Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Paramount Studios. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. This series portrays what happened to Hoshi Sato between the scenes that were aired for the general public.

Star Trek Enterprise: Between The Scenes Part 4 - Cold Front (MMF,alien)
by Phil ([email protected])

A week had passed since Enterprise left the Akaali. They navigated into a stellar nursery where they met a group of alien pilgrims who were traveling to view the "Great Plume of Agosoria," a protostar which emitted an epic burst of energy every 11 years. Captain Archer invited the pilgrims onto the ship to socialize. Hoshi thought this would be a chance for her to make intimate first contact with another group of aliens and used her status as linguist to be part of the group of Starfleet personnel to entertain the guests.

Hoshi was already aroused in anticipation of interacting with these alien pilgrims as she waited for them in the mess hall, idly wondering what distinctive sexual characteristics they had. But after they arrived and she had a chance to mingle among them, she quickly realized that this encounter would not be very physically satisfying for her. Though she found them to be very polite and well mannered their conversations centered around the spiritual. They seemed more interested in enlightenment of the mind rather than the physical pleasures of the body. She decided to leave early and go back to her quarters where she could find some release for the pent up sexual energy that had built up inside of her before she had to return to duty.

She made her way out of the mess hall and was walking down the hall when she heard someone call out to her.

"Excuse me."

She turned and she saw three pilgrims, the leader Pra'Mantus and two others wearing reddish brown robes with hoods coming after her. They caught up to her and bowed.

"We saw you leaving and my two companions wanted to meet you," Pra'Mantus said. He pointed first at the taller man then at his companion. "This is Agorra and this is Dumack."

The two other pilgrims had a central vertical ridge in the middle of their forehead, prominent eyebrows and small horn-like structures protruding from their chin.

Agorra pulled out a clear cylinder filled with a ruby red fluid from his robe.

"They wanted to give this to you," Pra'Mantus continued.

"What is it?" Hoshi asked.

"It is VunSinTeel," he stated as Agorra handed it to her. "It's a spirit traditionally consumed when the Plume reaches its full brilliance. It enhances the experience."

"Thank you," Hoshi replied as she took the container.

"Agorra and Dumack have taken a vow of silence until they see the Great Plume to help them reflect on the significance of this event. But they are very curious about you humans and wanted to learn more about you."

"Well, I was headed back to my quarters. I'm on duty soon."

Agorra motioned to Pra'Mantus, making several gestures with his hands.

"What a perfect opportunity," Pra'Mantus said. "Could they see your quarters? They are especially interested in seeing how you live."

Hoshi sighed inwardly. So much for relieving herself before her next shift. She was now regretting that she had volunteered for this.

"There's not much to see, really," she said trying to excuse herself.

"I realize it may not seem much to you, but it would give them much pleasure if you could accommodate them."

"Oh, ok," she relented. "But don't expect too much."

"I must get back to the rest of my companions," Pra'Mantus said. "Agorra and Dumack may not talk, but they will be able to let you know what they want in other ways."

Hoshi led the two silent pilgrims to her quarters, pointing out things she thought might interest her guests. They quietly took in their new surroundings, occasionally nodding or smiling at her comments. She ushered them into her room and the door closed behind them.

"This is typical quarters for an ensign on this ship. Bathroom, closet, bed, desk, and porthole. Really not much to see."

Agorra gestured toward the VunSinTeel in her hand. Hoshi handed it to him. He pulled out the stopper and handed it back to Hoshi.

"I thought you were supposed to wait to drink this," she said.

With both hands, he urged her to drink it.

"Oh well, I guess tasting it couldn't hurt."

Hoshi lifted the container to her nose and sniffed. It had a fruity aroma. She took a sip and the taste was exquisite. She had expected something like wine, but this was so much better with none of the bite of alcohol. Hoshi guessed that it was more an alien fruit drink than a spirit.

Under Agorra's urging, she drank more. She began to feel very relaxed and very warm. She looked at her guests and their previously dull robes looked much brighter and more colorful. They seemed to be watching her very closely, she guessed to see how she liked their drink.

"Mmm, this is so yummy," she said as she gulped down even more, some of it leaking down the side of her mouth onto her shirt. "Oops, made mess," she slurred as she looked down.

Agorra took the drink and then guided her hand lower, placing it on the bulge in front of his cloak.

"Ooh," Hoshi purred. "Looks like I found the plume of Agorra."

Dumack had moved behind her and she felt him rub his bulge against her bottom.

"And the plume of Dumack," she added as she reached behind her to squeeze his erection.

The pilgrims wasted no time and quickly stripped the young ensign of her uniform as they finished off the VunSinTeel. They looked appreciatively at her smooth creamy skin, the soft round mounds of her breasts which heaved in time with her chest heaving with excitement, down the graceful taper of her waist to the flare of her hips, and finally to the neat triangular thatch of black curly hair at the junction of her legs. Their cloaks were split down the side and they flipped them out of the way so that they could pull their erections out through an opening in their trousers.

Hoshi knelt in front of them and grabbed a penis in each hand, looking at them closely. They were similar in size and shape to a human penis except there was a ring of horn like knobs similar to the ones on their chin around the base of penis. Under the influence of the VunSinTeel, the erections seemed to throb and glow.

"I think I drank the VunSinTeel just in time to experience these two plumes at their peak," Hoshi noted.

She took Agorra's throbbing member in her mouth and began to suck while she stroked Dumack with her free hand. She then moved over to Dumack to make sure he didn't feel neglected and sucked on him while continuing to play with Agorra. Back and forth she would go, sucking one engorged penis, then the other.

When she was sucking on Agorra, Dumack made his way behind the exo-linguist and reached down to fondle her breasts. He kneaded the soft tissue while rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Hoshi groaned around the thick flesh in her mouth as her breasts were stimulated. Dumack then pulled her up so that she was bent over at the waist, still orally pleasuring his partner. He rubbed the tip of his penis up and down her well lubricated opening, making Hoshi jump as it rubbed against her sensitive clitoris. Then he pushed his large stiff rod slowly into her wet opening. Hoshi moaned with pleasure as her aching void was finally filled.

Agorra grabbed her head and began to thrust deeper into her mouth. Hoshi relaxed her throat so that she could accommodate his whole length and soon she was nuzzling his pubic hair. He reached underneath her to cup her breasts in his hands as he continued to push down her throat.

Dumack was setting up his own rhythm, holding tightly to her hips as he pumped in and out of their hostess. Hoshi was surprised at how quiet they were. There were only the sounds of her sucking and flesh slapping against flesh as Dumack thrust against her bottom. They did not moan or make any other vocalizations which Hoshi was used to hearing whenever a man was inside of her. It was different, but she found herself enjoying this novel experience.

As Dumack's stiff member continued to stab deep inside of her, waves of pleasurable pressure began to build in her pelvis. The knobs at the base of his penis would push against her clitoris when he plunged into her, sending additional jolts of pleasure. And the continuous attention her breasts were receiving only added to her delight. As soon as Agorra would let go of her breasts, Dumack would reach up and grab them, kneading them until he had his fill of their softness. Then as soon as he released them, Agorra would have them again in his hands for another round of fondling.

The rhythmic pounding in her vagina, coupled with the constant stimulation of her breasts, which was all heightened by the effects of the VunSinTeel and her pent up sexual energy quickly pushed Hoshi over the edge. She moaned as the first waves of her orgasm tore through her body, as she was skewered by stiff alien rods at both ends of her writhing body. She barely had time to recover when a second orgasm washed over her as the pilgrims continued to piston in and out of her.

She thought she was going to die with pleasure as she felt the third orgasm build. The VunSinTeel definitely was having an effect. She had never come so quickly, so many times. This orgasm took longer to build but when it hit, her body was wracked with such intense pleasure that seemed to go on and on and on. Her vagina clamped around Dumack's thrusting organ, triggering his orgasm. He thrust harder and harder into her tightening tunnel as his seed shot deep inside of Hoshi.

Hoshi's moans of pleasure was enough to push Agorra over the edge. She felt his penis pulse as he ejaculated, filling her mouth with ropes of his thick salty semen. She swallowed, not losing a single drop as she felt him become flaccid in her mouth. But much to her surprise, as she continued to suck to get every last bit, she felt him becoming hard again. She wasn't sure if it was in their nature or a result of the VunSinTeel, but he was ready to go again. She felt Dumack's probing member also stiffening inside of her.

They pulled out and led her to her desk. She lay back with her legs hanging off one side and her head off the other. Switching places, Agorra stood between her legs and lifted them to his shoulders as he rammed his hardened staff deep inside her soft folds. Dumack fed his stiff meat to her, letting her wrap her lips around his engorged member. They continued to take turns massaging her breasts as they thrust.

Hoshi lost count of her orgasms and theirs. Finally, the VunSinTeel began to wear off and Hoshi realized how sore she was. Her guests each had a final massive orgasm, pumping the biggest load of sperm into her body. They pulled out and this time there was no sign that their shrinking organs would immediately rebound. They straightened their robes, bowed to her and walked out. Not a word had been spoken and they had not uttered a sound during the entire session.

Hoshi looked at the chronometer and realized she was late for her shift. She quickly dressed into her uniform and sped to the bridge. She tried to appear calm as she took the turbolift to the bridge. When she entered the bridge Reed and Mayweather were on duty. They looked up at her as she entered.

"Did you get to meet them?" Mayweather asked.

"Two, briefly," Hoshi answered, smiling as she made her way to her station, feeling their semen leaking out of her vagina.

"What were they like?" asked Reed.

"Oh ..." she hesitated as she remembered how they made no noise as they came inside of her not ten minutes past, "quiet. They're taking a tour of the ship."

"Looks like the Captain is going all out," said Mayweather.

"I hope he's not planning to show them the armory," Reed added.

"Don't worry, Lieutenant," Hoshi reassured him. "They didn't look like the types who go around stealing military secrets."

As Lt. Reed prattled on about the importance of security, Hoshi studied the armory officer. Lt. Reed was so uptight. Someone needed to help him loosen up a bit. She looked closer and for the first time, became aware of his finely sculpted body, his handsome face, things she had never noticed because of his personality. Perhaps she would try to help him loosen up. She remembered that she had to get checked out on the new phase pistols. Perhaps the Lieutenant could be persuaded to demonstrate how his weapon worked on her...


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