In the last episode: Stranded on 21st century Earth with a damaged runabout,
Seven of Nine made contact with three young fans who got much more than they
had ever imagined when they boarded her spaceship. Now all four were headed
for a high tech factory where Seven could make the parts she needed to repair
the runabout ... but they hadn't planned on finding the factory's CEO who was
Max's father there for some after office hours "work". Now here's the last

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 9 - Fans To The Rescue Part 3
by ErosTrek (MF,mf,mF,oral,voy)

It was past seven thirty in the evening but Arthur Daley still sat at his
desk typing a lengthy memo into his computer. There had been a slowdown in
production this month and the memo was addressed to several department
heads threatening "workforce downsizing" if the situation wasn't correctly
immediately. He clicked on the save icon and was about to press the intercom
button to call his secretary when someone knocked on the door.

"Come in" he said.

It was his secretary, Linda, whom he had hired only three weeks ago and she
probably had a telepathic sense because she seemed to know whenever he needed
her ... or maybe it was just coincidence. Arthur Daley was the CEO of a
billion dollar per year profit semi-conductor manufacturing plant, 51 years
old and married with two children, eighteen year old Max and thirteen year
old Susan. Notwithstanding this, whenever he saw his secretary he would turn
into a panting, lovesick teenager. It wasn't his fault, really. She had that
effect on men of all ages, her natural beauty enhanced by the stunningly sexy
outfits she wore.

Linda walked slowly towards Arthur's desk swaying her hips seductively.
Arthur hadn't figured out yet whether she did it on purpose or if it was just
her normal poise. He had seen her walk to the employee's cafeteria like that
and the silence that had fallen on the crowded room had been incredible as
men dropped forks, knives and food from their mouths to watch her. Even
though he had kept her after normal office hours so that they could finish
up some urgent work, her face looked as fresh as it had been at nine this
morning. Arthur looked her up and down - he'd never tire of doing that. She
had a very pretty, one could say cute, face. High cheekbones, bright green
eyes with just the right amount of makeup around them, a small upturned nose
and full lips with bright red lipstick that matched the color of her skirt
and shoes. Her long, shiny black hair fell down to her slim waist. She
usually kept it tied up in a short ponytail but Arthur preferred it this
way. She was wearing a white low cut blouse that displayed a generous amount
of cleavage, a bright red leather miniskirt that clung to her hips like a
second skin and showed off her long, shapely legs and matching red leather
high heeled shoes with thin straps that started from around her ankles and
stopped halfway up her calves.

Linda was only 23 years old but she had already become secretary to a CEO.
Lots of people in the office had begun to whisper that she had slept her way
to the top and in a way it was true. She and Arthur Daley had become lovers
soon after he had hired her. It was a mutually beneficial business
arrangement. His sexual urges were satisfied by the sexy 23 year old, who in
previous years had won such titles as Miss Bikini '97 and Miss Beach Babe
'98 and in return got a pay packet that was the envy of the rest of the
clerical staff.

Arthur was about to tell her to print out some twenty copies of the memos and
make sure the department heads got them when she spoke before him in her low,
sultry voice.

"Mr Daley, there's something on CNN you have to watch" and she found the tv
remote on the desk and switched on the television.

Arthur looked at the screen wondering what could be so important that she'd
interrupted his work. The anchorwoman was in mid-sentence talking to an
on-scene reporter.

"... and eyewitnesses say that an unidentified flying object crashed into
this car park here at El Cerrito Convention Center in California and slammed
right into the building. As you can see from the images" and the scene
switched to a helicopter's view of a parking lot lit by the flames of several
wrecked and burning cars "the whole area has been shut down by the police and
fire department as they battle the flames and check for the possibility of
radioactive contamination. Official spokesmen have denied the possibility of
an extra-terrestrial craft and have said that it could be debris from a
Russian satellite that was de-orbited recently."

The scene switched back to the studio where the anchorwoman turned to a
visibly excited teenager.

"This is Charlie Maynard, who was in the Convention Center when all this
occurred. Tell us about it"

"Er, hi ... yeah ... I was at the Star Trek convention ... see ..." he said
pointing at his clothes "I'm dressed up as a Vulcan ambassador ... but in the
rush to get out I lost my pointed ears."

He seemed disappointed about this and the anchorwoman rolled her eyes and
tried to get him back on track.

"So ... we were all sitting down watching some video clips of Voyager ...
when, man, there was this huge sound like a freight train going by or
somethin'. The whole room was vibrating ... I nearly shat myself ... thought
it was one of those California quakes. We don't have them back in Florida"
he grinned and continued "Then the whole rear wall of the center crashed down
and there was clouds of dust ... you couldn't see anything. Then out of this
dust came this woman ... you know she was like Seven of Nine ... just like in
Voyager and we realized it was a some sort of setup ... you know like they
organized the thing. Everybody just went crazy, cheering her, screaming at
her, pushing forward to like, get autographs. Then she does this really
strange thing ... grabs a guy and drags him to the door she had come out of
and two other people, a girl and a boy I think followed them in. Then they're
all gone in a flash and you could see the parking lot through the hole in
the wall. It was fuckin' incredible. Ooops, are we on air? ... shouldn't have
said that!"

The camera had panned back to the anchorwoman who was frantically making
"cut off" signals across her throat. Realizing that the camera was on her
she stopped and smiled "Thank you Charlie. Now it seems we have some
amateur video footage shot from inside the convention center."

The tape began to play. It was a very dark and grainy image that jerked about
as if someone was running or couldn't keep the camera straight, but the tall
woman in a silver catsuit outfit striding out of the smoke could be made out
easily. As she grabbed a young man, Arthur Daley leaned forward towards the
screen ... that was ... yes .. that was Max! It was his son! Arthur thought
he also recognized his son's girlfriend ... what was her name ... Kathryn?
What the hell was going on here? What had Max gotten involved in?

"Mr Daley, this morning Max phoned and left you a message. Said he'd be late
because he was going to a Star Trek convention with Kat" Linda said "so when
they mentioned something had crashed at a Star Trek convention I thought Max
might be involved and thought I'd better let you know."

"Thanks Linda. Have you tried reaching Max on his mobile phone."

"Yes, Mr Daley, but there's only a ringing tone and no answer" It had been
the first thing she'd tried before telling his father. Linda was concerned
about Max, not only because he was the boss's son but because she liked him
and there wasn't much age difference between them. He had even tried to
chat her up a couple of times in the office but she had pretended not to be
interested and they always had been interrupted by his father or some other

The phone rang and she answered it. "Arthur Daley's office, Linda speaking."

"This is Sergeant Garcia, from the El Cerrito Police Department. Is Mr Daley

Linda hand the phone to Arthur and introduced himself.

"Mr Daley, we have reason to believe your son and two other youngsters have
been abducted by an unknown woman in some unknown type of helicopter. We are
doing our best to trace the kidnappers and will be sending over a specialist
team over to your location within the hour to be there if the kidnappers
place a ransom request."

Arthur Daley asked him for further details but the officer had none beyond
what had been shown on CNN. He thanked him and hung up. His son had been
kidnapped, that was the only way to explain it. How else out of all those
people at the convention center had that woman gone straight for his son?
He'd do anything to get him back even if it meant paying millions of dollars.
He realized that Linda had remained in his office and had stepped around the
desk. She bent over him placing her hands around his neck.

"I really hope they find Max soon, Mr Daley" she said trying to comfort the
distraught man "I'll stay here until we hear some good news. Do you want me
to call your wife?"

"I'll call her myself later. I don't want to give her a shock. And thanks for
everything Linda."

"No problem, Mr Daley" and she hugged him again "it's what I'm here for."

Arthur was content to remain in that embrace for an eternity. Linda's hair
was tickling his neck and her French designer perfume made his nostrils
flare. From his position he could see straight down the top of her blouse.
He could see that she was wearing a lacey white bra that did little to hide
her very generous breasts. The combination of all this and the shock of
adrenaline he had experienced when he realized his son was missing had,
strangely enough, aroused him.

"Linda" he said hoarsely "I want you."

"Mr Daley?" she asked a bit taken aback at the request. It wasn't the first
time they had sex together in the office but his son had just been abducted
and the police were on their way. Surely, it wasn't the time to ..."

"I need you ... now" Arthur ordered.

"Yes, Mr Daley" she purred. If that's what he wanted, she thought. She knew
it usually meant a special pay bonus so she didn't mind at all. She took a
step backwards and began stripping slowly the way he liked it. She ran her
hands beneath and around her chest, then found the topmost button of her
blouse and undid it. The one beneath that was next but before she continued
Arthur waved for her to stop.

"There's no time for that" he said "come here".

She stepped forward again as he reached for her. His hands went straight for
her breasts and he pushed the silky blouse material away to each side. Her
chest stuck straight out covered only by a bra a couple of sizes too small.
Arthur's fingers pulled aside the bra slightly so that the nipples on her
tits were visible without removing the bra completely. Seeing her half
dressed like this was what excited him so much he thought as he took one of
the succulent nipples into his mouth and sucked at it hungrily. When it was
nice and stiff he did the same to the other nipple.

"Oh Mr Daley, that's so nice. Suck my titties" she exclaimed.

As he continued to suckle at her breasts, his hands slid down her back and
onto the curve of her ass. He reached under the hem of the mini-skirt and
grabbed a handful of tight flesh on each of her buttocks, then after having
fondled her young ass he pulled up the red elasticized cloth to her waist.
She was wearing flimsy lace panties that matched her bra.

"Sit on the desk" Arthur ordered and she complied, sweeping aside a stack of
papers and the computer keyboard.

Linda's panty covered crotch was now almost level with Arthur's face as he
bent over towards it and inhaled her delicious scent of perfume mixed with
femininity. She spread her legs wide as his hands caressed the smooth, pearly
white skin of her inner thighs. Only an inch separated Arthur's mouth from
the lace panties. He inhaled her scent then blew softly onto the material. A
shiver ran through Linda's body as she felt his warm breath against her skin.

"Oh Mr Daley, please don't tease" she whispered.

Arthur smiled and kissed her panties right were he figured her quim was. She
shivered again confirming that Arthur had guessed right. Arthur placed his
mouth against that same spot and instead of kissing he began to use his
mouth almost like a suction cup. Linda arched backwards, gasping, her hands
grabbing at the edges of the wooden desk as she felt his tongue touch the
lips of her pussy through her panties.

"That's so good, Mr Daley ... ohhhh yes" she moaned as he alternated between
sucking at the panty material and blowing on the wet spot that was forming.

"I'm feeling so hot" Linda purred "please Mr Daley take me now."

Arthur got up and pulled down his zip. His penis had stiffened while he
engaged in foreplay with the 23 year old sexy secretary and at his age it
didn't last that way for long so he had to take the opportunity as soon as
it happened. Her panty had bunched up into a wet string of material between
her swollen pussy lips so he pulled it aside and pressed his hard cock into
her slit. His stiff tool found her hot hole and she moaned loudly as he
penetrated her tight cunt. He ground his hips at her slowly as perspiration
beaded on his forehead at the exertion. She bucked under him enjoying the
feel of his thick manhood deep inside her.

"Ohhh, Mr Daley, fuck me! Stick your hard cock into my pussy" Linda knew the
dirty talk aroused her boss even more so she continued "Do you like your
little slut, Mr Daley?"

"Yesss" he hissed as he began to fuck her harder and faster his face now a
bright red color.

In one corner of the large executive office four columns of sparkling blue
light appeared out of nowhere and four human figures began to take shape.
The two occupants in the room were too occupied with each other to notice.

"It feels so good, Mr Daley .... aaaaahhh, yes, oh yes" she moaned as she
reached between her legs with one hand and rubbed at her clit to reach an
orgasm sooner. She knew that he wouldn't last long now and he enjoyed it
even more when she came together with him, though at her age she usually
lasted much longer and normally came several times.

"Linda" he cried as he came. He pulled his dripping cock out of her pussy
and came over her clit rubbing hand and already soaked panties. When the
last few drops of cum dribbled out he sat down heavily, panting for breath.
Linda had shut her eyes and had a smile on her face as she continued to
roll her clit between her thumb and index finger. In the next second they
both got the fright of their life when they heard a voice call out "Dad!"

Linda screamed and stood up quickly trying to pull down her skirt while at
the same time covering her partially bare breasts with her arms. She failed
miserably as her blouse flapped open, the last couple of buttons tearing
off and her skirt refusing to budge from where it was bundled up around her
waist. Finally she gave up and stood there half naked staring openmouthed
at the four people standing in the supposedly empty office. Arthur Daley
was a bit more fortunate because he could cover his nudity from the waist
down by rolling his seat forward until he was protected by the desk but it
wasn't before his son and the other unexpected visitors caught a glimpse of
his bare cock.

"Max!" he exclaimed "how did you get in? I thought you had been kidnapped?
Where have you been? Who are your friends?" Arthur tried to hide his
embarrassment at being caught banging his secretary by asking a whole stream
of questions without giving his son time to answer.

Finally Max managed to get in a word edgewise and introduced Seven of Nine,
Kat and Andy. He gave a brief version of what had happened from the time the
runabout crashed into the conference center and Seven filled in her own part
of the story of how she had got here. In any other circumstance Arthur Daley
would have written it off as pure fantasy, some prank that his son had
thought up, but what he had seen on CNN and the way that they had entered
his office convinced him that they were saying the truth.

Linda was too astonished to think about covering up her nudity while Max
told his story. Andy had sidled forward until he was only a few paces away
from her and was ogling the half naked secretary with lust in his eyes and
a highly visible tent in his trousers.

Kat had already been shocked with what had gone on between her, Andy, Max and
Seven of Nine on the runabout. Having her atoms disintegrate and re-appear in
a totally different place as she took her first ever transporter ride had
hardly made her more confident about the situation she found herself in. That
she had appeared in a room where Max's father was sticking his penis into his
secretary who lay spreadeagled on his desk was the last straw. She stormed
out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Seven of Nine had convinced Arthur Daley to show her to the manufacturing
floor where the equipment she needed to produce spare parts for the runabout
were. They walked down a long corridor with Max following behind them worried
about Kat but still wanting to be of help to Seven of Nine.

Andy remained behind in Arthur's office grinning at an increasingly
embarrassed Linda who was holding her legs closed tightly and her arms
crossed over her chest as she sat on the edge of the desk. If she tried to
move she'd uncover her private parts to Andy's view so she had chosen to
remain seated in the same position until he left, but Andy had no intention
of leaving. He had begun to enjoy himself immensely and after having made
love to his sister he was feeling on top of the world and ready for anything.
In fact he was feeling positively horny and had a hardon from his close
proximity to the half naked girl.

"Hi" he told her after the silence had drawn out for minutes after the others
left. "I'm Andy!"

Linda was shivering partly with cold because the air conditioning in the
office was turned up high and partly because of her embarrassment. Having sex
with the boss in private was one thing, having sex in front of an audience
that had magically appeared was another. Linda was usually very outspoken and
confident - she wouldn't have reached her position at so young an age if she
wasn't - but now in front of this clearly excited boy she had was in a state
of utter confusion.

"I'm Linda. Errrr ... pleased to meet you." she mumbled in a low voice.

Andy's grin became even wider. Her voice was beautiful too, he thought. She
had such a gorgeous body that she could easily be a Playboy Playmate of the
year! And the way she was blushing and seemed scared of him made her really
cute. He stepped forward slowly trying to get a better view of her large
titties. She moved her arm to cover herself up with the torn blouse but she
only managed to pull the silky material off the other side and Andy's hardon
became even harder as he caught a glimpse of a nipple.

"Please don't come closer" she said.


"I need to get dressed. You shouldn't be seeing me like this"

"Why don't you get up from that desk?" Andy asked pretending to be puzzled.

"Because you're here and if I move ... you'll see everything." Linda was
close to tears now.

"Oh." Andy thought about it for a moment "It isn't a problem with me. I won't
mind if you get up."

Linda blushed furiously. It hadn't been the answer she'd expected from the
teenager. She'd thought he'd leave the room or turn his back but it hadn't
happened. He was going to stay here till she froze solid. Her eyes filled
with tears and a drop slid down her cheek.

"I'm so cold" she shivered.

Andy was so close to her now that he could smell her delicious scent. He saw
her shivering and without thinking he put his arms around her.

"Oh poor Linda" he said "here let me help you. Let's find you some clothes."

When he put his arms around her Linda flinched but allowed him to hug her
anyway. She returned the hug as she felt his warm body against hers. She
felt something else too. Something hard, a large bulge, pressing against her
thigh. She reached down thinking it was a chair's armrest that had somehow
gotten in the way and put her hand around it to push it away. Whatever it
was jerked under her hand and she realized that she had just made a big
mistake. Her hand had grabbed Andy's hardon through his trousers and in his
randy state he thought she was making the first move.

"Oh yeah baby" he told her "oooh yes, touch me there."

She pulled away her hand but he grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled it
towards his groin. With his free hand he undid his zip and pulled down his
trousers. He made Linda place her hand against his bare genitals and without
consciously willing it she made a fist around his stiff penis and began to
jerk it up and down slowly, masturbating him. Her will had totally broken
down and she was totally in his power. She knew the only way forward was to
get this over with and give in to what the boy wanted. After all, wasn't
that what she did with the boss, Arthur Daley?

"Oh that feels so good" gasped Andy as the beautiful 23 year old jerked him
off. This was beyond his most erotic fantasy. And it would get better as Andy
realized that he didn't need to hold her wrist anymore which freed up his
hands to do what they wanted to do - touch her glorious body.

Part 2

Meanwhile, Arthur Daley, his son and Seven of Nine had reached the factory
floor and Seven had walked to a group of machines that were part of the
manufacturing process for extremely high density transistors able to make
0.12 micron size parts.

Seven shook her head in dismay. Was this the cutting edge technology of this
time period? To her it seemed antiquated. No wonder that the Borg Collective
hadn't bothered with earth in the 21st century. They wouldn't have
assimilated anything useful. This was going to take longer than she had
thought to re-tool the machines into something useful that could produce
what she needed. She raised her left hand covered in an exo-skeleton web
and two nano-tubules shot out from near her knuckles.

"Hey what are you doing" Arthur Daley told her, worried about possible damage
to the machines.

"I am going to rebuild these machines using the nanobots I am injecting
through these tubules" Seven replied.

"Nanobots?" Arthur said amazed "We've been trying for years to build
something on that scale but we've never managed to. Do you mean that you
have them stored on your body?"

"They exist in my bloodstream and physical structure at a very reduced level.
I have some control over them. When I was a Borg drone the nanobots had
complete control over me and made me part of the Collective." Seven of Nine
tried to explain but from Arthur's blank look he wasn't understanding much.
Max nodded. While on the runabout, Andy who was a walking Star Trek
encyclopedia had told him several things about Seven. He wondered what he
was up to now. This looked like it was going to take some time so he decided
to go and look for Kat.

His father was watching intently what Seven of Nine was doing. He realized
that this technology was highly advanced beyond what anyone on earth had
and if he could get his hands on it he'd be rich. Very rich. Seven of Nine
detached the nano-tubules from the machine and went on to another. From
outside nothing seemed to change but inside them, billions and billions of
nanometer sized machines began to multiplicate exponentially and began
reshaping the insides of the equipment according to the blueprints that
Seven of Nine had programmed into them. When they finished their work they
would self destruct and Seven would have machines capable of producing
optronic circuitry boards and other parts she needed to repair the runabout
River Tiber. For now all she had to do was stand still and wait.

Arthur was a bit more impatient. "Is that it?" he said "What's going to
happen now?"

"We will wait" Seven of Nine said.

"Yeah, but ... can I get you something to eat ... some coffee maybe?" Arthur

"I do not require recharging for now. My energy levels are sufficient."

"Oh .." Arthur was at a loss for words. She didn't seem to want to talk so
he remained silent and just stared at her standing there. In the haste that
things had developed and his initial embarrassment at having been caught by
his son having sex with his secretary he hadn't really had the time to look
closely at the woman whom he had believed to be some sort of kidnapper and
in fact was some sort of space alien or something. Well, if all space aliens
look like that he thought, I wouldn't mind them landing here! The way that
suit clung to her ... they really had a taste for sexy clothing. And her ass
looked so delicious, so tight and shapely. Nicer than Linda's and that was
saying something he thought. If only he could cop a good feel. Yeah, dream

Suddenly Seven of Nine turned and caught him looking at her behind. She had
imagined it would be so. The males of all the alien races she had encountered
could not resist the sex appeal she exuded. To Arthur it seemed as if she had
eyes in the back of her head and he looked away towards the ceiling, his face
becoming red.

Seven walked up to him and looked straight in his eyes. He fidgeted and
cleared his throat. What had he done? Maybe these aliens had some taboo and
didn't want to be looked at? Her blue eyes seemed to change color and become
a bright emerald green as Arthur took a step backward and was about to say
"I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to look at you..." when Seven of Nine looked
down at his trousers.

"Your trousers are not sealed properly."

Her statement took him by surprise. He looked down and indeed, in the rush
to get dressed he had just pulled on his pants and closed the button at the
very top. Now he fumbled to pull the zipper up but it stuck.

"Let me help you with that" Seven of Nine offered.

"No ... no" Arthur said hastily, even more embarrassed now because his limp
penis had begun to get hard again while he had been studying her curvaceous
body. She reached out to help anyway and her hand brushed against his cock.
He wasn't wearing any underpants and when it felt her hand it sprung out at

"I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to ..." he mumbled trying to hide his erection
with a hand but she stopped him.

"You have nothing to be sorry about. It is only a natural reaction to my
presence." she said calmly. "We have enough time to give it some
satisfaction" she said and while Arthur was still trying to work out what
she meant, she knelt down on the floor before him and began to suck on the
head of his penis.

"Oh my god" Arthur said in total incredulity. This girl had begun giving him
a blowjob just like that, without any warning. Holy cow! Then he realized
they were on the factory floor, not exactly a private place if anyone decided
to come in.

"Hey, stop ... stop" he said reluctantly "someone might see us ... my son may
come back ..."

"Do not worry. My augmented hearing will tell me if anyone comes near and
anyway, I have already had sex with Max so I have nothing to hide from him."

"What!?" Arthur roared "You've had sex with my son?" not really believing
what she'd just said.

"Yes" she replied "less than an hour ago I made love to your son and his
girlfriend Kat participated as did her brother Andy." Seven of Nine said
matter of factly.

"Holy shit" was all Arthur Daley could say, as he imagined the erotic scene
that she had just described, his cock stiffening even further.

Seven of Nine stopped talking and stuffed her mouth with the CEO's cock
savoring the taste of semi-dried cum and vaginal fluids which still coated
it from his recent session with the secretary. It took a very short time
for her experienced mouth and tongue to get him off and she swallowed
Arthur's second load of the day while he held the back of her head with
both hands. She sucked him off for a while longer after he had cum till
his penis began to go limp in her mouth. Then she let go of him, wiped off
a dribble of sperm from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand
and turned back to the machines. Arthur just stood there, a beatific smile
on his face, his cock hanging out of his undone zipper amazed at his
fortune of having fucked and been blown by two young women in a single day.
Something like that wasn't normal for a man his age! Seven of Nine's voice
brought him out of his ecstasy induced daydreaming.

"They're done" she was saying as she walked around the large machines,
waiting while a conveyor belt began to roll carrying several strange items on
it. She held up one to the light and studied it. "Yes, they have functioned
perfectly." She gathered up the various bits which looked vaguely like
electronic circuitry but on a glassy, transparent material.

Then she looked at him "Your trousers are still undone."

"Oooops" Arthur's face reddened again. What had gotten into him? He was
behaving like some teenager when he was a fifty year old executive. He
pulled up his fly quickly and almost got his dick caught in a painful
trap. Seven of Nine had already left the factory floor and he rushed
after her down the corridor back to his office.

Part 3

Kat had gone off in a huff, but as she walked through empty office space and
down long corridors she realized she had no idea where she was going. She
realized that she should have stayed with Max no matter what she had seen.
It wasn't Max's fault that his father was doing what he was doing. Today
wasn't a normal day by any definition so she should have expected anything to
happen. She began to retrace her steps back to the office.


Kat froze. A security guard had come out of a side corridor and came face to
face with her. He fumbled with his belt and finally drew his gun and pointed
it at the young girl.

"What are you doing here? How did you enter?" He was the only night duty
guard and he'd been at the main entrance except for five minutes when he went
to the head but the door had been locked and no-one could have come in that

"We came in ..." what was she going to tell him, that they had appeared
magically by transporter beam from a spacecraft?

"We?" he interrupted "there are more of you?" he looked about almost as if
he expected someone to jump out of the shadows at him. "Keep your hands up
high, against the wall and spread your legs."

The rent-a-cop had probably seen Miami Vice or Law and Order a few times too
many Kat thought as she obeyed, frightened that he wouldn't believe her or
call the police. What would their parents say if she and Andy were arrested
for breaking and entering? Where was Max when she needed him?

The security guard began to search Kat for weapons. He held the gun in his
one hand and patted her down with the other. His hand lingered around on her
behind, since the guard wasn't one to pass up the opportunity of some fine
young ass. Kat noticed but bit her lip not wanting to anger the guard and
remained facing the wall hands in the air. She could feel his hand move
around her waist then up her stomach. Further up and he was touching one of
her breasts. He felt it up roughly, then switched over to the other one ...
as if she would keep a weapon there, Kat thought. This was too much, Kat
fumed, as he continued to fondle her young breasts.

"Hey" she told him angrily "enjoying yourself aren't you?"

The guard took a step back but this time didn't raise the gun. "Ok, ok.
You're clean. You may put your hands down now" He was a bit disappointed at
having to stop. She was a sexy, young thing, he thought, a pity that he'd
have to call the police. Maybe she'd beg him to reconsider and they'd work
out some way to avoid the unpleasantness ... yeah, that's a good angle to
work on. He grinned.

"Young lady, you are in a great deal of trouble. You are not authorized to
be in here and now I have to call the cops."

However, instead of being scared as she had been since he had caught her,
she smiled widely and didn't say anything. He understood why only a couple
of seconds later as he heard someone behind him and too late to do anything
about it felt something hit his head before he dropped to the floor

"Oh Max" Kat cried and ran up to her savior "thank god you found me. That
idiot ..." and she lashed out with her foot at the guard he lay senseless on
the floor "was touching me all over. Thought I was some thief or something."

"Yeah, I saw it too. I was down the corridor in the shadows and waiting for
him to put his gun away." He hugged Kat to him and she kissed him on the
cheek. "I'll have dad fire him for what he did to you" he promised her.

She laughed. "That'll teach him. It's useful having the boss's son around"
she said.

Max laughed too. "Is that the only thing I'm useful for?"

She pretended to think about it then said "Nahhh. You have other benefits and
I think I'm feeling one of them right now." As they hugged she had felt his
hardon against stomach.

"Does it show all that much?" he said "I've been in a constant state of
excitement ever since this morning and not even what you and Seven did in
the runabout has satisfied me" he said frankly "and seeing dad and Linda!
Wow! That really turned me on."

"Oh Max. I'm feeling that way too myself. At first I was disgusted at this
whole situation with Andy taking advantage of me like that but now I'm
suddenly feeling so hot and wet" she said pressing her body against Max.
"Please make love to me" she urged.

Max was taken aback. What had gotten into Kat? She'd never spoken like that
before. What had happened on the runabout must have really changed her.

"You mean you want me to do it here?" he said as she began to rub her whole
body against him like a cat in heat.

"Yes, here Max. Right here on the carpet. Take me Max. Fuck me!"

Oh shit, he thought, she was really turned on. He pulled his trousers down
in a split second, his red hot erection ready for action. Her trousers hit
the ground a second later, as did her jumper. Totally naked, Max and Kat
lowered themselves to the ground kissing each others mouths hungrily. He
cupped her upturned breasts with both hands and she used her fingers to push
his rock hard cock into her beckoning vulva. The teenagers began to fuck
each other wildly, loud moans and grunts filling the still air of the

Just a few steps away from them the security guard came to slowly, rubbing
the lump on his head and wincing in pain. It took him a minute to realize
what the noises he heard were coming from. Much to his amazement, the girl
he had stopped was lying naked on the floor with a similarly naked young man
prone over her giving her the fuck of her life. He knew that face ... yeah,
it was Max Daley, son of the CEO Arthur Daley. What the hell was going on?
Still feeling dizzy from being hit on the head with a hard object, the
security guard remained on the floor just watching the youngsters pound
their hips together oblivious to anything else around them.

Kat suddenly dug her nails into Max's back and screamed as she came, a
powerful orgasm rippling her vaginal muscles. Max groaned a final time and
came too while his cock was still deep in her love tunnel. Her tight young
cunt clenched at his cock milking it, sucking the cool jism into her.

"Oh baby" Max said as he sprayed his ball juice into his hot girlfriend.
Totally drained he lay over her, feeling her nipples pressing against his
bare chest while she nibbled on his earlobe.

"That was great, Max. If only I'd known it would be so nice I'd have let you
have me sooner."

Max just smiled at her and they lay still, his penis still buried inside her
wetness as it slowly grew limp. Minutes passed and the guard coughed to get
their attention. Both of them jumped, their post-orgasmic glow shattered by
the intrusion.

"Mr Daley, sir, Mr Daley" the guard said in his most polite voice "please
excuse me for not recognizing your girlfriend, sir, but I was just obeying

"The fuck you were. You were trying to feel her up and scare her" Max
retorted angrily.

The guard literally groveled on the floor. "I'm so sorry, sir. My instincts
got the better of me. I'm terribly sorry. She is very beautiful, sir. You are
a very lucky boy to have such a nice girlfriend."

Max was about to tell him to consider himself fired, when Kat, amused by the
change in attitude of the guard, put a hand around Max's wrist and told him
to take it easy and deal with it later. They had to get back to Seven of Nine
and see if she had found the machinery she had been looking for. They got up,
dressed and Max ordered the guard to go back to his post and forget about
them or he'd regret it.

Part 4

When they arrived back at the office they found Max's father and Seven of
Nine peeking around the corner of the open door.

"What's going on?" Max asked but his father waved at him to keep silent. Max
and Kat moved forward quietly and looked into the office wondering what his
father and Seven were looking at. It didn't take them long to realize from
the sounds that another sexual encounter was occurring in the CEO's office
and that it was, much to their amazement, Kat's fifteen year old brother Andy
who was standing between Linda's legs, her ankles crossed behind his back.
Andy was intent on ramming his thin penis into Linda's wet pussy, her hot
body writhing in passion against his, so he didn't realize he had an

"Ooooh yes" Linda cried her previous misgivings forgotten as the young,
inexperienced boy fucked her clumsily yet with such energy and urgency that
she hardly could tell the difference from some of her more experienced
lovers. She had been freezing in the airconditioned office air and unable
to move because she'd expose her nudity to the teenager who refused to go
away. When she had nearly been in tears from the cold he had hugged her and
things had gone out of her control from then on. He had forced her to jack
him off while his hands explored her body, pulling off her already torn
blouse to get at her large tits, pinching and pulling at her stiff nipples.
Her neatly shaven patch of jet black pubic hair had drawn his attention to
between her legs which she had held tightly together. The strength of her
thighs hadn't stopped him from sliding first a finger, then another and
finally his hand down between them until he found the outer lips of her
cunt. As his luck would have it he found her already aroused clit on his
first try and the shock she felt as he touched the sensitive organ made her
involuntarily open her legs wide. Yes! he had shouted as he bent down to
examine her pussy. It was the first time he was seeing such a thing close
up and it fascinated and excited him intensely. Instinctively he had used
two fingers to open the puffy lips exposing the inner fleshy pink bits and
slid his index finger right into her hole. His thumb had continued to rub
at her clit, pushing back the protective sheath even further. It was at
this point that Linda had had her first orgasm. It was so rare for her to
come so soon that she was totally amazed. Later she would realize it was
the combination of fear, arousal, and the fact that the young boy was so
unrelenting in his quest for her cunt that had gotten her off.

If Linda was surprised, Andy was shocked. His fingers inserted into the
woman's cunt had felt a tremor, as if something had grabbed at them, then
a small amount of thick, highly scented liquid had flowed out over them.
Andy had never heard that women could ejaculate too as had just happened
and he had stopped frigging her clit immediately. Now it was Linda who
urged him on, actually begged him to continue.

"Fuck me" she had cried "rub my clit, oh baby, fuck me" and she had grabbed
his shoulders, pulled her towards him and kissed him on his mouth, pushing
her tongue past his lips and teeth and exchanged saliva until they both had
to come up for air. He had raised his wet fingers to his lips and tasted her
pussy juice. Mmmmmh. Delicious! Linda's sexy eyes glowed as she watched the
boy taste her cum, then she had circled her long legs around his waist
pushing his body forward so that his little pecker penetrated her cunt. He
had begun to hump at her in a frenzy and this was the position that Seven
of Nine and Arthur Daley had found him in. Arthur had wanted to rush in and
pull the jerk off his secretary feeling jealous that Linda was fucking the
young boy and on the very same desk where he had been making love to her not
more than sixty minutes ago. But Seven of Nine had stopped him and watched
the copulating couple with interest. Then Max and Kat had arrived on the
scene and they all waited together for the climax that was going to happen
at any time now.

And indeed it did and with an immensity that surprised them all. For several
seconds Linda began to scream in a high pitched voice as she had a multiple
orgasm. This brought Andy over the edge and his cock slid out of her
slippery, pulsating pussy while spraying long streams of thick, white semen
onto her crotch, stomach and even as far as her breasts and neck. The
teenager emptied the contents of his healthy balls over the sexy secretary
who sluttishly spread the juice over her breasts and took a glistening strand
of it to her mouth. Finally Andy exhausted all his cum and just stood there
looking down at the beautiful woman he had made love to. The silence that had
descended on the room lasted for a couple of seconds before the audience that
Andy hadn't known about began clapping and cheering at the incredible display
he had put up. Andy saw that his sister was among them and he blushed
furiously, but then he realized that she was clapping the hardest!

Andy had barely gotten over his ecstasy when calls of "Freeze" and "Get your
hands up" and "Drop Down" broke into his consciousness. Kat rolled her eyes
in a deja vu situation having already passed through this once. Hadn't Max
been clear and told the guard off once already? But as she turned she saw it
wasn't the guard but five figures dressed in black, full body armor with
helmets and goggles. They carried short, stubby weapons which she later
learned from Max were Heckler & Koch MP5 submachineguns used by SWAT teams
all over the country. They had come in thinking they were rescuing Max and
his friends from Seven of Nine and hadn't realized there wasn't any
kidnapping at all. Their standard operating procedure was to subdue and tie
up everyone and sort out the good from the bad later. They hadn't counted
on the incredibly fast reflexes that Seven of Nine, an ex-Borg had. She spun
around and half crouched, while pulling out a phaser from its belt holster.
She assessed the threat in a micro-second, thumbed the power setting down to
"stun" and shot the first SWAT team member in the center of his chest. The
bullet proof vest had no discernable effect on the bright orange phaser beam
and he dropped unconscious to the carpeted floor. The one following him
tripped over the still falling body and Seven of Nine shot him on the way
down. The third man had was fast enough to raise his MP5 and take aim but a
phaser beam skewered him before he could pull the trigger. The fourth and
fifth dove for cover when they saw their three colleagues go down, but Seven
of Nine leapt from her crouched position, rolled and came to one knee in a
fluid motion. From here she had a clear angle on the last remaining SWAT
team members and two quick presses on her phaser's firing button finished
them off.

From start to finish, Seven of Nine had taken less than ten seconds to stun
a highly trained SWAT team into unconsciousness. She stood in the middle of
the room surveying her handiwork while Max, Kat, Arthur, Andy and Linda just
stared at her slack jawed from where they had frozen only seconds before.

"I have to leave you now" Seven of Nine told them "if I stay here longer a
stronger force will attack this building and I will have to physically damage

She went to each of the youngsters and hugged them, kissing Max and Andy on
the cheek.

"We probably will never meet again but I shall remember you forever."

"We too" Max and Andy said in unison.

Seven turned to Kat "You may not know it but you are very lucky to have a
friend like Max. Take good care of him."

Kat nodded, tears brimming in her eyes. She had never been good at goodbyes
and she had started to like Seven of Nine who had shown her how to have a
good time with Max.

To Arthur Daley she said "The machines I rebuilt with my nanobats will remain
as they are. Use the new technology carefully since it is far in advanced of
anything currently available on earth."

"Thank you, thank you" Arthur told her. He had been worrying about how to
explain the destruction of the company's property to the board of directors.
Now he would be able to show them 24th century technology that would
revolutionize life as they knew it (and make Arthur and the company rich
beyond belief).

Finally it was Linda's turn. She looked her up and down. The naked, cum
coated woman was a sight to behold and Seven of Nine sighed. "If only I
could stay here longer ..." she said wistfully, then she tapped her comm
badge. "One to beam up" and she disappeared in a column of blue light as
the runabout beamed her up.

She piloted the craft out to the an uninhabited island in the Pacific ocean
where no-one would interfere while she repaired the craft. The parts she had
manufactured functioned perfectly and within a couple of hours she was back
in orbit. She had made some modifications to the warp nacelles and she could
boost the runabout's speed to Warp 9 for a couple of minutes, which was at
least 6 warp levels beyond it's design limits. If the runabout didn't fall
apart around her she'd just about make the slingshot manoeuvre around the
sun which she hoped would take her back to the 24th century. It would totally
burn out the engines and unless someone would notice her distress calls she'd
run out of air in hours.

As it turned out Seven of Nine needn't have worried. The runabout trembled
and bucked beneath her like a wild lover but held together beyond Warp 9. As
she curved around the sun, all power failed and she found herself in total
darkness. The air recyclers shut down too and she donned the rarely used
emergency spacesuit, but there wasn't any need because she was beamed out by
a Constellation class vessel only minutes later which patrolling in constant
red alert status after the report of possible Borg activity in the solar
system. She was back in the 24th century and eager to return to Deep Space
9, but not before she had visited Earth for the second time that day!

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