Star Trek - Deep Space Nine: Part 3 -Julian And Jadzia Meet Seven Of Nine
by ErosTrek ([email protected]) (MFF)

Kira suddenly froze. "I can't do this Jadzia. Not when I've just started
seeing Odo. Imagine what will happen if he finds out about this." I was
about to say that it was she who had suggested we leave Quark's and go to
Jadzia's quarters after dinner, but Jadzia looked at her friend and nodded.
"Ok, Nerys, I'm just sorry that we can't have a good time together but I
guess your Bajoran ethics are getting the best of you. I'll just have this
handsome doctor all to myself if you don't mind!"

"Not at all, Jadzia, I'll leave you two to get on with it" said Kira, as she
got up and hurriedly buttoned up the front of her dress uniform. "I'm sure
that Dr Bashir has been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and
anyway, the shuttle from Bajor should be docking in a few minutes and if I
leave Captain Sisko to greet Kai Winn all alone he'll have my ass for
breakfast! Not literally of course, I hope" she said and winked at Jadzia
and me.

Kira opened the door and rushed out just as Seven of Nine was walking by in
the corridor almost knocking her down. Always curious, Seven of Nine stopped
at the open door and walked in.

She stopped and stared at Jadzia who was on a sitting on a couch with her
Star Fleet uniform open down the seam showing quite a bit of skin and spots.
"You are a member of species 4219" she stated. Jadzia looked at her and
smiled, "Actually I am a Trill" she said "and I can give lots of thrills as
Julian here knows." She giggled as she said this and placed a hand on my
thigh and begun to rub the area just next to my crotch. My cock began to
stiffen visibly through the trousers and Seven of Nine looked at it tilting
her head sideways.

"You are a human. I can tell that immediately from the enlargement response
time of your reproductive organ. One of my research projects on Voyager was
on different species' reproductive organs. However, since there wasn't a
Klingon male on the crew my research wasn't ... exhaustive. I am told that
you have first hand experience on the subject."

Jadzia rolled her eyes and interrupted, "Look, I've had enough of Klingon
cocks for a while. Worf, Worf, Worf. It seems that everyone has to mention
him when I'm around. I'm sick and tired of him. Can't we talk about something

"Ladies" I interrupted "we were going to start on something more interesting
than Klingons when Kira left us.

"Yeah, and I bet you a bar of gold-pressed latinum that that something was
going to be sex!" Jadzia remarked.

"Yup" I agreed sheepishly and glanced at Seven of Nine.

"Do you wish me to join in?" asked Seven of Nine matter of factly.

"How did you know I was going to ask you that?" I said stunned.

"It seems to be the standard question that is asked by humanoid males when I
am around" Seven of Nine replied.

"It shouldn't surprise you" Dax said grinning and looking at Seven's large
chest, "not with the suit you're wearing. You could almost walk around naked
and they'd hardly notice the difference!" Jadzia reached out and placed her
hand on the outline of Seven's left breast. "You know, it's not only men who
get aroused when looking at you" she said softly.

I couldn't resist any longer and reached out and placed my hand on Seven's
right breast. The shiny, grey, form hugging material rose and fell gently
beneath my touch as Seven breathed. I reached behind Seven's neck and found
the seal that held her suit together. With a gentle tug I pulled the top
down to her waist exposing the two large round breasts. They were beautiful,
perfect globes topped with pink aureoles and bright pink nipples.

"They're wonderful" breathed Jadzia "In all my seven lives I've never had or
seen such lovely breasts before!"

"I didn't know you had a thing for breasts, Jadzia" I told her.

"I'm not the only one who does" she giggled "all these years on Deep Space
Nine it's you who's been always trying to get a peek at mine ... mmmmmm" she
mumbled as she began to work on Seven's left nipple with her tongue.

"So you noticed" I blushed "I thought I wasn't being all that obvious.
Anyway, since you've already started, let's see what we have here" and I
started to lick and suck Seven's right tit, occasionally pulling at the
nipple softly with my teeth. After a few seconds both nipples had risen
to half an inch in length. Seven of Nine stood motionless looking down at
me and Dax working on her breasts.

My tongue moved upwards along her breast, then along her neck, licking the
smooth skin all the way to her chin. My hands were busy also. One was gently
pinching the nipple I had just sucked and the other was fondling Seven's
luscious ass through the tight fabric.

My tongue lashed out at her full lips and she parted them slightly. I kissed
her deeply and she responded by first accepting my tongue into her mouth then
darting her own into mine. For an ex-Borg with little experience in such
matters she was a quick learner. I looked into her beautiful green eyes and
couldn't help wonder what a waste it would have been if Captain Janeway of
Voyager hadn't rescued her. My fingers traced the outline of the small
metallic interface above her left eyebrow. This was one of the few reminders
of her time as a Borg and my professional interest in it as a doctor
surpassed my arousal, but only for a moment. A couple of minutes must have
passed with our tongues intertwined when she pulled back slightly. This
brought me back from my thoughts on nanobot-human interfaces to the present
reality of having two willing, sexy women ready to do anything for you.

While we had been kissing, Jadzia had been busy licking every inch of Seven's
skin from her breasts down to her navel. She was now tugging at Seven's suit
which still covered her from the waist down. "Help me with this, Julian" Dax
told me. I bent down and pulled at the material and it slowly moved down
uncovering Seven's hips and her gorgeous ass. No wonder the suit wouldn't
come down easily, not the way that ass filled it out!

Seven of Nine stepped out of the suit's legs and stood before us totally
exposed. My eyes were pulled towards the small triangular patch of dark blond
hair in her pubic area. "Wow" I muttered "if all Borgs were like you, people
would be queueing to be assimilated!".

"Julian, that's a horrible thing to say. You're going to hurt her feelings.
She isn't a Borg anymore" Jadzia said. "And besides" she continued rubbing up
against me, "have you forgotten how hot you were for me, trying to get me in
your bed or holo-porno all the time? Are you going to forget me just because
she's here?"

"Jadzia! I'll never forget you that easily" and to emphasize my words I
grabbed a cheek of her ass through her Star Fleet uniform and rubbed it
through the soft material.

She laughed and kissed me and squeezed up against me. There was a flagpole
tenting my trousers and I'm sure that the material was about to give under
the pressure. Jadzia must have felt it poking her thigh as she said "The way
that thing's rising you're going to beat Worf in size alone!"

We had almost forgotten that Seven of Nine was there when she said "That is
physically impossible. The Klingon reproductive organ has ridges similar to
those on a Klingon's skull and can grow to ..."

This time I interrupted, "Seven, do you really have to bring that up now?
If it's size you want it's size you'll get". And with that I pulled off my
trousers and gasped with relief as my hardon sprang free of imprisonment.
Jadzia clapped her hands together and licked her lips, "Well done Julian!"
Seven of Nine tilted her head and her green eyes sparkled. "Yes, I can
see that it is longer than the average male organ" she said.

"I wasn't genetically engineered for a larger intelligence only" I told them
grinning widely. "See what you've been missing all this time Jadzia?"

I took off the top of my uniform and Jadzia was the only one with clothes on
now. I winked at Seven of Nine. "Let's get the Trill undressed. Grab her!"
Seven of Nine immediately sprang forward and caught one of Jadzia's arms in
a vice grip which not even Jadzia's Klingon combat training could release. I
grabbed the other arm and together we carried her into the adjoining bedroom
and placed her on the large bed.

"Julian!" she exclaimed "what are you doing?"

"Undressing you" I said, pulling her trousers down slowly, exposing first her
hips, then thighs, then her long, muscular legs. Along the way the tips of my
fingers brushed against her exposed skin on the inside of her thighs making
her shiver in anticipation. Seven of Nine was still holding Jadzia's arms
when I turned my attention to her unsealed jacket. I pulled it apart exposing
her firm breasts that had small brown nipples. The spots that started on her
forehead continued down her neck, traced the outline of her chest, down her
sides and along her hips towards her crotch and back down her long legs. I
noticed that my medical files on Trill anatomy had left out the fact that she
didn't have any pubic hair but an equally enticing pattern of spots pointing
right down towards her slit.

I began to trace the spots from their starting point on her head with my
fingers. My hands lingered around her breasts, fondling and squeezing them
gently and playfully twitching the nipples with my thumbs until they became
hard little buds.

Jadzia had shut her eyes and was enjoying the feel of my hands on her body.

My hands moved down from her chest over her smooth, taut stomach until I
reached her pubic area, then I grabbed her legs and held them apart as I
placed my face close to her crotch. When I inhaled I could smell her juices
which aroused me even more. My tongue darted out and licked the topmost spot
of her pubic area pattern. I could feel a shiver run through Jadzia's body.

My tongue darted out again, this time on a spot lower down. Jadzia sighed.
I moved lower still and this time she raised her hips off the bed trying to
hump my face! My tongue began licking her crotch frenetically moving lower
and lower till it came to the top of her slit. I flicked my tongue at the
sheath that covered her clitoris. It began to emerge slowly and I continued
to rub it with the tip of my tongue. If it weren't for Seven of Nine still
holding her, I'm sure Jadzia would have shot through the roof!

"Yessss" she squealed "please continue, oh yes Julian .. don't stop".

Trills must be really sensitive to tongues in that area or she wasn't used
to it. Maybe Klingons have a taboo or something. From the way she was gasping
and moaning and squirming in total ecstasy it must have been her first taste
of cunnilingus. Her slit had petaled open and was flowing with sweet tasting
cunt juice which I lapped up eagerly running my tongue up and down. Her clit
was a hard little nubbin poking up slightly at the top of her vagina. I
alternated between licking her slit and brushing the tip of my tongue against
her clit and each time Jadzia screamed with sudden pleasure.

My middle finger began dipping into her lovebox as I continued to lick her
cunt. Her hole widened until I was able to insert three fingers which I began
to pump in and out at a fast rythm. Occasionally I would pull my fingers out
and replace them with my tongue, sticking it into her wide open pussy and
licking as hard and deep as I could. All this was making Jadzia go crazy and
she was trashing about on the bed. She suddenly screamed "I'm coming Julian,
I'm coming, I'm commming!" and my fingers could feel her vaginal muscles
pulsating rapidly as her body stiffened and her back arched off the bed as
she orgasmed. Jadzia collapsed, breathing heavily, her eyes shut, exhausted.

While Seven of Nine had held Jadzia down, she had watched the proceedings
with great interest. I could see that she was aroused because there was a
glistening wetness at the apex of her thighs and her nipples had turned a
very bright pink color.

I got up from my knees at the foot of the bed and sat next to Seven of Nine.
She had let go of her arms and was still looking down at where I had been
licking Jadzia. "You'd like a tongueing also?" I asked her grinning.

She smiled and said "Yes, I would like to experience this sexual technique.
However I would first like to kiss you again. I felt an interesting emotion
previously and I would like to repeat that sensation."

"Sure, whatever I can do to please" I said, and placed my mouth against hers.
Her eyes went wide and I knew she was tasting Jadzia's pussy juices that
liberally coated my lips, tongue and chin. Instead of pulling back this
seemed to turn her on even more and she began to kiss me so deeply that I had
to push her away and gasp for breath after a short while. Jadzia had opened
her eyes and was looking at us.

"Julian, you really know how to suck! That was one incredible tongue fuck! In
this life I've never experienced such a thing, though heaven knows how many
blow-jobs Curzon received from all the girls he had." She grinned as she
looked at Seven of Nine "And by the looks of it Seven likes my taste." With
that she rose on her elbows and pulled Seven of Nine towards her. "I'd like
to see what I taste like too from both of you" and she planted her warm lips
firmly on Seven's mouth.

Surprised that Jadzia was kissing her, Seven hesitated but after resisting a
few probes of her tongue she opened her mouth and they began to kiss each
other hungrily. Jadzia began to stroke Seven's breasts and pinch her nipples
gently. I watched them for a while feeling my hardon grow even larger, then
decided to join in the fun. The kiss became a three way one with mouths and
tongues intertwining. Our hands were roving all over each others bodies. I
was feeling the crack of Seven's ass with one hand and holding Jadzia's
breast with another. Jadzia was jerking my cock up and down slowly and
rubbing her own cunt. Seven was pressing her breasts against Jadzia and
trying to get her nipples to rub against Jadzia's by feel alone since their
mouths were still joined. It was so intense that I'm sure we'd have brought
each other off if it continued for long.

Fortunately Jadzia pulled back and told Seven "Now it's his turn!"

Seven must have understood what was needed of her since she pushed me down
onto my back and held me there. Jadzia grinned "Payback time". She licked her
lips and her tongue touched the very tip of my cock which had a coating of
precum. At first gingerly then with ever increasing boldness she licked up
and down the length of my tool, occasionally circling the head with her
tongue. With one hand she fondled my balls gently and rubbed the underside of
my dick with a finger.

After several minutes of this she opened her mouth as wide as possible and
placed it squarely on the head of my cock pushing downwards. She was trying
to swallow it whole! I watched with amazement as she first took a few inches
into her mouth then into her throat without gagging just like an experienced
deep throater. It was physically impossible for her to swallow it all but
she managed a good portion of it. In this position she moved her mouth up
and down, scraping her teeth along the skin at the base of my cock. When
she could hardly breathe she pulled off and continued to lick at the head
swallowing the drops of precum that were oozing out of my cumhole.

Seven couldn't resist any longer without actively participating. She stepped
forward on her knees and straddled my head. She was facing towards Jadzia
who was still sucking my cock. My mouth and nose were now smothered in a
beautiful, tasty, new cunt. It had a different taste from Jadzia's which had
been sweeter but was pleasant all the same. My tongue flicked out
automatically and began to lick this new snatch which had presented itself.
The cunt was wet and already slightly open showing that this sexy ex-Borg was
heavily aroused by what she had experienced today. My tongue made it open
even wider exposing the inner part of her pussy to my deep probing. My hands
rose behind her back and grabbed her soft yet firm ass cheeks which I
caressed and kneaded gently while I sucked her off.

Gasping she suddenly lowered her body so that her breasts rested on my
stomach and her face was level with Jadzia's face and my cock. She now
started imitating Jadzia's movements and I now had two women sucking my
dick, one from the front and another from the back. Sometimes their
tongues would touch each other as they competed for the same part of my
cock and Jadzia would giggle playfully. The feeling of this double
blow-job was amazing! "Uggh!" I uttered, "if you, uggh, continue like
that, uggh" in between licks "I'll be coming any minute". That slowed
them both down for they certainly hadn't had enough yet.

Seven of Nine's vaginal muscles suddenly clenched as I flicked her clit with
my tongue for what seemed like the hundredth time and she orgasmed. She had
been rather silent till now but when she orgasmed she moaned so loudly that
she surprised Jadzia.

"Let's change positions" I told them when Seven had calmed down and Jadzia
nodded and said "I'll choose!" Jadzia lay down on the bed and directed Seven
of Nine over her on all fours but in a 69 position. "Come here and take her
from behind where I can see what's going on" Jadzia told me. She may have an
innocent look on her face but she really knew how to excite a man! No wonder,
since the Dax symbiont had been a man itself during several lifetimes.

I positioned myself just behind Seven and placed the tip of my cock against
her slit. I moved it up and down a few times making sure it was thoroughly
lubricated with her pussy juice. Seven of Nine pushed her ass backwards
against me and said, "Please put it in, I need it in me!" Not wanting to
disappoint her I pressed my dick forward and heard her gasp as I penetrated
her hole. She was very wet and hot, and her tight love tunnel clenched my
cock firmly. Without any obstruction I pushed in the full length while
closing my eyes and enjoying the feel of her vagina.

I humped her slowly, increasing the rhythm, pushing in and pulling out my
cock. I could feel her internal muscles rippling and trying to suck my dick
in even further as she humped back at me. Jadzia had her head just below us
and she started to finger Seven's clit and lick my ball sac. Drops of Seven's
cunt juice mixed with my pre-cum dripped onto her face and she swallowed any
that fell on her mouth.

Seven of Nine lowered her head to Jadzia's own snatch and began to lick her
slit. Her tongue was even quicker than mine and she was finding all of
Jadzia's erogenous spots. Jadzia was moaning continuously now and hearing
her aroused me even more. My balls were slapping wetly against Seven's pussy
mound as I pounded my cock into her. Every time Jadzia touched Seven's clit
I could feel her entire pussy shudder and clench at my red-hot organ.

After several further thrusts of my cock, Seven's back arched and she began
to hump backwards into me in a frenzy. She set a fast pace for a minute
before she had an immense orgasm. Probably multiple ones that seemed like one
huge one! "Yessss, yesss, yesss!" she screamed as she came.

I withdrew my stiff, dripping dick and she fell over onto her back. Jadzia
too was having an orgasm from Seven's tongueing. I dragged Jadzia around so
that she was parallel with Seven on the bed and I knelt between the two
exhausted women. I could feel the cum pulsing in my balls so I positioned my
tool near Seven's mouth. Without any prompting and with her eyes still shut,
she moved her mouth towards my cock and began to flick her tongue at the tip.
Jadzia too moved her mouth to my cock and began to lick it gently waiting for
my explosion.

I was really close to coming. My fingers found both cunts, open and wet, and
began to rythmically penetrate them as I humped their mouths. I could feel a
great tingling sensation at the base of my cock that moved slowly upward,
faster and faster. "Here I cummm!" I shouted. "Give it to us, right in our
mouths" Jadzia gasped. They didn't need the warning as they both had their
mouths wide open as stream after stream of jism began to spray out of my
cumhole. They managed to catch the first few strands in their mouths and they
swallowed them eagerly but it continued to spurt in huge globs and streams.
Jadzia's lips, cheeks, and chin were totally covered in thick, white cream.
Seven's face was coated with cum and a strand had arched over and settled on
her blond hair looking very much like a string of pearls. Her hair was
already damp with a mixture of sweat and cunt juice and now my cum had been

Strands of cum dripped onto the women's heaving bosoms and flowed down onto
their stomachs. Finally, my orgasm ended as the last few drops rolled off
the tip of my cock right onto Seven's eager tongue. She smiled up at me, her
green eyes glowing with sexual energy, then turned towards Jadzia and they
began kissing each other. My dick had already turned limp, but the sight of
these two sexy creatures licking my cream off each other's face was a sight
to behold that made me hard again!

After they had cleaned each other off, all three of us lay on the bed
fondling each others genitals for a while after that without the energy to
do anything more than touch each other. The stars were shining brightly
through the large porthole window and we had a splendid view of the wormhole
as it suddenly blossomed into existence as a ship penetrated it on a mission
to the Gamma Quadrant.

Seven of Nine had come aboard Deep Space Nine!

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