pad, and then turned to
follow an afroed black girl in an orange bikini along the catwalk. Archer
looked quickly over the information, then looked over the catwalk. Tucker
was finished, and was now zipping up his uniform.

Archer went down to the engineering room to join him, and was soon on the
small catwalk before the warp core. "Tucker, how are the engines?" asked
Archer. "Are they going to be back online soon?"

"Why, sure, Cap'n. Oh, and by the way, I think I got a way to get us and the
doc home." He tapped the control panel in front of him. "If I reverse this
anti-matter panel here and reroute the EPS grid to the transporter, I think
I can beam us back to our own dimension. Though I would be a bit sorry to
leave, sir."

Archer nodded. "What are the chances it'll work?"

Tucker's face fell. "Uh, I'm guessing only about sixty-forty odds, sir. But
that is still better then fifty-fifty, and it might be our only way home."

"Not necessarily. You remember that man from the future back in our own
dimension?" Tucker nodded. "Well, he was in this one too. If we can contact
him, he might be able to help us. Keep working on that project, Travis, and
see if you can better the odds."

Soon, Archer was back on the bridge with his command crew.

Since no more problems popped up and the T'lerian situation was quickly taken
care of, Archer was able to spend his time enjoying his position as captain
of the Enterprise in this strange and sexually charged mirror universe. In
fact, he enjoyed quite a few positions - with T'Pol, with Hoshi, with that
cute girl who always passed by his quarters when he was on his way to the
bridge, with -- well, you get the idea.

'Yesiree,' Archer thought, although getting back to his own dimension was
all he wanted to do, he sure was gonna miss this place.

It was just as Archer was settling down for his fifth blowjob when he got a
beep from Tucker. The engineer had finished putting together his 'dimensional
hopper' and he was ready to get them all back home.

Making some excuse to leave the bridge, Archer went down to the transporter
room where he met up with Tucker and Dr. Phlox. Tucker typed in the final
sequence into the main computer and the threesome stepped up onto the
transporter pads. In a flash of scintillating energy they disappeared.

But as the energy faded away, three new figures appeared on the transporter
pads. It seemed that, just as Tucker's machine was designed to phase the
three displaced Starfleet officers back to their home universe, it also
brought back their likewise misplaced Starfuck counterparts.

The three men were startled and a bit dazed but as Archer stared around the
transporter room a bright smile beamed on his face. "It looks like we're back
home!" he cheered and pointed at the large emblem painted on the wall behind
the transporter control panel. It was the Vulcan IDIC, which was the
universal symbol for the Supreme Vulcan Sex Empire.

_ _ _

Captain's Log, May 25 2152

What a strange experience me and Trip and the Doctor have had. During the
test of the Warp 6 modifications we three were somehow phased out of this
dimension and sent to one which was like and yet very unlike our own. In
that other universe the Earth worlds are members of the Supreme Vulcan Sex
Empire, and Starfleet - or rather, Starfuck - is the Empire's interstellar
navy, enforcing the will of the Empire. And what an Empire it is - for it
is built on a caste system based on sexual vitality. Not wealth or resources
or technology or military might, but rather on how good of a fuck you are.

In all honesty, I cannot say that the time I spent there was not pleasurable.

But just as we three were sent to that other universe, our three counterparts
from that dimension were likewise sent here, to our universe. While I and
Trip and Phlox had experienced no trouble blending in with our new
surroundings, it was not so easy for the Starfuck officers to blend in with
ours. For one thing, in our world it is not proper operating procedure for a
commanding officer to expect sexual gratification from his bridge crew at a
moment's notice.

The three dimensional castaways were quickly identified and isolated in the
sickbay. They were not treated harshly nor did they exhibit any overtly
hostile behaviour. They were just three very confused, very bewildered and
very horny men who only wanted to know what had happened to them.

I am sure that, just as we were able to return to our home dimension those
three, who disappeared just as we reappeared, are safe and sound back in
their own home.

For now, our primary concern is understanding what went wrong with the Warp
6 modifications and how those modifications were able to phase us into a
parallel dimension.

End of Log
_ _ _

Tucker and his engineering staff were all busy going over the Warp 6
modifications they'd made to the Enterprise engines. The core of the
modification was the integration of an alien device that the Enterprise
had received from a little known alien race - the Vaginians. The aliens
had said the device would maximize engine efficiency and more than double
the energy output, which it did. But there had been no mention of the
strange side effect of dimensional inter-phase.

"Well, Trip," Archer said as he sidled over to him, "find out anything?"

"Hrmm?" Trip grunted as he looked up at the Captain. Trip might have been
deep in thought as the Captain had walked up, but when Archer glanced over
to where Trip had been gazing he saw that the engineer had been staring at
a young ensign who was bending over a partly dismantled console. Archer
recognized her as one of the women Trip had been spending a lot of his time
with over in the sex-dimension.

"Still a little 'disoriented' from our dimension hopping?" Archer asked with
a grin. Trip shook his head, "Damn Cap'n, I've had a raging hard-on all
friggin day! It's just so hard to get back to normal after spending all that
time in that sex-universe." Archer nodded his head, he knew exactly how Trip

And then the klaxon sound of the Reed-alert suddenly blasted throughout the

Even as the captain began running to the bridge the strange orange glow began
filling the ship. "What the-? We didn't even start the engines!" he exclaimed
waiting for the familiar tingling to start.

* * *

T'Pol looked around the bridge at the orange glow. Looking down at her
console, she couldn't figure out what was causing it. This same thing had
happened before when the captain was taken. Tapping her communicator, she
said, "Captain, are you still there?"

"Yea, T'Pol. I'm here."

She was relieved but that didn't make sense. Last time the orange glow had
taken three people within a minute of starting. A minute had already passed
and the Captain was still here. Strange. That's when T'Pol noticed the
tingling and the fact that she couldn't see the hand in front of her console.

Suddenly she felt the temperature drop several degrees all around her body.
Looking down she was quite amazed to see her uniform was gone and replaced
with a miniscule amount of black material that didn't seem to fit right. It
rode her buttocks uncomfortably. The only other bit of clothing seemed to be
supporting her breasts but not covering them, her nipples were visible and
erect from the sudden cold air thrust upon them.

T'Pol heard a shriek and looked across the bridge to where Hoshi was crouch
between her chair and her consol, one arm across her breasts the other
between her legs.

Lt. Reed steps over to Hoshi saying, "What's wrong? Would sucking on my penis
make you feel better."

Hoshi shrieks, "No! Get away! Where are my clothes and what happened to my
chest?" What she's really worried about is that a part of her was eyeing the
bulge in his crotch with desire.

Lt. Reed stared down in shocked surprise at Hoshi - what the devil was wrong
with the poor girl? And then he was pushed aside as Captain Archer rushed
forward. "Hoshi! What's wrong? What's happened to you?" Archer asked. Bending
down, he grabbed Hoshi by the shoulders and tried to pull her up from her
crouching position. She looked up at him and her fear seemed to lessen a bit
but then, as the Captain was used to doing, his hand slipped down over one of
Hoshi's C-cup breasts and squeezed tenderly. His act of captainly comfort did
not get the usual results though and instead of calming Hoshi down it sent
her into another fit of hysterics.

"Get off of me!!" she screamed and shoved Archer back.

"Medic!" Reed called in his soft but commanding British accent, and
immediately a lovely woman dressed in a soft blue one-piece bathing suit
(just like the one's worn in Baywatch but covering less) rushed over to Hoshi
and injected her with a sedative.

"Captain Archer," T'Pol spoke as two marines picked up Hoshi and took her
into the turbolift.

The Captain turned to her and took one look at the sub-commander and realized
what was going on here. "You, you aren't sub-commander T'Pol, are you?" he

"No, not your T'Pol," she answered.

Lt. Reed instinctively pulled out his phaser and aimed it at the
sub-commander. "Captain, what are your orders?" he asked tensely.

Archer waved Reed off and told him to put the gun away. "You and Hoshi," he
said to T'Pol, "come from that other universe that I recently returned from,
yes?" T'Pol nodded. "When I was on your ship," Archer continued, "I was told
that your Enterprise had nothing to do with the...trans-dimensional
interphasing as we started calling it. Do you still maintain that?" T'Pol
nodded again, "Hoshi and I are not here of our own accord, and as for how
exactly we came here I am as much in the dark as you are."

Archer considered the situation for a moment and then nodded his head at the
Vulcan. "Alright, we better get you down to sickbay with Hoshi. Once you two
have acclimated we can start looking for a way to send you home and get my
people back in return. I realize that our culture is fundamentally different
from yours and that you may find it overwhelming. Certainly, for myself, I
was completely unprepared for the sexually sterile environment I found among
your crew. The opposite may prove just as discomforting for you. So I think
it best to put you two into a semi-quarantine. My crew will know that you are

T'Pol nodded and followed the Captain into the turbolift. Next stop, sickbay.

* * *

Hoshi slowly opened her eyes. There was a bright light shining into them.
"Ah, welcome back Ensign." Hoshi recognized the doctor's cheery voice.

"What happened? The last thing I it was too crazy. Why would I
be half naked on the bridge? It's like that dream I used to have back at the
university." She tried to sit up, but found herself restrained. "What is

She heard someone walk close, and then a beep from a console. The bed she was
laying on quickly swung into a standing position. She was hanging from the

"So much like the Hoshi I know." Archer said tracing her stomach. "What have
you found, doctor?"

"From what I can tell, this is Ensign Hoshi. I've run every genetic test, as
well as a full series of pelvic exams. Everything seems to match." The doctor
said as he continued to polish some phallic shaped metallic items.

In the slightly dulled reflection of a wall, Hoshi could see that she was
completely naked. She had to be dreaming. This was insane. "Captain, please.
What's going on here?"

"It seems that you are from a dimension that is parallel to ours. Somehow our
development was the same, except for a few differences. Do you remember how
we met?"

"Don't you remember? We met at that conference in Brazil. You showed me some
Vulcan dialect tapes to get me interested in the alien culture exchange."

"Yes, I remember that conference. Only they weren't dialect tapes, they were
ancient Vulcan sexual techniques. I wanted you to go over them and make sure
humans could handle them."

Hoshi was about to speak when T'Pol, still dressed in the bikini, decided to
join in on the discussion.

"Hoshi," T'Pol spoke up, her calm voice drawing the Japanese woman's
attention. "The sudden transphasing from our universe to this universe must
have disoriented you. Certainly you remember Captain Archer's debriefing -
in which he explained what happened to him and who that other Captain Archer
was. And certainly you cannot have forgotten his description of the unusual
differences between our two realities."

Hoshi said nothing for a moment, her mind still in shock and struggling in a
kind of mental fog. She still half-believed that this was all some strange
kind of dream. But there was also something else going on and it was
frightening her more than anything else - the way she felt right now, it was
as if she were two Hoshi's and each was fighting to overcome the other. And
then she snapped, "Of course I remember all of that!" The memory of the
debriefing was suddenly clear in her mind. But knowing what had happened to
Captain Archer did not calm her down at all for she then blurted out, "But
T'Pol, if I've somehow crossed over from one dimension to another, if I'm
still the Hoshi from our universe, then what the hell am I doing with the
over-sized tits of this universe's Hoshi?!?"

T'Pol cocked one eyebrow as she took notice of Hoshi's slightly altered and
much more voluptuous body for the very first time. Hoshi's tits weren't
oversized at all - only C-cups - but compared to the chest Hoshi normally
walked around with these titties were spectacular. T'Pol took a step forward
and reached out to touch one of the breasts, squeezing it gently.
"Fascinating," she murmured.

"Hey!" Hoshi hollered, her face burning red with embarrassment as she jerked
against the straps that held her tightly to the diagnostic bed. "I'm not an
anatomy experiment, you know!" But before T'Pol could reply Hoshi's face
suddenly grimaced and she cried out as her head exploded with a terrible
pain. Dr. Phlox quickly grabbed a nearby medical endogesic prod and inserted
it into Hoshi's vagina. Hoshi immediately felt its effects and the strain on
her face melted away as the warm pleasure rising up through her body banished
the pain in her brain.

"Captain," Dr. Phlox said turning to Archer, "I believe that she is suffering
from the same effects that the other dimensional transplantees did while they
were here. Upon my return from the other-dimension I discovered notes made by
my counterpart, the other Phlox. It seems that when people from their
universe - Dimension B let's call it - come here to our universe - Dimension
A - their normal neural chemical state becomes unstable and they become
impressed with the neural patterns of their counterpart from this universe.
In effect, this Hoshi's brain is being filled up with the entire lifetime of
memories of our Hoshi. In addition, it's quite obvious that the physical body
is exposed to this dimensional imprinting as well. Oddly enough, crossing
over to their dimension does not affect us in any way at all."

Archer nodded and then asked, "So you mean that in time she will become a
copy of the real Hoshi, our Hoshi?"

Phlox shrugged. "That is a possibility. Or she might become an amalgam of
both Hoshi's. Only further observation will tell for sure. I suggest we keep
T'Pol here for observation as well."

The Doctor and the Captain turned to the Vulcan. She replied, "That would be
prudent, but as you must examine Hoshi first it would be inefficient for me
to remain here doing nothing. Also, I have not experienced any of the mental
changes that Hoshi is exhibiting and therefore I believe that I am in no
immediate medical danger. It would be more logical for me to collaborate with
your crew in their efforts towards finding a way for me and Hoshi to return
to our proper universe."

"I've got my people going over the relevant data right now," Archer said.
"But it's going to take a little while for us to piece everything together.
In the meantime I think it best to keep you out of general circulation. For
your own safety of course."

"Then perhaps I can go to my quarters, or rather, the other T'Pol's
quarters," T'Pol answered. Captain Archer nodded in agreement.

As T'Pol left the sickbay, Hoshi remained restrained on the biobed with Dr
Phlox continuing to conduct his scans on her and the Captain was conversing
with someone over the intercom at the sickbay door.

As she stood restrained, the doctor was conducting a scan, which involved
pressing some form of probing device against her clit.

Hoshi moaned in pleasure.

"I apologise Ensign, I forget that the women from your side are not accustom
to our methods of scanning, however this is the only way." said Dr Phlox.

As she continued to moan, Hoshi remembered that there was no other standard
method of scanning women accurately in this universe. She also remembered
that she enjoyed her regular physical exams, which involved considerable
amounts of similar scans.

"Interesting." said Phlox examining the read out on the probe.

"What?" asked Hoshi feeling slightly upset that the probe had been removed
from her clit, but also feeling rather disturbed that she missed it.

"I just detected a neural chemical change in your brain, tell me do you
remember anything from our Hoshi's life?" the doctor asked.

"I remember getting physical examinations." she replied.

"And can you remember the physical examinations from your own universe?"

Hoshi thought for a moment, "No I can't".

"As I suspected," said the Doctor further examining his readings, "Captain I
believe I may have found something."

"The inhabitancies of dimension B exist on a different quantum level from
our own and when they cross over their quantum signature begins to change
to match our universe, however our universes signature doesn't change when
crossing over to theirs." explained Dr Phlox.

"What does that mean?" asked Hoshi looking concerned.

"It means that the longer you stay in our universe the more like our Hoshi
you will become. You will physically change to resemble her and your memories
and personality will change to match as well. Once your quantum signature
matches hers exactly returning to your universe will not revert it to the
signature of your own Hoshi Sato." said Phlox.

"How long do we have to send her back?" asked Archer.

"Just under 24 hours and I should inform you that the Sub Commander will be
experiencing similar changes as well."

"Great," thought Hoshi, "All I need is to return to my universe a big titted
sex addict." In some respects it was a comfort to her to know that she wasn't
the only one who would experience this in fact she found it rather amusing to
think of T'Pol offering her services to the male crew.

"Keep me posted Doctor," said Archer making his way to the door, "I'll be in
engineering. Trip has found some notes left by his counterpart on how he sent
the last group back to the other side."

Archer then left the room and Doctor Phlox went to one of his computers
on the other side of the room, leaving Hoshi restrained, alone with her
changing thoughts. She was beginning to worry since every time she
remembered something from this Hoshi's life she realised she had forgotten
the details of the similar experience in her universe.

After around half an hour Dr Phlox was called away to the shuttle bay to
treat some wounded marines returning from the T'lerian home world leaving
Hoshi completely alone.

Again Hoshi was starting to worry about what might happen to her restrained
in the sickbay of a sexually charged universe. Since most of the crew didn't
know she wasn't their Hoshi there wasn't anything stopping them from coming
into sickbay and taking what ever liberties they wanted to with her. Actually
thinking about it that didn't sound so bad to her.

"I could do with a nice big cock right now." she thought, "No wait. What am
I thinking? I have to get out of here."

Hoshi began to struggle against her restraints when she began to feel a
tingling sensation coming from her clit similar to the probe Dr Phlox had
been using on her earlier.

"God Noooo" Hoshi moaned as the feeling seemed to intensify.

As Hoshi tried to fight off the urge to cum that was building up inside her
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler, one of the ships exobiologists and assistant medics
walked in.

She was wearing a similar thong and bikini uniform to the one Hoshi had been
but in a dark blue. Her breasts were also larger, probably just a bit more
than Hoshi's.

"Dr Phlox is going to be a while so he's sent me to keep an eye on you," she
said looking at the obvious discomfort on Hoshi's face, "Are you alright?"

"Noooo," moaned Hoshi, "I think I'm...I'm going to cum."

Cutler picked up the probing instrument that Phlox had used earlier and took
it to Hoshi's crotch, inserted it in her vagina and activated it. Hoshi
moaned as it hummed away inside her, this was getting unbearable. Cutler then
removed the probe.

"According to the readings your clitoral stimulator has become active" said

"My what?" said Hoshi deciding she probably didn't want to know.

"Miniature stimulation devices. Every woman has them inserted in key areas of
the body, clit, nipples, anus and they generate continuous waves of pleasure
to those area's of the body, saves us from having to masturbate while on
duty. said Cutler.

"Well deactivate it." ordered Hoshi.

"You can't," replied Cutler, "Once implanted their active for life."

"How can you work with these things going on." asked Hoshi.

"It's pretty difficult for the first few weeks after they're installed, your
cumming all the time and are always incredibly horny, but after a while you
get use to it and it becomes little more than a slight itch that keeps us
happy while we work." Cutler explained.

"Great this is just what I need four stimulator working away in my body."
complained Hoshi.

"Actually you only have one at the moment the others haven't phased in." said
Cutler examining the probe.

"I can't take this anymore," moaned Hoshi, "I really need to cum."

"Well I can go get one of the male crew members or I could relieve you of
your frustration myself." Cutler smiled.

Hoshi stared at the beautiful dark haired woman. She couldn't think
straight...she needed to cum right now! But...but a big cock would feel so
nice and it had been so long...

"Can you...can you find a male crew member quickly?" said Hoshi a little

Cutler smiled, "Of course, I'll be right back." Hoshi's eyes were drawn to
the crewman's ample breasts bouncing as she jogged quickly out of the room.

Hoshi laid there for a moment before moaning in sexual frustration. She
arched her back. No one had bothered to release the restraints and so she
couldn't even masturbate.

Suddenly the sickbay doors opened and Cutler walked swiftly in dragging a
handsome man by his cock. The busty crewman called back over her shoulder to
someone still in the hall, "It's a medical emergency, mistress!"

Cutler arrived at Hoshi's bed and gave her a smile, saying, "Just one more
sec, I'll get him hard again for you." She then sank to her knees and in one
swift motion captured the man's entire flaccid cock in her mouth.

Hoshi spoke up, "No, no...I want..." Oh it had been so long since she'd had
a man's hot meat in her mouth sliding down her throat. God, she'd never
actually sucked one her entire life. But, no, that wasn't right. Her mind
was flooded with memories. Having constantly sucked off the bridge crew
after tense battles. Often finding the best way to communicate with some new
species was the subtle manoeuvres of her tongue on their sexual organs.

Cutler stopped her actions and looked at Hoshi, "Oh, sure be my guest.
Corran..." The man seemed excited and jumped on to the bed, his feet on
either side of Hoshi's arms. He then settled down with his knees on either
side of her shoulders and his huge cock resting on the Asian's closed lips.

Hoshi didn't move for a moment. She was stunned that she was actually going
to do this. Then with a squeal of excitement she parted her lips and the
man's penis went in. Hoshi looked at the man's face above her as he said,
"Gee...this is security guys usually don't get much Bridge Pussy!"
Hoshi moaned as the man began pumping his hips and fucking her mouth.

The sickbay doors opened and a woman marched over to the bed. Hoshi couldn't
turn her head much with the man's cock buried to the hilt down her throat but
her eyes stared at the newcomer. She was a Vulcan, much shorter than T'Pol
but with the same short brown hair. She wore a thick cloak covered in Vulcan
designs and nothing else. Her pale body was mostly expose from the chest
down. She was athletic with a well-trimmed pussy, flat stomach, and small
pert breasts with large erect nipples. Her face was beautiful in a harsh cold
way and her eyes were filled with anger.

"How dare you!" The Vulcan ambassador was furious. "Do you know who I am? I
am Ambassador Sukok, and I was fucking that crewman! You have no right to
take him from me!" She turned to her bodyguards. "Arrest them immediately,
and have them taken to my ship for interrogation."

As the guards moved forwards, Cutler protested. "But, your Sexiness, it was a
medical emergency! This woman needed immediate-"

"I don't care for your excuses. You will be taken to a holding cell on my
ship and kept there until you are interrogated." Ambassador Sukok whirled and
walked from the room. Her bodyguards, meanwhile, grabbed Cutler. They forced
her arms into a high tech set of handcuffs and inserted a silver metal dildo
into her cunt. It started vibrating, causing so much pleasure that Cutler
couldn't, no, didn't want to resist. They did the same to Hoshi after
releasing her restraints, and they clapped a sort of case over the male
crewmember's member. A vice was also attached to his balls, and all three
were marched from the room.

As she was dragged along, Hoshi noticed through the fog of pleasure that all
the Vulcans were well hung men. She giggled and then moaned as another orgasm
hit her. Soon, they were all in the Ambassador's shuttle, which flew to her
ship. The giant penis shaped ship was many times larger then the S.X.X.
Enterprise and the giant testicular shaped engines on the end glowed as they
slowly propelled the Vulcan craft along.

Minutes later, Hoshi regained her senses as the restraining devices were
released. She got to her feet, looking around the small room. In one corner
was a seat, and on it was a small cylindrical device. Obviously a dildo to
keep females from getting bored. Exploring farther, she saw that this cell
was connected to others, but one was still contained by a force field.

In the cell immediately beside hers, Hoshi found Cutler. She was busy
applying the dildo to her twat. Slowly it went in and out, eliciting moans
from the woman as she stroked a nipple. "Oh, Yesssss, yessss, Hoshi, yessss,
that's perfect..." Hoshi was appalled that the girl was thinking about her,
but she was also strangely aroused. She went back to the seat and sat down.
She glanced at the dildo and then looked away. She kept giving it
side-glances, and had finally made up her mind to use it when the Vulcan
guards dropped her force field. They stuck the orgasm inducing restraints
on her again, and when Hoshi was aware of things again, she was sitting in
a chair in a blank room.

In another chair across from her, the Ambassador was watching her,
absent-mindedly stroking her left tit. "Now, what should we do with you,
human? I suppose you know why you're here?"

"Actually, I don't. See, I'm from another dimension, and..."

"Silence! Do not play games with me, I am nobody's fool. You have been
brought here for crimes against the Supreme Vulcan State. The crime you have
committed is participating in the act of depriving a government official of
a partner during a sexual act. Your Captain has been informed, and it is only
because of his reputation as a lover that you are being given this chance.
Now, how do you plead?"

Hoshi stirred slightly. "Ma'am, I-"

"You will address me as your Sexiness."

"Your Sexiness, I did not know I was breaking any rules. As I have told you,
I am not of this dimension. I am from the Enterprise of another dimension,
one that is not based on the act of making love. Somehow, our ship's first
officer, and I a Vulcan named T'Pol with the rank of Sub-Commander, were
transported here. Our selves in this dimension were transported to ours. The
same thing happened a few days ago to our Captain, Doctor and Chief Engineer.
I was being examined when i got horny, and Crewmen Cutler and Corran were
helping me out." The Ambassador nodded.

"The Vulcan science academy has disproved the theory of interdimensional
travel," said The Ambassador, "However we will confirm your story with the
others involved and if found to be true I will apologise and realise you and
your co-conspirators, but if you are lying the punishment will be far more

As the ambassador left the detention area, Hoshi sat down in relief. The
Captain and the others would confirm her story and she could get out of here.
In the meantime she still had to put up with that damn clitoral stimulator
pulsing away and now it seemed like she had the same sensation working on her

"Oh god this isn't happening" Hoshi thought to herself.

Actually it wasn't so bad she thought to herself massaging her stimulated
nipples, unfortunately her clit was still unattended and she didn't want to
give the guards posted outside the satisfaction of seeing her use the dildo.

"Maybe if I think about something else it won't bother me so much." Hoshi

She turned her mind to some of her experiences on the Enterprise but she
found her counterparts had replaced many of them.

She remembered Captain Archer recruiting her from the Brazilian university
where she was teaching alien sexual techniques to students, sucking off half
the crew to try and get information on what Lt Reed's favourite food was for
his birthday, allowing herself to be fucked senseless by the Kretassans for
three days as an apology for eating in front of them, her sexual encounter
on Risa, no wait that was actually hers, running around the ship naked trying
to foil the Suliban after they had raped and interrogated her, a decon sex
session with T'Pol and Archer after returning from the Kretassan home world
with Porthos.

"Ok maybe reminiscing isn't such a god idea." Hoshi thought starting to worry
about how much like her sexually motivated counterpart she was becoming.

* * *

Back on the Enterprise T'Pol had been called by Captain Archer to bridge so
he could inform her about the incident involving Hoshi. He explained that the
ambassador was returning to the Enterprise to obtain information and what
would happen to Hoshi if they could not prove her story.

T'Pol wanted to make what would have been regarded as a very obvious
comment about Hoshi's inappropriate typical Human behaviour but instead she
approached the captain sunk to her knees, unzipped his pants and began to
suck on his cock.

Archer was a bit surprised by her behaviour but wasn't complaining.

Once she was finished sucking him off T'Pol stood back up.

"I'm sorry captain I didn't mean to do that." said T'Pol actually looking
like she enjoyed it.

"Why did you?" asked Archer.

"I was about to make a comment about Ensign Sato's actions which would have
been obvious to you already when I remembered your order that if I had any
obvious comments to make I had to put a human cock in my mouth instead."
replied T'Pol.

"It looks like your memories are being replaced with our T'Pol's." said

"Agreed," said T'Pol, "I have several memories of sexual encounters, clearly
your T'Pol's while the build up to those encounters are not consistent as
they are my memories."

"Captain, The ambassadors shuttle is docking." Lt Reed announced.

"We better go and greet the Ambassador and clear up this mess within the next
18 hours our there won't be much point in sending you back to your universe."
said Archer.

Before Archer and T'Pol could get on the lift, Lt. Reed walked over,
"Captain, in all this dimensional excitement I think you might have forgotten
about our...plans." He looked at the Vulcan obviously not wanting to talk in
front of her.

"Don't worry about her...once we get her back to her dimension, it won't
matter what she knows about the coup."

Reed flinched and his hand found T'Pol's breast in reflex, "Don't say that
word! I thought we agreed to refer to it as Alpha-Cassandra Fellates Adam
Omega 2-9er."

"Relax. Everyone on the bridge is loyal. Now get to the point, our time is
limited. And please stop squeezing her breast, Malcolm! We're trying to
suppress her 'this dimension' memories, not encourage them."

T'Pol looked down at the hand, suddenly realizing that it wasn't appropriate
for the Lt. to do that. Despite that knowledge she found herself almost
moaning in frustration when Reed took it off. Looking at the bulge in his
uniform, she couldn't help but wish she had time to get a thorough fuck.

"Oh sorry sir. What I meant was if Hoshi is getting all the memories of our
Hoshi, then she knows some very sensitive information about Alpha-Cassandra
Fellates Adam Omega 2-9er. If it was our Hoshi over there, I wouldn't be
worried. Our Hoshi could fuck the brains out of their entire crew and have
each and every one of them including Ambassador Sukok telling her their
deepest darkest secrets. But this Hoshi might be too inexperienced to resist
the Vulcan's sexual talents..."

Archer rubbed his forehead, "Damn! I think you might be right. Alright, T'Pol
and I have to go over there. I want you to contact Admiral Forrest, explain
the situation and tell him I think we need to start Alpha-Cassandra... soon as possible. If he agrees contact me. And make sure the
crew is ready."

"Yes sir." said Malcolm crisply. As the two passed him and into the lift,
T'Pol laid a hand on his crotch and gave a quick squeeze. Then the doors
closed and he looked down at the bulge in his pants and sighed.

Sitting down in the Captain's chair, Malcolm called out to the com officer,
"Sarah, connect me with Admiral Forrest's office then I want those big jugs
of yours around my penis."

"Yes, sir" said the dark-skinned woman as she manipulated her console.
After a moment she came over and kneeled in front of him. "The call is going
through, sir. It will be a moment." She then gave him a sexy smile before
slipping off her top and freeing her ample chest.

Several very pleasurable minutes later, the view screen in front of them
leapt to life showing a picture of a man sitting behind a desk. The guy was
young and wearing the non-descript uniform of a deliveryman. "Your not
Admiral Forrest." said Malcolm a little lamely, as he was still preoccupied
with Sarah's magnificent rack squeezed around his cock.

There was some confusion on the screen as the man stood up revealing his
penis sticking out of his pants. A blonde woman crawled out from underneath
the desk then sat down in the vacated seat. With one hand stroking the
standing man's dick, she said, "No, he's not this is Rick. Anyway, Admiral
Forrest is unavailable as he's in a very important meeting." As she waited
for Malcolm to reply she turned her head and resumed sucking the man's dick.

"This is an emergency, I must speak with him now!"

"I'm sorry. That's quite impossible."

In his anger, Malcolm lurched to his feet causing Sarah to fall on her ass
for a moment. She quickly resumed her tit-fuck, bouncing up and down in front
of the Lt.

Malcolm said, "This is about Alpha-Cassandra Fellates Adam Omega 2-9er!"

The secretary said, "What?" while still licking the man's balls.

Malcolm groaned. Didn't anyone pay attention to the regulations? As he shot
his jizz all over Sarah's breasts he yelled, "It's about the fucking Coup,
woman! Stop sucking that dick and get me the Admiral!"

She understood that.

T'Pol and Archer arrived at the docking port where the ambassador's shuttle
had just arrived.

"Your sexiness," said Archer, "I'm sorry for the trouble that has been caused
here and if you'd like to follow me we can get the customary greeting out of
the way and I can get my crew member back."

"If she is found innocent." said the Ambassador.

"Your sexiness," asked T'Pol, "Am I permitted to consult with the prisoner."

"You may do so, the captain and I maybe sometime." said the ambassador.

Not wanting to waste time shuttling over to the Vulcan ship T'Pol opted for
the transporter, materializing just outside Hoshi's cell.

The young woman was busy frantically pacing up and down the cell pinching her
nipples and moaning.

"Ensign, what are you doing?" inquired T'Pol feeling oddly aroused by Hoshi's

"Sub commander, am I glad to see you," said Hoshi, "It's these damn
stimulators they're driving me crazy."

"Stimulators?" asked T'Pol.

"Little devices designed to stimulate various areas of the female body, yours
haven't appeared yet." asked Hoshi.

"I had been feeling some strange sensations in my nipples." said T'Pol.

"That'll be it and there's two more to go." said Hoshi.

"The captain is in the process of negotiating your release." said T'Pol.

"We may have another problem." said Hoshi.

"Such as?" said T'Pol.

"How much of this T'Pol's memories do you have." asked Hoshi.

"They are fragmentary and I am attempting to suppress them." replied T'Pol.

"Well I have been experiencing a lot of memories and I have remembered that
this sides captain Archer and several others are planning to over throw the
Vulcans." said Hoshi with a concerned look on her face.

"Why?" said T'Pol raising an eyebrow.

"Humans over here aren't happy with playing subordinates to Vulcan
particularly the more dominating Vulcan females. The Humans plan to take
over the sex empire giving the Vulcan males control of Vulcan as a reward
for their support and reducing the females to a sex slave class. We have
to do something." said Hoshi.

"We shouldn't interfere with this universe." said T'Pol.

"Do you want your counterpart to end up as a sex slave, because in the Empire
they have no rights what so ever they are just there to do what ever anybody
tells them." said Hoshi.

"I'm sure my counterpart will be fine, from a conversation I overheard on the
Enterprise I am involved in the takeover." replied T'Pol.

"Yeah accept you've been lied to," said Hoshi, "Archer needs your Vulcan
knowledge but once the takeover is complete he plans to reduce your status
to the ships sex slave so the crew can have revenge for your counterparts
domineering ways."

"Fascinating." said T'Pol, "However it is not our place to interfere."

"I'm not too sure I agree with you, T'Pol, I-" Suddenly, warning lights and
klaxons started sounding. An explosion rocked the ship, and Hoshi and T'Pol
saw the world fade around them...and then reappear seconds later as their
molecules were reassembled on the Enterprise's transporter pad. Archer was
already there, and he had the Vulcan Ambassador in the same restraints that
Hoshi had been in earlier. He was surrounded by a host of Vulcan males.

T'Pol and Hoshi were quickly ushered off the pad, and soon crewmen Cutler and
Corran appeared. Cutler was in the throes of an orgasm, as the Vulcan dildo
was till inside her. "Crewman Corran, please escort Cutler to a more secure
area and help her. Hoshi, T'Pol, I need you on the bridge with me."

As Corran walked off to his quarters, Cutler not far behind, T'Pol and Hoshi
fell into step with the captain and the Vulcans. One of them started groping
Hoshi's rear end, and it was an entire minute before she slapped his hand
away. She walked faster, catching up to Archer. She kept close to him, and
he put his arm around her. He started fondling her far tit, and, seeing it
was hopeless to argue (at least that's what she told herself), she let him.

They were soon on the bridge, and the Ambassador was shoved next to Archer's
seat. Archer himself sat in the command chair as Hoshi and T'Pol took their
stations. On the main view screen, they could see the Vulcan ship reeling.
One engine was down, and the phallic shaped front was covered with holes.

"What's going on?" asked the Ambassador, after she had been freed from her
restraints. Seeing her ship on the view screen, she looked accusingly at
Archer. "You have attacked a ship of the Vulcan Sex Empire? You will be
neutered for this, I swear it!"

"I wouldn't be so sure if I were you, Ambassador. You see, all around the
Empire, male Vulcans are helping the other races to kidnap Vulcan officials.
We are all tired of your rule, and will replace it with a male dominated
society, one that is ruled by all races. You and the rest of the female
population of your race shall be nothing more then sex slaves. And you can
begin your service now, with a blow job for me."

"Never! I shall not comply with terrorists!"

"Would you rather be neutered?" One of the male Vulcans aimed a weapon at the
Ambassador. "This is called a degenitallier device. It instantly makes the
victim A-sexual. Now, if you like having sex, you will perform. Immediately."
Archer unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. Seeing no other alternative,
Ambassador Sukok kneeled in front of the human captain and enveloped his dick
in her mouth. Usually, she only did this for royalty, but now, she had no

As she started sucking, Archer leaned his head back in pleasure. He placed a
hand on her head, forcing her to deep throat. Looking on, T'Pol couldn't help
but feel pleasure. She slid a hand down south, under her thong. She stroked
her clitoris, slowly at first then faster and faster. She moaned at the
feeling. Soon, she shouldn't take it anymore and took her garments off. She
slipped both hands into her pussy, pumping in and out.

Seeing her distress, Lt. Reed moved to help. He had his rapidly hardening
dick in his hand, and he moved until he was in between the Vulcan's legs.
Smiling seductively, T'Pol withdrew her hands and licked them. She spread
her cunt lips wide, massaging a nipple with the other hand. Reed moved in,
inserting his rod into her. He started pumping, T'Pol moaning with each
thrust. Soon, she and the Ambassador both came, but the human men did not.
They still wanted more. Sukok sucked harder, one hand going south and
masturbating. Archer soon climaxed, filling her mouth and spraying her
face and tits. Reed also fired, his jizz coating T'Pol's ass cheeks and

T'Pol was suddenly feeling very disturbed by her behaviour towards Lt Reed,
she would normally only experience drives like this when in the thralls of
the Pon Farr.

"Captain I wish to be dismissed to my quarters, I believe my body and mind
are converting further to match your reality." T'Pol said.

"Very well, I think it best you remain there encase any of the crew who don't
know your our T'Pol decide to take advantage of your new found status." said

"Agreed." said T'Pol leaving the bridge.

"Report Lieutenant." said Archer.

"We have taken damage, some casualties. No fatalities." said Reed.

"And the Vulcans?" said Archer.

"Disabled Captain." replied Reed.

"Good. We have eight more female Vulcans on the crew, take a security team
locate them and take them to the cargo bay." said Archer.

"Aye Captain." said Reed picking up his Phase pistol and charging of the

"You won't get away with this captain, The Vulcan Sex Empire will defeat
you." said Sukok still on her knees in front of Archer hands bound behind
her back.

"Captain we are being hailed from the Vulcan vessel, message reads Objectives
meet all female crew in confinement." said Hoshi.

"You were saying ambassador," said Archer reaching down the side of his chair
and picking up a metal collar, "I had planned to stick this on T'Pol, a
symbol of her new status, but since she isn't in this dimension I'll put it
on you. It's designed to eliminate your telepathic capabilities and can be
used to administer a rather painful shock if you disobey."

The ambassador attempted to struggle as Archer fitted the collar round her
neck and locked it.

Once Archer had demonstrated it's shocking power to the point Sukok nearly
passed out he informed the male Vulcans who had returned with Hoshi that mass
supplies of these collars were being transported to their ship and that they
could now leave, then Archer, Hoshi and Mayweather (Yeah he is in this
episode but in true Enterprise style he'll say nothing) left the bridge with
Sukok to good to the cargo bay.

Lt Reed, Commander Tucker, Dr Phlox and several other human crewmembers were
present in the room and eight naked female Vulcans were kneeling, hands
restrained behind their backs as Sukok's were. Reed was fitting the collars
round the necks of the last of them to suppress their mental abilities.

"Down there with the rest of those bitches." Archer said forcing Sukok to the

"Welcome to your new lives," Archer began, addressing the Vulcans, "Today the
Supreme Vulcan Sex Empire has been overthrown, power has been taken from the
women and has been given to the men. From now on you bitches will serve as
sex slaves throughout the new Sexual Federation, governed from Earth. As we
speak Vulcan females on other worlds, other starships and on the home world
are being put into their rightful places as slave through out our worlds. The
nine of you will be remaining onboard this ship as slaves. From now on you
have no rights, no privileges, you do as you are told by anybody that doesn't
have slave status. You behave and you will be rewarded, you disobey and you
will face the consequences."

As a demonstration Archer activated the collars and let all the Vulcans role
on the floor in agony while he spoke with Trip.

"That battle damaged the warp drive Cap'n, It'll be a while before it's
fixed." said Trip.

"How long?" said Archer ignoring the Vulcan screams in the background.

"I got all my boys workin' on it." Trip replied, "I want our T'Pol back so I
can start orderin' her about and I know plenty more of the crew who want her
to takin' orders instead of givin' 'em."

Archer then returned to the Vulcans and deactivated the collars.

"Now you understand what is expected of you," Archer said to them, "Two of
you are going with the doctor. He has some experiments to run on you."

"Indeed I do Captain." said Phlox a big grin across his face.

Archer continued, "The rest of you service the crew."

Sometime later, Hoshi was sitting with Cutler at a table in the messhall
trying to relax while the engineers worked on sending her home. She was
finding it hard as the messhall seemed to be synonymous with orgy hall for
the crew. There were many couples copulating at their tables as well as
masturbators watching the main event.

The main event being two Vulcans now sex slaves. One of them was laying upon
her back on a table. At one end a human ploughed into her pussy while at the
other end a Vulcan thrust his cock into her mouth as her head hung off the
table. Kneeling to either side of her on the table were two female crewmen
eagerly licking the Vulcan's petite breasts. Hoshi could see that the
Vulcan's hands were moving rapidly back and forth in the two women's cunts.

The other Vulcan was dancing sexily upon the bar. Her brown hair was in a
long braid down her back that whirled as she moved. Hoshi had been surprised
when she had first come in because she had worn more clothes than she had
seen on anyone in this dimension yet. Of course, once upon the bar the Vulcan
beauty slowly stripped it all off to the cheers and catcalls of the humans
(males and females). Now she was wearing only a metal collar as she danced.
Every so often she would stop at a particularly enthusiastic human and begin
rubbing her body all over them.

As Hoshi watched, she had a thought, "Hey Elizabeth, how come nearly all the
Vulcan women I've seen are so flat chested unlike almost all of us human gals
sporting these babies" To emphasize her statement she pulled her top down
underneath her ample chest. As Hoshi gazed at her breasts she found it
comforting that even though the breasts themselves were much larger than
normal, her nipples were the same small brown nubs they'd always been.

Cutler had found it uncomfortable being around the beautiful 'other
dimension' woman, not knowing what she could and couldn't do around her. She
sighed with relief as she removed her own top and freeing her slightly larger
breasts. "Well Hoshi, it's just genetics really. Vulcan women just aren't put
together that way. Although there are exceptions like our sub-commander for
instance. Although I think there might be some human somewhere in her

Cutler cupped her breasts, "These beauties are actually our main advantage,
other than general sexual prowess. You see Vulcan males are really just
tit-men when you come down to it. They're practically willing to do anything
for you if they think they might get to slip their cocks between some

She pointed to a corner of the mess hall, where four off-duty Vulcans were
moaning and groaning loudly while four human women titty-fucked them. Hoshi
recognized the dark-skin female as the com-officer from the bridge. "Okay,
that makes sense. Thanks, Elizabeth." said Hoshi as she returned her
attention to the Vulcan woman getting fucked silly.

Cutler laid a hand on Hoshi's smooth abdomen, "Oh, no problem, Hoshi. You
need anything... questions answered, your pussy licked, a big cock to fuck...
just ask." Hoshi looked into Cutler's eyes as she felt the hand slide from
her stomach to underneath her thong. Oh, she shouldn't be doing this. She had
to focus... Oh fuck it, when in Rome...

Once she was finished up in the mess hall Hoshi returned to the bridge, she
was starting to enjoy the life her counterpart lead although she was worried
that she would be stuck as someone else indefinitely if she didn't get back.

Once on the bridge she took her station, where she could see Sukok kneeling
at the side of Archer's chair hands still restrained and a gag in her mouth.
A chain attached to her collar held her in place.

"Vessel approaching Captain," said Reed, "It's Andorian."

"They're sending a transmission." said Hoshi.

"What does it say?" asked Archer.

"That general Shrann is ready to come aboard to celebrate the victory." Hoshi
said, "Sir why are we bringing Andorians onboard."

"Why are you asking?" Archer inquired.

"It's just that in my universe we don't exactly get along." said Hoshi. "Well
over here they are our allies in overthrowing the Vulcans. General Shrann is
the new Govoner of the Vulcan Brothels at P'Jem. Over 200 slaves at his
disposal but he is here to enjoy Sukok first." Archer turned, "Just think
twenty four hours ago you would have gone near an Andorian and now your going
to have to fuck the brains out of your greatest enemy."

"I still don't understand why we are enslaving the Vulcan females." said

"They've caused nothing but trouble while in power, suppressing sexual
development of other cultures, starting a war with the Klingons, refusing
to make peace with the Andorians even though we needed them to fight the
Klingons." said Archer, "I take it from that expression you haven't got any
memories of our history."

"No Captain." replied Hoshi.

"Then I think It's time for a lesson. In this universe Vulcan's population
is 75% female, the highest official is the high priestess and she dictates
Vulcan policy. As a result females control the Empire, the highest ranked
officer on a ship is always female and the highest ranked diplomat to any
delegation is female and the males aren't granted the same opportunities."
said Archer, "Once the Vulcans had warp drive they began building the Sex
Empire recruiting member worlds or enslaving them, either way they attempted
to force their sexual values on these worlds."

"That doesn't really explain why we've conquered them." replied Hoshi.

"Once Vulcan made first contact with Earth we joined the empire, unwillingly,
we didn't like the Vulcans dictating sexual procedure to us and we didn't
like them holding us back from venturing out into space, they were afraid we
may cause incidents by failing to adhere to sexual protocols of other
cultures." said Archer.

"The Vulcans held us back too." said Hoshi.

"Anyway when a Klingon named Klanng crashed on Earth we decided it was time
to venture out but Sukok, the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth at the time insisted
that we were assigned Vulcan overseers for the mission, they also insisted
that we treat him as a guest of the Empire even though we knew nothing of
their sexual ways. In the end the Klingons were furious to find out that we
had fucked him senseless most of the way to QoNos, they didn't like the fact
an inferior race had fucked one of their most revered warriors and sexual
predators. They declared war and all because we listened to the Vulcans."
said Archer. "Later we found out about the Vulcans war with the Andorians.
They feared the Andorians superior sexual techniques would draw races away
from the Empire and destroy it so they went to war. After finding out about
Vulcan's takeover of Corridan and suppression of it's sexual culture I
secretly opened negotiations with Shrann to help in overthrowing the Sex
Empire and creating a new Sexual Federation of
Planets in it's place. He agreed then one year later we have done it."

At that point Commander Tucker entered the bridge, "Cap'n I got good and bad
news, the good news is I can get this ship goin' again the bad news is were
only goin' at warp two until we can get some new power converters."

"Lt is there anywhere in range where we can get any power converters." said

"Lrg'Cok 3, it's a trading world governed by the Klingons" replied Reed.

"Helm plot a course." said Archer.

"It will take us six hours to get there at this speed sir." said Mayweather.

"That will leave us with 8 hours to send Hoshi and T'Pol back." said Archer,
"Now anybody who wants to come and watch Sukok here degrade herself by
fucking the greatest enemy of her people you may accompany me."

* * *

As the S.X.X. Enterprise flew through space, Commander Tucker in engineering
was trying to rebuild the interdimensional travel device his counterpart from
the normal universe created. It was taking him much longer, since he stopped
for a lot more sex breaks than the other had.

On the bridge, Hoshi was just getting used to the implants that had phased
in. She was also getting used to the stares and occasional gropes she kept
getting. She remarked to herself that the officers in this dimension didn't
have the discipline that those in her universe did. She was on the bridge
when the Enterprise received a hail.

"Put it through," ordered Archer when he was informed. At the moment,
Ambassador Sukok was between his legs again, this time combining a titty-fuck
and a blowjob. She was just finishing when the main view screen changed to
that of a Klingon.

"This is Commander Krang of the Klingon ship Erectorious. Why have you
trespassed in our Empire?"

"We are in need of energy converters, and were told that you have some for
trade on the planet Lrg'Cok. We are willing to trade Vulcan females for

"Bah! Vulcans are not half of what Klingon women are!" Krang smiled. "But we
do need less aggressive species for the young, to teach them the ways of sex.
If you are willing to trade human females, we might be able to do business."

Archer shook his head. "No, we will not trade our women for spare parts, only
Vulcans. They are only sex slaves now, with the fall of their government."

"Fine then. If you will not trade for your females, we will have to take
them!" The transmission ended, and the Erectorious fired. Sparks flew, and
Hoshi was thrown to the ground. She was getting to her feet when she started
to disappear in a haze of red light.

"Hoshi!" Archer leapt for her, but was too late. He crashed to the ground,
then turned to Reed. "Get the shields up and return fire!"

"Already done, sir. Firing now." The Enterprise fired back, but the Klingon
ship was already leaving. It had what it wanted, and was retreating. It fired
off a few more shots in reply then went to warp. "Captain, they're already
too far. They're at Warp Six, and we're not that fast."

"Pursue them anyway, we have to get Hoshi back before it's too late!"

* * *

Meanwhile, on the Klingon ship, Hoshi was being brought to the bridge.
Klingon warriors restrained her hands and legs, and her bikini uniform had
been disposed of. Looking up, she saw Krang grinning maliciously down at her.
"Well, human, I think it is time that your lovely body feels the length of my
cock." He dropped his pants. "Spread em', girlie."

Seeing as she had no other choice, Hoshi spread her legs. Krang sank too his
knees and held his cock in one hand. It was a typical Klingon cock, a full
nine inches long. He plunged it into Hoshi, who moaned against her will.
"Oooooh, yes..." Krang started thrusting his cock in and out, making Hoshi
writhe in pleasure. "Oh, yes, yes, YES! That's good! Your dick is so BIG!"
Krang grinned, grunting as he thrust. His first officer also dropped his
pants, sitting on Hoshi's chest. His dick lay between her breasts, which she
mashed together over his dick. The Klingon started pumping back and forth,
Hoshi sucking on the tip. Another Klingon joined in, sinking to his knees
beside her. He grabbed her hand and guided it away from her tit to his
member, which she gladly started stroking. Her small, smooth hands quickly
brought him to orgasm, and he jizzed all over her arm and face. This sparked
the Klingon on her chest to cum as well, quickly filling her mouth and then
coating her face and tits. As he got off her, Krang came, blasting inside of
her and all over her legs and stomach as he withdrew. Hoshi, who had already
had multiple orgasms, lay in pleasure on the deck, covered in semen.

Krang laughed as he put his pants back on. "Put our little toy in the brig
with the others. We don't want to break her too early."

The Klingons dragged Hoshi's limp body down to the ships brig.

As she was dragged along she could she women from several races packed into
the cells, Vulcans, Risians, Andorians and several others.

Hoshi was taken to the cell at the end of the block which contained 11 crew
members from the Enterprise, which included one of the Vulcan slaves, Cutler,
Kelly (see Vox Sola) and 8 others that she didn't remember from the crew in
her universe. All of them had been stripped of their uniforms and bound side
by side in four groups of three, one in front of the other. Their ankles were
locked into stocks, which served to spread their legs about a metre apart
while their hands were bound by leather straps which hung from the ceiling.
As a result, their bodies were stretched to the limits and their tits forced
out in front of them.

The Klingons took Hoshi and placed her between Cutler and a large breasted
Redhead and bound her hands and locked her ankles in place so she couldn't

"What's going to happen to us?" asked Hoshi, terrified as the Klingons left
the cell.

"Klingon's take great pleasure in torture and pain, it's a major part of
their foreplay." said Cutler, "When they come back they'll start the torture
then they'll take people away in groups to their recreation decks to torture
them in front of the crew, force them to fuck the crew, other aliens and even
their Targs for the sake of amusement."

"Then what?" asked Hoshi dreading anything worse.

"Then we..." Cutler had tears in her eyes, which cut her off.

"Then we die," chipped in the red head on the other side of Hoshi, "Most
races don't have the stamina to fuck an entire crew of Klingons, some have
cocks so big they'll tear you apart or you'll choke to death on them."

Before Hoshi could give a reaction a large Klingon entered the cellblock with
two guards each carrying a crate.

As the two guards set the crates down and opened them the large Klingon went
round and injected each of the prisoners with it.

"This drug will make you bitches uncontrollably horny as well as making
easier to arouse you but expect no relief it also inhibits your ability to
orgasm, you will now suffer the full onslaught of sexual frustration." said
The Klingon, "If you survive that then you be taken before the crew and
allowed to please them."

As he left the cell he motioned for the guards to enter the cell.

The guards entered and produced a series of metal rings which had a small
device attached to the end which looked like a micro generator.

Approaching the prisoners the Klingons pierced each ones nipples and cunt
lips with on of these rings, the weight of the generators pulling down on the
respective areas causing considerable discomfort.

"Ok bitches time to feel pain." said one of the guards moving to a control
panel outside the cell and pushing a button. His actions caused the micro
generators to light up and administer a massive shock to the prisoner's cunts
and nipples.

For the next few moments the guard experimented with the voltage turning
it up and down but never deactivating the flow of energy to the cunt and

Once he had settled on a rather high energy level and set it to continuous
flow he returned to the creates this time producing large ribbed dildos
designed to emulate the Klingon cock.

One of these devices was forced into the cunt and ass of each prisoner. The
sensation was unbearable as the dildos vibrated away inside the holes causing
mighty yet unobtainable orgasms to build in each prison. They began to scream
in pain as the tension built up, squirming and wriggling against their

The Klingons stood laughing as the dildos and generators did their work
bringing the prisoners to the brinks of orgasm but the drugs ensure no

As she struggled in agony Hoshi saw four Klingon females, with the hugest
breasts she had ever seen enter the detention area, two carrying Klingon pain
sticks and two Targ whips.

* * *

On board the U.S.S. Enterprise within the universe known as Dimension B,
Captain Archer and his chief engineer Trip were having an uncomfortable

"Cap'n, we've all been trained to the highest standards of Starfleet but,
under the circumstances, I'm not surprised that there's been a bit of a
breakdown. I know how you feel about this, but in my opinion it's not the
calibre of your crew that's the problem."

Archer's face burned with anger and he was about to say something a little
harsh but stopped himself, took a deep breath and then replied, "Trip, I am
completely sympathetic to the pressure this crew has been put under since
T'Pol and Hoshi were switched with their counterparts from the
other-universe. Believe me, I've been under the exact same strain that they
have. But as Starfleet officers and personnel we have to commit ourselves to
a higher standard. And if we can't control ourselves around two sex-crazed
visitors from an alternate reality, then what's going to happen when we
encounter something really dangerous?"

Trip shrugged, once again he found himself in agreement with his captain.
But that didn't mean that he had to like it. "So, you're not going to let
Mayweather out of the brig?" Trip asked.

Archer shook his head, "No, and none of the others either. Everyone on this
crew knew that T'Pol and Hoshi were off-limits, and if I don't put my foot
down now then sooner or later those two Starfuck officers are going to have
sex with every single man and woman on board this ship. And that would result
in complete chaos. I won't allow that. They are permanently restricted to
their quarters now. They shouldn't be a problem any more. Now, we need to
focus, Trip. We need to come together as a team and find a way to return our
two missing crewmembers and send their counterparts back home. And we have
to do it fast."

Trip nodded again and left the Captain's ready room. Once alone, Archer
thought over all that had happened so far. When the strange orange light had
engulfed the Enterprise again, their counterparts from an alternate universe,
the 'Horny Universe' as the crew unofficially called it, had replaced T'Pol
and Hoshi. While he, Trip and Dr. Phlox had managed to escape from that
universe once before, there was no guarantee that T'Pol and Hoshi would be
able to. And so Archer had commanded Trip and his staff to find a way to
break through the dimensional barrier from this side of it. The need to
switch back the displaced officers became even more imperative though when
it became clear that the physical needs of the horny T'Pol and Hoshi were
interfering with the running of his ship.

Although he was intimately familiar with the sexual dynamics of the Horny
Universe from his brief visit there, he had assumed that the
other-dimensional T'Pol and Hoshi would be able to control themselves here
in his universe. But, although they did try their best, they just couldn't
refrain from demanding sex from anyone and everyone whenever they felt the
need. And boy, were they ever needy. And, since it turned out that his two
bridge officers were objects of sexual fantasy for more than half the crew,
the two Starfuck officers didn't have to go far to get what they wanted.

Captain Archer had then sent a ship-wide order that T'Pol and Hoshi were
off-limits and had them given escorts, but that only worked for a short
while. Before long the guardsmen, a couple of engineering crewmen and his
helmsman Mr. Mayweather were caught having a private party inside of T'Pol's
quarters. It was Lt. Reed that had found them and during his report of the
incident it was clear to Archer that the Englishmen had almost turned his
back on his responsibilities and joined the orgy as well.

And why not, Archer mused. T'Pol and Hoshi were gorgeous. And they wanted
it so bad. He too had felt that temptation. He too had found it extremely
difficult to refuse what both of those women had wanted him to do to them.

But he had to. He was the captain and he had his ship to take care of, and
he had two missing officers. The horny T'Pol and Hoshi might look like his
crewmen (except for the enlarged breasts that is) but they were really just
strangers from another universe. His Hoshi and T'Pol were missing, somewhere
out there, on the other side of an invisible dimensional wall. And he had to
get them back before they got hurt.

* * *

Meanwhile, on board the S.X.X. Enterprise within the universe known as
Dimension A, the other Captain Archer was sitting in his command chair
awaiting a report from his chief engineer Trip. The Enterprise was still
damaged from the fire fight with the Klingons. They were following its
warp trail but, at only warp 2, the trail was getting fainter and fainter
as the Klingons sped away from them further and further.

Archer shifted impatiently in his chair, causing the woman who knelt between
his knees to pause momentarily as she readjusted herself before returning to
sucking him off. She was a Vulcan woman, a cunnilinguistics officer. Like all
female Vulcans on board, she now wore a pain collar. This filled Archer with
much satisfaction, but what he really wanted was to have that bitch T'Pol
kneeling between his legs. But T'Pol wasn't here. She had been taken away and
hidden behind a dimensional barrier. In her place another T'Pol had appeared,
but that T'Pol was a weak reflection of the true T'Pol. Archer had met her
once before, when it had been he who had mysteriously been transported to
that other-universe. He hadn't liked her much then and his opinion had not
changed now. This other-T'Pol had none of the fire that the Vulcans of his
universe had, none of the burning hunger that the T'Pol of his universe had.
She was cold and sterile, like a wax statue. Oh how he missed the hot embrace
and fiery kisses of his sub-commander. Oh how he wanted her back so that he
could hold her once more. Oh what he would do just to have the chance to
bring her to her knees and lock a pain collar around her lovely little neck
and make her pay for all that she and her Race had done to him.

Well, one way or another he was going to get her back, and when he did he was
going to personally see to it that T'Pol never forgot that she was now his
slave forever.

But first Trip had to fix the damn engines and get that tans-dimensional
hopper device working again dammit!

But there wasn't anything that Archer could do about the engines so he sank
back into his chair, still on the receiving end of what could have been
shaping up to be the longest blowjob in history, and began thinking about
his T'Pol and her impending life of servitude to him and his crew.

He remembered that T'Pol had been assigned to his crew as the senior Vulcan
supervisor and to act as his first officer in matters of ships protocol but
since Sub Commander was the Vulcan equivalent to captain he couldn't order
her to service him sexually like he could with the human women onboard. He
could request her service but she wasn't under any obligation to do anything
to him unless she felt like it and she frequently would work him to the
limits before offering to relieve him. It wasn't right the best damn fuck on
the ship being off limits except when it suited her.

And of course her rank meant the rest of the crew didn't have the luxury of
her fucking them although she did occasionally have some of them fuck her but
only if she was desperate. She considered herself to be far to good for the
human subordinates so she normally had Vulcans fuck her. With one exception.
Hoshi. She had always taken great pleasure in ordering the hot little
communications officer to service her. She would have Hoshi on her knees
between her legs for hours.

Archer then began to imagine the rolls reversed once T'Pol was enslaved and
Hoshi commanding her.

"Now that would be a stimulating show." he thought noticing the Vulcan
sucking on his cock had slowed down so he activated the collar until she had
picked up to and adequate pace.

Looking around the bridge he could see the tension in his crew at their
present situation. Lt Reed was at his console with Ensign Eliza Richards, a
small brunette, with smaller breasts than most of the human women onboard
ship, but with one of the best asses, rocking back and forth fucking her ass
on his cock while he worked and at the helm Ensign Mayweather was being
sucked of by Crewman Tanya Gonzalez, a Mediterranean Girl with tanned skin,
dark hair, dark eyes and nice large firm breasts that could easily give
T'Pol's a run for their money.

As Trip came onto the bridge and took up position at the side of the
Captain's chair his Vulcan pet moved her hand to his crotch and began giving
him a hand job, never removing her mouth from Archer's cock.

"It's no good Cap'n, I can get us up to warp 2.5, 3 at a push but without
replacement part we won't be going back to warp 5 or trying for warp six
anytime soon." Trip said.

"That still puts us over two hours away from Lrg'Cok 3." said Reed looking
up from his console.

"Which gives us just under 11 hours to send T'Pol and Hoshi back to their
universe." said Archer.

"Travelling at warp six that Klingon vessel is long out of our sensor range
and it's warp signature is dissipating fast." said Reed, "By the time we
reach the Lrg'Cok system it will be gone and anyway even if we do get back
up to warp five we still won't catch them going at warp six."

"Looks like we'll just have to make do with there Hoshi and T'Pol." said

"I'm not prepared to wait 11 hours for their T'Pol to become our T'Pol. I
want that Vulcan bitch on her knees sucking my cock now." ordered Archer.

"You and all the crew." said Trip.

"Captain I'm detecting a vessel dead ahead." said crewman Amy LaSalle who was
filling in for T'Pol at the science station.

"Confirmed." said Reed, "It's a Klingon scout ship, heavily damaged. No life

"Cap'n I may be able to salvage the parts we need to get goin' again from
that wreck." said Trip.

"How long, twenty minute to get them installed if I can find what I'm lookin'
for over there. I don't know much about Klingon systems."

"If we can get back to warp five we can close the gap between us and the
Klingons by quite a bit, at least we wouldn't loose their warp trail and if
they were to drop to impulse for more than 33 minute we'd catch them." said
Reed finishing up with Ensign Richards and zipping up his uniform.

"T'Pol knows a thing or two about Klingon ships, we bring her along we could
find the parts we need in know time." said Trip.

T'Pol had been safely locked away in her quarters where the rest of the crew
couldn't take advantage of her when Archer had ordered her to join the
shuttle mission to the Klingon derelict.

She had been extremely aroused by the stimulators that had appeared over the
last few hours and could feel herself becoming more and more like what she
imagined her counterpart from this universe would be like, in fact she had
began to worry that Dr Phlox's estimate that she had 24 hours before a
complete transformation was a bit optimistic.

Nevertheless she had decided to investigate the history of the universe as a
distraction, particularly Vulcan history.

She already knew that the Vulcan's controlled a large sexual empire, which
included humans although they had been reluctant members like many of the

In this universe the majority female population, who had set about creating
a vast sexual empire under their own sexual ideals, controlled Vulcan. Races
who objected to this were conquered and enslaved much as the Vulcan women now

Earth had avoided this but held a deep resentment towards the Vulcans one for
their treatment of their male population and second for constantly delaying
humanity venturing into space for fear that Earths diverse sexual culture
would contaminate other races and break up the sex empire.

There had been considerably more information about the Vulcans and it had
actually surprise T'Pol that there hadn't been an up rising earlier.

Now she was seated inside a shuttle with Ensign Mayweather, who was being
sucked off by a female engineer, Commander Tucker, who had another female
engineer bouncing up and down on his cock and Crewman Michael Rostov, who
was sporting a raging hard-on and almost drooling over T'Pol as he sat, all
because she had more knowledge of Klingon vessels than her human colleagues

The problem was without the research to distract her T'Pol could feel the
stimulators working on her, clit, nipples and anus and was becoming even more
aroused by the sexual display going on in front of her.

Thankfully the shuttle journey wasn't that long and once onboard the Klingon
vessel T'Pol was able to focus her attention on salvaging the equipment the

T'Pol, Tucker and one of the two female engineers headed to the vessels
reactor pit to find the components to fix the warp core while Rostov,
Mayweather and the other female engineer went to find anything else that
might be useful, although from the screams and moans that echoed through
the bowels of the ship it was fairly obvious they weren't getting much
work done.

As she worked disconnecting power relays, T'Pol couldn't help but slip the
tools down to her crotch and let them buzz away for a few moments to provide
her with some light relief, but what she really needed was a real good

T'Pol continued trying to focus on the work she was doing but the moaning
from her crewmates on the upper deck was making it increasingly difficult.

Giving in to her overwhelming desires she slipped her fingers into her
thong and began pumping away as quietly as she could not wanting to draw the
attention of Trip and the female engineer on the other side of the room.

T'Pol continued listening to the echoes of Mayweather's groups orgy on the
upper decks while she masturbated and all she could think about was getting
a nice big human cock in her.

She finally came and removing her fingers from her wet thong she licked
her juices off. She was feeling very disturbed by her behaviour. It wasn't
logical but this whole dimension seemed illogical to her but she was
nevertheless becoming more and more a part of it with every minute.

Then suddenly she noticed that the moaning from Mayweather's team had

"Curious." she thought holding up her tricorder, "Commander I believe we are
not alone."

"What?" replied Trip looking up from the circuit panel he was working on.

"I am picking up what appears to be a life sign, however interference from
this vessels warp core is making it difficult to get a precise reading."
replied T'Pol.

Trip grabbed his phase pistol and stood ready. He could hear something
banging and moving around in the corridor leading up to the reactor pit.

He waited, watching T'Pol who stood on the other side of the room phase
pistol at the ready.

Something began banging at the door.

Each bang caused it to open a little further until a rather angry and
completely naked Klingon entered. His shoulder length hair and beard were
grey and his face was lined with age. But like most Klingons his body had
not begun to show signs of aging, it being still hard and muscular. His
torso was chiselled...large firm pecks...well-defined ribbed stomach.
T'Pol's eyes continued downward and rested on his amazingly large and very
hard cock. Gazing upon it's meaty length, she guessed it to be at least 12
inches long. It glistened with moisture and meant he'd probably fucked
someone recently.

Waving his disruptor at them and his eyes coming to rest on Trip, the
Klingon said "Alright boy, put your weapon down and hand over your bitches."

"Not gonna happen. Why don't you put your own gun down? We mean you no harm."
replied Trip, his own phaser aimed in the Klingon's direction.

"Meaning me no harm? Just going to steal from my home? Well. You can have the
parts but I'm keeping your women...all of them."

Ensign Gonzales spoke up from behind Trip, "We're willing to bargain. Lt.
Zoraster and I would gladly give you a great fucking for the parts..." T'Pol
looked over at the ensign, she noticed the woman's hand working in her
uniform's thong.

It looked like the Klingon was considering her words, he nodded towards
T'Pol, "This Zoraster?"

The Latino engineer answered, "No, That's our Vulcan commander. I can't speak
for her...but Zoraster's is in another compartment."

The Klingon began to laugh, "Oh, you must mean my little bitch. Come in here,
my little human slut." From the corridor he had just came from Lt. Zoraster
entered. She walked on her hands and knees, completely naked. She stopped
next to the Klingon, one hand clutching his thigh the other working between
her legs. She had a wild glazed look to her eyes.

"What did you do to her? Where's Mayweather?" demanded Trip.

The Klingon moved his disruptor, pointing it at the blonde woman at his feet.
If this bothered the Lt. she showed no sign as she gazed at the Klingon's
massive cock in what looked like longing. "Now put your weapon down or she

It was obvious Trip didn't want to but after a moment he gave in, dropping
it to the floor.

"Now that's better. And as for what I did to Slut here...I performed the

T'Pol gasped.

Trip turned to her, "What? What is it?"

T'Pol took a moment to gather her thoughts from her mixed memories, "It's
an ancient Klingon sexual ritual. It works upon lesser humanoid species. A
properly trained acolyte of the Kung'Farr can use his..." her eyes travelled
down the length of the Klingon's dick "...massive genitals to bring his
subject to the edge of the most mind blowing, powerful orgasm of their entire
life. Once he achieves this, he pulls out and leaves them there. The subject
becomes docile and subservient, willing to do anything for the Klingon in the
hopes of getting her orgasm. It lasts until she orgasms or the Klingon loses
his erection."

The Klingon stood there with a smile on his face as he listened to her. Trip
asked, "Okay, it affects humans, what about Vulcans?"

T'Pol nearly groaned, "Vulcans are extremely susceptible...more so than any
other species. When we first came in contact with the Klingons, we sent an
ambassador. She came back raving that we must surrender ourselves to the
greater sexual might of the Klingons. She also begins sucking and fucking
and male in sight. Even though they were beneath her. We've been at war ever

Trip looked over at T'Pol with a look of anger in his eyes, "You know I'm
beginning to wonder just how much you Vulcans have been keepin' from us."

But before he could bring his gaze back to the Klingon, a disruptor blast hit
him and he fell to the floor.

She could see he was still breathing so the weapon was obviously set on stun.
The Klingon probably didn't have the power for a kill shot if he was living
alone on the derelict.

T'Pol then found her gaze once again drawn to the Klingon's huge erect cock,
she wondered if the Klingons of her universe had the same ability, one thing
she did know that about both sides was that a Klingon male had great control
over his body functions and could go days before blowing a load, that's why
most non-Klingons died during sex, they couldn't keep up and she knew that
unlike most species Klingon males could remain erect for days with out any

Glancing out of the corner of her eye she could see that Ensign Gonzales'
gaze was also drawn to the Klingon cock but also on Lt. Zoraster, but
there was something else T'Pol was trying to remember about this universes
Klingons, but her thought process seemed to be getting slower.

She lowered her head trying to draw her gaze from the huge cock,
"Something......Klingons doing.....must.....concentrate.......that smell."
she muttered.

Looking back at Gonzales, T'Pol could see she was also distracted.

"That's it Vulcan bitch, Inhale." said the Klingon.

That was it the smell it disrupted her thoughts, but before T'Pol could react
the Klingon threw something at her hitting her on the head.

As she fell she saw the Klingon leaping at Gonzales, then everything went

It didn't take long for her to come to but by the time she did the Klingon
was standing over her his huge cock still erect and Gonzales on all fours
next to him her eyes wild and glazed like Zoraster's.

"Your next Vulcan bitch." he said.

"Hold her down human sluts." ordered the Klingon.

Gonzales and Zoraster crawled over to T'Pol, positioned themselves on either
side of her and held her arms down. The old Klingon ripped off her thong and
positioned himself between her legs with his huge prick at the mouth of her
moist pussy.

"Well my human sluts, why don't you suck this Vulcan bitches tits."

Gonzales and Zoraster did as their Klingon master commanded and lowered their
heads to T'Pol's soft fleshy mounds, positioning their mouths on her nipples,
they began running their tongue round her nipples while the old Klingon
teased her pussy lips with his cock, then he rammed the huge tool deep
inside. At the same time the two humans began sucking hard and fast on
T'Pol's nipples.

The Klingon drove in and out at a faster pace than anything T'Pol had

She could feel the orgasm building within her, she knew she was away to cum,
but then suddenly the Klingon withdrew his huge member from her and T'Pol
stopped struggling against the women sucking on her nipples, her eyes now
glazed, just like the others she no belonged to the Klingon.

* * *

Meanwhile back on the Klingon vessel Hoshi had been removed from the brig.

She'd been moved to the quarters of one of the female Klingons. All of her
restraints as well as pain rings had been removed. This wasn't out of any
compassion by her Klingon captors. Apparently this particular Klingon woman
felt the use of such tools were for weaklings. She was quite capable of
torturing and fucking her new pet without them.

Even now the Klingon was mercilessly using Hoshi's body but the Asian found
her mind was strangely detached from reality. Part of her was reeling from
the violence and mistreatment she was receiving but another part wasn't
phased at all. It seemed to revel in it. Hoshi found herself drawn to this
personality. As she focused on it, memories began to flash even faster
through her mind. Suddenly Hoshi grinned.

Kk'shra was surprised when the docile human she had been so enthusiastically
spanking pulled away from her. The petite female stood and turned to face
Kk'shra. Kk'shra stood and looked down at the much shorter woman. "And just
what do you think you are doing, little bitch?"

The human just smiled. Something about that smirk made Kk'shra shiver.
Kk'shra was a powerful Klingon woman. She was six feet tall with a tight
muscular body. Her large totally firm breasts thrust out above her
washboard stomach. But still this much smaller woman suddenly made Kk'shra

Before Kk'shra could move to punish the insolent bitch, the human moved. She
pressed herself against Kk'shra and the Klingon grinned. Now she was going to
make her pay! Kk'shra's hand closed around the human's neck and she began to
squeeze. Kk'shra felt something brush against the taut skin of her right ass
cheek. She could feel fingers thrusting into the crack of her heart shaped

Kk'shra roared. Her strength of the hand holding the woman's neck rushed away
as waves of pleasure paralysed Kk'shra's body. It was unbelievable. She'd
never felt anything this good and her roar turned into a very un-Klingon
scream of pleasure. She found herself leaning on the human, her huge breasts
crushing the human's smaller ones.

This shouldn't be happening...couldn't be happening. Kk'shra had been fucked
in the ass before. Many times. But those huge Klingon cocks had done nothing
compared to the nimble fingers working in her now. She managed to find words,
"Ughhhh...mmmph...Ahhhh...oh, bitch...I'm soooo-uh going to punish Ooohh
yes...Yes...Right There! Uh-huh! Mmmph...Punish you for this...mmmph but keep
going for now-OW! Make me CUM! Oh yes!"

This went on for another ten minutes. Kk'shra was reaching completely new
heights of pleasure. Sex had never ever been this good before. During this
Kk'shra felt the human's other hand wondering, exploring her body. Kk'shra
would never let a slave so brazenly touch her normally. But right now she
couldn't care less as long as the wonderful feeling continued. The hand
found it's way into her cunt, it squeezed her huge tits, and it even forced
it's way into her mouth. She surprised herself by licking the juices off.
Kk'shra felt herself beginning to peak. She was going to climax! Just a
little more.

Suddenly the fingers left her ass. Kk'shra moaned in frustration and tried
to force it back. To her dismay she found she wasn't strong enough. The
pleasure racking her body had sapped all its strength. She felt her legs
shake and she held on to the human for support. She had never felt this
weak before. "Please...make me cum!"

The human just looked into her eyes and smiled, "No." Kk'shra knew what
she should do, what she would do...but she couldn't. Her thoughts were
sluggish...her mind had been sapped along with her body...All she wanted
was to orgasm. She whimpered.

"Kneel" said the human's icy voice. Kk'shra found herself obeying... her
hands sliding down the human's body as she went to the ground. She stared
into the woman's eyes...pleading...

Pointing with one finger at her well-trimmed pussy, she said, "Make me
cum...and maybe...just maybe...I'll let you cum."

Hoshi's smile grew wider as her former captor began hesitantly licking at her
slit. Now, that she was back...her whole self, things were definitely looking
up. One Hoshi was a master at understanding alien languages. One Hoshi was a
master at performing alien sexual techniques. She'd just performed the
Rraf'Gnuk, the counterpart to the Kung'Farr. Unfortunately, it only worked
upon Klingon women. Her eyes fell upon the disruptor lying on the floor with
the Klingon's discarded thong. With the help of her little bitch, it
shouldn't be too hard to enslave the other 3 women she'd seen. And from there
she should be able to free the rest of the captives.

* * *

T'Pol was now fully under the control of the Klingon as she lay on her back.

He had ordered Gonzales and Zoraster to play with each others tits to amuse
him while he fucked his Vulcan pet.

"Now how should I do this," he said, "Hmmm those are some impressive tits for
a Vulcan I think I'll fuck them."

The Klingon sat on T'Pol's stomach and placed his rock hard prick between her
huge tits. Once he did she began rubbing them massaging his cock between them
while lifting her head up to lick the tip as drips of Klingon juices slipped

"Oh yeah bitch, that's good, faster!"

T'Pol did as she was instructed. Of course the Klingon had no intention of
letting himself orgasm anytime soon, "Come on bitch treat those tit's as if
you were a Klingon."

Complying with the Klingons orders T'Pol became far more brutal in her
actions violently squeezing her tits.

She now had the tip of his cock inside her mouth and was sucking on it to
boost her master's pleasure, when suddenly there was an energy discharge.

The Klingon fell backwards off of T'Pol but not before he blew a load into
her mouth. However his cock was still standing fully erect and seeing this
the three women rushed over to him with T'Pol impaling her pussy on it and
the two humans each sucking on one of his large balls.

In the doorway Mayweather and Rostov stood holding their Phase pistols
watching the three women fuck the stunned Klingon.

Mayweather helped Trip back up and he explained what had happened.

Trip took his phase pistol and stunned the three women then loaded them into
the shuttle pod along with the Klingon and all the components they needed.

Back on the Enterprise T'Pol, Gonzales and Zoraster were all bound to tables
in the sickbay while the Klingon was restrained and heavily sedated.

"Report Doctor." said Archer as he entered sickbay.

"The appear to have fallen victim to a Klingon ritual known as the Kung'Farr
and rare technique possessed by less than 1% of Klingon males and only once
they are approach 100. I've read about it but I have never seen it performed.
It's most fascinating."

"Can you reverse it?" asked Archer putting his hands on one of the work
surfaces as the ship jumped into warp, "Looks like Trip has that engine
working again."

"I don't know if it can be reversed unless our Klingon friend here loses his
erection or he brings them to orgasm and as you are aware making a Klingon do
either is nearly impossible."

"Find away to make it possible, stick them in decon and let them fuck him
silly if you have to but get my crew back to normal." said Archer as he
headed out.

* * *

Hoshi continued enjoying the sensation of Kk'shra licking her slit, while she
attempted to better develop an escape plan.

She knew that she was a master of languages and her counterpart was a master
of sexual techniques but unfortunately neither had any real skill with a
phaser, her only hope would be to try and enslave the other Klingon women and
have them help her escape.

Her thoughts trailed off as Kk'shra brought her to orgasm.

"Please can you make me cum now." begged Kk'shra.

"Maybe later," Hoshi said coldly, "First you're going to help me, now pick up
that disruptor."

Kk'shra obeyed.

Hoshi knew she would never get far with just herself and a disruptor but
even under the influence of Rraf'Gnuk, Klingon women were still efficient
warriors, in fact they were probably more dangerous when this horny.

Hoshi had Kk'shra walk behind her making it look like she was escorting Hoshi
somewhere as her prisoner.

As they walked two female Klingons approached them from the other end of the
corridor stopping them in their tracks.

One of the women, with the higher ranking insignia on her sash began shouting
out commands in Klingon.

Hoshi stood translating in her head.

"You have had your time with the human slut, the captain has ordered that we
bring several of them to the recreation deck to 'entertain' the crew."

Hoshi began following the two Klingon women down the corridor while Kk'shra
walked behind her still pointing the disruptor at her back.

Hoshi watched the swaying of their well-formed Klingon asses as they walked,
she found it oddly hypnotic so while she was in touch with her sexually
charged counterparts thoughts and memories she drew on the memories of the
Rraf'Gnuk and began to formulate a strategy.

As they walked Hoshi slipped up behind the two women and reached out with her
hands and began squeezing their ass cheeks.

The two Klingons turned around slapping Hoshi's hands away from them,
"Insolent Human K'Pecht, how dare you touch us like that." snarled the taller
of the two women, "We should teach you a lesson."

The two Klingons began to close in on Hoshi, which was just what she had
wanted, and before they could react she had reached out and was massaging
their clits through their thongs.

The two women moaned as Hoshi stimulated their clits but she needed for them
to remove the thongs before she could do anything.

As the moaning turned into the more typical Klingon roaring that came
during sex Hoshi could she the two Klingons were struggling to focus so she
suggested they remove their thongs.

They began sliding them down their muscular legs giving Hoshi an opportunity
to drive her fingers into their pussies.

Hoshi's fingers kept slipping in and out of the two women's cunts faster and
faster until the point that they were begging for Hoshi to continue but it
was at that point that Hoshi decided to pull out of them and deny them the
pleasure of their final climax.

As the Klingons fell to their knees Hoshi held out her hands, which were
covered in their juices, "Clean them." she commanded.

The two women began licking between Hoshi's fingers lapping up every last
drop of their own cum.

Hoshi led the women back to Kk'shra's room to decide on her next move.
Sitting upon the hard bunk, she took a moment to appreciate her conquests.

There was Kk'shra, of course. Not a beautiful woman...her forehead a tangled
mass of ridges even more prominent than most Klingon women. But her hard
angular face had a certain attractiveness to it. Her hair was like most
Klingons' long, curly, and brown. As Hoshi looked at Kk'shra she couldn't
help but be drawn to her huge breasts. Amazingly for their size they sagged
not at all. Hoshi's own enlarged mammaries were smaller yet they at least
sagged a bit. Hoshi smirked as she noticed Kk'shra's large firm nipples
sticking out an inch as they'd been erect ever since she had performed the
Rraf'Gnuk on her.

The Klingon with the sash of rank clinging to her jugs was named Galrona.
She was shorter and much more lithe than her fellow women. Her waist was
ridiculously narrow and her hips were nearly non-existent. But her breasts
were every bit as prominent as her companions seeming even larger because
of her small size. Despite her stature her muscles were taut and well
defined and if anything Hoshi thought she was probably even stronger than
the others especially considering her higher rank. She was even fairly
beautiful, the ridges on her head were small and few in number. Her hair
was pulled tightly into an un-traditional ponytail. And her lips were
extremely voluptuous...extremely kissable.

Hoshi really shouldn't. She shouldn't give into her sex-ego's desires but
her sex-ego deserved a reward for making escape possible...

Standing, Hoshi told Galrona, "Kiss me...gently, like you know us lesser
species enjoy." A look of disgust crossed the woman's face. Klingon's did
not use they're mouths to bite maybe, but never pleasure.
Klingon sex was hard and violent. Galrona didn't take long to give in,
Rraf'Gnuk was too strong.

Hoshi made out with Galrona for a long time despite her inexperience the
Klingon was very good. Hoshi broke the kiss for a moment, "You two, make
love to each other...don't it you were
doing it to me." Returning to Galrona's mouth, Hoshi squealed as she felt
Galrona's hand enter her pussy. Wow, the Klingon was taking the initiative.
Hoshi hadn't think she had it in her. As Hoshi fondled Galrona's ass, she
watched the other two out of the corner of her eye.

They were moving together hesitantly but soon enough they were copying she
and Galrona. After a while, light sexy moans and little sighs were coming
from the two...very strange considering they're species. Hoshi almost
thought they were getting into it.

Several minutes later, Hoshi realized she'd let her alter ego run rampant;
they needed to be planning the escape. But that thought quickly disappeared
as Galrona broke their kiss and tongued her way down Hoshi's torso and found
her pussy.

* * *

Meanwhile back on Enterprise Dr Phlox was just entering the captain's ready
room to report back on the situation with T'Pol.

Archer was seated at his desk with Sukok's mouth wrapped around his cock and
Commander Tucker and Lt Reed standing on the other side of the desk.

"Well those Klingon spare parts fit like a glove," said Trip, "We should be
able to maintain warp 5 for a good few hours."

"And our weapons status?" asked Archer.

"Fully operational sir and with the element of surprise on our side we
shouldn't have much trouble reclaiming our crew from the Klingons."

"How long until we intercept them."

"They dropped out of warp and assuming they stay that way we will catch them
within two hours."

"Dismissed," said Archer turning his attention to Phlox, "Have you got good
news for me doctor?"

"I believe so captain, I believe I have found a chemical that will cause our
Klingon friend to loose his erection if he is fucked long enough. I have
ordered him to be placed in decon and I'm preparing to move T'Pol, Gonzales
and Zoraster in with him."

"Will they be safe in there with the Klingon?" asked Archer.

"I will keep him sedated for the duration of my experiment." replied Phlox
leaving the ready room.

* * *

Ten minutes later T'Pol and the two engineers had been secured in the decon
chamber with the huge naked Klingon. They wasted no time in trying to each
get on top of his massive cock, each scratching and clawing at each other
like a pack of wild animals fighting over scraps of food, but in the end it
was Gonzales that made her way onto his cock. She began bouncing up and down
hard and fast driving his rock hard cock deeper and deeper in her wet cunt.

T'Pol manuvered herself behind Gonzales and began fondling the Klingons
balls with one hand while slipping her free hand in and out of Gonzales'
tight asshole and Zoraster positioned herself over the unconscious Klingon's
forehead and began rubbing her crotch back and forth over his well defined

Dr. Phlox watched the activities from the decon chamber's observation window
for a while before he noticed the blood flow increase to his cock. It had
been some while since he himself had had some relief. It would still take
time for the Klingon to be softened even with the chemical so he might as
well see to his own needs.

Stepping into the ship's corridor, he decided to head back to the med lab.
Maybe the captain had fulfilled Phlox's request. The doctor had found out
that one of the Vulcan slaves was a doctor. He had asked for the woman to
be his own personal sex slave as well as his assistant in the sickbay...
after all no reason for the Vulcan's talents to go to waste.

His thoughts were interrupted as three crewmembers walked down the corridor
towards him. They were apparently having a spirited argument about some
engineering problem, speaking in incomprehensible techno-babble. The pretty
blonde woman's hands stroking each man's cock as they walked to either side
of her particularly distracted phlox. He found it particularly interesting
that her hand gently moved upon the engineer agreeing with her and furiously
upon the one against her. It appeared to have the desired affect as he was
having trouble vocalizing his counter-argument the closer he got to climax.

They passed by and Phlox was again reminded of his arousal. He quickened his
pace and thought about ordering the next female he saw to join him in the
sickbay for an emergency full-body examination. He had that right as ship's
doctor...everyone knew he was just getting his rocks off but they were
willing, considering he kept everyone healthy.

Rounding a curve in the corridor, he came upon a female engineer working
upon an opening in the entrance into a Jeffrey's tube. The
dark-skinned human had smaller breasts than most but she had a voluptuous
ass that Dr. Phlox found attractive. He came to a stop as she grabbed a
tool and slid on her back into the tube. The lower-half of her body from
her belly button down extended into the corridor, her sleek legs braced
upon the floor. The doctor watched with interest for a while. After a bit
one of the woman's hands appeared out of the tube and slid across her
stomach and into her red engineer's thong to stroke at her clit.

Dr. Phlox decided this was a good opportunity. He stepped between the
woman's spread legs and pushed her uniform aside, pushing his fingers deep
inside of her. He said, "I hope you don't mind but I have an erect penis
and you seem to have a wet vagina...I figured we could mutually cure our
respective discomforts."

Her first response was a small giggle at the doctor's way of putting it, then
she raised her legs from the floor so they rested upon his shoulders and slid
down so her fleshy rear rested against his crotch. Her high-pitched voiced
echoed strangely from the tube, "Plow away, buddy. I could use a good
boinking...these converters are all shot to hell and its driving me crazy."

The doctor proceeded to drop his pants, position his cock at the lips of her
pussy, then thrust in and out while holding tightly to her legs against his
chest. He fucked her for a half hour eliciting many moans and screams. She
still managed to do her job though occasionally asking for him to hand her a
tool from her case in the corridor.

* * *

Back in the decon chamber, T'Pol was running her slick tongue along the hard
muscles of the Klingon's torso. She found the sweat along the defined ridges
of his six-pack abdominal particularly delicious although she decided his
huge testicles to be much more enjoyable when she had as much of them in her
mouth as possible. T'Pol loved everything about the powerful alien. She knew
that there was nothing she wouldn't do for the sexy beast.

In a small part of her mind, she knew that she was suffering a much worse
fate than the humans. Those two were little more than beasts themselves right
now. All they thought about was sex, sex, sex...achieving the orgasms they so
desperately needed. Oh they'd follow simple commands from the Klingon but
they didn't care.

T'Pol, though, had her keen logical mind completely intact. Only at it's
centre was the knowledge that this Klingon was her god. She had already
decided upon how to best serve her master, once the doctor had left she
had checked the decon chamber looking for a way out. Finding none, she
returned to worshiping her deity's body.

The Vulcan noticed the young Hispanic woman slowing in her movements upon his
cock. It was obvious she was exhausted. T'Pol moved quickly to push Gonzales
off but even as she did she was surprised to feel the woman's hand upon her
buttocks. Apparently, she still retained some intelligence and was avenging
T'Pol's earlier finger fucking of her ass. T'Pol groaned hoarsely as first
one then two fingers penetrated her tight Vulcan asshole.

Zoraster moved with fiendish speed taking advantage of T'Pol's distraction
and mounted the Klingon's cock. The middle-aged red head screamed in delight.
Her satisfaction was short-lived however. With a grunt then a roar, the
Klingon was out of her and on his feet. He leaped upon the bench, looking
around quickly he growled in frustration.

T'Pol completely forgot the fingers in her ass, her mouth wide open. He was
so powerful and beautiful. His bronzed body glistening, his hard muscles
bulging, his huge cock standing straight up firmly against his abdomen. He
was her god!

As the Klingon stood before them the three women got back down on their knees
begging for him to make them cum. The Klingon just grinned gesturing for one
of the women to move behind him and begin tonguing his ass. Zoraster obeyed
kneeling behind her master and began flicking her tongue in and out of his

Next he commanded T'Pol to stand up and grabbing her by her firm buttocks
lifted her impaling her cunt on his huge cock.

T'Pol wrapped her arms round his neck and legs round his waist as she began
bouncing herself up and down on the huge prick and licking and biting him to
further excite. Gonzales sank to her knees and began sucking on the Klingon's
testicles and occasionally licking the Klingons shaft to further lubricate it
for T'Pol.

He let the three women continue pleasure him for a few minutes, his keen
Klingon sense of smell keeping him alert as to whether or not anybody was
outside. He shot his load deep into T'Pol but never brought her to orgasm
nor did he loose his erection.

Next he commanded Gonzales and Zoraster to lie on their backs, legs spread,
playing with their tits while he had T'Pol alternate between each of the
women's pussies with her mouth.

As T'Pol began running her tongue round the outside lips of Zoraster's pussy
the Klingon rammed his cock into her ass hole and began driving it back and
forth. T'Pol moaned out as he drove it all the way in biting down on

AS the Klingon continued fucking T'Pol's ass she switched over to Gonzales'
pussy her tongue working in perfect time with her master's cock.

The Klingon pulled out just as he was away to cum spraying his juices all
over T'Pol's back.

Next he commanded Gonzales and Zoraster to each begin sucking on of his huge
testicles while T'Pol took the shaft and explained what was going on.

She began licking the tip, "We are on board or ship," She began to take the
first few inches in her mouth sucking them, "Our doctor believes he can free
us," She resumed her sucking this time taking about half the cock in her
mouth, "From your control." T'Pol took the full length in her mouth and began

Again the Klingon withdrew just before cumming giving his three slaves a face
load of cum.

He commanded T'Pol to use her Vulcan nerve pinch on the humans and he would
pretend to be asleep reducing his erection so it looked like he had lost it
and T'Pol was to act as if she had been cured so they could escape.

The Klingon lay down on his back as T'Pol rendered Gonzales and Zoraster
unconscious. She stood watching as he made his cock go limp but not enough
to free her from his control. She couldn't wait to get her master free and
get back on her knees with his huge cock between her lips.

Hitting the decon chamber's intercom system T'Pol announced that the Klingon
had brought the three women to orgasm, but Ensign Gonzales and Lt Zoraster
had been unable to with stand the experience and were now in need of
immediate medical attention.

There was no immediate answer but after a few moments and several repeated
messages of urgency from T'Pol, Crewman Julia Clark, one of the ships nurses,

"Crewman where is the Doctor?" asked T'Pol.

"He's busy in the sickbay with one of the Vulcans." replied Clark.

T'Pol looked the young woman up and down, she was one of the youngest women
on the ship at only 20 years with dark hair that came down a few inches past
her shoulders, blue eyes, pouty lips and a set of tits that were every bit as
impressive as T'Pol's encased in a tiny green bikini top. T'Pol thought she
would look even better with her mouth around her masters cock, "Our efforts
to weaken the Klingon proved to much for Ensign Gonzales and Lt Zoraster, we
must get them to sickbay right away."

T'Pol watched as the young women opened the door to the decon chamber and
stepped inside to help T'Pol with the unconscious women but as soon as she
was reaching over to check Gonzales' pulse the Klingon was on his feet, his
cock right back up and was descending on the dark haired beauty.

* * *

Meanwhile Hoshi was still hiding in Kk'shra's quarters with Galrona between
her legs licking away at her pussy while Kk'shra and Larosa were each sucking
on one of her nipples.

She was in heaven with these three mighty women's mouths working their
magic on her but her attention had wandered so much that she hadn't noticed
Larosa's communicator bleeping.

Her moment of pure pleasure was interrupted when the doors slid open and
three large male Klingons, including the ships first officer entered.

"What are you sluts doing, the Captain ordered this human to the recreation
deck to entertain the men and you are here servicing her when she should be
servicing you. You have brought shame to your houses." shouted the first

The other two Klingons pulled the three women off of Hoshi and grabbed her by
her hair and forced her to her knees in front of the first officer.

He looked at the young Asian woman and then at the three Klingon women then
brought his eyes back to Hoshi with a menacing glare, "You dishonour these
great warriors by performing Rraf'Gnuk. You will be made to pay for this by
the time we are done you'll be begging us to let you bring these women to

Hoshi struggled as the three Klingons bound her arms tightly behind her back
and hauled her to her feet.

"Be grateful we don't have a Kung'Farr master on board now MOVE!" barked the
first officer escorting Hoshi from the quarters down the corridor, the two
Klingons behind her poking pain sticks into her ass with every step.

* * *

As Lt. Reed stepped onto the turbolift, he was pleasantly surprised to see
Sarah Suwelu, the lovely communications tech who'd given him that great titty
fuck earlier on the bridge.

The doors shut behind him and the turbolift began to move. Grinning at the
buxom dark-skinned beauty, he said, "Boy, am I glad to see your big jugs,
Sarah! My cock is hard as rock and I've been terribly distracted.

Sarah rolled her eyes as the Lt. slipped his hands into her uniform's top.
Trying to be polite, she reached down and grasped his package through his
pants squeezing gently. She said, "Well Lt. I'm sorry but it's been a long
shift and I don't really feel like sucking or fucking right now."

That wasn't what the Lt. wanted to hear. He moved behind her causing her to
lose her grip on his crotch. She kept up the friendly contact by pressing her
firm ass back against him, his erect penis fitting nicely between her taut
cheeks. The fingers inside her bikini top found her nipple, pinching gently.
His other hand trailed down her flat stomach and into her thong, it stroked
her clit.

Sarah sighed, she might as well enjoy his attempts at getting his way for the
ride to the deck where her quarters were. Despite herself, she began to moan
a bit, his fingers being very talented. "Hmmm... very impressive, Lt. I guess
I might be convinced to do a little sucking...but I would have to insist on
you eating my pussy, first."

She felt his fingers in her cunt skip a beat. "Oh...I'm not really into that
sort of thing." said Reed.

The doors to the turbolift opened and Sarah broke his grasp. Turning back to
him she locked her lips to his for a moment before sliding down his torso to
rest on her heels. She released his straining cock from his uniform and
looking straight up into his eyes gave it a quick little kiss on the head.
"Well, that's too bad, Lt. I was really going to enjoy deep throating this
monster, too."

Without bothering to put him away, she stood and walked out of the turbolift.
Reed watched Sarah's firm black ass only covered in a miniscule yellow thong
disappear around the corner. He sighed then looked down at his still exposed
penis. "Oh, I am so gonna fuck that little tart's brains out next time she's
on duty!", he muttered to himself.

He put himself away then waited for the turbolift to arrive on the armoury's
level. When he arrived at the armoury, the first thing he noticed was there
was only one sentry at the door. He quickened his pace in anger. As he got
closer he realized the second sentry was actually sucking the first sentry's

"Ensign Kirkwood! How many times do I have to tell you that you cannot for
any reason abandon your post! I don't mind if you convince some passer-by to
lick your cunt so long as your hands are free to get to your weapon. I don't
mind if Ensign Birch here gets someone to deep throat his shlong so long as
it's not YOU!" yelled the Lt. as he pulled the stunned guard to her feet and
dragged her into the armoury.

There were 4 more guards stationed within the armoury. "Stims! Take
Kirkwood's place on sentry duty outside." he ordered. He pulled the short
haired blonde over to his work station and had her stand at attention, her
breasts thrust out, her legs spread wide, and the palm of each hand placed
firmly her ass.

He glared daggers at the ensign. "Now since, you can't keep your mouth off of
other people's privates while on guard duty, I'm demoting you. You will now
be the security department's bitch. Understand?"

"Yes, sir!"

"State your new responsibilities."

"I am to make sure that everyone on the security team is undisrupted and
ready to perform their duties. I will make the rounds of all security
checkpoints and check of hard dicks and wet pussies. If I find either of
these two instances I will relieve the security personnel of them."

"Good. Your duties begin now"

The ensign's eyes instantly settled on the bulge in his uniform. Several
minutes later the Lt. was enjoying himself immensely as Ensign Kirkwood's
blond head bobbed enthusiastically upon his lap. One of his security
officer's, a beautiful woman with long luxurious brown hair, was reading
to him the combat readiness report of the ship. As she did so she played
with herself, much to the Lt's enjoyment.

Suddenly there's a shout from the corridor and phaser fire can be heard. As
Reed tries to disentangle himself from Kirkwood, the doors open. Firing their
phasers as they enter, come T'Pol and a naked Klingon.

The phaser blasts hit two of Reed's security team causing them to fall to the

Reacting swiftly Reed pushed Kirkwood off of him and jumped behind one of the
consoles as the Klingon fired at him. The two remaining security guards were
busy firing at T'Pol and the Klingon but they had stepped back behind the
door and were only side stepping out to fire shots at Reed and his men.

Zipping up his uniform Reed made a dash for the next console dodging phaser
shots from both T'Pol and the Klingon.

Dodging another series of phaser blasts Reed was able to make it to the other
side of the room where the weapons lockers were.

Reaching up he grabbed two phase pistols and ran out from behind his cover
firing at the Klingon.

The first few shots missed the Klingon who was hiding behind the door
awaiting his opportunity to fire on the security officer but when he stepped
out to take his shot, Reed took aim and fired his phaser directly at the
Klingons cock.

"Arghhhhhhhh." yelled the Klingon as the phaser blast hit it's target causing
the Klingon to drop to the ground his cock going limp in the process.

As the Klingons cock finally lost all stiffness, T'Pol's head began to clear
and she dropped her phaser, "Lieutenant I must apologise for my behaviour."

Reed looked at the naked Vulcan's body and could feel himself getting hard
again which T'Pol noticed.

"In light of you freeing me from the Klingon's control I will permit myself
to service your cock." said T'Pol.

Reed had no objections. He'd never had T'Pol service him since she out ranked

Unzipping his pants T'Pol took Reed's cock in her hand and started stroking
it to full erection while cupping his balls. Kneeling in front of him,
T'Pol's tongue began gliding across his cock head then she wrapped her tits
around his Shaft and squeezed them tightly. She sucked the head of his cock
while she working the shaft with her huge tits.

Then as the pleasure built up in Reed, T'Pol took his cock deep into her
mouth and started sucking it faster and faster moving up and down the shaft
sucking extra hard when she reached the swollen cock head.

"Oh yeah that's good bitch." moaned Reed as T'Pol continued to suck. T'Pol
kept going for several more minutes, stopping to squeeze Reed's cock several
times to bring him back from the brink of orgasm. Then she started sucking
very fast eventually causing the Lieutenant to cum deep in her mouth,
shooting a huge wad of pent up jism, which she swallowed.

"I believe that is a suitable thank you," said T'Pol, "I will arrange to have
Lt Zoraster, Ensign Gonzales and Crewman Clark thank you as well."

* * *

Hoshi was reeling. She had been so close. She had controlled those Klingon
women and escape had seemed possible. Now that was gone. All because she
forgot to give them any orders to protect her. She cursed herself and she
cursed her captors as they yet again tapped her ass with their pain device.
She sunk into depression. If she was taken to that recreation deck it would
all be over. She would not survive.

Suddenly Hoshi was sitting on her bed back on the Enterprise. Amazingly, she
was wearing her normal full body covering uniform. Her hands went to her
chest, feeling her normal perky little breasts. Could it be? Somehow she'd
been transported back to her own dimension?

"No sexy, you're not. Your still about to be fucked to death." said a sultry
voice from the far end of her quarters. Walking out of the shadows came a
short dark haired woman. She sauntered forward sexily, swinging her hips and
causing her large breasts to bounce enticingly. She wore nothing but a tiny
pink thong.

As the woman drew closer, Hoshi could see her face. It was her's! She was
staring at herself! It must be the other dimension's version considering the
breasts and the fact that one of the other Hoshi's hands was playing with

"What?! How are you here? Where is here?" asked Hoshi.

The other Hoshi sat down on the bed next to her, one of her hands landed on
Hoshi's uniform covered thigh. "That's not really important, beautiful. If
you don't mind me asking, what is this hideous thing have all over your

Hoshi smacked the offending hand away. She had really no idea what to make of
all this and she certainly couldn't get her mind around herself coming on to
herself. "It's my uniform! Now if you don't mind, could you tell me what the
fuck is going on?"

The other Hoshi smiled, "Oh don't worry, hon. We'll get to the fucking soon about this's so icky here..." Moving quicker than
Hoshi could respond, her fingers deftly pulled down the front zipper to her
uniform. Pulling apart the two sides, the other Hoshi's face contorted in a
look of horror, "What happened?! They're so small!"

Pulling both sides of her uniform back together, Hoshi said, "There's
nothing wrong with them! Not everyone needs huge breasts. Now tell me what's

The other Hoshi cupped her breasts, "You they're huge? They're not as big
as T'Pol's but.." The rest of what she was going to say was lost as Hoshi
grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back upon the bed.

"Tell me what's going on!!" yelled Hoshi into the other's face.

"Oooooh! I see. You want to be the dominant mistress type. Hmmm...maybe you
should spank me for being such a bad girl?" Suddenly, Hoshi could feel the
other's hands on her ass. She pulled away quickly and got to her feet.

"Oh! Your titties maybe tiny but you still have my perfect little tushy."
The other Hoshi got to her feet as well. But then she bent over the bed and
pushed her thong down around her knees. Looking back over her shoulder she
said, "Well slave Hoshi's in position. Is Mistress Hoshi going to punish

This was so infuriating! What was she going to do? She had no idea what was
going on! Oh man, Hoshi was so angry at this slut. She obviously knew what
was happening but all she did was ignore Hoshi!

"Oh yes that's it, Mistress. Again! Harder! Please may I have another?"

Hoshi looked over to see what that bitch was going on about now. She was
horrified to find that she was standing over the other Hoshi her left hand
upon the small of her back while her right hand enthusiastically spanked the
woman's very taut heart shaped ass.

Suddenly Hoshi found herself again sitting upon her bed but the other Hoshi
was now sitting across from her in a love seat. The woman was shoving a huge
black dildo into her pussy. Looking down, Hoshi was horrified to find her own
hands were doing the same with a dildo of her own. She couldn't stop them!

"Okay Hoshi, let's focus. As much as I love messin' with you, we are in
danger." said the other Hoshi.

Hoshi tried to say something but her other hand suddenly had another dildo in
it which was promptly shoved in her mouth. Strangely, she began felating it.

Waving her hand in the air, the doppelganger said, "All this is just your...
and my imagination, it's a convenient place to have a little discussion. Now
the reason I can mess with you so easily here in your own mind is because the
longer you stay in this dimension the more this mind becomes mine and less
yours. But you are fighting me...slowing down the process considerably.'s the thing we are both about to be fucked to death. We can avoid
this but...I'd need your full cooperation..."

"I'm not going to help you, you aren't even real, your in my dimension and
I'm stuck in yours." said Hoshi managing to pull the dildo out of her mouth.

"True but if you don't co-operate in a few hours you will be me and any
attempt to fight me would be futile, this is my universe baby and I will beat
you." said the doppelganger.

Hoshi was about to protest again when everything shifted again.

This time she was naked riding a massive vibrator attached to her chair on
the Enterprise bridge and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't stop
herself. The other Hoshi was standing behind her kissing her neck and licking
all the way up to her ears while reaching round and fondling her counterparts
smaller tits.

"Please make this, stop." begged Hoshi as she felt herself cumming.

"I can't, the only way that happens is if you give in and stop resisting me,
I can get you out of here, I know this universe you don't."

"I don't want to become you." moaned Hoshi as she came.

"Like it or not you are becoming me." replied the other Hoshi stepping out in
front of her counterpart to watch as her chest began expanding to her size.

"This isn't happening." said Hoshi closing her eyes only opening them to find
things had shifted yet again.

This time her doppelganger was seated on the captains chair, while she was
down on her knees uncontrollably fondling her enlarged breasts while lowering
her head down into her counterparts pussy.

She began lick the outside lips, circling round slowly before diving her
tongue right in.

Her counterpart wrapped her legs around Hoshi's head almost suffocating her
but in the end Hoshi brought her counterpart to orgasm.

"Your to late but it was fun." said The doppelganger.

Hoshi didn't understand but then suddenly she was awake in a room full of
Klingons and several other Enterprise crewmen, which could only mean one
thing she had been brought to the rec deck, and now her fate was sealed.

* * *

Meanwhile back in Dimension B, Commander Tucker was busy trying to find
some way of transferring the whole Enterprise to the other dimension,
unfortunately he wasn't the science officer and the closest thing to her
on this ship was a sex crazed Vulcan currently locked in her quarters.

"How's it going Trip?" called the Captain.

Trip looked round from his console at the end of the warp core, "I haven't
a clue Cap'n, I reckon I could duplicate the conditions that sent us to that
universe but I can't grantee I can send the whole ship there and even if I
could I can't grantee we won't just switch with there Enterprise."

"Keep trying Trip." said the Captain.

"You know this would go a whole load faster if I had T'Pol to help me."

"That isn't T'Pol and the last thing I need is to confine you to quarters."

"I thought so," said Tucker.

Archer was just heading out of Engineering when he got a call asking him to
come to sickbay.

Taking the turbolift there he couldn't help but remember his experiences in
the other universe.

"Ah Captain," said the Doctor as he entered, "I have been doing further research into your plan to Dimension Jump."


"And my results were rather interesting if not a bit inconclusive. I believe
that so long as we are able to cross dimensional barriers without actually
switching with our counterparts we shouldn't be subjected to the neurological
changes we experienced last time, however several theories on the subject
suggest that if we do cross over for the whole ship and it's crew to remain
there for a great length of time would cause a matter imbalance in their
universe and ultimately destroy it."

"How long before that happens?"

"Impossible to say, and hour or maybe two. If the matter was to be reduced to
say the equivalent of half the crew it could cross over indefinitely but for
a whole ship, it's crew and cargo there would be too many rouge elements."

"Thanks Doctor, I'll be sure to get us out of there within an hour."

* * *

Archer sat in his chair on the bridge watching the stars streak by as the
Enterprise sped through space at warp speed. The Erectorious was only thirty
minutes away if it kept going at less than warp. He figured the Klingons felt
safe this deep within their territory and were enjoying they're new slaves
before dropping them off. His plan was just to get his people back at any
cost and against a Klingon Warbitch, the cost would be high. The Enterprise
was not a battleship but she was still a tough little slut...they'd manage
it. Besides, Archer had an ace up his sleeve...

The turbolift's doors opened and he looked up at it over his shoulder. Into
the bridge, stepped Sarah Suwelu. He grinned as he watched her tiny pink top
stretched tightly across her large bouncing mammaries. It must be shift
change for the communication techs. She strode to her console and hesitated
for a second when she saw who she was replacing. Sarah glared daggers at
Ensign Doherty.

He had heard some rumours, apparently Doherty had on several occasions,
interrupted Sarah's getting head from female members of the crew on the
recreation deck. He did this by coming up and fucking the woman performing
cunnilingus from behind, causing her so much pleasure she couldn't
concentrate on pleasuring Suwelu. The dark skinned communications tech
could combat this by getting male members of the crew to give her head
instead but it still made her mad.

Archer watched as Suwelu approached Doherty, the man rising from his chair
to properly give up responsibility. As the two came together, Doherty caught
the beautiful woman's face in his hands and brought her lips to his. She
responded by throwing her arms around his shoulders and grinding her pussy
into his hard-on. A full minute passed before they broke apart and Doherty
left the bridge.

Damn! She must really hate that guy. Usually, she at least gave the guy a
quick blowjob and in the case of it being a woman...a quick cunt licking.
Well, what Doherty didn't get, the captain most certainly could and would
get if he so desired. Hmmm, looking down at Sukok sucking his cock, he
decided he wanted a bit more. Standing up and accidentally forcing the
Vulcan to deep throat him for a moment, he strode over to Suwelu.

He placed a palm under amazingly smooth moca ass, just as she was about to
sit down. Looking back over her shoulder, she smiled, "Oh captain thank you.
I haven't got a truly great fuck in a long time...well, not since that last
time in your quarters, anyway." Pushing her pink G-string down, she leaned
over her console, presenting her pussy to him as she spread her legs.

Five minutes later as Archer pounded his cock into her cunt and Sarah was
reaching her seventh screaming orgasm, Lt. Reed entered the bridge. He came
over and stood at attention nearby obviously waiting to give his report about
that damned Klingon. Archer noticed he seemed strangely preoccupied with
Suwelu's shouts of how big her captain's cock was.

"Well Malcolm, what is it?" asked Archer as he palmed Sarah's breasts. Reed
seemed to be thinking for a moment as he stroked his obvious erection, coming
to a decision he unzipped himself and released his penis. Staring at the
bouncing Comms tech and stoking himself, he said, "The Klingon is back in the
Decon Chamber. He's sedated as well as strapped down. I have 5 security
personnel guarding him from the outside and they are all male, no chance he
can overpower them."

Archer listened, glad the annoying alien was taken care of. For a moment, the
captain wondered why Sarah wasn't helping Malcolm out. He obviously wanted
her to and she did have a hand free. Well, she must want to focus all her
energies on pleasuring her captain and he wasn't going to discourage that.
Archer glared at Sukok who was quietly masturbating by his chair. She caught
his stare.

Sukok stood up and came over. Placing herself between Malcolm and the comm.
console, she took up a position much like Sarah's. Catching Reed's cock in
her hand, she guided it to her Vulcan pussy. She then preceded to slide
herself back and forth along it's length, doing all the work as the Lt. just
stood there his hands clasped behind his back.

"Thank you, captain. Oh god she's tight!" exclaimed Malcolm.

"No problem. How's T'Pol? Back to normal?" he asked. He smiled as he noticed
Sarah take advantage of the Vulcan's proximity by pressing the bitch's head
to her heaving left breast. Archer obliged by lifting Sarah's tittie up so
Sukok could suck at one large brown nipple.

"I think so, sir. But I think more of our normal, than her normal." Looking a
little embarrassed, he continued, "Um...she sucked by cock, sir. She said it
was in gratitude for freeing her."

Archer laughed and slapped Malcolm on the back as he thrust his cock into
Sarah's sopping pussy. "Good for you! She blew me as well. How was it?"

"Very nice, sir. Very nice...although a lot of it came from just having
T'Pol's fat lips around my cock, truly amazing...I never thought that would
happen in a million years."

* * *

All around the room Hoshi could see her crewmates dangling from the ceiling,
the various Klingon torture devices attached to their bodies, their screams
of pain drown out but the gags in their mouths.

Hoshi was pushed down onto her knees in front of the Klingon captain, "So you
are the human slut who would dishonour my crew, I will see to it you never
see another day.

Hoshi panicked as the Klingon moved behind her with a large knife, luckily he
was only cutting her restraints.

Hoshi then watched as one of the Klingons lay down on the deck his cock high
in the air, she knew what she was expected to do but she planned to resist.

Her resistance proved futile as the Klingon captain just picked her up
impaling her on his commerade's cock, she tried to get herself up but the
captain forced her forward onto all fours and in one swift motion rammed
his cock into her ass.

Hoshi screamed in pain as he thrust his cock in and out of her ass, forcing
her to fuck to cock below her.

All around her the naked Klingons were gathering to watch just how long it
would take to fuck her to death and the way she was going it wouldn't take
long, she had to find away out of this but how. They she remembered what her
counterpart had said about giving into her and smiled.

Hoshi began rocking her hips back and forth, helping the Klingon behind and
below her to fuck her holes. All around the room the Klingons began cheering
as Hoshi rocked back and forth. They moved in closer, several of them
reaching under her and fondling her tits. Reaching out with her hands Hoshi
began to grab their cocks and start jerking them off shooting their loads
all over her.

With in seconds one of the Klingon's had positioned himself at her face,
"Suck my cock slut." he ordered. Hoshi happily obliged, taking his cock
into her mouth and sucking hungrily upon it. She swallowed his precum and
continued jerking off the other men around her as she was fucked in her
ass and pussy.

As the Klingon below her blow his load, Hoshi was lifted up enough so that
another could slip under her and begin fucking her cunt.

The Klingon in her mouth blew his load deep in her throat, withdrawing from
it on of the Klingons she had been masturbating took up the position in her
mouth, only to be shoved aside by the captain who had finished with her ass.

Hoshi sucked and sucked as she continued rocking her hips back and forth and
tugging furiously at as many shafts as she could reach.

Soon the Klingon screwing her pussy groaned and let loose inside her, she let
out a long moan as she felt his sperm shot inside her womb.

Then the Captain's cock in her mouth suddenly exploded with thick and warm
cum which Hoshi eagerly swallowed although some dribbled down her chin to mix
with the rest on her body.

All around her, the men groaned in pleasure, spurts of hot and sticky cum
splattered all over her naked body, "MOOOORRRRRREEEE!" she screamed, her mind
now completely immersed in her slutty counterpart.

T'Pol lay on the bed in her counterpart's quarters. After her ordeal with the
Klingon she felt she needed rest. Although at the moment that was the last
thing she was getting.

It had started small and swiftly grew...this feeling in her cunt, her
nipples, and her ass. Oh she was soooo horny! She needed relief. What this
dimension called a uniform was quickly discarded and she began to tease and
play with her clit.

After a minute T'Pol realized it wasn't enough. She got onto her hands and
knees. As her right hand stroked her sex...her left moved underneath her and
across her large breasts swaying with her body's movements...then the hand
moved down her stomach, stroking the sensitive skin. She teased her belly
button with a finger for a moment before swerving to left and over the flare
of her hip and around the sexy curve of her firm buttocks.

Her sensual moaning changed to guttural grunts of pain mixed with pleasure
as first one finger then two penetrated her tight Vulcan asshole. For a while
the fucking of her hands was satisfying but then she realized her nipples
still demanded attention. But she could not and would not stop pleasuring her
other erogenous zones not for even one second. Thinking quickly, she lowered
her chest to the bed keeping her ass still high in the air. Using her arms
and legs, she rubbed her upper body back and forth across the bed, dragging
her enflamed nipples.

As her body tried to sate it's desires, her mind flitted from sexual
encounter to sexual encounter. Even to one's before she'd arrived in this
dimension and to one's that could only be her alter ego's. She groaned at
all the lovely images of T'Pol fucking and sucking. After a bit, her mind
kept returning to one scene. Powerful well muscled torso...well-defined
ridged forehead...huge...gigantic cock...bigger than any she'd ever seen
before including the captain's.

T'Pol suddenly realized what she was imagining. Thinking quickly she realized
she needed a real fucking, not this petty masturbation. She knew what she had
thought earlier but it didn't matter she had to get release!

Soon enough T'Pol was practically sprinting down the Enterprise's corridors
still without her uniform. Each hand gripped one of her breasts as she moved.
She came upon a turbolift and waited for it to open. Stepping inside, she
stopped short as she saw two men fucking a Vulcan.

One man leaned back against the turbolift's wall his cock pistoned in and out
of the Vulcan slave's pussy. The other human stood in front, the Vulcan's
mouth swallowing his erection.

T'Pol stared for a moment before a strange feeling welled up inside her.
These three were beneath her. T'Pol was the highest ranking officer on the
ship next to the captain and she could have him buried between her legs at
anytime. She was the real power on the ship. These two humans were nothing.
And the Vulcan...she had once been captain of a just a slave.
T'Pol grinned.

Five minutes later, T'Pol was getting fucked in her pussy and her ass at the
same time. While she rode the two men, her tongue explored the mouth of the
small breasted Vulcan. The slave stroked T'Pol's breasts.

* * *

On the bridge Captain Archer was sitting anxiously staring at the view screen
with the Klingon vessel's image becoming larger and larger.

He'd had Sukok bound and gagged in his ready room to remove the temptation
to fuck her, although he was tense and anxious battle was the one time he
couldn't afford to give into his desires and neither could the rest of the
bridge staff.

"We've got a read out on their engines sir." said Lt Reed, "They must have
burnt out their warp drive trying to put that distance between us and them
they are still moving away from us at full impulse."

"Time to intercept Travis?"

"Another 16 minutes sir."

Archer moved to the edge of his seat, maybe he should find some one to give
him a quick fuck after all 16 minutes was a long time. He eventually decided
against it, the last thing he needed was to be caught with his pants down
literally if the Klingons decided to turn round and make a stand.

"Status report Lieutenant." he called.

"All departments report ready, weapons are standing by to charge and the hull
is ready to polarize the second we drop out of warp." replied Reed, "However
they still heavily outgun us."

"I thought you liked a good fight Malcolm."

"Yes sir, a fight I can win." replied Reed looking down at his console, "Hang
on sir, my security teams have alerted me that T'Pol has left her quarters
and is fucking several crew members in the corridor."

"Get down there and get her back into her quarters, the last thing I need is
for half my crew to be engaged in an orgy when we are meant to be going into

"Aye sir." said Reed hoping out of his seat and grabbing his phase pistol.

As he reached the turbolift doors Mayweather spoke, "Captain what is that?"

Archer looked up at the view screen where a large energy formation had
appeared in their path, "What is it?"

"It looks like some kind of hole in space." said Mayweather.

"It appears to be some kind of spatial rift sir." said the young woman
manning the science station, "Sir I'm getting some kind of reading from the

"What?" said Archer

"It''s another Klingon Warbitch decloaking!"

"Damn." muttered Archer. One Warbitch was bad enough but two? This definitely
wasn't looking good. Well, with the Shertyui they might be able to take them.
"Okay, let's target the bitch holding our people. Bring down those shields!"

"Aye" said the woman manning Reed's console.

The bridge shook as both Warbitches fired their disruptors on the Enterprise.
Mayweather steered a course towards the other side of the Erectorious trying
to keep that ship between them and the other.

"Warp signature approaching!"

"From where?" asked the captain.

"Vulcan space, sir. It's the Shertyui, sir!"

Archer grinned, "That's General Shrann. His battleship definitely evens
the odds." The Andorian ship focused it's fire on the Erectorious as well,
ignoring the other Klingon. If they could bring down it's shields and
retrieve their people, they could get out of here.

The ship shook again. "Shield status?"

"We're at 83 percent. The Erectorious: 85, sir."

"Sir!" called out the science officer, "More anomalies...7 Klingon ships

The captain grimaced. That was not good. There would be no hope now. Three
of the newcomer joined their companions in attacking the Enterprise, they're
hawk looking ships swooping. The other 4 targeted the Shertyui.

"Sir? Maybe we should retreat." said a scared sounding ensign.

"Never. We will save our people or die trying!" said Archer.

"The Erectorious' shields are collapsing! And so our the Shertyui's!"

Archer grinned. Just maybe they could subdue the Erectorious' crew in time.
He didn't think so but he had to try. "Alright. Transport our marines to the
Erectorious and get ready to transport the Shertyui's crew off when they call
for it."

Even now Andorian marines would be transporting to the Erectorious as
Klingon's transported to the Shertyui's. It was suicide but fighting the
Klingon's hand to hand always was.

"Sir, Another anomaly!"

"Oh, as if 9 wasn't enough." remarked Archer.

"It's different sir. I'm bringing it up on the main screen"

Archer watched as the view changed to a orange pulsating disk in space. It
seemed strangely peaceful when compared to the Klingon Warbitches cruising
past firing disruptors. One Warbitch started to pass in front of it,
obviously not paying it any attention. Archer saw something silver in the
anomaly and then the Warbitch's neck seemed to snap. His view was instantly
washed away as the entire ship turned into one expanding fireball.

"What the hell?"

Before anyone could answer a disk-shaped, the Enterprise appeared,
the inferno raging harmlessly along it's shield.

Archer again found himself saying, "What the hell?"

Two Klingon ships turned to fire upon the newcomer. Two red tongues of red
phaser fire lanced the nearest. "Sir!" called the stunned tactical officer,
"There shields just collapsed."

Archer was too stunned to believe it. He watched the other Enterprise fired
two photon torpedoes at the defenceless ship. He could see that they were
trying to disable the Warbitch's weapons. Archer was shocked to see the
Warbitch completely explode.

Archer thought quickly. This must be the other dimensional enterprise...
and if they didn't quite have the sexual prowess as this dimension, they
definitely seemed to make up for it in their war making skills

The battle continued with the second Enterprise firing on another Klingon
vessel, while the Shertyui was now being reinforced by another two Andorian
battlecrusiers was firing on one of the larger Warbitches.

The Enterprise had managed to disable the Erectorious' shields and propulsion
systems but not it's weapons and without her own shields our weapons they
were forced to back off to a safe distance out of range to transport their
remaining marines our rescue the deployed ones.

As the battle continued Archer sat in his chair helplessly watching the
second Enterprise lead one of the Warbitches away from the fight and destroy
it while the remaining four Klingon vessels were engaging the Andorians and
delivering a heavy pounding to the Shertyui.

"Captain the Generals vessel is losing life-support, he is requesting a beam

"Do it." ordered Archer wanting to at least do something in this fight.

Turning he noticed Reed returning to the bridge.

"T'Pol seems to be back to her normal self sir, I mean her normal not our

"That might have something to do with it." replied Archer pointing to the
other Enterprise destroying another Warbitch, "I guess bringing our T'Pol
back to our universe restored her."

"Sir we are being hailed from the other Enterprise."

"On screen."

Archer sat back in his seat, the lights on his damaged bridge flickering, to
see his own face.

"I believe we have something of yours." said Archer.

"We have your T'Pol but your Hoshi was captured by the Klingons along with
several members of my crew. I have dispatched a team of marines to their
vessel to rescue her but even with the Andorians help we don't stand a much
of a chance against the Klingons do you have any troops to reinforce them."

"I don't have any trained soldiers and our transporters can't function
under these conditions, but if we can disable their weapons I can send some
security officers by shuttle. I will also send your T'Pol and Hoshi back to

"Very well when the shuttle arrives I will return your T'Pol." Archer then
cut the transmission, he couldn't wait to get his T'Pol back and put her in
her rightful place, on her knees, "Malcolm, when T'Pol returns bring her
straight to the bridge and make sure she doesn't find out about the change
in her status, I want the pleasure of bringing her to her knees myself."

"Sir can I make a suggestion," said Reed stepping down from his console, "I
have scanned their vessel and have determined that approximately one third
of it's crew are female and it's systems are identical to ours excluding our
superior transporters and sensors, so I could remotely deactivate their hull
plating and weapons allowing us to beam off their female crew before
reactivating their transdimensional warp drive sending them back home with a
little explosive in their engineering section to make sure they don't make
any rescue attempts."

Archer seemed puzzled, "And what would we do with them Lieutenant?"

"We add them to the ships slave complement, I for one wouldn't mind having
another T'Pol around."

"And how do we justify keeping human slaves to command?"

"We just say they were aiding the Vulcan slaves."

Archer had to think about this for a moment, on one hand he was about to
enslave his T'Pol but she was a sex addict and would do what she had too to
fulfil her needs but the other T'Pol was cold driven by logic, it would be
far more rewarding to break her.

After a few more minutes of thinking Archer decided that Lt Reed had a point
two T'Pol's would be better than one but without his ships weapons he'd need
the other Enterprise to help him defeat the Klingons and rescue his crew as
well as their Hoshi so that he could capture her.

Archer and Reed were busy finalizing their plan when Mayweather informed them
that the other Enterprise had send a shuttle with their Hoshi and T'Pol over.

"Lieutenant escorts their T'Pol to the shuttle then bring our one to the
bridge." said Archer.

"But I thought we had decided to keep their T'Pol?"

"We need them to get their Hoshi and our crew back and if we keep their T'Pol
their isn't much chance of that, we'll beam her of when we take the rest of
their women."

"Aye sir." replied Reed leaving the bridge.

He went to crew quarters and found the alternate T'Pol and escorted her to
the shuttle bay where the other Enterprise's shuttle was now docking.

"Welcome back." said Reed watching as T'Pol and Hoshi stripped out of the
uniforms the other Archer had insisted they wear, "The captain is waiting on
the bridge."

As T'Pol walked just ahead of them Reed informed Hoshi of the change in
government during her absence. She nodded approvingly.

As Reed and the two women entered the bridge Dr Phlox and Commander Tucker
were there as well as Sukok chained at the side of Archer's chair.

"Your Sexiness what is the meaning of this?" asked T'Pol.

"There have been a few changes while you were gone bitch." said Archer.

T'Pol was about to turn and leave the bridge when Tucker and Reed grabbed
her, holding her tightly in front of the captain.

From the side of his chair Archer produced one of the collars and locked
around T'Pol's neck.

"Amazing piece of technology, suppresses all your mental powers and..."
Archer pushed the button on the small remote control box around his wrist
and watched as T'Pol fell to her knees in pain while Sukok yelled behind
him, "Painful, unfortunately for Sukok here you activate it and it hurts
everyone wearing one within 10 metres so unless you want to inflict pain
on the other slaves I suggest you behave."

T'Pol attempted to stand up but Archer shocked her again, "On your knees
bitch. I'll tell you when you can stand. Now the doctor has some presents for

Phlox produced a hypospray and proceeded to inject T'Pol and both nipples,
her clit and anus causing waves of pleasure to wash over her.

"New super stimulators just for you at least 10..." Archer glanced at Phlox.

"Oh at least 20 Captain."

"20 times more powerful than the old ones."

T'Pol could feel the orgasm building within her as the stimulators worked
their magic but before she could cum Phlox injected her with something
denying her of her climax. T'Pol knew that she had just been injected with
an orgasmic suppresser designed for prisoner interrogation. The prisoners
were brought to the brink of orgasm then injected leaving them desperate
to cum and more than willing to talk, even Vulcans had to give in after
only a short time.

"That will make you more cooperative." said Archer, "The crew have access
to the drug that will allow you to orgasm but they will only inject you if
you are a good little slave and do as you are told."

T'Pol didn't see that she had much choice, she was desperate to cum she
needed that injection for some relief even if it would only be temporary.

"We've taken the liberty of drawing you up a new duty roster, You will spend
each night with a different member of the senior staff, your mouth wrapped
around their cock or tongue buried in their cunt, four hours in the
recreation facilities you will spend two hours a day servicing engineering
an hour in sickbay, I believe the Doctor has some tests to conduct on those
tits of yours to find out why they are so big and see if he can find away to
improve the inadequacies of the rest of your species. The rest of your time
will be spent servicing the bridge crew, giving some special attention to
Ensign Sato. I believe you enjoyed ordering her around didn't you, now what
was it you did with her?"

T'Pol didn't answer.

"Answer or it's going to be tomorrow before you get that orgasm."

"I would make her eat out my cunt or tongue my ass for three hours forbidding
her to remove her tongue or she would be punished."

"And that's exactly what you'll be doing for her every bridge shift, plus any
other torture she can think of for you."

* * *

Hoshi smiled as if she already had some ideas.

Hoshi's tongue flicked across Cutler's clit as she shoved three fingers in
and out of the woman's cunt. She was going to cum again. Right now the woman
was screaming out in pleasure; she couldn't control herself and Hoshi loved
it. Hoshi would have loved it more if Cutler was sucking her pussy but she's
already had enough of that. It was exciting to hold the woman at the edge of
orgasm as she frantically fondled her breasts begging for release.

Hoshi suddenly realized her tongue was in another woman's vagina. Her fingers
were covered with her secretions. With a groan, Hoshi pulled herself away
from the moaning crew member. Oh my god! Disgust turned to delight. I'm back!
Looking down at Cutler she found she had no desire whatsoever for her. Wiping
her hand off on her stomach, she told herself to focus.

The Klingons had all left when the battle had begun. They hadn't even
bothered to leave any guards. Looking around she saw no weapons or clothes
for that matter. She had to get out of here before they came back. But she
didn't look forward to wandering the ship naked and weaponless.

She pulled Cutler to her feet, ignoring the girl's wandering hands, "Come on.
We have to get out of here."

The brunette moaned, "I haven't cum yet."

Hoshi raised one eyebrow, "Girl, I brought you to orgasm 11 times! Now come
on lets go!" She ignored her further protests and stepped out of the room and
into the hall.

She could here phaser and disruptor fire as well as explosions off in the
distance. Looking back to make sure Cutler was following, she headed for
Kk'shra's cabin, hoping the 3 women would still be enthralled. After the
third time, Cutler's hand landed on her ass, Hoshi told her, "Cut it out!
We don't have time for that stuff!"

Cutler huddled close, "I'm sorry. I'm just so scared. It helps calm me to
touch." Hoshi looked into the woman's eyes. She was frightened badly. Hell,
Hoshi was scared. Well, she'd been thoroughly violated this entire fucked-up
trip why stop now? She sighed, "Fine, touch my butt if you must. You can even
fondle my breasts but stay the hell away from my pussy, ok?"

Cutler nodded and Hoshi found herself laughing at her predicament. Here
she was sneaking through a Klingon ship in the middle of a battle with a
beautiful voluptuous woman groping her ass.

Around the corner they encountered their first Klingon. He was sprawled out
on the floor, apparently unconscious his monstrous cock still erect pointing
to the ceiling. Hoshi stepped over him and grimaced as she recognized him.
His disruptor was no where to be found. She left him behind gladly.

At the end of the corridor she noticed Cutler's hands were absent. Looking
back she groaned. There she was happily bouncing upon the Klingon's cock, low
moans escaping her lips. As Hoshi marched back towards her she had an odd
thought. Ha, I was making her fucking scream a lot louder than that back in
the rec deck. Hoshi shook her head and started to pull the woman off.

But she wouldn't move.

Hoshi began to panic, convinced that the phaser and disruptor fire was
drawing nearer to the corridor where they were located. She started making
her way down the corridor leaving Cutler behind thinking to herself that
this wasn't really her friend just some sex crazed parody of her but in the
end she decided that she couldn't just leave her there so she turned back.

"Liz come on we have to keep moving."

But she didn't listen.

Assessing the situation Hoshi couldn't think of any decent way to remove her.

"Oh I can't believe I'm away to do this." Hoshi muttered slipping up behind
the brunette, reaching round and cupping her breasts.

She began gently massaging them and pinching her nipples.

Cutler moaned approvingly but it didn't seem to be bringing her any closer
to orgasm. So Hoshi began sliding one of her hands down Cutler's body and
sliding it round to her ass groping it in much the same way as had been
done to her only moments before but it still didn't help. Cutler was still
bouncing up and down on the Klingon cock.

Disgusted by her current action, Hoshi couldn't believe that she'd have to go
further but still massaging her breast with one hand she slipped the other
into her ass and began sliding it in and out.

Cutler's moaning became louder, "Uh yes...Oh yes.... harder.....faster...
Uuuhh...I'm cumming...I'm cumming......I'm Uuuuuhhhhhhh."

Hoshi had done it and the two were able to start moving again.

Rushing down the corridor they passed several more bodies including several
of the marines from the Enterprise.

They were able to make it to Kk'shra's quarters, avoiding any encounters with
active Klingons.

The opened the door and stepped inside, to find the three Klingon women
standing on either side armed with their disruptors.

"So the human slut who would dishonour us with Rraf'Gnuk returns, we will
make you pay."

Kk'shra and Larosa grabbed the two women by the hair and pulled them towards
the bed then forced them down on to their knees before Galrona.

"How did they get free?" asked Hoshi.

"The lust for battle is enough to restore any Klingon to their proper state
of mind." replied Cutler.

Hoshi realized they were in trouble now, she knew from her own universe what
the Klingon need for vengeance was like and now without the skills of her
counterpart she had no way to control or stop these Klingons from taking

Looking up at the powerful klingon woman, Hoshi's heart sunk. There would be
no escape from these three. As Galrona leaned down to capture Hoshi's chin in
her hand, she heard the woosh of the doors opening behind her.

There was a surprised shout in a language Hoshi recognized as Andorian. All
three Klingons went for their disruptors when suddenly Hoshi was knocked to
the floor as something blue flashed by. Brushing her hair out of her eyes,
she saw Galrona grappling with two Andorians.

Even as she watched, Galrona grabbed one by the neck and tossed him into the
nearby wall. The Andorian took advantage of her momentary distraction and
snapped a kick to the back of her knees. She fell to the floor and the blue
skinned alien leaped atop her. Looking around she saw the other Klingons were
also under attack.

Kk'shra, the largest of the women, seemed to be doing rather well. She was
sitting upon the back of one while slamming his head into the floor. The
other Andorian she had subdued in a rather unorthodox way. The front of the
Andorian's uniform was ripped away and his penis exposed. Kk'shra had his
balls clutched tightly in her free hand. She didn't appear to be squeezing
but the Andorian wasn't moving at all, apparently hoping the Klingon wouldn't
destroy his manhood in her powerful fist.

Hoshi was shocked to see the third woman, Larosa, was not fighting at all.
In fact she was fucking one of the Andorian's as he lay on the floor. Larosa
growled and roared with animal passion as she thrust herself violently upon
his shaft. Hoshi figured that in this dimension, there women sometimes
decided to fuck their enemies into submission...certainly would go along with
the general fucked up nature of this universe.

But as Hoshi watched an Andorian fired a weapon into Larosa. The white
projectile seemed to vanish as it hit her and Hoshi noticed her eyes
fluttered and her body shuddered. It must be some type of stun weapon.
And with the Klingon's powerful constitution, they just seemed to shrug
it off. Although it looked like it caused Larosa to become more intent
on fucking, her eyes glazed and her hands violently pinching her own

As the melee waged around her, Hoshi wondered what to do. Looking over she
could see Elizabeth had decided this was a good time to masturbate. Jeeze!
Were women in this dimension never sated? Hoshi started crawling to the door
while dragging the idiot Cutler by an arm.

Still dragging Cutler behind her Hoshi continuded moving accross the floor,
moving to the side occationally to avoid being trampled on by the Klingons or
Andorians wrestling and fucking around her.

She dodged Kk'Shra shoving one of the Andorians into her path and continued
crawling round them almost getting grabbed by Galrona who had finished off
the Andorian she was wrestling by ripping off both his antena, but before she
could act another two Andorians jumped her and pulled her back.

Hoshi then continued hurrying towards the door with Cutler now right up
beside her having brought herself to orgasm. Making it to the door Hoshi
stood up and activated the door panel closing the door.

"We have to get out of here." said Hoshi.

"But what about the rest of the crew?" asked Cutler.

"They have probablly been rescued by now." replied Hoshi.

The two women began heading straight down one of the corridors that sounded
like it was currently free of weapons fire. Reaching the end the passed
through a door into a computer relay room.

Examining the consoles Hoshi found a lay out of the ship locating the
transporters and the shuttle bay.

Hoshi knew she wouldn't be able to pilot a Klingon shuttle, she could barly
pilot a starfleet shuttle and besides she didn't like the idea of being stuck
in a confined environment with Cutler so as much as she disliked them she
concluded the only way off the ship would be transporters, only problem was
the transporter room was at the other end of the ship and one deck down.

As they turned to walk out of the room a large male Klingon burst in carrying
a disruptor in one hand and a pain stick in the other his body covered with
cuts and Andorian blood.

Swinging his painstick and roaring he hit Hoshi knocking her to the floor
dazing her. He then leapt forward grabbing Cutler and bent her over a

Taking his pain stick he rammed it into her ass.

Regaining her senses Hoshi could hear Cutler screaming in pain as the Klingon
began slipping the pain stick in and out of her ass.

Hoshi moved to the other side of the Klingon and made an attempt to grab his
disruptor from his belt but his quick warrior reflex allowed him to grab the
young Ensign with his huge hand and force her onto the console before him.

Holding her down he growled approvingly as he moved his hand down to her cunt
and began fingering her.

Hoshi was paralyzed by the motion of the massive finger slipping in and out
of her, she moaned while her friend continued screaming from the pain stick
driving in and out of her ass.

Suddenly Hoshi heard the sound of a disruptor firing and her Klingon attacker
fell forward dead.

Looking up Hoshi saw an Andorian moving into the room quickly sealing the
door behind.

"Thank you," said Hoshi, "You saved us."

Checking to see if the doors were secure the Andorian turned back to the two
women and began unzipping his pants.

"What are you doing?" asked Hoshi as the Andorians massive blue cock sprang

"I saved your lives and in acordance with your own human customs you must
provide me with the proper reward." said the Andorian.

Hoshi watched as Elizebeth hopped down off the display panel she was sitting
on, "Well I don't want a formal disaplinery from the Captain if he were to
find out I had breached protocall."

Hoshi watched as Cutler sank to her knees before the Andorian and began
sucking his huge cock. It was much larger than most humans and extremly

As Hoshi stood watching with some disgust she could see the Andorian eying
her still naked body his antena twitching and moving in time with every bob
of Cutlers head, the strange thing was Hoshi was beginning to feel strange
like something was stimulating every part of her body.

She found herself shifting uncomfortably as the sensation from her clit
intensified. Looking over she could see the Andorian grinning as if he had
something to do with her current situation.

She continued shifting uncomfortably as the feelings thoughout her body
intensified. As she did she noticed the Elizabeth was shifting in much the
same way as she sucked on the large cock.

After a few more minutes Cutler began moaning, the Andorian's cock still in
her mouth, her every moan enhancing his pleasure until he began to shoot his
load into her throat, at the same time both Cutler and Hoshi began to cum.

The Andorian shot a massive load that proved too much for Cutler causing his
blue cum to spill out down her face.

Cutler got up and began to lick the juices off her face, "My god that was
good, I've never had an Andorian before but I always heard they were quite
an experience."

Hoshi was still reeling from her orgasm, it was alot more intense than
anything she'd have experienced in her dimension.

"H..How did...I mean why did I cum when he wasn't doing anything to me?"
asked Hoshi.

"Andorians use their antena to project sexually stimulate the people around
them, as they are being fucked they project the sensation of what they are
experiencing onto people around them so they can feel what they are feeling
all over their body. Weird. I never knew sucking someones cock could feel so
good." replied Cutler.

"Now your turn." said the Andorian turning his attention to Hoshi.

"I'm not doing anything with you." Hoshi insisted.

"Your Human laws demand that you service me in exchange for helping you."

"I'll do it." said Cutler.

Hoshi began to wonder if the women of this universe ever thought about
anything but sex, she was trying to save Cutler and she was busy trying to
get fucked sensless.

"No." insisted the Andorian, "I have had you and now I want her."

Hoshi crossed her arms resolved in her decision not to fuck the Andorian when
she suddenly began to feel a strange sensation from her clit.

Looking over at the Andorian he was looking down at her crotch, his antena

Hoshi guessed that the Andorian was using his sexual projection technique on
her again and it was getting stronger, she could feel herself go weak at the

"Ahhhh....please stop this......Mmmmmm." moaned Hoshi no longer able to stand
up the sensations from her clit driving her insane.

Her hands slipped to her crotch as she could feel the orgasm building
inside her. Closer and closer the Andorian was bringing her then suddenly it

Hoshi remained on her knees panting loudly feeling so horny when the
sensation moved to her nipples.

"You must be feeling quite horny now, are you sure you don't want to thank me
for saving you."

Hoshi knelt before the Andorian in a state of near frenzy. The alien was
angry with her, angry that she had defied his request for sexual payment. He
had saved her life from the Klingon warrior and was now going to risk his own
life getting her to freedom. As per the human custom, he expected her to
service his needs before his rescue attempt went any further. For who knew if
they would actually make it off the ship alive, and the least the Andorian
wanted was a good fuck before he died.

But Hoshi had dared to say 'No'. How rude and inconsiderate! And so now the
Andorian was using his innate ability to project sexual stimuli through his
antenae to punish Hoshi, to make her squirm. He was bringing her to the brink
of ecstacy and then pulling her right back down again, without ever giving
her the satisfaction of release.

Hoshi bit her lip as the waves of pleasure once again built up inside of her.
Sweat glistened on her trembling, yellow body and, although she tried to
fight it, she could not stop her hands from darting down between her legs to
rub feverishly at her clit. She didn't know how long she could stand this and
knew that it was only a matter of time before she gave in. And a part of her
wondered why she was fighting it in the first place. All she had to do was
fuck the blue skinned bastard and then she'd be home free. But another part
of her, one that was filled with a burning anger, knew exactly why she was
putting up such a struggle. Ever since she'd come to this crazy, parallel
universe, her sense of self had been getting stripped away. Literally as
well as figuratively. But now she was herself again, truly and wonderfully
herself. The mental doppleganger inside of her mind was gone, the
psychological imprint of her parallel self had melted away. She didn't know
how or why but she was damn glad of it. She had been on the brink of
completely losing herself and becoming this other Hoshi. And that had scared
her even more then the Klingons had.

But now that she was free she intended to act like the woman she knew she
was, and not some rutting animal like all the others who lived in this
fucking Horny Universe.

The flotsam and jetsam of shattered starships floated in the dead of space.
The Klingons had been destroyed but at a heavy cost. The Andorian attack
squadron was nearly annihalated. In fact, the Klingons would have won the
day if not for the intervention of the U.S.S. Enterprise. And no one was
more surprised about that then her captain and crew.

"I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Trip," Captain Archer was saying,
"but can you please explain to me how we did what we just did?"

Trip's face took on a grim look. He too had been amazed at how completely
the Enterprise had dominated the fighting, deflecting energy fire and
torpedo hits, manuevering around the enemy vessels with startling speed
and precision, blasting through shields and armor plating like they were
no more then tin foil. And that simply shouldn't have been the case. The
Klingon warbitches were better armored and more heavily armed. Even the
other-dimensional S.X.X. Enterprise was more of a warship then her more
peaceful counterpart. But now that he'd had a chance to look over the
computer logs Trip's analysis led him to a very frightening explanation.

"It looks like the trip through the dimensional barrier has endowed us with
a kind of energy boost, Cap," he replied. "We're in a state of heightened
quantum flux. One of the side-effects is that our structural integrity, power
systems, and weapons are more powerful here then they should be."

"Well that sure came in handy," Archer said dryly. "But what else is this
'energy boost' doing to us?"

"Put simply," Trip answered, "it's turning us into a bomb. A very big bomb.
Our quantum levels are still on the rise, and the longer we stay here the
more juiced up we're going to get. And when we've reached a state of maximum
overload we're going to go up like a super-nova. Captain, I suggest we finish
our mission here and get the hell home, cause we're running out of time."

Archer took a deep breath and then looked at his wrist chronometer. "Malcolm
and his team is searching that warbitch right now for Hoshi and the captives
taken from the other-Enterprise. After everything that ship's gone through I
can't believe there can be that much resistance coming from her crew. If only
our communications were working as well as our weapons systems I could find
out what's going on over there. But for the time being I can only wait until
Malcolm's finished. Sending over more shuttles would only complicate matters
and I won't risk having anyone else get stranded on the wrong side of the
dimensional barrier. It's all up to Malcolm now, and I've got to give him all
the time he needs to pull off his rescue operation. Unfortunately, time may
be the last thing we have enough of around here. Trip, I need to know when
this ship is going to go boom, and I need to know it now."

"My boys are working up an ETA as we speak," Trip replied. "I'll go lend
them a helping hand." And then the chief engineer turned and headed into the

Hoshi couldn't bare it much more. The Andorian kept pushing her to the limits
watching perversly as she fingered herself trying to move along her orgasm
but as it was about to happen the Andorian would stop and begin stimulating
her ass or tits.

Hoshi wanted to get up and run but the Andorian's power was keping her on her

"Give yourself to me and it will all be over." the Andorian said.

Hoshi still didn't want to submit she intended to keep on fighting, but the
Andorian began to step up his assult of her, stimulating every part of Hoshi.
Unable to help herrself with her own hands Hoshi fell to the deck and began
rubbing herself against it hoping to relive herself but in the end she was
forced to conceed.

"Ok...Ok please just stop." she cried.

The Andorain eased up on his assult but didn't stop just yet. Hoshi crawled
over to him and took his big blue cock in her hand and stared at it.

She didn't quite know what to do with it afterall her own sexual experience
was very limited compared to her counterparts.

She began moving her head in closer to his cock but suddenly the doors blue
open and in barged Lt Reed, her Lt Reed.

"Ensign." he said turning his eyes away from her naked form, "If you are
quite done here the captain wants us to get the hell out of this place."

Hoshi instantlly let the Andorians cock go and followed Lt Reed.

"I will be making a formal protest to your captain." shouted the Andorian.

"Lt Reed to Captain Archers, I have located our Hoshi and your Cutler and am
returning to the shuttle now."

"Very good Lt. My men have rescued the remainder of my crew and are awaiting
your arrival at the hanger deck." said This dimensions Archer.

When the phase blast had burst open the door to the computer relay room,
Hoshi had stared up in shock and confusion. She didn't know what was
happening and she didn't know what to do. But as Lieutenant Reed and his
security detail swept into the room, their phase pistols armed, aimed and
ready to fire, she instantly let go of the Andorian's blue cock. For it
was in that exact same instant that she saw that this was 'her' Lt. Reed
and not the hyper-sexed analog that belonged to the Horny Universe. Relief
swept through her like a tidal wave. But then another wave, an even bigger
one, swept up right behind the first. And this wave held no relief or solace
for her, but only humiliation and shame.

For as Hoshi stared up at the man who had come to rescue her, time seemed to
freeze for a moment, a moment that would forever be burned into her mind in
a single, stark, and brutal image. The image was of Lt.Reed, her friend
Malcolm, staring down at her in complete disbelief. But only for the briefest
of moments. And then it was followed by his face filling up with a look of
disgust before he quickly turned his head away from her, unwilling to even
look at her as he said, "Ensign, if you're quite done here, the Captain wants
us to get the hell out of this place."

Humiliation and shame. That was all Hoshi Sato could feel as she kneeled, her
flesh raw and naked, on the cold, sticky floor of the Klingon computer relay

"You can't do this!" the Andorian yelled at Reed as one of his men pulled
Hoshi up off the floor. Reed's gaze shot out like daggers at the alien. "I
can, and I am, and don't get in my way," Reed replied bluntly and then
turned his back to the man. "But I'm not finished with her yet!" the Andorian
screeched, his hard cock standing tense and erect as his antennae whipped
about franticly. Reed turned around stiffly, appalled and offended. He had
been briefed on how things worked in this alternate reality, on how different
the situation here was from his own universe, but he could still hardly
believe how depraved these people were. 'Not finished with her yet'? The
Andorian spoke as if women were just playthings, sexual toys lying around for
his personal amusement. But they weren't things, they were people, worthy and
deserving of respect. Reed felt like taking a swing at the man. But he had
his orders and Captain Archer had specifically warned him not to let his
personal feelings get in the way of the mission. And so he checked his urge
to slug the blue-skinned man and instead simply said to him, "It's time for
us to go home, and I just happen to be this lady's ride. If you want to stay
here, that's fine by me. In fact I'll do you a favor, there's a Klingon
female two corridors down who would just love to get better acquainted with
you. I think I can introduce you to her."

The Andorian glared at Lt.Reed and his blue face turned a poisonous shade of
green as he fumed and shouted, "I will be making a formal protest to your
Captain!" And then he stalked out of the room.

Reed was very happy to see him go. But he had to get going too, there wasn't
any time to dawdle. Opening up his supply pack, Malcolm pulled out a yeoman's
jumpsuit he'd brought along for the mission. Turning to face Hoshi he saw
that one of his men had given her a jacket to wear. It was big on her and
covered up her nakedness fairly well, but Malcolm could see that it was only
doing half a job. She was still obviously very cold and very uncomfortable.
He stepped up to her and offered her the uniform. Hoshi seemed to shrink away
from him though. A moment ticked by, her head bent down, her face hidden by
the long strands of her black hair. And then, without a word, she reached out
and took the jumpsuit.

"Uhm, well then, ah... We'll just go secure the corridor outside while you
change in here," Malcolm said, his voice tense and uncomfortable. His men
glanced at each other awkwardly, each one realizing how pointless the
Lieutenant's consideration for Hoshi's modesty was. It was too late for that.
They'd already seen the ensign completely naked, and none of them would soon
forget the sight of her kneeling in front of the Andorian, his hard, blue
cock in her hand.

But they all went out into the corridor anyway and waited for Hoshi to get

When she was ready she joined them, bringing Ensign Cutler with her. Reed had
left a jumpsuit for her as well, but as a native of the Horny Universe she
had no desire to put it on and no inhibitions about strutting around stark
naked. Luckily for Lt.Reed, after the intense orgasms that the Andorian had
put her through, Cutler was so tired out she didn't have the energy to hit on
any of his men.

And then they all headed for the hangar deck. Along the way Reed pulled out
his communicator. When he opened the comm.frequency though, a burst of static
blasted his ears. Adjusting the frequency he raised the communicator to his
lips and said, "Lt.Reed to Enterprise, are you reading me?" To his surprise
he got two incoming signals instead of just one. They almost overlapped each
other and came from both of the Enterprises, the one floating off the bow of
the Erectorius and the other off her stern.

"Malcolm, are you alright?" came the voice of a very concerned Capt. Archer.

"Lt. Reed, it's good to hear from you again," came the voice of the other
Capt. Archer.

Malcolm shook his head in quiet wonder at the strange situation he and the
rest of the crew of the Enterprise had found themselves in and then replied,
"Lt. Reed to Captain Archers, I have located our Hoshi and your Cutler and
am returning to the shuttle now."

"Very good Lieutenant," the other-Archer responded. "My men have rescued the
remainder of my crew and are awaiting your arrival at the hanger deck."

There were still a few, sporadic fire fights taking place on the ship - the
Andorians wanted the Klingons to pay for their dead comrades - but Malcolm
and his team managed to avoid them and make it to the hangar without much
difficulty. They quickly handed over Cutler to the Starfuck officers and
then boarded Shuttle Pod One and blasted off for their own Enterprise.

During the short trip Hoshi sat completely silent and almost unmoving in
her seat. Malcolm glanced over at her more then once, his concern for her
condition growing steadily stronger. He wondered if maybe giving her
something to do would help. They certainly had a problem that Hoshi was
uniquely suited to grappling with. Ever since they'd jumped through the
dimensional barrier their communications systems had been deteriorating.
And as time went by the problem was only growing worse. It had for all
practical purposes cut Malcolm off from his ship on this last mission,
which could have fatally compromised he and his team. Thankfully, the
mission had been a success. Still, the problem needed to be fixed, and
Hoshi was the ship's senior communications officer. Who better to tackle
the problem?

But try as he might, Malcolm could not get up the nerve to speak to her about
it. Even though she was less then three meters away from him, she seemed more
distant then faraway Earth. Too distant, Malcolm feared, for him ever to
reach her. And what right did he have anyway to even try?

Meanwhile the S.X.X Enterprise had moved itself back within transporter range
of the Erectorius and was in the prossess of retriving it's crew.

"Transporter control reports we have begun retrival of our personel." said

"And the other Enterprise's shuttle?" asked Archer.

"It will be docking in 5 minutes."

"That doesn't give you much time."

Malcolm began conducting several scans of the other Enterprise before he
began his computer uplink. Thankfully their computer systems were the same
so it was easy or him to link it's helm control to their and it's tactical
control to theirs.

Reed then turned to Ensign Mayweather, "Timing is everything here Ensign. As
soon as I deactivate their hull plating and weapons systems I want you to
start powering their engines to their transdimension speed but don't initiate
it until Commander Tucker informs us that we have their women then as soon as
they reach the otherside of the rift cut their engines and I will set their
computer to overload before the rift closes and we loose our link up."

"And that will stop them from coming after us?" asked the Captain.

"With out their main computer they won't be coming back anytime soon."

The doors to Shuttle Pod One opened up and the occupants stepped out onto the
firm and reassuring deck of the Enterprise. As his security detail filed past
him, Malcolm paused, waiting for Hoshi in case she needed any help. But when
it was her turn to leave the shuttle she didn't even look at Malcolm but
moved away from him instead. It was too painful for Hoshi, too frightening
for her to be anywhere near the man. Malcolm had seen what she'd become
during her sojourn in the Other-Universe; he had seen her as the last
vestiges of her dignity as a woman had been stripped away and she had sunk
down to the level of a desperate, sex-mad animal. She didn't even dare look
at him. She was barely able to keep from breaking down as it was, but the
reproach she knew she would see in his eyes would crush her spirit
completely. And so she tried to walk away from him, hiding as she did so the
shame filling up her face.

But Malcolm was moving toward her. For his part, he didn't feel any reproach
toward Hoshi at all. He had been shocked by what he saw in that relay room,
that was true. But he'd also been almost prepared for it. He had seen what
the Other-Universe Hoshi was like, he had read the reports Captain Archer and
Trip and Dr.Phlox had made detailing their own experiences in the parallel
dimension. And he had seen enough on board the Klingon ship Erectorius for
him to realize only too well what kind of place this reality was, and what
kinds of pressures it would put to bear on anyone from his much more sane and
far more innocent reality. No, he didn't place any blame on her for what had
happened and what she was forced to do. All he wanted was for her to be
alright, for her to know that she was safe now and that she could put all of
this behind her. All he wanted to do was put his arms around her... And
that's when he stopped himself in mid-stride toward Hoshi and looked away
from her, his own face filling up now with shame.

Hoshi saw him stop out of the corner of her eye and cringed inside of
herself. She was dirty, she was unclean, and she was so repulsive that
Malcolm couldn't even make himself come close to her.

Malcolm stared down at his feet. He didn't dare look up at Hoshi, not until
he could regain control of himself. He didn't want her to see what was in
his eyes. He knew that his eyes would give his secret away. Yes, he had been
shocked when he'd seen Hoshi kneeling in front of that Andorian like some
cheap whore from Risa. She was soaked in sweat, her yellow body panting with
desire, her face lit up with expectation as that blue man's salty cock drew
closer to her open mouth. Gone was the reserved and modest officer that
Malcolm knew Hoshi was. In her place was a hungry animal, ready and willing
to do anything to appease her frenzied sexual appetite. Yes, Malcolm had been
shocked, but he had also been prepared. What he hadn't been prepared for
though, and what had shocked him to his core, was how much he had liked what
he saw. He wanted Hoshi so much, and wanted her like the way she'd been on
that Klingon warbitch, that he didn't dare get any closer to her.

And then Hoshi reached the hangar door. With a swoosh it opened for her and
when it closed Malcolm Reed was left all alone in the empty hangar bay.

Captain's Log, Supplemental:

With Hoshi returned to us we're finally ready to leave the parallel universe.
And not a moment too soon. According to Trip's calculations we have less then
an hour before we reach quantum overload and blow a hole in this universe a
parsec wide.

The dimensional hopper device seems unaffected by the effects of our
heightened energy signature and Trip assures me that it will get us back
home. I--

Power levels all over the ship suddenly dimmed and the klaxon of the Reed
alert blared out like a shrieking banshee. Archer shot up from his chair in
his ready room and ran to the bridge. "REPORT!" he ordered. Malcolm looked
up from his console completely dumbfounded. "Weapons systems have just gone
off-line and the hull plating is de-polarizing!" he exclaimed. Mayweather
swiveled around to look at Archer, his faced just as confused as Malcolm's
was. "The helm has gone dead, sir!"

Archer slammed his fist down on the comm console of his command chair. "Trip!
What the hell's going on?! We're losing command and tactical systems up here,
is this a side-effect of the dimensional hopper?"

"No way, Captain," Trip's voice came over the comm. "We're in the process of
charging it up, but it hasn't been activated yet. My boys are running a check
right now on those systems, maybe something--" Trip suddenly cut himself off
and then a second later he hollered, "Malcolm, check your command
sub-routines. Executive level over-ride controls!"

Malcolm's fingers flew over his console, his eyes streaking across the
displays and readouts. And then his head jerked up and with a shocked voice
he said, "We're under attack Captain! We've been hacked and someone is taking
control of the Enterprise."

"Well stop them and take back control!" Archer ordered as he swung around to
look at the main bridge display. Hanging in space in the center of the screen
was the Enterprise. Not Archer's Enterprise, but a nearly duplicate ship with
a nearly duplicate crew and with an almost identical captain sitting in that
other-Enterprise's command chair. What were the odds that the command and
control codes were almost identical too? Archer thought. "Hail that
Enterprise!" he growled at Ensign Suwelu, who was sitting in for the
temporarily relieved Hoshi.

"No response Captain," Suwelu said after a moment. "Shall I try--" but the
communications officer never finished that sentence because suddenly she
was engulfed in a shimmering blue-white light and then she was gone. Archer
stared at her empty chair for a split second and then at all of the other
empty posts where just a moment before his female crewmen had been working.
"Those sick BASTARDS! THEY'RE STEALING OUR WOMEN!!" Archer raged.

And then the ship lurched and Archer nearly fell to his knees. "The helm's
been remotely activated, Captain!" Mayweather reported.

"And so have the engines," Malcolm added.

And then, over the ship's comm, Trip's voice boomed out, "John! They hacked
into the dimensional hopper and activated it. Those sneaky SOBs are sending
us back home and there's not a thing we can do to stop it!"

And then the U.S.S. Enterprise was engulfed in a now familiar orange glow...

"Captain, transports report that we have all 27 of the women on their ship.
They have been secured in the main cargo area. I'm sending a team to ensure
their co-operation." reported Lt Reed.


"I've engaged their transdimensional drive sir," said Travis, "They're
entering the rift."

"Stand by to cut their engines."

As the Enterprise reached the other side of the rift Travis quickly cut their
engines and Reed activate the cascade program to ther main computer, the
three of them watching on the screen as the rift and the image of the USS
Enterprise vanished.

"Good work gentlemen, now I belive we have some guests to greet."

Archer left the bridge taking his T'Pol with him.

Arriving in the cargo bay he found his security team standing guard over the
understandaly frightened and confused women.

"Listen up," shouted Archer indicating for his T'Pol to kneel at his side,
"You have all been formally charged with attempting to aid the Vulcan slaves,
your punishment to spend the rest of your days in service to this crew along
side the Vulcans as slaves."

"We have committed no such offense." said the familiar voice of the other

Archer walked up to her and smacked her hard across the face, "Do not
question my decisions bitch." He then motioned for to of the guards to strip
her and put her down on her knees before him.

"You aren't as well endowed as your counterpart on this side, none of you
are. No matter I'm sure the good doctor can fix it if it becomes necassary."
said Archer.

"Now allow me to tell you how your lives will be from now on. Noneof you
are going to be wearing those rediculus uniforms or anything else for that
matter, you will obey every command from my crew or any other superior ranked
being without question. If you fail to comply you will be punished." Archer
demonstrated by pushing the shocker button to activate T'Pol's collar, "You
will all momenterally be fitted with one of these collars. Every member of my
crew has one of these controlers and when you disapoint them they will use
it, unfortunatlly it shocks everyone within five metre so you won't just be
hurting yourselves. Extreme disobedence or any attemps to escape will meet in
a far harsher punishment."

Archer turned and began walking away turning to the lead security officer as
he reached the door, "Strip them, Collar them and set them to work offer them
each up to their counterparts first but send the Vulcan bitch somewhere where
she can be properly broken."

Hours later, the T'Pol B was hurled into her makeshift quarters. She
collapsed onto her cot, bruised and worn out from all the constant shocks and
sex. Looking up, she saw the bottom of a cot above her. On it was Hoshi B,
crying softly into her pillow.

"Ensign. Do not make any move that shows you hear me. Just listen." T'Pol
carefully looked around the room. No cameras. At least none she could see.
"Ensign, we must try and escape. Now, the main things stopping us are these
collars. Now, if we could find a way to deactivate them, we could easily
take over the ship. What I want you to do is spread the word among our
crewmates from our dimension. Tell them to keep it a secret, but to look
for any reference to a mass deactivation switch. Also, we need to find
access codes. Tell them to listen for those as well. If you hear me, roll
over in your bed." Above her, Hoshi rolled. She also stopped crying.

Suddenly, the door slid open, revealing Lt. Reed A and Commander Tucker A.
"You two, T'Pol and Hoshi, move those sexy asses over here. We have something
to discuss." Reed A had a lustful grin on his face, as did Tucker A.

Resignedly, T'Pol B swung her long, bare legs over the side of the cot and
stood up. She walked over to Tucker, who wrapped his arm around her slim
waist and fondled her left tit with his other hand. His head went down to
her right nipple and started to suck.

Hoshi B, however, didn't get down from her cot. Annoyed, Reed A pressed a
button on his belt, and Hoshi B arched her back and screamed in pain. T'Pol
B also writhed and winced, but Tucker A held her tight as he kneaded her
buttocks and ground his pelvis against her through his uniform. Hoshi B
slowly climbed down from her cot, and slowly walked with her head down
towards Reed A.

Both women were lead down to an open area of the corridor, were they were
dropped to the ground. Reed A and Tucker A both stripped off their uniforms,
and lay down on top of the women. T'Pol B was on her back, so she had a full
view of Tucker A when he rammed his stiff cock into her. Staying unemotional
like her dimension's Vulcans, she lay there stiff and silent as she was
violated. Annoyed, Tucker A grunted to her, "Get into it, bitch. Move, make
some noise, you know."

T'Pol B stirred slowly, moving slightly. "Oh. Yes. More. Please, more.
Harder," T'Pol B said in her usual monotone. Angry, Tucker A withdrew,
zipping his uniform back up.

"Bitch, you'd better start getting better, or you're not going to make it on
this ship. Anyway, I'm going to find our T'Pol. She's always good to fuck."
And with that, he stalked away, after giving Hoshi B and T'Pol B a good

Reed A turned to Hoshi. "You'd better get into this, or I'll do more then
shock you. Get it?" Hoshi B nodded fearfully, then straddled Reed A. She
started to rise up and down, a single tear falling down her cheek. Reed A's
hands came up, and started to fondle Hoshi B's tits. "C'mon, bitch, start
talking. Moan a bit."

"Ohhh, yes. Oh, baby, yeah. Mmmm, that's it. That's the spot, harder, yes
harder! Fuck me senseless! You know how I want it, more! Yes, yes, YES!" And
it went on like that, until finally Reed A came. "Mmmm, see ya later stud,"
said Hoshi B seductively, biting her finger tip gently.

When Reed A left, Hoshi B started crying again. When T'Pol B asked her the
problem, she sobbingly replied, "T-T'Pol, earlier, when I was on the
K-Klingon's ship, m-my mind was invaded by a different k-kind of person.
S-She was me, b-but, n-not me. S-She was only interested in s-s-sex, and,
and, and I think she's back! I d-don't know why else I would have e-enjoyed
that." T'Pol B was very concerned.

The following morning the USS Enterprise women were hearded into the onboard
equivilent of a makeshift shower and hosed down with freezing cold water,
before being gathered up by the crew of this Enterprise for a second day of
sexual torment.

Once again T'Pol and Hoshi had been seperated with Hoshi been taken to the
bridge while T'Pol had been taken by Commander Tucker to engineering.

On the bridge Hoshi was busy sucking off Ensign Mayweather after having been
shocked for not being as adiquitly endowed as his dimensions Hoshi for titty

The captain was talking to Doctor Phlox while Sukok and this dimensions T'Pol
were kneeling at either side of his chair. Hoshi was listening into every
conversation to find out if there might be anyway to release the collars. She
had been present we Archer first explained them to the Vulcan slaves so she
knew that they neutralized the Vulcan's mental abilities so T'Pol won't be
able to use a mind meld to find anything out.

"Doctor the crew are complaining that the new slaves are not performing
suficentlly." said Archer.

"And their T'Pol is the worst." added Reed.

"It's to be expected Captain," said Phlox, "They come from a sexually
backward universe their bodies are not as sexually appealing as their
counterparts and they do not share the same sexual need as we do."

"Well I want that sorted." said Archer.

"Well there are the stimulators and we do have quite a collection or drugs
that should we say make them more co-operative."

"Then I suggest you use whatever you have Doctor, in the meantime we'll just
have to keep putting them through their paces. Where's their T'Pol?"

"In engineering sir." said Lt Reed.

"Reasign her to the messhall from now on, maybe stripping off and having
every one of her holes filled for the rest of the day will improve her
performance and it will keep her from planning an escape."

"You think she would try sir?" asked Reed.

"I'd image they would all be trying," Archer said looking down at Hoshi, "I
know I would in their place but as the ranking officer I image she would be
the ring leader so see to it she is kept occupied."

"I will take personal charge of seeing to it she's kept occupied sir but I
doubt she will get anywhere with an escape plan. We can reduce her to her
knees in an instant and the Andorian pulse monitor locks garuntee their is
only one way those collars are coming off."

Well that was one piece of information Hoshi didn't want to hear. It was
looking more and more like the only way off this ship would be for the
Enterprise from her own side to save them but having overheard what had
been done to it she didn't know how possible that would be. She didn't
know much about the main computer but she remembered Commander Tucker
saying if it were ever to get seriously damaged it would take weeks to
repair without the luxery of a shipyard.

Hoshi sat her head bobbing clumslly between Mayweather's legs when she
caught sight of her counterpart walking down from her station, "Send her to
my quarters once you've finished with her."

After she finished up on the bridge with Mayweather Hoshi made her way to the
quarters of her counterpart.

On arriaval she entered the door to find the room in darkness.

"On your knees" she heard a familiar voice call out from the shadows. Hoshi
did as she was ordered not wanting to risk having the colar activated on her.
She watched as her counterpart stepped out of the shadows dressed in a pair a
spiked heel knee length boots and a black corset her breasts and crotch
exposed and a horse whip in her hand.

The sex crazed Hoshi approached her trembling counterpart and lifted her chin
up to look her in the eye.

"Your scared of me," she said.

Hoshi didn't answer.

The alternate Hoshi turned and walked back towards her bed giving the slave
hoshi a clear veiw of her ass.

"Crawl to me and lick my boot." She ordered.

Hoshi didn't move.

"I said crawl to me and lick my boot." yelled Hoshi smacking her slave
counterpart hard accross the back with the whip, "When I order my pets to do
something I don't expect to have to repeat myself."

"" stuttered the slave girl.

"Didn't the captain tell you, I convinced him to let me have you as my
private slave or pet if you will. I use to keep girls as pets when I was
teaching but my rank isn't high enough to allow it on this ship until now.
So from now on your only purpose is to obey my orders. Your mouth will
become the instrument of my pleasure and if I'm not satisfied...." she
cracked her whip again, "I don't go in much for the collars, they lack a
personal touch. You can forget about pleasuring the male crew members
anymore. from now on no cock for you unless I permit it, from now on you
concentrate on pussy, my pussy and by the time I'm through with you you're
going to be the best pussy eater on this ship."

Hoshi B was living in a nightmare. And the only way she could cope with it
was by pretending that this was all it really was, just a bad, bad dream.
And it was easy to believe that as she crouched down on all fours like an
animal and had her ass horse-whipped by the woman in the black corset and
knee-high leather boots. For Hoshi was the woman with the whip as well as
the woman being whipped. And only in dreams can a person be herself twice

But this other-Hoshi, this Hoshi~A, wasn't exactly an identical copy of
Hoshi B. She was more like a twisted reflection that had somehow stepped
outside of a Funhouse mirror. She was just as tall, her lustrous black hair
was just as long, her soft yellow skin was just as smooth, and her rich dark
eyes were just as bright. But there was a cruel glimmer in those eyes and a
harsh lilt to her mouth and that shiny black corset was filled up by a pair
of breasts that dwarfed those sported by Hoshi B.

Where Hoshi B was demure, Hoshi A was indecent. Where Hoshi B was beguiling,
Hoshi A was obscene. Where Hoshi A was romantic, Hoshi B was just plain
dirty. They were the same, and yet they were completely different.

And to Hoshi B's horror, she was at the complete mercy of her lecherous
counterpart; a slave to her sexual whims and a partner to her darkest

And so she pretended that this was all just a dream. She repeated over and
over again that it was all just a dream. She forced herself to believe it was
all just a dream. She had to because the facts were just too much to cope
with, and she knew damn well that the fact of the matter was she wasn't going
to wake up and this nightmare was no dream at all.

Hoshi B's round ass stung with red welts. Her face and shoulders were
drenched in sweat. Hoshi A was whipping her as punishment for her
disobedience, as a taste of what Hoshi B could expect if she put up any
further resistance. But the whipping was also a kind of foreplay. It
wasn't the violence or the pain, for neither of the Hoshis were
sado-masochists, it was the absolute control Hoshi A had over her
other-dimensional counterpart. And the simple act of displaying that
power filled Hoshi A with an exhilirating ecstasy.

CRACK! the whip wailed once again against Hoshi B's backside.

"PLEASE!" Hoshi B wailed even louder. Hoshi A checked her next stroke and
smiled. "Please what, little slave?" the oriental seductress demanded
wickedly. Hoshi B bit her lip down on a whimper and then replied, "Please
stop, mistress." Hoshi A smiled with satisfaction. "You have learned your
first lesson, slave," Mistress Hoshi replied smugly, "You have learned who
your master is. Now, my boots need some shining. Lick them clean."

Mistress Hoshi walked around in front of slave Hoshi. She stood there,
gloating, her legs spread apart, her hands firmly set on her hips. Her whole
body radiated absolute domination. Slave Hoshi looked up at her, strands of
black hair clinging to her sweaty face and then she began to crawl toward her
master. It hurt to move but Hoshi B knew she had no choice. She was tired of
the pain and abuse and she simply wanted to get this over with. And she was
willing to do anything, put up with whatever humiliation and degradation she
had to, to get it over with. She was even willing to pretend that she enjoyed

And as her head bent down and her tongue flicked out toward Mistress Hoshi's
black boot, Hoshi B once again began to imagine that this was all just a
horrible dream. This simple lie made it easier for her to do what she knew
she had to do in order to survive.

But if ever the moment came when Hoshi B could turn the tables on her
depraved captors, oh how she would make them pay, and especially this nasty
little slut who wore her face. Oh yes, Mistress Hoshi would pay a very high
price indeed and then it would be she who would be living in a nightmare.

"Now my little slut I think we can try your hand, well tongue anyway one my
pussy." said Hoshi A.

Hoshi B crawled over as her Mistress moved to sit on her bed, legs spread
wide, she didn't want to argue, she'd had enough of the whip on her ass and
wanted to keep it away from her even if that meant having to submit to the
will of her dominering counterpart.

Hoshi B began to move her head between her Mistress' legs her eye's closed
tightly her tongue out trying to guide her in when her Mistrees stopped her,
"No no no, you didn't ask."

"B...but you t....told....." Hoshi B was cut off as Hoshi brought the whip
down on one of her shoulders.

"Don't talk back to me slut. Now beg to eat my pussy."

"P...please M..mistress let my eat your p..p...pussy." Hoshi couldn't
really believe she had done that but she knew she didn't have the strength,
willpower or tollerance for pain that would allow her to resist as she
watched her counterpart nod aprovingly and moved her head towards her
Mistress' pussy.

* * *

T'Pol had been in engineering bent over a console getting fucked up the ass
when the call arrived to have her reassigned to the Messhall.

Stepping into the turbolift she met with Crewman Cutler from her dimension.

"Crewman have you made any progress in an attemt to escape." asked T'Pol.

"No their computer systems require access codes to access restricted systems
and they won't leave me alone long enough to take a proper look at anything."
she said.

T'Pol halted the turbolift, "If I may take a look at the collar I may be able
to determine some means of removing it."

Cutler tilted her neck allowing T'Pol to get a look at it.

"An Andorian pulse monitoring lock."

"So can you remove it?"

"The Andorians of our universe use these locks to attach tracking bracelets
to convicted criminals in order to monitor their whereabouts during
confinement and following their release. the only way for the lock to release
is for the wearers vital signs to terminate for upwards of an hour thus
insuring no way of resusitation.

"What about the controls."

"Even if we could obtain one it would not help us since every memeber of the
crew carrys one."

"So we're never going to get off of this ship." said Cutler beginning to cry.

"Crewman, you must calm yourself. It would seem that our captors have
considered many of the escape methods that would be applied to this situation
but I am sure we will find a way." said T'Pol, knowing that was probablly not
true since Vulcans were involved in this plan they would of analysed and
devised a suitable method of counteracting any escape, her reasuring words
not stopping her crying comerade, "Crewman I will attemt to provide you with
some mental stibillity.

T'Pol reached for Cutler's head with one hand and attempted to perform a mind
meld and although she was still new to the technique she was convinced there
was another reason why she was unable to get anything from Cutler, "These
collars must in someway be inhibiting my mental capabillities."

T'Pol resumed the turbolift and made her way to the messhall where there were
seven women from her crew two of them on tables dancing while the other five
were pleasuring the crew of this ship.

"Here's the Vulcan bitch now," shouted a voice, "Captain says we get to break
her in and she isn't leaving until she shows some major improvement."

Two crewmen dragged the naked T'Pol to a table where she was pushed forward,
her breasts squashed hard against the table, three large cocks pointed at her
face. Behind her one crewman had already entered her ass and was pumping

"Well don't just look at the bitch start sucking." said one of the crewmen
before her.

T'Pol didn't respond which prompted someone to activate the collar shocking
her and the seven other slaves in the room leaving T'Pol with little choice.
She took the middle cock in her hand and began to suck while the man behind
her continued to work her ass. the other two men at her face ordered her to
use her hands on them while they wait. T'Pol complied tugging furiously on
their cocks.

The man in her ass was the first to blow his load quickly being replaced by
another while the two men being given handjobs came almost simultaneously,
shooting their loads over the side of her face and quickly being replaced by
two female crewmembers wanting their pussies fingered. The crewman she was
sucking off was the last to cum and wasn't satisfied with her skills and
shocked her again before allowing another cock to fill her mouth.

The orange light slowly vanished from the bridge and Captain Archer sighed
with relief. Trip's plan had worked! They were back in the sex dimension and
they hadn't suffered any engine problems like the engineer had expected.

Suddenly the floor seemed to lurch up at him as he was tossed out of his
chair. The bridge shook for another moment before subsiding. Tapping his
communicator he said, "Trip! What the hell happened?" As he waited for the
answer he looked around. Everyone looked alright. Some of the crewmembers
were a little more shaken up than his original command crew would have
been. Damn those bastards! He was going to get his people back and he was
going to make the other Archer pay for this.

Trip answered, "Yea Captain, it's just like I said would happen. That
transdiminsional jump in the condition we were in caused all kinds of
malfunctions in the warp core caused an overload in the
system....fowled up everything down here."

Damn! "How bad is it and how long will it take to fix?"

"Well, at this point we can make just a bit over Warp, fixing it?
That's going to be tough... first of all, I'm short third of
my engineers were stolen by those.....anyway, all of the rest of us have
been working none stop for 36 hours just to make that jump. Even without
the fact half my people are dozing on their feet...we're just missing some
of the replacement's been too long since we've been back to

Archer could hear the fatigue in his friend's voice, "Alright Trip, we'll
see about finding somewhere for repairs. Get your people some sleep. You

"Cap, there's no way I'm going to sleep while those bastards have our

"That's an order. It looks like we're no where near the other Enterprise this
hunt is going to take too long for you to go the entire time without sleep."

Archer turned back to the view screen, "So where are we?"

Mayweather spoke, "Not sure, captain. We're in a system...yellow sun and
three of them looks inhabited. No sign of any other ships. This
isn't the area we were in during that battle with the Klingons."

"Put the inhabited planet up on the screen." ordered Archer.

The black and white star field jumped to a purple and blue planet with a
generous amount of white cloud cover.

"T'leria" sighed the captain.

Malcolm asked, "Sir? You recognize the planet?"

"Yes...yes I do. When I was in this dimension the SXX Enterprise was
collecting tribute from the native people...the T'lerians who are just as
sex-crazed as everyone else in this dimension. They might be able to help
us though..."

"T'lerians? Are they dangerous?" asked Lt. Reed

"I guess about as dangerous as anyone else. Although physically there a bit
weaker than humans. There bones are hollow. They look just like us except
everywhere we have hair they have feathers."

Ensign Karo, a young man taking over for T'Pol at the science station, spoke
up, "Humanoids from an evolutionary path descended from birds?"

"I suppose so, Ensign. They have no wings though. Anyway, their level of
technology is pretty low compared to ours...I'm not sure how much help they
can be....although their might be a vulcan repair station now that I think
about it...they often stopped hear to collect tribute. It would make sense
to have a station there. We might as well check it out. Maywheather, make a
course for the planet."

"Aye, Captain. It'll be a couple of hours"

Archer wandered the ship uneasily for the next couple of hours, it didn't
feel right with almost a third of his crew missing. He had to get them back
from this dimension no matter what it took but it wasn't going to be easy.
Neither Humans or Vulcans on his side had encountered T'lerians so there was
no way to pin-point the location of their homeworld relative to the point
where they had helped the other Enterprise fight the Klingons not that he
knew where that was either. To make matters worse even after they reached
T'Leria they would only have 12-14 hours to find their missing crew before
their precence in this universe caused a matter imbalance and destroyed it.

As he entered the turbolift to the bridge he couldn't help but feel that he
wasn't going to succeed with this one.

"What have you got for me Malcolm." Archer said stepping out of the turbolift
and onto the bridge.

"Not much sir, they were able to destroy most of our sensor logs when they
overloaded the computer core, commander Tucker says they are beyond repair."

"Can you give me anything?"

"We're evenly matched with weapons, but they have superior warp capability as
well as shields and better transporters. We don't stand much of a chance in a
direct confrontation. Our best bet would be to try and sabotage their ship
like they did ours."

"Captain we're entering orbit around the planet." said Mayweather.

Archer walked over to Hoshi's station, still not having found a replacement
for her, and opened the communications channel himself. He turned to the
viewer as the image of a T'Larian male appeared on the screen.

"I am Commander Rak'La of the T'Larian gaurd." he said.

"I was expecting a Vulcan, this is one of their comm frequencies." said

"No sir," replied the T'Larian, "We were successful, the Vulcan base was
taken, their ranking males are consulting with our leaders now. I'm sure this
victory has proven T'Laria's worth to your people."

Archer wasn't really sure what was going on here but he thought he might be
able to play along, "One little victory doesn't prove anything."

"Not one we have captured every Vulcan base on the planet for you come down
and see for yourself or take as many of them as you wish."

"Captain...aerial defense fighters closing in." stated Lt. Reed obviously
wishing the shuttle had worthwhile weapons.

"Relax Malcolm. Rak'La said there'd be an honor guard" said Archer.

"If we trust Rak'la..." he muttered, "I don't like this Captain...
impersonating those fiends is not going to be easy."

"I know Malcolm. But we do not have a choice. There is no time. We must get
those parts and find out anything about the other Enterprise."

"I know, captain....there they are."

Through the view port they could see the two aircraft settling to either side
of them.

Trip leaned forward to see them. "You were right, Cap. They do look a hell of
a lot like them antique A-10's."

Malcolm responded, "Actually sensors show there not much more advanced than
late 21st century aircraft. No real threat to our shuttle...but I'm sure
their weapons will be lethal enough once were on the ground."

Archer just shook his head.

Soon enough they arrived over the capital city of Auh'lalaun and the two
defense craft roared off. They settled the shuttle down on the landing pad
within the Palace compound.

The four officers stepped off the shuttle, Ensign Karo bringing up the rear.
The landing pad was within a beautiful exotic garden. The plants had leaves
in varying shades of purple and throughout were sculpture of blue crystal.
Two T'lerians were walking towards them down a path of dark brown soil
cutting through the violet grass like a scythe. They moved with such grace
and lightness they seemed to float.

The male, Archer immediately recognized as Commander Rak'la from his long
black feathers standing in a vertical crest upon his head. The captain was
suddenly taken back, unlike the vulcans and humans even the males wore very
little clothing. Rak'la wore only a black furred loin cloth, showing off his
lithe musclature and a smattering of small black feathers upon his chest.

Archer really only glanced at Rak'la before his eyes were drawn to the other
T'lerian. Her own bright green and blue feathers were long and wide like
Rak'la's but they laid back upon her head and cascaded down her back much
like a human woman's hair would. Archer was embarrassed to feel an erection
as his eyes traveled from her beautiful face to her pert naked breasts
bouncing lightly with every step. The only clothing she wore was a very very
short skirt in dark blue furr.

"Greetings to you and your man captain, this is my second Lt L'Tya she will
be more than willing to provide you with any services you desire." said

"That won't be neccassry." replied Archer trying to divert his attention from
L'Tya's naked breasts.

"If she does not meet with your aproval I have several more junior leutenants
who can service your needs or any number of Vulcans if our own women do not
please you." said Rak'La, a sound of panic in his voice as if he were
desperatly trying to please Archer but failing misribally.

"I'm sure I can see to the needs of them all," said the female in a soft
seductive tone walking towards Archer.

"I'm sure you could." said Archer swallowing hard as his errection grew.

L'Tya looked down at his crotch, "You look tense Captain. Allow me to relieve
you. I've never serviced human cock before but I'm sure I can pleasure you
adaquatlly." she said sinking to her knees.

"That won't be neccassary." gulped Archer sensing Trip and Malcolm grinning
smuggly at him.

"Sir it is the custom of our people that we take all efforts to relieve the
tension of visiting officials and make their stay an enjoyable one." said
Rak'La sounding very surprised at Archer's refusal.

"C'mon Capt'n you wouldn't want to offend the locals now would you can't have
'em thinkin' there somethin' wrong with you." said Trip trying hard not to

"No. We're in a hurry. We aided another vessel in a fight with the Klingons
and they abducted my female crew and I'm sure you understand that I want them
back." said Archer.

"Of course, I wouldn't want to be stuck in space for any length of time
without females, esspecially human. I'm told they are high skilled in
numerous sexual techniques." said Rak'La.

"Anyway we need to repair our ship."

"Our technology is nowhere near as advanced as your own I doubt it will meet
your needs. This failing will not affect our petition for membership in your
new empire, we met your other requirements."

"We can discuss that later. I need to repair my ship now. Maybe the Vulcans
can give me what I need."

"You would need to speak with Captain Sulak, he is the senior Vulcan here
now, he should be negotiating tribute for our role in his promotion
establishing what new powers our government will be given."

"Tribute?" asked Archer.

"Yes we expect a substantial slave labour force out of this, come I will take
you to see him."

"Okay. We're following" said Archer.

"Um..Capt'n, I need to talk to you before we go." said Trip as he walked back
towards the shuttle.

Archer looked to Rak'La, who made a flapping gesture with one hand and said,
"Of course. Take all the time you need. I will be waiting at the archway over

The captain started to turn to Trip but noticed L'Tya had not moved other
than to get to her feet and eye Ensign Karo. Malcolm noticed as well and got
Karo's attention. The young officer thought quicker than Archer would have
expected. Karo slipped a hand along T'lya's back and stepped away apparently
asking her a question about T'lerian physiology. Archer just hoped the young
man wouldn't get carried away.

"What is it, Trip? We don't have much time."

"Capt'n, if we are going to get help from these people we have to convince
them we are who we look like. I mean-"

Archer interrupted, "I know where you're going with this. But your suggesting
we have sex with these people while members of our crew are being used by
those bastards..."

Malcolm spoke up, "Sir, We understand that. I don't like it but we can not
afford to make mistakes. That T'lerian isn't that smart but he is getting

"Malcolm's right. No one in this dimension would ever turn down a chance
to get some...especially when its obvious we've been without any female
companionship for so long." Trip purposely did not look down.

Archer sighed, "You're right. But damn it, we can't afford to get into any
orgies either." he looked particularly uncomfortable as he continued, "Let
them...see to our needs, but do not get carried away."

They both nodded and the three officers turned to follow Rak'La. They
stopped short to find Ensign Karo receiving head from the beautiful T'lerian

T'Lya's blue and green feathered head bobbed rthymically along the ensign's
shaft. One hand rubbed his sack between her fingers as the other casually
disappeared underneath her skirt. The ensign immediately stopped groaning as
he saw the officers looking at him. "'m sorry, sir..She.."

Archer tore his eyes away from T'Lya's tounge lashing the head of the
ensign's cock, "It's alright, Ensign. Have the lieutenant escort you after us
once you're finished."

T'Lya turned to look at Archer, her hand stroking the cock absently as she
spoke, "Captain...I'm quite capable of pleasuring all four of you at once.
It won't take long I asure you." Smirking at him she added, "Or it can take long as you'd like."

Archer managed to smile back, "Thank you, Lt. I have business to attend
first. But don't get lost...I'm looking forward to... fucking your brains
out." He walked down the path, not looking at either of the two men following

Archer, Tucker and Reed followed Rak'La towards the outside arches of the
T'Larian palace and entered into the main courtyard where large numbers of
T'larians were going about their business.

"This place was full of Vulcan gaurds subjagating the T'Larians when I was
here." Archer muttered to Trip.

"Well maybe they're havin busy doin' what these people do best." replied Trip
glancing at several T'Larian women staring at him.

They crossed the courtyard and stopped outside the doors to the main
palace where Rak'La started talking to another male he then returned to the
starfleet officers and informed them they would be taken to meet with the
Queen whom Archer remembered from his first visit.

Entering the royal hall Archer and his men approach the queen.

"Captain Archer, this is a surprise. That little show you put on during your
last visit certainly fooled those Vulcan bitches, tell me did you bring that
one from your ship."

"No" replied Archer examining the queens virtually naked form.

"Pity I would have enjoyed teaching her some respect, still I'm sure you're
keeping her on a tight leash."

"I guess so." replied Archer trying to figure out what was going on.

"Your plan was truly brilliant, you and General Shrann will always be
honoured heros to T'Laria, tell me will we be seeing the General anytime
soon?" asked the Queen.

"I really don't know." replied Archer.

"Then you will have to accept my thanks for the both of you." said the queen
licking her lips.

"I really can't take the credit for the plan, it was mostly the General and
my superiors back on Earth that came up with it," said Archer slowly backing
away as the queen wrapped her arms round him and kissed him, "Besides I
really need to speak with Captain Sulak."

"And what business do you have with me that means insulting the T'Larian
Queen by refusing her thanks." came a voice from behind.

Archer turned to see a tall Vulcan male dressed in a standard military
uniform, he looked about 45 to 50 by human standards but with Vulcans it was
probablly much older.

"Captain Archer I hadn't expected to see you back so soon, I was under the
impression you were leading an Andorian task force to take control of the
Hatlek system."

"We were, we were ambushed and our female crew abducted. We need to repair
the ship so we can get them back."

"Understandable, T'Pol's reputation for cock sucking is very well known on
Vulcan and I do believe your communications officer is well versed in over 60
different sexual techniques from several different spieces, if I were you I
would not wish to loose prizes like that to anyone, but still it does not
justify insulting the Queen."

"Yeah Cap'in we wouldn't want to offend her now would we." said Trip.

"Of course not, what I....em what I meant was I need to ensure me ship was
taken care of before I could accept any thanks." said Archer.

"Well captain if you just follow me I will show you how very thankful I am
for all you have done." said the queen dragging Archer away towards her
chambers, all the while he wished he at least knew what he was being thanked

As Archer left Sulak turned to Tucker and Reed, "While the Queen thanks your
Captain you can accompany me to the Vulcan Consulat building to find what you
need to repair your ship and possibly assist us in repairing some of the
damage we sustained during the up-rising, then you may enjoy everything we
have to offer."

Archer found himself quickly lost as the queen led him through the winding
corridors and many rooms of the palace. It didn't help that every few steps
the woman would stop to press herself against him, her practically nude lithe
body against his, her voluptious lips finding his. As she dragged him she
constantly rambled on about how much she had missed his cock.

The captain was finding it extremely hard to think straight. Not only did
he have a beautiful sexy woman all over him but whenever he and the queen
entered a room and began making out, any T'lerians nearby would immediately
begin fucking. He'd seen an entire room of serious looking technicians
working at various stations devolve into a full-fledged orgy at the sight
of him and the queen.

After they passed through the third orgy, Archer noticed many of the
T'lerians were calling out the same thing in their passion. After a
particularly long lip lock with the queen he managed to ask, "What are
they all saying?"

The queen smirked and taking a hold of his rock-hard erection through his
uniform pulled him over to where two female T'lerians made passionate love
to each other against a wall. Just minutes earlier these two had been just
admiring the crystal artwork above them. The golden feathered one leaning
against the wall as she stroked her breasts was moaning, "Oh.. Ishi'Aya...
Ishi-ah! Aya...Ishi'AYA...yes! Lick me, Ishi'Aya!"

Archer felt a tug on his penis and was soon being led to the middle of the
large room where two T'lerians were copulating doggy-style upon the tiled
floor. From the scattered papers and discarded cleaning supplies around
them, he assumed these two had been just passing near each other when the
queen had arrived. The thrusting male grunted the name Ishi'Aya repeatedly
while the girl screamed, "Fuck me, Ishi'Aya. Fuck me, my Queen. Harder,
Ishi'Aya, Harder!"

Queen Ishi'Aya pressed her tongue into his mouth before saying, "When I fuck,
my subjects fuck. When my subjects fuck, I am who they imagine they were
fucking. Now come. There is only one cock I want fucking me."

Soon enough they were at the giant crystal doors to the queen's chambers.
They opened slowly at their approach. Once inside, Archer's attention was
immediately drawn to a dark-skinned T'lerian moaning in estacy as she
straddled the face of a woman lying on the bed. He couldn't help but notice
the size of the T'lerian's breasts as she stroked them in circles upon her

Most T'lerian's had small breasts fitting their thin and hollow bone
structures. Not this woman, her large mammaries were well out of proportion
with her wasp thin waist. Archer had a mental flash of his cock between those
jugs and her tongue lashing the head.

The queen squeezed his cock bringing him out of his fantasy. Suddenly, a
piercing noice erupted from the queen sounding alot like bird song but much
louder than he would have thought. Both women on the bed immediately got up
and off the bed to stand in front the queen and him. The other woman was not
a T'lerian...she had long curly brown hair, almond shaped eyes, pointed
ears...a vulcan. Both glared and looked unhappy to say the least at being

Ishi'Aya stepped away from him and turned facing him between the two women.
She grinned at him and slapped a hand to each of their asses with a loud
smack. "This one with the absolutely lovely breasts is Li'Landra,
high-priestess and my main political rival. And this astonishingly talented
pussy-licker is Taavik, Vulcan ambassador and my mistress. But thanks to your
revolution, Captain, they are now my obedient little concubines."

This was all happening to fast for Archer, "Your mistress?"

The white-feathered queen stepped up to him and began undoing his uniform,
"Oh you know about these bitches...Vulcan High Command sends them to keep us
primitive rulers in line. Taught all the secret Vulcan sex techniques and
well-versed in their target race's erogenous zones. Oh...the things I did to
get that tongue on my clit."

Archer groaned aloud as his cock was finally released and her hand closed
around it.

"So how long do you want this to last?" asked the queen, gently running her
finger up and down the length of Archer's cock, "Or maybe you'd like me to
have my concubines thank you for their new status."

"What ever makes you happy." swallowed Archer rolling his eyes up towards the

"This is about making you happy. You were so much surer of youself on your
last visit."

Ishi'Aya had a point there his counterpart in this universe wouldn't hesitate
to take want he wanted and as much as Archer resented the man for what he had
done, he needed to be him in order to gain the support of these people.

"Fine, get on your back and masturbate, I like my women to be wet before I
enter them and while you do that I'll fuck those tits."

The queen shuddered with delight as she ordered Li'Landra and Taavik onto the
floor kneeling at either side of her bed then she lay down on her back and
spread her legs and began masturbating.

Carrying out his promise he positioned himself on Ishi'Aya's stomach and
thrust his partially erect cock between her tits and began massaging them
together gently at first but getting more and more aggressive as he slid
his hardening cock between her fleshy mounds.

It had occured to him that he had his phase pistol so he could just stun the
three women and go about his business but something told him this would be a
better idea, besides in space it was usually a while between fucks and even
then he wasn't likely to get an offer like this one anytime soon.

As Archer's massaging got harder and harder Ishi'Aya's moaning got louder,
"I'm cumming.....ooohhhh, I'm cumming."

"Not before I do bitch." said Archer attempting to be more forceful while
withdrawing his cock from her tits and shoving it in her mouth to blow his

Once he came, Archer became aware of the Queen cumming, at which point he
repositioned himself at the mouth of her cunt and rammed his cock in to her
with one swift thrust.

He began pumping in and out, beginning to see some very positive asspects to
this universe.

He continued his onslought for a few minutes before blowing his load and
slumping down on the bed next to the queen.

She then got up and walked to a seat on the other side of the room, ordering
Li'Landra to clean off Archer's cock while Taavik ate out her pussy.

Archer lifted his head, as the T'Larian concubine began sucking his cock, to
see the Vulcan woman crawl over to her misteress.

"She use to enjoy humiliating me at every oppertunity," said Ishi'Aya,
"She use to insist that I remain on all fours in her presences as a mark of
respect. She use to take great pleasure in making me drop to all fours
infront of my government officials and then have me service her infront of
them then she'd take me down into the capital and have me service her and
common Vulcan troops before the general population to show my respect to her,
but it was just to humiliate me and my people. So now I insist that she stay
on all fours at all times like a good little bitch and I take her down into
the capital to service the citizens that use to have to watch me service her.
Of course she hates having to service any T'Larian let alone a common
T'Larian citizen but now she isn't allowed to refuse any order any of us give
her so long as it doesn't countermand my orders."

"What about this one?" asked Archer pushing Li'Landra's head further down
onto his cock.

"She supported the Vulcan government and tried to take over on more than one
occation before they arrived and she needed to be punished so I had her
sentenced to 5 years of Vulcan slave status. After that her position will be
elevated to something superior to a Vulcan but not high enough to oppose me

"An interesting system." said Archer blowing another load into Li'Landra

Archer stood up in front of the bed, red-feathered Li'Landra following her
hands still in contact with his cock. He captured her face in his hands and
brought her lips to his. Her tongue danced in his mouth before his hands slid
to her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. Li'Landra's tongue ran along
his shaft for a moment before Archer grabbed it roughly away and gestured to
his balls.

The ebony concubine stared at him, a flash of anger in her eyes. Then she
nodded and preceded to take his testicles in her mouth. Archer groaned at the
sensation of her hot breath upon the sensitive organs.

He looked to where Ishi'Aya sat, her thighs clenched around the vulcan's
head. She nodded in approval of his treatment of her concubine. Seeing that
calm regal look upon her face as Taavik lapped at her royal pussy, Archer
reallized the queen must have ordered her concubine not to use the full
extent of her cunt licking abilities. From what she had described, Taavik
could have the queen screaming in pleasure and willing to do anything to
cum. This gave Archer a rather evil thought.

He reallized the queen would do anything he wanted in the sexual realm but
how much help she would outside it he didn't know. He didn't like it but he
had to be ruthless to defeat his enemies and save the rest of his crew.

He pulled Li'Landra to her feet and with one hand squeezing her firm
buttocks, he walked over to Ishi'Aya. "You know what I really want?"

The queen smiled at him her eyes running down the length of his torso to his
big human cock. "Anything. Any sexual desire...I promise you...I will sate

He stepped away from Li'Landra and kneeled behind the kneeling vulcan. Archer
grinned as he pressed his balls to Taavik's naked back and letting his cock
fall as he slid down so it's full length rested in the crack of the vulcan's
toned ass.

Taavik's bobbing head never missed a beat as the captain slapped his hands to
her firm ass-cheeks. Looking back up at the queen, he said, "I want to see
the Queen of all T'leria helpless, completely helpless, made a slave to her
pleasure by this poor little concubine."

Ishi'Aya stared at him, her face totally still. Archer cursed himself
silently. Damn it! He had blew it.

The Queen's face suddenly split into her sexy smirk. "Oh! That's why I love
you, Captain Archer. Such a big cock and you know how to really fuck with
me." Reaching between her legs she lifted the vulcan's face in her hands.
"Slut, go ahead and use all those fancy little vulcan techniques on me so we
can turn our captain on."

She looked up at Archer and winked then she pursed her lips she made more of
that peircing bird song. " my two little slaves will obey your
orders and no longer mine. Otherwise, with this bitch's skills I'd order her
to make me climax and you wouldn't get to see the Queen become a complete sex
slave...temporarially of course."

That last remark seemed to make Ishi'Aya think for a moment. "Oops..Silly me,
I'd better give them some more instructions, Captain. It's not that I dont
trust you-mphm!" Archer moved fast covering her mouth with his hand and
saying, "Taavik, use your skills on her pussy. Make her my slave. Li'Landra,
take over covering her mouth."

The former priestess did as he asked but said, "There's no need, Captain."
Her voice was low purr, like a cat's. "Taavik works fast. She only wants her
orgasm now."

Archer stood behind her, his hands massaging her large breasts, "Alright,
then. Let her go."

Li'Landra did so and stepped back pressing her heart-shaped rear against his
erect penis. Turning her head back she caught his chin and pulled him into a
soulfull kiss as the queen screamed, "Uh-huh...Uh-huh...oh yes..pleaseOh
please! Let me cum, Mistress! Let me CUM! Please! I've beeen a Goo--ud girl!
Please! Oh goddess! I need it..I'll do-ooh! anything.."

Archer groaned into the T'lerian's mouth as her hand guided his cock into her
extremely wet cunt. Breaking the kiss she moaned, "Tha-aank you, Captain.
Mmmmph...You won't regret this. I've dreamed of this day for so long.."

Archer had no idea what the woman was babbling about. As far as he was
concerned she was in the same boat as Ishi'Aya but he wasn't going to tell
her different if it made her more willing.

The captain thrust Li'Landra forward so her heaving breasts hung over the
front of the chair right next to the queen. Ishi'Aya, in her sexual stupor,
latched on to the large erect nipple with her lips and began sucking like her
life depended on it. Archer thrust against the T'Lerian's firm buttocks and
wondered how long this was going to take. He didn't know how long he'd been

Thinking about how to procede when he heard the all to familiar bleep of his
communicator. Leaving the three women in their sexual frenzy for a moment he
walked over to his uniform and picked up the communicator.

"Archer." he said.

"Sir we've analyzed the astrometric data that Commander Tucker transmitted
and we've located the sight of the battle with the other ship." came the
voice of Ensign Mayweather.

"That's great." replied Archer.

"The problem is it's 6 and a half hours away at maximum warp."

"Damn." muttered Archer realizing that he was going to have to leave and get
back to his mission sooner than he had hoped, "Contact Trip, Malcolm and Kato
and have them meet me at the shuttlepod now."

Shutting off his communicator Archer quickly got dressed, "Sorry ladies but
I've been called back to my ship."

"But you can't leave us like this." Pleaded Ishi'Aya.

"Archer turned to Taavik, "If I haven't come back within an hour finish thee
job and let her cum."

* * *

A short time later the away team had reassembled on Enterprise and were
gathered in the situation room.

"Alright what have we got?" asked Archer.

"We now know where the battle was fought." said Travis, "But it's going to
take us 6 hours 27 minutes at maximum warp to get there."

"We have just under 10 hours before we have to return to our own dimension."
added Phlox.

Archer knew he'd lost track of the time on T'Laria but he had no idea two
hours had past, "What's our engine and weapon status?"

"Commander Tucker and I are returning to the surface to collect the last of
the supplies to bring the weapons back on line and repair the polarizing
generators, it shouldn't take more than half an hour." said Reed.

"As for the engines, I can get you about warp 2.3 now and by the time Malcolm
and I get back my boys should have you up to 2.5 but with the damage to
structural integrity it'll be bumpy." added Trip.

"How long until we have full speed?"

"On the move it'll take at least two hours."

"Fine, Travis be ready to lay in a course as soon as the shuttle is back on

"Sir," said Reed, "That battle was fought inside Klingon space. It would be
a safe bet that they wouldn't stick around."

"I know that but it's that best place to start looking."

"Maybe not, it's a good bet that they would be heading out of Klingon space
and most likely the Klingons will be after them and their ship had taken
extensive damage. I doubt their onboard repair capabilities are any better
than ours so they should be limping along at around warp to as well."

"Get to the point Malcolm."

Reed moved over to one of the monitors and brought up a star man and pointed
to a system, "Their is a spaceport in this sector controled by a race known
as the Ratalans. They have an uneasy treaty with Earth and Andor and aren't
big fans of the Klingons so it's a possibility they might go there."

"What do you know about these Ratalans?"

"There race is made up entirely of six foot tall amazonizan style women."

"Considering the mentality of these people that sounds like the ideal place
to go." said Archer.

"Not really, the Andorian captain who made first contact with them branded
them "Unfuckable" due to the fact they all possess what he described as "An
abnormally large cock."

"It's still as good a place as any to start searching, get the rest of the
supplies so we can get going."

* * *

Meanwhile on the other Enterprise......

"Captain, we've just lost a whole load of power couplings on C deck if we
don't stop for repairs we're goin' to rattle this ship to pieces." said Trip.

"We need to put as much distance between us and the Klingons and I don't see
anywhere we can stop and make repairs." said Archer.

"Well there is a repair facillity in sector 4571 but it is controled by
Ratalans." said Reed.

"You've got to be joking." said Archer.

"As ranking officer it is customary for you to conduct negotiations." smirked

"I'm not 'negotiating' with any woman who has a cock." snapped Archer.

"Well we need their help otherwise the Klingon's won't have to destroy us."

"Alright," smiled Archer, "Tell Hoshi that for the duration of 'negotiations'
she's the ranking officer, I sure she'd be better suited to satisfying all
their needs."

"Sir I know Hoshi's skilled but you've read the reports on those things,
their cocks are twice the size of Klingons even Hoshi can't take that kind
of punishment."

Trip had a point, "Fine tell her to take that other T'Pol and any of the
other less co-opritive slaves as barganing chips. I'm sure a few rounds of
'negotiating' with Ratalans will break their spirit and make them far more
acomidating and have Phlox give them something to make the experience as
unpleasent as possible."

Just as they were about to leave the T'lerian system, Mayweather called out,
"Captain, Sensors pick up two ships heading towards T'leria.... they're
Vulcan, sir."

Archer thought. He didn't have time to check them out. Probably just here to
make sure the revolution on T'leria went alright. On the other hand, they
could be enemies. It was quite possible that not all of the Vulcan fleet had
been subjugated. If that was the case, they'd better leave.

Mayweather continued, "They're hailing us."

The captain was tempted to just go to warp but something told him not to.
"Put them on the screen, Travis"

A rather young looking vulcan appeared, "Ahh...Captain Archer, I am Taarik
and I hadn't expected to see the hero of the empire in a backward system
like this one. I would very much like to hear about your exploits in person.
Perhaps your crew and mine could meet over dinner. I have quite a few
high-ranking vulcan women on board..."

Archer was surprised the long-winded vulcan let him get a word in, "I'm
afraid I'm going to have to decline, Tarrik. I have urgent business
elsewhere. Um...If you don't mind me asking...what is your mission here?

"I'm sorry to hear that, Captain. Perhaps another time. About my mission..."
The vulcan cringed for a moment, "I'm escorting the Peshwa. It is to be
turned over to the T'lerians as a reward for their loyalty. Personally, I
feel Captain Sulak is out of his mind but sacrifices must be made if we are
to weld the empire back anew."

Archer was stunned, "An entire ship...just given over to the T'lerians...are
they capable of running it?"

"Well, there's a vulcan crew aboard...mostly enslaved women....ones of lesser
sexual skills, of course. They will teach the T'lerians and run it until the
birds are ready. I think its a waste of time, of course. It would be put to
better use putting down all the various rebelling systems instead of
rewarding the ones that aren't!"

Archer's thoughts raced. That ship would more than even the odds and he had
the T'lerian Queen his obedient slave... He glanced at a chronometer...for
another 30 minutes!

"Well Taarik, don't feel so bad. I'm pretty sure I can convince the queen to
put it to good use..."

* * *

Entering sector 4571, Mayweather turned and said, "Sir, we're here but the
station isn't."

The captain looked up just as he finished cumming all over T'Pol's face,
"What? How is that possible?"

Malcolm answered, "Sensors are picking up lots of debri as well as the residue
from energy weapons."

"Destroyed? But who? It was just a repair station. The Klingons?" asked

"That battle with the Klingons must have drawn most of their ships in the
area...I can't imagine them attacking us with that much force and still
hitting this station. It's true they hated the Ratalans but it doesn't make
any tactical sense." stated Reed.

Mayweather said, "And the Klingons are hunting us...we've managed to stay
ahead of them but if they had a force destroy this station in front of us...
why didn't they stay to cut us off?"

Archer didn't know what was going on...he motioned T'Pol to mount his cock in
the hopes it would produce some better thinking

"Is it possible you have the wrong co-ordinates?" asked Archer pushing
T'Pol's head further down onto his cock.

"Maybe, the navagation system is pretty badly damaged." said Travis.

"That's not the only thing," added Trip, "That last jump at warp shot the
plasma relays, we'll be lucky to make warp one."

"If there ever was a time we needed a repair station....." said Archer.

"Hold on, I've just finished analysing the debris, it does have a Ratalan
signature but its mass and energy output are no where near that of a station,
it's more like a large cargo transport." announced Reed.

"So is there any sign of the station?" asked Archer pulling T'Pol's head off
of his cock and cleaning it in her hair before going over to the science
station, "Long range sensors are still down."

"Yes but the short range sensors are still online and I'm detecting two
battlecruisers entering system," said Reed, "They're Ratalan and their

Archer turned to the young blonde officer filling in for Hoshi at the conn
motioning for her to put on the view screen. As she did the image of a large
dark skined female with long dark hair carcading down her back and shoulders
with breasts considerably larger than T'Pol's appeard. If it weren't for what
was below the veiwer Archer would have jumped at the chance to fuck her.

"Earth vessel, identify yourself." she said.

"We're the starship Enterprise." replied Archer.

"We are responding to a distress call from one of our vessels do you know
anything about it's distruction."

"No we were looking for the repair station when we entered this system."

"The station was removed and repositioned along our defence perimiter in the
Boratas system, we will tow your vessel there if you are still in need of

"We are." replied Archer. He may not have liked these people but he needed
them now and the defense perimiter was a far safer place to hide out from the
Klingons than a little repair station.

* * *


"So what do you think?" Archer said to Trip standing on the bridge of the

"Well she's space worthy." said Trip.

"Good because I've convinced the Queen to let us borrow the ship as a final
thank you although I think she'd rather I took advantage of her while she was
still in a submissive state."

"Well these old Vulcan ships can do more than 4.3 so she'll slow us down a
bit but she has shields and a weapons system that should equal theirs but if
they're still in Klingon space we're screwed either way."

"I didn't need to hear that. Just make sure both ships are ready to leave in
30 minutes."

"Just who do you plan to command this thing 'cause i doubt that the Vulcans
are goin' to attck their real Enterprise."

"We have 53 people on Enterprise so you and Malcolm can take half of them over
hear and crew this ship. We'll offload the majority of the crew keeping on
board a handfull of the T'Larians to take the ship back when we're done with
it and some Vulcans to make sure you're operating it right."

"Better make those Vulcan's female 'cause they can't talk back or question
firing on Enterprise." smirked Tucker.

"You wanted to see me Captain?" said Hoshi stepping onto the bridge.

"Tell me ensign, do you have a dress uniform on board?" asked Archer.

"I have several for all kind of kinks sir." she replied.

"Good, you better get one on because your going to need it." replied Archer.

"Sir you know I hate covering up that much, it's just doesn't feel right."

"We're cleared for docking at the Ratalan station and they expect us to be
sending a representitive to negotiate for our repairs, so I need you to put
on a dress uniform to tease them and shift things in our favour." said Archer
looking up at the veiw screen as his ship was guided into the hanger.

"Sir they expect the ranking official to negotiate with them." said Hoshi.

"I know but I have no intention of going anywhere near them so we're going to
tell them you're an ambasador, that way you can negotiate. Malcolm is rounding
up some of our slave for you to take as barganing chips."

"Sir even if you do say I'm an Ambasador the Ratalan's won't accept me as the
head of negotiations, they view any female who isn't as adaquatly endowed as
them inforior and unworthy of their cocks." said Hoshi.

"Talk to Phlox I'm sure he can do something to help out, anything else we
should know?" asked Archer.

"The Ratalan's will expect us to state our demands as soon as we meet
with their representitives, they will instantlly tell us our demands are
unreasonable for one reason or another at that point we'll... I'll have to
convince them to negotiate with us."

"And how do you do that?" asked Archer.

"I have to get each of them hard without actually touching any of them and
only after all their representitives are hard do we 'negotiate'. They'll
brutally fuck whoever we offer them in a bit to break them and force us to
make a more reasonable demand. If we do we'll be considered unworthy and
they won't help." said Hoshi.

"Then I suggest you keep the fucking to a minimum and only oversee the slaves
since you're the only one who actually has the power to change the demands,
but just how do you win these negotiations."

"Nobody onboard has the ability to break a Ratalan and force them to admit
defeat so we'll either have to survive the required length of time without
breaking or bring them to orgasm the required number of times before that
time is reached."

Hoshi continued trying to work her way out of conducting the negotiations but
it became very clear to her that the captain wasn't going to give in on this
one so in the end she just accepted the mission and began making her way to
sickbay while planning her stratagy.

She didn't imagine she'd have to much trouble getting them hard without
actually touching them, since she had access to the alternate T'Pol and four
other slaves from the other ship who weren't being as cooperative as the rest
of the new slaves and she new plenty of little games and tricks she could do
on them to get the Ratalans hard not to mention the ability to tease that her
dress uniforms gave her even though the concept of wearing that much was
discomforting to her. She was well versed in every little kink and fantasy
assoiated with all the Earth uniforms and had studied countless alien ones so
she was sure she could find something to please the Ratalans but before she
made any decisions on that she needed to sort the problem of her breasts.

As she entered sickbay she saw the alternate T'Pol lying on a biobed her
arms and legs tied behind her back, a ball gag in her mouth and spreader bar
between her legs just above the knees. Hoshi knew that the crew had forced
the gag into T'Pol's mouth to stop her from biting their cocks when they
forced them into her mouth it was only removed to feed her which was partly
why her haands had been bound behind her back, to a Vulcan it was humiliating
to eat without utensils and the crew were determine to break her. She'd been
stuck in the mess hall tied over a table being repeatedly fucked in the ass,
force fed meat and large amounts of cum while the male crew jerked off all
over her, occationally throwing cold water over her to clean her up slightly.
With her superior Vulcan sense of smell all that human cum must have been
driving her crazy and with her ass not being left unocupied for more tahn a
few minutes at a time she couldn't do any meditations to try and maintain
control so this mission would probablly be enough to break her and turn her
into the perfect little cock sucking slut the captain wanted her to be.

Hoshi walked over and watched as Phlox removed one of his devices from her
ass and drove it into her pussy prompting her to moan from behind the gag.

"Ah ensign," said Phlox with his usual grin that he got when about to give
an exam of some kind, "Just making sure this mission will be as unpleasant
as possible for our little slave here," he slapped T'Pol's ass, "This will
increase sensitivity while swelling up the inside of her pussy and ass,
she'd be in pain just trying to get a finger in their let alone a cock."

"She still need to be able to fuck them without passing out or dying." said

"Oh don't worry it isn't that bad, but it should help break her anyway. I've
seen this stuff force Klingon prisoners into submission. Now what can I do
for you?"

"The captain wants me to head up these negotiations and I'm not exactly
equipped to deal with them." said Hoshi pointing to her tits.

"Ah yes you have to better as well equipped as their negotiators to
'negotiate' with them well that won't be any problem there are a number
of methods we can use, so primative methods of your own race or Denobulan
genetic resequencing or there is the transporters."

Hoshi didn't like any of these ideas much, she was happy with the tits she
had even if they weren't the biggest on the ship but she had her orders and
the captain did have the right to order 'improvements' to his crew if he
deemed them necassary although Archer didn't make a point of forcing changes
unless as a disiplinary method.

"Whichever is easiest and safest, by the way you don't have anything that can
help with the 'negotations'. Ratalan cocks are meant to be murder and I don't
want to fail. The captains pretty annoyed and he'll probablly punish me if I
screw up."

"I'm sure I have something that can help, now up on the biobed."

The U.S.S. Enterprise and the Vulcan cruiser Peshwa broke orbit around the
planet T'leria and set course for the Ratalan spaceport. The Peshwa was under
the command of Sub-Commander Vaasek, one of many male Vulcans who had chosen
to support the overthrow of the Vulcan imperial matriarchy. But, as per
Archer's orders, most of his crew was left behind on T'leria. This put the
humans in control of the ship, and although Vaasek was not happy with it,
those were the orders Queen Ishi'Aya of T'leria had given him. And those
orders had been approved of by Captain Sulak and Captain Taarik. The two
Vulcan commanders were willing to go along with the ship transfer since the
Earthers had been instrumental in the overthrow and would continue to be
critical allies in the reorganization of the Empire. The Vulcans did not want
to alienate Archer, but Vaasek's curiosity over Archer's odd demands was
making him very wary nonetheless.

There was also one other factor that was instrumental in the Vulcans
following along with Archer. The human apparently had a secret weapon and
it appeared to be immensely powerful. From scans of the Enterprise (which
had oddly been re-prefixed with a U.S.S. instead of the normal S.X.X.), the
Vulcans were aware that its power readings were far above normal, and were
rising. The ship's weapons systems and propulsion were more powerful than a
normal Starfuck vessel's, and almost as imposing as a cutting edge Vulcan
battle cruiser. Obviously Archer had access to technology that the Vulcan
Science Directorate was unaware of. What other surprises, they wondered,
did Archer hold?

But of course they were incorrect in their assumptions. Archer had no
advanced technology. The power ratings of the Enterprise were due rather to
the fact that it was from an alternate dimension, and since it and it's
counterpart now existed in the same dimensional space, a quantum overload
was super-charging the ship making it faster, more impregnable, and more
powerful. Unfortunately, it also made it very unstable. And if the Enterprise
did not return to its home dimension within approximately 10 hours, the
quantum boost it was experiencing would blow it up like a small sun going
nova and probably punch a hole between dimensions that would destroy both

And as the U.S.S. Enterprise and the Peshwa hurtled at best possible warp
toward the Ratalan spaceport, the S.X.X. Enterprise, already docked there,
was preparing to negotiate with the Ratalans for much needed supplies and

"I can't believe that the captain actually expects us to use this thing."
said Reed looking over Trip's shoulder as he worked on repairing a plasma
conduit, "27 of our own crew a Vulcan commander, helmsman and engineer plus
six Vulcan slaves and a couple of T'Larians isn't going to help us and how
exactly are we going to explain when we start firing on a ship identical to
our own."

"Don't you have some weapons to be firin'?" replied Trip pulling out some

"What weapons? This ship makes ours look like a warship even 150 year old
Vulcan ships in our dimension can match Enterprise but this couldn't even
beat shuttepod one." replied Reed.

"First," whispered Trip, don't mention alternate dimension, "We may out
number them but they know the ship and are better at hand to hand than we
are second we're not taking this thing into combat, the Captain doesn't
want us to engage them at least not while their at the Ratalan station.
It's supposed to easily match a Klingon heavy crusier and we already know
we're no match for them in either you know so we wait until they leave and
while the Captain draws their fire you put that tactical experteese of
yours to good use."

"Why wasn't I informed about any of this?"

"You were in to much of a hurry to see what kind of slaves we had on here
and to poke your nose in Vulcan weaponary."

"Commander Tucker," came the voice of Sub-Commander Vaasek from behind the
two men, "The repair efforts to the Peshwa are progressing ahead of schedule
so in accordance with Vulcan customs I invite you and Lt Reed, to dine at my
table as honoured guests."

"I thought I was commanding this thing." said Trip.

"The Peshwa is still a Vulcan vessel and until the such time as I am assigned
a new command I remain in command."

"Well guess I could use a break."

Tucker and Reed left the engineering section, looking back over their
shoulders to see Vaasek muttering something to the Vulcan engineer.

As they headed to the senior officers dining room Tucker contacted Archer, he
was careful what he said as he was worried that Vaasik was monitoring them.

"So how much longer until we arrive?" Tucker asked Vaasik as a Vulcan slave
poured him a glass of water.

"Six more hours until we arrive at the spaceport?" said Vaasik motioning for
the slave serving him to get down under the table.

Good thought Trip that should still give us little over two hours to plan our
move before we destroy most of this dimension.

"I notice niether of you have made use of the slaves." said Vaasik noticing
Reed's eyes following the two still standing Vulcan females around, "Are they
not to your liking."

"No they're fine." said Trip clearing his throat.

"Oh yes very nice." replied Reed returning to the conversation.

"Then please make good use of them." said Vaasik motioning for the two slave
to service the starfleet officers.

The one serving Trip, a short dark haired female with small perky breasts
probablly in her early thirties by human standards sank to her knees and
crawled under the table unzipped his pants and took his cock in her hands
and began massaging it to full erection before taking it in her mouth while
the other, a young female about Hoshi's age with longer and lighter hair and
large firm breasts unzipped Reeds pants freeing his cock and driving it into
her pussy. She began bouncing up and down while rubbing her tits in his face.

Trip sat back loosening up as his slave began sucking harder and faster but
with a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that Vaasik was trying to keep
him and Reed distracted but he let his paranoia fade as he began to cum.

"Do you think we could have a smoother rise Travis?" asked Archer holding
onto the arms of his Captains chair.

"Sorry sir but the power overloads are too much."

"Reduce speed to warp 3 and inform the Peshwa." said Archer getting
increasingly concerned that he would fail in his mission. He turned to the
science station where Dr Phlox and Crewman Karo were going through all the
databases looking to see if there was any solution to the dimensional power
imbalance that was destroying his ship and crew, "Any luck."

"I'm affriad not," replied Phlox and I may have found some more bad news."

"lets here it."

"Probability." said Phlox.

"What?" asked Archer heading over to the science station.

"Probability, theory suggest the laws of it are against us."


"Take you and your counterpart, physically identical, same skills just a few
minor personality trates. Now if you were to both sit down over say a game of
poker normally either player has a fifty fifty chance of winning but as we
are in their dimension the laws of probability for us against them shifts in
their favour."

"So your saying we can't beat them in this universe" added Travis.

"Travis do we still have that Suliban ship in the hold." asked Archer.

"Yes but why?"

"Contact Trip, we're taking this fight to our playing field."

* * *

"Do you wanna tell me why you've had us stop." asked Trip exiting the

"We're going back to our dimension Trip." said Archer.

"You are jokin' right?"

"No. The dimensional instibility is damaging the ship and Phlox says the crew
are begining to show signs of cell degeneration."

"But what about T'Pol Hoshi and the other."

"We're leaving you and Malcolm behind to get them back."

"Oh this just keeps getting better and better are you crazy."

"Phlox and Karo believe that us being here has also shifted the laws of
probability in favour of our counterparts so in theory no matter what we do
here we can't win, so I'm taking the ship back and leaving you and Malcolm
behind in the Suliban cell ship, with us gone the dimensional instibility
will end."

"Enterprise is in pretty bad shape with all these overloads it'll be days a
week even before it's ready to come back and fight."

"We're not coming back, we'll need a few days to make repairs so you'll have
to get by but then I want you to take their ship to our side."

"Shifting the laws in our favour."

"Right. You and Malcolm will take that cell ship under cloak to their
Enterprise and assume the identities of your counterparts but remember in a
one on one the odds are in their favour so you'll have to take out alternate
Malcolm and him alternate Trip, then for a few days you'll have to assume
their identities to give us time to prepare here and yourselves time to rig
their ship for dimension jumping. And no heroics don't try to save T'Pol and
the others and blow your cover do't even let any of them know you've crossed
over, apparently forced mind meld are required to make sure slaves aren't
planning escapes and that could expose you."

Trip and Malcolm watched from inside the cloaked cell ship as Enterprise and
the Peshwa warped off in the opposite direction.

"So how fast does this thing go?" asked Reed.

"Warp 3.3" said Trip manning the controls.

"It'll take us hour to reach the co-ordinates of the spaceport."

"15.5" said Trip, "And I don't want to here any complaining from you."

Sub-Commander Vaasek had been surprised by Archer's sudden cancelation of the
mission to the Ratalan spaceport. Instead, the Enterprise would move on to
the Hatlek System to meet up with the Andorians. Vaasek would take the Peshwa
back to T'leria. And then Archer had his crew transfered back to the
Enterprise. Vaasek protested that he could not operate his ship with only a
skeleton crew, and that he should have been consulted for such a drastic
change of plans.

Archer discounted his concerns as trivial, which only infuriated Vaasek even
more. "I am not an inferior underling to be ordered about and simply expected
to do as he is told!" Vaasek berated Archer over the ship-to-ship comm.
Archer gazed at him on the viewscreen and answered, "And nor are you aware of
all of the pertinant facts, which I simply don't have time to go into. Just
know this, the situation has changed. If it helps any, I'm not happy with
this either."

"That is not acceptable," Vaasek replied coldly. "You have been acting
strangely ever since your arrival on T'leria. And in this time of civil war,
such strange behavior cannot be overlooked. And too, you have been hiding
things from us. Such as the upgrades you've obviously made to your vessel.
Or did you think we would not notice the power readings of your ship?"
Vaasek hoped he had not over-reached himself, especially as he had been
given strict orders by Captain Sulak not to arouse any suspicion in Archer
that the Vulcans were more than curious about his mysterious modificaitions.
But Vaasek felt that the time had come to bring the question out into the

Archer paused, thinking of the easiest way to get rid of the Vulcan without
making the situation any more dangerous for himself. "Sub-Commander Vaasek,
your ability has never been in question. But as you say, we are in a time of
civil war, and under such circumstances I can assure you that strange
behavior becomes par for the course. In regards to the matter of my ship,
and the nature of my mission, it is to be discussed only on a need to know
basis. And you do not need to know. If you find that unacceptable, take it
up with General Shran."

Vaasek was visibly angered at the mention of Shran's name. General Shran had
led the Andorian attack against the loyalist Vulcan forces, and although he
had proven a valuable ally to the rebellion, the Vulcan rebels did not fully
trust him. The Andorians after all had little love for Vulcans of either
gender. But the might of the Andorian military made it necessary for them to
be allies. But, if the Earthers were in a secret league with the Andorians,
then perhaps a double-cross was in the making?

"Listen Vaasek, the galaxy is changing," Archer went on. "And if anyone is to
blame, its you and all those other male Vulcans who decided to help Humanity
overthrow the Vulcan Empire. And whether you like it or not, we are all in
this together. The people of Earth, your people, and yes, even the Andorians.
A new Sexual Federation of Planets is after all what we all want, right? And
that means we have to trust each other, even when we're keeping secrets from
each other. Trust me, you won't regret it. And now I have to say goodbye."
And then the Enterprise engaged her warp engines and shot away into space.
Once out of range of the Vulcans, it engaged the dimensional-hopper and
transphased back into its home dimension.

Left behind was the Peshwa and a cloaked Suliban ship nicknamed Ghost. It
was manned by Trip and Malcolm and, engaging their own warp engines, the
Starfleet officers headed off for the Ratalan spaceport in their bid to
save their kidnapped comrades.

Vaasek, completely unaware of the Ghost, watched the Enterprise on the
long range scanner until it disappeared off the screen. He didn't like this
situation at all. And he didn't trust Archer one bit. Turning to the helmsman
he ordered his ship to...

Archer sat in his ready room looking over the damage reports his department
heads had produced. The ship was in bad shape with most of it's systems down
and would take months for Trip to repair in deep space, at least with the
help of the Ratalans and their facilities it would only take a few days. Of
course that depended on Hoshi being able to convince them to help. Archer
only hoped she could. She was highly experienced in multiple techniques from
countless races, graduating top of her class, which had made her highly
sought after, Archer had to count his blessings that he'd managed to get one
of the best fucks in the empire assigned to his ship but Ratalan's were very
well known for their ferocious sexual nature and even Hoshi had her limits,
although they were considerabliy more than anyone else on the ship.

Archer briefly took his mind off the damage reports to think about Hoshi's
mouth wrapped around his cock, it had been a while since he'd had her suck
him off, maybe he could have her and her little slave releive some of his
tension before she left.

He was snapped back to reality by the sound of his communications terminal
signalling a message from Admiral Forest.

"Archer." he said activating the monitor.

"Jon I've just recived a rather disterbing report from Captain Sulak in
the T'Laira system questioning your recent behaviour and now I have Soval
breathing down my neck about secret upgardes we've been making to our ships."
said Forest.

"I don't understand sir, I haven't been near T'Laira in days we've been
damaged in an attack with the Klingons and have had to stop at a Ratalan
Battlestation to make repairs."

"Sulak's report says you ordered him to release control of a Vulcan vessel
to you in order to rescue your female crew who were being held at a Ratalan
spaceport, then just over an hour ago, after some questionable behaviour
from you and your men you abandoned the Vulcan ship and your mission."

"That wasn't me sir, we've had a run in with an Enterprise from an other
dimension, they tried to aid the Vulcan rebels but failed. We captured a
number of their female rew and in acordance with the new laws sentenced
them to a life of slavery for their crime we thought we had destroyed the
ship but they must have slipped back to their own universe before just
before our weapons hit and now their back." Archer answered.

"Very well I'll order all our vessels to keep an eye out for this ship and
have it destroyed at least this will keep Soval off my back. Forest out."

"Damn." thought Archer getting out of his chair.

* * *

As per Phlox's orders Hoshi hopped up onto the biobed then the Doctor locked
her arms and legs into restraints.

Hoshi had never understood Phlox's need to always restrain his female
patients, not that she minded, she found the whole process very arousing
which was why she was keeping her counterpart bound and gagged much as Phlox
had T'Pol right now. He even kept the Vulcan doctor he had selected as his
personal slave in a cage alongside all his other pets when he wasn't using

Hoshi turned her head and watched T'Pol struggling against her bonds as the
device in her ass worked away trying to scream through her gag.

Hoshi was enjoying the sight which combined with her subdermal clit and
nipple stimulators was making her very wet. Her thoughts shifted from T'Pol
to the thoughts of her counterpart doing the same in her quarters, if she had
anytime before her mission she planned to take full advantage of her slave.

Looking up to see what Phlox was doing Hoshi watched him put some kind of gel
on his fingers and approch her. He then slipped his fingers inside her wet
pussy and began rubbing the gel in.

Hoshi moaned in pleasure, as well as the Denobulans unique cock Phlox
definatly knew how to use his hands on the ships women, thats why the
frequently were make appointments for physicals.

"This sound make the mission go much easier," said Phlox sliding his fingers
in further, "It will make the muscels more elastic-like allowing them to
stretch to take a much larger cock quiet comfortablly and return your pussy
to it's original shape and size afterwards."

"That isn't perminant?" Hoshi moaned.

"Of course not I have something that will restore you to your original
tightness afterwards just come and see me as soon as you return." said Phlox
pulling his fingers out.

"Hoshi watched as Phlox went to his supply locker and picked out a doubled
hypospay which Hoshi knew was for her tits.

Phlox filled the hypo and brought it into contact with Hoshi's breast.

"Now this will stimulate the growth of the tissue," Phlox began to slowly
push down on the hypo when suddenly the sickbay doors opened.

"We have a problem." came the captains voice.

"Ah." said Phlox looking at the hypo.

Ah what?" asked Hoshi.

"The captains entry came as something of a surprise and I may have injected
you with a bit more than I had planned."

"How much more?" said Hoshi feeling a tingling in her chest.

"Oh maybe 50% more, but don't worry it's perfectly harmless it will just
cause a bit more growth than you were expecting."

"How much more?" Hoshi asked again.

"I'm not sure, the more you inject the bigger the result, however you will
defenatly be more than adaquate to negotiate with the Ratalans."

"Good," said Archer, "I've just recieved a report from Admiral Forest.
Apparently he recieved a communication from Captain Sulak in the T'Laria
system questioning my recent conduct in a joint mission with one of his

"I didn't know about any mission." said Hoshi starting to feel rather tight
and uncomfortable around the chest.

"It wasn't us it looks like the other ship has returned. Aparently they were
on their way to the spaceport with a Vulcan ship but they turned around and
left the Vulcans about an hour ago."

"Maybe they detecte that the spaceport was destroed and decided to look
somewhere else." said Hoshi beginning to struggle against her restraints.

"Maybe," said Archer, "But just encase we really need to get out of here how
long before she's ready?"

"I would estimate two hours and she will be fully 'equiped' for this

"Good." said Archer, "Once your in dress uniform come and see me on the
bridge, I think the senior staff will probablly want to see the results of
the doctors work."

Somewhere in deep space between the planet T'leria and the Ratalan Spaceport,
the Ghost was speeding along at high warp. Within the Suliban vessel were
Trip and Malcolm. Their mission - find the S.X.X. Enterprise, board her and
take the place of their other-dimensional counterparts. Once that was done,
they were to rig a dimensional-hopper and phase the ship into Dimension B,
their home dimension. And once back home, the U.S.S. Enterprise could take
back their women from the sex crazed Captain Archer and his crew from
Dimension A.

"You know, the Captain took a big risk with his cock-and-bull story about
General Shran," Malcolm said as he monitored the navigation screen. Trip
nodded in agreement, "Yeah, but he had to say something to get that Vulcan
bastard off his back. It was obvious that our deception was beginning to
wear thin."

"I just hope it doesn't cause more problems than it solved," Malcolm replied.

* * *

On board the S.X.X. Enterprise, the other-Trip was working his engineering
staff triple-time in order to get as many repairs finished as possible. He
had even forced them to take sexual suppressants in order to squeeze more
work out of them. Hopefully Hoshi's diplomatic mission would succeed and the
Enterprise would get full access to the Ratalan's dock facilities. But in
case that didn't happen, Archer needed his ship in as ready a battle
condition as possible. Because of Admiral Forrest's message, Archer now knew
that the other-Archer was back in DimensionA, and as surely as an Andorian
cunt is blue, the other-Archer would do everything he could to get his women
back. This dimension's Archer had no intention of letting him succeed. And
though his ship was in a bad condition, and without the Ratalans' help was
in no condition for a fight, he would be damned if he didn't do everything
possible to prepare for what might be coming next.

* * *

Hoshi Sato stared into the full length mirror in her quarters and grinned.
Her transformation was complete and her choice of wardrobe was impeccable,
even if she did say so herself. But then, she never doubted her abilities.
She was an expert on alien psychosexual paradigms, after all. It was her
job to know everything about Earth's galactic neighbors, their turn-ons
and turn-offs, their favorite interests and their wildest fantasies. And
so, if anyone could piece together an erotically arousing diplomatic dress
uniform that the Ratalans would find simply irresistable, she could.

Behind her, the other-Hoshi cowered at the foot of the bed, a long chain
reaching from the wall to a shackle locked around her ankle. Turning around,
Hoshi A asked, "So how do I look?" Hoshi B stared up at her with disgust and
hate. Standing before her was her evil twin and merciless master. But even
though she despised her, Hoshi B had to admit that Hoshi A knew how to put
an outfit together.

Hoshi A wore long, burgundy colored latex gloves that ran up almost to her
armpits. The gloves were fingerless, leaving her slender yellow fingers free
and highlighting her sharp, blood red fingernails. Her legs were wrapped in
tight silk webbing; knee-high leather boots hung with mink fur and trimmed
with whale bone graced her feet. Around her waist hung a fine golden chain,
the links carved into images of lions and tigers. A simple purple spandex
thong hugged her ass and just barely covered her pussy. A purple latex corset
was cinched up tight around her ribs, leaving her midriff and belly button
naked. And above the corset were her tits. Doctor Phlox's ministrations had
swelled them into whopping G-cup flesh balloons. But they did not sag or hang
down like a couple of jugs. They were perfectly round and jutted out from her
body like a couple of jiggly volleyballs. The only 'clothing' that Hoshi
thought to cover them up with was a starburst shaped nipple shield on one
breast, and a wolf's head lick-off tattoo on the other.

As a final touch, she wore a thin, black, velvet band around her neck hung
with a ruby pendant shaped like a heart.

"Love and lust go hand in hand," Hoshi A murmured to herself as she brushed
her fingers against the pendant. "Those Ratalan she-male amazons will desire
my body, and they will long for my heart. Hahahahaha!"

And then she left the room and headed for the bridge. The captain said he
wanted to inspect her before she left for the negotiations.

As soon as the doors closed Hoshi began frantically tugging on the chain
around her ankle trying to get loose, but she knew from several tries that
it was useless and even if she could get free she couldn't leave the room
since a. the door was locked and b. there was somekind of security field
that reacted with the collar to preventer her from passing through the
doorway while it was active. She hadn't left this room since her counterpart
had chosen her as her private slave nor had she seen anyone else but her
mistress. In some respects though that had been a blessing. Before all the
slaves were herded together in a cargobay, they were hosed down with freezing
cold water collectivly, forced to sleep two to a bed chained in a sixty-nine
position and forced to submit to the crews every desire which meant they were
never left alone for more than a few minutes. At least here Hoshi got to take
warm showers or baths, even if they were with her mistress who forced her to
wash her down, she was still chained to the bed at night, her position chosen
by Hoshi A but at least she didn't have to worry about a cock in her ass
waking her after only an hour and the only person she ever saw was Hoshi A
who spent a few hour away from the quarters when on duty.

But in other ways it wasn't. she coundn't leave so she had no idea of what
was going on outside, that T'Pol was being brutally fucked and humiliated
in the messhall 24 hours a day in a bid to break her and prevent her from
forming any esape plans or that most of her colleuges had already been
broken. Her chain allowed her free reign about the quarters but there was
nothing useful in there only sextoys and personal items and then there was
her counterpart. A truly evil woman who terrified Hoshi, she didn't like
the collars, although that didn't stop her from leaving it in place,
because they lacked any personal touch so from the moment Hoshi B had
arrived in her quarters she had desided to demonstated some of the less
torturous thing that would happen if Hoshi B disobied her. She had used
a combinations of pleasures and pains on her for several hours which lasted
far longer than a shock from the collar, so Hoshi B was now desperatly
trying to keep her happy by just doing as she was told and spent most ofher time cowering in the corner, in terror of herself. And now she even
digusted herself with her new tits but at the same time Hoshi had felt some
sense of arousal at the sight of her mistress' new chest, at the round and
firmness of them why she had insisted that Hoshi squeeze them but that had
quickly returned to fear when she commented on how much she liked them and
that she was thinking of keeping them and thinking about having Phlox do
the same to her or maybe something even bigger since she didn't have any
duties to perform that they could get in the way of. Hoshi B really just
hoped Hoshi A was joking but something told her she wasn't.

* * *

Meanwhile Hoshi A was making her way to the bridge the spiked heels on her
boots adding an extremly sexy sway to her walk that was making everyone
behind her stop and gaze at her ass while everyone in front of her was
stopping to drool over her new tits jiggling with everystep. Even T'Pol
with the formally largest tits on the ship couldn't produces this kind of
effect walking the decks. If just the sight of her was making every cock
hard and every pussy wet a little show should been more than enough for
the Ratalans.

Hoshi A continued her slutty walk to the turbolift then up onto the bridge.
Stepping out onto the bridge she cleared her throat to get the senior staffs
attention but stepping down infront of the captain. All eyes were on her,
even T'Pol and Sukok were staring up transfixed by Hoshi's new chest.

"So what do you think?" she asked standing infront of the captain hands on
hips fully aware that her presences was makeing the men hard.

"Surgeon does nice work." said Trip.

"Very nice." said Mayweather.

"Well sir." asked Hoshi kicking one boot out at T'Pol then the other to Sukok
gestuing for them to lick them with both did, Hoshi know how much it would
humiliate them to be seen licking the boots of a former subordinate.

"I think the Ratalans don't stand a chance." said Archer trying to hide to
obvious discomfort in his pants, he really wanted to fuck that rack but right
now he didn't have that luxurey, "Come and see me as soon as you return, I
want to see if those tits are as good as they look."

"Don't worry sir, I think their going to be around for a while, they seem to
have already done a bit for crew morale. What do you think bitch?" said
Hoshi kneeling down before T'Pol and pulling her head to her left breast and
whispering 'lick it' into her ear.

T'Pol followed Hoshi's orders she was desperate to cum but no one had been
willing to counteract her orgasmic supresant today.

"I have some great plans for you when I get back." Hoshi said to T'Pol.

"Why don't you take the other one." Archer said to Sukok watching as the
former ambasador began to lick Hoshi's right breast.

Hoshi knelt in front of her captain for a few moment while the two Vulcans
licked and sucked on her nipples, her hand gradually working it's way down
to her crotch and fingering her pussy through the tiny thong.

Once she had the Vulcans satisfy her nipples Hoshi stood up and slowly walked away seductively swinging her hips to make sure she had everyone's attention stopping at the security station and leaning over, squeezing her tits together to create an even more impressive cleavage, "Make sure my pet is taken care of while I'm gone Lt and I'll be sure to tank you in ways that go beyond the call of my duties."

Malcolm just nodded as Hoshi walked off the bridge into the turbolift.

"Is it just me or is she acting even sluttier than usual." Asked Malcolm.

"I think she's finding her way out of T'Pol's shadow." Said Archer trying to
hide just how hard the young Ensign had made him.

* * *

Hoshi made her way to the cargo bay where the alternate T'Pol and four other
crew members from the other Enterprise were standing, mouths gagged hands and
arms bound tightly behind their backs in a manner that forced their chests to
stand out and a chain linking them together via their collars under the
vigilant eye of two of Lt Reed's female security officers.

Hoshi could see the way the two women were looking at her breasts as she
entered the bay and could feel herself getting wet at the thought of having
them both service her.

"Alright sluts time to go to work." Said Hoshi leading the way to the
airlock, the slaves following at phaser point.

Hoshi and the slaves arrived at the airlock and boarded the Ratalan station
where they were greeted by a large 6,3 Ratalan dressed in the traditional
attire with what Hoshi estimated to be large E-cup tits.

"I am Eldran of the Boratas station council, I will escort you to the

Hoshi followed Eldran through the corridors watching the Ratalans going
about their business. She had never fucked a being with a cock, pussy and
tits before and was rather looking forward to it, but first she had to prove
herself worthy of their cocks, once that was done she could kick back, let
the slaves suffer while she enjoyed herself and the modification Phlox had
made. Entering the council chamber Hoshi counted nine Ratalans sitting and
of course Eldran made ten.

One of the council members, clearly from the way He/she was decorated, the
head got up and began circling Hoshi, checking her body, taking the liberty
to squeeze her tits and ass before standing in front of her.

"I didn't know humans could be so well endowed, you are worthy to petition
for negotiations with us, you are aware of the ritual."

"As head negotiator, I have to get all ten of the council members cocks
hard without making physical contact. Once that's achieved we begin the
negotiations where we have to last 12 hours of fucking or fuck you to the
point you can fuck anymore."

"You are well versed in our culture, now lets see if you can impress us."

Hoshi knew she'd just have to improvise this whole situation until the
iminent orgy so wasting no time she stood before the council and slowly
began to gyraty her hips, caressing her breasts with her hands. Swaying
backwards Hoshi bumped into the first of the chanied slaves and began
rubbing her shaply ass against the slave naked crotch her own hands
working down to her own crotch..

Hoshi then outstreched her arms grabbing the next slave with one hand while
swaying from side to side making her tits jiggle before spinning onto the
second slave, wrapping her arms round her neck and wiggling her ass
seductivlly before the council. She then kicked her leg up and wrapped it
round the slaves waist and spun round her as if she were a pole stopping
behind her and reaching round her and fondling her small breasts for a
moment then stepped out infront of the third slave.

Hoshi then proceeded to raise her hands above her head and perform a belly
dance, gold chain around her waist jingling away while her breasts jiggled.
Above her head Hoshi slowly pulled her left glove off followed by the right
before spinning onto the fourth slave wrapping her arms round the girl and
kissing her though the ball gag before turnning around and fondling her own
tits while wiggling down the girls body and then back up.

Next Hoshi stepped up in front of T'Pol and began rubbing her ass against
T'Pol's crotch while grabbing and squeezing her own tits.

* * *

"So what do you think they wanted our crew for anyway?"

"How the hell should I know. But considerin' the way this universe is wired
I'm guessin' it is sex related."

"So if we are to completely blend in then does that mean we have to..."

"I hadn't considered that, I guess so."

"And what if they can't get their engines fixed and we get stuck here."

"Ok now your startin to annoy me, how long until we get there."

"The station should be coming into sensor range any second....hold on I'm not
detecting anything."

"Maybe your scanning the wrong co-ordinates."

"No these are right...I am detecting a debris field and a faint ion trail
that could be Enterprise."

"Then I guess we follow it.

* * *

Hoshi's hand slipped out from behind her back letting the corset fall to the
ground as she resumed dancing using T'Pol as a pole occationally fondling the
Vulcans breasts. Hoshi the took up postion in front of T'Pol and motioned for
her two security gaurds to approach.

Hoshi directed the two women to her breasts and they began to slowly lick
then running their tongue all over the G-cup orbs. The left gaurd themn began
to nibble the eadible tattoo off while the other used her tongue to flick the
nipple shield off leaving Hoshi's breasts bare. Hoshi then directed their
mouths to her nipples, then began to suck while she backed herself into T'Pol
and resumed rubbing her ass against her crotch.

Hoshi's hands worked their way down to her own crotch as she began to rub her
pussy through the thong again moaning as her gaurds nibbled at her nipples.
Hoshi then pushed them to their knees while she turned around her ass once
again wiggling before the council only this time being caressed and kissed by
the security officers slowly working their hands working their way up to the
thong and pulling it down.

Hoshi once again turned around exposing her hairless pussy to the council as
she began to gyraty again directing her gaurds to her boots which they began
to lick, their own thong clad asses wiggling before the council.

Using T'Pol as support Hoshi slowly slid down her body spreading her legs
further apart as she sunk into a frog postion, bobbing up and down to make
her tits bounce while the security gaurds hands and tongues worked their way
up her boots and legs towards her moist pussy.


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