Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Paramount Studios. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. This series portrays what happened to Hoshi Sato between the scenes that were aired for the general public.

Star Trek Enterprise: Between The Scenes Part 1 - Broken Bow (MF,F-alien,oral,)
by Phil ([email protected])

Hoshi Sato, a trim, attractive young asian woman stood in front of an open air classroom at Amazon University in the Brazilian jungle. Though only in her mid-twenties, Hoshi was already the leading exo-linguist on Earth and professor of advanced alien linguistics. Dressed in a red tank top and white shorts that accentuated her figure she did not look like a typical professor. The heat of the jungle made more formal clothing impractical, but her top which clung to her bare breasts was a bit too informal. But then again, Hoshi enjoyed the attention her male students gave her.

The young professor looked down at the twenty or so human students who sat on benches in this classroom surrounded by the lush tropical foliage. They spoke in unison trying to master an alien language containing clicks and bizarre guttural sounds.

"Ghlungit !tak!c."

"Very good," Hoshi encouraged them. "Again."

"Ghlun~it !tak nekleet."

Hoshi called to one student in the first row. "Carlos."

Carlos a well built handsome student tore his eyes off his professor's pert breasts and recited the next phrase alone.

"Ltrunghi !krgltt!"

Hoshi corrected one specific word. She did so with a sound that seemed almost impossible for a human to make.


Carlos attempted to repeat it, but couldn't quite get it quite right.


Hoshi tried to help. "Tighten the back of your tongue."

She recalled the last time she was with Carlos. He had been pumping his stiff rod into her mouth and she had tightened the back of her tongue. It was enough to push him over the edge and he had convulsed as his hot semen filled her throat and mouth. She would have to have another special tutoring session with him right after class. Teaching did have its perks she thought to herself.


As Carlos futilely attempted to get the word right, Hoshi noticed Captain Archer standing at the back of the class. He wore a muted Hawaiian shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.

"Keep trying," she encouraged him. "You've almost got it. I'll be right back."

Hoshi warmly greeted Archer then they went for a walk in the jungle. Archer explained that he needed her back on the Enterprise within three days.

"There's two more weeks before exams," Hoshi explained. "It's impossible for me to leave now."

"You've got to have someone who can cover for you."

"I'm sorry, Captain. I owe it to these kids."

Hoshi thought about the numerous "special" private tutoring sessions she had planned with various male students in her class before the exams. She also realized that on a starship she wouldn't have the same opportunities or freedom to satisfy her voracious sexual appetite. Though she appeared demure and reserved on the surface, underneath, she seethed with tremendous sexual energy.

Archer removed a small recorder from his breast pocket, and tapped a button. Hoshi heard a man speaking in a coarse guttural language. Hoshi was immediately intrigued. The language sounded so masculine and raw.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Klingon. Ambassador Soval gave us a sampling of their linguistic database."

"I thought you said the Vulcans were opposed to this."

"They are. But we agreed to make a few... compromises."

Hoshi listened to the Klingon voice. These people sounded very hot blooded and passionate. She flushed and became aroused as she continued to listen. The real reason she became an exo-linguist was the opportunity to make contact with different aliens, physical contact if at all possible. She had studied exobiology and the thought of all the variety of aliens the universe had to offer and the pleasure they could show her was too much to pass up. Despite her misgivings about space travel, the thought of sexual contact with hundreds of different alien species pushed her to volunteer to serve on the Enterprise, the first human starship. As an exo-linguist, she had access to restricted information in the Vulcan database, but had not read anything about Klingons.

"What do you know about these... Klingons?" she asked.

"Not much. An empire of warriors with eighty poly-guttural dialects constructed on an adaptive syntax." Archer replied.

"Turn it up."

Archer tapped a control, and handed the recorder to her. The Klingon voice got louder. As Hoshi listened Archer continued.

"Think about it. You'd be the first human to talk to these people. Do you really want someone else to do it?"

Hoshi looked at Archer thinking that she'd not only like to be the first to talk to them, but to be the first human to make intimate contact with a Klingon.

"Okay. You've got me. Just give me two days to give my students a final overall exam and then I'll be ready to go."

Archer left Hoshi who returned to her class, her mind spinning with all that she had to do. She had 48 hours and 12 male students she needed to have one on one sessions with. She told the class that she had to leave earlier than expected and that they needed to send her their final exam for grading. As the class dispersed, she called to Carlos.

"Carlos. I need you to help me with something."

As Hoshi led him into the jungle, she turned on the recorder and played the Klingon voice for Carlos.

"Listen to this...."

She led him far enough until they were surrounded by thick foliage. She stopped and turned to Carlos.

"But I didn't bring you here just so you could hear the Klingon language."

Hoshi kneeled in front of her student, jerked his shorts down and took his flaccid penis into her mouth. Her free hand held the recorder which provided a guttural backdrop that she found so arousing. Carlos quickly responded to her oral ministrations and was soon thrusting his erection deep into his professor's mouth. She stood, pulled her shorts off in one swift movement, and bent over, her hands resting on a tree trunk.

"I need you now."

Carlos didn't need any more encouragement. He placed his erect staff at the entrance of her wet canal and thrust deeply, burying himself to the hilt. He set up a steady rhythm, thrusting in and out as his hands wandered up her body. He slid his hands under her shirt and cupped both breasts, squeezing them as he played with her nipples. Hoshi groaned with pleasure as the pressure in her pelvis grew with each thrust, accentuated by the electrical shocks of pleasure from her nipples. She closed her eyes, listening to the Klingon voice, fantasizing that it was a Klingon behind her ravishing her body. That image pushed her higher and higher until her body convulsed with pleasure.

"Oh, mmmmm, yess, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!

Carlos held on tight to her bucking hips and continued to pound her until he too erupted, spurting his seed deep inside of Hoshi. As the young professor came down from her orgasm, she was already planning ahead. Eleven more students and so little time. As Carlos' shrinking penis slipped out of her she thought maybe she could squeeze in one more meeting with Carlos before she left.

The next two days flew by all too quickly and when Hoshi finally boarded the shuttle to take her to the Enterprise, she felt a wonderful soreness between her shapely legs. This will have to tide me over for awhile she thought to herself.

Hoshi met the rest of the crew and all too soon, the Enterprise was off on her maiden voyage. Space travel was more nerve wracking than Hoshi had expected. The Enterprise was a new ship with new technology. What if something went wrong? They were the only human ship in this part of space. There would be no help close by. Hoshi was also very sensitive to noises and subtle vibrations and any changes brought those fears to the front. Was that noise normal or the sound of something starting to malfunction?

The only thing that kept her going was the thought that she might be able to meet Klaang, the Klingon passenger on their ship. Unfortunately, he was unconscious and no one had been able to talk to him.

T'Pol didn't help with her condescending attitude. Hoshi was about to let her have a piece of her mind when Doctor Phlox called Archer on the bridge.

"Captain, the Klingon is regaining consciousness."

Archer had Hoshi accompany him to sickbay where a security guard with a plasma rifle stood at the door. Klaang was strapped to the bio-bed. She had seen pictures of Klingons and had been reviewing the linguistic database, but it had not prepared her for seeing a Klingon in the flesh.

Even restrained, the Klingon gave off an aura of power, passion, and strength. Hoshi was already jumpy and on edge and now she was being thrown into a situation where she was responsible for conducting the first contact for humans with Klingons. For better or worse, this would set the tone for the relationship between these two peoples. And to make things worse, the translator wasn't working.

"What's wrong?" Archer asked her.

"The translator's not locking onto his dialect... the syntax won't align."

She also felt tremendous pressure to prove to Archer that she was a capable exo-linguist. Hoshi gamely translated without the use of the translator, relying on her natural talents and understanding of languages. She managed to convey the gist of what was being said.

Suddenly, chameleon like aliens called the Suliban attacked. They dropped from the ceiling, and attacked the crew. Hoshi was pushed to the ground and when the lights came up, Klaang was gone, kidnapped by the Suliban.

The crew of the Enterprise tracked a Suliban ship to the Suliban mother ship where they found Klaang. Archer set off a magnetic disruptor that enabled Tucker, the ship's engineer, and Klaang escape to the Enterprise. Archer was then rescued just in time by the transporter.

Archer materialized on the Transporter pad. He stumbled forward, stopping his forward motion, and realized what just happened.

Tucker, at the Transporter control station, spoke into the com. "Bridge, we've got him!" He turned to Archer. "Sorry, Captain. We had no other choice."

Archer patted himself to make sure that he was still in one piece. "Well, all the pieces seem to be here. Tell Hoshi to meet me in sick bay."

Archer took the turbolift to the sickbay as the Enterprise jumped to warp. He met Hoshi just outside sickbay.

"Good to have you back, Captain," said a relieved Hoshi.

"It's good to be back. But we still have a lot of work to do. I need you to stay with Klaang and do whatever it takes to get the Klingon language down before we get to Kronos. We don't want any misunderstandings when we arrive."

"I'll do my best."

They entered sickbay. Klaang sat on the edge of the bio-bed wearing a loose fitting blue shirt and pants. Doctor Phlox had just examined him. Two security guards stood at the door with phase rifles at the ready. Other wounded crew members sat or lay on the other beds.

"How is he?"

Phlox looked up at Archer. "He's actually in very good health. There's really no need for me to keep him here any longer and I need the space for the other wounded crewmen."

"Excellent." Archer turned to Hoshi. "Tell Klaang to follow us."

Hoshi spoke to him in Klingon. "Come with us."

Archer and Hoshi led Klaang to the guest quarters, flanked by the two guards. Hoshi kept looking back at Klaang checking him out. She was feeling less anxious and more sure of herself than when they last met.

Klaang walked behind the captain and his communications officer. He had learned from the Suliban that these people from earth were on their first interstellar trip. They looked soft and weak, but he found the earth female surprisingly attractive. Klaang let his eyes roam over her body trying to guess what was underneath her uniform. It had been a while since he had been with a woman. He let his gaze linger over the swell of her breasts and the curve of her bottom.

Hoshi found herself enjoying the attention. This was a language with which she had much experience. She swayed her hips seductively knowing Klaang was watching. He felt a stirring in his loins as Hoshi teased him.

They entered a spartan but comfortable room. The guards took their positions next to the door on the inside of the room.

"This is your room," Hoshi said in Klingon.

"Why am I being treated like a prisoner?" Klaang asked, pointing to the guards.

"They are..." Hoshi struggled with this unfamiliar language. "they are to protect you."

"Ha. A Klingon needs no protection. We are warriors."

"I understand. But there is no choice. And I need you to help so we can learn you language."

"No. I will not help as long as I'm a prisoner."

"You are not a prisoner."

"As long as there are guards, I am a prisoner."

"Look, there's nothing we can do."

Klaang didn't respond. He crossed his arms and stood defiantly.

Exasperated, Hoshi explained the situation to Archer. Archer looked at Klaang, sized him up, then came to a decision.

"Tell Klaang that he is free to go where he pleases as long as someone accompanies him whenever he leaves his room. However, if there is even the slightest hint of his betraying our trust, we will let the Suliban have him. That should keep him in line."

Hoshi struggles with the translation. Klaang barked back a reply, paused as he let his eyes wander down her body, then uttered one last sentence. "I think understands, but he will only agree if I am the one to accompany him at all times."

Archer looked at his com officer. "Think you can handle it?"

"Yes sir. This may be our best chance to get a more personal and in depth look into these people."

"Very well." He turned to the guards. "You're dismissed."

The guards exited, and as Archer left, he told Hoshi, "If you need anything we're only a comlink away."

Then Hoshi and Klaang were alone.

"So, what do you want from me?" Klaang asked.

"I want you to talk to me so I can learn your language," Hoshi replied.

Klaang stepped closer to her.

"That is not all you want."

"You're right. I want to know more about Klingons."

Klaang moved even closer to her until he was standing right in front of her. He stared down at her soft body, smelling her female fragrance. Hoshi looked up at him, somewhat apprehensively, but feeling a surge of pure physical attraction to this Klingon who was the embodiment of masculinity. Her pupils dilated as her breathing quickened.

"I know what you really want. I see it in your eyes. But are you strong enough to withstand nga'chug with a Klingon?"

Hoshi wasn't exactly sure what "nga'chug" meant, but she had a pretty good idea. However, she didn't know how to proceed because she was on new ground here, never having had much experience interacting with aliens beyond Vulcans and Dr. Phlox, a Denobulan. And she had not been trying to seduce them. She couldn't be sure what would be acceptable behavior with a Klingon so she decided to play dumb.

"Nga'chug? I'm afraid I don't know the meaning of that term."

"I think you do."

With that, Klaang grabbed the front of her uniform, ripped it apart, and pulled the tattered top down leaving her naked from the waist up. He grabbed one breast and kneaded it roughly, pinching her nipple. He took the other breast into his mouth and sucked and then bit viciously, enough to elicit a squeak of pain from Hoshi.

Hoshi was overwhelmed by the Klingon's primal sexual intensity. She stood passively as he ravaged her breasts. He shoved her roughly to her knees. The material over his groin was tented up. Before Hoshi could react, Klaang pulled out his enormous penis. It was 12 inches long and the there were parallel ridges down the side of the shaft, similar to the ridges on his forehead. Hoshi took it in one hand and stroked up and down, making it swell even harder. She leaned forward and took it in her mouth.

Klaang grabbed her head and shoved his penis deep into her mouth, almost making her gag. His viselike grip on her head didn't allow her to move so Hoshi relaxed the back of her throat to accommodate him. The Klingon penis was soon being thrust down her throat. The realization that she was the first human to have sexual contact with this alien race aroused Hoshi. She also found herself enjoying being used by this brutal alien and was completely wet with desire.

Klaang was impressed by the ability of this human female to orally satisfy him. He continued to shove his penis deep into her mouth. It had been too long since he had been satisfied and all too soon, he could feel the pressure building in his loins. He growled in time with his thrusts then roared as he felt his seed shooting deep into the mouth of this human female.

Hoshi heard Klaang's guttural shout and felt his hot semen fill her mouth. It had a distinct pungent taste, different from human semen, but not at all unpleasant. She swallowed as fast as she could, but she wasn't prepared for the volume. Klaang's penis kept pumping out the semen and some of it spilled out of her mouth and dribbled onto her breasts. Hoshi felt slightly frustrated because she felt an aching void that needed to be filled and thought that the Klingon would now be finished with her.

But to her surprise, the Klingon erection did not diminish after his ejaculation. It remained stiff as he pulled it out of her mouth. She licked the semen from her lips and looked up at Klaang. He glowered at her and backhanded her across the face. The blow took Hoshi by surprise and she fell to her side stunned. Klaang reached down and yanked her suit past her hips to her knees, trapping them. He then grabbed her hips and lifted her so that she was on her feet, but bent over at the waist. He placed the tip of his penis at the entrance of her wet opening and rammed his erection into her in one motion. He then savagely thrust into her, filling her with his immense rod of flesh.

Hoshi felt the Klingon push deep inside of her, withdraw and plunge again and again, stimulating her nerves in her pelvis with his pistoning action. The bulbous head of his penis rubbed against her G-spot and the ridges provided added stimulation to her clitoris. Klaang reached forward and grabbed both breasts and roughly squeezed them rubbing her nipples between his fingers. She moaned and pushed back against Klaang in tempo to his thrusting.

The waves of pleasure built up in her pelvis by the pounding she was receiving and was accentuated by the electrical shocks of pleasure from her nipples. Hoshi felt the pressure building deep inside of her as Klaang continued to slide in and out of her dripping tunnel. The pressure built as her senses were overloaded by the hard shaft of flesh battering deep inside of her core, the rough hands working over her sensitive breasts and nipples, and the Klingon biting her neck and shoulders. The pleasure crested and Hoshi threw her head back as her body convulsed with her orgasm.

Hoshi sagged, her body spent but Klaang continued to mercilessly plunge in and out of her, holding her up by her waist. Another orgasm built and she came again. Klaang looked down on this frail looking human surprised at her ability to take the heat of Klingon mating. He felt a familiar pressure build in his loins and thrust harder and harder. The yelps of pleasure from the human aroused him even more. His shaft hardened further and the head of his penis swelled. He arched his back and bellowed as he felt his hot seed spurt deep into the human female.

As Klaang's penis slid out of her, she could feel his sperm running down her thigh. She smiled to herself. This was going to be better than she had anticipated.

Hoshi returned to Klaang's quarters as often as possible to "learn" as much Klingon as she could. They reached Kronos all too quickly and reluctantly, she accompanied Klaang to the Klingon High Council Chamber with Captain Archer and T'Pol. Archer and Hoshi took in the scene with fascination and awe - it was the most alien environment they had ever seen. Hoshi also found herself becoming aroused at the sight of so many virile Klingon men.

Klaang spoke to the Chancellor, "Wo'mig:h Oag:h! Q'aa."

Hoshi leaned in to Archer and whispered, "Something about disgracing the Empire... he says he's ready to die."

The Chancellor stood and slowly walked down the great stone steps, pulling a jagged dagger from its sheath. Klaang tensed as the Chancellor stopped before him and raised the knife...

Archer, T'Pol and Hoshi looked on, fearing the worst...

The Chancellor grabbed Klaang's wrist and drew the blade across his palm. Klaang looked puzzled. The Chancellor called to a nearby aide, "Pog!"

The aide approached with a small vial. He held it up, as the Chancellor turned Klaang's hand, allowing a few drops of blood to fall into it.

The aide carried the vial to a large machine, which seemed far more high-tech than anything else in the chamber. He poured a drop of blood onto a sensor pad, and inserted it into the machine. A large screen illuminated, displaying highly magnified Klingon blood cells. As the aide worked the controls, the image continued to magnify.

The Council Members muttered guttural sounds of approval.

The image continued to enlarge and showed spirals of DNA, which continued to magnify... until a new, distinctive pattern took form within the molecules themselves were seen.

The High Council continued to mutter in anticipation. Archer, T'Pol and Hoshi watched silently.

The aide kept working the controls, and each piece of the molecular pattern began to rotate, and revealed hidden Suliban data: coordinates, maps, text, schedules, etc.

The chamber erupted with shouts of gruff approval. The room quieted as the Chancellor turned and walked toward the Enterprise crew. He lifted the dagger to Archer's throat.

"ChugDah heg:h... volcha va~," he barked.

With that, the Klingon lowered the blade and walked away.

Archer whispered to Hoshi, "I'll take that as a thank you."

"I don't think they have a word for thank you," she replied.

"What'd he say?"

"You don't want to know." But Hoshi knew. Apparently Klaang had told the Chancellor much more than she had expected. The Chancellor had actually told Archer that human women mated well so that he was free to go this time. Hoshi looked around the chamber and realized that all the Klingons were looking directly at her, undressing her with their eyes. Hoshi shivered with anticipation as she felt herself get aroused. This voyage to meet other species was starting off well. Her head spun at the thought of the possibilities. She was ready to go where no woman had gone before.


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