In the last episode: Following a close encounter in earth orbit with a
timephasing Borg mine, Seven of Nine found herself back in an alternate
universe 21st century. Her first contact with humans of this time period
was with the astronauts of the International Space Station. Now with a
damaged runabout and no way to get back to the 24th century, Seven of
Nine has to land on Earth to make emergency repairs and find a way home.
Now, here is part 2.

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 8 - Fans To The Rescue Part 2
by ErosTrek (MF,MmFf,inc,voy)

"Did you get the tickets?" asked Kat for what was probably the twentieth time
that morning.

"Yeah, Yeah" replied her brother and patted his pocket making sure that he
hadn't lost the precious tickets.

From the front seat, Max looked at them through the rearview mirror and
smiled. Kat was really excited about this Star Trek Convention 2002 and so
was her brother Andy. They were all decked out in full Star Trek uniform,
complete with rank pips on their collars, plastic phasers and plastic
tricorders in their belt pouches. Max himself wasn't all that much into Star
Trek but his girlfriend Kat had asked him to take her to the Convention -
she had even managed to get hold of an extra ticket for him - and he wasn't
going to say no. She had forgotten to tell him that she would be dragging
her brother along as well until ... oh well, he thought, he'd have to find
a way to get alone with Kat for awhile ... maybe send off Andy to queue for
an autograph or something.

Max had just turned eighteen and his father had given him a flashy BMW coupe.
Most of his friends had turned green with envy - their dads could only afford
some junk Japanese or Korean car. Kat, his sixteen year old girlfriend had
been very impressed. She was a pretty long haired brunette, with a well
shaped figure for her age. Usually she wore these really sexy mini skirts
which highlighted her long legs which had drawn his attention almost seven
months ago when they first met. Today the Star Trek uniform she was wearing
hid her legs but she was still beautiful. He longed to try out the plush
leather reclining seats with her in some quiet place but he hadn't worked up
the courage to ask her yet. He was brought back to the present when Kat
called out his name.

"Max, Max, turn right at the next intersection. I saw a sign for the
Convention Center."

"Ok, got it" he said. In five minutes they had entered the center's parking
lot and were looking for a free bay. Finally they found one. From the looks
of it the convention was going to be packed to overflowing. Andy headed for
the entrance followed by Max and Kat. They were joined by other groups of
people, most of them dressed in a variety of uniforms. Max could recognise
Vulcans with pointy ear attachments, Klingons with forehead ridges and a few
races that Max didn't recognise including a couple who had painted themselves
blue. Amazing what fans would do for their favorite show he thought. He had
his hand around Kat's shoulders as they entered the center and Andy displayed
their tickets. They followed him to their seating in the large auditorium and
waited for the show to begin.

It wasn't long before the lights dimmed and short clips from various Star
Trek episodes were shown. In the darkness, Max put a hand on Kat's thigh but
she was too absorbed by what was being shown on the screen to notice. He
continued to caress her leg gently and leaned sideways and kissed her on her
cheek. She giggled softly and Max knew that she was blushing even though he
couldn't see. It always happened when he kissed or touched her in public. Max
saw that this was an excellent opportunity for a heavy petting session ...
maybe he'd even get to put his hand down her panties! As his hand moved up
from her knee along her inner thigh, Kat unconsciously widened her legs.
Slowly but inexorably he moved further up until his fingers were brushing
against her stomach. Now he moved his hand down between her legs feeling the
warmth of her body increase even through the thick material of the Star Trek
uniform trousers. His hand stopped moving but his fingers began to trace
small circular motions where he guessed her most intimate place was. She
confirmed this when she squirmed on the cinema seat and the rate of her
breathing increased. Actually it was the first time that she had allowed Max
to go so far. Maybe she hadn't noticed or was too intent on whatever was
being shown on the screen. Max didn't know, nor did he care. He was totally
occupied with feeling up his girlfriend's crotch and he was not going to
miss this for anything else in the world. He could feel his hardon rising,
straining at his trousers and was about to ask Kat if she could touch him
there ... maybe he'd get a handjob if he was real lucky! However, the light
level in the room increased and Kat realised that the people around them were
probably going to see what she and Max were doing. She clamped her legs
together trapping his hand between them.

"Hey" she whispered "will you stop that. They're going to show some Voyager
clips now."

"Mmmmm" he muttered as he nuzzled her ear "this is more interesting than
Voyager" but she pulled his hand out from between her legs much to his
disappointment. He had gotten so close and yet she had stopped him. Damn!
He'd try again later.

"Ssssssh" Andy scolded from the next seat "there are other people here,

Max scowled. Andy was such a pain sometimes. He was fifteen years old, a
year younger than Kat and he didn't have a girlfriend yet. Max ribbed him
about it sometimes but Andy didn't seem to mind since he seemed to be
totally absorbed by Star Trek.

Andy tapped Max with a finger. "You're going to like this" he whispered
grinning and pointed to the screen.

What was he on about? Max turned his attention from Kat's perfumed neck to
the screen. There was the usual scene of spacecraft flying about shooting
beams of colored light ... what did Kat call them? ... phase something or
other. Then the scene changed to a view of what he supposed was inside one
of the spaceships. The usual red and black uniforms, yellow and black
uniforms, blue and black uniforms strutted about mouthing complicated
phrases that didn't have any meaning ... at least Max wasn't understanding
much. He was about to turn back to Kat when the screen changed once more
and this time Max straightened up suddenly in his seat his eyes opening

"Oh wow" he exclaimed loudly. Others in the audience had a similar reaction
including a few who began clapping.

"Told you so" Andy said but Max didn't hear him.

He eyes were fixed on the woman on the screen. She was beautiful, blond and
dressed in this amazingly tight grey suit that stuck to her like a second
skin. He followed the sway of her hips as she walked around. Her hooters were
something else! Huge, held firmly by that tight catsuit. Suddenly he wished
he were a Star Trek fan who knew who this sex bomb was. If this is Star Trek,
I want to see much more of it he thought. Suddenly he was aware that Kat was
telling him something.

"Hey Max? Max?" then she giggled "Watch out, your eyes are going to pop out

"Oh, sorry, you were saying" he told her sheepishly his face suddenly feeling
hot at having been caught ogling a Star Trek actress by his girlfriend.

Kat rolled her eyes. "Men" she said "Put a girl with big tits in some tight
clothes and they'll start drooling all over the place."

"Errrr ... Kat ... I didn't .... I mean she .... you" he stammered.

Kat grinned at his embarrassment then decided to let him off easy.

"Don't worry Max. She is a babe isn't she?"

"Yeah" he grinned, then "Ouch!"

Kat had pinched his arm. "That's for agreeing too quickly."

Max would never understand women. First she had seemed to forgive him then
he had gotten pinched for agreeing with her. Amazing.

"I'm sorry Kat, you're my only beautiful babe. I love you" he said angling
for a kiss but he was disappointed. Kat had turned back to the screen without
replying. Damn! Now she was angry or was pretending to be. He'd really have
to work hard to make it up to her now which probably meant forgetting the
intimate evening he had been planning to tell her about after they took Andy
back home. Since Kat didn't want to talk, he turned to her brother who was a
living encyclopedia of Trekkie stuff.

"Who's that sexy girl in the silver uniform?"

"Interested in Star Trek now, Max?" Andy gloated "I thought you only came
here today because Kat made you."

Andy really was insufferable. His fingers itched to get around the little
prick's throat but that would not make Kat any happier.

"Yeah" he said gritting his teeth "I'm interested in Star Trek. Star Trek is
great. Who .. was .. that .. girl?"

Andy heard the tone of Max's voice and decided not to joke with him anymore.

"She's Seven of Nine, a Borg drone. She used to be a human named Annika
Hansen born on the Tendara Colony, Star Date 25479. StarFleet records
indicate that her parents were last reported to be leaving a remote
outpost in the Omega Sector, headed towards the Delta Quadrant in a small
vessel, the "Raven". It is possible that the Hansen family were the first
humans to be assimilated by the Borg."

"Whoa!" Max exclaimed "you're joking, right?"

"You asked me who she was, didn't you?" Andy replied a bit touchily.

"Yeah, but I meant what's the actresses name not an explanation of the whole
Star Trek storyline!"

"Oh! She's Jeri Lynn Ryan."

"Thanks" Max said. He'd have to remember that name and check out a couple of
search engines on the internet when he got back home. There were probably a
few sites that went into more interesting detail on one Jeri Lynn Ryan. But
Andy wasn't finished.

"She's going to be here at the Convention. She's supposed to arrive anytime

It was Max's turn to be surprised. "Oh" he said trying to appear calm but
inside he was very excited. The blonde bombshell he had seen onscreen was
going to be here and he was going to meet her when she began handing out

The lights turned on as the screen went blank and some people went up on the
stage. A man began to tap at a microphone to see if it worked then coughed
into it to get the audience's attention.

"Welcome to TrekCon 2001" he announced "Hope you've enjoyed the short film
presentation we've just shown." He waited for the applause to die down
then "And now please welcome Jonathan Frakes, Armin Shimerman and Chase
Masterson." The applause got even louder as the actors from The Next
Generation and Deep Space Nine walked onto the stage, smiling and waving.

Max yawned and watched Andy begin to fidget on his seat and mumble "She's
not here, oh god no, please don't tell me she hasn't come."

When everybody quieted down, the man began talking again. "Now I know that
you've been waiting for this but I'm going to disappoint you. Unfortunately
we've just heard from Miss Ryan and she is unable to make it to the
convention due to some filming that got scheduled for her today." He wasn't
able to finish the sentence. The crowd erupted in a volley of boos and angry

"Oh no. Oh no." Andy was saying.

Max too felt a little disappointed. Five minutes ago he hadn't even know who
Jeri Ryan was, then he had expected to meet her, now she wasn't even going
to show up. The crowd was getting louder despite Jonathan Frakes' attempts
to get everyone to calm down. It seemed that everyone had come to see Jeri
Ryan rather than the other actors. Suddenly everyone began to hear a loud
whistling noise over the sound of the shouting crowd. The building began to
vibrate as the noise got louder.

"An earthquake" Max said and grabbed Kat's hand and began to drag her towards
an emergency exit shouting for Andy to follow them. Before they could reach
one though, the sound ended in a deafening crash as the far wall of the
auditorium collapsed in a cloud of concrete dust. Some people screamed but
the earthquake or whatever it was seemed to have stopped and no-one was hurt
as they picked themselves up from the floor. The dust clouds began to settle
and Max began to make out something partially buried under the rubble of the
collapsed wall. It seemed to be made of some shiny, white painted metal and
there was some black lettering on the side which read "River Tiber". Suddenly
a cloud of steam billowed out from around the object and a rectangular slot
opened up in its side. By now everyone was staring in total silence.
Suddenly, a figure appeared silhouetted against the light that came out of
the rectangular opening. The steam began to clear and the figure jumped down
to the ground avoiding the large bits of rubble. The figure looked around and
stepped forward into an area that was better lit.

The crowd went mad. Tremendous applause erupted, cheers, wolf whistles and it
went on for ages. Over the PA system, a relieved Jonathan Frakes announced:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Jeri Ryan and her spectacular entrance
which even I didn't know about. And she seems to have come as Seven of Nine

Max, Andy and Kat were both staring now as the woman in the tight fitting
uniform walked straight towards them. In their mad rush for the exit they
were closest to where the object had crashed through the wall. She reached
Max first and grabbed his shoulders.

He was face to face with an angel, Max thought. She began to speak but he
was more interested in studying her beautiful face ... he was drawn to the
metallic piece clipped above her eye. How did she get it to stick there he
wondered? Super glue?

"What date is it? Where are we?" the woman insisted.

Finally Max realised she was talking to him and he answered "4th April 2001
and we're in El Cerrito Convention Center, California."

"You've got to help me" she said.

"How ...?" Max said astonished that she needed his help. Was this part of
some act that the Convention had set up to wow the audience?

People had started to crowd around them and were advancing on Jeri Ryan with
papers, booklets, t-shirts even bare skin for her autograph. She stepped back
from the menacing crowd who had begun to chant "Je - ri, Je - ri!"

She turned and rushed back to the rectangular opening dragging Max along with

"Max!" Kat cried out and raced after them. Andy who had been gawping at the
whole scene followed his sister. All four rushed scrambled up over the rubble
and into the opening. As Andy rushed in a door slammed closed behind him. He
took a look around.

"Oh my god" he exclaimed.

"What?" Max and Kat said in unison.

"This is either the best Hollywood prop I've ever seen or we're actually on
board a runabout" Andy replied as Max and Kat stared at him in disbelief.

Their disbelief ended abruptly when they felt themselves move and daylight
poured in through the front screens. Through them they could see the
external wall of the center which had an enormous hole punched through it.
As the runabout turned they could see fires burning in the parking lot where
something had crashed through a whole lot of parked cars. Then they felt a
slight push of acceleration and the ground shot away at an incredible speed
until the convention center became a dot and they were so high that they
could see the whole of California.

Andy had moved forward and sat on one of the seats next to the woman who
seemed to be piloting the craft.

"Jeri? Jeri Ryan?" he asked.

The woman turned her head towards him, her hands still moving on the console.

"I am Seven of Nine" she said "I do not know who this Jeri Ryan is."

"I knew it, I knew it" Andy said excitedly as he turned towards Max and Kat.
"This is incredible. Somehow Seven of Nine has been thrown into this universe
and this timeline from another where she actually exists rather than in a tv

Max and Kat stared at him blankly, but Seven of Nine intervened.

"You are correct. I have indeed been subjected to time travel due to the
explosion of a Borg timephasing mine which seems to have sent me back to a
different timeline instead of my past. That is the only way I can explain
why you and the other people in that building think I am someone else."

"But how can an actress in the 21st century have an exact replica in the
24th century that lives in Star Trek ... It's just a tv show for heaven's
sake!" Max argued.

"Well, it has to do with parallel universes, timelines, quantum mechanics.
Imagine that instead of one universe there are thousands, millions and that
each is slightly different from the other. In some of these universes Star
Trek is just a tv show, in others it actually is real life! And sometimes,
as has happened in this case, there's been a crossover. Get it?" Andy

"Yeah, yeah, I get it" which in fact Max didn't but he didn't want Andy to
go on forever.

"What do we do now" Kat intervened taking a more practical approach.

"I have to repair the optronic circuitry in this runabout" Seven of Nine
said "the impulse engine is only functioning at 23 per cent efficiency which
forced me to make a crash landing into the building where I met you. I am
unable to make orbit and even if I could I do not know how I can get back to
my time and universe."

"I know how to solve one of your problems" Andy said excitedly "if you can
find some way to get the runabout up to Warp 9 and slingshot around the sun
you can go back or forward in time and possibly change universes. Captain
Kirk used that maneuver several times."

Seven of Nine looked at him as she accessed StarFleet records stored in her
memory. "Captain James T. Kirk, USS Enterprise NCC-1701, deceased" she said
"yes, now I see what needs to be done. However I will need access to advanced
machinery able to manufacture superconductors and optronic circuitry."

This time it was Max who had the solution. "My father is the manager of a
semi-conductor manufacturing factory. They make computer chips, electronics,
that sort of thing. He has lots of high tech machines which you might find

"Show me where the factory is". Seven of Nine motioned him forward towards
the front of the craft and he exchanged seats with Andy. He sat next to the
sexy woman trying not to stare too much at her chest. Seven brought up a
map of California on a display to his side and he pointed out the general
location of his father's factory after he looked at the map closely. They
had been hovering some four miles above the ground but now Seven made the
runabout swoop lower until they could make out tiny cars moving along an
eight lane highway which they followed for a while. The spacecraft was
moving on automatic pilot now as the three youngsters watched the scenery
fly past through the front windows and displays. Andy suddenly had an idea
and got up from his seat. He walked to the central portion of the runabout
to a recess in the wall. He cleared his throat and said "Roctageno and

With a sparkling light a large mug and a plate appeared in the recess. The
mug was full of steaming and the plate had what looked like pale brown worms
squirming about.

"Wow! The replicator really works. I've always wanted to do this!" Andy said
happily as Max and Kat looked back at him. "Do you want anything?" he asked

They both looked at the plate of live worms, grimaced and said no thanks.
Andy sipped the warm liquid but didn't touch the g'agh. There were some
limits to what a Trekker would do. In thirty minutes they arrived at the
factory but Max told them they'd better wait for the day shift to end before
landing since there would be less people about to see them. Hours passed and
the sky darkened so the runabout could hover lower to the ground without
being seen. Kat and Andy were exhausted by the incredible day and had dozed
off in the padded couches. Max relaxed in the copilot's seat and was staring
openly at Seven of Nine as she studied the control panel intently bringing
up what seemed like graphs interposed on star maps on the various displays.
Suddenly she turned her head towards him. He looked away embarrassed that
she had caught him ogling her. But instead of reprimanding him she reached
out with her hand and touched his face and ran her fingers through his hair.

"Do you like what you see?" Seven of Nine matter of factly asked a stunned

"Err .. yes" he stammered.

Satisfied by the answer, she turned back to the console and Max tried to
avoid looking at her but the urge to do so was too great. His eyes moved
back to her slowly heaving chest. Oh wow he was thinking, she really has
great hooters! What I'd give to be able to touch them! His thoughts were
turning positively randy as a result of all the excitement and his close
proximity to this georgeous babe from the future. Seven of Nine leaned
forward to press part of the control panel to the far left. Her rear end
was on the very edge of the pilot seat. Max didn't know what came over
him. Unable to stop himself, he put his cupped hand on the seat so that
when she settled back down her shapely bottom sat directly on it. Pinned
by her weight he was unable to move his hand or arm but, wow, was he
grabbing this babe's ass! He expected her to rebuke him anytime now, maybe
even slap him as had happened with other similarly treated women in the
past so he steeled himself though he couldn't avoid the silly grin he had
on his face. Strangely enough a whole minute passed before she seemed to

Actually, Seven of Nine had noticed the boy placing his hand on her seat
before he had touched her, but she had wanted Max to start it off. She had
left Deep Space Nine almost a week ago and she hadn't had sex in all that
time. Ever since she had been de-Borg-ified and had discovered the joys of
sex she had done all she could to make up for the lost time and not having
intercourse for a week made her feel less human. So now it was lucky Max's
turn to prove her humanity. A quick touch of a control and both seats turned
so that she and Max were facing each other instead of the command console.
A startled Max almost had his arm wrenched out of its socket but he managed
to pull it out just in time as the seats swivelled. Without saying a single
word, Seven of Nine bent over at the waist until her face was within inches
of Max's crotch. She examined his trousers, understood the sealing mechanism
and pulled down the zip. He was wearing underwear but before Max could
realise what was happening she had already pulled it down and was holding
Max's hardening cock in her hand.

"Holy fuckin' shit" Max exclaimed. Just seconds ago he had been copping a
feel of her ass and now here she was stripping him and holding onto his
cock. "Oh wow!" he exclaimed again as she began to jerk her hand up and
down along the length of his penis. It was rock hard now and she had pulled
the foreskin down off the head. This was the first time Max had a real woman
touching him there. He had convinced a shy Kat to grab his tool a few times
but always through his trousers and never anything conclusive. A previous
girlfriend several years ago had been more willing and had got him off
several times but again without direct skin to skin contact, which had meant
messy underwear. Now Jeri ... Seven ... whatever ... was masturbating
him ... "Ohhhh God" he cried out loudly. He couldn't believe his eyes or the
sensation coursing through his body. Without any warning she had lowered her
head further and swallowed the head of his cock in her mouth and proceeded
to blow him. Nothing could have prepared him for the incredible sensation he
was feeling now as she alternated between sucking and licking his hardon. It
wasn't going to be long before he was going to burst but that would mean that
she would stop and he didn't want the blond angel to stop what she was doing.
He relaxed as much as he could and shut his eyes enjoying the sensations
generated by the woman's warm and wet mouth. Yeah, he could last longer like
this ... oh yeah ... oh wow!

Meanwhile, some noise or movement had woken Kat up. She yawned and looked
around, eyes still half closed not recognising the strange place she was in.
Suddenly it all came back to her. She was in a flying craft, a runabout from
her favorite Star Trek show ... but it wasn't some model ... it was the real
thing and the pilot was Seven of Nine and she too was the real thing. Her
brother was still asleep in the other seat across from her. She grinned. Her
brother was an even bigger Trekker than she was and yet he too hadn't managed
to remain awake and bombard Seven of Nine with questions. It was darker than
it had been before she slept and the only light was emanating from the
various viewscreens and consoles set into the walls of the runabout so she
couldn't see where her boyfriend Max was. She recalled he had been sitting up
front next to Seven of Nine and in fact there was some noise coming from
there now. She got up and stretched working out the pain from the cramped
position she had slept in and then moved forward. As her eyes adjusted to the
dim light she saw Seven of Nine sitting in the pilot's seat crouched over
something. Strange, Kat thought, what was she doing? As she got closer she
realised that Seven's head was bobbing up and down ... maybe she was sick?
was Kat's first thought. Then a viewscreen suddenly threw its light across
the copilot's seat and ... the whole world seemed to crash down on Kat as she
stood open mouthed and in shock at what she was seeing.

Kat reeled. Max was sitting back, his eyes closed, an immense grin frozen on
his face and ... and ... Seven of Nine was sucking his ... his ... bloated
thing. Up and down, Seven's head went, swallowing it deep down her throat
without gagging. It was enough to make Kat retch. It was disgusting just to
watch ... and her boyfriend ... he ... he was enjoying it! She was now next
to Max and without thinking she drew her hand back and slapped her open palm
across Max's face with enough force to leave a stinging red palm print across
his cheek. Max was so surprised by the unexpected attack that he must have
lept a foot into the air which had unfortunate consequence for Seven of Nine
who had just swallowed his cock. The sudden vertical motion almost knocked
some of her teeth out and only her cyborg augmented reflexes prevented her
from biting it off. As it was her teeth made painful impressions around the
base of Max's cock which made him yelp out in pain much more than Kat's slap

"Hey Kat" he said sheepishly "what was that for?"

"You have the courage to ask" she said loudly "I wake up and see this ...
this ... this ... " she finally found a word she had never used before "this
bitch here with your thing in her mouth. What do you expect me to do?" and
tears began to stream from her eyes and down her cheeks.

"Oh Kat" Max implored "this is nothing. I still love you. When she started I
couldn't resist. I've never experienced this before and in fact I was going
to ask you later to ... you know ..." and his voice tapered off.

"What were you going to say?" Kat said in between sobs.

"I was going to ask you to do the same thing as she was doing to me when we
were still back at the convention center. I thought you'd like it." Max
finally said.

Kat was looking at him strangely and he flinched expecting another slap for
what he had told her. This time however she showed more restraint.

"But that's disgusting" she told him "how do you expect me to do that. You
pee from that thing and you want to put it in my mouth. It won't even fit"
she added as she got another look at the size of it.

They had forgotten that Seven of Nine was still crouched, her face near Max's
erection so when she spoke they both were surprised.

"Kat" she told Max's girlfriend "your name is short for Kathryn isn't it?"
When Kat nodded she went on. "My captain on the USS Voyager is named Kathryn
too, Kathryn Janeway."

Kat nodded again, everyone knew that, what was this slut talking about?

"Captain Janeway saved me from the Borg. It is because of her that I am human
and not part of the Borg hive mind anymore and I have the utmost respect for
her. What I was doing to Max is normal .. in fact so normal that Captain
Janeway does that to Commander Chakotay at every opportunity they have
together in private. The first time I saw them doing that I too thought it
was strange but they explained to me that it was perfectly natural and
Chakotay showed me that it indeed was .. but that's another story." She had
a far off look in her eyes as she remembered her time on Voyager realising
that she probably would never see her crewmates again. "Anyway, Kat" she
continued "there is nothing wrong with what you saw here since Captain
Janeway would never have told me something untrue."

Kat wasn't convinced. It still was difficult to accept that this Seven of
Nine actually existed and now she was being asked to believe in Chakotay and
Captain Janeway performing fellatio on him! Gross!

Seven of Nine didn't leave it at that though. She pulled on Kat's arm and as
if in a dream Kat found herself on her knees beside Seven. Seven got off the
chair and knelt down too. Their faces were now level with Max's limp cock -
getting slapped around and bitten tends to deflate a hardon! Max was looking
down at them both and as he realised what was going to occur his erection
began to grow again. Oh please, he thought, let Kat do this.

Seven placed her hand gently on the back of Kat's head and pushed her towards
the fleshy pole. "Don't be afraid" she told her "just put out your tongue and
taste it. It has a very nice flavor which you'll get used to quickly."

Kat obeyed. She didn't know why she did. It was almost as if she was in a
trance but with Seven's urging she stuck her tongue out and gingerly made
contact with the skin of Max's cock. Not all that bad she thought as she
tried another tentative lick. If she shut her eyes she could just imagine
she was licking the skin on her hand. With Seven of Nine urging her on she
began licking more vigorously until her tongue tasted something different.
It was a strange, salty liquid and she opened her eyes to see what it was.
Without realising, she had reached the top of Max's penis and licked a
pearly drop of liquid coming out of a tiny slit in the flesh. She jerked
backwards, disgusted, but Seven of Nine put an arm around her shoulders.

"Do not worry" Seven said gently "That is called pre-cum and it has a very
enjoyable flavor. Taste it again."

As if to demonstrate, Seven bent over and flicked her tongue at another drop
of the semi-transparent liquid that was dripping out of the head and lapped
it up eagerly. Kat's eyes became wide and round as she watched this. There
isn't anything wrong with this, she thought, if my favorite tv star Jeri Ryan
does this. She worked up the courage that she needed for what she was going
to do. Bending forwards again she placed her mouth against her boyfriend's
penis and sucked gently at the head as she had seen Seven of Nine do.
"Mmmmmh" she mumbled as more of the ... what had Seven called it ...
pre-cum?... dribbled out and she licked it up. It isn't all that bad she
thought. In fact with practice she could start enjoying this.

It wasn't only Kat that was beginning to have fun. Max was in seventh heaven
and had been for the last five minutes. He was getting a double blowjob ...
a sexy blond and his girlfriend were both sucking at his dick and at each
others tongues. Never in his wildest imagination would he have expected Kat
to do what she was doing now and he hadn't even had to beg! His breath was
coming in ragged gasps as incredible sensations coursed through his body
whenever the girls licked at very sensitive spots on his cock. Kat's jumper
had ridden up slightly and Max placed his hand on her back drawn to the bare
skin. His hand went beneath the elastic hem of her trousers until he felt the
curve of her buttocks. With a bit of difficulty since he could only reach
with one hand, he pulled down the trousers until most of her ass was bare.
She was wearing small, white panties and these had bunched up in the crack
of her ass. He massaged her left buttock, kneading the soft yet firm flesh.
When she didn't notice or didn't seem to mind that he was touching her bare
butt, his fingers moved of their own volition to her most intimate place.
Unlike back at the convention center, it wasn't through her clothing but
direct skin to skin contact. There! She was soaking wet! His fingers had
found her excited pussy ... Oh wow! he thought as he slid her fingers along
her virginal slit. He had made it. He had his fingers in his girlfriend's

This time Kat reacted. She hadn't noticed that Max was fondling her ass, but
she jumped in shock when she felt his cold fingers between her legs. She was
about to tell him to stop and don't he dare touch her there ever again when
she realised that it would be rather foolish of her. Here she was with Max's
cock in her mouth and all of sudden she was being prudish? Silly of her! She
relaxed, smiled at Max and widened her legs slightly, then continued to lick
his cock even more vigorously than before. She decided that she was going to
enjoy this situation to the full and leave all her inhibitions behind her.
Max continued to slide his fingers against her pussy lips and tentatively dip
the tip of his index finger into her slowly widening hole. He had never done
this before so he was being very careful so as not to hurt her or anything.

Meanwhile as the three of them got hotter and hotter, the fourth person in
the runabout, Kat's brother Andy had woken up. The scene he saw before him
was incredible. His sister's bare ass was directly facing him from about ten
feet away. She and Seven of Nine were both on their knees between Max's legs
and seemed to be doing something to him from the various gasps and moans he
was emitting. As Andy's eyes adjusted to the dim lighting he could see that
Max's hand was slipping between Kat's legs and ... holy shit!!! .. he could
see his sister's bright pink pussy flesh! His hardon was instantaneous. As
he watched he pulled down his zip and began to jerk his cock up and down. As
he watched the erotic scene unfolding before his eyes he thought how much
better this was than reading those dirty magazines he had stashed under his
bed. And that his sister was involved in this made him even more excited.
Since he was eleven years old he'd been fascinated at the way his sister's
body had begun to take on a more womanly shape. The wider hips and budding
breasts had been the subject of many an erotic fantasy and wet dream made
even more vivid when he had found a way to spy on his sister when she
undressed in her bedroom. Now all those fantasies were being played out
right here before him. His conscience began to nag at him that he
shouldn't ... that Kat was his sister ... that it was wrong to even think
about such things. But Kat's moans increased as Max rubbed her clit and the
tangy smell of sex that permeated the runabout made Andy's nostrils flare
till he was totally overwhelmed.

Andy walked up behind kneeling sister. Pulling down his pants, he lowered
himself to the deck and placed a hand on her smooth bottom. The blood pounded
in his ears and his whole body trembled with a surge of excitement. He was
touching his sister's naked butt - something which he'd dreamed of doing but
never expected to accomplish. Max was startled to see Andy appear suddenly
and touch Kat, but then he grinned at him and shrugged as if to say "Go
ahead, it's your sister". Andy had never done this before but he knew what
to do instinctively. He grabbed his sister's hips and pressed his lower body
against Kat's butt. Since Kat was bent over sucking at Max's cock, her cunt
was totally exposed to Andy's probing hardon. Though short, his cock found
Kat's wet slit after a couple of tries and slid into the beckoning hole. He
immediately forgot any misgivings he may have had about incest. Ohhh yes, it
was so warm and wet and tight. It gripped his penis like a glove. Oh what an
amazing feeling, Andy thought, in total ecstasy as he popped his cherry with
his own sister.

Kat felt the penetration but assumed it was Max who had been fingering her
cunt. She moved her butt backwards to help him ram what she thought were a
couple of fingers deep into her vagina. This is great, she thought, much
better than when I masturbate myself as she bit on her lips with a mixture
of pain and pleasure and sighed loudly. Max really knows what he's doing.
Little did she know it wasn't Max who was pleasuring her!

Andy's cock was a bit on the small side for his age but even though it didn't
come close to filling Kat's love tunnel, her tight young cunt gripped it
tightly as he rammed it in and out in uncoordinated jerks. Sweat beaded on
his forehead as he reamed his sister's pussy, wildly fucking her doggy style.
He was so intent on what he was doing that he didn't notice that Kat had
turned her head around and was staring at him in shock. Her screams and her
frantic attempts to get out from under him brought him back to reality. When
she realised it was Andy ... her brother ... her idiot ratbrained brother ...
that was actually fucking her she had let go of Max's cock and tried to get
up. Andy obviously didn't want to stop so he held onto her hips with both
hands and her legs were trapped under him.

"Stop Andy" she cried out "leave me alone. What the hell do you think you're

"Ohhh ... ugggh ... this is so good, sis ... ahhhh" Andy said between grunts.

"Get off me" she said tearfully "stop it, oh please, stop it" but Andy
continued to grunt and groan as he penetrated her with his stiffness.

"Hey Kat" Max told her and she turned to look at him. "Why don't you let him
enjoy himself for a while" he said while grinning.

"You bastard" she exclaimed as she saw the silly grin on his face as Seven of
Nine took the opportunity to deep throat his penis down to it's base. She
struggled again trying to keep her wildly humping brother out of her and this
time she succeeded partly because Andy was about to come. With a final groan
his nuts blew their load in the biggest orgasm he had ever experienced,
spraying the white liquid all over his sister's cute little ass and lower
back. Satisfied and suddenly feeling weak, Andy flopped to the floor, eyes
closed and gulping lungfuls of air. Kat shot up off the floor and began to
scream at Andy her face flushed a bright red.

"You idiot. I'm your sister. You can't fuck your sister. Didn't anyone ever
tell you that what you did is wrong you fuckin' bastard!"

Andy was too exhausted from his first ever sexual intercourse with something
other than his hand to even hear his sister.

Max, who was still receiving a blowjob from Seven of Nine, was thinking how
hot Kat looked, half naked with her trousers bunched up around her ankles and
with cum coating her ass, face flushed with anger as she berated her helpless

"Kat, come over her now" Seven of Nine said suddenly having removed Andy's
penis from her mouth.

Kat stopped her tirade and looked back at Seven "But...."

"Quick" Seven interrupted and something in the tone of her voice made Kat
obey and walk towards her.

Seven of Nine stood up and turned around. Max was still seated, his cock
pleasantly wet and hard from being sucked by the two girls. The beautiful
blonde's back was now facing him and to his amazement she reached between
her legs with her hand, bent over and seductively ran her fingers up and
down her slit. As Max's eyes almost popped out of his head she used two
fingers to separate her puffy, clean shaven pussy lips. Before he could
even gasp in surprise she sat down on his stiff cock, taking it deep into
her love tunnel.

"Uggggghhh" grunted Max as his tool was swallowed by Seven's tight twat.

"Aggghh" Kat gasped as she watched the woman sit on her boyfriend's lap.
This was crazy, she thought, they were in a spaceship right out of their
favorite tv show, several miles up in the air, she had been sucking her
boyfriend's dick while her own brother had been fucking her and now Seven
of Nine was fucking her boyfriend right before her very eyes. Yeah, right.
She must be smoking something weird or was dreaming ... but in the next
moment she realised all this was actually happening because Seven of Nine
had pulled her towards her and placed her lips against hers and proceeded
to kiss her sensuously. This was too much for Kat. What the hell was going
on here, did they think she was a lesbian now? She tried to push herself
away from Seven of Nine but couldn't. She could do nothing against Seven's
cybernetically augmented strength so she didn't struggle when Seven pulled
what had been a nice, clean replica of a Star Trek uniform off over Kat's
head. Seven threw the young girl's sweaty, cum-stained jumper into a corner
under a console. A small white bra followed it and now Kat was completely
naked, her pert little upturned breasts exposed to the cold air which made
the tiny brown nipples swell slightly with goose-pimples. Kat shivered and
looked at the floor embarrassed as Seven fondled her cute tits.

"Wow! They're real nice, Kat" Max said peeking from around Seven's shoulder
and he reached around Seven's body with both his hands and cupped Kat's

Kat blushed as her boyfriend touched her tits so shamelessly while he was
having sex with another woman. She still couldn't believe the situation she
was in. Then Max let go of her breasts and .... oh god ... his hands were
now grabbing Seven of Nine's much larger ones as if to compare the size and
feel! This was too much for Kat. She suddenly felt jealous of all the
attention he was showing Seven of Nine. How dare he. She would show him.
Half a step forward brought her into a direct embrace with Seven, chest
against chest, with Max's hands trapped in between. This time it was Kat
who kissed the ex-Borg directly on her full lips and even surprised her
when she slid the tip of her tongue into the woman's mouth.

"Ooooh, that's nice" Kat sighed in a sweet voice when their lips moved
apart. Out of the corner of her eye she caught the stunned expression on
Max's face and she kept a straight face though inside she was laughing.
Did Max think he was the only one who was going to have fun in this
situation? she thought as she rubbed her lithe body against Seven's sexy
curves. Seven was sitting on Max's thighs her feet spread wide apart. Kat
caressed Seven's flat stomach with her hand and continued down past the
soft blonde fur between her legs until she found her pussy. When she
touched the warm wetness she hesitated at first but then found the courage
the rub the velvety material with her index finger, feeling the hard fleshy
clit pulse under her touch. She could also feel the hard, jerking motion
of her boyfriend's cock deep in Seven's vagina as he thrust into her
savagely, turned on by watching his young girlfriend kiss and touch his

"I'm gonna cum" shouted Max suddenly as Kat squeezed his pussy-juice coated
balls. Seven of Nine rose off his cock, turned around and knelt down before
him, and Kat followed her down a second later. Seven grabbed his throbbing
erection and only managed to jerk it twice before the eruption occurred. Cum
sprayed forth onto Seven's upturned face, coating her cheeks, nose and lips.
She opened her mouth and a stream of jism flowed into it. When her mouth was
full Seven directed the spewing cock like a fire hose onto Kat's face and
milked the last few streams of semen from his balls. A pearly string of cum
landed right on Kat's nose and dripped down in slow motion onto her firmly
closed lips. Finally, Max's balls had emptied themselves and he lay back in
the seat with a dazed look on his face enjoying the warm afterglow of orgasm
of his first true fuck. His girlfriend was so sexy, he thought, with cum on
her face.

"I love you Kat" he muttered and she got up and hugged him tightly. She
wasn't feeling jealous anymore realising that having sex with Seven of Nine
had only made their relationship stronger than ever.

As the two youngsters lay in a naked embrace their passion satisfied, Seven
of Nine took a quick sonic shower in the runabout's small cubicle, got
dressed and planned her next move. Andy was still sitting on the floor where
he had fallen after having made love to his sister and she helped him up into
one of the seats where he began to jack himself off slowly probably still
thinking about his encounter. When queried, the computer informed Seven that
it was past seven thirty local time and that mention had been made of their
incident at the Convention Center on the radio and UHF tv frequencies which
she had set the computer to scan for. The longer she stayed here the more
danger there would be of modifying this universe's timeline. She had to act
immediately and get the runabout repaired and for that she desperately needed
the high-tech manufacturing capacity of the factory they were flying over to
which Max had directed them.

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