Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 4 - My Name Is Bond, "Julian" Bond
by ErosTrek ([email protected]) (MMF,inter)

Keiko O'Brien watched her husband Miles finish wearing the tuxedo he had
replicated, complete with bow-tie. She was tapping her foot impatiently on
the floor and wasn't in a very good mood. "Do you really have to go Miles?"
she asked.

"Yes, Keiko. I promised Julian that I would a month ago and anyway, I've
already paid Quark a deposit to reserve a holo-suite. You know that I'd
never get it refunded."

"If you put it that way" she told him coldly "Go on, don't keep the good
Doctor waiting, Molly and I will find something else to do."

Miles gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and left hurriedly saying "Thank
you, Keiko. I'll make up for this as soon as I have another off-duty day."

"Sure, sure" she said, "that's what you said last time" but he didn't hear

O'Brien reached Quark's Bar a few minutes later and found Dr Julian Bashir
sipping at a mug full of steaming liquid. He too was dressed in a black

"You're late" Julian told him.

"Yeah, yeah and a good morning to you too. Keiko didn't want me to waste
another day playing games, as she put it."

Quark walked up to them from behind the bar's counter. He handed them a
storage crystal. "Earth, East Germany, 1982" he announced "My holo-programmer
had a bit of trouble finding the correct costumes and technology standard for
the period. He had to work overtime looking through history records in Star
Fleet files" he said looking at them meaningfully while his upturned palm
hovered in front of them. Julian dipped into his pocket and pulled out 4
slips of shiny, gold-pressed latinum. Quark palmed them quickly and smiled
"Enjoy your holo-adventure. I kept Holo-suite 6 empty just for you."

"Thanks, Quark" they told him and climbed the stairs to the second level and
disappeared down the corridor leading to the holo-suites. Quark shook his
head as he watched them leave. He had never understood why humans and other
species liked these interactive historical dramas so much. Klingons would
always ask for a re-enaction of some ancient battle scaring his customers
off with blood-curdling screams as they butchered harmless holograms with
bat'leths and other pointed instruments. Humans asked for tamer programs,
Bashir and O'Brien especially liked the cloak and dagger stuff, spies and
femme fatales. He shook his head again. If they were to ask him, he had
enough spies in reality as he kicked suspiciously at a chair which might be
Odo in disguise.

In the meantime, Dr Bashir and O'Brien had reached the holo-suite, inserted
the memory crystal and said "Computer, run program." The green tubing and
round holo-projectors disappeared and they found themselves on a gravel
covered road leading to a foreboding, grey castle sitting atop a small hill.
It was nighttime and the castle grounds were lit up with a variety of lamps
and spotlights. The two men walked up to the wrought iron gates and waited.
A guard in a brown uniform and wearing a wide brimmed hat came out of the
small guard house at the side of the gate. He was carrying a weapon of some
sort, which O'Brien recognised as a Russian Ak-47 machine gun. "Stoi, stoi"
he told them pointing the gun menacingly in their direction.

"What did he say?" O'Brien asked Bashir.

"That's 'stop' in Russian" Julian answered, and they both came to a halt.
Julian placed a hand slowly in his pocket and withdrew a piece of paper.
"We've been invited by His Excellency the Ambassador" he told the guard
and handed the invitation over.

The guard studied it carefully then waved to the guard house. "You may pass"
he told them as the gate began to open automatically.

As they walked up the wide path leading to the castle, Julian grinned at
O'Brien, "That was easy."

O'Brien grimaced "When they start off easy, these programs always get

They reached the large wooden door and it opened as they were about to knock.
A large bronze plaque set in the wall had the letters "CCCP" and a design of
an interlocked hammer and sickle imprinted on it. They could hear the sound
of an orchestra playing and voices talking and laughing as they entered the
official residence of the Soviet Ambassador to East Germany, circa 1982.

They were shown to the ballroom by a tall, silent butler who bowed slightly
and left. The large, round room was packed with people, with the men wearing
tuxedos or uniforms glittering with medals and the women in long, flowing
dresses. The orchestra was playing some music that neither Bashir or O'Brien
recognised and some couples were dancing in the center of the room. Waiters
moved through the crowd with trays of food and tall glasses filled with
golden coloured liquid. O'Brien snatched a glass from a tray as a waiter
passed by and tasted the liquid. "Uggh, champagne" he grimaced "I'll have to
remind Quark to replace it with something else next time."

They moved around the room talking to several people who spoke English with
varying accents. Most seemed to be Russians or Germans though there were a
few Americans in military uniforms. Suddenly, Bashir felt someone touching
his elbow and he turned to find a beautiful, blonde haired woman looking at
him. She was dressed in a long, tight fitting gown that seemed to glow when
it caught the light. A sparkling diamond necklace circled her neck and the
low cut top of her dress showed off her ample cleavage.

"So you have come" she said in a husky voice. Her full red lips turned up in
a smile "I knew you would keep your promise."

"Svetlana" Julian said "It's a pleasure meeting you again." He bowed and
kissed the top of her outstretched hand. "You are splendid as always."

"Always the gentleman" she told him "who is your friend here?" indicating

"My name is O'Brien, Miles O'Brien" he said stifling a laugh as he saw Julian
roll his eyes at his imitation of one of their favourite 20th century flatvid
characters on which this holo-drama was based.

Svetlana seemed to be taken aback "You're Irish?" she enquired and without
waiting for his answer she turned to Bashir. "Are you out of your mind? How
can you be certain that he does not belong to the IRA? The KGB has many
contacts within the Irish Republican Army. If he is one of them you have led
them straight to me."

"I've known him for a long time" he told her trying to calm her down "don't
worry, he's my friend. Then in a louder voice as a Russian colonel in full
dress uniform brushed past them "Madam, would you like to dance?"

Pulling her to him they began to sweep around the floor in a slow waltz.
O'Brien found a chair in a quiet part of the room and stopped a waiter who
was carrying mugs of frothy German beer .. the imported West German kind
and not the stale tasting East German liquid he noted, making a mental note
to thank Quark for having paid so much attention to small details. He
occassionally caught a glimpse of Julian still gripping Svetlana amidst all
the other dancing couples. He was getting a bit bored with nothing to do as
the music droned on and on when a rotund man in a Russian uniform sat next
to him. It took him a few seconds to decipher the unfamiliar insignia, and
then he realised that he was looking at a General of the KGB or Committee
for State Security.

"Ah, you must be from the British Embassy" the General told him "I am General
Vladimir Fedotov." O'Brien introduced himself normally this time. He would
have to watch out with this computer generated character. A false step and
the holo-drama could end prematurely with their character's "death".

"I hope you are enjoying this party" the Fedotov continued "but not as much
as your friend who has discovered my exquisite secretary Svetlana" and he
laughed heartily. O'Brien smiled too but didn't say anything. "So, what is
your job at the embassy?" the General probed.

"I'm just an engineer" O'Brien replied truthfully "I just fix things when
they need to get fixed."

The General laughed again, even louder this time, as if what O'Brien had told
him was some sort of joke. "An engineer" he repeated and winked at O'Brien.
"Yes, yes, of course, they train you well these days" he said. O'Brien agreed
with Fedotov wishing that Julian would come to his rescue. He was about to
get up and hope the General wouldn't take offence, when Fedotov suddenly
spotted an American Admiral in a white uniform and called out "Tovarich
Admiral Wilson, it has been a long time since we last met." He excused
himself with O'Brien and left. O'Brien mopped at his brow relieved as he saw
Julian and Svetlana walking towards him. "While you've been enjoying
yourself" he told Bashir, "I've been having a little chat with a General who
thinks I'm a spy or something."

"Of course, Miles, that's what your character is" Julian told him, then
nodding in Svetlana's direction and lowering his voice "Svetlana wants to
give us something in her office" and winked at O'Brien. O'Brien was getting
a bit hot under the collar with everybody winking at him. "Julian, please
don't do that again."

"What?" Bashir said surprised then seeing O'Brien's exasperated expression
decided not to question him further. "Ok, let's leave as unobstrusively as
possible" he told Svetlana who led the way towards a small wooden door set
against the furthest wall. They found themselves in a short corridor leading
to a spiral stone staircase that led deep into the castle. They went up for
what seemed like an eternity before arriving at another corridor lined with
doors. One at the far end was marked "Gen. Fedotov" and the entered the door
right next to it. The walls of the small office were lined with filing
cabinets. A picture of a man with a bushy mustache that O'Brien recognised
as Stalin hung from the wall opposite the door. Below the frame was a large
desk uncluttered except for a communications device ... a telephone, O'Brien
recalled ... some writing instruments and a thin wad of papers. Behind the
desk was a comfortable leather chair.

"This is my office" Svetlana told them. "We must hurry. I do not know how
long General Fedotov will be away from his office" she said pointing to a
side door that communicated with the General's room. "I have the microfilm
in a safe place. I will give it to you, but first you must promise to take
Anna, my young sister, with you to safety and freedom."

"I promise" Bashir told her sincerely.

Svetlana walked over to the desk and pressed a button or lever hidden under
the edge. A small panel popped out of one side and Svetlana bent over to pick
it up. Both Julian and Miles got an eyefull of her beautifully shaped rear
end as it stretched the material of her gown when she bent down. She was
taking quite a while to look for the hidden microfilm and O'Brien realised
that it was simply the holo-drama's way of asking the user for interaction.
It was supposed to be an X-rated holo-drama after all. Bashir had already
come to the same conclusion and moved towards Svetlana firmly placing both
hands on her behind. Startled she said "Hey, what are you doing? Why are you
touching me?" but she made no attempt to get up or escape Julian's caressing
and squeezing hands. O'Brien didn't want to be left out and he moved closer
and began to feel her ass too. Miles dropped to his knees and began to slowly
raise Svetlana's long skirt. He raised it over her ankles revealing her
shapely legs a small bit at a time. He held up the skirt at her knees with
one hand and used the other to caress her thighs. Julian helped him pull up
the gown's skirt all the rest of the way, up over her head.

She was wearing light grey stockings held up by a flaming red garter belt.
She wore matching red panties that were made of a small triangular piece of
material in front and another triangular piece at the back with a thin thong
of material disappearing down the crack of her ass. A red bra held up her
large breasts though they probably didn't need any form of support. O'Brien
couldn't take his eyes of her large, tight ass. Her buns were begging him to
touch them and he obliged. What a difference from his wife Keiko he thought,
her ass didn't even match half of Svetlana's! He stopped, embarrassed at
having compared his wife to a hologram. Julian had no such qualms and was
busy fondling Svetlana's breasts having already removed her bra, which was
now hanging from the corner of Stalin's picture frame where he had thrown
it. He kneaded them like dough, pressing them together and rubbing at the
hardening nipples. Svetlana had started to gasp as her excitement grew. "Oh
yes, touch my breasts" she told Bashir "Squeeze them harder, play with them"
then she turned to look down at O'Brien, flicking her long, blonde hair out
of the way. "Touch me, O'Brien" she told him "Give me pleasure, I really need
you now."

Miles pulled aside the little bit of red string that was her panties and
placed his hand between her thighs. She parted her legs, still bent over the
desk and he now could see her cunt before his face. He could see that the
puffy lips were shaven and smooth. He used two fingers to spread her slit
apart and his middle finger to penetrate deep into her warm wetness. Svetlana
moaned at this intrusion, urging him on deeper and deeper till he had three
fingers inside her and was jacking them in and out. Julian Bashir had gone
around the desk to face Svetlana's head and had dropped his tuxedo trousers
down around his ankles. His cock rose before her face and she eagerly pulled
it into her mouth and began sucking on it. Bashir placed his hands on her
head stroking her hair and pushing the back of her head towards him to help
her take his cock deeper.

Miles O'Brien had forgotten all thoughts about his wife and was concentrating
on getting this sexy Russian slut off. She was creaming liberally now and his
hand was coated in her sex juice up to his wrist. He had jerked his hand up
and down so much that his fingers were cramping from the position they were
in. He moved his face closer and used his tongue to lick at the sensitive
skin between the bottom of her slit and her asshole. The feel of his rough
tongue on that part of her body made her spit out Julian's dick and scream
loudly as she came. O'Brien found his tongue getting coated with a stream of
female cum juice as Svetlana spasmed in ecstasy. Since Keiko had never
allowed him to lick her there, he had no prior experience, but the musky yet
sweet taste and aroma of the liquid wetting Svetlana's thighs excited him and
he lapped it up thirstily. O'Brien's tongue dipping into the tip of her slit,
sliding between her ass cheeks and down the flesh where her thighs joined
together lapping noisily at her juices was too much for Svetlana. She came
again with an even louder scream, so loud that Bashir was sure that someone
in another room was going to hear her.

He tried to stuff his cock back into her mouth but she put out her hand to
stop him. She was hardly able to breathe in between gasps of ecstasy, let
alone with a long tool down her throat. As she came the second time O'Brien's
lust subsided and he stopped licking her. His erection was massive as it
tented the tuxedo trousers he was still wearing. He got up off his knees and
pulled his trousers down much to his cock's relief. O'Brien didn't have a
long dick but what it didn't have in length it made up for in diameter.
Svetlana had finally got up off the desk she had been bent over. If she
hadn't been a hologram she'd have probably been complaining about a stiff
back! She spotted O'Brien's wide cock and told him in her sexy, Russian
accented voice "I want that thing inside me." O'Brien, not one to keep a
lady waiting, obliged. Svetlana sat on the edge of the desk facing him as he
pushed his cock into her wet slit. After a couple of tries the tip found her
hole and penetrated it. He thrust his hips in and out very slowly trying to
get his cock into her without hurting her but even with her legs thrown wide
her cunt still wasn't open enough to accept him.

"Maybe I can help" Bashir told them. With his cock still only half way into
her, Miles raised Svetlana off the desk with his hands. Bashir positioned
himself behind her, wet his hands with juice from between her legs and used
it to lubricate his cock. With one finger he rubbed her asshole gently making
sure that the sphincter had opened, and he pushed his rod in slowly. Svetlana
now had a cock in each hole and was so excited by this that her cunt widened
allowing full access to O'Brien's tool. Julian, being a doctor, had expected
this reaction. His cock was now up her anus, encased firmly in her warmth.
There wasn't much give so he contented himself in staying still and feeling
O'Brien's deep thrusts down her pussy. Svetlana would have been screaming
constantly had O'Brien not covered her mouth with his as she was reamed from
both ends. Miles was really in heaven, a warm, wet tunnel gripping his cock
firmly, responding to his every thrust with a contraction of vaginal muscles
that caressed it. After several long minutes, Miles said in a hoarse voice
"I'm coming nowwww" and Svetlana responded "Oh yessss, please come deep
inside me" and "and you too, wet my asshole with your cum" she told Bashir
reaching around and grabbing his ball sac.

Both Miles and Julian came simultaneously deep in her holes, streams of cum
spraying upwards into vagina and colon. Svetlana came for the umpteenth time
that day as the men withdrew their cocks and their cum, obeying the laws of
gravity, began to stream out in rivulets. It was in this state that the door
to Svetlana's office opened without them noticing and two people entered.

A small gasp of surprise brought them back to reality and Svetlana tried to
cover herself up as a teenage girl and boy looked at all three of them with
wide, round eyes. Svetlana was blushing as Miles and Julian tried to hide
their erections. "Meet my sister, Anna, and her boyfriend Pyotr" she told
them and then to Anna, "These are the British people I told you about. They
are going to take you to safety."

Anna told her "I was wondering what you were going to pay them but now I
think I understand" as she looked at her older sister's body from head to
toe, glistening from a mixture of sweat and her own cum, as well as the
men's. Svetlana began to deny it all flustered, but then she stopped. She
was hardly going to admit passing on a microfilm full of state secrets in
a room that was possibly bugged. Better leave her sister to think she was
a slut than face execution for treason.

All three dressed hurriedly as Anna and Pyotr waited. The eighteen year old
had never seen a naked woman before and he was looking at Svetlana with lust
in his eyes as she pulled on her panties. Anna, noticed the look and elbowed
him in the stomach making him double up in pain. "That's for looking at my
sister that way" she told him in Russian. Julian and Miles finished dressing
and were watching what was going on with a smile on their face. They didn't
understand the words but they guessed their meaning. Julian used the time
they waited for Svetlana to finish to study her younger sister. She was
roughly the same age as Pyotr, maybe nineteen years, and looked like a
smaller, petite copy of Svetlana. Her long hair was blonde just like her
sister's and she had brilliant blue eyes. Her face was small and cute and
her neck long. Unlike her sister, her breasts weren't large but they seemed
nicely shaped under the thin blouse she was wearing. Her hips flared out of
her thin waist and her legs were long and shapely, highlighted by the
stretchy material of the jeans she was wearing that hugged all her curves.

Finally, Svetlana was ready and she led the way to a parking lot at the back
of the castle. They avoided a couple of guards they met on the way by swiftly
ducking into the closest open room. When they reached the parking lot Bashir
went straight for a shiny, black Aston Martin. "Look what Quark programmed
into this holo for us" he whispered to O'Brien excitedly. "This looks like a
replica of Bond's car. I have a feeling that we're going to use all its
gadgets soon."

Svetlana went to her sister and her boyfriend. "Anna, I may never see you
again, but I wish you and Pyotr well in your new life." She kissed them both
on the cheeks. She turned to Julian and Miles and told them "Thank you for
taking my sister to safety and thank you for what we did back there. I
enjoyed myself immensely" and she kissed them both right on the mouth. She
turned and ran back to the castle and entered the way they had come.

Julian got into the driver's seat with O'Brien next to him. Anna and Pyotr
got into the back of the car. "I hope you know how to drive this thing"
Miles told him "and I hope the safety limit parameters of this holosuite
are calibrated correctly" he added. A holosuite has certain safety features
to protect its users from the holograms generated within. For example, a
user can get punched by a hologram and vice versa and the effect will seem
and feel real enough. However, if a weapon such as a gun that fires
projectiles or beams is used in the program the safety features dematerialise
the bullet or phaser beam a few nano-seconds before they hit their target.
Since this allows all sorts of weapons to be used in complete safety, realism
is enhanced, but there were a few isolated cases where a holosuite
malfunctioned causing the wounding or even death of the user.

Julian had found the ignition and started the car. He drove around to the
front of the castle where the same guard that had stopped them previously
shone a torch in their faces. He played the torch over the back seat of the
car, but Anna and Pyotr had burrowed down beneath a convenient canvas cover.
The guard waved them through and the gate opened just as a red light began
flashing in the guard house. A telephone rang and was answered by another
guard who leaned out of the guard house and shouted after them "Stoi ...
stop them .. they musn't get away!"

Julian floored the accelerator and the Aston Martin leapt forward narrowly
missing the now closing gates. A siren began to wail behind them and the
first guard, finally having released his Kalashnikov's safety latch, began
firing burst after burst of bullets after them. Bullets whined around them
and one or two pinged off the back of the car without causing any damage.
Julian was laughing in excitement as he steered left and right through the
tight road that wound down the hill. O'Brien was holding on tightly to his
site wondering why he had accepted to come on this adventure. His smaller
head reminded him that Svetlana's taste still lingered in his mouth, but
the steep precipice to his left kept any erotic feelings in check.

They came around the last curve, the Aston Martin almost raising itself off
on two tyres at the high speed at which Bashir was driving. Several hundred
yards before them a road block had been set up. A large military truck had
been set up to block half the road, while a small jeep blocked the other
half. Several soldiers knelt before the vehicles, their AK-47s held to their
shoulders looking down the sights. Julian shouted "Hang on! We're going to
have some fun!" With that he reached out to the dashboard and flipped a
switch. a panel opened between the two front seats revealing a multitude of
switches, buttons and small blinking lights.

Bashir studied the panel quickly then punched a bright red button twice in
quick succession. A small panel opened in the bonnet of the car and two tiny
rockets shot out with a flash of light and a wooshing sound. The rockets
wobbled slightly then locked onto the large truck and detonated in a huge
explosion. The force of the explosion pushed what remained of the truck to
the side of the road and the Aston Martin flew through the gap which had been

The soldiers had either been knocked down by the blast or had taken cover now
rose and began to fire wildly. Four of them jumped into the jeep and chased
after them. Julian let them close in on him and when they were at the right
distance he flicked another switch. A tank below the car's trunk sprayed a
few gallons of oil onto the road right into the path of the oncoming jeep.
Losing all control, the jeep skidded along for a hundred feet before being
stopped by a tree trunk. Whooping with excitement, Julian slowed them till he
was driving at anormal speed. He turned his head to O'Brien. "That was fun
wasn't it" he said. O'Brien's face was rather pale as he nodded. Julian told
him "See if they're alright, they're awfully quiet." Miles reached into the
back seat and pulled off the canvas cover. He wasn't prepared for what he saw
and his gasp caused Julian to swerve the car to one side before regaining

In the back, Pyotr had his tongue deep in Anna's mouth and a hand was down
the front of her unbuttoned blouse feeling her tits. As O'Brien continued to
watch, Pyotr moved his hand lower, pulled down the zipper of Anna's jeans and
began to rub her pussy mound through her exposed panties. Anna was squirming
in his grasp, pushing her hips forward as she pressed her crotch into his
hand. O'Brien nudged Julian and told him "We have two lovebirds in the back."
Julian slowed the Aston Martin down even more as he watched the erotic scene
unfolding in the rearview mirror. Pyotr and Anna hadn't noticed that they
were being watched and continued to feel each others genitals. Anna undid
Pyotr's trousers and freed his cock. She began to rub it with her hand till
it stood at attention, then she stopped kissing him and bent down to take his
stiff rod into her mouth. Pyotr's head rested slackly against the rear of the
seat his mouth open and his eyes shut, never having experienced a blow job.
Anna seemed to know what she was doing and she alternated between licking the
head of his cock in circles, to taking the whole length of it into her mouth.

Pyotr was so much in ecstasy that his hand had fallen to the side and had
stopped rubbing Anna. Anna however was still humping at the air, her cunt
needing urgent attention. Miles stretched his arm towards her - this was an
interactive holodrama after all, not a peep show - and began to rub the wet
spot on her white panties with his thumb. Satisfied that her pussy was being
attended to, Anna began to suck Pyotr's cock for all she was worth, making
him grunt. O'Brien reached out with his other hand and pulled the tight jeans
down over her legs with some difficulty. She raised her ass off the seat to
help and finally got them off her completely. He pushed her thighs open and
got back to her sopping cunt. Her panties had bunched up into her slit
highlighting the sexy lips of her cunt, covered in short blonde fur. Miles
pulled back the wet material, the second panties for that day which was
certainly a record for him, and dipped a finger into her wide open red slit.
Anna reached down, grabbed his hand and guided it directly onto her clit. He
wet his thumb with her pussy juice and began to rub the little, hard nubbin.

Pyotr opened his eyes to look at his girlfriend sucking him off, only to see
one of the British spies rubbing Anna's exposed pussy! She had never let him
touch her directly, only through her jeans or at most through her panties and
now this stranger was penetrating her! He sat up straight and said in the
little English he knew "Hey, you .. stop this .. she my girl."

Anna pushed him back down and removed her lips from his stiff member "Shut
up, Pyotr. At least he knows how to give me pleasure unlike you who only seem
to want it. Let me decide who fucks with my cunt or I'll stop sucking you

Properly chastised, Pyotr shut up, giving a grinning O'Brien an occassional
sullen glance before reverting to his previous trance-like state as Anna
began to lick the slit and cum-hole along the top of his cock's head.

Julian Bashir was being assaulted by Anna's moans, Pyotr's grunts, the scent
of Anna's pussy and the wet noises being generated by Anna's blowjob and
O'Brien's masturbation of her pussy. He slowed the Aston Martin down and
drove off the road into a small copse of trees that provided cover. He raised
the hand brake and finally turned around to get a good look at had been going
on behind his back for quite some time now. "Wow" he muttered "I've had some
fresh pussy only last week" he told O'Brien recalling the splendid fucking he
had given to the sexy ex-Borg Seven of Nine along with his eternal flame,
Jadzia Dax "but this sexy teenager beats them all." Of course, he knew it was
his cock talking ... but hologram or not hologram he was aroused all the

O'Brien told him "Enough talk. You might want to help me back here. This
little nympho cannot get enough fingers in her cunt."

"My pleasure" Julian grinned and joined Miles in rubbing Anna's pussy. Miles
concentrated on the clit while Julian bunched up three fingers and stuck them
into her lovehole. Anna jumped at this new penetration and must have bitten
at Pyotr's cock for he let out a sudden howl. The two men continued fingering
Anna's pussy, rubbing the velvety petals of pink flesh between thumb and
forefinger. The small, fleshy clit was fully exposed like a miniature cock,
so sensitive to O'Brien's touch that Anna was heaving her hips a foot into
the air each time he touched it. Her cunt juice flowed freely, pooling in her
upturned pussy till Bashir's fingers displaced it. It would then run down the
inside of her thighs and the crack of her ass making her white flesh glisten
in the moonlight. Pyotr couldn't hold his cum back any longer and he shot a
wad straight down Anna's surprised throat. She pulled her mouth of his cock
as another wad hit her on her lips, then she was out of the stream of jism as
it fell back onto Pyotr's stomach. The taste of fresh semen brought Anna over
the edge and she humped Bashir's and O'Brien's hands four times in rapid
succession before coming with a load moan. Feeling exhausted but satisfied
she dipped a finger between her legs wetting it and brought it up to her
mouth tasting her own juice. This was enough to make O'Brien come in his
trousers much to his embarrassment. Julian had more control, which meant that
he had enough time to undo his fly, get up on the seat and aim his pulsating
cock in the general direction of Anna's stomach. Two, three, four jerks
later, a similar number of well aimed streams of cum landed. Anna used her
hand to spread the thick, white stuff all over her stomach and breasts like
some sort of beauty ointment.

Over an hour had passed and although they hadn't completed the scenario, both
Bashir and O'Brian were well and truly exhausted having already come twice
in quick succession. "Computer" Bashir ordered "store and end program."
Gorgeous, cum-covered Anna, Pyotr, the Aston Martin, the trees and moonlight
all disappeared to be replaced by a room with glowing green lights. They were
back in the holosuite though in fact they had never left. Zipping up their
tuxedos they exchanged grins and Julian said "We continue from where we left
off today week?"

Miles winked at him and said "Sure, why not. That was one hot holoporno!"

With the appointment for their next sex adventure set, they left the
holosuite and stopped at Quark's bar for refreshments after their exertion.

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