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Just thought I'd start the ball rolling on this Enterprise slash thing. This
is a bit short, but uni is keeping me busy at the moment. I should also point
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Aussies are still stuck at the end of Voyager's Fifth Season. So I apologise
if I haven't got the character's personalities right.

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Warning: The following story contains sex between women. If this offends you
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Star Trek - Enterprise: Decontamination (FF)
by Odon

Hoshi gasped, her body convulsing in the Vulcan's hands.

"Is there a problem, Ensign Sato?" T'Pol somehow managed to convey all her
exasperation in a single raised eyebrow. Her hands ceased their movement.

"'s quite...pleasant. Don't stop, for God's sake!"

T'Pol resumed soaking the decontamination gel over the Asian woman's lithe
young form. As usual the human was responding in a highly undisciplined
manner, moaning and shuddering every time her hands slid over the erogenous
areas which, from Sato's continual small cries, appeared to consist of the
entire body. They were ruled by their emotions, this species. An alliance
with such a people at this immature stage in their development was highly
illogical. Unfortunately with the rate they were expanding into space it was
also necessary.

She felt the stirrings of emotion herself as the human female's hand slid up
the length of her thigh to the junction of her legs. Stimulation of the
nerves clustered there caused a not-unpleasant feeling to run through her
body. T'Pol applied the arie'mnu, detaching her mind from the sensation,
recognising it for what it was a mere electrical signals to the brain
designed to elicit a physiological response. She coldly identified and
catalogued her feelings of attraction for Ensign Sato, the illicit pleasure
she received from the alien's touch, the redirection of blood that was
swelling the clitoris and mammillae.

'The feelings do not control me. I am in control of them. They are shadows,
whispers without substance or form.'

Ensign Sato however appeared to have lost all control, gripping the
subcommander's hand tightly and working it between her legs even though T'Pol
had already thoroughly decontaminated that area at Sato's insistence. For a
fraction of a second the Vulcan considered using her greater strength to
break free, but a more logical approach was to bring this to a conclusion as
quickly as possible. Sliding her other hand around behind Sato's back she
gently but firmly inserted her index finger between the cheeks of the human
woman's buttocks, seeking out the areas that would create the most
stimulation. Despite some differences between their species the basic human
neuro-system appeared to be similar to her own, a logical supposition
verified by the gasp in response to her caresses. Working the index fingers
on each hand in concert, T'Pol applied the Sok-te-Na technique without the
usual restraint, bringing Ensign Sato to climax quickly her whole body
shuddering Oh-oh-OH!-AH! as the alien's mindspill filled her head for a brief
second and thoughts of the human's unrestrained joy in her own pleasure
bringing distasteful memories of the pon farr - T'Pol disengaged herself as
soon as it was polite to do so.

Ensign Sato dropped to her knees on the wet floor as if in supplication. "Oh
GOD, that was so good!"

It confused the subcommander momentarily, until T'Pol realised that the
human had not suddenly decided to worship her. She turned to the controls
and adjusted them, lowering the temperature of the water. It would be
uncomfortable for her as a Vulcan, but it should cool the ardor of Ensign
Sato, seeing as her mental discipline was so poor. "Is this going to happen
every time we undergo this procedure, ensign?"

Sato's smile could only be described as evil. "I hope so."

"You should learn to exercise greater control."

"What's wrong, don't they have sex on VulcARRRRGH!!" Hoshi yelled, jumping
to her feet as the spray of cold water hit her naked body.

T'Pol thought that would be the end of the matter, but when the dryers
switched on Ensign Sato persisted in her impolite line of questioning. "So,
how do they go about making love on your planet? There wasn't anything on
the database on Vulcan mating habits." Mental images of bizarre alien sex
rites filled Hoshi's mind.

T'Pol turned her back on the human.

"Hey, I didn't mean to offend..."

T'Pol walked out of Decontam without answering.

The young ensign stared after her. Unusual. You'd think they'd be like
computers, with all that emphasis on logic. But there were obviously hidden
depths to the beautiful Vulcan. A telepath, what would it be like to bond
with her? To know instantly the effect of your caresses; of hers on your own

She was looking forward to finding out. And she had a few tricks of her own
in her repertoire. She was a pretty cunning 'linguist' after all.

It was an old joke, but it still made Hoshi grin.



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