Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 7 - Fans To The Rescue Part 1 (MF,MMF)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Seven of Nine relaxed in the padded seat as she watched the stars zip by.
She'd be within range of Sol System Traffic Control soon, so she reviewed the
codes that Captain Sisko had given her and prepared them for transmission.
System security was on a high state of alert due to the war with the Dominion
and she didn't want to be vaporised on her first visit to Earth because of
some ensign who had an itchy trigger finger. She came out of warp just as she
was interrogated by the beacon in Pluto orbit and waited for a response to
the codes she sent.

A few moments later a subspace channel opened up and an ensign's head and
shoulders appeared on her viewscreen.

"State your identity and business" he said matter of factly.

"Runabout River Tiber from Deep Space 9, requesting permission for direct
route to Earth orbit. Please advise Star Fleet HQ that Seven of Nine has
arrived as requested."

She had been invited to Star Fleet HQ to meet with a United Federation of
Planets delegation of ambassadors who wanted to see what an ex-Borg looked
like. She had left Deep Space 9 reluctantly, but her curiosity about her
home planet which she had last seen when she was three years old overcame
any doubts she had.

Ensign Rontak had barely looked at the view screen when the small craft had
entered his operational area. It was just one of those routine checks - make
sure the IFF responded correctly, make contact with the craft, then hand it
over to Inner System Control - usually Utopia Planitia shipyards on Mars or
Earth Orbital. The war had made the security checks more stringent so he
made sure to double check the codes the craft had sent. The screen suddenly
flashed orange and the ensign jumped in surprise. An explanatory message
displayed itself on the screen - "Craft contains probable Borg contamination,
special permission required, escort to Earth Orbit priority Alpha Three."

Borg! thought the ensign. What was a Borg doing on a Federation shuttle? He
looked closely at the screen that was transmitting a view of the shuttle's
pilot. Normal human female, blonde - cute face and wow what a chest the
ensign added mentally - ... except for ... metallic looking ornaments around
one eye and on her cheek. At least he had assumed they were ornaments, now
he wasn't all that sure. Anyway it wasn't his problem now. The alert ships
patrolling this sector had already converged at high impulse towards the
shuttle and they were taking no chances, they're shields up and their phaser
banks at full power.

Seven of Nine didn't realize the commotion she was causing. Though her
visit had been planned and Sisko had vouched for her personally, Star Fleet
wasn't taking any chances about a possible Borg infiltrator. So not one, but
two Constellation class ships escorted the small runabout to Earth at half
impulse speed, their weapons trained on her the whole time. Finally they
reached Earth orbit and the she made contact with Star Fleet HQ which
directed her to land at the San Francisco spaceport where ground transport
would be waiting for her. The crew aboard the two starships heaved sighs of
relief as their fears of hordes of unstoppable Borgs materializing vanished
as they watched the small craft begin its descent into Earth's atmosphere.

Unknown to them, several time phased mines had been left in Earth orbit
during a Borg attack, one of the few that had occurred following the Wolf
359 battle. The mines remained undetected because they existed in a sort of
parallel universe a few seconds in the past. They were in standby mode now,
awaiting activation from their Borg masters. When Seven of Nine in the
runabout came within a few meters of where a time phased mine existed in
the past, it detected the Borg technology within her body and activated
itself awaiting further commands. When it received no response, the limited
AI onboard the mine decided to return to standby mode enveloping Seven of
Nine's runabout in the time distortion field. The starships escorting Seven
immediately went to red alert and tried to use their phasers to destroy the
now visible mine, but the runabout was too close and they only managed to
score a single hit which was partially dissipated by the mine's shields.
The phaser beam did cause some damage in the mine's power supply which began
to overload, but not before it had made the temporal transition. Both the
mine and the runabout disappeared from normal space.

The time phased mine was now in critical condition. Subsystems were failing
at a steady rate and the AI decided that the only thing left to do was
self-destruct. In the milliseconds that it took to carry out the command,
several things happened. The power distribution system failed and all power
was shunted to the temporal displacement circuits. Then the mine detonated
focusing an immense amount of energy that opened a rip in time similar to a
wormhole which pulled the runabout to another time.

Seven of Nine got up off the floor where she had been thrown as the runabout
tumbled through space. She shook her head as she realized what had happened.
I must have something about wormholes, she thought, since I keep falling into
them! She sat at the command panel, stabilized the runabout's tumble and
tried to make contact with StarFleet. Nothing. No comm traffic. No subspace
traffic. No starship warp signatures. Strange. Sol System was one of the
busiest regions of space to be in and now there was nothing. She used her
sensors to scan a few thousand miles ahead of her and the screen showed her
hundreds of small, metallic objects which were transmitting energy, mostly
in the lower frequency spectrum - satellites of the type that hadn't been
used for hundreds of years. Her sensors beeped - they had detected human
life-forms in the vicinity ... yes, there they were, some three hundred miles
away from her runabout. She powered up the runabout's impulse engines and
moved towards the inhabited spacecraft.

"On screen" she ordered the computer and "Enhance" as the small, white
dot appeared in the viewscreen before her. It resolved into a strange
cylindrical object with various attachments. In a few minutes she was off
the port side, a hundred feet away, as they both orbited several hundred
miles above the Earth. She could make out an inscription on the side of
the craft "International Space Station Alpha." She scanned her memory
files. The answer stunned her - early 21st century space station operated
by pre-Contact countries. There was more information but she stopped
reading. It seemed that she had been sent back in time from the 24th to
the 21st century. What was she going to do? How was she going to get back
to Deep Space 9? These thoughts crowded through her mind and she didn't
notice that her presence near the tiny space station was causing quite a
commotion. She finally noticed when the runabout's computer warned her
that a laser range finder was being emitted from one of the portholes on
the space station. Zooming in she saw a man's silhouette wielding a large
device that seemed to be some sort of camera. Realizing that this was a
First Contact situation which came under the Prime Directive she piloted
the runabout to a blind spot in the space station's field of view.

The astronauts had probably recorded her on film and that could have
an effect on the timestream itself if they managed to send it back to
Earth. She began jamming all frequencies which was relatively easy to
do considering that they didn't have any subspace channels. Then she
transported herself aboard the space station and found herself
weightless in a tiny access tube. She grabbed one of the handholds and
looked around her. Of course they didn't have gravity generators so
early in human spaceflight she realized. She pulled herself through the
access tube into a larger but still cramped room. Bulky equipment was
strapped to all the walls so that none could be considered a ceiling or
floor. It made sense when they didn't have gravity she thought.

Sergei Krikalev was staring intently at the screen of the laptop computer
that controlled the station's radio and tv transmitters. Everything seemed
to be functioning normally but the uplink from Baikonur and the satellite
relay from Cape Canaveral both showed static. Very strange, he thought. His
two companions, Yuri Gidzenko and Bill Shepherd had called out to him before
that there was something strange outside and they were watching it through
the Observation window, a large multi-panelled section of the space station
that was used to control the robotic arm. He had been too pre-occupied with
the loss of communication with ground control to realize that the other
astronauts were talking about a ufo sighting. He could hear them exclaim
excitedly in the distance, though their exact words were muffled because of
the buzzing noise that the air vents on the station generated. So he got the
fright of his life when reflected in the screen before him he made out the
silhouette of a person floating in the access tunnel behind him.

"Yob tvoyu mat!" Sergei exclaimed and turned quickly. Before him a blonde
woman floated in a silver-grey catsuit. His first thought was, oh how
beautiful she is, but then he realized that there wasn't any American
Shuttle or Soyuz craft docking so how the hell could she be onboard the

Her universal translator took a couple of milliseconds to calibrate itself
then "Russian, Earth language, early 21st century : Fuck your mother!" as it
translated what the astronaut had just said.

Seven of Nine looked at him saying "That is not a nice thing to say". Her
translator converted what she said instantaneously to Russian. Sergei's eyes
opened wide as he hadn't expected her to talk in his language. She used her
feet to propel herself off the far wall and floated towards the astronaut.
The problem with zero-g is that something in motion comes to a stop only when
it hits something. In this case Seven's forward movement was stopped by the
Russian's body as they came into full frontal contact. The astronaut had been
on the space station for four months and he hadn't seen a woman in all that
time so he had a natural and instantaneous reaction when Seven's chest
flattened against his.

Here we go again, Seven thought, as she felt a hard object press against her
thigh. Males are the same everywhere, in the past or in the future. Seven
wasn't one to pass up such an occasion when it presented itself though so she
pressed herself further against the Russian.

Sweat beaded on his forehead and several drops floated off as tiny spheres.
Torn between two emotions, he was terrified by this possibly alien stranger
who had appeared magically in the space station, yet aroused by her beauty,
sexy skintight catsuit and the warmth of her body as she rubbed against him.
He was undecided whether to call out to the other two astronauts or remain
silent. She helped him make his decision because she undid something behind
her neck and peeled off her suit. Her large breasts bobbed up and down gently
in freefall as they were released from the tight clothing. If Sergei had any
doubts about her beauty they vanished the moment she stripped. In fact he was
so dumbfounded that his mouth hung wide open, so he was even more startled
when Seven darted towards him and kissed him passionately. Breathless from
the kiss, Sergei tried to push her away but Seven grabbed hold of two
handhold straps and trapped him between her body and the bulkhead. Sergei
didn't put up much resistance. In fact while she had been busy kissing him,
he had pulled down his trousers. Seven noticed the Russian's massive erection
and floated up slightly and straddled it between her thighs.

"Oooohh yes" gasped Sergei as his cock was enveloped by her warm flesh.
Automatically he began to rock his hips back and forth. Seven reached out
with one hand to the ceiling to steady herself and with the other hand
she reached between her legs and grabbed hold of the jerking member. She
caressed it with her hand, pulled the foreskin back off the head and spread
the pre-cum around with her palm. She then guided it towards her opening and
Sergei clumsily pushed his thick tool into her. Sex in zero-g isn't easy.
Each time Sergei would push his hips forward there would be an opposite
reaction and Seven of Nine would be pushed backwards floating away from him
before she pulled herself back with her hands. Frustrated by this situation
and longing to fuck this beautiful stranger fast and hard, Sergei grabbed
hold of Seven's arm.

"Follow me" he said "I have a better place where we can do this" and he
turned upside down, pushed himself off the wall with his feet and dove
towards an access tunnel. Seven of Nine followed closely behind, bumping
into him when he stopped abruptly by grabbing a handhold. They were in a
larger cylinder which had one end completely stacked with boxes of supplies.
An exercise treadmill was bolted to one of the walls. There were four
person-sized recesses against one wall with elastic web material. These
were the astronauts "beds". In freefall you don't need a mattress to sleep
on, just something that ties you down so you don't float around while
asleep. Sergei got into a recess and held the webbing apart for Seven of
Nine. It was a tight fit, but all the better Sergei thought as the woman
squeezed her nude body against him. Now that they were held tightly
together, Seven parted her legs slightly to allow the Russian to penetrate
her. She sighed loudly when he filled her love tunnel completely. Now that
they didn't float apart, Sergei began to satisfy his four month old sexual
urge pounding his cock repeatedly into her awaiting pussy. Seven moaned
loudly with pleasure as the Russian humped her. He stopped worrying that
his companions would hear them in the small spacestation - he was too
preoccupied with the tight twat he was fucking.

Sergei reached down with a hand between Seven's legs and began to rub the
top of her slit just above where his penis was penetrating her. He must have
found her clitoris because as he rubbed at the wet flesh, the volume of her
moans increased, ending in a scream as she dug her nails deep into his back.
In fact if Seven hadn't controlled her augmented strength at the last moment
of her orgasm she probably would have broken his collar bone! Sergei didn't
know this however, and the fact that she had orgasmed excited him and he
increased the pace at which he was fucking her. His face was bright red and
covered in sweat as he drove his tool into her cunt. He felt her vaginal
muscles clench and he knew she was about to have another orgasm. This time
he'd cum with her. One last push deep into her until the head of his cock
actually came into contact with the cervix at the top of her vagina and ...
she threw back her head and screamed as he shot thick wads of his semen deep
into her. Four months worth of cum shot from his balls into Seven of Nine
and continued to spray from his cumhole when Seven pulled his cock out of
her. The semen formed globules that floated up between them, joining together
to form larger globules. As they continued on their way to the ceiling, Seven
opened her mouth wide as a particularly large sphere of cum passed in front
of her face. She sucked it into her mouth enjoying the salty taste as she
swallowed. Some of it splattered against her lips and formed little beads
that in the zero-g wouldn't dribble down but would remain there until wiped

Seven of Nine and Sergei relaxed in each others arms, their energy spent,
and this was how Yuri Gidzenko the Ukrainian astronaut and Bill Shepherd the
American station commander found them having heard their moans and screams
and rushed to the aid of their colleague expecting to find him battling with
some six armed, nine foot tall, horrible looking alien. Instead he was
squeezed against a naked, extremely sexy looking woman in one of the bed
recesses and the smell of sex hung heavily in the room.

"What the fuck is going on here?" asked Bill Shepherd. "Who is she? How did
she get on the station?"

Startled Sergei opened his eyes and tried to push Seven of Nine off him but
the elastic webbing held them together. His dick had shrivelled and he tried
to cover himself in front of his companions with one hand while frantically
trying to get the webbing to release them.

"You just have to press the release here" Seven of Nine told him helpfully
and she pressed a button set into one side of the recess. The webbing fell
aside and the two lovers floated free. Bill Shepherd tried to look as stern
as possible but it was virtually impossible to do so when floating in
midair and confronted by a totally naked woman with such a sexy body who
unashamedly, with no attempt to cover herself, turned towards him.

"I am Seven of Nine, from Deep Space 9 in the Bajor System, United Federation
of Planets and I come from your future in the 24th Century."

All three astronauts stared at her in disbelief. Of course two of them
had seen the strange object that had flown close to their station then
disappeared, but to accept that this woman was some sort of alien time
traveler was too difficult for them.

Bill Shepherd sputtered "But that's impossible... This can't be ... This
is a hallucination. The air recyclers are malfunctioning. We must all be
suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning."

Seven of Nine floated towards Shepherd slowly. "Do you think I am an unreal?"
As she said this she had reached Shepherd in the middle of the cabin. "Do you
think these are hallucinations?" she asked in a sultry tone while grabbing
his hands and placing them on her large tits.

"N..No..No" stammered Bill Shepherd as he fondled the firm yet soft flesh.
"They feel real enough, oh yes, very real" as he pinched the hard nipples. He
seemed mesmerized by Seven's fantastic tits as he continued to grope them.

Yuri Gidzenko, the Ukrainian, couldn't control himself any longer. Four
months without any sex and now this sexy creature was floating before him.
He pushed himself off a wall and floated towards the woman and the Commander.
Her back was facing him but she didn't seem to notice when he bumped into
her. His hands went straight for her luscious ass. So round, he thought, so
perfect. He rubbed the smooth skin, then grabbed a cheek in each palm and
separated them slightly as he tried to get a glimpse of her pussy.

With hands groping her tits and her butt, Seven of Nine was enjoying every
minute. She spread her legs in midair so that the astronaut behind her could
reach her genital area. "Aaaaahh" she cried as she felt him stick a finger in
her twat which was still oozing with Sergei's cum. While Yuri began to finger
her rapidly, she turned her attention back to the American, bringing her lips
to his and kissing him deeply. Their tongues made contact and Bill Shepherd
pushed her away suddenly blushing.

"I'm married" he told her "I have a wife back on Earth. I can't do this."

"Please explain marriage" Seven asked him a puzzled look on her face.

"Uh, oh .... marriage is when you promise to remain faithful to one woman for
all your life ... and not to have sex with other women" Bill said.

"That is not logical" she replied "I wish to have sex with you. This other
woman cannot forbid you to do so. If she was here I would ask her to
participate" and she again pressed her chest against Bill, this time reaching
down and grabbing his hardon through his pants.

"Ooooof" gasped Bill Shepherd as the sexy woman grabbed his stiff cock "if
you put it that way how can I refuse" forgetting about his wife whom he
hadn't touched in four months. This sexy and willing girl before him was
offering him something that he desperately wanted. He bent forward and kissed
Seven of Nine on her forehead and took a deep breath filling his nostrils
with her aroma. He kissed her again, slightly surprised by the metallic
ornament, at least he assumed it was an ornament, that was above her eye. She
turned her head slightly offering her ear which he kissed, then sucked gently
on the lobe. He continued kissing and licking down her long neck then around
her jaw until he finally found her lips. This time he returned her deep kiss
completely as they traded saliva for what seemed like minutes, tongues
flicking in and out of each other's mouths.

Now totally aroused, all thoughts of his wife put aside, Bill pulled down his
pants, his rock hard cock ready for action. He put his arms around Seven of
Nine and pulled her towards him. His legs entwined with hers and they floated
in zero-g locked together. His cock probed for her hole but there was some
obstruction. Bill grimaced in frustration. Why couldn't he get his dick
inside her? The problem was Yuri who was ramming three fingers up Seven's
cunt. When he noticed that his Commander was trying to penetrate the same
hole he reluctantly pulled his wet fingers out and instead circled his hand
around his cock and began to jerk off awaiting his turn.

Finally Bill's tool found the refuge it was desperately seeking. In it went,
the tight cunt walls gripping it firmly along its full length to the balls.

"Ohhhh, yes, ooooh, fuck me you bitch" Bill exhorted as he began to hump at
her ernestly.

Seven responded by arching her body in response to his rythm so that to
someone looking at them the two floating bodies were moving like the
graphical representation of a sine wave.

Yuri was feeling a bit left out. Sergei had already satisfied himself and was
watching the proceedings with a wide grin on his face from across the cabin.
Bill was fucking the woman and would be doing so for a while longer from the
looks of it. And he was jerking off like he had been doing for the past four
months. It wasn't fair. Then he realized what he could do about it. He
reached out and got hold of Seven's hips. Pulling himself towards her he felt
down the crack of her ass until he found the little pucker of her asshole.
His fingers were still wet from her pussy juice so he slowly inserted one of
them into the hole, widening the sphincter muscle slowly. When he felt it was
wide enough he placed the head of his cock against the hole and pushed. As it
happened, Bill Shepherd decided to ram his dick hard into Seven at just that

"Aiiiiieeeeee" she screamed as Yuri's cock slid partially up her rectum.

"Ohhhhhh ... aaaahhhh .. slowly ... ohhhhhh ..please" she begged in between
moans of pleasure and pain as she was doubly penetrated. Both holes filled
with stiff cock, Seven of Nine was in ecstasy. She had lost count of the
number of times she had cum today. As Bill continued to fuck her without
slowing and Yuri reamed her ass, her vaginal muscles vibrated from a constant
orgasmic state.

Minutes passed and the two men connected by their dicks to the half-alien
woman floated around the cabin like some bizarre creature from which came a
variety of grunts, shrieks, moans and wet slurping noises. Finally, Bill
gasped "I'm cumming" and he pumped a load of jism into her hot cunt. Yuri
could feel the semen flow into Seven of Nine even though his cock was up her

"Oh yessss, come deep inside me. Fill me with your cum!"

Seven's whole body seemed to jerk as she came for what may have been the
twentieth time, convincing Yuri that he too had to cum which he did and right
up her poop chute. All three were exhausted and remained hugged together,
floating in midair, while their dicks became limp and withdrew from the holes
they had been plugging, trailing streams of cum that floated through the air
like strings of shiny pearls.

Seven of Nine was the first to recover. She disengaged herself from the
tangle of sweaty limbs, stretched her body and recovered her uniform though
she didn't wear it.

"Thanks for the great welcome to the 21st century" she told the drained
astronauts "I have to leave now."

"Wait, wait" Bill told her "Who are you, really?" then he added as his libido
returned as he watched her nude body "Why can't you stay a little longer?"

"I have to find a way to get back to my time" she kissed Bill Shepherd for
the last time, then touched her communicator.

"River Tiber, one to beam out" she told the computer aboard her runabout.

She was enveloped in a column of sparkling blue light and dematerialize
before the eyes of the three astonished astronauts who finally believed her
story. They dressed and cleaned up the module from the variety of fluids left
behind from their intense lovemaking before attempting to make contact with
ground control to report their incredible story.

"Mission Control this is Space Station Alpha" Bill Shepherd transmitted.

"Space Station Alpha, this is Mission Control, go ahead" responded a
controller at Baikonur spacedrome.

"You won't believe what we've just, errr, experienced."

"What happened Bill? We lost contact with you for thirty minutes. Are you

"Yeah, fine. In fact we're all feel great! We've just had a visitor. An
incredible looking woman. She..." He was interrupted by mission control.

"What? What do you mean a visitor? The next shuttle launch is scheduled for
next week."

"I know" replied Bill "we saw some sort of spacecraft from the observation
window, then next thing we hear is Sergei moaning. We rush to see what's
wrong with him and he's ... err... mating ... with this beautiful girl. Me
and Yuri think she's a ghost or something when she talks to me and ...
err ... better not go into too much detail on this channel."

"Bill, this is Director Murray. I've warned you before not to touch that
vodka the Russians stocked aboard Alpha. Rather than spouting these fantasies
you three should be preparing for next week's launch of the science module.
This is Mission Control, over and out."

"But ... But ... we really ... she was here ..." Bill Shepherd continued but
Mission Control had already terminated the connection.

Seven of Nine smiled to herself as she listened in to the conversation from
several hundred miles away in the runabout. They wouldn't believe those
three, she had made sure of that. She aimed the runabout River Tiber towards
the Earth as the sun rose from behind the planet. She had to find a way to
get back to the future or else she would be stranded here forever and the
only way she knew would be to land on Earth and find someone who could help

Will Seven of Nine make it back to the 24th Century and Deep Space 9?


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